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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  June 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ he. >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ahead this morning, metro'som massive repair plan has kickedhe off. what you need to know to get g around on the rails. some rain moved through the area last night. big question is are r we ine store for more weekendnd showers, maybe even some even severe weather.severe weather what to expect and when ahead in your full forecast. foras and sad news this morning. boxing great muhammad ali isreat dead at the age of 74. we'll have more on the legend lg whose fast fists and personality captivated thevate world. good morning, and welcomeorg to fox5 news morning. mni thanks for waking up with us.h . i'm annie yu. yu. >> i'm caitlin roth.aitlin r let's take a live look outside o on this gloomy saturdayurday morning. rning. gloomy is the right word as wewe are socked in with the clouds and the fog and the moistureande is in iplace just like yesterday eveninga with the showers and they we and drizzle, we've got that again.ha
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to. not much to see but then again a that tells the story of whattorw to expect on this saturdayhi s june the fourth. t first weekend here in june.e. weather is pretty volatile yetae again this weekend andeekend satellite and radar doesn't dsn show much just quite yet. it's kind of just going to be a cloudy soupy day very humid and we're waiting on showers onh and thunderstorms maybe later this afternoon let's take a look at those temperaturesftmpes outside rider now. it is sticky and uncomfortablerb without air conditioning atditi this point. 71 degrees in washington.eswash it's 72 in manassas, 71 in culpeper.lpep 70 up in baltimore and looks like 71 in annapolis.nnolis dewpoints we've had to start'vet showing them again this weekem t because they've been so highe bs and they indicate the moisture content in the air meaning how w uncomfortable is it it whenis i you step outside.step o. once you get to the 70-degree0-r mark it's consideredid oppressive and we're just we'res about there if not overve everywhere with those soupy thou here's what to expect throughxp the rest of the day. sunshine is kind of hard to is o come b actually today reminds me aindse lot like yesterda
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we spend most of it just itust cloudy and foggy but by later this afternoon some showers somw will try to pop especially eecia west of washington.ngto nothing strong expected but b because there's so much moisture out there any ofre the these storms or showers couldowc bring some pretty heavy rainea r and into tonight that's kind tti of what we'll see.'llee this time tomorrow morning probably tracking some rainrackm out there. early morning rain looks rn likely on sunday and then a we'll wait for a cold front later in the afternoon thatno t could bring strong to severeo se storms. we've been talk about this allsa day yesterday and that's still s in the forecast at least aat l brief time of where we could c see some strong thunderstormsndt late tomorrow afternoon andaften evening.ev we'll have much more on that, m though, still ahead.illhe here's your weekend forecast.t mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms later today, 84 degrees. 83 on sunday. and i think we'll have some morning rain and the n ain round of some thunderstorms later onss in the day. d things really improve though by the time we get to monday mon and i'll have that ahead in aad your seven-day forecast. >> thanks so much caitlin.nks c our other top story this morning, one that affects a lot of people in the dmv.eople e
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repair plan at the strike off midnight.midn over the next year the repair work will affect thousands of people even those of you who y do not take metro.. fox5's lauren demarco has h the latest.atest >> reporter: along with allith a metro rail stations nowtis closing at midnight, the first safetrack surge begins this weekend. 13 days of around the clockthe k single tracking between theen ballston and east falls churchlu melmetro stations starting saturday. trains expected to run everyun 18 minutes.18utes. they will be eight car trains. n >> the worst impacts unfortunately are on theat orange and silver lines west of ballston. biggest effects will be obviously during the rush hourhh and you can expect extremextre crowding and long delays. >> reporter: metro's new general manager paul wiedefeld plans to accomplish three years worth of maintenancewo work in less than one yearless across the entire matt metro m rail system. s while this first project is expected r
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thursday, june 16th, it's only the first of 15 planned pla officials from arlington andnd fairfax joined wiedefeld for aoa press conference to make sure se commuters are >> we'll have bus routes that re serve the metro.e the metro we'll have bus routes and shuttle opportunities that canoo take peoplert from here to a a place that is not experiencingec single >> metro is the life blood not gotten the attention it attentii needles it's getting it now.ow. we're going to make this work. >> reporter: it will impact virtually all of d.c.'s rush hour commuters.mute riders at east falls churchls cu are planning to add at least lea half an hour to their travel times. >> it's a necessary evil.cessar seems like they neglected ited long enough. e i wish they would do it, youou know, at night and weekendseeke and other things like that le tt because they're not changinge th the prices that we're having hav to pay. >> it needs to happen, though. t i stand by that. t i'm happy we're doing it but it's going to be a rough nine ne months
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>> that was lauren demarco reporting. other plans are in place fore people who will be impacted by the repairs.the repair in d.c. bus service will be extended during morning and evening rush hours by 30eng rush minutes during the week.nute the extended rush hours will wl run along corridors that tha connect the key bridge to theido central business district andnd ddot is beefing up parking restrictions to free up street lanes. capitol bikeshare is offeringkes discounts and marc trains will w have additional cars duringars d peak periods.peak one of boxing's biggest legends has passed away.. muhammad alley dominatedomin sports for two decades before time and parkinson's diseasens d settled in.settd i more on the life of the great g muhammad >> reporter: in february 1964, he entered thehe ring against the reigninggn world title holder sonny s liston. he emerged the heavy weightgh champion of the world.orld >> i'm a bad man. >> reporter: muhammad heal was born cash shuts clay in louisville kentucky.
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january 15th, 1942. clay started boxing at the age of 12. of 12. after winning a gold medal in the 1960 olympics he turnede t pro but it was after the aer liston fight that clay announced his affiliation with the nation of islam andon of m changed his name to muhammado mm ali. ali. >> it's hard to be humble ass ha pretty as i am.ty as i >> reporter: he was one ofeport: the most popular h men in sports history. in 1967, he was drafted intorafi the u.s. army but refused to fight in vietnam statingamta religious differences. differens he was immediately stripped of his title and license to box.ox ali's license would be reinstated in 1970 and he a vowed to return to the top of tp the ranks and he would. he october 1974, he got his g h chance against a powerful young heavy weight by the nameyn of george foreman.fore the fight was billed as the rumble in the jungle. jun ali went into the bout a three to one underdog but that wasn't enough to silence thenohs greatest. >> only last week i murdered ad rock, injured a stone, hospitalized a bic
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sick. you. >> reporter: ali spent theep first half of his fight withor his back to the ropes and annd a howed his opponent to punchent p himself out. he dropped foreman in the eighth round. ei he would once again be the heavy weight champion of theione world.wo both took home a $5 million $5 l purse which many think paved thp the way for multi-million dollar tracts in >> during ali's time theyime t grew. after ali they exploded. explod. >> reporter: ali lost the title again four yepears lateres to another young olympic gold medalist leon spinks. spink he would win a 12 round splitnd decision in february over the te living legend only tongegen relinquish the title back toackt ali seven months later. l this made ali the only boxer on in history to win the heavy t h weight title three times.. the roaring crowds are whatre fueled him for 15 years and 61 d fights but his drive to please p them kept ali from heedingg doctor's he was slowing
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his thyroid was b medication was a dale routine. i it wasn't until losing hisas last fight in n'1981 that ali admitted parkinson's syndrome was the real enemy forcing himnr to take off the gloves for good. >> coming up, we are talking tkg to two maryland boxing m programs who run a program for r people with parkinson' how they're getting patientsat in the ring fighting the disease one punch at a time.e back here at home police needon your help identifyingifyi three men they're calling c persons of inter on a sexualex battery that happened ontterthap metro. the victim says she wasshe approached by these three mensee 9:30 on thursday night on a a yellow line train. tra it was traveling northbound nth from hunting ton. as the train approached braddock road station the woman says the men asked herdo to perform a sexual act. when she refused syshe says thes men assaulted her.ed if you recognize these men, please call police. pol and fox5 is in princen george's county.geor's c more fallout stemming from thefm arrest of a
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school teacher accused ofccused having a sexual relationshipatns with a female police arrested vincent mcduffie last week.t wee they say he admitted to havingdg sexual contact with ase 17-year-old student on campus. the school district placed the l school's principal on leaveal o out of an abundance of caution u while they conduct theiril investigation. fox5 talked toe several formerf students and parents who wereana not surprised by the allegations. >> i heard that he had sex iss with young girls, passing them, giving them aids, letaids them stay after in his class. c. i never expected it to be truee until now. >> i mean, he's a predator.reda i mean, i hate to say it but b he's a predator.reda >> a school spokesperson tellsts fox5 the school system does not tolerate any behavior thatha brings harm to a student. stu prince george's county policeger are asking anyone else who may have had inappropriate contacttt with this teacher to cometo com forward.forw well, coming up next on, co fox5 news at 7:00.
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>> she said i don't like the tone of donald trump.f donald t that was awhile ago. awhil ago she said i don't like his tone. and i'm saying to myself,f they're chopping off people'ss heads, they're killing us at the border, our country's ary's mess and i'm supposed to have a nice tone.ic >> what a year in the race fora the white house. things are heating up on theup west coast as the candidates caa rally for votes in we'll have the details ahead. plus geeks, nerds and comic fans unite.ans unite. caitlin will have anothern h look at your forecasavt fort for yes, it is a gloomy, gloomy gom start. time now 7:10. now we'll be right back. caring for someone with alzheimer's means...
