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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  June 6, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7 o'clock on this monday morning, it is the first morning commute since5 uti metros safetrack programgr began. we have live team coverage to try to get you to work on o time. >> new developments thiselopmens morning in the freddie gray case. t fficerlice officer facing the most serious charges related ret to his death heads to court. we're live in baltimore. >> and congratulations yourulios new miss u.s.a. is from rightig here in the district.ic only the third time that has happened. miss d.c. taking home theome crown last night in las vegas.he we're going to tell you allou a about this 26-year-old army-o a officer and her powerfulowerfu response to a question about abo women in combat. >> amazing. a live look outside,outsid though, first on this mondayrst morning. it's june 6, 2016. tucker standing by with thehe forecast.fore i assure you and erin is going i to
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good morning to you, i'mni allison seymour.n seour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m ste welcome to fox5 news morning. mg get ready for a little bit offo a challenge this morning. it is the first week day rushk h since metro's safetrackaf project began. began it affects the orange and orangd silver lines. this week metro riders beingei encouraged to find another wayot to get to work.o w >> reporter: we have liveter: we team coverage this morning.ornig erin como standing by with a a look at today's travel times.. jennifer davis is talking with riders on the silver line. first let's heck back in with melanie alnwick live on the orange line at the ballston station this mnwe orning. morni. good morning. you just talked to the generaldn manager i hear. i hea >> reporter: yes, we d he has been here for the majorityat of this morning and i can tell t you that now that it is 7 o'clock, he is headed over o to the controls, the rail operations center. he wants to be there in personrn watching as everything is sort t of being shifted around thisthis morning. so, very, very hands-on for him today as his big safetrackck plan -- this is his baby -- as-s it begins today.s tod now, here at the ballstonallsto station, to be h
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not seeing too many impacts onmp riders right now.ders right now we are seeing a lot of extra metro personnel directing dir people as to which track theyckt wander to go on. so, even throw they are single tracking beyond ballston here, here at ballston they're actually adding a few extrara trains and then passengers ares just kind of switching backac and forth between platforms listening to the direction of the station personnelhe as to a which side to go to catch a train to head down into thehe city. city folks that are trying to get tot back into northern virginia,irgi maybe a little bit more delay here for them. the it's all part of the safetrack a plan as we said. they've got to replace major rlr parts of the third rail.rd rail. they've got to get -- reduce the incidents of smoke and and fires. that is what this is allhat thsl about. i talked with general managerrae paul wiedefeld about whetherer this is all going to be worthinb it fore riders in the end.nd >> it wil will be more reliablea and safety issues will bes will minimized. that's were we're getting out'r of this. this.
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here. unfortunately it's not shiny shi and new stuff.ff. it's the balance lasts, the ties, new rail, things of thatnf sort which the customer isn'trsn going see but they'll they'll experience it just in more reliability.ab >> reporter: and one of the of e other things customers aregs cte seeing this morning that we saw, lots of maintenance personnel coming in and going, more ithan i've ever seen in the when we first arrived here h this morning, a large, large group, several buses worth of metro workers leaving one 12-hour shift with another, anoh several bus full coming in forfn their 12-hour shift. shift 12 hours on, 12 hours offrs that's the way it will be here e for the next two weeks whilehi they get this section of theti line done and again there is t just part of phase one.. live in ballston, i'm melaniels, alnwick. al back to you >> in the meantime jennifer jeir davis is live at the tysons tys corner metro station. station she's been talking tong to travelers there this what are thethy saying, jen.ingj >> reporter: hi there i well, i can tell t you i'veou iv talked to people who have comeam out as much as
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two hours earlier than theyha typically would on theirwould e we are at the tysons corners cor station here along the silverhel line and as max pans down you do can tell there is a long lineonn of people here. they're having about -- await- a that's about triple what they te would be used to. tip pick al train should come here everytr six minutes duringg rush hour but right nowig they're looking at about every 18 minutes.18 mines. this side is heading into thente city and that is certainly the busiest side right now. now. although we do expect this hour and next that a lot oft people will be coming intoing it tysons not just for the mallshes but you have a number of o businesses here includinges h fannie mae and a number of now, silver line riders haves he been those using theen wiehle-restont east spring hill greensboroensbr tysons corner and mclean mcl sites all are going to beoi to impacted by the single sgl tracking. we're just two stops awaytops ay right now from east fallsal church and then ballston is i the next stop so these ridersid do have to get past that tha difficult point. 18 minutes is what
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been warned between trains andbw folks say they're ready for it.ey here's what some riders toldides us this this morning. how are you feeling as theyel start the safetrack program today? were you concerned.ed. >> no. i just wish for the best andnd if it doesn't work i gok i g downstairs and catch the bus.. >> normally i get huer about hut 10 minutes later but i was l like, you know, with theh the schedule, i better be here aer little bit early just to see t how it goes.toe >> reporter: are you nervous or you you're just glad jusad they're doing it.ey'rdoin >> i'm glad they're doing it. i'd rat come a little bit early be to little bitli bit saverrism back here live youck can see that's route 123 right now. now. when they built the silverr line they said they saw a 15 percent reduction in carson around the area. so, they are warning driversrive they do expect roads will be a little bit busier with things that are going i have to tell you, though, soho far so good out here in northern virgini ga.irgini things are moving pretty prey smoothly as the trains haves hae come through. we've seen people able t
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seats and so the first day so ds far is going pretty well. back to you guys. guy >> we're going check in withng h erin como right n we're going to get a look at traffic this morning and iorning guess metro taking the leadhe la once again, erin. eri >> that's right.>> t just want to recap all the t great information that melanie e and jennifer gave us. u east falls church to ballstonalo single tracking on the orangein and silver line and ballstonalln to new carrollton. they have additional orangel org line trains running to help to make things move a littlee smoother. if you want to avoid the rails take metrobus satisfies. they've increased service servi there. arlington transit has increased b uber and lyft zip car to goo capitol bikeshare andl shar telecommuting if that is aning a option for you with your job. j 66 inbound through arlingtoningn heavy traffic but that's that' pretty usual.ty u parking restrictions keep inp mind are extended by 30d by 30 minutes on bus priority priorit corridors. co that will last through will st t 10 o'clock this just kicked in at 7:00. 7:0 no parking there along the h and i street corridorsrrs portions of m street in in georgetown for example. as you can come across the keyhe
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moving over to the roads now thn crash did clear on the outerut loop after georgia but delays bl are still very heavy actually aa alall the way back to 95. to 9 huge line of slow movinglow mov traffic.traf bw parkway northbound andun and southbound jams by powders by pw mill. 95 southbound icc to the t gw parkway at the memorialial bridge oversized vehicle vehic causing delays. delays back to the overlook. clara barton cabin john river slow. sl crash in crystal city as you approach the 14th street4tstre any questions for your morningrg commute at erin fox5 d.c. on.c o twitter and i'm tweeting outg the list of all the metro updates and road updates youou need to get around the dmvd t this morning. morni. back to you steve and allison.. >> 7:07 right now. now traffic is just really dominating things. tng you have to take a back seat today. >> yesterday we had sometee severe thunderstorms.hunderstors >> yesterday you were the show. >> today is erin's turn. >> yeah. that's good news. we'll be in the mid to upper ytr 80's today. 71 now at reagan national
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67 dulles.ulles. still humid out there.humid out. front brought a little bit of of relief but as far as thehe humidity, it's right back and b we'll be in for another warmnotr wasn't'tay in fact very warm.act warm. mid to upper 80's this0'this afternoon. so lots of water.ater u.v. index is very high this time of of make sure you put on that t sunscreen.creen. >> okay. >> i was out yesterday and even though it was cloudy i still gotit a bit of a glow thiw morning. >> a bit of a burn. >>it yeah.>> there's your planner.s your p 86 this afternoon.86 should be a dry afternoon but a war tmy day and wait until yt see the seven-day forecast. i think generally everybody will love it.e it. got lots of good news on it. i >> love the sounds of that.undso >> yes. >> all right. deils get the details in just a few minutes.. first let's get you caught upyou with some headlines thises ts morning. still developing the search for twopi fishermen who wentho w missing on the potomac potom yesterday. crews found the boat but no sign of the last night's bad weather made md it difficult for divers toers to search the water. the missing boaters have been identified as lawrence grayay and roer
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crews will be back out on then e water today conducting their search. >> happening at a timepe baltimore police officer facing the most serious charge in the death of freddie graydi g heads to court. officer caesar goodson wasson ws driving the police van when vann gray suffered a fatal neck injury. fox5's bob barnard is lives liv in baltimore with a preview ofro what we can expect for this trial. bob. >> reporter: hey, allison, good morning. yes, this is going to be aoing a jury trial.. jury selection scheduled to begin tomorrow.w. today goodson will be near court, caesar goodson jr. for a pretrial hearing, motion, mot hearings. he's the 46-year-old policeld pe van driver from back onn april 12th of last year theea t day freddie gray was arrested.t. he was driving the van from west baltimore the t neighborhood where freddieho gray wasod arrested to a police station. he's the one they say did notid strap freddie gray into the police van. of course freddie gray was w jostled in the back of the vanan and suffered that fatal spinalaa cord injury. caesar goodson jr. 46 years yea old is charge
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degree murder. he faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted.victed. he's also charged with secondchr degree assault misconduct ingeci office and manslaughter byy vehicle.cle. the second degree murder charge is interesting. iinte it's called a depraved heartea murder which is described inescb the court documents as adocumen dangerous and reckless act with indifference to theto the consequences and perils pil involved. yes, he is the one that mostt mo people are pinning the death d of freddie gray on. he's the third officer to faceac trial just last month officer edward nero was acquitted of all four misdemeanor that isanoi he was charged with and a william porter the first to goog on trial, his trial by jury j ended in a hung jury.g jur that was in december. edward nero decided to beero deo tried by the judge, jump barrymy williams. in this case we believe that tha officer goodson is going to decide to be -- have his fateisf decided by a jury and again, guys, some hearings today tod about pretrial evidence and what have you but it getst it g under way for
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with jury selections here insels baltimore. >> still to come this morning, i saying goodbye to a legend.bye . a growing memorial andorial an tributes pouring in this morning for muhammad ali.hamm >> first though miss d.c. waking up with a new title tit this morning, all about your new miss u.s.a. next. 7:11 now. .
