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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> straight ahead on fox5 news5e morning, we are less than 24 tha hours away from the start of metro's safetrack program. progm and we now know the impact on the area, why it should be greater than first expected.n f. >> update on a high school senior who waged a campaign for the right to honor her h native american heritage. hit >> looking live across the acr d.c. region or looking atki a marine and i. >> yes. >> we are expecting a little ltl rain today. tod there we go. there there's a live look there's a silver lining,g, though. it is friday. is >> yay! >> and it's national doughnutt >> bury the lead. >> i>> know, right.ig. are the doughnuts arr
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hope so. good morning to you.od morning thanks so much for join andch f us. i'm holly morris.orris. >> and i'm maureen umeh. iau today is friday june 3rd. je check it out. o gary mcgrady -- where are- wher they he? okay, well, garyell,ar mcgrady and caitlin rothin r they're going to have weatherave and traffic on the >> there they are.>> >> there they are.>> the well, there's half of them. t >> and there's caitlin's ctl mouth. they'll be joining us.ning >> in just a moment.just a >> we'll start the 5 o'clock s hour with our news.taur with ou ger t ready to adjust yourtou commute.e. metro's safetrack plan kicksck i off in virginia tomorrow.ginia r >> it's happening between easten falls church and ballston. fox5's annie yu is live from lef east falls church with what w you need to know.need kno annie. >> reporter: hey, goodte hey morning, maureen and holly. maua you know, the local leaders lea are urging people to make ae plan if you haven't done so log on, get acclimated to whatd is going on, which stations stan are being affected.ff and this is a year-long rebuilding multiple stations are involved. there are 15 safety surgesafy sg involved and so they're goingrei to be, you know, kind of spacing this out and the first
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surge is happening at the eastte falls church metro station. once this kicks in tomorrow onk saturday, this is was need tosd know. you need know that movingovin forward metro is going to beoing closing at midnight everyat night. trains will be single tracking from east falls church to the orange and silver liner trains will run every 18 ery minutes and so metro saysay expect very crowded trainsedra obviously. then in two weeks riders in ridr the district will feel thel t impact there as work begins at the eastern market stationta starting june 18th there willrel be no service between easternene market and benning road and minnesota avenue.avue. it's totally cutting orange silver and blue service ser between ward seven east of thehe anacostia river to downtownnt for 16 days and so for 16 f days, about 230,000 people,000 p will be affected by this t according to ddot. d.c. mayor muriel bowseray obviously making some plans for the city. cit she says if trains are not a running the city plans tons to extend some parkingng restrictions. they also hope to extend the hours for the circulator busesrb as well to 3 a.m. and also als lower the charge for
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to two dollars per perr. and so we talked to some som people in d.c. to see how theyoe feel about this.el aut t take a listen.ten. >> they keep speaking aboutpeaku bike shares and sharing there ride. that's not a reality for folk ff who live in ward six, seven ornr eight. >> i'm going to drive. i i have a car so that''ms the waw i'm going to attempt to get around and most of it probably a will have to be late at night. t >> reporter: and so becauseecaue the mayor expects more peoplee l to be driving, she does hopesop to put out more d.c. traffic trf officers onto those streetssetrs but really encouraging peoplepl if you can carpool, if you can find other modes of other m transportation, obviously that would be great.e gre back to you in the studio. >> 5:03. let's go to the campaign trail now. chaos erupting at a trump tru rally in san jose yesterday evening.enin protestors spilled into the streets holding signs voicing their dislike for the presidential candidate. several people wereen arrested after clashes erupted betweens n protestors and auo some people in the crowd even ce th
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trump supporters.upporters. >> tragic end to a blue angelses practice session.ce session. officials say the pilot of the jet that crashed in smyrna smy ssnnessee yesterday wasne killed. >> the navy said the accident occurred as the plane wasy ed beg ainning to takes off. five other a had fa18 jetsts landed safely moats >> we currently have the crashra scene sealed off pending anng investigation by the united thei states military and the faaaa and i think that they are headed this direction to conduct a full investigation.gan >> the crash caused some powersw outages but no person wasnoson hurt. the elite air batiks tea team wr scheduled to perform thisto p weekend. a u.s. thunderbird planelane crashed yesterday it came at the u.s. air force academy's ade commencement. turner was able to bail out ofou his p-16 avenue have i haddingi
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his jet crashed in an openpen field. >> starting today d.c.'s.c traffic signals are getting an adjustment.adjust ddot will begin retimingin retim traffic lights at nearly 400eay intersections in the goal is to improve trafficra flow through the city. c we have an update on a o story we brought you about aut charles county maryland highy ad school senior who sought toough honor her native americanmerica heritage during her highh school graduation.raation. >> she walked across the stageha wearing the traditional navajoal dress leggings and her moccasins. this came one day after thedater school district reversed its i decision to ban her from wearing the mack cos sins. she says she hopes the persistence inspires hers h peers. >> i was hoping to see video of her walking across in her h gown and moccasins.. >> 72 degrees, a few raindropsnd out there this morning.. >> yeah, there are. are let me show you how muggy anduga mild it is out there this theret morning. temperatures for the most partot around 70 degrees give or takeet
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here in town we're 72. we' dulles in and around thatun airport is little cooler out there along i-81.i-81. winchester, you guys are 64 degrees.64 d annapolis 70 and fredericksburg is 71.ericburg i holly just mentioned it, a couple showers, not many andanya most of this is north of d.c.,fc okay. you see one right here alongerea the beltway and 95. and5. another one coming out of o montgomery county over into i howard county. and then the other showers arews wrapping around over into just northwestern baltimore and upp towards riders town there. everything is kind of movingndfm up to the east and northeast nth with these showers. swe we could have a few more. i don't think it's going to be a wet morning but i think you tk could run across a shower at sh a. a. humid today. chance of showers evenve thunderstorms possible.possi wind will be out of the southeast at about five to w a v seven. temperatures will be upperur 70's to low 80's. listen, tone expect muchtone e sunshine today.sune so, what you do get will be ae a bonus and then after lunchter ln we're talking about showers, can couple of thunderstorms as well. well. weekend looks a bit unsettled, d too.
