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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> straight ahead on fox 5 news5 morning an a tv driver isis captured on video appearing too taunt a prince george's county police cruiser. >> suspicion in the transgender bathroom debate could become the latest battle at the nations highest court. >> sunshine and blew skies what morrow ask for to help you get through hump day gary is coming up to let you know how long thiw will last. >> good morning i'm hole morris. >> maureen umeh today is toda wednesday june first. check out whose standing by gary mcgrady erin como whether and traffic coming up. >>ri
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they are on the look out for a man who taunted one of them whoh was in a cruise 0 while ridinge an a tv. t >> the whole thing was cottoninc cameras its incredible you need to come to your tv to watch it. fox 5 annie yu is life good morning annie. >> reporter: hey good morning to you hole and maureen. yeah, this is a person who is clearly a thrill speaker. a tv driver that raw had was r driving along this roadway here behind me pennsylvania avenue a and park land drive. its 45 miles per hour he was clearly going at that speed maybe even higher driving recklessly on this busy access road. i just spoke to a resident whoho lives here by just last week he saw a group of them driving on this road. the video was posted on social media has been viewed and shared by thousands of people clearly showing a basin a tv rider doing tricks at a high rate of speed for a vehicle like that and and taunting police.
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feets away from a police cruiser popping wheel lease listing thel front wheel of his bike to ride and the back we'll and stand ons the seat continues to ride like that. he even let's go at one point and rides hands 43. very unsettling to see. the video shows him he can'tting off pennsylvania avenue carelessly getting backf on to traffic continuing those stuntss and tricks. if you notice the entire time er the officer does not pursue the rider. he doesn't use sirens and lights. these atv's can move quickly as you know and allude police.olic due to safety risk it is against department policy to chase thesc riders police have told us, their hands are pretty much tied from. the way this rider is be hating it really does appear hee knows that and just continues tn taunt police. you can also see that theha drivers face is not covered. so we have reached out to polict to see i tf they have been ableo identify the driver and any additional information is ital they can provide for us. and prince george's coun
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on that. that is the very latest here from district heights, maryland, annie yu fox 5 local news. new >> stranger danger alert. >> police in arlington county cu are investigating severaltiga incidents of children beinghild approached by a stranger. there have been four separate incidents since april 7th. the the most recent happened days ago on north stafford street children were approached by a man who tried to get theirr attention or lure them toness vehicle. three of the cases the man wasat driving a dark blue or black pick-up truck anyone withit information should contactonta arlington county police. federal appeals court in california says police do not pl have to get a search want to get cell phone tour records in vim every criminal investigation hads. >> two medical manner men convicted of a trining of robberies after being trackedftr down by police using cell phone tour records. appeal court says no expectation.atio >> fer
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refusing to reconsider a rulingr on a bathroom discrimination case. a transgender teenager could use the means bathroom even though was born a female but identifies as a full appeals court says it willi not rehear the case. the school board could take the case to the u.s. supreme court. campaign trail trump is under fire for donations he madd to veterans group. lashed out at the media at issue the donations raced during a january fundraiser held for veterans group.tera he has declined to talk specific pimbers despite pressure overes the last week or so to reveal where the money ended up. yesterday his campaign released this list of 41 groups whoups received a total of 5.six million dollars. these groups say they received their checks win the last week. during yesterday's heated press conference trump slammed the
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issue. >> i will say that the pressure should be ashamed of themselves. and behalf of the vets the prese should be ashamed of themselves. instead of being like thank youy very much, mr. trump or trump t did a good everyone said who goo it who got it who got it and you make me look very bad. i have never received such bad publicity for going a good job. federal judge released court documents how employees shouldys file expense reports to guides i for making sales in various en environments tips for dealingen with news media artse included n 2008 edition the play book.ook. >> baltimore police departmentmo is gettingre a new fleet of transport advance. new vehicles feature multiple compartments and surveillance cameras. changes meant to cure care of in police custody. >> tall ship head back to
