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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  June 3, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> right now at 7 o'clock o'c changes coming to your commuteou and in a hurry and metro's massive safety overhaul aboutulo to get under way so whatha exactly can you expect? we're ' going to have a live reporte ret for you in just a second. >> also a fox5 exclusive elu amount local high school schoo principal on administrativedmins leave after a scandal erupted et at school.atchool. did he do enough to protect pte his students?des? >> also more violence breaking k outta' donald trump ray trump fires back at hillary why she says he is unfit to be b president.present. >> and a live look.ndive we are zip tripping on this this friday. fr it'sid june 3rd, 2016.d, 201 >> doing a little zip flingip right there. ri did you see that.u se >> no, i missed that.o, mis >> tucker is about ready to try. >> we're in the alexandria neighborhood of del ray. tucker, maureen and kevin willew be there. we'll can check inheci with them in just a fewhem in je minutes. i guess they're warming up foruo the big morning. morning good morning, i'm along seem. >> i'm steve chenevey. great to be welcome to fox5 news morning. m. let's get you right to theyou r metro news you want to hear to r about this morning.abthis you might not want to hear to about it but you
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about it. metro's safetrack planla officially starts in virginia vi tomorrow. >> happening between east falls church and ballston. bal fox5's annie yu is live fromive east falls church metro withetrh what you need to know. yee first of all, patience andtience look at the big picture,the bipt right, annie? annie >> reporter: yes,, absolutely, allison and make a plan so that you don't get get yourself in a nightmare situation.tu local leaders urging everybodyvy to consider car sharing, uber, lyft, biking and that sort oft thing but that's not possibles e for all of us. this is going to affecto fe everyone.ev not just metro riders because bu more cars are going to begoi to hitting the roadways and asad an you mentioned it does kick offk tomorrow but starting tonight,og metro is going to be closingo be at midnight, so be prepared ppae for that.r t now, this is the year long rebuilding program. pgr it includes 15 safety surges sur and the first one is kicking kki off at this station here, theher east falls church station inon i virginia.virginia. and so is here is how it's going to be affected.e trains a
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tracking from east falls church to ballston.o ba metro will close at midnight mii every night.t. orange and silver line trainsra will run every 18 minutes and a so expect delays, expectect crowded trains.dins. again, this starting tomorrow.or then in two weeks, riders inersi d.c. will feel the impact as work begins at the easternheas market station. s. so starting june 18th mark m your calendars there will bee no service between eastern market and benning road and minnesota avenue. anue. it's totally cutting theutng orange silver and blueline services between ward sevenetwew east of the anacostia river to downtown d.c. d.c that is going to be happeningapi for 16 days. now, according to ddot they ty say about 230,000 people areeopa going to be affected by thishi shutdown in d.c. d.c. mayor muriel bowser making arrangements doing what w shrek tshe can to help things ms along she says if trains not runningun the city plans to extends somexs of the parking restrictions to make more curb space forore cura shuttle buses.
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hours for the circulator buses to 3 a.m. and she's also suggesting that they lower the price for the bikeshare to twobt dollars per trip. so, just little tweaks here and there, some changes toomange make things a little easierasier but overall i think it's justs s like you said al, you got to pack your patients, prepare,par, prepare.prep this is going to affect all ofta us for the next year.t y that's the very latest here in i falls back to you in the studio he. >> another prince george'sth county school caught up in a sexual abuse scandal. teacher at forestville higerhalg school arrested last w now the principal won't beon showing up to school foro schoor awhile. >> bob barnard joins us live usl from forestville maryland withal the rest of the story.f thstory bob my first question is itio i seems unusual that the principal is also facingng disciplinary action.ct i can't recall another instance when that happened. w >> reporter: well, there was one earlier this year and i'll tell you about that in a moment. mome here in prince george's countyce as well allison.on basically it's because i guessue the school system be
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principal nathaniel laneyelan wasn't aware of what was going g on here on campus involving iol another adult and one of the of students here.tsere. so, the principal nathanielniel laney is on leave as of asf wednesday.wedn that's because last thursday teacher vincent mcduffy was arrested. he's a 45-year-old man from fro upper marlboro a teacherea charged with having sexuald witn contact with a 17-year-old 17-ar girl several times this spring here at school during thel duri school day. d. now, last night we spoke to a former forestville high school h student about mr. mcduffie.r. m we agreed not to show her face on tv. >> when i had his class anyways, he would be in hisn h class sitting at his desk his d doing whatever he doing and itt be girls who wasn't even inasn'n our class who wasn't on thewasnt basketball team who would just be in his -- you know, be inn his -- be in his classroom css just doing whatever they was doing, you know. >> reporter: talking to m >> talking to him, sittingit over there flirting with him.ith >> reporter: now, in a in statement to fox5 news, princese geor's
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officials have written this.veen based upon the admission madead by the teacher to the police pol we have placed him on leavee ed without pay and willout y an immediately seek his termination. any behavior that brings harmrim to a student will not be tolerated in any way by pgc.gc that leads to this situation sun with the principal being bng removed as well.el. guys, earlier this year atea judge sylvania woods woo elementary school in glenarden d you know the case of deonte dnt carraway the volunteer teach'sea aide who was arrested andeste a charged with videotapingideota children performing sex actsx ac in school, well, thatt principal was also removed from her job and just thist t week, guy, the school system's s task force on student safetyentf came out with its recommendations and while w that's happening, another casetc here at forestville highil h school with a teacher arrested e and a principal removed from the job. j >> unfortunate news out of prince george's county. it is 7:05 g right now.. our tucker barnes is in del
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ray, alexandria neighborhood. ni >> uh-huh.>> >> with our zip trip. w >> let's get a check on thehecke forecast and find out a little f bit more about del ray, virginia. tuck, we saw you dancingaw dan earlier. earlier. still got that little earlyat l morning exercise going on. >> yes, steve, i'm learning lea important dance moves with thehe accds. we'll talk to them in a littlena bit but they got a band here. acds, yeah, right. rht >> yeah. >> y >> there we let's do some weatherly we'lleah talk to these guys in a couple minutes. already a lot of energy out here. e in d raywe're in del ray,lo virginia, about 10 blocks of mount vernon avenue here partart of alexandria and it's a i actually beautiful down here. h. come down.come let's take a look at weather. wa temperature right now in theur low 70's.e warm and humid, 72 degrees72egrs right now in washington.ashing 69 in annapolis.nnolis 68 in leonardtown.nato 72 in fredericksburg.cksb hey, our temperatures today in t the low 80's.e low0' keep an umbrella handy here. the best chance of showers and d our thunderstorms will be wl be later this afternoon after weis get some daytime heating.. it will generally stay cloudylo today with again
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highs in the low 80' all right,s coming up we'll upw take a look at the weekend let's do some traffic now, getog the latest from caitlin.tlin i'm hanging out with sprinkles.ri i want to eat you sprinkles.t >> looks like a great time. lika thank you will, and let's see if we can go to traffic.raic i'm probably in the wrong studio. >> you can just freestyle it. >> that's fine.sine. thanks guys. g what you're looking at right now is 66 eastbound.w is 66 we had an earlier crash justus past centreville and that has been picked up so delays are easing. you're moving a little bitg a better 66 eastbound. so, at least aiding in thatt delay. let's go to our maps.s we'll show you what to expect tp out on the roadways inhe roaaysn virginia. the commute is stacked up.mmut we've just got heavy fridayvyri morning delays just about everywhere. northbound 95 courthouse road ra 610 eastbound 234 topnd34 centerville and northbound 395un edsall road to seminary roadary all looking really heavy.yea maryland commute probably j
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as bad. southbound 270, 80 to the, 80 t truck scales maybe not mae terrible but 50 inbound andou southbound 95icc to the beltway also very, very heavy.ea watch out in the district oneise bryant lane gets byyant lane independence avenue at 17th street duegeen to un15 pavement. watch for delays down therenhe around tidal basin. bas that's a look at traffic. steve. >> anti-donald trump protestors turned violentrs attacking supporters of theport republican nominee outside ofdef a campaign rally inn lly california. and trump himself took somelf hits from his likelyik democratic opponent. oon >> melanie alnwick joins uswicks now back in studio with the latest on the campaign trail. tl good morning.o >> reporter: good morning, once again, guys. you know, this may be a prevoniew oowf what the generalr election is going to be like. l hillary clinton with a new aggressive stance. she hasn't locked down her party's nomination yet but sheet is taking on donald trump. a trump supporter cornered and pelted with an egg.h it was a level of violence that we may
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before outside a trump rally.rul police moved in as protestors pt waved the mexican flag and some chanted support for c bernie sanders all outsihade a i trump campaign event where the presumptive gop nominee wentiv after hillary clinton. >> remember ie said i was a a counter puncher. i am.i am. after what she said about me me today in her phony speech,pe that was phony that was a donald trump hit wd t job. i will say this. hillary clinton has to go too jail, okay.jao she has to go to jail. t >> reporter: and clinton hadnt in fact gone after trumper tmp earlier in the day with a new velocity. her campaign billed it as a major foreign policy addressy but it was a blistering attack t laying out a case that trump simply isn't qualified to occupy the oval office. oval of. >> he is not just he is tempermentalempe technological unfit to hold an office that requires reqre knowledge, stability andle immense responsibility. >> reporter: clinton isdge orr:c still trying to unite her her fractured party and squeezed pa out rival bernie sanders.
