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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  June 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin. today isnd thursday june 2nd. j welcome to almost the end ofen the week. >> oh, >> almost.>> gary mcgrady, erin a como good morning up to we'll tal you in a bit. b. first let's talk news.t's talk w this is an unbelievable a man accused of torture torre burning village and taking part in mass killings has beenhe working as a security guard at dulles international airport.po >> we're digging into how thisot happened. melanie alnwick joining usjoiniu live with the details. mel. >> reporter: good morning. i don't know if i have anyow if real good answers for anyone a on that question, either, but ee we can tell you that the metropolitan washingtonitanashi airports authority confirms that mr. ali has been workingn r here for the last six years. y he's now on administrativeinistr leave and he's been living inivn alexandria virginia for thenia r last few decades. the airport authority confirms i they know yusuf abdi ali was named a lawsuit brute by a brute human
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against humanity in 2006 accused of torturing peopleeo during the somali civil war incw the 1980's. 1 the airports authority hos ahors contract with the companyra with master security to provide unarmed security an airport spokesperson toldspen that you say master securities s employees are are subject toayac the full federallyt mandatedanda vetting process to be approved for an airport badge including a criminal history recordsistorr check by the fbi an security sec threat assessment by the t.s.a. and that the airportsndh authority has verified thaty vei all of the processes wereer followed and approved in this case. we also reached out to master security. mr. ali's direct employer and that security company told us that it was unaware of theurunat pending litigation but because b of the serious nature of the allegations, mr. ali has been placed on administrative leaveia while the organization reviewsws all of the facts and circumstances surrounding thisis so, again, we all have so many questions about how could
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been gone through and checked off and yet mr. ali was given g an airport badge here. also having questions aboutons a this is northern virginia congresswoman barbara comstock t who says she has asked for a f full accounting of this by the department of homeland security. live at dulles internationalll t airport, i'm melanie alnwick, ai fox5 local news.s. >> 4:32 is the time. time. the next baltimore policeore poe officer scheduled to standcer ss trial in the death of freddie gray itas t challenging keyng k evidence in that case. >> officer caesar goodson wasr o driving the transport van in which prosecutors say gray suffered a fatal spinal s injury. goodson's lawyers have filed aa motion challenging theonhallen admissibility of portions ofof n gray's autopsy. autop it also challenges a disputedte statement by a fellow officer.. the officer claimed gray said i can't breathe while inhe whi i custody. goodson faces the most serious charges in the case and he cand could face up to 30 years inea i prison if convicted.victed latest on yesterday's yested deadly shooting at ucla. ucl officials believe the suspect ss shot william klug beforeot turning the gun on w himself. he
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a dispute over grades.ra sue park was in the building when the shooting happened.ap >> i didn't hear anything.nythin it was as quiet as a normal day. i just heard it -- we just we j closed the door and locked the door and turned the light off went just stayed calm there. cal >> park may have been lucky hemb to have been in a classroom com with a locking door as new a reports are surfacing thisfang t morning that many students sdent were forced to use desks, belts and cords to try toy to barricade classroom doors theyrs said did not lock. >> meanwhile in arlington arlgt middle school teaching assistant is accused of smoking marijuana with his with students and selling it to t them. 32-year-old zachary van dykry v worked at gunston middlet gunst school. he was also a basketball coach c at washington lee high school. o he's been suspended pending andg outcome of a investigation. police are looking for ace witness who can help them help solve a deadly shootingin
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hyattsville. the victim was on his way to w t play basketball with two with caregivers when he was gunnedase down. a passenger in the shooter'sot car got out and tried to helpd o the victim but ran away when they heard police sirensice sire coming close. >> police in prince george'sic county arrested steve en nursenr in connection with the death of ashley solano. solano was found in thend i laundry room of her adelphi ade apartment building on saturday.rd nurse has been charged with first and second degree murdharser. police say the two used to beheb in a romantic relationship.atns three men charged in the deaded shooting of an american university grad student pledsi not guilty yesterday.tyt gu last august matthew shlonskyonsk was shot near the shaw howardhaa metro station.metro s he was getting out of a cab when two groups began shooting o at each eh o he got caught in the the crossfire. >> d.c. may soon have a $15 an hour minimum wage.inim w >> d.c. council voted to send sn that bill to the full council.oc if approved it would increase ie 70 cents a year until the year 2020 and while the committeeom decided to raise the