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>> miss u.s.a. 2016 is district of columbia.ct o col [cheers and applause] >> yay!>> yay! the crowd goes wild and d.c. d.c says good job.
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new miss u.s.a. deshauna deshaun barber. you know i watched it because b i'm a bit of a pageant junkie. j she's a logistics commanderma for the u.s. army. a i wonder did she make historyake by being the first army -- arm >> you are the pageant >> i know. >> i'm going defer to de. >> army officer there.rm anyway, she gave the strongest n answer of the night when askedhe about women in combat sayingba s she believes women are just ast tough as men. m sheds a really detailed answerr though. barber is the first --ers the f- answered my own question,n qst perhaps that means i shoulds th read ahead.adhe barber is the first everst military member to win miss u.s.a. also the first time in 14heirst years and the only the third t time in history that miss d.c.s won. she will go on to compete ino cn the miss universe contest. con >> she was kind enough to joinak us when she went to lag vase. wheshe said she
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call my name but in miss usa they do call your name. >> werthey don't say the contestant's they only refer to them as the region. i don't even think in the end te did they say her name so we're w saying her name. nam >> congratulations deshauna u awesome honor for theomhono district. >> no question. >> i had another statementad real quick. >> okay. >> she answered the questione que awesomely but you know theyely asked miss hawaii in her question who she was going vote for. >> that's weird. >> donald trump or hillary clinton. clin >> she did a great job in side stepping that but they had the host come back and say -- s - >> wasn't it donald trump's t pageant. >> or the miss universer mi portion of it. i don't know the. the host had to come back and say this was a question not a judge's choice. it was a question of theuestn pageant so people booed it.t soo it was kind of >> as an outsider looking in lkg i'm not an expert like you iikei have no idea. feels like there's a differentie pageant every other week. >> there's not. >> there's not. is thilis the
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>> miss u.s.a. miss americaiss m those and miss universe thosee o are the ones we like. those are the ones i counter. cu >> this is a big deal.s is a dea >> huge deal.uge de. >> i'm totally excited.ed. excited about the weather, too. >> mr. worldwide sweater not,ord its not a big thing. thi. >> that's what he wants. >> working on that. >> here's your weather.your w mid 80's. 8 quick look here's colin ourcon latest tropical storm.caltorm. third of the winds are at 50.ret it will be a tropical stormpi sm when it moves across northwestor florida overnight tonight andht during the day time hoursim h tomorrow. it will be quickly out to sea.os that's expecting to be a heavyea rain maker there.rain more on that coming up.omg our current temperatures arepere in the low 70's and upperpp 60's. 71 right now at reagan areag national. expect a warm and very humid day.y. upper 80's today. t and look at the midweek forecast. forecast wednesday, thursday, friday, less humidity. hum gorgeous june weather
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upper 70's low 80's. 8s. so, if this is your last weekouw of school, you picked a good week to wrap it up. iup >> lot of folks already out. >> yeah. >> okay. >> all right, let's -- got tolet get the latest on metro. met what's happening out there. >> good pageant weekend. >> wrist, wrist,ly bow, elbow e. really heavy traffic top of the beltway. beltway. laurel bw parkway southbound soh 198 to powder mill jams.der mi m 295 in the district jams byict b eastern as usual. heavy volume as you make yourueo way out in virginia on 9595 northbound. from dale city to 123 just3 j that small portion of road of right there is going to take you 13 delays lingering south of thatnn point in stafford, 610 as youd, head to quantico as well. w crash activity on route one northbound between gunston cove road and lorton road.anrton notice on 95 those delays holdol very heavy through lorton as lor you head to the bottom of them inner loop is delayed as you mak
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wilson bridge.rie. 395 from washington boulevard b to the 14th street bridge, b three minutes to get thats to gt little portion of your drive oyd and then 395 northbound fromd edsall to king street, that iss a 15 minute commute.15 min we have a crash in crystal city, 395 northbound in theunint hov lanes. hov lan right lane is blocked by that one. overheight vehicle right nowig gw parkway souhtthbound at theu memorial bridge. delays back to the overlook.rlo. cabin john clara barton insidehn the beltway jammed and 66 c if i you're driving avoiding metroidn on the orange and silver linevel 66 is heavy as you make your may way past the vienna metro and then again inside the beltway. w a closer look at metro next.t. back to you. >> 7:18 right now. >> this morning the body of muhammad ali back in his homes m state of kentucky. kck >> a public funeral is plannedsa for later this week.s wisdom is back with more onithor how the 74-year-old is being remembered. >> all right. remembering the champ. a lot of people paying tribute t to the champ this morning.he c allison and steve, following, fg his passing on friday in arizona, his body has beenhas flown back to his native citye of
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now t-a large motorcade wasca on -- was there to escort thesct body a hear from by funeral hea home a family spokespersonposp says he died of septic shockho caused by respiratory illness.i also on sunday an interfaiths it memorial service was held to s celebrate the three time boxing clam's legacy.y. friday's funeral will include i eulogies from former presidentri bill clinton and comedian billy crystal.ryst a growing memorial of flowersofo candles and cards as well. louisville's mayor calling alilg a sports champion civil rights icon and interfaith pioneer.ithi ali is also being rememberedbe for his very public battlee with parkinson's disease. meanwhile, donald trump being b criticized for this tribute heth tweeted following ali's death. d many calling trump a hypocrite. hypocrite. following his call for aowin temporary ban of muslims.. last year ali publicallyli denounced that ban. now let's talk about a couples t of people who also paid tribute. lot of people doing this. young guy
7:20 am
lebron james talked about what w he stood for and i'm going to to read this quote right here. what he stood for i mean it'si i a guy who basically had to had give up a belt and relinquish everything that he will done thl because of what he believedieve in. that's what lebron james had wle to say about it its a guy who g stood up for so many differentff things throughout the times thrh where it was so difficult forcuf african-americans to even walk w in the streets. sts so that's what lebron jameslebrs will to say. t say he knows a little bit about the history of muhammad ali. george foreman who was on hishos level as a boxer because theyse fought, george foreman saidorgea that he was the greatest man iat ever knew. ev he also said that people sayeo he was the greates heavyes h weight but i say that's a put down. he was simply the greatest man n period. so that's coming from george geo foreman. you know, that was the great fight, the rope a dope where basically technological pointy e people didn't think ali had an' chance because foreman had beaten joe frazier and ken norton two powerhouses at the time and then ali came withndhe he
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>> not just obviously one ifuslo not the great of the fighterth of all time but greaterut g evident show man.t sh m >> my goodness. >> he brought like a whole likaw other just population popul environment into the world oft e boxing.boxi. >> yeah. >> you just had to see whatd they were going to say, howere y they were going to promote it. i >> it was must see tv. >> and then what actuallyat act happened in the ring.pp >> absolutely.>> he had all the poetry, all the he was a pioneer fighting forinr people's rights.ig it was so many differentif layers. >> fights all over the world.s . >> fights all over the world. law a fighter in and out of the ring and he was funny ands a he was a good lukey lookingey l dude. >> yeah, i was going say let's s not -- >> he will a lot going on. >> right. >> very well respected. ver that's why he's the people's peo champ. forever will be known as the people's champ may he rest in piece. piec >> stood up. >> good man all around. >> still ahead a largeoo fire f still burning in southern california this morning.forn thi the latest on the effort to stop the flames. f >> a lot of celebrity homesot or
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hillary clinton celebrating a victory in puerto rico this morning. what does it mean for tomorrow's big primary? we'll find out coming up. 7:22.
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>> ♪ >> hillary clinton earning another primary win. this time in puerto rico. she is now less than ryin30 delegates short of clinchingo c the democratic analysts say that she couldsh secure the democratic nom with w tomorrow's primary in california and new jersey. jer all evacuations have beenns called off for homes n
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of los angeles after a day of major progress on a wildfire. wr the fire near the town of calabasas is now 80 percenten contained this morning.d this mr officials say cooler temperatures and calmer windsmed helped firefighters get that get blaze under control.under ntrol >> we'll find out later todayr if prosecutors will filersill fe charges against the family ofaih the three-year-old boy whod y wo fell into the gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo. zoo zoo officials shot and canot and killed that gorilla to protect the child the exhibit ischex scheduled do reopen tomorrowpenm with a higher reinforced barrier.r. check your sports headlines right now> the warriors flat out destroyedt dod the casts in game two of theinam nba finals. wasn't close. c final 110 to 77. 77. that's a 33-point win. warriors the first team to team take at a two-zero lead in the e since the 2009 lakers against orlando.nd game three wednesday night in cleveland. have to play without kevinut k love. lo not a good sign for the cavs. c >> blown out by 33 points. oy 3p >> yeah in the finals. y >> 7:25 right now.>> 7:25 ri you
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>> tucker. >> that's right. good morning.goodning >> well -- >> thank you allison.hank you as glad you feel that way. love that shirt by the way.t she >> you do. w>>ou d thank you. you. >> really did. d let's do the weather.s do the w. it's going to be warm, humid w h mid to upper 80's thiss this afternoon and are we going tooi 90 on the seven day? probably not but we'll get awfully close this afternoon. ao winds are calm.s are lm. there's relative humidityidy 84 percent. still sticky out there.he dewpoints still running in the mid 60's.d 6 frontal system did bring us a ua little relief late yesterday. y. parts of the area got some blazing thunderstorms. other parts of the area nota much of anything and i don't and think we'll see much ofh o anything locally later today.ody in fact we're expecting a dry afternoon with again quietin q weather here for the most partop for this week.his week. maybe a shower tomorrow.omro we'll have a weak can coldea front come through that ist really going to -- actually itt won't be weak, it will changel the air mass around here by herb the middle of the week so 87thws today. look at wednesday, thursdayda t and friday. 70's to about 80 low humidity ht and lots of sunshine. sunshe. so, most of this week is going g to be very nice.y nic coming up we'll take another
7:27 am
look at tropical storm colinto and i don't know what else whats we'll do. that's all i got. got let's do some traffic with erin.erin >> seven:27 right now. sev we have road delays. days. metro problems. proem we'll get right to it. inbound commute four westd cout delays pennsylvania avenue pnsyl inbound to approaching dowerer house road as usual.roadusua five north branch avenue slownus from cedarville road tooad surratts road and also keep in mind 210 through fort10 thrgh f washington also slows as yous ay approach the bottom of the beltway. taking a look at the innernner loop bottom side of theidof t beltway delays from branchra avenue on the inner loop to the wilsonn bridge from branchh avenue across the wilson bridge that's going to takegoine you about 21 minutes. mut slow moving traffic average avee speed checking in under u 30 miles per hour. miles per h crash did clear on the outerer loop after georgia but delays dy still very heavy residual rid delays to 95. in laurel bw parkway p southbound slows by powdery pow mill. 95 south jams the icc to thec t beltway. be as usual and heavy volume right now as you make your way 95 northbound. dale city to 123 that's goingt'n to take you 13 minutes. 13 nu we're single tracking on theg orange and silver lines frominef east falls church to ballston.