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and party unity has been arty un troubling issue for trump,g sue too. but he did finally get an endorsement albeit a little l tepid from the highest ranking republican in the country, count speaker of the house paul ryan t who spent weeks deciding whether to bactrim. >> it was just needing toeedi t spend time with ourit presumptive nominee to get comfortable with the notion that he would be supportive ofre the direction we want to go asas a party, as a country. cnt >> reporter: and in thend ithe meantime, hillary clinton'snt democratic rival bernieni sanders is going after both clinton and trump. sanders now saying with clinton folk tougher onou trouble that he himself has an h excellent chance of winning california's democratic dc primary on tuesday. tsd steve and allison, getting ain little crazy out there.he >> oh, yeah. >> it continues.. >> develop -- thanks mel.el -- developing right now, sixsix soldiers missing after theirhe triages port truck flipped in a creek in fort hood texas.od three other soldiers wereother e killed in the incident.ed in three more were rescued. red they're in stable condition. the area has been flood
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after several days of heavyvy rainfall. this morning the u.s. military and the faais faa investigating the cause of twotw separate military fighter jet crashes. >> first one happened instne tennessee. a u.s. marine captain killed kle when this blue angels fighterngi jet crashed outside oft cr nashville. this happened also a the pilotde was taking off for a practice pt session ahead of a scheduledched performance this weekend.eekend military officialsmi announced the blue angels willng not be poring at that in could are springs apringa u.s. air force thunder... colorado springs a u.s. air force thunder jet. j the pilot was able to successfully eject from thatmha plane which landed in a field. d president obama was the speaker at the commencement and he was actually able to meet with thatas pilot after thr crash and thank him for his service.serv still to come this morning a new twist in the shooting ofio a college professor out on the t west coast plus whatsha prosecutors are expected toto reveal today about the tragedy t at a zoo in ohio.hio. >> much more happening todaypeng in del ray. del r we'll head back out to our zip o t
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>> ♪ >> i think one of the best o parts about the sip trips they t things get better and better as the morning goes on. on. >> uh-huh.>> u look at the enthusiasm from fro those young girls out therehe this morning. m that makes me happy. >> well, look at what they lookw have to work with. they have to teach kevin now now how to dance.ce. >> okay. we'll need some >> yes. kevin is down there, maureenre,n down there, tucker has beenas down there. let's check back in with thewi t crew in del ray. r good >> good morning. >> hey, good morning to youor guys we finally made it down here. here. it is just so beautiful nearutil del ray. little overcast skies but there is not going put ais n damper on our parade at all.t a can check out these lovelyel beauties
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>> awesome. >> they're going to give kevinen a dance lesson as you said.ouai but before we do that let'st le bring in mr. scott into thistt shot right here. r here. hey, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> okay, so who are we listening to here. >> so we're alexandria countrynd day school. we're excited to welcome youelme all to del ray community and you're here with our fifth and sixth grade band. b >> they sound amazing. ama what are they playing. >> alex acds blues. acdbl >> you're part of this group. go tells a little something abouttt this band and what you guys arleean doing. >> um, we're playing acds a blues. which is an original song that a us three wrote.. and the band has been workingng very hard to play.y. >> well, they sound great.sod g we'll let them play a little bit and then afterwards tuckerrt is going to give us a littleittl weather forecast, let us knowasl what we've got in store today.ey so with that said, you guys yous take it away. >> ♪ ♪ >> d are, one, two, 34.
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>> one, two, three, four. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> yeah. >> ♪ >> here we go . >> [laughter] >> whew! >> ♪
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>> ♪ (applause). >> yeah, that was awesome.weso >> peyton you are awesome atre a >> and what is your namend alexandria. w and you. >> i'm olivia. o >> there was a great way to inspire kids.ireid >> that solo was amazing. amazi >> your name,, sir >> my name's timothy larsen.hy r >> how long have you practicedg that rocking out.hathat rockingo you were like rockingut. out.kio you were head banging a little bit. >> can can automobile times. a >> you did good, you did good. o you guys did a great job. >> beautiful song.on >> whew. >> it's nice down here tuck. >> yeah, little bit of cloud of cover and humidity but eventually we'll get a couple c rays of sunshine, low 80's0' today. keep an umbrella with you.ou later this afternoon you're going to need it.goin we're going get some showers and there's your current numbers in the low 70's right now. n we got a lot of cloud cover so it's a weak cold front trying to get back in here later thiset afternoon and eventual
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highs low 80's, plenty of o humidity.humidity. best chance of showers will beof probably after 3:00 p.m. today:d as we get some daytimeaytime i want to talk about theo ta weekend forecast quickly.forecai let's go to the weekends o th forecast. both saturday and sunday havey a thunderstorm in it.un best chance will be sunday afternoon and some of thefhe storms could be on the strongong side. looking at the potential for severe thunderstorms sundayor sa afternoon. definitely keep an eye on the forecast.eecast fox5 weather app. a i'll be tweeting all weekendee tucker fox5 as we haveav potential for some severeom sev weather sunday afternoon.nday a. all right, that's the late of t the weather.hathe we and latest from our band.ur thank you gs. thank you.thk yo (applause).(applause). >> i'm requesting another solo from this guy. guy. >> let's toss it into caitlinosi she has the latest on ouron o >> they did a great job i'm counting on seeing youin three dancing next.redanc come on, can't just standt st there. >> no. >> oh, yes. oh, at least three of you. >> already, steve.eady, st >> show it. >> come on, let's see it.seet. >> that's his one move.e. >> green and white, together -- [laughter] >> he has to do it like this.ik. >> yeah,
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>> there it is. >> you guys did >> our three might need aight ne little help but those kids are a very cute. they've got the moves. mes hey, we want to give you another update to the single sgl tracking can which will begin b as phase one of safetrack setra starting tomorrow and that is ad running through the 16th soe 16h east falls church in ballston bs continuous single tracking onint the orange and silver lines. lin this is going to be the first tr phase of many phases over thepho summer as we rework metro.etro. so orange line vienna to newo carrollton trains running every 18 minutes.ines a few more during evening andena mourning rush. there will be metrobus service i to help with the delays.ay silver line trains also every e 18 minutes and metro will w begin closing at midnightg at mt tonight. toni that is more permaghnent.ermanet the midnight but make sure you check yourck y local line to see when theee last train arrives and departsts likely before midnight. metro alternatives we'll bees wl talk about this all summer sum long. increased metrobus service.s svi that helps. hps fairfax connector but you might want to seek somee alternative off the rails and really that doesn't haven' anhi
7:20 am
car share services like ubere ur lyft car to go he that will help and bike shares whichares w might be your best bay to get around the met -- best way tot o get around the metro this summer. delays expected on the silver tl line right now in both in both directions due to a switcho awi problem at west falls church. in case you thought maybe weyb shouldn't be doing this every summer we have a problem pro almost every day.ry day hopefully after months of worknr that will help. virginia commute heavy 95 hea 9 northbound courthouse road to 610. speeds below 16 miles per hour eastbound 66234 to centerville and northbound 395 edsall roadal to seminary road. roa not much better on ther on the maryland side of things. southbound 95 you're jammedyou'm icc to 495. to little bit better 270 southbound 80 to truck volume filling in and 50nd westbound you're stacked up're d 202 to 201 in maryland. maran pretty heavy on both sides and d that is all just volume. vol a reminder for the district.e dc if you're traveling down byinn the national mall tidal basin independence avenue only right h ge
7:21 am
street due to uneven pavement.p. that's a look at traffic. look a more coming up in less tffhan 10 minutes.tes. allison.alli >> a health scare for a boxings legend. >> new developments in theopme shooting of a professor on a o college what a turn this story took. we're back isn't just two -- in just two minutes.
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>> police say the suspect had a kill lift and may be responsible for the death ofe o woman in minute men. m police say a note left about a cat at the murderur scene led to their discoveryco of the list and that woman's body. a ucla professor was also w also killed in the shooting.ed in th we now know what caused cau music icon prince's death.eath >> an autopsy shows that he died from an accidental accidena overdose of a powerful paina po killer. it is a drug known as fentanyl.fent it can be 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine.or it is still unknown whereunown e prince got that drug. >> boxing great muhammad alig gr in a phoenix hospital this morning being treated for a a serious respiratory problem. prm a family spokesperson says the 74-year-old is in fair condition. ali has been battling parkinson's disease since the 1980's and has beenasee hospitalized a few times in recent years. >> well, much anticipated nbaba finals rematch after these t teams went at it last year for the title. game one though easily went toy the stomped ove
7:25 am
night. night. final score a blowout 104-89. warriors bench scored 45 ben s points. almost half the points comingntg off the bench last night. game two sunday in oakland. ola it is tough al when you shut y u down arguably the two best b players on the team including iu steph curry and the bench the b scores 45 and you still lose. l all right.all rig it's 7:25 right now.ght n let's get a check on what'sn wh' happening outside. looks like a nice day so far.. >> not bad. n we had a couple of showers.howes it's gray and gloomy but other than that i think we canha dealing with temperatures very mild thisureri morning, super muggy. mug reagan national 72, dulles thes same. bwi moore shall at 68 degreesl and we start off with clouds, co humid, this afternoon a fewnoona sunny breaks.subrea we're going to end up withnd upw some showers and somend thunderstorms developing out dep there. not everybody gets wet. a lot like yesterday. gaithersburg 81.he washington 82. and quantico 81 degrees for agrr high today. check out the weekendwee forecast.fore 85 on saturday. sur tomorrow looks a lot likee today. today. clouds to start, a few sunny breaks. then we drive some showe
7:26 am
some thunderstorms.nderstorms. sunday definitely looks aitely a little bit different, okay, d because sunday we're reallyy watching for the possibilitysili of some strong thunderstorms.hut some of these thunderstorms onoo sunday may actually be severe, r okay. ay and it could end up being aneina outbreak of severe weather and a we have not had that in quite awhile. aw drier air, cooler air, up against the humid -- much morehr warm air on sunday and along that front that's where wewh think there will be sometherel s showers and some thunderstormsnt so we'll be watching out forout that. that. here's caitlin who still hasho yet to challenge me to aeo doughnut eating contest. >> what are you on.t >> i'm on number two.wo. >> how do i find them and you ad not find them.m. >> not going to the right places. pl >> you're not looking hardlookid enough. >> metro update. here's where we stand rightre w now. track problems have been resolved on the sliver anded blue lines. however o now it's like you y solve one and then anothere antn happens. you just can't get itt 100 percent red line residual delays to.elst >> and mounted due to memb
7:27 am
expect delays.elays uneven pavement worse than itav sounds if only one vial onevial getting by down onown independence avenue eastbound at 17th street southwest so ifws you're in this part of the the district just around the monument tidal basin maybe expect some delays there.. very heavy with only one righton lane getting by.y. virginia commute looks pretty ugly. 95 northbound very heavyorry courthouse road to 610.d 610 234 to centreville on 66 and northbound 395 edsall road tooat seminary road very heavy.ryvy that's a look at traffic. looatt more coming up in less than 10st minutes. steve and allison. >> national doughnut day.ghnu dy >> i heard.>> i heard i see some right over there. the >> all right.ig but coming up in the news, what we could learn as soon asrn today about that tragedy atragea the cincinnati zoo. plus a courtroom outburstutbut caught on camera. we'll show you the y >> first we'll head back toack t del ray. look who we have.eave. >> oh, little baby.e bab >> cuteness at 7:27 this:2this morning.rn if you're not familiar withmili l
7:28 am
you the five must stops on your next trip and visit to that great neighborhood. nghbo that's coming up's our zip trip continues. con >> doughnuts. >> mmmm. >> ♪
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7:30 am
♪ there's what's happening down in delray right now. getting ready to do a little hlr more activity thisto morning d.r wow! see if tucker can work some ofse those moves. th the last time we saw him dancini kevin was out there as well.s wl yoga taking it to another levell i don't think he's going to best able to do that >> that's amazing.mazing >> um-hmm. >> okay. >> we're -- now i feel really bad because i'm sitting here -- >> we're eating doughnuts. >> eating a pink frosted doughnuts and there's doing yo yoga. >> dunkin' donuts hooked us up. tucker, maureen, kevin workingor hard getting yog
7:31 am
on while we're chowing down on the >> when you're done eatinge eatg doughnuts come down here and dod yoga with us.. we're down in beautiful delrayel known as commuter's you could go directly from hereh to washington, d.c. a hundred hr years ago.years >> i believe >> i did my research. d my but yes the gang is all here. ah come in >> this is amazing maureen. tucker g to so you i'm blown away by the amazing dance moves and musicians weiciw just saw at 7:17. >> what's the newest move theee >> amc hoffman or regal kingsegn town. to >> a moving encyclopedia right g >> beyond the theater there's sr many things to do here into do i delray. de tucker of course you had the honors the privilege of o exploring delray now you'll tell us what exactly?us wt exact >> of course, every week we do this sponsored by ms. today. tod five must stops. s let's get to it.t's such a beautiful community. ♪ delrain
7:32 am
of the first commutingom communities in our area. a and it's been moving forward fod more than 100 hop on board while we have ae look around.d. some residents call the area well ray because of all thell health and fitness options herer threats countdown delrayco starting with number five.. mind the mess. pilates, yoga and clientele from newborns to seniors make this a cool place to get a hot workout. after working your muscles, work your mind. mind. it's down the street to number four, the delray artisans gallery.. they've been promoting local talent for nearly a quarter quar century. they have new art shows eachach month and also offer back on the main drag to number
7:33 am
three, the dairy godmother. >> you can get yummy frozenzen custard and other treats here ot and don't forget your four yr legged friend.legged friend they have a freezer full of puppy pops for fido. fido number two on our list thelt farmers market here operates o year and you can find up to 20 vendors every saturday with everything from meat and cheesee to fresh pasta and fresh cut flours. flours. >> our final stop is one of the most s recognizable landmarks in delray. the birchmere.irchre the music venue hosts blueos b glass, country, folk and jazz. j you have dinner and enjoy a show in a venue that puts the audience close to the musician>. >> all right.