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wage they also decided toed lower a proposed minimum wage wg for tipped workers.or >> the beauty ward seven is beai coming to a post office near ofe you. a photo of a sacred lotusd lo taken in east land gardens inns northwest will be featured onred one of 16 national parks for stamps. an alexandria resident cindyidet dwyer took that picture.tictu very cool.ry you saw the outside, some ot nature on that. gary mcgrady, is it going to goo be nice outside or hot.ot i'm just going to go with hot. h just hot.ot. >> probably not as hot asasot yesterday. i don't think we'll have quite as much sunshine.un i feel like i could reach out ro and touch you. >> yesterday wasn't in bad. i didn't find it that bad. >> you guys must not have goneut out yesterday. yes >> just briefly. around future issuey. >> i was out a lot maureen. as the day progressed the temperature was lower.he i got your back. 70 degrees inmp town.n tow there's still some 60's outsome
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watch out because later ont becn this afternoon we're talk about a chance for a a couple oe showers and thunderstormsnder popping up. i think out to the west and west some of them may drift in ourifo direction. not everybody gets wet, okay. o. 65 for dulles and 65 or fredericksburg. let me show you what we couldwhl expect later on today.n certainly a little cooler than t yesterday. st 82 today.82 t yesterday we were 87.sterdawe w and i put in thunderstorms for later on this afternoon softeron we'll watch out for that.l waou we're going to erin como rightgh now for a look at your y thursday morning traffic. erin, you have another thingr you like to call thursday. >> friday eve gary.y eve sounds that much moreunds tt mu pleasant. pleasa as you wake up around the dmv te we're crash free. road work clearing top stretchtc of the capitol beltway in montgomery county. c outer loop past new hampshirehar avenue road work clearing out of the way so that will be way s back to normal for theorl majority of our morning morni commute. ut maryland things looking goodin on our majors, 95, 270 quiet70 q no problems headed towards gaithersburg. 50 inbound problem free. on 210 branch avenue in
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problem free and 301 also als quiet right now. now. virginia all green all good onoo our map. 95, 66 and 270. 2 any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter.tter. back to you maureen anden and wisdom. >> coming up on fox newsominup o morning, veterans living in i northern virginia will soon s have a new place to receive pla medical care. >> a study on immigrantn i children leads to a new view v of the political divide acrossie the united states.the united ste >> and i'm holly morris tracking the other big storiesii trending on this thursdayng on t morning. another story about a precocious four-year-old except this one involves a sculpture valued at $15,000. ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help.
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>> ♪ >> time now is 4:40. let's take a look at these stories you're engaging with the most this morning on thi social media. >> for that we turn to holly morris at our realtime news tracker. >> good morning to both ofoth of you. good morning everyone out m there. first up this morning a a houston teach are turned herself in after allegation allg surfaced that she had become hab pregnant by one of her 13-year-old students. alexandria vera said theiaera relationship began in september and that she and thed student were in love.en in she's been charged with continuous sexual abuse of aus child and s released on bond.d . back here in virginia governor terry mcauliffe announce add side in fauquier fu county planned for a veteransan care it will be built on the
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vint hill farm station. station. it is due to be completed in i 2019. finally, just one hour hou after it was unveiled, pretty pt impressive here, a $15,000 lego statue was knocked over o by a small child.hi a chinese artist spent three t days and used thousands ofsan o dollars worth of lego productsro to create an amazing statue of f the "zootopia" character nick n wild.wild. the child posing for a photopo got too close and destroyedoyed it. the artist says he was heartbroken but accepted and a apology and refused ref compensation from the boy's family. >> compensation. family was going to pay $15,000. >> i don't know. >> you're getting a picture -- did the kid like dive into it. total destruction.on. >> next time they need to puto p up barriers around it likee they do at the monuments. monumn >> cordon it off.n it o >> coming outpatient fox newsen mornings a study on immigrant it
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of the political divide across s the united states. >> mlb history made during last night's red sox-orioles game. >> time right now 4:42. >> that's you, wisdom, you got the midas touch.ou. >> ♪ >> 71 degrees. we're back in a moment ent ♪ it's time to get out and explore.
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>> ♪ >> just about 4:45 on this thursday morning. a murder-suicide othn ucla's campus is believed to have h friend bad grades.adra reports this morning suggestthis the shooter was a student whoug was angry about his grades. hisa police say the victim is inn this murder-suicide was anas engineering a weapon an suicidene note werew found on the scene. scene. the campus is expected to reopen for classes today.
