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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  June 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> and i'm wisdom martin.'m today is monday june 6, 2016. 2. start of another great week. >> uh-huh. >> we got our weather expertther mike thomas is here and erins como here as w they're going to talk weatherala and traffic in a few moments. >> metro's safetrack plan is under way and this morning itng is going to affect youraffect yr commute. >> if you're ride the orange ora or silver lines you need some s extra patience. melanie alnwick is here wither t what you need to know. >> everyone needs to benes to planning far far ahead. i think some people are hoping perhaps maybe they cannot goy into work today if their boss tr says it's okay to stay home and telecommute.elecom this is the beginning of surge s one of that safetrack p again, it is going to really impact customers here on theerhe orange line. lin we're at ballston all the wayn e out to vienna so continuousonnu single tracking.rackin definitely something that iseth going to cause interruptionspt for a lot of people
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>> it's about 73 weekday tripsei is what 33 say metro -- the- kind of impact it's going to to have. ha it's going to run 13 days, day until june 16th, continuousth, single tracking between the east falls church and ballston stations.. expect extreme crowding inroin each direction.irection. what are crews going to be crews doing? during that time they are going to be replacingla parts of the third rail, the insulators and cover boards boa and cleaning up the trackleanint beds. the federal transit administration says urgentay repairs are required to reduce the risk of smoke and fire events. this section initially wasas planned for november but the feds said, nope, you got to do this one first. ballston and new carrolton interestingly enough metroh m says it's going to be puttingut on some additional trains, as, a mix of six and eight carig trains during the morning and afternoon rush. rush. some folks told us they're planning as l
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an hour early this morning tonit try to navigate metro to getet to work.or some people, it's their only option.op so for now from ballston, we're going to stay here andered see how it goes most of themo i'm going to toss it to erin to como who is going to give youou a little look at what your options might be.ons mi googood morning, erin. e >> googood morning, melanie.anie really disruptions thisruns t morning. mo single tracking east falls to t ballston. what can can you do to get around let's take a look ata lok some of your transit options. os telecommute if possible is ae great that's not possible for everyone.evyone. increased metrobus service. fairfax county connector is an i operation and vre service if you want to avoid metro youetro can hop on the in arlington transit increasing their service we'll keep you updated.u upda if you have any questions hes reach out to me on twitter ater erin fox5 days. fox5 da we want to help you pick the p best option if you're avoiding n metro this morning. mor in additi y
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or lyft.or l they have pool i've tweeted out great o g information there as well.ation if you wanast to save some monem this morning not necessarilyot s take your own uber or lyft,yft, again pool services are available. you can also carpool. car zip car capitol bikeshare oritoo walk if you live close enoughlio to the office if you're able a to bike or bike parking restrictions if yous ify normally drive into town, t morning and evening rush hoursu have been extended by 3030 minutes on bus priority corridors. that is acting your routesyour u from the key bridge into downtown so things like he street corridor i street alonget m street in georgetown, 7:00 7:0 to 10:00 and 4:00 to 7:00. 7 any questions you have at erinri fox5 d.c. on >> baltimore police officer facing the most serious chargeou in the death of freddie grayea headsth to court. >> officer season food son isodn facing a murder charge in thisrg cas