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we'll talk about that fulllk forecast. right now it appears erin como s no longer has to work fridaysri so caitlin is covering.ering. hey, caitlin. caitl >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit buy a toyota to the coma c for special >> oh, good morning gary. gar much deserved time off fores erin como because she's goter a busy summer ahead of herself with this safetrack programrogrm beginning on metro. m both annie and i will beill be talking about it all morning mni long. of course changes begins b between east falls church andrca ballston as early as midnight metro closing tonight at midnightni.midnig metro will not be opened afterr midnight.midnig check your train schedule for se when the last one arrives and a departs. s. single tracking between easten s falls church on the orange and silver through ballstonalls through the 16 and. basically every orth and silver train running every 188 minutes.nute during rush hour from ballston to new carrollton expectxp additional trains. probably teen six or 10r 10 minutes. minu expect those additional trainslt to try to ease all thell congestion because there will be a lot of extra people on those platforms orange and silt very lines, again that i
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between june 4th tomorrow andord the 16th. metro closes beginning att midnight tonight. tht i'll tweet all of this, t caitlin roth fox5 d.c. as well w as fox5 traffic. traff we got you covered as we go w g through all these closures. incident reported at 66t westbound lee highway. highway police activity on the scenevite and some slowdowns. we'll get more details andt give you another update on uat what's happening on 66 when wepe come back in less than 10nik ls minutes. that's a look at traffic. maureen, back to you.ou >> turn nothing to the worldno of sports, nationalsth were off thursday but they were still winning. second baseman murphy namedyam the national league player ofe the month for may. his 47 hits tied the expose'sxp' nats franchise record for mostot hits in a month. murphy batted .413 in may. m bryce harper won the nl player a of the month award for april. ar >> pierre garcon held hisgarcond fourth annual white party. party it benefits the boys and girls club of greater washington.n. redskins players coachesoa athletes celebrities from all over the region were
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out in white raising money foro a great cause. cause. last year's event raised raise $106,000 for the boys and the bs girls club. clu a number they are hoping to hin surpass this >> looks like fun. coming up on fox news up onn morning a new bill up for up f debate in california wouldni make it a crime to deny den climate >> and a new study suggests sge that several dozen u.s. cities e have water quality problems pros which are very similar toar flint, michigan.ic >> and as we head to break, bre let's look outside the d.c. region. 5:09 is your time and it is 72 degrees. fox news morning back after this. >> and it's finally friday is right.rit. >> uh-huh. >> ♪
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>> prosecutors say three of the syrian men were told by isis to launch sanuicideci bombings in the city of >> new report from thefrom the guardian this morning showingwi 32 cities across 17 statesta used water testing cheats to ca conceal dangerous levels ofus l lead in drinking water. i 21 of those cities including inu chicago boston philadelphiahila and milwaukee used the same water testing methods as methods flint, michigan.flint,ichi in response to the guardian'srd' investigation many waterer departments that the epa hadad not issued clear guidance on gu
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over to l.a. in la county cu proposing a tax topropg millionaires in order to endnd homelessness. the board of supervisors calls c it a million fire in's tax and a they want ion the novemberovbe ballot. ball the voters consideration.ra the proposed tax would take aake half percent of personal incomes achieving $1 million $1i annually county wide and they wt money would go toward theardhe county's plan to ends homelessness in la many. lmany >> in cleveland transgenderelan people may soon be able to useo restrooms that match theirhe gender identity. the council will vote on monday. city council introduced the bill back in 2013nc and has nots held a public hearing on it since 2014. 2 >> coming up, no news is goods news when it comes to the world's oil cartels. cartels >> the threat of flooding hasofg led to the emergency closure c of the world's most popularop museum. >> and as we head to break, taking another live look le outside the d.c. region. yes, school is almost out forost summer but not quite yet. y you have to brave a couple more weeks. maybe two more. in the
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>> we are following news we developmenting overnight. the gunman who killedpm a ucla professor before cullingg himself left lined a "kill list" according to authorities. two ucla professor includingludi the one that was killed was on that list.that the other professor is mainak sarkar is suspected of killing a woman in minnesota whose name was on the list. l >> weather and traffic on the ac 5s with gary mcgrady on this friday morning looking lkig outside rider now, not a bad a start again, 72 degrees. 7de but a few raindrops on ournur heads this morning. m at least in some places. place >> exactly. and a few more coming today, tod okay. so, a few more possible thisossl morning. it's not a completely dryy morning obviously because we have still some showers outome w but for most of us we're just