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. time now 7:12. let's talk politics. the road to the white house butting heads.eads hillary and donald hitting the t campaign trail with very harsh h words.rd >> i'm going to expose donald trump's lack of qualificationsln to be the president of thef t united states and the t look, people are going to vote t for whoever they decide tooe vote for but i wantve there to e be no -- no mistake about what this man has said and what hehah has done and what it would w mean to our country and the world. world. >> the democratic frontrunnerr taking jabs at donald during ag rally yesterday in sann bernadino, california.o, c she's hitting the state hardte ahead of next week's primary. clinton hopes to clinch the democratic nomination this week. she's just 70 delegates away. a >> i think hillary is very is weak. i think she's pathetic.sheti i think she should be in jailn j for what she he did
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e-mails, okay.ils,ka she should be in jail.l. >> trump firing back at back hillary there spending much ofhf his time at a rally in reading a bashing right now he's gotsh an uphill h climb in the golden state. sta he's trailing clinton in theil pollsin by double digit margins. california's primary is scheduled for tuesday.duled fora happening now the unitedhe i states navy's top officialsavy'a say they are firing airstrikessi against isis from thehe mediterranean sea.nea. it's happening on board the u.s.s. is harry defense department officialsmeic carried out the strikestr against targets in syria.s in s the truman will return to ret norfolk virginia in mid-july. and several investigationsti are happening in texas afterexaa nine for the hood soldier died in flood waters during a trains exercise. the soldiers were killed when a rain swollen creek sweptre s their vehicle into rushing waters.wate investigators are looking intont their deaths and how the military handles riskyandles training conditions.ondi u.s. defense secretary ashre carter says once theer sayce t investigations are complete,reom the military
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to prevent similar accidentsccid from happening. hapni and the forecast in texas is this weekend doesn't look if.'tk people are bracing for more rain. heavy rains this week have ledvl to devastating floods wipinglooi out bridges covering roads andcr forcing thousands from their homes.mes this is in the county wherere the brazos river is swollen.woen three prisons have beene ison evacuated.acuated. the governor toured the area to visit flood zones as manyany parts are still under some type of flood watch or warning. very tough to see that.a >> it is because they can't get aec not like this is from aro tropical system, it's just it'ss more rain after more rain.afterr it really is hard to watch andca to see them still get more >> yeah. all right, what about for ust ao here? we got rain yesterday.esy >> i know. k >> reminiscent of all those t gloomy weeks in may where we whw got showers day after day,er day although in june it's not nearly as cool. coo it's humid and it's warm to goao with the wet weather whicher whh annie is exactly what we'rewhate seeing outside rig
7:16 am
there's the big storm system sts or at least the cold frontol f back towards our west that ontha the very bottom corner of your y screen you can see it's can see' raining very heavily in houston and showers extend upen into northeast texas. tex all the way up into the ohio valley. this cold front willnt w eventually come in by tomorrowow evening. and with it it will bring a very changeable air mass. ms. we'll loss that was humidityss by monday and a ts a result when you get in change of air mass am you can get some pretty strongyn to severe thunderstorms whichst we have been talking about for r days now.ow we've been outlooked by the storm prediction center topr have strong storms and i'll get to thaedg t in a we don't have any falling rainag in our area but we have plentyet of clouds fog and humidity soumo a lot of moisture to workure to with. wi showers and thunderstormsndstor expected again later today butet a lot like yesterday probablyro just heavy downpours, not severe weather. wea flash flood watches in effect towards our west this is fromth the incoming storm system which any of he's theise he' downpours which if we sit over for you for
7:17 am
get flash flooding prettyasoodi easily. this is towards the mountains into west virginia where theyy have the flash flood watch forla today into tonight.shinonig temperatures outside right now 71 in annapolis and washington, 72 manassas, 68 ins, winchester.winchester. so, it's uncomfortable withoutit air conditioning thanks to all l that humidity.idit weekend surface pattern.atrn here's what to expect.xp weak high pressure towards ourpw north and we havare thishis boundary stalled out towards our south. that becomes the focal pointoc i for some showers and stormse sh later on today. it's just humid and grows out ot right now. you can see some showers and downpours later today.pours ter now, as the actual cold front approaches tomorrow, this boundary will get nudged out by an incoming stronger coldgero front. that's when we could have thee e stronger storms. there's a chance for rain for tomorrow morning and with the rain tomorrow morning it couldr mess up our chances for severe v weather later in the it could but not any definite dt just quite quite y tomorrow is definitely awaitit and seep type of afternoon.ftero as far as storms go a marginal i risk in the green fo
7:18 am
any isolated severe weather later today will be where thatet flash flood watch exists infl the mountains. enhanced risk on sunday. sda what that means is there's ahe's better chance for a widespread s severe storm meaning windind gusts 60 miles per hour plusile heavy downpours even some hail i and cloud to ground lightning. g so, that is for tomorrow evening.ev time frame with that looks to be between 4:00 anden 7:0it0 p.p that's typical for time framese of severe storms.of s temperatures later today mid lay 80's. 80's. 84 here in washington.ngto humid and just really, reallyea wet out there.he rain is likely overnight.vernht by this time tomorrow morningwor we could be starting out withuth some heavy rain and like iik said that could kind ofind diminish our chances fornc severe weather later in theeath day. you need sunshine to stabilizeo after morning rain but thatin will be a watch as it's happening now cast situation. si seven-day forecast humid withidw some showers today, 84. 84. strong thunderstorms possible.s. tomorrow, sunday, 83.unday, 8 and then what you don't see is the reduction in humidityct
7:19 am
monday much cooler and drier, at least when it can comes to the humidity, 82 degrees andgr then beautiful weather for theee rest of the week finally.inally a nice stretch of some wonderful normal weather for early june. high temperatures not too bad. b low 80's to even some uppere u 70's wednesday and thursday. tha still have not hit 90 degrees 9r here in washington so far this year.year. and doesn't look like we willt e in the next wseven days eithert it's that's a look at youra loor seven-day forecast.sen-day now i'll send it back to annie. >> that looks good. thaoks go thank you caitlin.k you itli take a good look. this million dollar check c could be yours. someone drew the winninge dr the powerball ticket at a 7-elevenel on annapolis road in bladensburg back onn january 13th of this ofy now, to this date, no one has hs claimed the prize and thend clock is is ticking. ticki your deadline to collect theollt winnings is july 13th so just st weeks away.way awesome con has taken overe theha convention center. the event draws thousands eachws year and celebrates all thingshi pop culture.culture. comics movies, tv you name
7:20 am
and our fox5's sara simmonsa went to check out theuthe festivities. take a look. >> reporter: okay, so i'm okay,m here at awesome con. i feel like i'm here by myselfys even though i'm really not butyt i'm a little overwhelmeded because i have never beenr b here. i'm sort of courting aouin bodyguard and who better than captain america to help me out. do you have any words of encouragement before i >> have fun, have a good time t and get to know everybody around. arou >> hey. >> awesome con is technically a comic book convention but i ci think technically it's at's a celebration of everything that's sci-fi and nerdy geekyerg fun stuff and d.c. is a town. in that is -- we get kind of a bad wrap as won key people whoho wear anne taylor suits everywhere. there's a lot of cool thingslo happening besides politics and lobbyists and there's a lot of geeky fun people here who doered stuff like this. t >> this is my -- my >> reporter: you'll seeeporr: y plenty of costumes comic book
7:21 am
characters and fun stuff for kids plus there are plenty of new exhibits, too.oo >> flew this year is thelew science and technology area soca it's a whole pavilion which isn right behind me but that's also sort of the biggest crown in that jewel is bill nye is doing star talk on sunday.nda >> when you measure accurately l you can make a cell phone. p you can't make a cell phone pho without every unit of measureofm is. is. we have little videos thatids tt explain this to the kids. we want more kids to go intoont science and engineering because it's really fune 's important rewarding career. car >> reporter: you'll seeorte plenty of people who just end j dry dressing the >> she showed up and i'm the i'm side k once she showed is up a bunch of people asked for pictures. p. >> it's kind of like your family. ewereeet people who wers e her last year. y you get to meet characters andcd you get the experience of personalizing with differentrent artists and actresses whoress w you've grown up watching so up i it's an amazing experienceerie every year. >> reporter: you're the joker.ep >> right. >> oh, yeah.