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it is 4:45. looking outside on thisn gorgeous thursday morning. temperatures pretty high prey hi already, 71 degrees i believe that says. gary mcgrady, let's bringng you into the shot talking about what was a nice dayat w yesterday to me.asyesterday hopefully a repeat today.t tod >> i think so. it's not -- i don't think it'sik quite as nice today as what it was yesterday but it ain'tn' going to be bad, thousand.thsa >> okay. >> all right, cool.ll r let's get through it rightigthro now. you're right, maureen, it's a, ' mild start out there.he temperature 70 right now for f reagan national.reag that's kind of bouncing around between 70 and 71.1. dulles 65. bwi marshall is 67 degrees. 67 r couple of interesting thingsting of note. not showers, thunderstorms back out to the west of us. u some of this energy will kicky k off a little bit of activityf at to the west of us today and that will drift from west to wet east. so, we may get someome thunderstorms.thunde what is going on down here? g oe look at this. t remember what was tropicalwas ta storm bonnie, then becamen bec tropical depression bonnie nowep backre to post tropical system.s looks like a little hurricaneure here out over the north
4:46 am
carolina cape hatteras area, kill devil hills, the outer it will continue to move up toeo the north and northeast.d nort it's bringing a lot of rain inti here.he. bringing high surf, too. a little bit of wind but rightug now we're going to keep a kee very, very close eye on it. o i it looks like it stays offta shore but it really has foundou some warm water there and the at ability to strengthen just an little bit.j so, post tropical stormtorm bonnie, okay. o sun and clouds today. today late day what's going to happen it goinga looks like they'll fire up ake ' little bit back out toll thehe west, kind of move in our high temperature 82.rature sun and clouds the general geral rule. not as much sunshine today asody what we had yesterday.esrday winds out of the southeast atout about five to 10 miles perfive hour. here's the deal on t futurecasts today. a lot of cloud cover this morning in places. we'll get some c sunshine, too,o poking through and look this afternoon back out to the west we'll see these showers andnd these thunderstorms developdetoo and then they'll drift acrossris from west to east. west ast. so, not everybody gets wet. w but late afternoon into the int early evening hours we'll we' watch thes
4:47 am
they'll dissipate as they movehe through later on this eveningone and tonight. tomorrow morning more clouds mod in place and more showers possibly some thunderstormsndst again tomorrow afternoon into it tomorrow evening. and i hate to say this -- i thi- won't say it too loud 'cause id don't want erin como to hearrin but there is now a chance forhae some more showers and thunderstorms even in thevein saturday forecast.rday forecas >> what. >> so, yesterday saturday was dry. we can't leave it dry now. n and then there's a possibilitysi of more thunderstorms onstor sunday and it looks like those sunday thunderstorms could beeru strong even severe.. here's erin como on this friday eve with your commute.urm >> gary, i need to know how the jersey shore is looking.horo i'm going there on >> oh, yeah.h. >> okay, wow. okay, >> you're at the shore, it're o looks great. lo >> i guess i'll be bowling. bow. right now taking a look at the e beltway work zone being picked up in montgomery county inner in and outer loop by colesville col road. ro traffic moving along fine.c good news there.goews th rain free thursday morningrs commute, that's good news,t's gw
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>> yeah. >> he's half paying attention. right now as you wake up you wap around the area let's switcht'sh it over to a look at our mapsk m even though that work zone isrkn clearing, we do have somewe do e steady work zones in virginiaini you need to be aware of. of. 66 east between 50 and the0 a t beltway, that could slow you tha down just a little bit. notice the green on the map because volume is so lightlumesl right now we're not seeing anyen major slowdowns because of becao that construction zone. 95 northbound lanes clearing cln north of lorton.or we had seen a big red zoneedon north of occoquan. occ right now traffic moving along better as you head towards thear bottom of the beltway,tw, springfield interchange area. ae traffic on the bottom of the beltway looking good across the wilson bridge.ok all of our area bridges aredges clear right now.clear ght the 11th street, we're not seeing any issues, thes, the memorial, the roosevelt, thelt,e key bridge, things lookingng really nice into the districte o and ou tr secondaries downtown w quiet.qu in addition to that 267ha26 looking good in if you have an early morning m flight to catch traffic on thet way to bwi reagan national andnd dulles is problem free. we'll let you know when thatow t changes. ch metro gearing up for servicear it's on time at 5:0in0 a.m..m. back to you wisdom and maureen. maur a