7:28 am
increased activity on thetity oe trains crowded conditions.ondito give yourself extra time.ra we'll take a closer look at lk metro as we continue.on keep it to fox5.ep i back for your 7:30 half hour.
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♪ that's a peaceful look at n tenle ay tle morning i town northwest d.c. d.c we're focused on the rails thiss morning, though.h. the reason is, this is the firsr full morning rush hour since the safe track plan started over tho weekend. >> let's get another check in with melanie alnwick live in ballston.ball mel? >> reporter: hey, steve andte ad allison.allin. so out here up above thehe platform the activity we mostlym see are a lot of shuttle buses s and those are definitely any option for people that are coming from those outlying out stations because once you getseo here to ballston, then they've added
7:31 am
added extra trains going into the city as well as many eightye car trains as they can get in gt there to try to then gethen g everybody sort of filtered inte from this point down the line ln into the city stations. stions. so the major impact that we'ret' seeing as far as where we're we' having overcrowded platforms orr trains which don't have lot ofat seating left that's reall heading from here east falls church into those areas silveras line and the orange line intoe the suburbs of virginia wherea w those customers are really then taking as many seats as theys can. that's what we're seeing the 18 minute delays in between trainsa and then they get to here,ere, they've got extra trains to tryy to handle all of that. tt so so far so good. g this is is really the time where we're going to know.g to know. this is the height of rush hourr now. starting about 7:30 as we get into 9:00 o'clock. we'll see how things are going.g we're getting reports from folkl up and down the line saying thah the trains are crowded but not a hundred
7:32 am
there are some spaces left at la parking lots. not a lot of parking aroundun ballston, though. so i think it's going okay soy o far. general manager paul wiedefeld w did tell us they've alreadyea learned a couple of lessons insi terms of getting crews back andd forth and he's now in the rail operations control centerol watching how things are going this morning on this first day of safe to really get a sense of whether they need to make adjustments,es change some things and see how it goes but passengers so far seem to be moving along okay.nga steve and allison, back to you.u >> that's good news. n okay, thank you mel.el developing this morning,hisn meantime, one person is dead isa following a shooting inn d.c. threes play it happeneds pa along 5200 block of cole placeep just before 9:00 last night. so far no word on motive nor a suspect.. police in laurel investigate a deadly train accident. aid they say a 25-year-old man wasln hit and killed by a csx train an the intersection of lafayette ly avenue and bowie road his body d found on the tracks. victim potions name not beingei released until his f
7:33 am
notified. happening today, the t baltimore police officer facing the most serious charge in thee death of freddie gray heads toet court officer caesar goodson facing murder charge in therge e case. he was the driver of the policee van in which gray suffered afe fatal neck injury. inj prosecutors argue that goodsonos is responsible for the 25-year-old fosses death because he failed to properly buckle b gray in the van. van >> also happening today, the t search will resume for twowo fishermen who went missing on the potomac yesterday.esrd crews did find their boat but sudenol sign of the men. m last night's bad weather made it difficult for divers to searchfo the water.r missing boaters have beeng ater identified as 62-year-old-o lawrence gray, jr., and 51-year-old robert yvonne lee. there comes a time in in everyone's live that you have tt leave the nest especially ifiay you're an eagle. e >> and we just happened to bepe actually talking about our eaglets at the nationalheatio freedom took the first big leapl testing her wings flying to nearby tree branch.h. just growing up so f
7:34 am
>> i know. >> liberty decided he wasn't wn' quite ready yet so he just kindk of hung out behind in the nestds keeping an eye on the sister.yee there it is.thit the american eagle foundationouo though said he could take his hs first flight soon. soon. it could happen within the nexth couple of days.. that's about the coolestoo thing. >> mom and dad are already gone. >> they're like leaving it up to the next generation now. now. >> they took off. >> they're out hunting and a gathering. >> i'm totally nervous aboutallo these two. >> don't be.>> don't they look like they got it undeu control. >> really? >> um-hmm. >> because the one is afraid tod leave the nest. nt. literally afraid to leave thehe nest. nest. >> strength of the big sister.of >> all right. she comes back for him >> thank you big sisters where are. >> there you go.>> t 71 now at reagan national.iona dulles 67. bwi marshall 69 we'll be in the mid to upper 800 today's. a very warm monday afternoon but it should remain a very dry verd monday afternoon which is good g news after parts of the area had some pretty big thunderstormsndr last night.ight. if you were spared, that's goodg i mean obviously you don't need severe weather around here. satellte
7:35 am
is fading to the south and east, and sunshine builds in today ass mentioned warm afternoon and humidity still remains up.. so please make sure you take the heat arroyo'sly today and takeo the sun seriously who. who. uv index very high this time of year. your skin will burn in only 15l or 20 minutes if you're outside for a period of time. of t 86 this afternoon, again, a dry monday.onda i'll have the seven day in justt a minute. we'll talk tropical storm colinn our third storm of the season. and whatever else you want to wt talk about coming up in just ant minute. erin.raffic now with >> 7:35 right now.ight now taking a look at metro single tracking first phase of this safe track repair east falls tot ballston single tracking on then orange and silver line. vienna to two new carrollton and silver line trains 18 minutes. t ball ton to new carrolltonto additional trains running everye six to 10 watch for crowdedro conditions on the platforms andd trains. plan ahead. sluggish traffic on 66 if youf y want to drive or take uber or lyft. lyft 66 from prince william parkway
7:36 am
to fairfax county parkway thatkt ride there take you 21 minuteses and delays continue once youe o past the beltway through throu arlington heavy traffic there.fe delays from the beltway you cann see southbound george washingtow parkway to 395 that's a 14 minute trip earlier disable d vehicle cleared but heavy delayy lingering.lingerin let's hop outside for a liveor a look show you what else you'reeu up against this morning. 95 southbound there's a crashra out in newington as you approaco lore don taking up a center lane so you can see a mess ofsf slow-moving traffic there.fic te northbound side very slow as a usual from stafford all the waye up as you pass through lortonh o trying to get to the beltway.elw take a look back on the our mapo aside from the changes in metrom on the orange and silver lineili the rest of your four metro rair lines are on time. te uneven pavement right now onlyol the right lane get by throughhru the tidal basin avenue. venu you may see increased trafficic there. suitland parkway inbound jams aj you make your way to southoou capitol and new york avenueork e inbound out by bladensburgderg typical heavy traffic in therafi allison and steve. >> coming cup billionaire is the
7:37 am
>> what happened when thousands of fans showed up to see ashowes secret kanye west show that didn't happen.appe we're back in just two minutes.t
7:38 am
7:39 am
♪ it was supposed to be ae a surprise concert by mr. can way west.we. mr. west himself.. but it failed to pay off. o more than 4,000 people swarmed s webster hall in new york city after kanye announced on t
7:40 am
at 2:00 in the morning.orni the problem was the concertcer venue only holds 1500 people ane there was no concert scheduled h there what they said. >> pop-up show. >> fans climbed up on cars,imbeo dumpsters and scaffolding hopinp to get better view of can yalec the concert was canceled.le police had to break up the cro crowd. >> but did he ride by there in t the sun roof of the car with lots of followers behind him. h there were literallyerre liy thousands of people in thend s reets last night. keep in mind this isnd is 3:00 o'clock in the morning on i sunday nightn . >> steve, so was there going toi be a concert there?cert the >> he announced there would be concert there. the but the question is whether thee venue new there was going to be a concert there.coert there >> that's the question, right.rh >> that part has not been bn determined.dete he claims there was and whene wn they couldn't hold the concertle there because there were so mane people, the venue said thereai e will be no concert and kanye k apparently tried to get the cite then to allow him to do ano do a outdoor concert for all the allt people who were there, butere, t imagine getting that callt 2:00 o'clock in the n hey, can we do a concert. ccert >> got to s
7:41 am
build a stage and all of that.ha >> all right, >> according to snap chat, kim , and kanye went home and went ton bed.d >> steve follows them. s he showed me the whole stetory.. >> who doesn't?>> w >> denver broncos quarterback cal lieb recovering after beingg shot in a leg at a dallas nightclub much he's one of two f people shot during aning altercation expected to beatio released from the hospitaled today. f roblem, though. tug today is the day that t washington, d.c. welcomes themet denver broncos to the whiteo hi house.ho the team is in today for the fhe celebration of the super bowlupb title.titl they'll be meeting withbe meetih president obama apparentlyobam they're flying in and out todayd not spending a lot of time here with us.wi us. hackers apparently went after nace book founder mark zuckerberg. >> facebook, linked, pinterest,e and linked in. our mind is takingin it says it got access to zuckerberg's twitter and twitter instagram to test security heh hasn't used twitter since 2012.. he has not said anything aboutio the hack either.. >> okay. heads up for hostess lov
7:42 am
recall of some its snacksts sna because of peanut residue mayesm have ended up in products including the dingdongs, singers, the chock companyck com alals. >> i don't know that one.on kno >> i don't know the chock oh cck dials. >> they're delicious. >> they're delicious, tuck. >> if you've got ay' peleanutea allergy stay away.. >> all chocolate.cote >> i think so, yes. >> single serve snack cakes andd doughnuts.ut >> we're only showing twinkies.. >> they're sold throughout the t u.s. with best buys dates of 2016.16 two reports of peanut allergiese because of peanut residue.ue >> are you in the mood for aor a twinkie now. >> i'm always in the mood for ao twin keep i'll buy some.uyom we'll share. >> national anthem mistake at am huge soccer event.vent. plus kevin sits down with wt actor dave franco for a look ata his new movie now you see me two now you don't. >> steve?>>teve >> ut-oh, wait a minute.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> 7:45. let's check out the good day guest list for the show that comes up in just about an hour and 15 minutes. starting at 9:00 o'clock this morning, one of the celebrityelb chefs who will be judging a be special culinary competitionpeti called cooking up change ispe going to join us jn us it's a competition involvingolvi some local check in with chef kwame he'llkm cook up an example of his of favorite healthy dish for us. also, ahead, tim tebow talks about his news gig the host of h season two of fox's home free.e he joins mike holmes with all wt