7:22 am
>> oh, yeah. >> reporter: i like the w>>r: ih voice. pretty good. so, you can see there's lotsther to do here for the big kids bigk and the young kids. k just remember this is going on o until sunday at 5 o'clock. o'clo you can still get tickets asts well. they start at $40. just head to awesome cn that's the latest here at the a convention center, sarah simmons, back to >> all right, well, still s ahead on fox5 news at 7:00 7 there are a lot of dog lovers dl in the dmv. the dmv. next weekend a lot of people will be attending the 29th 2 path you'll bark ball one of'lla the few black tie events intie the district where your canine c can be your companion. cpa ly time now 7:22.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. at the rock steady gym in montgomery county people fighting parkinson's diseaseoc are getting inki the ring to t fight the disease for some ---- some some the noncontactonconta boxing program is the only is thing keeping them moving andgnd joining us now this morning are coaches angel mcnamara and makada richardson. richard i just want to begineg obviously, it's a very sad dayad not only in the boxing worldor but justly world in general of l the passing of muhammad ali. ali any
7:26 am
you guys deal with this every te day. he lived with parkinson'sith par disease for over 30 years foror decades obviously a fighter a and this is something that youiy all see on a daily.. >> yes, we do.o. and to reflect on that, that tht is why -- i mean, those arehose the reasons that we do theohe things that we do because we recognize and our thoughts andht prayers go first of all to muhammad ali and his family fam and also a huge thanks fornks f their efforts in a cure for parkinson's but what we do here at rock r steady boxing is we are looking at our fighters and wee want to sustain and increasere their quality of life whileif they are fighting against parkinson's. >> do you think it gives gives people hope that they can haveav a purpose and do something sethi that we can all do. >> absolutely. yeah, i mean, we -- we don't don treat our fighters anyers an differently. i mean, they go through probable a workout similar to what muhammad ali would gouh through. we push and just getam
7:27 am
ready for their everyday and they come in with confidence,onc they leave with confidence. these -- >> there's no taking it easyng on us. we are -- work to the max. tax just 'cause we haveuse we have parkinson's doesn't mean wee get taken lightly on angel makeda push us to the max. the m they have a great philosophy this is what i want this ist isi what i'll take and show me sw what you can do.ou can d it's pretty amazing just tong jt see other people, you know, k with parkinson's out therens pushing and fighting as well. wl >> so, what's the experience exe like when you are part of the gym or the program?rogr >> it's great.>> i the fact that you can walk in, i there's other people likepl lik yourself with the disease and,ie you know, it's a community and camaraderie of fighters. fighte. >> we pride ourselves on that, absolutely. we're like a >> and we mentioned it's a noncontact form.onta can you show us some movesome mv that you do, steve with makedaaa there.there. >> sure. should i stand right here?er >> yeah, that's fine. f >> all right. so, we work on our
7:28 am
coordination. he's a lefty see we'll work the southpaw stance.ta i throw the mitts up he knowse o to cross over. got the upper cut. cut and that's pretty much what mh w we're working.e workg. it's intense. inten we can keep him moving.. it's definitely,.itely, >> a workout.. [laughter] >> and it certainly moves of m f course like your entire body. b it's not just. jt. >> it's a whole body workout. wo >> it's the whole body workoutoo and so for you how does thatsha make you we'll have it makese'll me feel amazing. azi i walk into this place, i'm pla nervous, there's a little bit of anxiety that goes withs w parkinson's. you walk in and see other o fighters, i'm relatively young to have it and you walk in and see other fighters do it andr fs you realize d your life isn'tesn over because you got you parkinson's you have thesen's yt amazing coaches who motivateot you keep you going let you know you can do anything youan i want. >> and just to spin off onpin fo that, like i said, our memberure base ranges from ages 30 toge30 78. >> you know what, i saw theno picture on the left. l i went to the left side to see o
7:29 am
okay, this is definitely --efinl you know, of all ages really.sel and so do you end can courageou that, though, at 60 or 65 to come out even if you're juste ju beginning and have neveravneve boxed. >> yes. one of the things about the program is boxing experienceer is not required, right, and all of our fighters are diagnosed with parkinson's andh we encourage them to come out.eo i mean, there's been massive msi research done to show that boxing improves, you know, y were you the progression off stages through parkinson's and r one good thing about the rock rc steady boxing method is thathat we offer intense workout, weut,w offer workout classes and a program for the varying stagesna of parkinson' so, we're not just offering affn class for someone that may be at steve's level. level. we are offering classes for all of the different levels of l parkinson's disease, the, stages one through four is how w we categorize them. >> all right. well, coaches makeda and angelag thank you so mu
7:30 am
steady and steve thank you. y >> thank you for having us.or hv >> you're watching fox5 newswah at 7 we'll have another look at thek weekend forecast straightforecas ahead. we'll be right back. ht back. treat fragile, damaged hair to wholesome,back. intensely nourishing repair. new whole blends by garnier. blending our best into new honey treasures haircare. paraben-free formulas combined with the essence of royal jelly, propolis and honey extracts. whole blends nourishes deeply. heals and rejuvenates to the ends. for shiny, revived hair, whole blends is true repair.
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wholesome loving care blended for naturally beautiful hair. find your blend.
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>> welcome back. all right. we had a decent week i think and then rain moved into then dn area yesterday, caitlin, so i s think a lot of people want toe n know is the weekend a total washout.wa >> not a total washout, annie, , but yes, very unsettled.nsettl
7:33 am
all weekend long doesn't meanoen it's going to be very nicebe vye because what you're waking upatr to right now, cloudy, foggyoggy and wet conditions.diti it's so humid outside andde a we've just got such a warmuch aw humid air mass in place. pla now, looking at satellite andll radar right now you don't seeyot a lot of rain out there. there it's still well off towards t our west but just likeus yesterday showers and thunderstorms probably poppingpp up later this afternoon, someno of which will have heavye heavy downpours with them. t so, you need those umbrellasmb on the ready and you have tond be prepared for what will be b an unsettled weekend meaningea at any time we can have the wet weather.wet temperatures outside right nowig 71 washington, 72 manassas, 71aa dulles and 68 in winchester.chte when we show you the dewpoints o a measure of the moisture moist contender in the atmosphere,he , any time you get close to 70o 70 that's considered reallydered ay oppressive. anything over 60 is justjus sticky and that's exactly what we have all across the area. are dewpoints in the upper 60's toso low 70's as a lot of juice inf e the atmosphere to work with sooh that's why heavy downpours arens the most likely with anyith showers and storms that pop up later on today. t here's the setup for your
7:34 am
weekend. weak high pressure towards ourss rtrth. don't think we see a lot ofot of sunshine, just a few peeks.ks stalled boundary towards ourowar south that will be the focal f point for some showers ande show storms but an incoming coldomg front that's much stronger and is kind of one of those o sweeping cold fronts that's tt' just going push this stickyti air mass out will arrive laterie in the day tomorrow and with ant that we have the threat ofhaveea some strong to severe stormsto and an enhanced risk over thekr washington area. a the best time frame for thatam is late afternoon tomorrow torro evening, so you want to bet b weather aware for that meaningea we could have strong storms with high wind gusts and hail possible. afternoon showers and sunday heavy rain likely firstvt in the morning and then withnint that second round of severeof potential later in the afternoon, 83 degrees.n, 83 degr not the best weekendnd unfortunately.unfoun however, we are looking at one a of the best weeks we've seene've in awhile.ile. that's coming up here in youre r seven-day forecast.n- all right,da humid and showery y with the strong storms therermhe this and then as we head into next it week, much, much better.ter.
7:35 am
monday, 83 on tuesday.uesday look at that high temperaturesat only in the h upper 70's 7 wednesday and thursday. beautiful weather will take usre through the rest of the week and still that will elusive 90-degree mark doesn't look doe like we hit it again thisga t week. that's your seven-dayat's forecast. more on sunday's severeever potential still to come. annie. >> this morning we're learning new details about thatt t pennsylvania man shot outsideut the white house last month.. federal prosecutors havecu charged jessie olivieri withiit resisting officers with as with dangerous weapon.pon. secret service agents shot him outside a white house gate hou e when he refused to put hisfuse weapon down. d court documents say he tolds sad police "i came here to shooto so police.. olivieri remains hospitalizedta right now and if convicted heedh faces up to 20 years in prison. pr and in other news, ddot ddot has also improved its traffic yesterday ddot adjusted thosetet traffic signals in northwest. crews retimed traffic lights at nearly 400 intersections.secs ddot says they plan to monitor t the flow of traffic and make
7:36 am
necessary. they also hope the changes improve pedestrian crossingtr time. and there's still plenty more ahead in our 7 o'cloerck hour. what is stressing you out the most in your life. lif a new smart bracelet promises pi to track your emotional well being. we're going to tell you how it works coming up. >> ♪
7:37 am
♪ it's time to get out and explore. look beyond the expected. hidden among the trees. there's a special place. where getting away... brings us so much closer. vacation packages start at just $50 per person. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. a whole other world awaits.
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>> ♪ >> d.c. is known for black tie events. this is the only one where you can bring your dawning a your ay date. your -- your dog as your date. d >> joining us to talk morealk m about the bark ball isll is communications and digital media specialist alex john andd reagan. reag hi, good morning.od morning. >> good morning. morning >> megan not happy this morning. >> no. >> megan is so beautiful.utiful. tell us about reagan before we talk about bark ball.ut bar >> sure. so, she is two months old.old she is a pitbull mix. we found her as a stray. if you can believe it. can bel and yeah, she's available forabr adoption. i don't think it will be that hard. hard. >> with that cute little cutlite whimper. >> she really is the reason why this event happens everyllpy year. >> absolutely. the washington humane societyonn and the washingtone animalma rescue league takes car
7:40 am
61,000 animals a year.r. so, the money that we raise is extremely important.or not only to the care of o animals but the programs and services that we have to takeoak care of both our four leggedd and two legged members of thef e community. >> and you know, just working closely with shelters ilter thought it was interesting totit learn where this money iswhe th going. i don't think people realizepeor the intense care that goesthat g into the animals.mals. >> sure. each animal takes about $80080 to each animal comes spayed and neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. so that money really -- rlly -- >> let me take him.>> let me >> she is it not want to be onte tv today. t >> that's okay. ple e liple are like that, too. >> yeah. but that money really goes toward the care of all of ourf animals as well as we do animal
7:41 am
our law enforcement cases. cas we have safe haven for f domestic violence victims. vtims pets for life which takes career of low income communities in the district and many more. >> okay. so, people can bring their the dogs and meet potential adoptive dogs, too. t >> yes, yes. you can bring your own dog andwa then we will also have our adoptable dogs there available a for adoption. adopt >> it's quite an event. eve i went there a few years agors a with my dog louie and you just s see hundreds of dogs.fog i'm talking like over 5000 you all have literally thoughtao of everything, photo booths, music, food. f there are doggie treatsog everywhere. >> look at these pictures. picre >> it's just a lot of fun but an definitely bring a leash. aea >> yes, bring a leash, bring treats. >> wear your flats 'cause you'll be running around and.yon in>> something to change in anda you know, use your own discretion. if you know that your dognow doesn't get along well withthweh other dogs, you know, mayb
7:42 am
this one. >> that's fine, too. >> and tickets are still >> tickets are still>> available. t go to bark or head on over to either of our web sites at wl. >> if you want to learn moree about reagan log onto theirnto t web site and learn more aboutort little reagan who is up foror adoption, right.tion, r >> i know. probably will be snapped uppp very quickly.very q >> yes. i mean --ean >> precious. >> she's too much. [laughter] >> but we have plenty more. m we have plenty more. more. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, thank you.nk >> we'll be right back. ck.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> all right. welcome back. time now 7 :45.: and you know that seven dayay outlook, it looks really nice.e. >> it does. finally next week looks like the beautiful late spring.prin the weekend itself looksf l pretty unsettled. unset what you see is what you get as we take a live look outsidek on this saturday morning. mor a lot of haze, a lot of fog asgs we've got plenty of moisture in place. satellite and radar shows use what we're dealing wre d a cold front back towards ourows west slowly trundling acrossndla the country and this got a lotsl of moisture with it moving mov across the ohio valley back down to the south. heavy rain in parts o
7:46 am
where they've got a dire a situation with the flooding going on there and unfortunately seeing more rainym right now.right n little bit closer to home as we zoom in on washington, notng much. no falling rain, just socked juo in with the clouds and thee clot humidity. so, it does not feel very niceen out there unfortunately.tuna just that sticky weather thatha we sawest remains in place. p flash flood watch out towardslo our west.od that's for today and tonight . andht you got to go far towards our west, 81 corridor into the mountains so luray charlottesville back into westei virginia that is due to some t heavy downpours likely withikelw showers and thunderstormsnderors later today.later tod showers and thunderstorms will favor areas towards our westea but we could all see them as we move into the p.m. hours..m.. temperatures outside right nowes low 70's.s. 71 washington, 72 manassas, 68a6 in winchester. winchester. just can't really cool offff overnight in this type ofype weather.ather. here's what to expect. eec fox futurecast as you plan outut your saturday for the mosty r tt part it's not really rainingning through most of the morning mor hours into the early afternoonon although it's pretty misty and y drizzly so not very nice.