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talking about some cloudabout cover. bus stop forecast, 65 and5nd 72 degrees. after school upper 70's, low 80's. listen, today's temperatures are really dependent on hownt o much in the way of sunshine weuw get or we don't get.on g some areas will get a little, l, other areas won't, all right.alt we'll have some showers, even a possible thunderstorm latehund day and into the evening eni hours. i just wanted to show you y this. visibility for the most partty m is pretty pretty go it's coming down, though, foror culpeper. it's coming down for dowfo it will be more spots thatha actually get a little bittle lower, maybe four, five, f 6-mile visibility out there.ilie a lot of places are at 10ceare right now which is the maximum that's reported.orte 72 degrees now in town.ow quantico is 73. 7 look at all of the 70's out0's t there this morning.or and it's mild up and down the d east coast.oa cape hatteras at 72.t tropical depression now bonnieeo is pulling off shore so shore they're going the dry out. binghamton is 65. louisville is 69 here's the deal. we do have now tropical storm -- not tropical storm
5:16 am
bonnie off it's pulling off to sea today. we're not going to be underbe ud that influence but it will bet bring something high surf, some rip current problems andrem beach erosion all up and downp o the east coast. been sitting there awhile. sting another little cold front isr lt coming through.hrou we watch this move throughovth eventually. ev it's out to the west today. this one comes through, agh a stronger one comes through one r later in the weekend. weeke cloudy skies today, showers,howe thunderstorms possible.tossible. here's the deal on the weekend. weeken 85 tomorrow.85 tomorro tomorrow actually looks a lotctk like today. a little bit of sunshine.unshe. more showers, more, thunderstorms in the afternoon. sunday could be a problem because we're alreadyre alrea outlooked for the possibilitysiy of severe thunderstorms sunday afternoon into sunday evening. so, what isn't just a plane old thunderstorm? will bewill strong, maybe even severe. s here is tropical depressiondepri bonnie moving basically off toif the east and northeast. neast we just have a few showers in ss place this morning. a whole lot of cloud cover.d not everybody gets wet thiss morning. showers and thu
5:17 am
redevelop in the afternoon. aft. forecast looks like this. a cloudy start. start a scattered shower early thisshy morning. 78 at lunchtime.chtime some sunny breaks poppingakppin through. it will be humid all day. d more numerous showers and a few thunderstorms late thisormss afternoon. we're going to go for a tee mperature of lower 80's. 82 today. tod 85 -- well, mid 80's for thefo weekend.en again, strong to severe sev thunderstorms possible sunday afternoon into sunday evening and next week looks gorgeous. g. lots of sunshine, temperaturespe upper 70's and low 80's and lower humidity.r humidit see, that's the week i chosek to take off. >> nice. >> here's caitlin in for erin e this morning.this morni >> he's a >> i don't know how that worked >> i don't know, either. e >> i could have taken thate tak week like 17 weeks ago. >> just had the feeling.d the ee thank you gary. thank yo it does look like the weatherhea we have been waiting for for a long time by the way. w. back to the roads early on aarly friday morning, incident on 66nn westbound right as you hit 29 ht lee highway.hw roadway reported to be we're not positive.noposi waiting for confirm
5:18 am
that but still due to thishi overturned vehicle which looks w like it is taking up a goodup ag chunk of the road and there are some we've seen cameras that show thw police activity and all the act brake lights being hit. there are reports that it mayity be closed so we'll keep you updated on that situation. otherwise if you can, 66 westbound try to avoid there as you hit 29.9. also a crash 50 eastbound at eaa the church road overpass. you've got two right lanes blocked there. and maybe expect some delays.exa it's a little far out from the beltway and it is headingeadi eastbound but maybe seeingbe see some delays because of it.s beef road work has now been clearedec on the inner loop after looaft connecticut avenue.ti so since that has picked up,d u you're looking good.d. also, inbound commute looksmutel fine on 395. earlier road work has been b picked up as well.pick let's check our cameras hereerah early this morning.early th still a little dark but this is 95 northbound and so as so a you're heading out of theu're city, you can see some volumemev there picking up here. h that would be 95. be 95. let's see if we have any otherot cameras that we can show youho at the moment because most ofet our majors are okay with thekawi exception of what we saw on o 66.66 and we'll keep you updated updad with the situation
5:19 am
go through the rest of thet t morning. all right, that's a look att, t traffic. maureen, back over to you.k ove. >> okay. 5:18 is the time.5:18 is th let's take a look at thet'k stories you're engaging withngaw most on social media thisn soci morning. >> for that we're going to turn back to wisdom martin whois is standing by the realtime rlt news tracker.racker. what do you got whiz.o youz. >> good morning to you. grn first up this morning sailors eisenhauer deploy from norfolkrl to join the mounting effortsg to fight isis. this is the navy's firsty'fi official deployment under the optimized fleet response planspp will standardizes militaryilar training and aims to lock in seven month deployments. deplo here in washington, 30,00000 people are expected to attend a weekend rally calling for a nonreligious approach to politics.potics. now the rally's major issuesor i of focus are climate change reproductive rights and lgbt lt equality. now all of these are hotly hly contested political topics top whose opposing voices oftenicest come from the religious right. g and finally, a landmark climate change
5:20 am