7:46 am
we'll talk with tim tebow and tw chat with actor jesse eisenbergg about his new movie now you see me two all this and much moreh m ahead on good day d.c. today and of course always your latestes weather and traffic as well. we. let's check in with the foreca forecast. here's's t steve, guess what? sunshinn out there early.e ear still leftover humidity butidy feeling a little better than iti did during the day yesterday ana lot more sunshine to looko look forward to today.rward tod common got a new -- colin knewon tropical storm. won't be impacting us directly l in the mid atlantic but gettingg its act together in the northerh gulf. few showers tomorrow.s tomw. that's our next frontal systemle but that is going to bring uss absolutely gorgeous weatherous w around here for the middle ofhed the week. sunshine and even better lesstel humidity. i mean it will be realing really nice around here by wednesday, d thursday and fry day.ay anday current numbers, 71 at reagan national.naonal. 66 in manassas. 72 leonardtown.nardtown 71 in annapolis.. mountains generally in the 60s,, too. to 69 this morning in 67 in martinsburg.burg looking at our
7:47 am
quiet conditions, and much moree sunshine than what we had arouno here yesterday our frontal system is fading off here to tho south and east. high pressure is going to try to build and in it will deliver aie very warm afternoon.arm highs in the mid to upper 80sper around here a little later tod today. that's colin maximum windsum 50 miles an hour not terriblyri well organized but it's got lott of very warm waters here to woro with and that will kind of helpo fuel it and so the center -- cte what center there is will passs across northwest sections oftion florida here and then veryn v quickly out to see over the next couple of days, but northernutth florida perhaps two to four t maybe in a few spots a little al more than 6-inches of rain. r flooding will be the big concerc there over the next 24 for us, mentioned the sunshineun today and the warm conditions ci lots of again, i've been mentioning all morning the us index very highy this time of year not going to take a lot of being out in the n sun to start to burn your skin y make sure you protect yourself and then the passage of colin. weak frontal system tomorrow mas bring us a shower what it willtl really do bring us much lesss mh humidity around here look howk h beautifu
7:48 am
thursday and for our zip trip in an nos kia on friday absolutelyl gorgeous.rgeo >> whoo! >> high temperatures 80 fridays afternoon. very nice weather to lookic forward to this week ane nicewn quiet weather pattern for chan change. quiet, that is not something wew talked about when we say d.c.ay traffic. >> no, especially this amongs a morning.morn new metro problems tucker.r delays to branch avenue on theae green line a train malfunctionai at college park that is in addition to the single trackingt we are dealing with for the safs track surge one east fallsk rge church to ballston in place i threw the 16.rew th6. vienna to new carrolltonn everyone eight minutes train and silver line trains everyones evn eight minutes.einu increasing train service betweer ballston and new carrollton i'm getting tweets if you wander to check in with me on twitter ofwr very crowded orange lines fromif east falls church.hurc in addition to that if you want to get around metro thiset t morning, because of that single tracking, metro buses increasins service take the fairfax connector vre, uber and lyft,t, zipcar, car to go, capit
7:49 am
share and as always telecommuteu if possible.sible. i know i can't telecommute so ie you have to hit the road alsohed keep in mind parking par restrictions will be extend wilt beside 30 minutes on bus on priority corridors.orrido so this morning the morning rusr through 10:00 a.m. to couldm. to affect the h and i street str corridors as well as m street sr out in georgetown. gow keep in mine the key bridge verr heavy. a lot of traffic coming fromomim rosslyn into the secondaries.oni crash activity on the ramp righg now from inbound south capitol street to the westbound side ofs the freeway.e way that's causing delays. causielay suitland parkway inbound jamsnbd police activity out by south bys capitol street as well.s let's see if we can forward ourd maps. 270 right now, seeing a longg line of yellow and red basically from frederick all the way downy to the spur.he spu stop and go traffic through t montgomery county rockville thil morning and as you make your war outer loop top side of theloop beltway you are just jam packedp from 95 to georgia. geoia we'll have more traffic in a f few. 95 northbound through lore donor also crawling. steve and allison. >> erin, thank you very much. tu want to get to an oops of o the morning. those behind the
7:50 am
soccer mayor match in arizona apologizing because they playedp the wrong nation's national'sato anthem. how does that happen you ask? a >> how does that happen? hpe >> human error apparently. uruguay was on the field butie b they played the chilean national anthem. game officials blamed it on blat human error. unfortunating, for uruguay theat team was obviously so distraughu by hearing chile's nationalio anthem they lost the match t m against mexico.. >> it look like they were -- w >> i don't know if they were distraught or not. they were keeping their cool.iro >> why are they playing this.hi >> waiting for theirs to be t coming next. comi >> the fans are probably thee oe ones who really -- don't youon y think? >> it's kind of disrespectful,ul right?right? >> yeah. >> we go to football game and they play the chileanfo nationao anthem and kevin will be like -- >> exactly. >> where is the movie?re is thei >> steve and allison good sve a morning. sitting in movie theater and ala of a sudden you buy a ticket too now you see me two and they putt on zootopia. >> that happens sadly the t reve
7:51 am
>> kids movie and then theyen ty showed -- showed -- >> yeah, did it happen. they went to kid ys movie did hd say dead pool came on or poocame something like that.. >> yes. now you see me two opens up on u friday the new film that has tt everybody in it nor began freeaf man, huge cast, jesse eisenbergn dave franco and the first filmst was incredible because it dealte with idea of having these robin hood type magic tricks and thehe film itself sequel coming out cg friday i spoke to dave franco and lizzie kaplan about the film and dave fran so is fantastic in the move z watch this.. >> but i am curious. curious can you show me one, >> absolutely. >> how do you give it weight.yo >> give lizzie one, too., t >> practice.practe. >> so -- all are you righty.ighty. >> i'm a righty. righty. >> hold out your left hasn'' >> okay. >> now take these two >> okay. >> pinch this corner. corner >> nope. okay. >> nope, nope.e, ne. yeah. yeah. >> okay. >> all right. >> okay. >> and then in slow motionwot here's what it looks like. l it's like this and then like l kind of twist at
7:52 am
boom.boom yeah. >> okay. >> try it. >> nice.>> ne >> not too bad.>> t >> i didn't hit the timer. t >> that's warp going.oi >> that was legit, though.ho >> can you do it? >> i used to be better at this.s >> can i try one more. m >> absolutely. >> it's all in the --t's >> it's all in where you hold it. >> okay. there it is.ere its >> and then --n -- >> remember, this and thennd t flick. >> boom. >> forgive me. that was terrible.ble >> put some power behind it. >> with you and woody in fronto of the car in the building ofuid the film -- th >> right, right. >> is that really you. >> that's all real. i that' that's all real.ll real. we're little out of practice. let's see what we can get. g here we we here we go. that's amazing. >> really amazing. (laughter). >> before i let you go i know ik how they did the black tube blak sequence when you were slidingu down that tube it look likek lik you're really going down something. somethin >> down the black tube.the blacb >> where are the cameras? howeh are you going that shot.. >> we had go pro that we would w
7:53 am
>> trying to one up each otherth and get the greatest shot.. >> begging for more takes of itf but, yeah, we really went down t that. th >> i think i might be credited as -- >> you were really good. goo >> you said it not me.. >> revenant stuff going on. goig that was incredible. >> i said emmanuel he shot theht revenant end won the academy aca award three years in a row.. gravity, bird man and then that and dave franco massive filmsivl making fan so him and i have a joking film making, you know, k going on there. the little and side.. >> you didn't injure anybodyid with your card.r c no one card that flew off, didl it hit the timer. she was holding a piece of of paper -- >> when you say timer it's real person. >> right. there's a person --so >> not timer.ot t >> person in the room holding aa stop watch.op watch you have four minutes or so, and she was sitting neck to the camt ran it went
7:54 am
i'm so sorry about that.t >> trivia question for you.via i >> yes. >> we've been celebrating missnn d.c. becoming miss usa desean is a barber. >> amazing. she's a service woman for theort army. incredible.ed >> the out-going miss usa olivia jordan was movie last year. do you know what movie that wast she was in.e wa >> hint. >> you loved it. >> oklahoma.>> >> you loved it by love i meanom you hated it. h >> i hated it. i don't remember now. >> what was the worst movie ofss the year. year. >> vacation or hot tub timeub te machine two. >> hot tub time machine . >> she deserves to be out.he that movie was terrible. die w >> words of hate from kevin kin mccarthy. >> it was terrible. it (laughter). (lau >> all right. >> let's say hello to our o facebook fan of the day.ay nothing but love for faith smits this morning. mor she's been fox5 fan for over 300 >> she says she often debatesaye with or co-workers over who isri the best local news station butb she always stands up for us. us. thank you so much. we love you for that. tha for your chance to be o
7:55 am
fan of the day, leave a commentc and photo on our facebook page. >> let's check in with tuckerh barnes get a look at the t forecast hopefully one of thesef days we can get this humidityhit out of here. >> steve, how did you ever know that piece of trivia.ce ofri >> you know, little bits of that will extra nugget. >> he's smarter than he looks,sh right, allison.anght, >> yes. >> let's go to the forecast. g mid to upper 80s later today.ery sunshine.hi still humidity around but hangtu in there. we'll be looking at a great a g week. most of this week, nice and dryd with lower humidity. hid so we got a lot to look forwarda to. 74 now in washington.ngton winds southwest at six. a s it will be dry day for you.ou mostly just kind of a hot and ad sunny day with daytime highs ins the mid to upper 80s thishi afternoon. very warm conditions expected.ip frontal system from yesterdaymes that brought us parts of theht o area some pretty goodome pr goo thunderstorms push off to thetou south and east, and we'ree' looking at improving conditionsc around here today.e tod that's general al quiet seven sv day. there might be a shower tomorrot we'll have the passage off tropical storm colin to our to south and east an weak frontk that could kick up a shower.k e look at wednesday, thursday andy