7:47 am
heavy showers andy s thunderstorms that pop up.derm severe weather is possibles posl towards our however i think heavy rain isr the biggest concern justus because these storms notot really going to have a lot of o movement with them but they b certainly have moisture.rt so, that's for today, p.m. tay,. showers and thunderstorms.ers overnight tonight into tomorrow morning heavy rain is a possible as that cold front cd f approaches. so, by this time tomorrow tomor morning, we could be track something heavy rain in ourur area. following that, it's prettys crucial that we get somethate ge sunshine for our severe sev weather threat which will arrive later in the afternoon i into the evening. ev this is ah as a telltale cold ac front coming through.frt comingt very strong. ve it's got that line that willt w bring some strong to severe sevr storms pretty likely duringik the late afternoon earlynoar evening hours although its althh looks like it will be very be v quick moving as these fronts f tend to be.tend be. behind it much cooler andoo a drier air mass moving in butg ib with those storms is the enhanced risk of some hail,of sm also some very high winds and ws something you want to payt t attention to as we head intoo sunday. here's the severe setup. severep we've got a very potent jety pot stream which just ba
7:48 am
means upper air pattern p supports some really stronge alt storms. we've got a humid air mass inn place, we've got dry air mass approaching so that clash ofas air masses is going to support p those scattered strong totrong severe storms.veretorm not just here but really alleay across the midatlantic and the storm prediction center has used outlooked for that enhanceicd risk. high temperatures later todayra just into the upper 80'stu probably. few peeks of sunshine maybee mab but showers and thunderstorms are likely later dan thenli overnight tonight we could seeke a hefty amount of rain moveai through and that's goings going dictate when and if we see the severe weather later on tomorrow. mo tomorrow is very much awaitvery and see kind of day with those strong sto models are still supporting itig but we have to see how s tomorrow morning plays outningls first. so unsettled weekend, huge in, e the low 80's, humid with those e showers and thunderstorms.s then it gets much, much nicerh n like annie said, finally f seeing some really greatll weather that's going to stick around for more than one day. high temperature in the lowempea 80's to even upper 70's here wednesday and thursday,thy, beautiful sunny dry and mild
7:49 am
weather. at looks really g so, finally looking at the nice weatherg ath that will last even into next nx weekend. still haven't hit thatstill havt 90-degree mark here in washington. looks like we are going to have to wait another week for it. so, yeah, like you said, if wef just get through the weekend -- i don't know if wed have to get through it but better weather awaits.ther awai. >> yes. ouus you and i have to work weekends so --eken >> we don't care.don' >> we don't really car just kidding. kid we care about this.>> the world of emojis iss expanding. 72 new emojis have beenve approved by the unicode consortium. they create globally standardized emojis and face characters.. some show a shark bacon pancakes clowns and cowboys. co you have to wait for mobiletomo companies to update theat software and you'll be able tobe update your phone.our i am still waiting for the -- - this one. why don't we have this one,is like the i don't know.'t kno >> like i don't know.
7:50 am
we have the eye roll now.eye lln >> we do. >> which is hilarious. hilarious we have jazz hands.azz h >> jazz hands. >> i abuse that one. ibuse t but we need this one, okay. >> right. >> we could just send that. tha >> i wonder how they choose these. like is there a high demand. are people writing into thento country like i really want thean pancakes emoji and there's t's such a demand for pancakeses emoji. >> soon we'll be all communicating with emojis. eji >> especially like when myn m parents send them.d t >> and i'm like mom that's not t the right one. we have wearable fitnesse vl trackers. new smart braceletmartra promises to track your your emotional well being. b >> it's called zenta. zenta the company that makes it sayss the bracelet monitors physicalic responses like your heart rateke your sleep and your breathing.n. it also collects data from dataf your phone like your calendar and your gps. the idea is that over time itr i takes the data and measuresea your happiness and stress and
7:51 am
the effect that daily activities or people aretivi having on you. it is expected to be releasedcta it will range from 100 to t $150. it's very pricey and kind ofindo weird that it picks up on your calendar on your g like it'ss tracking your every movement.ovm sometimes that makes me aake little worried.lile w >> these trackers do make me a little i don't know that i need a fitness tracker to tell me how i'm feeling. >> i know. >> and when i'm feeling my best or happy. i know when my blood is blood boiling. >> right. i don't need the zenta bracelet to tell me.acelet to >> you are watching fox5 newsret at 7 we'll be right back. ack.
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so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to her current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. (announcer) namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine, or who's had a bad reaction to namenda xr or its ingredients. before starting treatment, tell their doctor if they have, or ever had a seizure disorder, difficulty passing urine, liver, kidney, or bladder problems, and about medications they're taking. certain medications, changes in diet, or medical conditions may affect the amount of namenda xr in the body and may increase side effects.
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ts are headache, diarrhea, and dizziness. all my life, he's protected me. ask their doctor about once-daily namenda xr and learn about a free trial offer at >> ♪ >> welcome back. well. it is that time of it's graduation season and for r many high schoolers in the t d.c. area the odds to walkoal across that stage and get aet diploma are low.ow but that doesn't mean teensteens can't beat the odds and a network of local nonprofits isis trying to change that.o chanha this is great. michelle gillyard with venture u philanthropies partner and and nathaniel cole is here to tellel us all about this. this. i think this is wonderful what you are doing.. michelle i want the start withih you.yo you help create union connect.ot first tell us about this group. >> sure.ur
7:55 am
a network of high performing pem nonprofit organizations andatioa they work together in a placea a like a school focused on o making sure vulnerable youngoung people are positioned to adulthoodly we look at 14 to 24-year-olds, we think about educational outcomes.nal we want to make sure thate t they're ready for a post p secondary experience, wants tont make sure they're ready forea careers so we work together to achieve that. >> nathaniel you have collaborated with youthyo connect. you're one of sixu're organizations tell me more aboutti the proceso and why you decided that this ti was necessary.s >> so, to be a part of the network is something that's amazing. it's one thing to have a impact on young peopleoung peo throughout the region as aas a stand alone organization. but when you're partnered.artned >> all the forces combined. >> exactly. exa so with urban alliance we focus on workforce development and making sure high school seniors are placed in meaningful internships across the city.nt so, making sure that they're tre getting phenomenal workl w
7:56 am
looking at that post-highst-h school plans.. but for us to be able toe t partner with organizations like the latin american youthrih center and metro teenage, which ndrecently joined withoini whitman walker and kid d.c. kid. and all the other partners intnr the network to be able toble support young people from fm multiple perspectives iss really transformational andatioa then as a partner in a network, to have our teams go through professionalss development and really expandexd their professional network sowok that we can just really have ave greater impact across thecrs th region is something that'sha pretty amazing.zing >> i'm curious.urio. what have some of the students s gone on to oto d >> students will go on to postot secondary experiences.eriences. some of them will go to the community college of theity colg district of columbia, they'lle b go on to tiahe, leave town andd they'll go to some universities around the country. they'll get jobs. they'll be working. we're thinking about all thethey different pat
7:57 am
we know students need to havetso some post education once theynch graduate from high school, schoo whether they're going to getet an advanced training or go to t work in street. in he we have one young personso that two organizations worked with that is working -- she has an internship at the i american progressnt and schenn n then she went on to udc and completed her education.ducatio. there are a lot of excitinglot t outcomes they can achieve.can ae >> one of the goals is to takee these stories and then, youtas know, anhave these events wheres you can share them with otherhtr students to get them reallyem rl inspired and motivated, right,i, peer to peer kind of inspiration there. >> i think that sometimes someis of the most important work is i when a young person tellsn tel another young person their ownho personal story and how they've e overcome. >> thank you so much to theou both of you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you.ou >> that does it for us here at 7:00. there's much more at 8 o'clock. stick with us.