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morning. first of three tall ships that t will visit the city. baltimore debut 40 years ago tot celebrate the nations buy centennial. >> i love it. >> that's gorgeous. also gorgeous the em t p chars outside feelly really good, gary. in some spots north and west in the upper 50s that's grammatically colder 11 degrees1 colder than we are here in the city. i want to show you temperatures out there for bus stops pick up time, i know that's a big rangea we are covering a large area in the metro area upper 60 around 70 degrees out in the suburbs again especially north and west tempt p curse dropped top 60 even below that. t there's a front moving through the area some have a lot others have clouds i'll show you thatwy in a few minutes. after school between 83 and 87 degrees
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little on the warm side. there is a slight chance for a few little showers here or thero maybe a pop up thunderstorms around the front later this afternoon. most of us will stay dry. hey here's erin como its wednesday morning she's keeping an eye on traffic how how is it? >> 5:0 seven. traffic is picking up.c is we're not seeing anything terrible. overnight roadwork just cleared 27 o north to 121. take a look at 270 all of that green. you are still cruising along through montgomery county. mon in fact taking an overview looko at our drive time 95 still in the clear. bwy parkway doing fine through powder mill road and 270 in thee clear. 50 westbound coming in from bowie lookin
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beltway. inside new york avenue looking o good. we'll take a look at virginia drive times, metro on time backt to you maureen and hole. >> hogan repeating 72 executive orders issued by previous governor his administration says they were out dated and superseded by legislation. 82 gee says rescinding is part of an effort to mod death knees the maryland government they say its the largest repeal of governor executive orders since 1995. a bear spotted at a couple of schools in prince williamam county. school officials say it was seen at pace west school and later tyeler elementary school. into school officials moved activitiesoo inside and called c police as a precaution, gary. >> each day on with cannon fire. the traditional military wake up call is usually announced
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6:30 am. the cannon absolute will start. good morning. hello. >> coming up on fox news morning a husband facing manslaughters charges after he fights off an f kills a man who attempted totted rape his wife. >> oh man. you'll never belief the joy some people get from clicking like oi social media poster. >> a look across the dc region. time right now the 5:09. we'll be back with more news ano weather right after the the break.
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>> former began tan in a mow bay prosecutor settled a lawsuitsuit which fired him after he wrote opinion retired air force force colonial morris davis will d receive a hundred thousand dollars didn't a correction on his employment record to show he was not terminateed. >> another scandal involvingal penn state.. therapy emotionally abused
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women gymnastics their verbal abuse drove her to the point of attempted suicide. coaches also coached at auburn university gymnast there sayst they were a abused. they. they were forced to work with injuries against trainer's advice. two economist say american taxpayers wasted billion of dollars on the war on cocaine. between 2000 didn't 2008. taxpayers spent 4.3 billion dollars trying to get the drug t off the street. those efforts did little to stop drug use. >> people with multiple versus fda approved a monthly injection. the new drug is aimed towards patients hostry lapses aren't controlled by therapy. the drug can cause severe liver damage.da chronic disease attacks centraln nervous system can leave
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person able.pers two of the happiest placesap in the us are in our own backyard. >> place would make most men cringe orioles player on disabled list for the foreseeable future. >> as we head to break here's a live look at the fox dc region. there you go. 5:twelves our time right now owo don't go anywhere anywhere
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♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. >> 12 pink overnight police are looking for a killer.ok a manin was found shot to deathn kayak avenue in capital heightsl this was around nine last night. no details on the person police are looking for. if you have any information
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police. all right looking outside on this wednesday morning.orni not a bad start. 71 degrees right now. gary mcgrady okay no complaints at all.. it's a nice day. that's good. to wisdom's point remember hes waspo complaining, remember when he was talking about the weather earlier he was saying it was a little hot and this came upon us quickly we ara not acclimated to this washington summer like weather. june first down to 71. couple 50s out there. its a real delightful morning. pittsburgh 66. detried its 58 degrees. 64 for columbus and 70 degrees.d next couple days lookings like this prom mer please guys 86 in town. we're warm have a possibility avenue of a of showers out that teemed p churr of 86 degrees. can you flip the prompt fer for me 79 degrees with mr. showersh and clou o