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prosecutors argue goodson is i responsible because he failedhef to get him in or get medical help. if convicted goodson couldon c face up to 30 years in prison.ri william porter is expected toert be a key witness in goodson's trial. porter's trial ended in a triald mistrial. >> fairfax county publicountyli schools holding a meet dag about transgender bathrooms.atoo the school board is lookingol bo into making changes. cng no word yet if the schoolhe sch board will be involved.d ll b >> and this is some good newsomn this morning.orning the miss u.s.a. crown is coming them to d.c. d >> district of columbia.uma [cheers and applause]pus >> whoo-hoo! a big congratulations to thens t new miss us a deash she wasn'tht in a barber miss district ofbe columbia. sher won the crown live here one he fox5 beating out miss hawaii and miss georgia. geo barber is a logistics lis commander for the army and it analyst for the department of
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wily congratulate her.ulate h she was in the loft just aboutet two weeks ago. a >> there is so awesome.o asome we need say here she comes -- c- is that wrong. >> no. here she is.s. that's miss america.s erica. >> there she is. we better move on before wemofo get in trouble. troub let's talk weather now because u that's same mike thomas ismas is here to talk about that.t. >> look at mike 's pavements he's like don't do it.e n't do . don't sing >> that's a good looking man lon you're watching on t that's the way to start thetart day.da >> there you go. >> we don't have a bad startn'ts to the day here. the d it's a little humid out there.h. temperatures kind of in thees kf 60's and 70's. and 70' good news later this weekwe we're getting rid of that t humidity and things going to be much better. bte let's get right outside, takeidk a look at those temperatures.peu if you're hitting the the road early this morning no jacket mor needed, 69 degrees here inees d.c. dewpoints in the 60's as well. e very sticky this morning. m 72 for quantico, 69 annapolis, leonardtown at 70 degrees.0 satellite and radar, high thin,t clouds should be a beautiful sunriseuli
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no threat for showers orfor shos storms today. it will be a good day, dryry day. sunrise forecast 68 degreesast and the sun will rise at 5:43 a.m. please send us your photos ifd you get a good shot of the sunrise. 87 degrees later today. tod a very warm day.very wm da 86 for gaithersburg. frederick 87.7. manassas 88.8. culpeper 88.lpeper 8 we may be pushing 90 in a few locations if we get enough enoh sunshine.sunshine. winds are out of the west today. that's a nicee warm wind for ur later on this afternoon n aftern bit we'll more about thet seven-day forecast because allta in all it's not too shabby. sbb guys i'll send it back to youtoy wisdom and maureen. mau. >> today is the first full daydy of ram today. today. the month commemorates the revelation of the koran to the prophet muhammad. >> muslims spend the days of das 30 days of fasting.f fti they don't eat or drink. d they also increase charity andhy prayer. >> president obama imarking the start of the holy month o t
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donald trump.dona obama issuing a statement state saying "i stand firmly with muslim american communities in rejection of the voices thatn t seek to divide us or limit or religious freedoms or civil rights. trump has called for ap temporary ban on muslims.usli he obama went on to say the u.s. welcomes all muslims. mus >> cries of preferentialri treatment afteesr a stanford university swimmer receives aa sentence that some say is too lenient praise and adoration ada for muhammad ali.for mu >> live look across the time is 4:37. it's 69 degrees outside.utsi happy monday.happy monday. we're back in a moment. ent.
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it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me >> ♪ we are back with a check of the stories trending on thear web this morning using ourri o realtime news tracker. track >> first up outrage after a former stanford university univt swimmer convicted of sexual sex assault is sentenced to justnceo six months in jail. j >> he was given three years many call the sentence a slape a on the wrist. >> next up, tributes continueon to pour in for boxing legend l muhammad ali. his former opponent george g foreman calling him "one of the greatest human beings he'ses ever met." >> president obama said the obad world was a better
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because of muhammad ali. a >> donald trump criticized for his tributes to to many call him a hypocrite for praising him following hiswi call for a temporary ban on muslims. last year ali had publicly denounced that ban. >> pope francis issues new issue rules which will affect thehich lives of church leaders inders i every archdiocese around thee ah world. >> and as we head to breako brek live look outside across thes region right time now is 4:41. 4 we're back in a moment. moment.