7:34 am
so mazda they sponsor our sip os trips by the epp of the summer m someone is going to win ann awesome new suv. suv we'll take zip trips everyry friday until labor day weekend and that's 15 trips this year. each week off chance to registee to win a new 2016 mazda cx9x9 register go to our website and look for the contest tab. 14 finalists will be selectedd bi-weekly random drawings and ds one of those 14 will win the 2016 schmooze cx9. go to to enter and a learn more. mor >> that is beautiful ride. r >> by the way, my first life le read and my first zip trip ever. >> yes! >> that's awesome. >> i'm very excited about this.. >> you're like a game show and a the grand prize is.ri >> you have a lot of energy.looe >> i wanted to do the movie mov trailer voice.oi in a world this summer -- sme >> we'll work on that. w in the meantime e'-- let's do'so weather. clouds a little bit of mist. mt. >> yeah. yea >> it's a little chi
7:35 am
can i say that.can i >> you think so.>> younk s >> i'm a little cold.ol i feel warm and sweaty.weat >> warm hearts of delray. del >> let's do the forecast.oras hey, low 70s right now in d.c. 72 degrees. got some 60s there to the southu and east.ast. leonardtown 68. generally cloudy conditions for our friday and we can expect a c few showers and thunderstorms tr redevelop this afternoon.eron definitely take an umbrella herh as we got a pretty moisttty is atmosphere and the possibility d of scattered t showers. sho 82 your daytime high. hig i'll be back with the weekend wd forecast and stay tuned to thato looks like sunday we can have h around of severe weather aroundo here. we'll talk about that coming upm >> we should go to the movies on sunday together. >> kev, i can think of anythingg i'd like to do more than go tooo the movies with wh yo >> the sarcasm i like this >> if it's raining on sunday, at 7:47 i'll be giving the threehre movie reviews. >> caitlyn, tell us about roads. >> kevin, do you only go to thel movies on the weekends? do youu do anything gels.thin >> no. i'm in movie theater all theer e time. i
7:36 am
theater. >> i think you were, too. probably getting married in onen thank you kevin.thanyou kevin >> i wanted to. >> i'm sure did you. luckily there's two people e involved in that. everyone gets getsay. okay. here we go taking a look at ouro cameras right now.ow what do we have look at right here? if someone can tell me. danielle.elle >> inbound chain bridge this is where we're really stacked upked trying to head into the city ont the chain bridge.dge. delays are all the way from 1231 in virginia and glebe road.lebea so very heavy if you use thehe chain bridge so expect somexpecs delays there. there let's go to our maps now. n and we've been following thiswit down in the district. uneven pavement which that can'n be that bad but it actually is.l only one lane is getting by witt the uneven pavement on independence of a eastbound atad 17th see so in this area southwest d.c. d down by the national monument mm tidal basin area probably some e delays as a result of that stacs yup on independence avenue. ave virginia commute very heavy in y all directions.s 95 northbound, 66 eastbound and 395 northbound inside theid t beltway very
7:37 am
caring at speeds below 15 milesi an hour in all three cases.. maryland commute southboundthbo 95icc to the beltway very heavy. a little less traffic 80 to thee truck scales on 270 southboundbd but it's still friday morningy m commute a lot of people tryingen to get to work or get out of o town residents stacked up justes about everywhere s.e. 50 web 202 to 201 you are also a very very heavy. all right.all right crash has been cleared this iss the outer loop past university boulevard. we had an earlier crash thereier actually way earlier thislier ts morning and you've got just youy normal delays on the outer loopo as you approach new hampshirehie avenue.aven and the morning commute itself is definitely -- let's go to'so cameras. i doubt there's that much greene anywhere in this city at thishis point.po all right. where we had here inboundenb suitland parkway.aray we've got some delays building n here right by the douglas brid bridge. so just about everywhere you gou we're having problems at thisem point. that's a look at traffic.ic >> allison. >> coming up, why there's a rush to move art from one of thee ofe world's most famous
7:38 am
>> big problems overseas plusrsp we'll tell was caused anas caud outburst inside of thef t courtroom. oh, my goodness.ooes what is happening here? we'ller find out coming up next.
7:39 am
great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece.
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comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. ♪ >> 7:40 on friday. 7 we'll soon find out in charges will be filed against the parentsle who's young son endedu in a gorilla enclosure in a zoo in ohio. ohio prosecutor cos make acos ma decision as early as today. t this incident at the cincinnatin zoo led to the fatal sho
7:41 am
an up danger gorilla to protecto the child.e the zoo says it will open it'sns gorilla exhibit next week with a hire and reinforced barrier. grieving father of aving teenaged woman murdered by adera convicted sex offender just jus leaped right over the table andd tried to tack the serial killer after he smirked when he learnea of his the father was speak bowing the loss of his daughter when he sae the man who killed his daughterh michael anderson laughing and aa you can see several people tried to hold the father back.k. madison has been sentenced toent death for murdering terry and two other women.. overseas now at least five a people are dead following severv flooding in germany.geny. >> here's snapshot right now off sim bock.m bock. flood waters swept through thege area on wednesday and thursday t causing major damage.. the floods also impacted otherdh towns including trip turn and a lower ba vare ya.e y residents picking up the piecese with the help of disaster reliee crews.ew in the meantime in france,, residents were forced toed evacuateor
7:42 am
yesterday in one area there as s the area continues to be mired e in heavy flood waters.ater the region has been the hardestt hit place in that country afterr rivers in europe burst from their bangs in paris to germany. french president holland is expect toddy claire the he can treatment weather conditions as a naturalhe disaster next week.w >> here's the big problem.. the zen river in paris is risinn so quickly they're having too move some of the pricelessceless artwork from the louvre museum s thousands of -- house of the ohe mona lisa.monaa mona lisa is okay it's on upper floor. some of the lower floor floor paintings and artwork that'sand right having to move that up tot higher floors in the museum.muu. >> unbelievable.>> uievabl the wrath of nature. natur >> kevin will take his movieie reviews on the road thisoa t morning. he's going to join us live forlf today's zip trip. trip. we'll find out what we should see in theaters this weekend and he might give us his review ofwo that alexandria neighbor as we well. >> might be a messy weekend som maybe we could see good movie. e it's national donut day. d we'll check in with tuckerker giving away doughnuts to
7:43 am
everyone in del ray.ay. everyone he sees i >> probably not everybody. everybody who goes and find him. one of my favorite pizza stopszs right there, al. >> steve's old stomping grounds. 7:42. we're back in moment.