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maybe even a thunderstorms as well. nows listen, remember tropical storm bonnie she was zooe sh short-lived storm then became a tropical depression, area of lof pressure still sitting very slowly and moving off shore from north carolina, south carolina. remnants of this storm it really has nothing to kind of push it it's kind of stuck down that. d its going to slowly ride up the coast as it does getting into tomorrow and fry it will bring us a better clans of showersla maybe a couple ofns thunderstort too. this as bit of a squeeze pay between low pressure this frontal system coming from thee northth west pulling up all this moisture and bringing the clouds in and a threat store showersea we'll watch that again. better chance offer showersff tomorrow going into the firstoi part ofng friday. here's the remnants of bonnie now in terms of what is going o here.wh we do have clouds coming up in the southern maryland you guys down 3 in st. mary's countys further south you'll see clouds more clouds north and west. a frontal system working th
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work through slowly and around that front there's a possibility of a little shower here a littla shower there. but very few and far between the risker is slight okay. sli headed up into the middle 80's.' little on the humid side. some showers tomorrow only 79. 80 degrees on friday. fri friday morning zip trip hope ito doesn't rain.doesn' kind of a 5050 weekends.eeke here's erin. she's standing right next to me. i arms gary. five 17 oh look at all the sunshine behind me i lovee everything about this 7-day forecast. you know i will say the drivehe time is not looking terrible. 95 northbound however passing 610 in stafford. 25 and 35 miles per hour o66 through manassas and centrevillr looking good as you cruise past. same sort the green zone continues through arlington. 95 north you can see that area just a little bit of light
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woodbridge. take a lookout side when you geu to the beltway traffic is movino along just you can see a little bit off volume in virginia. vir as you pass between 95 and gallows traffic is still flowing across the wilson bridge. you can see traffic moving fine. past eisenhower connector to brad dick road.oad. same story on the beltway and ad maryland, metro is on time. that could change at any moment. we can keep you updated maureen and hole. >> 5:18. let's take a lack at the stories you are en giving with with reaw time news wisdom is back with all those details. >> good morning to you both.ou b talking about a travel warning for americans planning on goings to us. p us state department issuing a a travel a left. influx of summer tourist. ahead of several major upcomingm events including tour da france in july. next
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talking about for days police in cincinnati launch enginingti investigation to the parents of a boyto who fell into a enclosue at the since nat dedoughedou resulting in the shooting death of the gorilla. police are looking into the actions of the parents. widespread outrage. many saying the boy's parentss should be held accountable.ou next up, painful story or yells catcher kaleb put on 15 day disable list after talking a tal foul ball to the groin area legitimates just call it that. this happened following monday's game against red sox. joseph is now recovering from af surgery as a result of that foul ball. and finally hit comes to being happy northern virginia is doing something right fort second yeaa in a row loudoun county comes io as the number one place as thes happy yesterday place inn america. this is according to a new study. in second
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study looks as employment, poverty and marriage rates as well as life sexy. fairfax clearly they didn't talk to anybody who sits in traffic in fairfax. >> interesting loudoun county al a lot oven yard. o not one of us lives remotely close to either oaf those place maybe that explains something. >> coming up on fox news morninx a woman from central america gives birth to the first zika linked baby inside the us. >> update on a maryland girl who raced a social media campaigneda for a right to wear traditional and a half have hoe ceremonial clothing at high schoolhoo graduation. >> sunday peaking through the te clouds. time right now is 5:20 on this i wednesday morning.y morn 71 degrees back after after this.
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>> new york city man who killedo his wife's would be rapist was released the 61 year old who you see on your left was arrestedrrs earlier this week and chargedrg with manslaughter after he beat the man on the right.ight who had broken into his home and threatened his wife. his relatives are rallied saying this actions were justified ands calling him an up standing member of the community. first baby with zika virus was born in new jersey. the baby girl was born with telltale signs small head, she was born with intestinal and visual complications. c the child's mother was visiting the us from hon chorus. sexual transmissions more practice safe sex or abstinence or at least eight weeks after returning from an outbreak zone.