would -- which would have al. a. the california senate failed fai to take it up. the bill would have allowed suing of think tanks tan that deceived or misled others o on the rick of climate change. c back to you. >> all right. >> thanks, whiz.hank >> coming up on fox newsing morning, the state universityteu in virginia is facing a sexual harassment lawsuit from fourmenl former employees.awrmer emp >> new disturbing details d about what happened to that egyptair flight 804 just one day before it wentt down. >> time for us to go to break tb now but before we do let's do t' take a live look across theos d.c. time now is 5:20. oh, yeah, little hot fun inot f the summertime.umrtim >> yes. >> don't you know it.on't yno 72 degrees on this fridayesis morning. we're back right after t >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> no news becomes good newsec for consumers. opec ministers didn't come to an agreement on its d cartel'sa' oil prices at a meetinges a yesterday which triggered an media 88 drop in energyrgy markets. excerpts suggested the oil cartel would send a message ofsa unity on regulating the market e after not being able to do soleo for years. >> looks like high timesigh tims headed for oregon. ogo for the first time it isfirst i allowing the public sale of o edible marijuana streets in oil. they will be able to add thehe edibles to things they can legally sell. consumers can buy up to 1 gramm of extract.ct. customers are limited to one to purchase per day. >> four employees are suing the school. >> suing over genplder based pay inequity and sexual area has. h that's according to media reports.reports. separate lawsuits have been filed in a richmond court. >> suthe suit includes a list of mail colleagues earning higherhe salaries. >> the marines have a new updated tattoop
5:24 am
it bans ink on the head, neck,e, wrist, knees, elbows and hands.hands. >> what's left?? >> stomach.mach >> marines can display three-eighths inch of a tattoooo on one of their fingers such as a wedding ring at a timeim too. too. other branches of the militaryfi have allowed their service members to show more ink butbu the marines are sticking to tradition. visible tattoos must be smalle l enough to be covered by a han hand. >> the louvre in paris will bein closed today. rising water from the river.ive. the artwork will be moved too higher floors. the river is 18 feet above its typical level.evel france's president says he p will declare a statere ofte o natural disaster for areas are most affected by flooding. flood >> you know, the rain overain there has really beenbe affecting the french open as well. a lot of matches have been delayed. >> because of that. >> yeah. >> that's >> wow.ow
5:25 am
>> okay. >> we're not getting rain like that, gary. we're just getting littleng lite drops here and there.op >> not at all thank goodness.l only other place that'ss getting rain like that isha texas where they've had soad s many days of nonstop temperatures morning very ver muggy out this morning, very vy mild, too.ld manassas at 72. leonardtown 70 degrees. fredericksburg at 71. a couple spots out west along i-81 arere dtsoing a little bit better.. showers still spotty to thel north of us this morning. uis we did have a little bit more activity up in montgomery county. just a little smidge of a shower now. headed up to the east and toto e the northeast. ethe rth couple more showers could break out. ea here's what i'm thinkinghat i'tg today. still humid.still humid. a lot of clouds. don't expect much sunshine. we'll have some showers, some sm thunderstorms possible later on this afternoon.noon winds will be out of the seat oh southeast at five to seven.en. temperatures today veryay very dependent on how much in the h way of sunshine you do get andet how long that sunshine staysshea out. out. there's your forecast.orecas now some traffic. tff caitlin roth in this morningth for erin. >> thank you gary.ha you let's start off with one of
5:26 am
our cameras show you 95 north5 r behind me right now and wend showed this to you earlier but 95 north we've got a disabled ae vehicle it seems northbound near 644 franconia road as i read the screen at the same time as you guys. okay, so this is on the the virginia side, 95 north nearea franconia road. r i'll get out of the way and oan you can start to see some s delays building 95 north just nj before sunrise here. let's go to our maps and show you a couple of other oer incidents that we've got. 66 westbound we're followingolng this at 29 lee highway roadway reported to be closed due to t overturned vehicle.edeh we haven't gotten confirmationfm that of yet but do expect some m heavy delays 66 westbound as 6wt you head towards 29 and i can see those delays building onldig my screen right now. besides 66 we've also got ago crash reported 50 eastbound atod the church road overpass. oas two right lanes are blocked there. let's go back to our cameras real quickly, if we can. can and i believe this is whats wha we're seeing at 66 here but ie can't really see many delays. d. it does look like maybe just aet
5:27 am
we'll keep you updated on thateo as we go through the rest ofough the morning.mor it's moving well thoughhough fairfax county parkway to 50. t. all right, that's a look atook traffic. more coming up at 5:35. holly and maureen. maureen >> sounds good caitlin. caitlin coming up on fox newsming u morning right now we're gonoingi to talk with a maryland mand who rescued a group of schoolchl children when their boat sankoak in the chesapeake bay. >> okay. and a top hitting prospectrosp expected to make his return toe the >> as we led to break, though, g here's a live look across the d.c. region. regio time right now is 5:27, 727, 72 muggy degrees out there but b it's okay 'cause it's friday.da we're back right after this. th. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> straight ahead on fox news morning the start oft metro's's safetrack program is less thanst 24 hours away.ou a the impact from our area will be greater than first expected. a high school principal onch administrative leave after aft teacher was arrested forte f sexually abusing a student on campus.mpus so, what is the principal t accused of doing wrong?? the drug fentanyl whichtany killed prince is becoming moree common on the streets aroundetso our region. regn. fox news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> all right, good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm wisdom martin.u m sdom mar >> and i'm holly morris.lyor today is friday, june 3rd. je we'll have weather, traffic inra a few. we'll start with the news.stt w. >> get ready to adjust youreadyt morning commute or yourmmute yu commute altogether because
5:31 am