7:44 am
7:45 am
♪ welcome back. it is zip trip we're at del ray neighborhood.. the del ray neighborhood in alexandria.exandr you see some impromptu yoga classes. >> i need that.d tt
7:46 am
all over the news desk thises morning. i need to find my inner zen and, yes, relax where you with yoga.y >> let's go to the crew right cr now at least -- we're handing out good old-fashioned doughnu doughnuts. we're not exercising yet, tuck., good morning.orng. >> tucker, justin, doughnuts, du good morning.goodning >> no exercise at all. in fact, we're enjoying thisnjon part of the morning, right?ig >> this is justin he work atk a fox5. >> we're giving away doughnuts.h >> let's do it. let's give away doughnuts.nuts >> sir, may i have your name.e. >> brian. >> that's all you had to say to get a donut. >> help yourself.. >> wow!>> >> you guys are fantastic.are na >> we try to make everybodyake y happy here in del r >> i'll take this fancy one wite the stars.e stars >> don't forget about yourt abor beautiful bride in the car.n thr give her one, too. t >> we just got married. marri youou did. >> last night.>> last night. >> last night? >> we had night wedding.d ght >> we love that. >> all right. rig we have some more doughnuts tooh give away. thank you, sir. may i have your name, please.e,e >> paul. >> would you like a donut. >> certainly, yes.. >> napkin, paul. p >> all right. >> let me get on
7:47 am
let's see. see i think that looks like a goode choice right there. >> all right.ll rig >> tell us about your best your friend here. >> this is arlo. arlo which we got a rescue and d we thought he was going to beoio german shepherd golden retrievev mix. >> so sweet.>> so sweet. >> but when he showed up wep think a little bit different mie there. so but we're happy with him. we think he's a liam burger. b >> you keep an eye on thatn donut. guess what? he's going to eat it. >> we got some more people ready to eat thank you >> have good day. >> the donut give away continu continues. >> don't be shy. >> my man tucker barnes withit >> yeah. >> life is good, right. >> life is good. life is good.iflife >> how is it going. goi >> awesome, awesome day.we, aw >> thanks for inviting us downow today. to we appreciate it.ciate >> let's do some more weather. w get in here.get n more doughnuts to give away.wa 72 right now in washington. wasg get them with the doughnutsthugn justin. ju 69 in annapolis. 68 in -- winchester. never actually seen somebody ged chased down the street withee don b
7:48 am
cover and just a little bit ofeb light shower activity out here.h not bad, right, guys. g >> no, no. it's great weather really. realy >> good working.orking >> it's good working without tot much sun,.,. >> not too hot, not too cold. >> 82 this afternoon.erno shower or thunderstorm later with the best chance kind of mid to late afternoon and let me dot the weekend forecast quickly qck guys. we got going on this weekend? >> i'm working.orki >> i got a cook out and i'm and working. >> we got to take care of.t to most of saturday will be cloudyc with some late day showers and o maybe thunderstorm.untorm. chance of severe weather aroundo here on sunday with scattered strong thunderstorms.erstorms. temperatures in the 80s. >> okay. >> all right.. >> wisdom and holly -- >> wee taking it into >> say hi to caitlin.aitl >> how you doing caitlin, how iw traffic on the bridge.ridg >> caitlin, have an awesome daye and the traffic should be okay o right now. >> there we that's the report from here inmi del ray, caitlin.tlin. >> excellent. thank you guys. >> thanks. >> love that. l spreading the love there t national donut day in del all right.all rig let's talk about metro becausebu this is going to be the bigg
7:49 am
story i don't know all year yea long. all summer long at least.. but single tracking beginsg begn continuously tomorrow betweenw b east falls church and ballston l on the orange and silver lines.l phase one of metro safe tracke and along with that metro beging closures at midnight tonight.on no longer open past midnightni make sure you check your line that you use to see when yourn last departing and arrivingnd a trains are.trai are okay along with the continuous i single tracking vienna to new car toll ton everyone eight minutes. minu unclear as to how often that t will be.will silver line trains everyoneve eight minutes. ei expect delays on both lines as n we go through the next 10 days10 that runs till the 16th ihe 16ti believe. be metro rail alternativesti increased metro bus service atca least have that. fairfax connector car sharere services like car to go or uber lyft begun old-fashionedhion carpooling as well as bikengs we shares will all be available. let's go to the cameras righte a now, and check in on the roads r because we have had quite a fewa issue this morning on the roadsr 66 eastbound right now moving aa little better after an earlierli crash.
7:50 am
morning. but at least starting to seeto things a little bit smoother out there 66 east 234 to centrevil centreville. all right. that's a look at traffic. that's the inner loop behind me by the way. it's moving fine. just a littl ae stannck ed up with normal volume.norm that's look at traffic. more coming up right after 7:55. steve? stev >> it's friday. we can get through g it is 7:50 and because it is i friday that means it's moviet' m review friday.y >> kevin is not here.not >> that's the thing.>> that' we have little twist in then plots today.ots >> okay. because typically kevin is i sitting right here and givingriv you his reviews.his reews. >> yes. >> because kevin is on the roade today he's out in del ray so the plot twist is, it's a livee review from a zip trip. >> genius.eniu. >> hello, kevin.>> helkevi >> hey, steve and allison, yeah, i'll out here in del ray.l it's amazing to be here i'm with incredible kids from the alexandria country day school. h they did an mazing dance for uss earlier and song and dance. dan but this guy right here, kyle, he saying he wants to take -- - kyle, he wants to take on stephp curry, right?
7:51 am
>> yes. yes. >> why is that?>> w is >> because i can shoot threesee better than >> he says he's a better bet basketball play than steph tn st curry.rr that's amazing.that's amang all right. i want to get to the movie t m reviews real fast. fast. three films coming out todaylmcg including teenage mutant ninja turtles, out of the shadows ando me before you and pop star. ninja turtles sequel coming outg the first one made over $493 million worldwide at the box office. clearly, they had to make secons one. this time around it's actually better than the first one.han ts the action is meghan fox does a great job. job the turtles themselves are the actually played by four leadingi actors who are wearingri performance capture suits.aptu the cool thing about their suitr actually have shells on them anm they have cameras facing their r faces so when you're watchingatn the movie you're actually seeing human beings interact with other human beings they digitallyigal create the turtles from thoseroo performances exactly the same s way they did goal lamb in lord l of rings. rgs. very very cool stuff. the action reallvey works. w. steven am mel plays casey
7:52 am
the turtle facing off against a rock steady and bebop and reallr kind of brings togethers everything everybody loves aboue the turtles. you have pizza, you have actiono you have comedy, here's theere's thing if you're going in looking for great script you won't find that here.. there's cheesy dialogue somebods story telling issues but overa overall, i think it's a very fuk movie for the i see scene it twice now i gavee 83.5 out of five.f f not the best movie you've evere seen but definitely worth seeint if you're a big turtles fan. >> all right. >> we'll be seeing that one.e a you got another one? o? >> yeah. moving on next the movie callede me before you this is the moviem starring amelia clark you know her as dee nair yous mother of r dragons from game of thrones. t. incredible actress.incredible at here's the thing about this the movi te. this might sound strange it's si very beautiful but also very devastating.sting the idea behind the story linee amelia clark's character she plays a girl who is hired toired take care of a paralyzed man sam's character and they fall il love. now the movie is based on
7:53 am
very popular book that a lot oft people have read an lot of l o people have loved over thever years. the movie does apparently do do justice at the book some peoplee i've talked to who have evenav e both and read the book as well. the movie delivers performanceso wise. amelia clark so different on came of thrones as mother ofher dragons really really shines reh here, and that's why the movie v works.wo the performances are phenomenal. the cinema to have is gorgeous.. she is immediately someone s you'll love in love with onove camera i gave it a four out ofro five i really really enjoyed eny that and the final movie this week, pop star never stop never stopping. best title ever. this is the loan island theydy created all those snl digital d shorts the ones with justin jusi timberlake and listen this is completely over the top. t you have some of the biggest tie cameos ever from music, nas, usher, ovaries is in the movie,v ringo star is in the film, i f mean it is a movie that really a just parodies the entire music
7:54 am
scene.scen they do great job with it. the songs are fantastic i thought andy sandberg did adberg great job in the role it's veryy very very crude.eryru not for kids.not kid not for you guys at all. at all you guys cannot see this movie.m this is a very r rated movie yoy guys can see turtles. are you guy turtles fans?tles f >> yeah, a little bit. le >> you guys are wearing green.en come on. get a little more excited. excit it's the turtles. whoa! whoa >> there we go.>> we're down here all mor tning ll in del ray alexandria this isnds incredible. i've never been to this streetts before and i cannot wait to tryt the dairy godmother.odmother that's what i'm really looking o forward to.forwd that will be awesome.thill be a back to you guys in studio studi tucker, maureen are down here ar well and we'll be down here alla morning long. lon >> fairy god matter -- dairy godmother great place.ace. >> we'll visit there in little bit. >> we want to say had he low tot our facebook fan of the day. thd honor goes to cameron christiansen tell us why allis allison. >> cameron was nominated by herh mom that's reason enough her reo mother says today is graduationt day for the lovely cameron andar
7:55 am
she wanted to honor her daughteh by making her fan of the day.. well, congratulations, and mom,m what beautiful daughter you daue have. only great things in cameron'san future.fu if you want to be our nexte o n facebook fan of the day, just, post your picture below cameron's.ron's >> very cool. let's check in with gary mcgrada get look at our forecast now. 7:55 before we get to the t the 8:00 o'clock hour.00 looks humid out, gary, justary,t taking a guess there. >> you know when you came inen e this morning how mug go it was.w it will be muggy this morning.n. muggy all day. d humidity we're not going to geto lost sunshine today.shintoday. sunny breaks. some will get some, some willil not a will the like temperatures in the lower 80 as0 few spots more like the mid 80sm again with a little bit more m sunshine temperatures will pop p up there and annapolis,nnol leonardtown by the water moreerm clouds i think you'll stay in ys the 70s today.ay now listen weekend forecast lool like this. li temperatures tomorrow middle 80s really middle 80s on sunday,nuna too. the big gives with tomorrow and sunday, sunday we're talking a legitimate shot of having aav severe wth
7:56 am
we haven't talked about this int quite awhile. quite aw looks like sunday afternoon thit is an enhanced risk three daysay out for severe thunderstormsnder sunday afternoon into sundayntos evening. it just does not happen verype v often for us. for so we're watching this very very closely.ely otherwise after we get past thee weekend, looks like a great week next week. w for erin this morning is caitlin roth. roth. i've had two doughnuts. had twoh i don't think i can do any morem >> you can't go to three. thr >> i don't think so.hink >> they're so light and fluff tee. sf just be >> i'm stuck on two.>> >> plenty of time left.leof t traffic right now pretty heavy a behind me on the inner loop.nner this is springfield to annandala you can see those heavy delaysvl behind me. hi no accidents just volume at this but inner loop pretty heavy inr that area again that isat aa ag springfield to annandale.field n other cameras that we have, 2702 let's check in there. the we haven't spent too much timenh on that this morning but here's 270 southbound shady grove roadg to montrose road again looking o heavy and a lot of haze outf he there this morning.orni certainly humid
7:57 am
maybe lights still op at this ti hour.ur. 270 southbound shady grove isd again heavy to montrose road.tre all right.t. that's a look at traffic. much more coming up in the 8:008 a.m. hour.a.m. hou steve and allison.lison still to come speaking oftoc 8:00 o'clock metro's year long maintenance blitz starts today.t we're literally hours away. we'll tell you how you can get g around for pretty much the nextt year. ye let's focus on the next two two weeks first.irst. remain sane. there's much more to discover in del ray.over idel r we'll head back out to our zipop trip to find out about some of the events happening thishis summer. three minutes before the hour or 8:00 o'clock.'clock we'll see you on the other side of the break. of the break.