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thank you very well, the dmv -- overseas os this morning iraqi forces arein locked in a fierce battle for fallujah.fa they're pushing their way into i the city that's been undereender isis control for more than two w years.s. fallujah is the last major urban area under militanter milt control in western iraq. i >> a french ship may have hav found the bloc black boxeslack s from egyptair flight 804 that80a went down in the mediterraneanin about two weeks ago presumably l killing all 66 people on board. another search ship is due to sd join that area before the end e of the week in the effort to efr locate the black boxes.heck box the crews are working againstgat time. those recorders will only send out signals for about another ah three weeks.threweek >> new records this morning morg showing that location makes m all the difference for centralel and south american immigrant children applying for asylum in the united states.he unistat children whose applicationsliti are handled by the u.s.handled t government's regional officesff in san francisco and los los angeles are far more like toeike win approval from asylum alu offic
4:50 am
in chicago or houstonou according to the the more than 5,000 asylum applications have beenns hav bee reviewed by the u government since 2014. >> veterans waiting to see aansa doctor at the va may have toe t settle for a nurse instead. ins. >> that's because the va is proposing a federal ruleederal r change that would allow nursest to act as doctors giving themg t the act to administerdmis anesthesia.anesthia now seval physicians groupsal are opposed t po this changehiha warning of potential bad outcomes if nurses are left to t treat patients with sudden unexpected applications.pplion >> i know well what happens in acute care hospitals on acare daily basis.dailsis. i've been there for almost 50 years.s. patients may look to be doing very is well and only a few f seconds later they're at death's doorstep. >> now, anesthesiologists alsoia maintain that the proposedroposd change is unnecessary.. they say there's no shortage sht so there's no need for thishis change. >> meanwhile the heroinhile toi epidemic seems to be growingee in virnia. the state's emergency roomsrgen are seeing a
4:51 am
the number of heroin of her overdoses. the virginia department ofia dem health says in the first four months of 2016, there were nearly 500er visits for heroin h overdoses. hillary clinton is shifting her campaign to the general election as she incheshe closer and closer to ther to t democratic nomination.n. in a two way race hillary clinton leads trump by foury points only, 45 to 41. clinton leads among women, wom trump among men.trum however, clinton toldd supporters trump would pose a dangerous president. >> donald trump himself is a auaud. and on issue after issue, wee see someone who is unqualified and unfit to be president of the united states.un states. >> clinton now heads toon nowds california where she's hopingheh to hold off a bernie sanders upset like he the in michigan.ic >> dmv gearing up for metro'set safe track program thatgram t maintenance work plan beginsnc tomorrow night. fox5's ae nnie yu is live
4:52 am
eastern market metro station with what you should expect.ld e good morning, annie., annie. >> reporter: good morning,te maureen and wisdom. yeahur, everyone is gearing up,g you're're right it's going to affect thousandsos of commuters everywhere across the d. we heard from arlington and fairfax and their plans on helping commuters. last week they announced those plans last week and so today tod we should be hearing from d.c. . mayor muriel bowser about plans for d.c. as well as fomaryland. eastern market metro behind me n here is one of the affected stations for maintenance work, safe track as you mentioned an accelerated track work plan,la it's the year long rebuildingebi program set to begin saturday and it includes 15 safety saf projects, several lines andts station are going to begoto b disrupted in the next year due r to single tracking and stationon shutdown and metro is warningsai that orange and silver linein trains may get very crowdedy cwd due to that service reductionce so both casual riders and regular commuters will bemmuts i severely impacted. iac a lot of jurisdictions tryingryn get some helpful ideas outdeas there and some information outf
4:53 am
to residents in hopes of, youf,y know, preventing commuting cmu nightmares. and so at noon today d.c. d mayor muriel bowser along withgh metro and district officials going to be announcing bigancing plans for d.c. to helpp residents businesses and tourists. tourists to get around thisround time and something you might m find helpful right now is a safe track focus page.age. it's go d.c. safe track go d.c. and you can go there for for information and also of coursers you're end can courage torage check the wmata site beforeite you head out. there's going to be a lot ofgoin changes on the daily, that's and something tom keep in mind. m as safe track kicks off onic ofn saturday, starting tomorrow, str night at midnight, thatit ishat when metro is going to close c on weekends at midnight midni instead of 3 a.m. so it's.m. soi obviously going to affect your weekend plans as well.end back to you in the t s >> all right, annie, danielaniel mauer fee off season sea acquisition leads the majorsn l in hits and batting average. >> .397 average doesn't justaveg