metro's safetrack plan kicks off in virginia tomorrow. virgi >> it is happening betweenpeni east falls church andhurch ballston.ball fox5's annie yu is live frome f east falls church metro withetro what you need to so, give it to us straight, annie. an >> reporter: hey, goodgo morning to you guys.ou gs. yeah, this is going to affecto t thousands of people across the and it's not only going to gng affect regular riders but b casual riders, tourists in the t area and also just traffic inrai general because more peopleore l plan to drive and hit the the road. road. so, as you mentioned, east falls church here in falls f church going to be the first t f station affected by the first fr surge. e. track work begins tomorrow,omor, first. this is a year long rebuilding program tha it includes 15 surges. [inaudible][i metro starting tomorrow willomor close at midnight every night. t trains here will be singlee tracking from this station s east falls church to ballston. b orange and silver line trainsran will run every 18 minutes and ms so you can expect those trains to be very, very
5:32 am
then in two weeks, riders iniden the d.c. area will feel impact c as work begins at the easternas market sta so starting june 18th keep in k mind there will be no service se between eastern market andea benning road and minnesota avenue.avenue so, essential isly it'sly it' totally cutting orange, silverr and blue service between wardwed seven east of the anacostia acot river to downtown d.c. for a total of 16 days and it reallyll could make your commute a nightmare if you do not plane od ahead for that. that. and so, you know, i think d.c..c mayor bowser held a press conference yesterday sayingay s that the city really plans too address things.his. she says that the number onenum thing is if trains are notre running the city plans tons t extend parking restrictions ints hopes of, you know, freeing up those curb spaces for shuttlefou buses. she also says that she hopes shh to put more officers on thes te streets to do traffic workffic with the more cars hitting theet roadways.road so, you know, local leadersea across the dmv urging folks toks make plans, carpool, if youou can,
5:33 am
can come into play and that a sort of thing but not everyonee can do that so we're going have more cars on the road. overall i think everyone willryi be impacted across the live in falls church, annie yuny fox5 local news. n >> in the news this morningis mg another prince george's countyce school caught up in a sexual a x abuse scandal a teacher at forestville high school was sl arrested last week. >> now the principal won't beont showing up to school foror awhile. fox5's melanie alnwick is aln i here with the rest of this thi story. hey, mel. >> reporter: good morning, this is the teacher that was arrested but we can tell you tl the principal placed on pce administrative leave wednesday. prince george's county schools did not tell us exactly why ulyy but police said the abuse did d happen on principal nathanipalat laney's watch.y's watch the teacher 45-year-oldyear-o vincent mcduffie waseas arrested last thursday. thurs prince george's county policeunl say he had sexual contact with s a 17-year-old femaleex studenttt during the school day several times in march and police also said mcduffiee admitted to being involved
5:34 am
with the student. the school district says it will seekol his termination.minn fox5 spoke with formerh for students and a teacher bycher phone who told that you saythat mcduffie was oftenft inappropriate with girls inth gi his classes, that he would hug them and use language that wasth more of a peer than a teacher. h one also told us it was theas subject of chatter at the athe school. 't i don't want to say that they knew about it as far as administrative but as far as a other teachers, some of them ihe want to say they kind of hadndf an idea because like i said, i i they was already -- some of the teachers are really intoto the whole student gossip and a what girl was dating this boy and so there's no way youno w could not hear the rumor. r whether they thought it wasughta true or >> reporter: now after theorte t abuse cases you may rememberembe at judge sylvania woodsnia wo elementary in february involving that volunteerg th vol deonte carraway, princeway, prie george's county school systemnts had its lawyers meet with all a of the principals to review rev policies related to reportingepi abuse and suspicious behavior.eo prince george's county police would like to know if there
5:35 am
are any other victims out there.ther back to you. >> all right, mel, thank you very much. 5:34 is the time rights thmr now. good samaritan is being credited with rescuing a groupic of elementary school childrenl n and staffers when a boat theya y were riding in sank in thek chesapeake >> it happened wednesdayhappened evening when jeremy shocklyckly and his crew heard a radio a r call for help. they rushed into action.oction. >> and i heard the captain of co the boat said mayday, mayday,ay mayday i'm taking on i tried to talk back to the no response. rpo >> until they arrived that t they realized that it was aaliz large group of children onre board the sinking boat. b the coast guard is investigating to determine derme what the boat struck. s >> hm. >> scary there. >> yes. >> almost end well.>> alm >> good thing he heard thatd call. >> absolutely.t toall for goodl for good weather, gary.ather,ar are we going get >> no. but it is national doughnutoughu day so does that make up for it? >> it does actually. a great offset.offs >> i keep peeking around theeki corner to see
5:36 am
doughnuts arrive.rre. but they haven't yet. y 72 for manassas. manas lots of 70-degree readings.eeadi it's super muggy out this o this morning. obviously it's mild.visl still watching a couple of coupf showers up to the north of could we have another showererho or two over the next two ort twr three hours? yes, we couldou but it really looks like its lii will be this afternoon ande thio this evening where we'll haveonw more numerous showers and even e a thunderstorm is possible. psi until then, clouds, humid, humid little bit of sunshine inn spots and that will getil g temperatures eventually upatureu into the lower 80's.pinto t notice back out to the westthe w it's a little warmer.r. we think there's going to be aoa little bit more sunshine out m there and then over towards the bay, not much if anyh any sunshine. here's caitlin roth thistlin morning who is in for -- let's - see is -- what's her name --am erin como who doesn't worksn't w fridays. fr >> yeah, i guess that's herha hr summer schedule, sch must be nice. okay, erin is off. i'll be filling in all morning. of course we're going to be talking about metro's safetrack phase one -- or excuse me, surge one. got to get the labels ride. does begin this se friday morning looks good. t no alerts toin thi mor report od