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>> police in laurel are investigating a fatal train accident this morning.ol they say a 25-year-old man was hiatt adend killed by a csx tran the man's body was taken to a a medical examiner and a
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autopsy will be conducted.e we're going to bring you more yu information about this as itioaa becomes available.comes availabl >> the body of muhammad ali isai back in his hometown. ali's body was thrown ton louisville kentucky for a public funeral which willhi happen this friday. a large motorcade was on hand. h ali died friday at the age of 74. he will be buried at cape hillcl cemetery in louisville. >> ♪ >> 4:44 is the time.e. as we take a live look outsideue right now across the region, r it was a decent weekend.t weeke. >> it was. >> we had my daughter'sauter's birthday party yesterday and ira kept thinking the rain wasn was supposed to come down ruin things. not a drop, mike. m thank you to the stars. i was really glad for that. tha >> you're welcome.>> you'r no problem at all. all yeah, actually we lucked outck o yesterday. we got very, very lucky. lucky we were concerned it was goingt to be a big activewa day. d it was off to the north but here in d.c., northern virginia we got missed by the storms. we're lucking out today with toy the forecast.e f sunny and warm keeping theeehe
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we are keeping an eye on the tropics.trop we have tropical storm collintol in the gulf of mexico. tul more details on that in a minute. daesday is a little bit unsettled. not a washout but a couple of showers and storms there. stos e nothing severe expected onre eee tuesday. once we get to the midweek mid spring is actually coming cin back, temperature in the 70' we're getting rid of thatid o humidity. it's going to be a beautiful t middle of the week for us thiss week.we satellite and radar here goodd deal of clearing starting to occur out to the west.r here in d.c. we still have a pretty high thin cloud deck out there but we'll quicklyui burn that off today and into the sunshine we go.. currently outside, there you thy go, a decent amount of cloud cover, 69 degrees. look at that relative humi adity.di 93 percent. very, very humid start to therto day here. we still value southwest wind out there that's stillll bringing in that humidity from h the south is. we'll have that through thehat h day today.od later on dewpoints going to beew up in the 60's.po that just means it's going to g be uncomfortable out there. the good news once we get too once, once we get to thursday, a dewpoints drop to the 50's.'s. comfortable.or maybe we can give our ac
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break.k. i know my bill's of courseof c going to be very high when iigwh get it later on this month.s mon at the surface today againoday n nice westerly wind. that's a very warm wind fory wa us. even though we had a cold front move through not a lot of cold air behind it.hind it. we're going to be warm today be with temperatures in the midperd to upper 80's.pp0's. we work into tuesday.uesd we're tracking collin.ingol it's going to move just to ourur south.ut won't be a major player for us u in d.c. but maybe a little bit l of moisture can comes our way especially south d.c. anal isolated shower or two buthoweot that's about it for your tuesday afternoon.y ernoon again, there is collin righthe now, it's heading for the northeastern coast -- coa - northwestern coast, excuse meexe of florida.oflori winds sustained at 40 miles per hour. not expected to strengthenpe that much. maybe it's just below hurricane strength with winds of 50 miles an hour there.le tracks to our south, gets grabbed by theo jet stream and then boom there it goes way goes off to the north and to thendo t east there.ea there. we're going to be safe from se r this particular storm. 87 degrees, mostly sunny skies, warm,
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humid side.did middle and muggy with a fewit a passing we keep it dry today. tod 69 degrees tonight. tig keep that ac pumping today.oday here's your fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast, 87 today, 84 tomorrow with a passing showerr and then here comes theme t sunshine. 74 degrees on wednesday, muchesa less humidity around.umid it will feel like the spring ig almost feel like we skippede wed here in d.c. very nice on thursday, 78 degrees. zip trip friday looksip fri l fantastic. 81 degrees. saturday a shower or twor possible but no washout, 84., 8. by sunday 82 degrees with justis a few clouds all that's your check of the fox5 f accuweather 7-day forecast. erin como is got a check of those roads. >> that's right. happy monday morning.ning. 4:47 right now and as you hit yu the road around the dmv you'remr going to hit some beltway roadaa work from overnight that t hasn't yet wrapped up.pp inner loop and outer loop lane closures between colesvilleetwe road and university boulevard. e use caution. caution. still seeing green on the inner loop and outer loop. light volume.volume we'll let y