7:58 am
7:59 am
mr. brady, we've been expecting you.
8:00 am
will you be needing anything else? no. not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest. >> ♪ >> welcome back to fox5 news morning on this saturday june 4th. we're taking a live look outside and, yes, it is a a cloudy gloomy start. sta kind of muggy out there, too. >> yeah, it is. y it >> 70, 71 degrees right w good morning and thanks forornid joining us again, i'm annie yu. >> and i'm caitlin roth. caitl what you see is what you get y out there.out tre back with the clouds, thethclo humid weather. it's just gross out.s
8:01 am
>> it's a lot like not dealing with a lot ofa lo o falling rain right now but b it's humid and reallyll uncomfortable.mfor you kind of like the gloomy glo mayweather we had last monthth w except now it's june and it'st'i not cool.not cool. >> if the rain holds off i'mindo okay with this.his. >> yeah. >> i can deal with it.>> i >> i think it does until laternl this afternoon, evening forni it's really going to be westg tw of washington that we see theee best chance for some downpours p later today but satellite and s radar even showing some breaks of sunshine towards our west.urs here in washington, though,gtono we've got enough clouds andnd fog and haze out there to keepp us pretty socked in.tty 71 in washington right now, 72 manassas, 72 in frederick andck 71 in baltimore.almo it's very warm and it is also ia very muggy with thoseh dewpoints running very close to our temperatures, meaning, mi you know, it just feels likels it's about to rain out there at any minute. here's our setup for thisor t weekend. the reason it's kind of sond ofs unsettled is we've got thisot t front hanging around that's aro keeping us very humid andumid keeping us just kind of wet.f wt we've got a cold frontront approaching from the westom t tomorrow. that will eventually reallyally changeur
8:02 am
first, we've got a stormy sto sunday in the forecast we've been talking about that forhat the past couple days. days. your weekend forecast, 84 with w p.m. showers and stormsm. showes especially west today.y. strong storms possible and s heavy rain on sunday.rain os we'll talk more about thatmorebt coming up in your seven-day forecast. annie. >> all right, thanks caitlin.. our other top story this morning one that affects a loton of people in the dmv, metroe ind kicked off the safetracketra repair plan at the strike of tho midnight.midn now, overthe next year the yr repair work will affect wilaffe thousands of people even those n of you who don't take metro. met fox's lauren demarco has the latest and everything you needid to know. >> reporter: along with all metro railr: stations nowtation closing at midnight, the first safetrack surge begins this weekend.en 13 days of around clock singlekn tracking between the ballston and east falls church stations n starting saturday. trains expected to run every 18 minutes at all times. they will be eight car trains.
8:03 am
unfortunately on the orangey ono and silver lines west off ballston, biggest efects willtsl obviously be during the rush hour and you can expectxpec extreme crowding and longnd delays. >> reporter: metro's newetro'sew general manager, paul wiedefeld, plans to accomplishac three years worth ofth maintenance work in less thanna one year across the entire metro rail system.ys while this first project is expected to run through thursday, june 16th, it's only the first of 15 planned15 plann surges. officials from arlington and fairfax joined wiedefeld for add press conference to make sure sr commuters are prepared. prepare >> we'll have bus routes thats serve the metro. met we'll have bus routes and -- - and shuttle opportunities thattu can can take people from here to a place there is not experiencing single >> metro is the life blood. it's not gotten the attention an it needles it's getting iteedle now. we're going make this work.makew >> reporter: it's an extraordinary undertaking thatin will iarmpact virtually all ofy d.c.'s rush hour commuters.mutes riders at east falls churchls c are planning to add at least at
8:04 am
half hour to their travelra time.ti. >> it's a necessary evil.s ev seems like they neglected it long enough. e it just -- i wish they wouldishw do it, you know, at night andnd weekends and other things likesk that because they're notse ty're changing the prices that we'rehe having to tpay >> it needs to happen, though. t i stand by that.stan i'm happy we're doing it but it it's going to be a rough nine months. >> that was lauren demarco reporting. other plans are in place forin e people who will be impacted by repairs.repa in the district bus serviceistre will be extended in theed i evening and morning rush hoursus by 30 minutes. extended rush hours will runun along corridors that connect con the key bridge to the central c business district. distr ddot is beefing up parking restrictions to free up streetnr lanes and capitol bikeshare isik offering discounts and marc trains will have additionalio cars during peak periods. pio meantime as the districteis prepares for heavier traffic,ff ddot has improved its traffic signals. yesterday crews adjustedy ews traffic signals in northwest.orh crews are retiming those t traffic lights at
8:05 am
intersections.inteec ddot says they plan to monitor n the flow of traffic and makee adjustments to the timing asg necessary. they also hope the changes improve pedestrian crossingpedeg times. and back here at home this morning, police need your help identifying three men they are calling persons of interest inpf a sexual battery incident thatnc happened on the metro.n e m the female victim says she waswa approached by these three menee around 9:30 thursday night on nt a yellow line train.ra it was traveling northbound ntho from huntington.n now, as the train approached ape braddock road the woman saysck h the men asked her to perform aor sexual act. when she refused she says theshe men assaulted her.ed if you recognize knees these t men police wander to hear frome you. we are in prince george's county county where there is more fallout stemming from the arrest of a forestville highille school teacher accused of of having a sexual relationship rio with a female student there. t police arrested vincent mcduffie last week. las they say he admitted to havingdh sexual contact with atait 17-year-old student on the school district also placed the school's principalrip on leave
8:06 am
of caution while they conduct their fox5 talked to several former fr students and parents who wereenw not surprised by the allegations.alle take a listen.te >> i heard that he had sex with these girls, young girls, g passing them, giving theming the aids, letting them stay afterst in his class. cla i never expected it to be true b until now. >> i mean, he's a predator.are i mean, i late to say it but but he's a >> a school spokesperson tellse fox5 the school system does not tolerate any behavior that brings harm to a student. s prince george's county police g are asking anyone else who may o have had inappropriate contactpn with the teacher to come forward.forwar and the self proclaimedla the greatest, muhammad ali hasai passed away.way. the legendary boxer dominated dn the sports world for decades dec before his battle with parks wh sons disease. so more on the great life of muhammad ali. >> reporter: in
8:07 am
february 1964, he entered ring9n against the reigning world titleholder sonny liston.onnyis he emerged the heavy weightvy wi champion of the world. w >> reporter: muhammad ali was born casius clay ins clay i louisville kentucky.en clay started boxing at the agegt o 12. after minuting a gold med at a e in the 1960 olympics he turneder pro but it was after theh liston fight that clay announced his affiliation withhi the nation of islam andnationf s changed his name to muhammaduham ali. >> it's hard to be humble whenum you're as pretty as i am.s preta >> reporter: the three time t heavy weight champion was one of the most popular men in mospu sports history. in 1967, he was drafted intoraft the u.s. army..rmy. but refused to fight in vietnam stating religiouss he was immediately stripped of his title and the license to t box. bo ali's license would be reinstated in 1970 and he a vowed to return to the top ofheo the ranks and he would.e october 1974, he got his chance against a powerful young heavy weight by the nameah of george fo
8:08 am
the fight was billed as the t rumble in the jungle. ali went into the bout a three to one underdog but thatnd wasn't enough to silence the greatest.grea >> only last week i murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalized a i'm so mean i make medicine mic sick. >> reporter: ali spent theepnt first half of the fight withfigh his back to the ropes and allowed his mighty appoint to at punch himself out. ali would drop foreman in the fn eighth round.eighth rou he would once again be the the heavy weight champion of theof world. both ali and foreman took home a 5 million-dollar purse whichio n-many people paved the way for today's multi-million dollarliod contracts in any sport. >> before ali, purses werese very minimal. min during ali's time they grew.grew after ali, they exploded. eded. >> reporter: ali lost theepor title again four years later to another young olympic gold medalist leon spinks.n s he would win a 12 round split rs decision in february over the iy living legend only tong legd on relinquish the title back toac t ali seven months later. this made ali the only
8:09 am
in history to win the heavy theh weight title three times.. the roaring crowds tgware what fueled him for 15 years and 61 d fights but his drive to please p them kept ali from heedinging doctors' warnings. warni he was slowing down, his thyroid was blamed. w bla medication was a daily routin routine. it wasn't until losing his last fight in 1981 that ali admitted parkinson's syndromeon was the real enemy forcing himcg to take off the gloves for good. >> going into --
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back. time now 8:12. we are taking a live look at the metro station. staon it looks like it's east falls church metro. oh, ballston station, excuse me. that is where trains will beraib single tracking betweenet ballston and east falls fls church. safetrack kicking off thising of week. a lot to know. kno we'll have more for youve morfou straight ahead. ahe but first severalbu investigations are happeningns a in texas after nine fort hoodhod soldiers died in flood waters didn't a training exercise. the soldiers were k tilled when a rain swollen creek sweptre their vehicle into rushingng waters. wate investigators are stilligors looking into their deaths andths how the military handles riskydr training conditions. conti u.s. defense secretary ashecre carter says once thertays on investigations are complete, the military will make changesra to prevent similar accidents acc
8:13 am
and the mother of the toddler who climbed into ad to a gorilla enclosure at a cincinnati zoo will not face fac any criminal charges. charg police questioned her afterer the scary incident that wast thw caught on camera. camer many were furious that the momtt did not stop the child from entering the compound on sunday leading to the death of the silver back gore little lort the exhibit has been closedt since then but is set to reopen on tuesday. tuesd and a missing boy in japan is found safe after being lost t in a forest for almost a week. e hundreds of people searching srg for the boy in a remote area known to be ridden with fox news correspondent adam a housley has this story.history. >> reporter:. >> reporter: the seven-year-old japanese boyapane went missing after his parents s left him on the side of then th road as punishment foror throwing stones at people ins ae cars. cars. his father says when theys when drove back a few minutes mut later, the boy had disappeared.sappea today his father apologizedolog for leaving his son. s [speaking foreign language]la >> theng interpreter: veryet first thing i said to my son is i am so sorry for having h caused you so much