5:37 am
yellow green or blue so all of o our majors look good.ok we'll have an update on whatt safetrack means for you, howr yh it impacts the orange line and e the silver line beginning foregg your monday morning commute. cmu along with that we will alsol be talking about changesng beginning with closures atsurest midnight tonight. tight overturned vehicle 66 west at v6 29, left lane is blocked thereee so use some caution as youcan as head out of town on 66. all right, that's a look at traffic. and we will send it back toto holly and maureen. mreen >> or wisdom.>> orm. he's joining us, too its a rotating schedule sche coming up on fox newsews morning new disturbing detailssr though about what happened tout egyptair flight 804 just one jt day before it went down.n. >> and yet another celebrityel is facing some tax troubles trob with the i.r.s. >> let's take a live look acro tss the d.c. region on thit friday morning. we are at 5:37 right now. n we are at 72 muggy degrees but that's okay.that's we're having a good morning. mng glad you're with us. yous. we'll be back right after this
5:38 am
this. >> ♪ ♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ >> the latest now on the crashat of egyptair flight french media now reporting repor that the airbus 320 was forcedor to make three emergencyme landings the day before theore t deadly crash.dely c now, according to euro news, the airplane's on board warning system went offf shortly after takeoff from f
5:41 am
were investigated to no avail. a the egyptian led crash investigation committee hasatcom denied niece theise claims. cla >> couple of thieves robbing aes macy's store in charles county c were caught on camera.t on came. the men were inside the macy's store at saint charles townatait center. they grabbed a bunch of polof p clothing before running away.rua the sheriff is asking anyone a who recognizes them to giveo them a call. another one at the westfield ' mall. a man broke into j. c. penney pn and took all the jewelry onry o display. police tell us the man-madehe me off with about $150,000 worth00r of jewels.of jews. investigators say they want to hear from you in you recognizem this >> monique is in hot water with the i.r.s. accused of o owing $400,000 in back taxes. ts documents claim monique and monq her husband refused to payrefusp taxes in 2013 and 2014. 2014. the government is threatening te to seize the actress' property't and assets if they don't pay up. om coming up on fox news c morning a massive recall is
5:42 am
issued for sunflower seeds anddd granola. >> coming up we have a previewre of the 65th annual miss u.s.a. competition. >> and as we go to break, bre another live look across theos d.c. region. 5:42 is our time right now. rig we are holding steady at 72 degrees on this friday. fy. fox news morning back rightk after >> ♪
5:43 am
♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings
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morning. it's just about 4:45 coming up onac 4:45.5. right now six soldiers are missing in fort hood texas after an army transport trucktr flipped in aan creek. creek three other soldiers were were killed, three more were, thmore rescued. they're in stable condition and the entire region habls been flooded due to days of heavy rainfall. >> ♪ >> and looking at a liveive picture of the white house onhee this friday morning. morning it looks nice out maybe it looks a little heavy, gary. gary >> yeah. >> right. >> it's gloomy out this morning.s >> it feel like that. fe>> it's humid, it's muggy. mgy a couple showers have been sho around the area.herea. not so many.t so m just a few. few i think pretty much all of usucf are d big weekend forecast for us. u if you liked yesterday and you y like today, you'll likeoul tomorrow. it will be a little warmer 85 degrees. degrees afternoon showers and thunderstorms. sunday's the day we're watching real, real close because there's a littleeaere'al energy coming through the atmosphere. pretty strong trough and we think that that's goingon to t elevate the threat of severeever thunderstorms.thdersto so, it definitely looks likes l some strong thunderstorms onormn zip and maybe even some severe storms.stor
5:46 am
atmosphere coming onne across. s trough of low pressure is going to bring a lot of o moisture up from the southp frou like we don't have enoughnoh already. jet stream winds will help to enhance the risk along with at frontal system.ystem. it's way humid out ahead off this front.nt it's drai and humid behind thede front. get the collision of air mass,o, the front is lifting the air t and so we'll end up with a chance of these scatteredtted strong thunderstorms.orms some of them could even bee severe and as a matter of facta and this rarely happens, day three outlook from the storm's s prediction center in norman, cen oklahoma already has us in an enhanced risk of thunderstorms becoming severe. we don't have many enhancedd risks each year, so to talkalk about an enhanced risk threeiskh days out, that's very, very unusual.unl. obviously wind gusts withwind severe thunderstorms, 60 milesms per hour plus.ur we're going to talk about somee hail. we're going talk about sometalk heavy downpours and we a may have to introduce a threat oft some tornadoes around locally ll as well. so, as we get closer to that event we'll know more. mor tropical depression bonnie dep headed off s
5:47 am