5:24 am
before trying to conceive a child is significants months. >> a new 20 year study revealing women who suffer from migrans have a 50% greater chance of developing a major heart ore circulation problem. migraines in crews studytudy participants of having a heart attack by 39% and having a vehicle by 62%. researchers from harvard medical school said more research was needed to determine whether treatment could cut those riskse social media isn't just jus changing the way teenagers under up act it is affecting their i basement certain areas ares activated when teens see large numbers of likes on photos. lights up the same brain regions as eating chocolate or winning monday and they also influenceee the teen's decision to like one of their appear's photos. >> like a little form of appear pressure. they like my photo no
5:25 am
like their photo. >> gary i always like your photos. >> does he post? >> goo yes yes. into in yes, he does. you probably haven't even clicked on my little like button maureen, have you. >> she didn't even though you ee had a change. [ laughter ][ la >> come on maureen, it's 60 too 70 degrees this morning for pick pup. a lot of good sunshine out there too. mild conditions its cool in a few spots. after school 83 to 87 obviouslyy warm a little bit on the humid side. there's a frontal system with ss frontal system in the area irea feel like we have to say there's a chance of a little shower here or that. maybe even a eve thunderstorms could pop up along that front. here temperatures holding on to 70 annapolis gorgeous 68 degrees, westminster 64, 6 frederick dropped down to 59 degrees. martinsburg on down i81 temperatures are in the upper 50s out there.50s ou fredericksburg sitting at
5:26 am
degrees this morning. nice we warm up today to about 86 degrees. hears erin, it's wednesday morning. house it going out there. >> 5:26, gary. right now traffic on the beltway still cruising along this is outside of montgomery county by connecticut avenue. inner loop quiet. a little bit of typical outers loop congestion increasingon nothing to slowge us down betwen 95 and the spur. take a look at our maps we disco have an area of congestion truck scales and 270 southbound littlh bit of yellow zone. i'll let you know if that turns into under 20 miles an hour. 95 north and southbound ton fro balance more looking good. 50 inbound between 301. bladensburg still clear typicalc congestion i got you covered anr crashes pop up that could
5:27 am
us down.. maureen and holly. >> 5:26. coming up dc the department ofer transportation preparing to change nearly 400. >> scientists say the tap watert itch michigan is good as tap water in most major cities. residents still being warned about how they should use it what gives? as we head to break it is johnny cash half hour. 5:12. fox news morning back right after after this.
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>> straight ahead on fox newst morning you might want to grabao more change if you plan on parking in dc meter rates go upu starting today t a government watch dog. dog what in the world is going on here amazing video a a tv riders caught on video taunting a prince george's county police cruiser. fogs news morning starts right now. >> good morning to to you thanks you for wakeing up with us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly martin today isday wednesday june first. >> first day of the month. erin como gary mcgrady they are here they got weather and traffic coming up.p. >> first at 5:30 scary moments after an a tv driver t opportunities a police cruiser. >> the whole t
5:31 am
camera fox 5 annie yu life in l district heights with incredible video. annie its amazing that theseg t guys, they say perpetrators if y you will, are doing this and they know that the cops can't chase them: yeah, it appears they knows exactly what he's doing. its in agent crazy video no matter, its almost like you wank to watch it over and over again because you are just in i was of what this guy is doing. he's feet away from a police cruiser and appears to be taunting prince george's county police. avenue andnsylvania park land drive. he's obviously a thrill speakert dangerous stunts that he's stu doing. video was posted on social medid has gone viral. seen by thousands of people shared by thousands as well. the video clearly showing that a tv rider doing tricks. and he's going the a a good speed excuse me for a vehicleo liker that. and he's apparently doing you know the wheel lease.
5:32 am
standing on the seat let's go and rides hands frees after han someone who appears to beo reporting the video yells out to hum no hands.o h now, the video shows him exstink off pennsylvania avenue and ave continuing back on the road in reckless manner continuing m stunts throughout thean entire time you notices how the officer does not pursue the rider. he doesn't use his lights and ier s that is because these a tvs cant move quickly and allude police. due to safety risk police say it is department policy not to pursue these riders.hese it is against the department policy to do so they pretty much tell us that their hands are h tied. clearly its due to the dangers and risk of other drivers and the roadway that is the latest here in district heights maryland annie yu fox 5 local news. >> planning to park at a meter in the district today because you are going to need extra change to do that.t. >> dc meter rates are set to go up. comes up c
5:33 am