8:14 am
daddy's really sorry and myy son nodded yeah.nodd we have raised him with loveithl and i admit what we did was excessive and i had no idea iti would end up like this.end uke i i deeply regret my excessive ees behavior but i did what i wha thought was best for him. h >> reporter: the boy is now boy recovering in a hospital. doctors say he's under mental and physical observation butic seems to beal doing well.el [speaking foreign language]fore >> the interpreter: we have not found anyer life-threatening injuries. will he stay overnight at the hospital to have further tests to rule o out any internalny inl complications. >> reporter: the boy survived on water for nearly a week in a densely forestedores area where night temperaturespeu fell as low as 45 degrees.degrs. a soldier found him in a military drill area in ary drill storage hut where he slept on the floor between mattresses. >> 7 kilometers away by road b r where he first went missing. msi we don't know what route he took. >> reporter: the boys disappearance sparkinge arkin international debate about
8:15 am
discipline. adam housley, fox news., fox nes >> the forecast in texas thisasx weekend not looking so good.look people are bracing for more form rain there.rain tre. heavy rains this week have ledal to devastating flooding, fod wiping out bridges, coveringut g roads andes forcing thousandsus from their homes. hom this is in the county where w the brazos river is beyond capacity. three prisons have been been evacuated.ev governor greg abbott visitedg bt the area to tour the flood t f zones as many parts are still under some kind of flood watchfh or warning. >> not goin getting a break thee it's raining as we speak. speak we have rain leaded our way as a well but first our favoriteur fv part of the morning, our fox5ox first five. this is noah and she is almost m two months old. o >> she's precious. >> kind of sleepy. her mom says she loveshe watching fox5 with her mommy, daddy and nana all the time. mostly because of the colorsec on theau tv.on
8:16 am
i think babies are so transfixed by that, right, all l the colors and sound.lors a sou >> colors, movement, the mov sounds but right there she's ths sleeping. >> i know. she's not watching tv. maybe she lovers the weather map the most. they're very colorful. color >> a doll.>> a >> she is. thank you for watching no,g no, sir. what if you want your child toua be our next fox5 first fiveirst post their picture below thisow one on our fox5 d.c. page. so cute. all right, let's get tot, lt some weather.soweath unfortunately waking up to up t some very soggy looking loo conditions outside.itns out it's not raining but it's just so -- so much moisture outoie ou there. it's muggy and kind of foggy ofg and misty and cloudy. cud not a great combination for aonr good saturday. saty. and we've got an unsettled uettd weekend ahead for us.or satellite and radar nottellite showing any rain outside rightig now but when you look outsideut or when you first head outd it's very humid and pretty cloudy. cloudy. we've got a lot of rain outlot i towards our west.wardour and this is an actual cold actl front that will affect usaffe u tomorrow. behind that we'll finally seel e some change in our it's goingoi to turn very nice but first butr we've got to get through the
8:17 am
weekend which features a lotre of wet weather thanks to thiss s incoming cold front.ming cold f. here's what to expect as we heads through the restha of today. flash flood watch out towards our west. wathis is pretty far out towardsut tar our west.r you have to get into the mountains, shenandoah valley and over into west virginiast vr for today. tonight the highest chance of cc any strong storms as well asrmss the heavy downpours is going ioi to be towards our west butest here in washington probably still going see some showersomew and storms much liked yesterday. outside right now, 71 in washington, 71 baltimore, 72mo in annapolis, 72 in frederick fe and 70 out in winchester.inch just very, very mild, probablyro need the air conditioning justts to be comfortable at all. a there's a lot of humidity ina lo tht e fox futurecast for tax i think i any morning activities you'revii fine. ldet iould get in all the kids'n sports games because i i don't see any falling raine until later this afternoon and like i said areas towards our west will be favored with some of those heavy downpours. downp there's a ton of moisture outuro there. we don't have anythingn'y really moving along.lo no steering flow today so anyody showers that do pop up that's ua why we have the flash flood flaf watch especially towar o
8:18 am
heavy rain that could last fortf awhile. overnight watch for showers and thunderstorms so starting off with heavy rain possible onto sunday.unda and then as that actual coldual front comes through, this iss ts what we're tracking, that line l of potentially severe storms.rm that would be tomorrow the highest chance for those t showers and thunderstorms thatd could beth severe. enhanced risk for that. humid with showers 84. 84. strong thunderstorms possible after a round of morning sunday is very unsettled. unset. we'll have to sea see how itve plays out but we'll keep you updated in the fox5 weather5ea center all day long. 82 degrees on monday but whatdat you don't see is it's much m less humid and then aidhen beautiful week ahead.he 82 monday but 83 tuesday,ay, upper 70's is it for wednesdayne and really nice weather into the ino weekend. that's a look at your's a lk atu seven-day forecast. annie. >> thank you so much caitlin.h . we are learning moreg re details about thatut tha pennsylvania man shot outside mn the white house last federal prosecutors haveprecut charged jessie olivieri with
8:19 am
dangerous weapon.ngers we secret service agents shot him outside a white house gate house when he refused to put his p h weapon down. d court documents say he told t police "i came here shootersh police." olivieri remains hospitalizedpi right now and if convicted heond faces up to 20 years in and after years of beingte denied entry to the u.s. the. t indian prime minister has been welcomed to d.c. by president b obama. he will meet with mr. obama m oa tuesday and have the honor of addressing a joint meeting ofeeg congress on wednesday.nesday a new defense agreement and a a possible announcement on u.s. investment in nuclear power inei india will likely be discussedeu during his visit her. vis h and donald trump andan hillary clinton on thed attacka hammering each other onach her everything from foreign policynp to each other's presidentialial demeanor or as they say lack l thereof. fox news chief washingtonashito correspondent james rosen hasens the latest from the campaignhe n trail. >> reporter: as the battle for the democratic nomination nt moves to its momentous endingg including the delegate rigide d california primary we are
8:20 am
starting to see glimpses of what a general election gen ele matchup between donald trumpbetw and hillary clinton wouldee lool like. as the two return to theto campaign trail today, tradingrag jabs on foreign policy andn a other topics.topi >> he doesn't really haveve ideas, he just engages in rants and personal feuds andud a outright lies. l >> reporter: clinton thentonhe democratic frontrunner wasaticrt looking to press the momentum mn after she delivered aeliver blistering attack on trump's tmp foreign policy experience onpoli thursday in a speech widely regarded as one on f her strongest performances to date. date at a rally in california the presumptive gop nominee fired back. >> i think hillary is very is weak. i think she's i think she should be in jail i for what she did with herher e-mails. >> reporter: today's rally proved much calmer thanlmer tha thursday night in san josee where several hundreddr protestors attacked hisis supporters yelling shouting sho spitting and hurling eggs at ripping away their signs throwing bottles.otes analysts suggested such
8:21 am
disturbances could help the helt trump campaign.amig >> it gives credence to trumpe o and his supporters claims.laim >> reporter: all three presidential candidates will be busy over the weekender t reaching out to voters aheadersa of tuesday's balloting in keyngn states. according to the average ofherao major polls on real clear hillary clinton'slt once formidable lead ine ld california over her rival r senator bernie sanders ofande o vermont has dwindled less than a 5. n washington, james rosenhing fox news.tofo >> coming up we have newav details on the zika virus. what doctors are now saying is g another way the virus canway thu possibly be transmitted. you don't want to miss this.s. time now 8:21. we'll be right back.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
>> ♪ >> in today's health watch the zika virus may have their may hv ability to be transmittedrami through oral sex.througor doctors in paris say a woman came down with zika virus vir symptoms after having sex with a man. m >> the man developed the zika za symptoms before leaving brazilvg and arriving in paris back in february.ry when the woman became sick both were tested for the the virus. vi doctors found the virus ind ru both of them. t >> all right.. and social media likes appear aa to have a powerful effect on teenager's brains. researchers found that when a teen's photo on social media receives a like the reward r center of the brain becomes becs particularly active.ive. >> yeah, there was also a activation in brain regions known as the social brain asrain well as those linked to visual attention.atte also when the teens werethteens deciding on whether or not toott ke
8:25 am
the influenced by the number of likes the photo alreadylrea had. >> all right. well, it's not every day you n get a chance to put on your dancing shoes at school andoes these students from bowie highog school are studying spanish. they went to a restaurant inann rockville yesterday. >> students got a chance tonts o order some food in spanish andpi then they had an extra special s treat. theyt. learned thousand danceus the flamenco.lanc the dance instructor has been i teaching students for 20 yearsn and dancing for even longer. fox5's photojournalist chip basden shows us how it went. >> ♪ >> i think it's a really powerful and empowering dance. >> ♪>> it's strong. >> ♪ it's passionate. >> ♪ beauty to the dance as dce well as the all of
8:26 am
>> ♪ -- and rhythm behind flamenco syncopated. >> ♪ you've got to envision yourself.yourse >> ♪ it's not typical western -- what we hear in western music. >> ♪ almost a call to prayer.toe all of it just culminate in a really passionate experience exr for the children. >> ♪ (applause). >> what a wonderfula wonderful opportunity.opportun >> yes. >> all right. well, the fight against isisght continues. co coming up we'll tell you what ya the u.s. navy is doing todayoi to combat the terrorist >> plus, caitlin, you'll bein, b back with another look at today's weather and thatt all-important work weekrtwork preview. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. time now 8:29. taking a look at our top t stories this morning, metro m kicked off its safetrackrack repair plan this today starts the around the aroe clock single tracking betweenetn the ballston and east fallsal church metro stations for ther e next two now, trains are expected toted run every 18 minutes at all times. so, just a warning, thingshi will get very, very crowded folks. and the united states navy's top o