couple showers for us thisweor u morning. otherwise, a lot of clouds. a we will have some sunny breaks today.toda temperature makes it up to up to 82 degrees.82 degrees winds out of the southeastt t five to seven. to se. a few showers this afternoon.on. some thunderstorms possible as well into the evening hours. we'll do it all over again tomorrow.tomoow. strong thunderstorms possiblemsl sunday afternoon into sunday evening. once the front comes through,hrh it's a nice sweeper colder col front, it will take a lot ofa lt humidity, a lot of our chances a for rain so next week at thisk s point most of it looks prettyy good.good here's caitlin roth in thisn morning. erin como is not here so she'ses going to fill in for traffic. tf >> i'll try my best. i thank you gary. lots to talk about wit'lhth safetrack surge one beginningrg tonight at midnight.t atnigh that's when metro closes. close that is permanent.ermane it's beginning to close atlot midnight but also single tracking begins tomorrow tomorrw between east falls church and ad expect delays on the orange and silver line ass we go g through the 16th. vienna new carrollton every 18 y minutes will be your trains. between ballston and new
5:48 am
carrollton additional train during the evening and morningnr rush. hopefully that will help. we had an earlier tracky problem at farragut west.gutes just expect residual delays on the orange blue and silverlue al nenes. that track problem has been hn resolved but as you can b as imagine during the morningthe rush we've still got some som residual delays. dels. that's the roads -- back toac the roads where 66 west we6 west have been following thisn fog t overturned vehicle all morning v at we've got the left lanet the ftl blocked. let's go to our camera and we ad can show you that. tha there is the delay building,uii, 66 west and in fact with those t brake lights i don't see anyn'te movement or if there is movement, it's very slight asiga we have that left lane blockedfl so only one is getting by ontin the right.right. again, that's 66 westbound ass you approach 29. approach all right, that's a look at loot traffic. more coming up in less than 10 minutes. now let's send it back tok t holly and wisdom. [laughter][laughte >> thanks, caitlin. t appreciate it.t. we now know what causedd music icon prince's death.eath. an autopsy shows he died fromro an accidental overdose of aerdoa powerful pain can killer.ul pcai >> it's a drug known a
5:49 am
until. it can be about -- fentanyl. >> it's not something that is commonly prescribed except forrc very severe it is very common that peopleteo get exposed to opioids becausedu of a legitimate medical or surgical problem. >> ♪ its still is still unknown where prince got the drug. fentanyl has become popular onor the black-market. police say it's being laced with heroin.oi >> a montgomery county grand jury indicted the man accused of killing three people and peo wounding three others during a three day shooting spree inspree montgomery county and prince george's county. eulalio tordil is facing ardil f number of charges includinglu first degree if convictrsed he faces life in prison.on 5:49 right now.ig time for us to take a look at a the stories you're engaging eag with already on social media ond this friday morning. friday mo >> and for that we turn now to w maureen umeh with our realtime r news tra hey maureen. >> good morning guys. boxing great muhammad aling hospitalized and being treated a for respiratory issues.
5:50 am
74-year-old said ali is in is i fair condition and that a that short hospital stay is expected.excted ali has been hospitalizeden hosi several times in recent years ya most recently in the early 2015 days when he was treated for severe urinary tractnary infections initially diagnosed d as pneumonia.neon next a major break through r for stroke patients thanks to a new stem cell treatment. tre 18 patients in an initialin an i trial were able to walk speakalk and have a fairly normal life following this procedure whichis requires just a localt loc anesthetic and a single nighte at the hospital.he hosl. one patient who relied on a o wheelchair unable to properlyrol use her legs has since takence up jogging. jog that massive may fooday f recall has now been expanded bep to include quaker harvest har brand granola both products could be procts contaminated with listeria and a should be thrown awaythro immediately.immedi those are your trending stories.orie >> thanks mel. hey nats fans get ready r for tray day. top hitting prospect trayectr turner will be called up from
5:51 am
aaa syracuse today.od >> turner going to replace repla ryan zimmerman who is going on paternity leave.ity leve. turner hitting .310 with 17it steals and 23 rbi's for syracuse. blade 27 games last year foram the big league club. >> red sox and orioles in the t fourth and final game of the gaf series. renkine birds were cranking out the home runs.eun seven of them in all. mark trumbo hit two of themtwo e and is now tied for the majorajr league lead with 17.h7. adam jones added two longed twol balls and. >> if yo u like manny machado.achado >> he gave the orioles theriol lead for good with a three run e shot in the seventh ending,ing, the orioles win 12-seven to salvage a split with the red sox. >> wait. you can put it on the board. >> oh, my gosh. all right, well, look, maryland women's' lacrossendomen player -- a maryland woman'soman lacrosse player making min history. taylor cummings is the first t three time winner of the twaartan award. awa
5:52 am
lacrosse player in the she joined dylan malloy fromloyf brown university to receivesityt that award at the smithsonian so institute's museum of american >> congratulations. >> that's pretty cool.ha washington jewish music festival kicks off today for k o the 17th year in a row. a r >> more than a dozen a doz international music acts are a scheduled to perform. the festival explores music from yemen africa spain israelsr and other countries throughout r the jewish per -- through the jewish perspective.erspti sixty-fifth annual missual m u.s.a. competition airing thisin weekend and you can see itt sunday june 5th right here on fox. fox. the three-hour special event eve will air live from the mgm grand in las vegas. veg couples star terrence j will w co-host with julian huff. olivia jordan will crown her lo r
5:53 am