4:54 am
of second show is you someon highlights.i. top of the first murphy batting adam morgan.organ. >> oh. >> touches him up a little bit on the right arm with one ofh o those fast pitches.ches murphy flares at morgan as heath heads to first, gives him theim stink ey ryan zimmerman rips oneon opposite field.ield. murphy takes advantage.dvanta he gets around all the way ifhei first. t. then top of the sixth, wilson ramos he goes deep to right field. a three-run homer making itt six-zip nats.x-zip the nats will win seven toeven t two. they now lead the mets byhe ms three games.e >> wow. >> how about a little orioles lo and red one day after he hit three home runs mookie bets back at bk it again.itin. he turns the second pitch of the game into a home run. r in the second inning after inni this beautiful home run right there, here's what happens. the pitcher --iter >> oh.>> o >> gives him a little
4:55 am
something-something high and inside. and then the umpire gives both teams a warning saying thereg will be none of that. three pitches later betts says i got you. two run home run. that ties a major leagueie record with five homeowners two games. he's also the first player to homer in each of the first twofo innings of consecutive games. g but here's the thing.he t despite that history the orioles took the win 13 to nine. they play the yankees on saturday on fox5. o how about a little zip trip? >> let's do it. >> you ready to hit the road. >> i know i am. >> i was about to say 'cause bo anyway. any we're headed to northernern virginia for our zip trip. >> tucker kicks things off ats h 6:00 a.m., then i'll be there starting at 7:00 along withng w our very own kevin mccarthy. mch we do have a lot of fun of f planned for you.ou stop by say hi we'll be at the monday vernon avenue station.noa that is in dell ray tomorrow.y m be there or be square. s >> that's right. all right gary m
4:56 am
what's the weather going to be r like today and g tomorrow forom the zip trip?th >> i think it should be allt shl right tomorrow for the -- t looks like we'll stay drive.tay. i think if anything we getif tomorrow in the way of rainfall probably comes in later in the day into the t afternoon and the evening.the ig so, it looks like you're going to be in pretty good shape. here's temperatures this t morning.mornin hey, we're down to 69 in townn now. it's dropped off another off a degree. now we're down to 69. culpeper is 62.s 62. we got a few clouds out there t this morning.this morni kind of sunng and clouds it clod looks like today. a chance of thunderstorms late l day into the evening hu temperatures with clouds ands sun making it up to about to a 82 degrees for a high here.ere. here's erin como.omo. it's thursday morning, time toit check traffic.check >> it is 4:56 and as annie mentioned, first phase of the safe track program startinggram this weekend.eend keep in mind friday and and saturday all metro railet rai service will stop at midnight.i. and then june 4th to the 16th single tracking east falls can church to ballston. ballsto what that means for the orangeer
4:57 am
every six minutes during the a.m. and p.m. rush between ballston and new carrolton.arron all silver line running every e 18 months.18 m that will cause crowding andwdig delays. i've added a link to myk to twitter at erin fox5 d.c. with w all of your alternatenate transportation options and we'll check in with that can'ttc drive time in just a f back to you guys.uys. >> all right erin.ight en. coming up on fox news f morning a new report on schooll choice suggests one of the most celebrated school c districts right in our regioneg isn't doing enough to improve diversity. >> and washington wizards star s player being recognized forog what he does off the court. theu >> how about we check your ak money before we go to break? re here's a quick look at theat stock futures for today.ay we're back right after this.ftet >> ♪ >> ♪
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breyers. the good vanilla. our milk and cream come from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. this is so good! we invited women to a spa to dish soap. body wash. you may not feel it, but some body washes can contain cleansers found in dish soap. dove body wash is different. it has only the gentlest cleansers. it just made me feel good. this is dove. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ox >> straight ahead on fox news fs morning a man wanted for war war crimes in somalia is found working security at dulles airport.airport. >> cyber breaches at theyb federal computers at the fed have f h fallen victim to hacking espionage. >> live look across the d.c. region.regi enjoy today's dry weather weathr while it last. l we're expecting three wholehreew days of rain. rai brace for it.ace fo it. >> tha


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