7:56 am
around here temperatures 70s tos about 80 and the best partlowtlw humidity. so it should be a gloriouse a gi couple of days the middle of the week. weather has been updated let'sbu find out about your roads andnd rails with erin.h >> so much to talk about. 7:56. it is monday morning crash morna activity ram from that inboundtd south capitol street to thert tt westbound side of the freeway sr we're seeing delays there thatea you need to be aware of let'swal see if we can forward our maps r and show was else you're facingn this morning. 395 inbound earlier crash did clear from the hov lanes three e way eastbound at potomac crash a park did career. c heavy traffic crossing they tr 14th street bridge and then andt uneven pavement right now only the right lane gets by independence avenue eastbound at 17th street southwest watchthwet for delays speaking of delays, if you're ie taking metro this morning,ng, malfunction at college parkge delays to branch avenue on theae green line and then also keep in mind we have safe track work going on calling single trackinn between east falls church and cu ballston on the orange andorge silver line. back to the roads,
7:57 am
is outer loop to georgia avenuea 95 to georgia 16 minute trip.e i it's going to cause big delays d mixed in as you head to the spue those delays continue and and solid line of slow-movinglomo traffic on 95 south from north n of the icc to the beltway. inbound commute looking very v slow as you make your way 50 from 202 to 295. 2 we have you cover this morning.r we'll have more traffic in justi few. keep it to fox5 8:00 o'clock0 ol hour for your monday morning. ♪
7:58 am
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this is dove. ♪ this is fox5 news morning. right now at 8:00 giving you a live look it's monday morning, june 6th 2016. 2016 we'll have weather and trafficrf on the 5's at 8:05. 8 good monday morning to you.u i'm allison seymour.eymour. >> i'm instead of cheneveyns welcome to fox5 news morning. metro safe track plan being put to the test this morning ass the first morning commute sinces work started on the orange andne silver lines from the rails tohe the roads we have team coveragee for you right now to make sure you need to be this morning.. let's begin with melanie alnwici live at the ballston station this morning. mel, good morning. >> reporter: hey g morning,orni steve and allison.steve and all. so in just a little while things got very crowded here at the ballston station.on so you can see this one platforf really starting to jam up with h people and so what's happening is, occasionally they will be -l they bring in
8:01 am
train and tell people to stay oo that platform but for some f soe reason they just told everyonejv they needed to come and get over to the other platform so it so really just depends when thehene trains are coming and they'rere trying to do pretty good job off sort of moving people if youe yu look over here, they're basically trying to crowd managn everyone and tell them wherel they need to go for which trainh is going to be coming much the question is, when these trains come in from the outer suburbs to east falls church how crowded are they? how many people are going to be able to get on? o this is real the crunch time cnc that metro was worried so mucheh about. they really wanted to let peoplo know that it was going to be exactly this situation as they t begin the safety surge that -- the situation just like this iss going to be going on untilnt june 16th as they single track k have to do a lot of work here to the third rail replacing some om the covers, replacing all thellt insulators replacing parts of o the rail because they need to
8:02 am
smoke and fire problems we'ves ' seen happening all too often ana that is a problem that happensps down through that tunnel area tr where you see those red lightsht flashing that is the part wherew the work is going to when we talk to metro generalenl manager paul wiedefeld this t morning as he surveyed the earle scene, he said it was going okay so f i asked him if it would be wortw it for riders in the long run? >> so far so good. g it's very early still.ti people seem to be heeding some s of the warnings i talk a numberm of customers started their day r little bit earlier which is ahis perfect way to get around somero of these issues. i but let's see how the day panss out. >> reporter: and again, so ain much of this work that's being i done is not visible to the rider but he said, you know, whatnow,w they're doing is they're reallyy working to try to get the system back into good row par.row p it's not going to be brand new. but it should be better for riders in the long run
8:03 am
that is what gots what's going ' on here at ballston.allsn now we'll see how things arews going down the line with te wi jennifer davis. >> reporter: hi, melanie.anie we're on the other end of singll tracking at east falls church. this is one of the silver linern trains. it's not too's not too if you look threw the windowshew here you can see people havee he seats. they're only a couple folksks standing.standi but the last train that left out of here was an orange line train, and it was a it was so pack in there i'vere i never seen a train so full. f i can't believe they were ableye to close the doors.lose t doors there was literally an inch iff that between people's feet upt u against the doors.oors so really really difficult onfit the orange line but a little bib better here on the silver line.l still a lot of riders areids telling us it has been a roughgh morning. we've talk to people who leftopf anywhere from 30 minutes to twot hours ahead of time.fim we talked to a man as we entered the east falls church here andre he said he had been travelingli typically his commute takes ann hour. he'd been going for over two. t he still wasn't at work.ork he said it was really he canllhe
8:04 am
here's what some riders told usu earlier this morning. >> how are you feeling as they t start the safe track program p did? were you concerned? >> no. just wish for the best. and, um, if it doesn't work i go downstairs and catch the bus. b. >> normally i get here about 10t minutes later, but i was like,ak you know, with the schedule, i better be here a little bit bit early just to see how it goes. i >> are you nervous or you'rer yu glad they're doing this? t >> i'm glad they're doing i mean i'd rather have to come c little bit earlier to be a to little bit safer hopefully. >> reporter: they have a command center outside here at a east falls church.alls ch. lots of employees overseeingrseg things. they've got the bull horns tol let people know what's going on. they were able to convince aablv number of people who had gottent on that last orange line train n to get off and catch a shuttle t bus that's outside that will take folks straight to ballstons and handing out pamphlets tophts everyone to let them know whenoe the track work is being done,ei, how they're going to be affect
8:05 am
and you know you normally see people one running for theowneng trains but with 18 minutes apara right now, boy, you really want to run when you run up therun up stairs and you see one stillneti sitting here. so it is filling up.ilng the good news, though, thehe silver lines come in not quite i as busy as the orange but stills difficult day on the rails foras back to you guys. gs >> that's for sur >> man it's hard to find a worsr feeling when you see that traina pulling out just as you'reoujusa walking down the platform. pla >> and your heart is beatingti because you were running and you just missed it.d i >> and then you have to wait 18 minutes. >> at least they have shuttleth buses much they're crowded aseyo well. the orange line is getting theet brunt of things this morning.s. silver line line cro i don't know if i could be oh and train that crowded i giveate those commuters credi. i want to help you get around that single tracking east fallss church to ballston.n. if you want to avoid the trainsn moving everyone eight minutes, n the orange line between ballstos and new carrollton additionaliol trains and increased bus bus take bus instead of the rails you can do that.. fairfax connector option, vre an option and arlington transit running additional buses.
8:06 am
commute rails or roads on twitter at erin fox5 d.c. d. we will help you plan your yr commute.mmute. uber and lyft an option butptn roads are crowded as well you wl got to factor in that time.ime. zipcar car to go, capitol bikee shrine say if you canne s telecommute if that's your you normal route orange and silver e line train i would do so. do some of you have to make it to t work. let's move it over and look att the roads. as you head out on the roads thr this morning, keep in hyped hyp parking restrictions for the foe morning rush on bus priorityriit corridors are extended through 10am.10am no parking along sections. s i street, h street and m streete in georgetown, for example, anya specific questions again on ainn twitter at erin fox5 d.c. 66 eastbound if you're keepingfe it to the roads, you are seeings a very slow moving commute that was the fairfax county parkway. 37 minutes to be exact.xa it inside the beltway things thi through arlington very slow.ylo. seven out in tysons also dealina with typical morning congestiono delays from the beltway as wellw as you make your way out.ut. we're seeing very slow-movingloi traffic give yourself a lot of f extra time on the roads and thet rails this
8:07 am
lots of talk about unfortunately for this monday at least tuckerc you're bringing that sunshine that we want to see.o s >> i see something e >> what is that is?hat ist >> money to be made. m i'll become a ride share driverd >> are you? >> yes. >> do it up. do it u >> start right now.rt right now >> do limo >> um-hmm.hmm. >> can you do that. >> why not? c>> w >> i think you have to regulatey it but you probable. >> he'd have to get hiset commercial driver's license.rivc >> i don't know. i'll find out.t. >> we'll look into that for you. >> not shower my car will pass l inspection either.inecti that might be another problem. mid to upper 80s later today. with humidity back, yes, want the air-conditioner we'll be 86, 87 for daytime high. high. reagan national 74.l 74. 71 dulles. 72bwi marshall.shl. it's a nice looking forecast. f. i mean it will be sunny andny a beautiful i just tweeted out uv index map -- uv index very high this time of year. 1520, 20 minutes in the sun andu your skin will start to fetalrte effects make sure you take the t sunshine seriously this t afternoon. should be a dry day for you.r later today, tonight, going outo we're not expecting any rainngny today. great ws.
8:08 am
seven day looks good. i'll haveve it in just a minuten >> all right. sounds good.sounds goo >> still to come this morningo e the police officer facing the fc most serious charges in freddie gray's death heads to court to c today. bob barnard will join us liven s from baltimore. bmore >> plus a big congratulations to deshauna barber, miss d.c. d.c. >> way to go. >> you know why the 26-year-oldd is now waking up with a brand ba new title, miss we'll tell you all about her next. next.