you were caught up in the up t video. >> you got to stay focused on fs the script right there. >> uh-huh. graduation time is here. high school and collegel and col students throughout thets throu country are walking across theot stage and into the real world. >> all right. now yesterday afternoon i got a chance to give some words ofro wisdom to rockville high hig school graduates. graduates. >> were you the commencement speaker. >> yes, i was. >> oh, my goodness. >> i did not o know the script p was in because i didn't get an'g chance to read ahead becauseec my computer died. talk about how to handle all h the ups and downs of life like l when your computer dies. your cr >> what was your biggest piece of advice. d >> i was telling them -- one tel of the things i lisaid 'caused a this is basically what myw parents told me throughoutou life, surround yourself withf wt positive people becausee because negative people pull you down. >> right. >> but did i? >> no, 'cause you know me, i'm'm a glass half full kind of girl l and i'm sitting closest to youst right now. >> i told you when the complainers and winers come up all you got to tell them mym name is no -- my sign is no, no, my number is no.ber you need to let it
5:54 am
>> all right elsa. funny you brought it u coming up in our facebook facebk mentions if you want to join i us on of ur facebook page we're' going to talk about a commencement speakers and likent do you remember yours, do they matter? s >> clearly i think theyle t matter. >> that's right. that will be your perspective. >> okay, my perspective.ecti. >> who was your high school graduation speaker.ak >> i have no clue.>> >> time to say hello to our facebook fan of the day andf tha today it is cameron christianson. >> today is graduation day forga can cameron and she wanted toant honor her daughter by makingr b her the fan of the day. if you want tock our next fan of the day today or any day just post a -- your pic below cameron's pic.ropic >> we should be playing pomplaym and circumstance under that picture. ur >> be prepared that wase prep another one of his tips. t >> that was in there to bee prepared. [laughter] >> listen, here's visibilitys this morning.this mor 10 miles per hour -- they're ty'
5:55 am
there's no doubt. >> do you think so? >> 25 years from now they'llhey' be talking about you.alking abo >> it was an honor.utan h. >> 10-mile visibility here init town. visibility has come up.ty hase earlier we had visibilitiesibil less than a mile in some no, not the case now. now even martinsburg winchester at 3-mile visibility.isibilit temperatures now, it's mild outside. it's muggy out there. quantico is 73. 7 we're 72 here in town. t you're going to feel it. tel the air is very heavy this h morning. there has been a you believe can of little showers reported all around the region it'snd ths very, very m want to give you another ideath what's going to happen for the weekend.weend. 85 degrees tomorrow.rees some showers and thunderstorms.thundersto strong to severe weather is possible on a temperature of 84 degrees4 dee here. a quick look at your forecast fc for the next seven days.ev day today we're 82. wre showers and thunderstorms.s there will be a little bit of sunshine out there. caitlin roth in this morningane for erinnsn c >> thanks gary. good morning.go quick look at the roads here ate before we head up on the 6:00 u a.m. hour. a. new crash reported outer loop lp just past university boulevardbo car facing the wrong direction.
5:56 am
problem.ob if you are in this area, or you take this spot obviously oio outer loop always heavy buts heb past university boulevardniverst extra delays. let's take a look at that delay with one of our cameras ou checking its outer loop right now, there it is, pretty heavyav stacked up in its normal placena as you approach georgia avenue a or at new hampshire avenue, a excuse me.ex and that is just going to beo be exacerbated by the delay that ty is out there right now t we'll l go back to maps if we can. once we do, we'll talk about metro. okay. earlier track problem at at farragut west lab resolved buteo residual delays are out there.oe orange, blue and silver, this ts is just a tease to get youou ready for safetrack whichck begins we'll have more details ongioree that coming up in the 6:00 the 6 a.m. hour. that's your traffic.ffic. >> ♪ >> we'll take it from here. te t thanks caitlin.thks caitlin. coming up at 6:00> coming wal-mart's new idea to loweroowe its prices and save you moneyoum plus details about the big box x store's plan to team up with upw uber and lyft.uber and l >> all right. also ahead this morning, mor what's your number one travel accessory? results of a new new survey might be a surprise tour you
5:57 am
as we heads to break rightht now, a live look outside inut del ray, virginia becausenia b what's happening there today is a zip trip. a big zip trip.ri this is a huge one.. who's going to be there?re >> maureen is going to be there, can kevin mccarthy isevir going to be there, tuckerere, tr barnes is going to be there.. >> yeah.>> y they're all going to put it ont the board down in del ray this morning.rn >> go out and say hi to them. t they'd love to see you.ou >> and when you see maureenmaeen say put it on the board right in her h we're back in a moment.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> metro's year long>> maintenance blitz is but to begin it will he creatnce majorj delays for thousands ofands o riders.ri we're just 18 hours away. hou a >> we're a few minutes awayy from zip tripping today. tod we'll be in del ray alexandria virginia. it is a thriving neighborhoodthg there. tucker barnes going to join us in just a couple of minutesf m right along mount vernon v avenue. >> can't wait to learn all't about it. make sure you keep yourr umbrella handy today, though.odt no rain right now as we take ae live look at the white housete on this friday morning, june 3rd. but we could see some laterom today. toda weather and traffic on theand 5s at 6:05.:0 did we mention it was friday. f good friday morning to you, t yu i'm allison seymour.n seymour >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. metro's safetrack plan kicksck p off in virginia tomorrow. now, t


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