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changes. let's show you a look at all of your drive times in look at the green behind me.e 95 south from 212 to the212 to t beltway cruising.isin same story 270.70 no problems 80 to the truck t scales and then throughn though gaithersburg and rockville.kvil 50 inbound from annapolis orapoo bowie still in great shape.ha moving over for a look in virginia this morning 95 mor problem free from route one to newington.ewin 66 east 234 to centrevilleentril cruising along.crui i like what i'm seeing there.eee inside the beltway throughay tou arlington also in great shape ia and then 395 north edsall to seminary green zone there.on you know that could change so we'll keep you updated and if ad you're taking metro, they're the gearing up for service at fervi 5:00. 5: single tracking east falls church to ballston.lsn. that kicks in, started this in, weekend. this is our first week day week commute where things couldere is start to get dicey. get dicey. expect a lot of delays. vienna to new carrolltonroto trains run every 18 minutes, every 18 minutes on the silver line.. between ballston and new carrollton additional trainsitnl running ever six to 10 minutes t to help things move. m if you'r
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that single tracking this ising some -- here are some options. increased metrobus service, svi fairfax convected vre serviceer and art, arlington transitrans also increasing their busus capacity this morning.hi plan ahead, make sure you se y figure out what you're going gog to do before you hit the road. r it's show you some otheru shared driving oions uber and lyft they have a pooll option if you don't want to w pay for your own, that can getet a little pricey.ri zip car and car to go, capitol bikeshare, car pooling with aarg coworkers walking if possible and again biking if you liven close enough to the bioffice.thf we'll keep you updated as soondn as metro service kicks ince kici within the next 10 minutes or mo so at 5:00 a.m. how it's is affecting our commute, morning r and rush hours extended by 30y minutes on bus priority priority corridors between 7 o'clock and 10 o'clock parkingng restrictions will be in place. we got you covered.ouered any questions at erin fox5n fox d.c. on twitter and we have ande team coverage. fox5's jennifer davis you'redavo
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talking about how this is going to be affecting silvertins line communities.ommunities. >> reporter: that's right.or big warning from metrote to 83 yes any one that rides theris silver line, that is thousandss of people coming to the the business rich area in tysons tys and mclean. mcl this is the tysons corner station. it sits on both sides of 123.oti they are just getting ready to t open the gates as we speak. spe and big impact to the peoplee who travel along the five f stops on the silver lines in northern virginia.rt people who go to wiehle-reston east, and, lean. and, lean. you'll be looking at wait times three times as what you normally experience. they're supposed to be operating every 18 minutes 18 m instead of every six minutes. m. you do want to consider otherr h options like fairfax fai connector, metrobus. mrobu , go to the herndon monroe monro
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metro also has an online trape p you can go to their web site. s it has the new schedulesched there. you can put in youran p starting point, destination,na time and date when you'rehe traveling and they'll help youel find the best route.he b as they open the gates here weat should also talk abouttalk a drivers. this is 123 that this stationti sits on and when they openedpend the silver line they said there was a 15 percent 15 percet reduction in the number ofin the cars in this area and ofrea course lots of traffic in this s area. ar so, you could expect at leastea that or more back on thek on t roads. so, even if you aren't takingakg metro and you're coming out out tootsies sons mcleatothe tysonsd expect delay.expect even though they're estimating t 18 minutes between trains t really no one knows exactlyno what the impact is o going to bb so you know that the platformsla are going to be really loaded with people, the trains aree going to be loaded withoad people. we'll be experiencing this fornn the first time. we'll head in here now thatere t the gates ar
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report for you in the next you x half hour. back to you guys. g >> tragedy striking inikg afghanistan overnight.istan ove. >> according to reports from npr the network's veteran newsen photographer and an editor an afghan translator is deadr is d after they were killed on the w t 're told that they wereld tha traveling with an afghanistan ai army unit when the convoy camevo under fire. two other npr journalistsalis traveling with the unit were w not harmed.t the incident is still understund investigation.igatio >> the memorial museumm dedicated to journalists whoalio die on the job is beings be rededicated to include those recently killed. the keynote will be delivered by the french ambassador that tt will speak about the charlie hebdo massacre. pope francis is making it easiernc to dismiss bishops whos cover up sexual abuse.sexu >> the law proposed by poped byo francis remove bishops to whoish covered up for pedophileor pophe priests if the vatican finds the