8:09 am
>> welcome back. 8:08. nice looking day out there. going to be a little sticky. .ngh.grees right now, though tucker will be along shortly to fill in all the business of thet forecast. your big headline. heain >> let's get to the businesset your headlines right now ninighn baltimore, the police officere facing the most serio ous charga in the death of freddie graydd heads to cou >> officer caesar goodsonr ods charged with second degreed dege murder in this case.rder ithis bob barnard is live in baltimoro this morning with a preview of o what we can expect for this f ti trial. bob? >> reporter: allison and steve d g morning to you.g mo when you hear members of thembeo baltimore community saying we w want justice for freddie gray,ra this the trial they're mosthere interested in.reed i there are six police officersic facing charges. but caesar goodson, jr. s the 46-year-old baltimore policetimp officer who was driving the police van after freddie grayrea was arrested taking him to the police substation, and prosecutors say it was officer c goodson who should have strappea freddie gray in because he wasse
8:10 am
the 25-year-old gray was jostlej around in the back of the policp van he suffered that fatalt f spinal cord injury.ur because of that, officer goodsoo is facing the most serious off charges of all the six officersc his is a second degree murderr charge which could carry a 30 year in prison now, there have been two other officers tried already.dy the bench trial of edward nero o ended in acquittal just lastustl month he was charged with four misdemeanor force will yupl porter had been tried late lasta year and his jury trial ended in a hung jury. jur caesar goodson has asked for a a jury trial.ri jury selection expected to getot underway tomorrow.or today there's some pretrial ptra motions that will be debated upt in the courtroom here at 9:30:3 this that's what we're here for. for again the jury trial for caesare goodson charged with secondith d degree murder in the death ofur freddie gray gets underwaynder tomorrow. guys?gu coming up miss d.c. your new miss usa we'll tell you alll you
8:11 am
officer and show you her powerful he response to a question about women in combat.a >> here's live look at thee's lo farragut west metro stationetroa right now.ght now. there's a blue line traine tra running on normal schedule thisu morning. we'll get update on metro safe s track plan affecting the orangea and silver lines. l one pulling in right there. t silver line train on the left.t. that's coming up next. next. ♪
8:12 am
♪ ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
i like this song. sg >> it is a beautiful day.. >> all signs pointing towards is so far.. >> nice summery day today.ayay >> it's a little muggy outgy o there. >> it is. >> to start the day.the >> little sticky. >> deal with that for few more days. before we do the weather let's l get cute. get cute. more sunshine. we got cuteness. >> all right. rig. aww. >> very serious here.ere. >> um-hmm. u >> note snow. >> um-hmm. all right. this is senia.ia. >> we don't have pronounce sorry i'll go with zenia as well. >> g okay.>> g o i hope i'm getting it right. she is very cute seven monthsvet old. >> she's adorable. she >> she absolutely loves to watch fox5. so cute.e >> isn't she cute. >> beautiful eyes too. completelcompletely company he m mr. tuck we are right now and everything he's saying.e's ying >> cute cheeks, too.ut >> those eyes. an
8:15 am
baby. >> we love your picture.ourictu. to send us your child's picturep go do our facebook page fox5e fx d.c. zen it on in and we'll getg your cuteness up there as soonrn as possible. psi tomorrow at this time.hi >> i love that little outfit, ot too. >> thank you for watching. wch >> you're a doll. have a good day.haveoo >> all right. let's do some weather.eather we are looking sunny and bright and warm and humid this morningm and we'll be all those thing thi this afternoon as well and weell should be dry with daytime highh in the mid to upper 80s. 8 mid to upper 80s but dry thiss afternoon. dry tonight if you're out anduta about got evening plans, kickic soccer ball around witness girlr after school. >> if you have a big pool partyo to celebrate your class becausec you're graduating fromu're elementary school, middletary school, i don't know if anybodyw has that today. t >> that would be fun. >> if do you have a superser evening.en >> oh, yeah. oh, >> we need good weather. weather >> barbecue, too. >> for any pool parties. pes >> oh, sure. >> all right. year.his time of current numbers 74 now in 7 washington. we jumped a little bit.
8:16 am
66 in pittsburgh.tsburgh a little cooler and drier moreer importantly drier air off to tho north and west.h anes going to take another 24 hoursth or so for that to get in here by wednesday look what happens.t h our daytime highs in the 70s 7 overnight lows in the 50s for a few mornings.moings. low humidity and morew huty and importantly just comfortable cot air. probably open the windows for aa time and just let thatet refreshing air in should be a ih beautiful around here and hand general al dry week. wee coming up we'll look at tropical storm colin and i'm going to rant about my security system os my e-mail.l >> you are?re? >> i can't -- yes. yes >> all right. all >> i'm not happy about it.appy i >> security is a little bit tooo complicated for your password. r >> some people are not happy not about their commute thismu morning. i'm sure your e-mail is prettyil important, too. >> if you want to contact mect find me on the street because i'm no longer going to be usingi e-mail.e- >> got lots of company if you're at a metro a mro sta how we looking. >> smooth steve, way a to t transition. right now i actually had to culc kevin mccarthy for this becausec we're dealing with metro delay within a delay. ael let's look at our maps right nig now. delays on the outer loop right now becaus
8:17 am
by georgia but this is what i wi want to get to. i thought this was metro matrixm but kevin told me it's actuallya inception. switch problem at east falls church delays to vienna and wiehle-reston on the orange and cellarer line that additionaler delay is already win the singlee tracking between east falls f church and ballston that iston causing problems on the orangeea and silver line. let's forward our maps.t' want to take closer look at that the safetrack surge receipt nowc again vienna to new car toll and everyone eight minutes all all silver line trains all 18 18 minutes.tes. additional trains betweendi ballston and new carrollton vero crowded conditions more oh scots orange line than the silvere ths line. i would say leave at least ant t hour early for your commute or u take one of the shuttle buses os other bus options to get around. right now crash let's move overm to our roads because aside fromf the metro problems, we've beenve telling you about this morninguh bw parkway southbound aft after 198 huge delays picking up aski you head down towards thatards location because of that crashtc taking out at least one lane. ol you can see the delay then picke up again towards the beltwayeltw northbound side slows by powderb mill as well and then coming inn
8:18 am
on the roads 66 eastbound right now it's a 37 minute trip onlypl from prince william parkway to y fairfax county parkway once youe pass through centreville gettinn inside the beltway traffic slows very slow traffic speeds undersu 20 miles an hour through articlr ton this morning.isng let's go ahead and forward our d maps and show what else you'ree up against.gain gw parkway inbound very slow tow the 14th street bridge. bri clara barton, cabin john, riverv road and side the beltwayay backing up things in mc lean on the inner loop slow as usual ana 395 to the 14th street bridgetri very back up from branch avenuev across the wilson bridge we'rerw looking at a very heavy commuteu 21 minute drive and that is jusj a few miles on the inner loop. o outer loop as you approach largo is jammed as w we're also dealing with a crashh on the inner loop as you makeoom your way to fief see on the ramp there. huge delays all over the area. e i would say give yourself a lot of extra time to get around. 270 coming from gaithersburgther down to the spur super heavy hvy i don't have the best things tot say about the roads orhe theor rails. any questions erin
8:19 am
help you avoid these headaches for monday morning.nd morning steve?eve? the miss usa, the new miss usa on the left of your screen crowned last night right here on >> beautiful.if the pageant was held at the telh mobile arena in las vegas. vas miss district of columbiaa deshauna barber takes over the title from olivia jordon whoo serves as miss usa 2015. maureen was a special moment. mn i cannot turn away. away. >> you know what blew me away ke she was right here in the lofw f and steve you talk to we thought she'd go far but who knew she'd take the whole thingg >> she did. >> i know she d congratulationst to 26-year-old u.s. army reserve officer and miss diss trek ofre columbia deshauna barber forbe r winning the 2016 miss usa crown. barber beat out miss way way hawaii.waii she's the first military memberm to win miss usa1 of the questions was asked aboutsked a pentagon decisions to open up all combat jobs to wynn women. she gave the strongest answer oe the women. saying women are just as toughtu as men
8:20 am
>> as a woman in the military, people associate beauty with weakness and they learn very quickly that i'm extremelyly strong and although i'm small, i'm powerful and beautiful is being myself and being very very happy with who i've become. becm >> all right.>> all right so she was talking what it meanm to be confidently beautiful. >> her answer for the recentecen ruling women' serve owing on tho front lines was different fromne that. but that answer competently beautiful was powerful as well.w i watched eight little bit toote much.. >> she says gender does not limit us in the united states.u. she plans to use her new title to raise wearness for veteranssv issues like suicide and post anp traumatic stress disorder miss s hawaii usa was the first runnerr up and miss georgia usa imani ia davis was the second runner up. allison, i think you were sayiny her answer to that question about combat was what?