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double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ >> this is fox5 news right now at 8:00 live lookl at our second zip trip of summer 2016. 20 we are in the alexandriae alexia neighborhood of del ray.. maureen, kevin and tucker gotkeo the best assignment of the day.d we'll check in with them in just a few minutes. minut if you see any of those folks in the red shirts alongrt mount vernon avenue stop by and say h that's one of our fox5 crew.5 c >> that's us. good friday morning i'm allison seymour.seymr. >> i'm steve chenevey.'m steve e eighths fox5 exclusive.sive a high school principal now on administrative leave after one e of his teachers was arresteded foreheadly sexually abusing a ag student at forestville highll h school. >> bob barnard joins us livena from forestville, maryland withn the rest of the story. of thsto bob? >> reporter: hey, guys, good
8:01 am
morning.rn the principal is in a than ya'l' yell lane flee play onfleelay administrative leave june 1ste on went.ont so school getting ready to start here again without principal pnc laney on campus.. all you today of a teacher teaer arrested a week ago thursday. ts here is his mug shot vincentnt mcduffie he's charged withit having sexual contact with a 17-year-old girl several times s this spring during the day here at school. mr. mcduffie is 45 from upper marlboro and has admit to doit t being involved with the studentt last night we spoke to former fe forestville high school studente about mr. mcduffie we agreed non to show her face on tv. she says at least students news that mr. mcduffie was friendlyy with students like to hug them t and flirt with them. i don't know want to say they knew about it. they had an idea.ey h some of the teachers are real fool the whole student gossip g an
8:02 am
boy, and stuff like that. tt there's so into that there's noe way you couldn't -- you couldou not hear the rumor more whethere they thought it was true or not. >> reporter: now in statement se to fox5 news, prince george'seo' county school officials tell uss quoting here "based upon the the admission made by the teacher tt the police, we have placed him on leave without pay and will immediately seek hisis termination.term any behavior that brings harm tt student will not be tolerated in any way in pgcps. p of course guys we know now thisw is the second prince george's gg county school principal who haso been removed from his or in that case her job because of anotherr adult on campus havingg inappropriate behaviors and relationships with students here. so just another dark day forhery prince george's county schools,, guys, which just this week put out its student safety task force report and calling for changes and more tension to how adults and kids are interactingc on sch
8:03 am
>> developing this morning wethr have new information in a fatala accident involving a 16-year-old this happen yesterday in happen montgomery ofmoficial now confirmed that t victim was in fact student attua gaithersburg high school. grieve counselors will be at thl school today speaking with students.orents well we've been talkingeeal about this for months now sinces the plan was first announced itd is officially kicking off todayt talking about metro's safe tract plan starts at midnight. midnig. tomorrow will be the first dayiy you'll feel it.yo fee virginia up >> track work will take placelae between east falls church and ballston.ball annie yu joins us live to tello was you need to know. kno annie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning allison and wasn't thing is clear you'llou need a lot of patience when thin they know kicks off tomorrow. tr starting tonight all metro stations closing at midnight.idh and then the official official maintenance and repairs willrepl happen tomorrow for the next year. that closure add midnight will be for the entire year.ear. keep that in mine much it willct affect your weekend man's andan that sort of thing as welll because it's going into the weekend.t' no
8:04 am
this is the first safety surgeae that's taking place here as youa mentioned it's going to beng affecting the east falls church to the ballston station.ti trains will be single tracking.k the orange and silver line l trains will run everyone eightr minutes. metro is warning these are goini to get very very crowded. crowd we spoke to a gentleman earlieri this morning and he doesn't h really seem to be phased by it. excuse mow. but, you know, it's going to beo delayed so definitely be patient. then for the next 13 days traina will be single tracking from f east falls -- that will happenlp for next 13 days.ays on june 18th --, i'm sorry,ry, i'm having some allergy issuesrs here. i going to have to send it backk in to you. yo >> that's okay. >> get yourself some water andea get reset on that.t re it will start as annie mentione to do night going to last forast couple of weeks doing or raffle and silver line first between east malls church and ballston.. those trains will run everyone e eight minutes or so.t minu >> and done at midnight. midgh >> done at midnight every nig
8:05 am
now. that won't change.'t chang we talk about it.. we'll talk about it more some mo other ways to get around.d. right now our focus is gettingsi to del ray, virginia, if you'rey not familiar with thathhat neighborhood, if you think about going from pentagon city to old town you might go down route 1te by where the shopping centeringg are of the parallels that aaral little bit off to the west maybe a half mile.half >> i can tell it's quaint andqu i'm loving that we're there the today, tuck, what are you doing? >> allison, i'm doing little bit of everything.of e gave away doughnuts a few minutes ago i ned to get back id shape. they don't call it del ray.. they wall it well way for i'm joined by my began whose ane instructor of all thingsor of th wellness. >> pretty much i'm a physical pi therapist my business partner is a massage therapist, we do yoga, pilates everything for littleg babies up to seniors.toio >> there's lot of that here infi del ray, right.del >> everywhere you go people area working out.ut there are massage places. pce physical therapy places. you are well in well ray.l r >> do you have a favorite donut shop here in del ray.l r
8:06 am
shop rite behind me calledal stomping grounds. grounds we do yoga in order to eato biscuits. >> shout out to our group whogup got up early. ear >> we have a bunch of crowingroi geese from mind the mat and we a do a ton of outdoor communityniy events and so this just makesusm sense for us to be next to buso station doing yoga. >> i mean feels like friday fria morning, right. >> normal friday morning for us. >> thank you for joining me. jng i wish i can do some of these of moves. they're really good for you. >> we'll do that later, t it will help your hips, helps, your well-being, everything.,ryh >> that sounds great to me. all right. let's do w we're looking at temperaturestu right now in the low 70s in fact it's a little humid out hereut h with just a little bit of mist f here in del ray, but as far as s measurable rain i think we'llaiw hold that off until thisf til th afternoon we'll have scattered showers and thunderstorms back.c 73 in the 72 this morning in 73 out at dulles again warm, war humid day. day. low 80s expected for daytimeay highs with plenty of clouds outd there and if you haven't leftent your house yet, take an umbrelle as we'll have some scattered s showers and thunderstorms laterl this
8:07 am
the humidity around for ouror friday.ay i'll be back in couple ofback i minutes and talk weekends anlk forecast got a chance of strongr thunderstorms on sunday.dersrms that is the latest from del ray. meghan, thank you for joiningf me. >> thanks for having us.nks we'll nos and do traffic.ic del ray traffic things arehis a running smoothly. sot severing looking down here thist morning. >> thank you tucker. you'll be doing yoga i'mg yoga assuming?assuming >> yeah, i'm going to be doingei yoga just as soon as we cut awy away. >> i bet. go help those hips.ip inner loop very stacked up aserc you see delays here to new hampshire avenue.venu outer loop -- why said inn are e in loop i meant outer loop.uterl outer loop to hampshire.ampsre volume very heavy all morning mi long. let's see if we have any morenyr cameras to show if not we'll go' back to maps. beltway at colesville very hea heavy. american legion busy on bothnot ways especially with the wh headlights coming towards you.tu let's go to maps now. n as we've had pretty busy morninr on the roads and rails as well.. cras
8:08 am
you right now. this is old ox road westbound at commerce center court at thaten point you've got a crash that ah has forced the closure on old od road you can't access it there. and we might start to see delayl build in that spot, too iff that's where your morningning commute takes you be aware.yo ae >> uneven pavement restrictingtg independence of a just down tott one lane only the right one getg by this is eastbound independencenc avenue at 17th street st southwest.southwes so anywhere around the nationala monument tidal basin might be mt stacked up because of thatcaof t that's a look at traffic.ffic let's zen it back to steve andbk allison. al still come this morningsor former d.c. mayor and currentur ward seven candidate vincentin gray sits down with fox5 talkini about the district's crime rater >> what he thinks needs to beds done to stop the violence whenne we're back in just 30 seconds. stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power...
8:09 am
stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. ♪ former mayor and current mac ward seven council candidatedida vincent gray making had he linel in the washington post opiniont section this week.sectiothis he penned an essay on crime inni washington. >> wisdom martin joining us bact in studio with more on what gray these say. th >> that's right, city and,ity allison.liso talk about former mayor vincente gray he wrote that piece tohat e address the up tick in crime c that he feels local government m and media are not adequately now gray stopped by fox5 last l night to talk about why he wrote that pie take a listen. >> well, i just felt something m needed to be done to make, you y know, to create an additional voice.. we watched as homicide
8:10 am
by comparison to the same perioo last year. not a voice was heard, and thenn tripled. tr we're at 22 homicides in ward in seven in comparison to seven ata this same time last year.ti las as somebody who has been aneen a elected official, somebody whood is now a candidate for office, f think we've got to stand up anda make our voices herd.ur voices d that's what people want.'s they want leadership.hi they want action. actio and i'm prepared to be a part oo the effort to do that.. >> now gray goes on to say thatt local officials should make an effort to visit crime scenes ass well, and work to be more bor visible in the community that ia they work for.thk fo you can catch all of thath all t interview the and tire interview on mayor gray, you know, he'snow, h running for office so, yeah. he's trying to get some attention and do things he feelf are important. >> i believe that he really isey invested in and do believe thata >> right. >> thank you for pointing out yu that he is also running fornni office. of >> yeah. and he's been around for awhilea
8:11 am
>> he's been around -- he'sund h grown up in this area.s are he knows, he sees theseee t different things much he knows w what's going on.what >> wis, thanks. >> still to come this mornings i violent protest as donald trumpu fires back after hillary clintoc calls him unfit to be presidente chris wallace joins us live.ive. we'll try to sort out thisut political -- i don't have the--n word for it right now.ow >> i don't know what's wrong.w . ooh call unfit to be president.e >> and it's true.>> a it's true. >> it is true in my case as we well. >> we'll head back out to del ht ray for today's zipo trip. wow! we have an extra specialci fox5 first five also next.ex ♪ ♪
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8:13 am
8:14 am
♪ >> sorry. >> that's all right. t caught you up a in your littlean jam. >> i just love it. >> zip trip jam. this is the time of the morning typically we turn to tuckerucker barnes to give us our cuteness factor of the day.fa >> right. >> because it's a very specialrs day today, it is a zip tripp friday, we have very special spi guests with a very specialcial youngster. >> no tucker insight. maureen and kevin areo taking i over. >> right. >> good morning. >> we are. good morning to you. >> we are here -- this might bee the biggest celebrity i've evere interviewed in my life. l this is lucia. >> lucia.>>ucia. >> her momma maria. >> maria. >> hello. you've been enjoying a donutut talking all things her favoritev movie frozen. fro hi, you want to say hi toi everybody out there.there say hello.say heo. (laughter).augh >> say hi.. >> silent type.ent t >> who is your favorite frozen n character? >> watch this. t show us your favorite frozenrire character.