8:30 am
are fffiring airstrikes againstt isis from the mediterranean z.rz it's happening on board the u.s.s. harry defense department officialsde o carried out the airstrikes airsi against targets in syria.t taeta the truman will return to rurn o norfolk, virginia in mid-july. finally muhammad ali the silver tongued boxer and civil c rights champion who famously fau proclaimed himself thelf t greatest passed away.asse away. ali passed away yesterday at a a phoenix area hospital where heph spent the last couple of days d being treated for respiratoryeso ali was 74 years old.wa. as we know, muhammad ali suffered from parkinson'srkin disease and there is a local l boxing organization dedicatedic to fighting the disease through noncontact boxing.ox it's called rock steady boxing montgomery county and earlier this morning the coaches c the s appeared on our show to reflect on muhammad ali andammad did you say the program thate oa is helping so many living wind d gust parkinson'withparkinson's a >> very sad day not only innl the boxing world but the worldud in general of the passing ofas
8:31 am
muhammad ali. any reaction to this because beu you guys deal with this every day. y. he lived with parkinson's parkin disease for over 30 years for fr decades obviously a fighterer and this is something that youso all see on the daily.. >> uh-huh.>> uh. >> yes, we do. d and to -- to reflect on that, t that is why -- i mean, thosen, t are the reasons that we do the o things that we do. because we recognize and ourur thoughts and prayers go, firsto, of all, to muhammad ali and a his family and also a huge thanks for their efforts in effs the cure for parkinson's but what we do here at rockk steady boxing is we are looking at our fighters and weew want to sustain and increase ire their quality of life whilee they are fighting against parkinson's. >> do you think it givesiv people hope that they can havean a purpose and do somethingom that we can all do? >> uh-huh.h-huh. >> absolutely, yeah.ut i mean, we -- we don't treatreat our fighters any differently. i mean, they go through probably a workout similar to what muhammad ali would go wou
8:32 am
we push and, you know, justw, get them ready for their t everyday and they come in with t confidence, they leave with w confidence. steve.eve. >> definitely. >> there's no taking it easy on us. we are worked to the max.he there's just -- 'cause we haveue parkinson's doesn't mean we get taken lightly on. o angel makeda push us to the max.x. they have a great philosophy this is what i want this is w what i'll take now show mehow me what you can do. it's pretty amazing just tot to see other people, you know, kno with parkinson's out thereut the pushing and fighting as well. >> all right. okay. >> weather-wise how are weer looking. >> well, unfortunately prettytuy unsettled weekend and we've andw been talking about a week, you u know, the potential for strongtr is storms tomorrow and that at still looks to be on targete are but one of those situationsitti where you kind of just have toae wait to see how it unfoldst unf tomorrow. busy day. could have a lot of wetfet weather. right now outside no rain but it is just kind of that soupyhao sticky mess.kys. its
8:33 am
pretty foggy and cloudy outy ou there. all right, satellite and radart right now showing not any rain overhead.over and we should actually be dry, dry, though, relativelyatv speaking outside through most of the day here in it is very muggy, throw. mug temperatures outside right nowet couldn't cool off overnightvern with all this 71 in washington, 71hingn, baltimore. 71 out at dullesnd 70 in i winchester.nchest. so, it is pretty as far as the severe threatthre for today, storm prediction prei center has outlooked us in washington marginal risk.ginal . higher risk out towards theisk west as the cold frontld fro approaches later tonight andes that would be ma linly for blueb ridge mountains into westmounta virginia and that's where theyst could see some heavysomeav downpours, maybe some small smal hail with those showers and storms that's probably won'ts pb make it into washington but we could still see some showers ourselves. ou heavy rain is possible againbl a overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning and then tomorrow afternoon, that's, thas when the cold front actually con moves into the washington areana and that's where we are in the enhanced risk for severe sev weather with the main threat, tr
8:34 am
hour, heavy downpours, smallrs s hail and of course plenty of o lightning.tnin so, that's where we really w want to pay attention to theonot fact that we could have plentyle of severe thunderstormnd warnings going off tomorrowom afternoon. af but we have to wait and seee wi how this all plays out.ys out heavy rain tomorrow morning could kind of ruin our chances s for any of that severe weatherha but it might not. n depends how much sunshine wehowu see later in the day toch helpel us destabilize. back to to today it is just kind of humid and cloudy and hazy out there.he maybe a peek or two of otwo sunshine but i doubt it. i thunder with showers laterater 84 in washington and tonightgton we could have that overnightthvn rain. here's what temperatures look t like. still very humid, lows in theint low 70's. 7 seven-day forecast, humid withid those showers today, 84. 83 with strong thunderstormsndet possible later sunday.ssle and then a beautiful week. wee look at that.ok a tha monday all the way through tou friday finally a long stretchg t of some nice cooler drier comfortable late springortable g weather. highs in the 80's and the 70's t. 's plenty of sunshine.un that's a look at yourat's a loo seven-day fo
8:35 am
annie.e. >> well, coming up, the who t and the what is a production a n that is playing right now atay the round house theater.heat it explores islamic perspectives on women throughhr a comedic portrait and we'll talk to the director and star of the show coming up next. treat fragile, damaged hair to wholesome, intensely nourishing repair. new whole blends by garnier. blending our best into new honey treasures haircare. paraben-free formulas combined with the essence of royal jelly, propolis and honey extracts. whole blends nourishes deeply. heals and rejuvenates to the ends. for shiny, revived hair, whole blends is true repair. new garnier whole blends honey treasures. wholesome loving care blended for naturally beautiful hair. find your blend.
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8:38 am
islamic values through women.lum >> it's playing at thehe roundhouse theater in bethesd bethesda. is eleanorrs holdridge and one of the main characters. good morning to the both of you.or >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us. o >> so, whoever would like told speak about it, tell us aboutl t the play. what is this about. play about a a woman who is at the center of of an islamic family and she is is harvard educated and isted an exploring what it means to be a feminist within an islamhin am make american family. >> that's>> t is it intense or isha it -- there's a little comedic com injection there as well?l? >> yeah, it's both humoror and -- comedy and drama dma because like any family a lotam of things people relate to in watching it they're relatingre to in their own lives. o liv for me it's really about a about woman fighting for her own h independent within herenthin relationship with her father. f. >> the cultural differenc
8:39 am
>> honestly i'm not muslim but s i relate to it as well and i i feel like so many women would across cultural >> yeah. >> around sexism and patriarchy and how do you have yourself and your family atam the same time.the sa >> and just on a personal note as being korean american i ameri dealt with that growing up tooit just fighting once you walk past that front door i became korean and my parents had korean traditional values and once i left i was westernized.en i had american friends, values sleepovers and something so little like that, my parents p had issue with. things -- it was hard for them t to let me go over to sleepole overs. any way, personal tell us about zarina youryo character. >> she's a feisty woman writing a novel she's really passionate about about the prophet mohammed and it'snd it' something that's very personal to her without giving away tooia much. >> right. we don't want to give away tooe much but i'm curious, what do wa you lope the audience will take away f
8:40 am
play. play >> well, i think they'll seel, k that there's as many ways ofy ws being a muslim american family as there is but being, i don't know, christian americanchristia family is that there are manys h ways of looking at the culture e and the religion within a a family dynamic and i thinknd i ultimately the play is abouts love. i think it celebrates the love l that families have for each other even though they may have incredible cultural differences or ethical oca differences or ways of beings ob but that the love is still the there that holds the familyil together.toge >> and what do you think -- how are people receiving thele c play so far? like what aree wh some of the things they'ref talking about after the play? pa >> i mean, a lot of peoplef p have been really enjoying it. ey surprise isingly there's a lot a of laughter in it. >> that's were.>> that's wer >> and in places that are with e a lot of like dramatic tensioncs as well. w >> i think because peoplehi relate to that.ha >> it's relatable.atle. >> yeah.>> yea >> and so i think that think t surprises people.opl nd
8:41 am
up to me with a lot of questions and talking about howl it connects to their ownnn connection to not only theirly faith, their religiousel heritage but, yeah, also just a growing up. grow >> i think there's some i thi comfort in seeing something relatable on the stage, you ttau know what i mean, there's that connection. you feel like oh i'm notele oh alone, there are others that thr are dealings with this exacth x same thing and it soundssods really interesting.nt i love that there's a comedic c twist to it because it light tense up such a heavy topic heac and it's playing right now athtw roundhouse and i love this, thi too. there's a special program thateg you all do there at theret theater and it's wonderful and a motivates young people to comesp check out these plays.ays >> yeah, that's pay what you wh can which is where any high school student can come for free to the theater.heat >> it is a.m. playing tongo promote thatly. >> on tuesday there are $10are seats. >> which is even better.hi >> how long is the play running.ow ru >> until june 19th. >> june 19th, all right. june 1l thank you so much ladies and lae is there a web site? there it i is roundhouse
8:42 am