8:21 am
heard it, you could see that shs had her answer together and sa said, that bakely she was prouds of the military and felt like if you -- you're strong enough in i it you're strong enough to be io every position. >> they was amazing when shewa came here. no doubt amazing to the judgesge last night. she won it all.e it a congratulations to her.ra miss usa district of columbia we haven't had one -- one -- >> third one ever.>>rd >> amazing.zing >> third one ever.>> thi >> i want to give when you sheiy joined us before this was herres confidence and this is the exact quote that she gave us.avus >> okay.>>ka >> she said "i plan to bring the crown back to washington, to make everybody proud". p >> i remember her saying that. >> deshauna, did you it.haun diy congratulations. >> good job. awesome. >> bravo. >> very cool. 8:21. still to come unexpected tributi to muhammed ali why some fanse s are saying it may be a sign from above.ab >> right. later, it's a big week on thehe campaign tomorrow is california primary. so how close is the race betweeb hillary clinton and berniean b sanders? we'll check in withh
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me >> pretty cool moment right here. the mural of course payinggh tribute to muhammed ali and thee famous quote float like a butterfly sting like a bee. but pure coincidence or messagem from above that has peopleeo asking where did all these beesb come from? they gathered neard the mural featuring the famousam
8:25 am
the mural feet away from the la center in louisville.e muhammed ali saying those famoum words float like a butterfly bte sting like a bee before his fight with george foreman backac in 1974 and the bees apparentlyp came out over the weekend.. >> what is that little -- >> was that >> it's not part of the story. >> i don't know.w. >> that's important -- >> i believe in all those signsl and all that stuff. s >> me too. >> not if you attract them. them >> is it a coincidence there was a bee's nest? >> look, fitting tribute.te. >> let's not ruin the magic.. >> okay. i don't want to ruin the weathee magic either.c eith. >> it's a question most peopleop would be asking. a >> we show the video. i love tha wt mural.t it's really nice. nic >> beautiful.ul >> mid to upper 80s and we're ad looking at sunshine and dry conditions.nd ♪ >> later today. let's do it. 74 now in washington.hingto not whole lot of cooling cli overnight.over overnight low right around 70 an we're off to warm start. winds west southwest at six and yes, warm, humid, mid to upper 80s later today. t
8:26 am
fact the next couple -- in facti most of this week nice and quiet.iet. there might be a shower tomorrow but most of the week is nice anc quiet and it gets really reallyr nice around here by the middle m and end of the week. 87 today.oday and there you go. 70s by wednesday and zip trip this week anacostiast friday morning look at that itnt will be absolutely beautiful bef with daytime highs on friday and sunshine about 80 degrees. >> going to be great. going to g >> i think i have an answer forr you.u. >> let's hear it is. let >> eighths beehive but brought b in by a bee expert to attract the bees collect them and removm them from the area.he a apparently the bees showed up od their own.thow >> yeah. >> then an expert went in ton ae take them away.nttake >> i think the fitting story is, he said float like a butterflyut sting like a bee so that's thert and the bees. i don't think it's necessarily i coincidence, right? but it's just very -- vy >> the story has the magic.ry h the magic is still >> exactly. t the bees were there. >> there was a beehive. a bee we explained why it was there. >> i like it. >> there you go. >> all righty.ll rig. erin como,
8:27 am
>> good morning.>> goo 8:26 right now.ow we just have delays on the roads and the rails this morning. mori crash on the shoulder coming ini from virginia a lot of heavy traffic on 66.n 6 eastbound side after 29 in gai gainsville huge line ofne of slow-moving traffic us a headtra into centreville through thatgh point through west falls churchc and in arlington you need a lota of extra time to battle that 666 eastbound congestion thisn t morning. taking a look at some of yourk f drive times right now from now prince william parkway toay fairfax county parkway it will l take you 37 minutes the innerhe loop from the springfieldinie interchange through annandalethe really slow and then 95 northbound jams through stafford and then again throughgain woodbridge and lore don thisgenl delays on the beltway as we're seeing really slow-moving- traffic from george washingtones parkway to 395 down to 24 milesi an hour. 395 from the beltway to theo 14th street bridge basicallyic stack the entire ride. so you need a lot of patience tt get through that congestion. cg. as you make your way inbounday from virginia. uneven pave many, constructionsu on going, across the cuts bridgi only the right lane gets by onso
8:28 am
we have metro delays as well. w single tracking orange and ora silver lines through east fallsl church and ballston.ton help you get around that as wetw continue. keep it to fox5.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 right now. >> i want to say it together.toe >> let's do it again, threeth,gr two,. >> 8:30 right now.>> 8 welcome baaing to fox5 newss >> we'll never do it again. we promise. ♪
8:31 am
check in with erin first?? >> yeah, we are. we're talking metro right the first day of the work weekhk and new metro changes in effectf first part of the metro 10-month around the clock track work tra kicked off saturday morningyor today is the first weekday.eekd trains single track between eass falls church and ballston.allsto it will continue throughthro june 16th rights on the silver and blue lines will see longerge wait times. we'll have the full report repor coming up at 9:00 a.m. on good g day d.c. also happening today, the baltimore police officer facing the most serious charge in theen death of freddie gray heads to court. court. officer caesar goodson theon driver of the police van is facing murder charge. charg he was driving the van when grag suffered the fatal neck injury n and prosecutors argue goodson in responsible for the 25-year-oldd soss death because he failed tod properly buckle gray in that van. van. this morning the end of primary season i ms finally in we're counseling down to thesel last break primary day andryay looking more and more like the e match will be between hillaryeny clinton and donald trump.rump. joining us now talk about the tt battle for the white house is bret bi
8:32 am
>> good morning.or >> secretary clinton coming offm of another big win and nownd n looking straight ahead toad california. >> she is. is and really it's the other statee perhaps that put her over the t top tomorrow, new jersey, likely to go to her way.ay so she will probably get over that magic number for delegates. she's only 30 shy with the new jersey results.esuts she is that -- in that positiont because as we talked about many times the super delegates whichw is the system the democrats havh set up these are party leaders and elected officials who canan vote how they want tom they'reoe not bound essentially by theun votes of theird state. ste she has more than 500 of them oe and that will put her over thehe top. but if she loses california to bernie sanders which is possibli it could be a momentum killerile for her heading into thent democratic convention inntio i philadelphia. >> and bernie
8:33 am
to fight all the way up to thepe convention and perhaps even at e the convention.nvtio >> exactly. he said that he's going to take the fight all tathe way to philadelphia making the caseas that his campaign is a movementv and that the democratic partyrac needs to listen to it. it. he's probably going to be underd a lot of pressure if he loses california to really fall in line. line we'll see bernie sanders hasn't' done that along the way.the . what he wants out ofut philadelphia whether it's partyy platform positions or some say e in the number two choice i guesg is yet to be seen. seen. >> speaking of the number twoofm choice, when do we typically see vice-presidential candidatest start to be name, brett? >> well, sometimes it's right r before the convention.ntio other times it's been a little t bit earlier.bit rlie as candidates have wrapped upppu primary the problem for hillary clintona that's not been done yet. she will likely, you know, namen just the
8:34 am
a vp pick heading into a a convention. and expect donald trump to hold out until then as well.. >> not much news as far as real news on the campaign trail onra the cep can side, but there wase talk of a third party challenger jumping into this racehi rac conservative writer and lawyer w david now it seemsd that reports say that he's stepping away now.y n can you tell us anything aboutia this? >> yes. yes he wrote an article in which hee said he's not going to run forur president but did he think aboua it seriously.erious he said that he is behind and an independent run and believes that the two candidates withtes their honest and trustworthy numbers in the tank really r should be challenged with adit third party run. he suggests mitt romney suggests other people philanthropist init boston john kingston. kgsto the problem the logistics of of getting on these ballots. b it's starting to get tougher anh tougher.toughe texas is alr
8:35 am
ninth and it look like an uphill battle to find four those folksf searching for that candidate. >> all right.. brett, thank you very much andmh of course tune into brettott tonight for special report withr bret baier and the fox news f n channel.anne thank you.than >> have a good day. >> ♪ all right. tucker barnes, let's g> et someo these better conditions movingoi on in this way. >> 70s right now we'll be in thb mid to upper 80s later today.ay. sunshine and dry weather. weath uv index very high out thereh oe lots of sunscreen if you'll be out and about. abo. right. ri 74 now at reagan national. nio 71 dulles. bwi marshall 72.l again, we're looking at a warm w to hot afternoon with dryh conditions across the area. our front from yesterday partsap of the area big thunderstormss other parts of the region notion much of anything. ain should be not much of anything n locally later today for just about everybody as we've got dry air mass in place later thiss afternoon won't feel terribly tr dry. 87 your daytime high with warmih conditions.nd if you like sunshine, you love lower humidi
8:36 am
and you like good pool weather stay tune. seven day looks fantastic. f we'll have that coming up.t comi weather is cooperating. traffic railways roadways metro not so much.t so m erin has the latest.he lates >> a lot of problems if you canf kerr unfortunately not greatre news right now as we pass 8:30s8 of a hour. 8:36. crash on the left lane involvinv several cars. se bw parkway southbound after 198. look at that long line red. line traffic is backed up for miles f leading towards 198. once you pass that point towardo the beltway you jam up as well past powder mill a lot of extrao time needed there northboundthbd traffic also sluggish head areea to a flight at bwi this morning. 95 sawed are southbound jams from to the beltway.. crash by recent in a drive. d as you lead up towards arenarena drive give yourself a lot ofot o extra time there. the inner loop looking good but thet you jam and again from branchroh avenue across the wilson bridgeb we'll switch it back oh ourur maps. gw parkway northbound reallyundr slow if you're heading to reagao national for a flight keep thatt in mind and southbound slows 12s to the key
8:37 am
reservoir also very backed up.d. single tracking this is theth ie first day of the safetrack surgk one orange and silver liner between east falls and ballstono you need a lot of extra time. some folks saying they're leaving as early as an hour tor get on those tra orange line definitely seeingfi more crowded conditions andly a silver line.lver le. a lot of options get around increased metro bus services,ce, fairfax connector, vre,, arlington transit offering moren service as well.asl. uber, lyft if you want to battlt that congestion i showed youd y zipcar, car to go. t capitol bike share be prepared you got to watch out for thoseho folks on bikes more folks one fs bikes today especially in esp northern virginia and you canirn also walk if you're close enouge to the theff parking restrictions in place for an extended morning rush from 7:00 to 10:00 on those buss priority corridors.ri so give yourself extra time tore get through there and keep inkep mind no parking along h, i andnd along m street and georgetown tn name a a few any questions at erin fox5 d.c.d on twitter.on t it is definitely a day foror patience and to get an early e start.t. back to you steve and allison. >> still to come this morning m
8:38 am
the story behind a viral photobv of a young girl who decided to d kind of do things her way on princess day. >> and later, we've got tips to make your coffee healthier and d we're back in just two minutes..
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ great look at the capitolap dome this morning.ning. finally some
8:41 am
just kind of reflecting off of it. >> nice. >> very poetic, >> how about this? this is a sport that has agony and defeat. victory.ct >> it is the world shin kicking competition.competit >> my goodness. my >> does that sun like fun new york city, it does not for these people may the victor within. wt now when i look at this and this lushness of the green fields irf think this must be in the united >> they have on shin pads itn pa look like. >> like a hockey fight rightig there. >> what's the point of >> there's your's y yes, in fact it is in centralal england competitors cushion cusi their shins with straw and then they go head to head in three it rounds kicking their opponents until one of the players goes so itchy.sotc no sweeping maneuvers oreu anything besides kicking allowed. that guy pushed the the guy >> something that dates back toe medieval t >> i would hope so. i wou hop any who. w if you want to be the shin the i
8:42 am
have to go to central englandntl for >> shall we try out fortry ouor preliminaries right here after work? >> i will vote no. (laughter).(laughter). >> i don't want to be hurt. wt o >> taylor swift really cool movl here crashed a wedding and sankd blank space there's the video. >> ♪>> >> take a look at the groom maxm singer he's a huge fan of swift's and his sister reachedra out to the super star back in april after the death of theirir mother. max actually got married in thee hospital so his mom wouldn'tn' miss out and the two shared ahad mother and son dance to this thi song blank space.lank space. swift not only showed up and s performed at their weddingat thd reception this weekend but she e even gave the couple aa personalized card, posed for p r pictures i hope we'll show thehe epic one with the kiss see facef >> great picture. ptu >> good picture.>>ood okay. well it's all over the internetr looks like everybody had a h really great time. >> awesome for her, too, she's been dealing with her own little break up recently.ectl >> probably helped her.he now getting a chance --gettinch
8:43 am
>> do something nice forsomethii everybody else.yb that's great. >> i like her any way that makes her even more awesome.. five-year-old girl taking-y the internet by storm for heror interpretation of princess day at ballet class.t yup you see the other onese r on they're dressed up as principalp says and that's cool but sheut dressed up like a >> because why not? her name is ainsley and she pick it becauseb it's her favorite costume and id you're going to dress up, well,w dress up in what you like.e. the girls dance instructors sayr they were impressed with how confident she was in choosing t wear whatever she felt likeelt l wearing.g. >> you feel like it might be a little tough to dance. dan >> i think it will be hard to do a little my i was or a kick.r ac it's her's >> she's wearing the confidencee well. that's hard to do.'sto hard to be different. drent. >> she's rocking it.t. >> coming up thou make healthier choices with your daily cup of joe. jo a live look outside on thiside s monday morning. talking about metro so much,uc let's see how the roads areds shaping up. we'll check in with erin como.o. tucker is back with the forec
8:44 am
forecast. it is 8:43. ♪ ♪
8:45 am
vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
8:46 am
♪ >> sunshine. >> tucker, there was song over the weekend a smooth '70's hit h which we enjoy, and it was a duet and in my mind i thought to how fun would it be for to us fu sing it. >> we'll have to.>>ll h >> now i don't remember what it was. >> i'll have soft rock party.ty >> oh, my gosh, please. my gosh >> will you come.l you . >> yes.