fines late last year. melanie alnwick joins us live with the details. i have to take alone out to part in the district. >> reporter: bring extra pocket change. or come out early because thisly is one of the few times in the city where you can find plenty p of meter parking. there are 18 thousand metered park can go spaces.o the rates are going up forever one of them. and the rates for over stayingve your time on the meter those aro going up as well. now this is going to affectso again all meter in the city.ity. changes are expected to generate some of 12 to 14 million dollari in extra revenue. rev according to triple a mid atlantic that's on top of the 88 million generated after year. y. motorist advocacy group says the city is quote ripping off motorist without adding a single parking space. starting today all meter will bl two dollars and 30 cents an hour up from two dollars in
5:34 am
and commercial zones. in the few remaining normal nor zones its going up 75% that is neral duo hundred% increase.dr add that on top of the fiveive dollar increase in park can go o fines for expired meters that was instituted in october 2015.1 now city leaders approved all these parking changes in last year's budget process. they hee say they really need to do this. they want to make sure there's enough turn over at these metered spots that will ensure enough customer customers business and retail establishment in the city reallr important in places like dupontl circle. they say the additional revenue from the parking meter is going to go to metro's operatingng budget. i'm melanie alnwick fox 5 local news into dc traffic signals are getting a new time. d dot is retiming them at morein than 300 intersections the goalt is to improve traffic flow. according to
5:35 am
faces of signal time changes have reduced traffic delays by 30%.%. maryland native american student won her appeal to wear mock kins. charles county public school reversed decision dylan will wear her shoes to honor her native american heritage. they won they're appeal aftery' meeting with school officials s >> 5:35 get down do gary mcgrady. hey guys. for you gary. >> here i am.>> here you thought, i gotcha.otch i'm sneaky like that. temperatures out there 70 degrees. out in the suburbs look at this check it out its 59 degrees out there in spots along i81. down to the south of us temperatures are holding kind od in the middle 60. culpeper 62, manassas is 63 degrees. later on this afternoon i think we're going to warm up where we are this morning. so, you are basically going to
5:36 am
we have clouds starting this morning. there we go there's a quick look at the temperatures this morning clouds in place coming up fromon the south. now southern maryland you are starting with a little bit of cloud cover. here in the district were good.o its beautiful outside. forecast looks like this: 73 degrees eight a.m.. 82 degrees later on this afternoon around lunch time.ime. chance of a spotty shower we'll get to. erin here you are loquats this morning commute. >> track can go breaking news crash on 50. green on the map because volumem is a bit light. this could cause problems laterm we'll let you know. aside from that 95 northbound in stafford jammed and 66 cruising along 234029. seven not dealing with sny congestion. show you a look at
5:37 am
you can see stayed throw of t headlights back up a little bit speeds under 30 miles an hour. metro is on time.o is i like what i'm seeing there. back to you guys. >> coming up a local copt is loc offering first time drug f offender a second chance athanc living -- >> popular reality show is now the subject of investigation inv into illegal drug use. >> as we head to break live look outside across the dmv time right now 5:37. n 70 degrees attitude. we're back right after after this.
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>> 5:40 at the time.>> 5 former illinois police jailede for killing one of his wise and suspect ed in a death of another convicted of trying to kill account prosecutor too put him behind bars drew peterson is serving 30 years for wife's murder. federal prosecutor filed a lawsuit to keep the family of one of the san bernardino shooters from collecting 300ct thousandin dollars in lifein insurance pay out. his mother was named as beneficiary for two policiesolic taken out while he was employee employee of san bernardino county. the suit is part of an attempt to seeing justice for the vick tills of the attack. >> several people close to the investigation of the
5:41 am
nfl star will smith now saying that his blood alcohol level the night he died was three types the legal limit. lim attorney for his family had previously said the defensive end was not seriously what was nobody pre88ed when he was fatally shot. >> los angeles county sheriff's department opened investigation into the hit show biggest loser after several former contestantn say they were given drugs. they were given adderall anderal pills with a band weight lost drug. the show's producer deny these claims. >> coming up on fox news morning e. coli scare forces one of the largest serial manufactures to n issue a recall.all. >> dance school practice goes viral after the school instruct put a modern twist on a traditional art form. look across the dc region.
5:42 am
5:41 is our time right now. it is very mild 70 degrees out g on this wednesday. fox news morning back right after this. what a nice shot of the moon mon there.
5:43 am
5:44 am
>> women come back to fox 5 news morning. just about 5:45. report says ttsa is not helping airports keep up with threat of
5:45 am
intruders. >> now the incidents included fence jumpers and workers who tried to slip threw check points would you security badges. tsa responded saying it could do more to secure vulnerable pointt at specific airports. june first is the day, look at that. sunday coming up. start of new month. everything is looking good. >> heat is outside. >> what was see -- >> i want to go too. >> you don't know where they may be going. >> 72 away from here, gary. >> 72 what are you saying, holly. come on. i know what you mean its vacation time. first day of june, where did may go, where did april go. reagan national 70, dulles 64, bwi marshall 64. high pressure northeast of usf u that's going to bring the flowlw around to the low pressure to the south.