8:15 am
>> ut-oh. she's shy for the camera.. in typical fashion as soon as wa go off air she'll be talking ouo ears off.ff she's incredibly adorable.rable three years old. >> she speaks spanish andish english. >> very talented. >> real raul cool she's enjoyinh the donut. momma maria.ia hello.ll >> hi. >> so we understand you're kind of a big deal here in thest del ray community because you'rese pretty prolific blogger.. >> yes, i am. i saw you talk about my large mr and in charge here.ere. yes, i am. a >> that's okay.t's o you're okay? >> yeah.>> i am. i do have a blog called momma and facts and beautyea and humor for mom. m i laugh at myself.ysf >> talk about what humorousumoru things come up on the blog? lo give us a particular short funny story.story. >> oh, gosh first time i wasimes potty training her or just, youu know, just fails yo
8:16 am
to get ready and you realize yoa have a cookie stuck to your sidr and you're doing an interview at work or something. so just real life stuff.tu i have another son i have a hava seven-year-old, a three-year-ol- and ones coming next month. mon >> my goodness. mgood >> it gets little busy. busy >> very busy m >> yes. >> it gets little lit >> what's your favorite thing to do with lucia? i know frozenze she's in that zone as is mys daughter and every kid in averyk america. >> yes. >> what is her favorite thing tt do besides watch frozen on a loop? loop? >> yes. so that. and, um, i think just the typical three-year-old stuff.ols she likes to be with me becauseu she used to be in pre-school ala day now she's home with me.ith playground and now water parks. like the splash parks i pretty t much let her go and sing out. o >> and that's pretty much a gooh bet. >> lucia you are amazing. thank you for being awesome. awe >> thank you.ou >> i'm enjoying your presence. p you're awesome. >> do not eat the chapstick.tic. >> no. >> this is awesome. >> dunkin' donuts chapstick.pst. >> we'll sit here somebody somee more doughnuts
8:17 am
but in the meantime we'll sended it back to you guys. lucy, can you wave to the came camera. can you say bye-bye.n >> did you see that high five ie just got. >> bye-bye. >> by lucia and maria. >> cute high five.iv more than high five he is beingi handed outside a trump rallymp r last night.last night more violence in the meantime mm trump responding for the firsti time to a speech by hitllaryhi clinton during which she calledd him unfit for the presidency. just another day in the campaiga chris wallace.lace chris joins us from fox newsews headquarters down on capitolap hill much hi, chris. >> how are you steve. are y ste >> i'll tell you what one thing another after on these campaigns these rallies.ese when you see things like lik recurring violence outside oneui rally or another, do you think the voters that could sway couls anybody or is that justus considered to be look this is aa campaign in 2016 it's the ways w thing have been going? >> well, you know i've been'v thinking about i think tino some degree there r certain trump supporters that will be only strengthened inhe their support for trump andr trp they'll say, look, these are tha kinds of people that we have tot ge
8:18 am
guy to do it. on the other hand i couldhe imagine some swing voters saying, gosh, if thise guy is o divisive this early, upping,g, we're still only in june, andnd the election isn't until notifyy and the president doesn't takeok over until january. january and you got to figure this is si going to be something that willw follow trump for the neck six sx months. i can see some people beingple g troubled by that. >> out on sunday morning you'll talking with newt that's one of the names that hae been tossed about as possiblesi running mate maybe.aybe. what do you think about that? >> oh, i think, you know, i k don't know trump's short listrtl but i would suspect he'scte's probably on it, and we've had hd gingrich on before, and he makem it pretty clear, i mean sayss he'd like to talk to trump i i suspect if off he would acceptct it. we'll also talk about the state of theab race. r i think there was a real turninr point yesterday with clinton's t very tough speech about trump'sp foreign policy or lack of lk o foreign policy. pol i think the general electionn really has now begun even though
8:19 am
away bernie sanders. s we'll be talking not only toy to gingrich but also to top clinton campaign official about thisboui general election and the thing t that strikes me, steve, this is really a target rich environmenn for both. fo she went after trump yesterday.y his lack of policy, his lack, you know, by her lights his bad temperment to be commander inani chief. on the other hand he can goer h after her about benghazi and the failed toppling of gadhafi in i libya and russian reset and all things of things.f thing it's a target rich environment.. they can really go after eachllt other and frankly it's one ofneo things that's kind of dissndf d spiriting because i suspect this is going to be an he can t an hc treatmently negative campaign. g >> as they say it's getting real now. but at the same time i think a s lot of voters i know a lot oamft journalists have been waiting to hear more policy issues come out because, you know, i would thint as a voter you want to know thew most about which direction thata candidate wants to take this tat country in the future.ur. >> yeah. i agree, and you'll hear some oo that but, when you've got two
8:20 am
candidates i mean this is sort of a rule of political thumb.mb when you've got two candidatesda who have enormously high unfavorables and for nominees aa this point potential nominees nn these are hysterically high unfavorable more than 50% of thf country has unfavorable views os both of them, generally speakink the way that those campaigns ars conducted are you can't change people' opinions about you.ut y all you can do is make peopleako hate the other person even morer >> let's focus on something focg positive when it come to thehe future. although some of thesethough sof youngsters may not be eligible l to run until maybe 2032, shouldo they want to be president,resint they're getting started now. n have you ever been ahave e commencement speaker, chris. chr >> i have.e. i don't know that i inspiredt pi anybody but, yes, i've done'v d eight few times it's kind oft's daunting, because although iho will say this.ay thi when i started worrying theryine first time i did it i tried to t remember who spoke at my college commencement 110 years ago and i had absolutely no memory.ely m. i had to look it up on google.. so i suppose these things come t and go. butter this is a traditions is t around here. he. around graduation time we get wt some of the words of wisdom f
8:21 am
various people.eo you know everybody from president obama to steven spielberg to matt it's pretty you know, we are putting it together still.. but quiet interesting and weng d don't go for the boilerplate foa the future lies ahead we go for some personal statement that they made thatha reveals sometht about themselves and somethingss about what theyom think young y people ought to do.leught to do. >> i'm going to be paying closec attention because our fox5ox friends wisdom martin andti a allison seymour both gave both v commence many addresses this myr week. so if i'm up next year i'll bere paying attention sunday see what i can pick up from your expertsr >> as i say the future liese ahead g there you go. go. (laughter). >> all right. right that one right there. o what to say, whatnot to say. chris, thank you very much. see you sunday morning. >> you bet. >> all right. ebig tis gets the big tim university level stuff.tuff >> no, no, no. n. >> wisdom and i are on this t level. >> allison -->> allison -- >> we're excite. >> your day at hampton will come. modnegoodnessy . you know you'll love >> yeah. >> and probably more nervous
8:22 am
>> in my life. >> still to come a tense momentm on the bench during game one ofi the nba finals what the warriorw coach destroyed with his bare b hands and keep in mind they won the game.thme >> later travelers are waitingai until the last minuted to onee thing. we'll tell was that one thing is next. 8:22 now. ♪
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ ♪ warriors coach steve kerr,rs ut-oh, not fan of the clipboard. apparently drew up the wrong play. quickl saw it quickly right offc the top.y >> wait a minute, steve.ait a >> let's see if we can lee do le it. slow the down. break the down. what did you just say. say >> not fan of the clipboard. >> right. >> there you go. >> oh, wow. >> must have drawn up the wrongg play. >> how do you -- maybe it hit h right at the right spot like aia board when you crack it int karate.te >> maybe he's super human. hum did you ever think about that. o >> no. >> steph curry had a bad nightag last night. last nig everybody else did well, thougho fort team.ea >> one more time.oreime. he had a pen in his hand, strong pe informally i don't think iy could do that gary if i tried ii a hundred times in a in r >> i think you got to hit ithitt right in the right spot.. look how sweet steph curry is ci with it, boom, boom, around thee back, a little layup and down ow the ground. >> he probably hit that t clipboard so many times likee that -- - >> weakened it. >> weakened end just finally, like thatd . >> like how many clickers have you gone through?hrou >> just depends.
8:26 am
.> um-hmm. >> we have a whole bock of themt >> through it across the thing.i >> one button definitely look like it gets a workout.. >> we got tape on it. it. you've to have all kinds of kds protection on it.ecti >> it's what changes gary'sy' maps. >> sometimes you get a littleesl frustrated.. (laughter). >> you got to do what you have to do.o. >> thunderstorms out there.ersto sometimes i throw it to lee not at lee. l to thunderstorms and showers possible this afternoonib scattered about not everybody ib going to get wet, okay? when wn get some sunny breaks bre temperatures will make itures newspaper the lower 80s. 8 i don't even think everybody will see the sun today. sun tay especially off to the east oft o us. around the bay you guys probably stay in sock with clouds most os the day. d real quickly look at yourtour weekend forecast.weend middle 80s both days. showers, thunderstorms againersa tomorrow. actually tomorrow is pretty mucp a carbon copy of today. sunday, showers andnd thunderstorms probably willy become severe the way it'se i looking right now.okin that's the one day to there's your weather forecast. . caitlin roth in this morning m with a look at your traffic.ff hey, caitlin.