go there for all the t information and tickets arets a still available for the play.y. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right, well the the national building museum is hosting a savory event.savory et >> an event just for you beerou lovers and and that's next. >> that's us. caitlin and i we're tuned in. >> we'll be right back.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back. foodies and draft beer lovers listen up. we have a very special eventafal to tell you about that is justs for you.r you
8:45 am
peek.ek take a look.taoo >> reporter: this weekend a wnd savory event is coming to thein d.c. area. it's the eighth annual savorav fest presented by the brewers te association the. the event is an american craftrt beer and food experiencend taking place at the national ftn building museum and joining us now is sam calgion he founder of do yoof dog fish brewery. br. >> it's kind of like the oscars of the beer world.the people get really dressed upse u and they -- it's almost like a red carpet is rolled out and and executive chef adam dulane dul spends months paring everying ee beer with a special fooled it's a special night that tha shows beers earned it's placeare on the white tablecloths inoths >> okay. so you real are talking about a paring and i think i know know pe
8:46 am
food but maybe not alwayswiayben beer.ot >> yup, yup. yup i think i think the reasonhe ren craft beers exploding inexpl america is the small indy i breweries in everyries ivery neighborhood are kind of just part of the a week of shopping.. like local farmers markets, a local coffee roasters andsters d beers can pair with food just as wine. win >> we could talk forever.ev who why when we have beers tober taste. >> this is friday 5 o'clock.5 o. >> this is my fridayisfri 5 o'clock. for you all watching it willtchi be saturday morning so youro y 5 o'clock is coming. c don't worry.don't worr >> we're starting you off withit a quintessential summerum america beer style when is belgian white beer fruit tearuia dry great partner for citrus cru salads or barbecues. >> and it's called namaste.d nas >> i feel like i should do warrior pose or something as ihi drink >> that's right. that's it means the spirit some mee celebrates the spirit in you. t >> i like it. >> do you get the orange peelral in there. >> i do. >> pepper corn as well.rn as w >> i feel
8:47 am up next. >> this one the ride.e thide. pa style is by far and away far the biggest beer style in the craft beer world and fastest growing beer style in all oferli america. >> which is interesting to me because i'm notre a huge hope ho fan. i think of hops when i think of ipa's. ipa's >> you're right. ipa's tend to focus on hops.n hp today i brought just for you for three beers that don'tat don emphasize hops.ops. >> you knew. k >> i knew. kne this one is all about sort of pepper corns, lavender buds. >> i like that. >> it's using the herb herbs of pravance.ce. >> i like that.>> ie tha >> this is growing on a small base in america they're called sour section beers.econ beers. the first sip will be a little l bit tart but the second sipond the peaches should really c
8:48 am
through. >> my tart face.e. okay, wait.ait. >> first face is tart face. hopefully second is crummycond y face it. second drink is totally it's like a wealth of wh knowledge this guy s really that's the great thing about a savor because it's your timeuse to interact and talk with allll the beer makers producers and everything and really learn.rn tickets still available.le >> tickets are still availabletb for saturday night unless theys cold out in the last coupleoupl hours. >> they're going fast.y're goi get them now.get it's of course when you're watchingan this friday will have already ay happened much huge success. suc. national building museum. pair your beer. bee >> craft >> check it out.>> >> there you go. t >> thank you holly morris. morri i'm quite inspired by that.hat. annie it's almost our 5 o'clock, right.ight. >> woo, yes. let's celebrate.te >> you might want to because indoor activities could be preferable today as we take a live look outside andod you seee that thick cloud cover. not raining and it probablyrobl won't most of the day but it but is humid, it is foggy andgy a misty and we probably willil have the drizzle with some ofh f those shows
8:49 am
accuweather forecast, let'set start off satellite and radar right now, not seeingll any raii here but there is plenty backyk towards our west. a very poet 10 cold frontld f movin,potent cold front moving m across the midwest and the and ohio valley. as that cold front comes through tomorrow could sparkpa that strong storms in ourour area. area back to today, flash floodash fd watch out west of our area forr the mountains into west virginia. this is this afternoon throughft tonight. heavy downpours with anypour showers or thunderstorms that t do pop up but that will favor wr areas towards our west.s wa temperatures outside right outst now, it is a sticky 71 in washington.wash 72 in manassas, 72 out at a dulles.dulles. 70 in winchester it lookst like, 72 up in frederick andderk we should get into the 80's 80' later today.d. but with those 80's also comes m the humidity and the cloud cloud cover really sticking around through much of our saturday.ata fox futurecast shows showersws o and even some thunderstorms possible but will be favoredbe for areas towards our west. fwa that being said, we couldould still have that drizzly dreary e type of day and unlike all a those weeks in
8:50 am
it with the warmer weather wea this time around here in june.nn looks like rain heavy at times m makes it into the metro areaetra later this evening and even eve overnight we could have someav heavy showers, maybe even somevm thunderstorms but heavy rainrms is possible bujust abouttbout everywhere as we head into early sunday morning.. a cold front could bringld bri showers in sunday s some wind gusts and hail withhah that but by monday morning we we real dollar clear out.olla all right, sunday's severesevere setup we have been talking about it for a few days, we'veve got the energy there, a humidid air mass in place, drier airriea working its way in and thathat clash will spark the chance thea for scattered strong . be aware later tomorrow afternoon and eveningreoo depending on how much sunshinenm we get throughuc the day couldau have some strong ones outong ot there. 84 degrees and mid 80's across s the area are likely, littley, le bit cooler along the bay later t today in the upper 70's. 70' rain with low temperatures in the 70's and our seven-daynd oun forecast shows improvement asroe we head into the work week. so, an unsettled weekend withndt those strong storms sunday. sun cooler and drier as we
8:51 am
through the rest of the week.ofw looks beautiful. beautif lives ihigh temperatures in the' and 80's. annie.anni >> thank you. a clothing line based in i d.c. that raises awarenesswane about police brutality. we'll talk to the founder of gloss rags coming up next
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> welcome back. next week officer caesar c jrodson jr. is the nextgoodson baltimore police officerltli scheduled to stand trial in the arrest leand death ofd deat freddie gray.ray.
8:54 am
serious charges including inc second degree murder wasmurder w driving the police van freddie v gray was riding in when he suffered a spinal injury which led to his death.led his dea gray's death is just one of many that has sparked outragepao about black men and women whoom have died in police custody and has also moved a movement mv to raise more awareness about it. and it has even inspired api d.c. native to put activism on a t-shirt and joining us now to explain the message on the shirts is randy gloss of gloss o rags. thank you so much for cominguchr in. >> thank you for having me. hing >> and i wanted to start off just by asking did you think that you would be adding all ain these names to these shirtsheset that you you cre >> i had no idea. idea this shirt here has the original six names and in -- ini started my business in april 2014 and by that summer august, we lost mike brown, bwn eric garner,:zel ford. f went on to add their names andas now our most current version vei
8:55 am
version has -- is up to 10 now when we originally startedrt with five.with five. so really unfortunate but the a.m. per sand with the ellipses is indicative and hasiv some foreshadowing that there t would be more victims and evennd before i made the shirt therehe were folks that have passed and that were there's always going to bes goio more names than we'll ever fit on a shirt which is the sad is reality of it.of >> certainly a conversation starter. you wear this around and tar people obviously ask you whatskw is this thi >> yes. >> what made you start gloss sta rags in the first place? what?a motivated you to do thiso this >> well, i was out with my mom m at the march on washingtonhi anniversary back in 2013. 201 that summer.umme and so i wrote the first five fv names on a shirt and it said i more than just black faces and a tragic spaces and so i was and carrying the sign at the march e and every, you know, 10 feetw, or so somebody was stopping meig to ask to take a picture of pic the sign.e
8:56 am
about it and sketched it outd it on a piece of paper. of pape i talked to my mom and i was i like i think i want to put it pt on a t-shirt, thought about itbo prayed about the it for a fewuto months. and then in i guess it was was february of 2014 i reached outet to my mentor who is also als d.c. maker here in the artinhe scene and i was like i just need $500 for some shirts ande h so we kind of talked back and bk forth. i had to come up with thewi t business plan and first time,st you know, he said no so i went back to the drawing boardng tightened things up and then he ended up paying for my first 100 shirts and i started selling them at a local cityit in d.c. in >> a big event. e >> we sold for our third yearurr in a row there a few weeks back in april and then went tonn sell the rest of the shirtshe si online. we sold through our first 100 probably in less than a month an and then just kept printingt pri more, played around with aun different colors, differenten styles and then when the timet h came a few months lateren t to t more names we did that.did >> and what do you lope that this wearable activism willsm w do? i hope that it, like you le said, it's
8:57 am
starter and i really hope to -- it will encourage peoplepe to continue the conversation. one of the things i say is like i enjoy making peoplepl uncomfortable. i've had people -- as awful assa that sounds i've had peoplead p tweet, e-mail and say, youay know, hey, i was just gettingtet dressed at the ymca afterfter swimming and this white womanhin walked up to me and said there e my shirt made herhirtade uncomfortable or i hadortae or somebody who worked at a workeda charter school here in d.c. and said that her principalr tr asked her -- told her she h couldn't wear that shirt tot work or even the victim of a o family member of a victim who w was told going into the int courtroom that she either had to take the shirt off or turn ot it inside out before theor proceedings for the officer who killed her cousin.sin. and so i know that the shirthe still continues to have impact i two years later and i just i j lope that it will -- one of our tag lines is also to fight amnesia. we want to keep remindingtop rei people that these deaths dea continue to happen. 2016 lab interesting becausetine there haven't been as manybeenmn high profile cases that are in headlines. >> i'd love to talk more aboute this but we are out of time soa thank you so much. >> thank yo
8:58 am
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