5:46 am
tropical storm bonnie.onni over the next 24 hours we're going to start to bring more clouds in here, a bit of a marine layer not, but increase the chances oven rain around. that is tomorrow. today here's what we're watching frontal system is coming through slowly. it looks like this front gets hung up down to the south of us just a little bit. where exactly that happens, we're not sure but we think it will be down around southernun maryland possibly a little bit further south than that a round that front that's where there may be spotty shower or s thunderstorms with a list of the atmosphere around a i think here in the city we are dry. plenty of sunshine. it will be warm temperatures gets up to 86 degrees. still on the humid side not oppressive but a little bit more humid so keep that inned mind. a 79 degrees for a high tomorrow. more cloud in place. showers possibly a thunderstorma too. here's the dying
5:47 am
what is a very very slow moving, what was tropical storm bonniee just off shore north carolina creeping along. there's nothing to kind of gived it a kick. it's just kind of stucks down of here. frontal system will come alongg eventually this will get pulled to the north and northeast. clouds this morning southern maryland here getting pulled up ahead of this frontal system. its not strong front. it women continue to, would on through. again it will hang up late thisp afternoon that will be the greatest risk of a shower possibly even a thunderstorms. not happen, 86 for a high. hig winds eventually become bec southeast at five to 10 miles per hour. other than that, warm sunshine. again a few showers possible out there. mainly south of the metro. showers possibly a thunderstorma tomorrow temperature of 79 degrees with clouds. zip trip there may be a few showers around high on friday 88 degrees. sunday and clouds saturday. saturday looking pretty good. looking weather on sunday
5:48 am
that a 5050 weekend.nd. >> breaking news from metro if you are taking red line you mayy face delays in both directions. there was an earlier trackrac problem another medical sent. we'll keep a close eye on that. metro doesn't have any reported delays at this time.. forward our maps and show you what else you are up against. delays building from to easto capital street inbound 295. be prepared a lot of traffic.. 50 inbound inside the belt t basement we don't have any majoj delays on 50 just yet. we'll go ahead and show you a look in fairfax crash activity in chantilly. 66 below that point still movino along just fine through fairfaxh county. let's go ahead and take a look and see what we're dealing with in virginia two areas o
5:49 am
in afford i95 northbound from 234028 you get bottle neck p267, in maryland drive times look pretty g270 by the truck scales typical congestion. holly and withs many do. d >> happening right now tampaampa police are investigating after two people died and 57 others hospitalized after attending a music festival. a 22 year old man and a woman died after a 10 ding the music s festival. we also don't know what caused dozens of other festival goers f to get sick. >>oklahoma, killing unarmed manm last year. 74 year old robert bay said the shooting was an accident. he mistook his handgun for his stun gun. basis shot and killed ericnd harris during an illegal gun sales sting. sti harris was unarmed and restrained at the
5:50 am
>> water in flint michigan is improving. scientists saying it is safe toe bathe and shower in people should still filter the water w before drinking it. it. residents are still unhappy. town hall meeting last night residents expressed frustration. >> you know resident of city of flint taken advantage of. we're sick and tired. >> oh know what going into year three where we can't turn the taps on that's frustrating wherever place else in thee country can turn water on. >> flints mayor will hold another town hall meeting. >> prince george's county states attorney angela alsobrooks launched a program to give first time drug offender a second chance. >> the goal back on track program is to proud guidance top first time offender and keepeep them from repeating the same sae crimes. at young peopleoung between the ages of 18 and 26 would do not have a prior felony.