8:27 am
showing up on our cameras dealing with a little bit ofth a humidity out there for yourre fr drive in or lot.ot otherwise no rain right n no major problems with theth weather rot roads.oa a couple of crashes we want tocw tell you bomb. bb. this one happened just about 15t minutes ago. old ox road westbound atestbou commerce center court. so if you are in this part ofar loudoun county out in virginiaii you might see some delays inaysi this intersection just becauseit that part of old ox road isx roi closed due to the crash. also, crash roared in fairfax county burke lake rot ship let if you're in this area too watch for delays use caution in that i spot due to that crash.n finally another crash at back lick road at industrial roadwayo in fairfax county just north off the beltway ming we 395. 3 use caution in that spot asion s welch that's a look at traffic.f steve and allison back to you. . still ahead this morningea m award winning actress gettingssg her own show, plus a star let's say the star creator --reor >> the man.>> t >> hamilton is leaving the
8:28 am
stage.age. the show is. no he is. we'll tell you what's up. you know how i feel about it,boi steve. >> i know you're not happy. noyo. >> live picture of one of a o a wonderful establishments.shnts. businesses in del ray. in del r oh, yes, coffee, please. del ray virginia it is aa it i neighborhood in alexandria greag place to l we'll sit down with the mayor of alexandria not just del ray alll of alexandria hands off the goods there, folks. f coming up next. it's 8:28. ♪ stand by me
8:29 am
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8:31 am
♪ >> yoga time is over. break time. >> what are we doing now. >> in between sessions at least. i see the fire truck rolled up. >> we do firehouse fridays as well. that's coming up a little bit later on. >> all righty. >> you see our crew there in tht hirtg s out in delre rayw ,n de ray virginia.rgin see those dogs right there? i lived in del ray for two yearswy much it's a great community.omni very dog friendly. fri >> there's a bust of you in thet town >> that is incorrect. >> okay. >> but you would love it there, because i know you love dogs.ou. >> um-hmm.m-hm >> i know you love history it's' a very art centric community,ty holistic community.omnity >> sounds perfect.ounds ec positive.poti >> exactly. >> good people. >> yup. >> great restaurants.urts. great place to be. >> so let's fine out more aboutr it right now and not just del j ray but all of alexandrialexand because maureen has the woman who is running the city. c >> all right. rig. >> the new mayor.>> good morning. >> good morning, guys.uys you know i ditto everything you said, steve, about this being ag mazing very dog friend, a lot of beautiful
8:32 am
woman at the helm of it all is i the mayoral will he son silveril berg. thank you so much for beingu here. >> thank you.>> t i'm delighted to be with you. >> i have a confession to make.t so this morning when we weree telling people del ray, people o said where is that?sa w >> do you find some peoplee peo wonder where del ray is becausec they're thinking it's maybe fare off place in virginia? do you ever get that?t? >> no.. well, i'm glad to set the recorc straight.stht >> exactly. set the record straight.recordti let's let people know what aha a beautiful gem you've got here.ot >> it's just a few minutes few northwest of old town right here in the heart of alexandria.lexai it's an unbelievably great gre it's one of the most beloved bed neighborhoods in the city ofod alexandria. there are historic spots throughout city and this is one of them. t we have beautiful homes and ovee a hundred restaurants.. >> it's so quat. >> beautiful. >> beautiful. really unique shops, too, andoo, unique restaurants and just absolutely delicious places ands in fact sunday they'll be theehe taste of del ray. r >> oh. >> in the afternoon.n the af >> we'll get a taste of del rayl in the 10:00 o'clock h
8:33 am
good day show.gooday s we're looking forward to that. t this is known as a commutermute tell us a little bit about whyuw that was and how del ray del developed from what it was afrot hundred years ago where people l sort of commuted to d.c. to whaa it is today? >> well, it was a community with different socio economic eco backgrounds and people commuted in. but obviously today people ppl commute in. there's a lot of people alsopl work right here. rig a lot of businesses that are a based right here. incredible just the shops that t are unique here and theere anhe restaurants are extremely wellll known and beloved, and we have v so many events here that areere family friendly as well as dog friendly frankly. alexandria is very dog friendlyi city. >> i was talking to a residentkg that said when she grew up herer this was all industrial rightusr and show to see it allll manifested into what we'rewhat seeing today with the beautifult row of shops and restaurants,esr upping, this is really quietlyui like a journey and improvement that del ray has gone through.oh
8:34 am
and this is -- we're right heree on mount vernon avenue we justee call it the avenue and he also a say this is where main street sr still exists and thrives rightit here in del ray. r it's such a beloved community. the architecture of the homesurh and the businesses up and down d the avenue and the fact that things are not extremely it's just very friendly.y last night we had first thursd thursday. it was an incredible showing of community and we're really allyl about community throughout theht city, but right here in del rayy it's very special community.ommy >> in our last couple of secon seconds, del ray moving forwardn is more development or do yount think that you pretty much where you want to be and keep ibe andp wouldn't say a cap but kind of o keep this feel you've got nowe n going into the future?ut >> it depends on the projects. actually, we love, you know, ded ray and the people just, yout, y know, come out for the halloweee parade and the turkey trot andnd there's so many different eventt monthly t
8:35 am
gallery. so but i think you see the buildings. how are you going to --to - >> right. >> that's the way it it's great and i think that we w pressure it, and we're going toi protect it and of course the potomac yard metro is coming in not too far. >> more >> brad dom metro is right downg the shttreet. this is a really special place a and we certainly welcometainly e everyone to come out and join u us. >> we're delighted to be here mayoraell will he son silber ber of del ray. thank you very much for yourou time. it is a beautiful place.ifulla the weather cooperating for thii lovely zip trip of ours now. >> great music. music. >> and great music.>> tucker had a chance to really cr see a lot of del ray and he's got the five place that is we tw need to seem in the meantimee m he'll do weather first, right, tuck?? >> yeah, you got that right, maureen. ma absolutely having a greattet morning out here. got a little mist.ttle mi let's start with the weatherwi e forecast and i want to introduco to you band playing all morningl we're looking at temperaturespeu right now in the low to mid 70ss yeah, it's humid out here auter little want an umbrell had a later thit after as we'll be looking atki
8:36 am
current numbers 73 in washingt washington. good morning leonardtown. 73 at at du ll72 at frederick. highs later today in the low 808 with the ever present possibility of a few scattered r showers and thunderstorms.stor do keep that umbrella helped h later today.oday. nothing measurable locally local although again we've got a few a showers on the map early this ts morning.rnin 81 this afternoon with a few a showers or thunderstorms arounds and again a little mist ande mid light rain falling here in delne ray at the moment. all right.light i am now joined by karen and -- >> irish breakfast b >> the irish breakfast band.fa you guys are local?oc? >> yes, most of us live here ine del ray the alexandria area. a all right. and tell me when you guys likeuk most to perform? in the? the morning? >> well, we have breakfast w before we play music as the namn might suggest so i guess we do like mornings, although maybeaye this an irish morning.orni it's an irish misty morning forg the irish breakfast >> i love it. do you ever perform late atrfora night as raucous bar here ineren town?
8:37 am
i don't know if i can admit toio that. that. >> will you play for us a littly bit. >> sure. we love it. thank you. ♪ ♪ >> that's the irish breakfast bk band. thanks for joining us. let's do traffic now and get tht latest from caitlin.aitl having great morning down here a lot fun. fun lots going on.lots gng >> i can tell.ell. plenty to do in del ray.l r they're wonderful the irish the breakfast band. that is i thanks tucker b i get to theet o roads behind me, thou
8:38 am
quick update from met tomorrow w we have more delays due toe motrains off loading on the blue line delays to largo town centee and on the red line we've got delays to shady grove. that just came in if you take yk blue or red in those directionss expect delays.ct del out on the roads plenty of delays maryland commuteommute southbound 95 still very heavyva 212 to the beltway, and southbound 270 moderate 80 toat the truck sales.k s westbound on fief tow always at this time f heavy 410 to 201 on1 the virginia side of thingss northbound 95 route 1 tond 9rout newington very heavy. 66 east stacked up 234 to t centreville and jammedmed northbound 395 edsall road tol d seminary road real heavy onceeac you get inside the beltway btw there. a couple of crashes we want toat let you know about talking abou these over the past hour.he pt o one in loudoun county old ox o road westbound at commerce center court this crash severeee enough that it has caused at itu close shower on old ox road soo avoid that area use caution if you can. another crash reported inh repd fairfax county. berk lake road at shiplett spl boulevard.boul so if you know of this area live around there in fairfax countyy
8:39 am
one final crash backlick roadlik industrial parkway north of the beltway there also in fairfaxrf county. county. all right. all right. that's look at traffic.'s look steve, back over to you. back >> there's actually a restaurant in del ray that does a blue a b grass brunch on sundays.ys. >> nice. >> nice. >> and maureen talked with theen mayor. the former mayor of alexandria long-time mayor lives in del ray. ra so if you'll pick a neighborhooh to live in sounds like good goo place to be. >> still to come which socialhih media site is officially nowia more popular than twitter? ttt >> my space? >> no. >> according to a new surveyy travelers are waiting to thehe last minuted to one thing. thi >> ask for time off? >> it might be. we'll tell was it is, though, next. ♪
8:40 am
8:41 am
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k all over you. but, it's just a... whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...yeah. yeah. new hershey and reese's snack mix, with chocolate, nuts and pretzels. it's snack justice. >> well apparently a lot of people booked their hotels last minute. literally last according new study by hotel before the com, nearly half of the people, 42%,tte of people wl booked hotels booked the hotelel the same day that they expect tc use the hotel. the day they'll arrive at theire destination. 14% say they book their hotels h while they're actually at thely airport waiting for their flighi to everybody waiting until the last minute. google teaching its self driving cars now how to honk the horns. google says it started to have the cars below their horns toors warn human drivers and a pedestrians even taught cars tor honk in different ways dependinn on the circumstances.nces
8:43 am
a head up, one long one ife there's urgent situation.uaon no word if google will give youe a fine if you honk in no honking area. some bad news for twitter. ttter allison apparently the sociall platform has been over taken non by my space but snap chat.p c >> by nearly 15 million users as day, though. tho >> that's a lot.t's >> that's a lot. twitter has already been over bo taken by instagram, what's app and messenger which spells s trouble for that little blueitt bird. though it's all relative.reve i mean i think twitter is phile still pretty strong. strong. >> strong with news.g withs snap chat trying to get more in the news side of things and facebook bought ally apps. don't feel bad for them.he >> you have a snap chat. the station has snap i need to get a snap chat. one more thing.hing >> six different apps going at a time. coming up next why the stare of hamilton is moving on, of course, he was rapping. rpi >> who julianne druce is teaming up with
8:44 am
>> may be the same story. s >> we'll head back to del rayckl are the now.are the yoga on fire t have you ever seen that before?a >> no. >> probably not. we'll head back to del ray forl today's zip trip coming up next. it's 8:44.