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>> it is true that justt is tru passing a law doesn't reallyw ds change much although it is ait s good sign. it's a sign that the pope isop i committed, he's determined toe' make sure that theses things ti don't happen again in thega in t church but let's see if those to who work with the pope will wit cooperate in a way in shows s that the proof is in the is in pudding that there really will be results.ts. >> many abuse survivors say s the church has always had waysaw to investigate and dismissis bishops but as refused to enforce those laws.hose l >> today is the 72nd anniversary of d-day.y of d-day. >> considered the largest seare assaults in military history. about 160,000 allied troops000 took part in the normandy invasion.invasion about 4500 were killed on the first day which would lead tocho an allied victory acrossacross happening today more thang o 100 volunteers will help clean and beautify the world war iiar memorial today.mori people will also welcome and honor -- an honor flight ofgh world war ii veterans from theft bay area to the monument.onumen >> this weekend it was a nightdn of fun and glamour and all for f a very good cause. >> that's right.>> the leukemia and lymphomand loma
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year gala awards happened on h saturday night. night the awards will be raised to honor some fundraisers there.rae i was the co-host there withre laura evans. the real work was all the t people who raise money for a mof great cause. the goal was to raise $50,000 in one night and they did it. >> wow. >> they did it. went over $50,000 in one night. crushing that number. so, the man and woman of thehi year, john brook bank of cisco s systems raised over $400,000.00. >> what. >> woman of the year christineti theyer raised over $300,000. they had other people who raised lot and lots of money.on it's all to fight cancer. can >> blows me away how generousenu people can be and being able abl to channel it this way and ithis raise all this money is i amazing. amaz you guys look tremendous.remeou very handsome, very beautiful. >> it was a great cause and ittt was an honor t
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especially around the peopled to who do the real work.eal w >> good job, guys. >> yeah. >> congrats to you. >> all c right.ig >> okay what time is it? coming up on 4:55. 4 let's talk weather ands wea traffic. mike thomastr hopefully notul n another bad day on tap. o tap we didn't have it so badhavet so yesterday. >> yeah, we didn't have it so bad yesterday.bad today is going to be goi to fantastic. going to be a beautiful startau to yourt monday. really no complaints outly n there. maybe a little on theo ba hot side. maybe a little on the sticky thi side. here's for the kids getting off theor bus 68 and 74 degrees to starts to s your day. few high thin clouds out therei but we'll clear it out into int sunshine by the afternoon.on 83 to 89 degrees by the time tim the kids let out of school.f sco going to be a hot bho maybe head to the pool afteroolr school, why satellite and radar here showsho the clearing skies, some skies e showers left over the easternft shore. that's about it today. abo it here's your planner for the t afternoon. 78 by 11:00 a.m. bby 2 o'clock 84 degrees.4 degre by 5 o'clock 86.lo 8 highs today 87
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forecast. back to the 70's we go. believe it or not after allft this heat we're going to thee'rg 70's by the middle of thee of week. that's a check of the aheck forecast. erin como has got traffic. tic >> thank you mike. mike. 4:56 and some beltway road r work still lingering. lingering inner loop and outer loop lane closures between colesville road and university traffic is so light so we're wre not seeing any be prepared to use caution.eau right now we don't have any h crashes to report around the t dmv but as we have beenha b telling you this is the first te morning rush that safetrack issa going into effect. single tracking in placen p through the 16th of june. vienna to ne new carrollton trains every 18 minutes. mines additional trains will run w every six to 10 minutes butesut watch for crowded conditions con on platforms and want to helptf you find some alternates to metro this met thi morning. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. twier just keep in mind all other oth four rail lines gearing up forl service is on time. i ggeot youse covered if thatedi changes and we'll have moree traffic, take a cl
4:57 am
those roads around the dmv dmv wisdom and maureen. mre >> coming up on fox newsn morning a member of the denver broncos is the subject of a criminal >> laying the smack down.smac d golden state remindingng cleveland and the rest of thee e nba why they are the reigningein champions.champion >> before we led to break led te quick look at today's fox fox5 news morning back after this. >> ♪
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>> the first rush hourhe f experience of metro's safetrack plan. get ready for some delays anden yosomeu might want to think abot changing your commute. we're with team coverage ofoverg what you need to know. kno local school leaders getol t ready to debate about the future of bathrooms andbaoms and transgender and d.c. stand up. u your queen has been crowned b miss u.s.a. for 2016.01 fox news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> good morning to you. thank you very much for joiningyo i'm wisdom martin and i'mnd i'm maureen umeh. umeh. today is monday june 6. june 6. >> the crews all here, mikeik thomas erin como. como. weather and traffic in aanaffi moment. >> it's going to be a busy dayy coming out of virginia today.ay. metro's safetrack plan isla i


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