5:51 am
would have to plead guilty and complete community service. the door will be open for workforce training and even job placement. >> we're we invest in people, po and we help them to become becom productive we find the whole community benefits from it. i >> everybody isn't necessarily i bad person that would need to go sit down in jail. it's not beneficial. it's really not beneficial. n and back on track is really something serious. >> the county program is a partnership with prince george'w county community college, c catholic charities and ame ministry group. >> time right now the 5:51. take a look at the stories you are en giving with on social media. >> good morning to both of youyo first up suspended with series xm radio tram at that is a danger to american and citizens will have to take means that may not be legal to get him out
5:52 am
office. suspended beck's program it could be add indicating harmarm against the presidential candidate. twitter as well as google and youtube agreed to a new code ofo duct as part the pledge web giant will review valid request of hate speech and remove or disable access to the couldn't fence if necessary. finally general mills isills recalling 10 millions pounds off flower over e. coli concerns. recall is several varieties goll medical and signature, sold atod safe way and other super marketed. general mills says he cole liei has not been found but they are still recalling them out of out abundance of caution.on. those are you're ready linesou'r this morning. >> 5:52 at the time. jason did he rule low has dancer or point. multicultural dance
5:53 am
are grooving to the song if it ain't love. if it ain't love. >> video dancing on toes, dances have been dubbed hip play. combination of hip hop and ballet. >> oh, i get it. got it. okay.ok >> you would have red that ashat hip lit. >> i don't understand ballet b sometimes i don't understand hip hop i'm not cool like that. >> look at that. you can we know and be on your toes at the same time that is amazing. >> i might even learn some of that. >> yeah. mcdonald is giving way a golden nought that that is worth moreth than a thousand dollars. all right. here's the deal. it can be found inside of its chicken nought you have to goouh all the way to japan to get it. >> well its all part of a campaign that involves searching for clues a yellow suit in a black mask at restaurants around
5:54 am
to win customers have to follow the mcdonald twitter feed and keep an eye out for the nothinge thief. >> probably cost more than acost thousand dollars to go to japan. >> right thousand that looks like a grilled cheese to me.ed c >> looks like a burned business kit. >> okay. hey let's go out and say hello to facebook fan of the day hey look at her. should mocha graduated from prince george's county community college. >> congratulations she is 24 year and never too late to see your dreams manifest. next facebook fan of the day post your picture below this one. aspiring picture. i'm inspired by the weather too right now, gary. >> it is beautiful outside. we get to see it by the i go pictures that we're seeing now. maybe we can check it out later. in terse of temperatures we got upper 50 in spots, 70 degrees and mold ding here in town.
5:55 am
frederick is fine. west hip steer 66 degrees.. temperatures all over the place. a few clouds coming up into southern maryland. you will see the clouds here. frontal system swinging through hung up down here in southernou maryland today that may actually kickoff a shower or two in spots. not everybody gets wet the but e again around that frontal system that's what we're talking abouto the possibility of a couple of showers. that means over the next few few hours as the front is moving through it has yet to pro excuse anything in the chance of rain. pick your favorite day see whate it looks like saturday, sundayys and clouds. clo sunday, looks a little bit wet t around here. here's erin como. c poor maureen saying say it isn't sough a long way from sunday it could change. >> big problems on 66 eastbound that 1 2k 3 crash blocking the left center lane. look how heavy traffic is. eastbound side is stacked with speeds under
5:56 am
let's go and move pit over othee issues around the area you need to be aware of this morning. take a look at our maps crash activity in chantilly also inbound 295 typical delays. red line delays because of an earlier issue at medical september. the rest of the rail lines on time. back to you. >> ahead at six is the miss tree presidential candidate about to step forward. we know the identity of the man who some conservatives think c wouldon alter a clear alternatie to trump.. >> the terminate no match, coming up how arnold he had a scary encounter while he was on zoo fairy. as we head to break a live look outside across the dc region time right now the 5:56. we're back in a moment. hopefully with no more ba
5:57 am
mean person >> what you talking brow brow what. ♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. >> straight ahead at six a growing problem in the dc region in this new video an a tv driver riding town h down the highway taunting police.ta a warning for drivers in the district the next time you parke and the street you are going to have to pay a lot more money we'l
6:00 am
to know coming up.p. >> live look outside on this wednesday morning its the first day of june everybody summer is really almost here now. n straighter up 6:00 we'll have h weather and traffic on the five at 6:0 five. >> allison seymour.eymo >> steve sheen navy. incredible video of an a tva driver ponter taunteding a prince george's county police officers and that officers cruiser. >> annie yu is live in district heights with this problem good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning y allison and steve we have told you about these types of cases before. in this case you see this drives feet away from a prince george'e county police cruiser very unsettling and disturbing to see. someone who is a thrill speakert has no regard for his own safets and the safety of others. it was along incrimination busy roadway behind me.hind pennsylvania avenue and park land drive here in district heights. this video that you are seeing right no


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