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> 8:46 right now. ready to head back to virginia. >> let's do it. tucker barnes, i noticed earlier you had the youngsters, the th ba silo ba sil rimd phone solo going o
8:47 am
rocking. little blue grass a no newt jams yet, tucker, butr,b the day is still early.. >> steve, that is an excellent point. i hope to -- i hope to find a good flute jam before the end oj the day. i've got sometamhing to aspire.a to we're in del ray.ay having great time with kevin and maureen much please come downomd and say hi to us a local of viewers local who'll walk down to say hi to us. u we're on mount venom. i snuck off into one of the oneo residential neighborhoods.n this is my first visit to delist ray. such a nice community and allitd the houses are gorgeous down here. yards look great here with all g the recent rain we've had just a nice quite peaceful place here a block off of their main street.r all right. let's do som e weather. definitely take umbrella iake i talked with a gentleman whogelen taken his umbrella after watching, and we've had a littlt mist here this h main event if we'll get it willl be mid to late afternoon withonw rain showers and the potential l for a few strong scatteredered thunderstorms. 73 now in washington.ow in wash it's humid o
8:48 am
74 quantico. 72 up in frederick.ri again daytime highs in the low 80s with plenty of cloud coverlv you might get a couple peeks of sunshine but our main focus on a cold front weak one fallen apara as it's moving through the heghe this afternoon that and could ad the impetus for few showers anda thunderstorms. 82 your daytime high with againh winds out of the southeast atout five to seven.o se let's do the weekend forecast. r tomorrow lots of clouds kind ofd a repeat of today with a few few scattered showers andshers thunderstorms developing. develp let's take look at that weekendw forecast, thank you.recay and temperatures in the mid 80ss want to give you a heads up. u sunday we have the potential for strong thunderstorms in the afternoon you want to stay tuned for that because again strongtrg thunderstorms we have damaging d winds and even the potential for even the potential for few tornadoes if things were tos wer really develop here sundaye s afternoon with very strong coldl front. look at what happens next week.k lower humidity temperatures in the low 80s updating thatg weather threat as it gets clos closer. tucker fox5.tu caitlin will give you the latesl mike thomas again, sue all of uo keeping close eye on
8:49 am
that is the latest from del rayl very quite the birds areds are beautiful.autil absolutely gorgeous down here. r steve, i'm going to leave the lt neighborhood and go find the fih flute jam before 11:00.be1: back to you guys. your row it's your favorite, tucker.tuck good luck. luck (laughter).augh >> loves himself a good fluteool jam. >> and who doesn't. let's be honest if we>> love dev ray. we love sip trips even more.. it gives us a chance to get outt in different communities acrossr the whole region sometimes it's win the city neighborhood likeci it will be next week and thentyd sometimes it's like we can go uu to an hour or some away.. >> that's what's great let's goo back to del ray.l kevin and maureen see whatn se a they're getting i look likes a lesson in cake decorating.derating. >> hey allison and steve. steve having a great time out here ine del ray. obviously you can tell we'reyoue happy right now sugar involved.l >> we have cake.ake. >> this is amazing.>> the cool thing is, this iss, thi jacqueline and they work for the happy tart int del ray. two locations one in false in fa church, one here.e he but everything you're seeing on this table is gluten free?e? >> yes.>> >> how is that possible? >> um, i was -- i found out i coul
8:50 am
school i spent two years perfe perfecting my recipes and openee up the first i think worldwidede french pa tis serrie that was glue den free. >> this is french pastry if youi think about glue den fro frenchh pastry shop, no. that doesn't go.thatoesn but to be able to do it and do d it successfully that is a huge g feat.feat. >> yeah. yea >> jacqueline, you were showing me amazing images on your phonee they make these 3d cakes and incredible.incredible you can do -- can you make knowo star wars cake if i asked for it? >> yes. >> y we knew it was going to evolvee into star wars. >> rd3d and cp3o on our cake.r c >> we have a sculpture thatt looks like r2dd. is there in >> no. >> we'll show you pictures. sho >> i want to bring you guys in g close. they made us a special fox5al fx cake. cake if you look this is like printei words here. rds >> yes. >> edible. >> edible. >> how did you do that?owid y >> so this is waiver paper whicr is made out of rice. r then we have an edible printerer that uses food grade ink that wt
8:51 am
>> it's gorgeous. gorgeou >> can we zoom in. we zoom this is actual like printednted newspaper that was really -- rea real stories? >> um-hmm. >> from actual papers. from act. i want to know what the storiesn are. ar generagenerally >> when i came up i looked and o can i read what that says. >> you can.>> you can >> it says tucker barnes aweso awesome. >> speaking of awesome you guys will teach us how to dec aorater at least give us a hasn't at it. i don't >> yeah. y >> what's the first tip?? >> so today we're making ruffled hombre cake i'm using arose tip. >> okay.>> >> narrow on one side and narror on the others and i'll put il ruffles on the cake.he >> are you doing a little and wl follow your lead?owour >> yes. i'm starting by just --t -- >> you're fast. fas >> just turning.urni >> amazing. s. oops. it's not perfect.'serfe >> icing is gluten. severing gluten free. >> including the color.. >> okay. can i try.n i >> maureen you try.en y t >> stand back, everybody. stand back. >> are you going to spin and do
8:52 am
it >> wait. all right. there you go.e you >> so much fun. >> here you go. >> yes!>> >> oh, would you. >> what whoo! what >> you got little ripple effect. >> wait. >> there you go.. >> this cake is tragic.c >> no, that's awesome. awesome >> that's okay. >> okay. >> i want to try. >> whoo! >> that's awesome. >> now kevin you got to try. t >> can i do red maybe? next nex color.color. >> hang on let's go this way.ons >> let's do this one. >> you guys see this, fox5is, thing, this is really cool. c that's really awesome.some >> come on, kev. kev here we go. >> rock it out. rock out >> i'll try spinning it, too. it >> by yourself.elf. >> let me get this. let >> here we go.>> here we here we go.. >> you're a lefty. >> oh, no, it's terrible.ble oh, it's terrible. i need your help spinning all right.allht hold on. >> ready? >> you can do it. >> oh, no. oh, n >> why am i messing this up? i've ruin the cake. i am killing, washington do you do when that happens you havedoh all this labor and all of and al
8:53 am
can you fix >> you can fix anything, yes.g,s >> i'm so sorry. sorry i am awful. >> messed up sides. can we hang the fox5 banner nowe or are you going to do somethini decorative.rative. >> we can do that. >> i'm so sorry for messing up p your cake.ak >> kevin it's cake. can you mess up cake. >> jacqueline are now beste now friends.. >> icing tastes really good likk a whipped icing. >> hmm. >> i don't know about that. >> it looks good.oo looks fantastic. fanta very very cool.ol >> this is happy tart in deldel ray. ra second location in falls churchu all gluten free and we'll bee having cake pops here veryere vy shortly i want to fine out whata these articles say on this cakek >> are those role lose? role os >> >> gluten free. very very cool much nice to meet you emma. you emma thank you so much for saying hig you're awesome. awesome jacqueline thank you very much.k >> thank you. >> we're in our happy place i right now. we'll send it back to steve ands allison try to bring us back. bc that's what we're going to do.od >> i ruined that cake steve andk allison.alli i ruin it. >> kevin's cake is like
8:54 am
tattoo that needs a couch. cou >> i really messed that up, ye yeah. >> kev, creative flare that'se f all it is, kevin. is, >> it's special.>> it' very unique. >> one of a kinds limitedds l edition of one.n of o the creator and the star ofs the broadway smash hamilton we're talking a thousand dollard a ticket on the secondary markey that's how popular this show is. >> 15 tony nominations.atio >> yes.>>es >> what is that man right theree doing? >> leaving. >> he's leaving the show. >> um-hmm.e' according to multiple reports lynn manuel miranda will leaveiv the cast after july 9th to work on other projects.ct his exit will come less thanessa month after the tony awards. awa the show has been nominat nominr record 16 i misspoke scena s wards. wards. miranda is up for three.r hree earlier this week, it was it was announced that he would is it a are in disney's reboot of maryar poppins but that's just that on production. i thought he was just going tong take some time off and have hiss understudy do his gig butig he's -- >> out of there. he created it though and i'm and sure that it will be in goodoo
8:55 am
>> can i ask you a question. >> yes, my friend. fri >> if you were if you were w sitting on top of the world in i your chose zen field, he's on os the world broadway. b would you go while you're hot?eh >> it would be -- >> would you say stay. s >> this is something he createdh from up here that was nothing w and he made it into this hugee success.ccess. >> right. >> so at that point, take that success and --hasuess and - >> and go. >> and work on something else. >> if you're a creative person p you're to the going to settle.el you'll always want to doll something more. grudge you youre yo next thing.nehing >> tickets going for $1,500 to start. >> i hope it is out on dvd in the future. all right. r >> prompter, please.leas >> 8:55. >> we going to get a check ong g the forecast right now?? >> yeah. let's do check in we gary w g mcgrady and find out what's happening in the world of weather this morning wen.ning thanks. all cloudy and gloomy this ts morning, misty but not raining t so the zip trip has been good,d, right? temperature 73 here inr town.
8:56 am
humid today.d t we're talking about some showere possibly even a thunderstormhunr would not surprise me later on today.y highs 82 in town. inow dulles right around 83.igroun i think a little warmer fartherf to the west because i believe i more sunshine out there and thad will help to get numbers up a u bit. weekend forecast middle 80sdle showers and thunderstorms again tomorrow. not everybody is wet. but we will haveno some good goo coverage tomorrow afternoon, aer tomorrow evening. eveng sunday we're all eyes are onlly sunday this weekend because we do have a chance for some severe thunderstorms.untorm front is coming in ahead of thef front all this warm moist airm i comes in scattered stronger s thunderstorms possibly even somm that will become severe alreadye enhanced risk for sunday. wind gusts 60 miles per hour or greater. obviously some heavy rain.sly sa some hail. cloud to ground lightning and ww may even have to watch these the thunderstorms for few tornadoesr as well. all eyes on that coming up.g that is on sunday.unday there's your forecast.ast back over to the studios steve and allison.llon >> hey, guys.>> >> i thought we had caitlin now.
8:57 am
is she not over there with you, gary. gary. >> caitlin come. >> we'll try to bait her in for cupcake.cuake >> this is for caitlin's this birthday which is tomorrow.chs o >> what? >> it's your birthday tomorrow. surprise? >> come on in.e on in. >> emily stone work all night long making these beautifulea cupcakes for you. >> i'm actually shock. s i just saw emily walking in with them and cupcakes. cca >> they're for you.hey're y >> we're hoping that you will t share. shar this one actually i already a sniffed. this is mine. is mi. (laughter).(laughter). >> i already licked this one soc i got to take you. y >> thank you guys so much.h. that's so's >> emily who did it.>> >> she's right here with us. >> that's my favorite cake.e >> we'll eat. eat >> happy birthday!da >> thank you.ou >> caitlin's birthday istlin'st saturday. >> back with good day next.d da more zip trip from del ray,m del virginia. everybody sells is down there. t we'll see you after the break. cheers! >> cheers, guys. emily you're so suite!
8:58 am
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