8:47 am
>> soft rock. >> great event. >> awesome.>> a >> i'll invite everybody. let's go the forecast.ort >> you got to lot of soft rockfc music. you can't just invite everybodyb >> right. at the door there's going to>> o a quiz.a q >> a quiz, right.ight like, you know, geno have a gena nellie who is that.nellieho is . >> you can't answer it you can' come in. >> >> sunshine and warm start tom the week.eee let's see.let's see we'll be in the upper 80n the u today's. today will be the hot one.thhoto we got a new tropical storm lasl night colin developed and it'sni in the northern gulf of mexico. going to up packet florida hereh over the next 24 hours. hou we could have a shower onown tuesday. that's our best chance for any shower activity this week, andnd honestly, much of the area won'n get much of anything tomorrow to and then starting midweek,id wednesday, thursday and friday absolutely perfect june weatherr upper 70s to about 80. low humidity and a great couple of days to look forward to hereh for the middle end of the week.e currently 74 in washington.. everybody is 70 or better out br there manassas cool spot at 70.7 71 dulles.le 72 this morning in hagerstown. we're
8:48 am
still some humidity out there and warm conditions thisshi afternoon in fact very warm.yar i want to mention with theith te bright sunshine uv index highnd this time of year. year i was at the baseball game yesterday in baltimore.tire >> um-hmm. >> and even though it was cloudd i very quickly realized that i was getting burned.urned >> oh, yeah.>> oh, yeah. >> put on the sunscreen. othe that's colin. c maximum winds 50 miles per hour. looking at rain for northwest florida two, four, maybeay 6-inches of rain later tonight g the center of colin will pass p over and then out into the into atlantic and out to sea. should be quick mover. will not directly impact uss although we'll get some fringere effects from it cloud coverov tomorrow. there's look what's happeningok the next 24 hours w the spin yoy see to the south and east that's colin pushing out to sea and oud focus will be on that cold front north and because it will deliver gorgeouu weather around here wednesday, , thursday and friday. 70s to about 80, sunshineunin overnight lows in the 50s. t 5 open the windows. >> yay!>> >> let that soft rock out into
8:49 am
the -- >> speaking of which big shout out to margie ruttenberg oneeron much our fine bosses here andere she says she's coming because bu she knew the geno have a nelliee song and the song i was thinkini about is chicago will you stuffu love me. love me. there's a little echo >> >> can we practice it in the break.ea let's go over and fine out what's going on good day first.r >> can't wait. c >> maureen and wisdom -- - >> i was hoping you would sing. >> will you still love me for the rest of my live.y liv >> you got to come on witness we echo. . >> i did some this weekend.e the i can sink right now. >> okay.ka >> over to you. >> if day d.c., all over the big local stories this monday mon morning with life tomorrowe tomw coverage on the effects of metro's track work.rack work. >> we're also live in baltimoreo this morning.orni >> soft rock party. party. >> serious charges in the deathd of freddie gray toads court. cou >> ing the gray test muhammed ali new details how the boxinghx legend will be laid to >> and all new on good day dcc let's put up that guest list,t shall we? one of the celebrityb chefs that will help judge tod today's cooking up challengeen competition is joining
8:50 am
you see the names right there ot the who is that maureen. >> chef kwame. he's going to be here. her also going to cook up an exampla of his favorite healthy dish. d >> live at 10a, tim tebow.eb. talking about his new gig. n gig he's the host of season two's fox's home free show.e s he joins mike holmes with an aln new twist for a hopeful homeowner.owner >> and we'll chat live withhat i actor jesse eisenberg about his new movie now you see me two. t >> now you see that.eeha good day d.c. the only place to be this monday morning.hing we'll see in you a few minutes. >> ♪ brother kwame.r kwame >> brother kwame. all right. >> steve? ste >> grab another cup of coffee. >> we need it >> lot of us do it in the o d morning we don't think twice about it grab the coffee and wee go for it but are row reallyea doing it right and can we be more healthy by drinking our coffee the proper way? joiningi us now as always dr. shilpilp agalwar a physician portan certified in family medicine med talking all things coffee this morning. >> yes. good morning. >> good morning. >> it's our daily pick me. m >> right. >>
8:51 am
>> we start out with a c wup ofo coffee, right, if you look at the regular coffee, it's healthy, only 5 calories per p cup. cup. >> that would be this right here. >> that would be that. add creamer ander different things to make it to t our taste.taste. >> no additive coffee.fe 5 calories.5 calories. >> nothing in there. n >> good stuff. all those antioxidants.das. >> this is i'm assuming some type of creamer. cream >> this is showing how muchh creamer we should be using a usg normal tablespoon is one serv that will have about 30 calorieo or so and 5 grams of sugar butub the problem becomes most of us actuallactually add two or thred as much actual serving sizeiz that's an extra one hen dread to 150 calories and 15 extra gramsa of sugar. of >> that's what you have here. you can see the difference inn color how much lighter this is.s >> much lighter, exactly. >> more like kind of a carameloa color and this is almost white.. >> we're using too muchoo muc definitely. but the real problem is what's o in the creamer. creamer >> so what's in the creamer? cam >> do we really want to know? k >> we want to know.. >> it's very scar row thecarow e ingredients a lot of synthetic ingredients.ingredie >> when you talk boise you'reseu talking about little cup
8:52 am
might get -- >> the cups, non dairy creamre mers, the flavored stu stuff that you'll add in and pour. so that's going to have losto ho ingredients that you don't evene want to know about. some of them arent synthetic oi, palm oil it also has transfats s which that's big thing that weht want to avoid, and you'll see'le that because it will be listed as partially hydrogenated oilseo on there. >> okay.kay. >> the other thing if you look at it, these things have a veryr long shelf life. we've seen them, you can use a cup -- pact that's been a couplc months old sometimes especiallye the powder stuff. stuff a lot every very unnaturalnnal chemicals that you're putting in there. and if it does say natural flavoring, the actual natural nt flavoring and this is reallysea going surprise people, comes c from some pretty questionablee sources. some of that vanilla flavoring o we found comes from differentnt parts or glands of beaver tailee and anal regions of the beaver.a so really got to -- >> it's natural but not something you want to eat. e >> it's not natural vanilla
8:53 am
>> exactly.>> exactly. instead of using creamer we'veve got some older alternatives you can use that are a lot healthiet g let's stay on the creamer camr topic before we get to the to what should we use if we like we our coffee with some type of cream just good old-fashioned-fn cream, >> that's exactly right.hat' one of the alternatives that wea have here is just using regularl whole milk or cream. you're going to actually useless of it because it's higher in fat content.coent. and it's natural look on the lot back of it only one twenty fourf ingredients as opposed to 166 ingredients that can stay goodtg for, you know, three months.eeon >> i think a lot of people get t away from that, though, if youoy think about it if you go toyoo t local coffee shop a lot of a lof people get skinny coffee, cof whatever it is.ater it i people afraid the milling isilni going to be fattening and maybe that fat worry scares them awaya but you're saying if you go witt this you might make up for thatr in calories, right?ht? >> calories, sugar and chemicals and also what we're finding isni that fat that little bit of fatf is actually very healthy forlthf you. you. it's going get you threw thehe morning. it's actually going to make you feel fuller a
8:54 am
jeffed better in the body. b >> we'll go with lesser naturalr ingredients.edie >> you want to stick with the t natural cream mers.l cream mer cream, milk, whole milk.k. >> okay. oy >> other alternative just -- wew see people making coffee they t add the cream and then the sug sugar. but i'm going to tell to you ada the sugar first and taste it.ndi >> is it the same deal with theh sugar as it is with the cream we want to go real sugar notot artificial sweeteners.. >> not any of these artificialil sweeteners those things our bodr has lot of trouble processing pg and make it unhealthy a lot of l those natural -- artificial sweeteners we don't know whatt k will happen with them in ourn o bodies. >> i'm guilty of putting way tot much sugar in my coffee. >> that's another option. >> what is this? that looks nasty.nasty >> another alternative. instead of cream it looks nasty but tastes good and it's veryt' healthy for you.ou adding coconut oil. o >> you put some in >> give eight try. >> plain black coffee with coconut oil and raw sugar. s it's a healthy source of fat itt will give you that same s thickness of cream without the t cream
8:55 am
>> it tastes like -- i just putt a whole bunch of chapstick on. >> i taste the sweetness.wene i definitely taste theaste sweetness. okay before we run out of the timewe, this is the magic concoction a lot of people haveo been talking bullet proof coffee, right. >> exactly.xactly. >> in nutshell, what?tshe >> bullet proof coffee has beene reported to be this amazingzing health benefit drink where theyt add butter to your coffee andfea then you also are adding natural oil what's called mct oil and blend that together and supposes to be this powerful drink. dnk >> all in one breakfast.fa >> does it work.or >> don't need to have breakfast. the answer is no it doesn'ts t s work. >> okay. >> they say you're not going to be as hungryre until 12:00 o'clock. you're going to start losing weight. burning fat.g i talked to lot of people who have actually tried this. this. they said it tastes >> it's kind of a fad right nowi >> yes. >> it's not worth the evident.. >> made them hungry two hours h later an lot of work they didn'd feel it. >> stay away from the bulletm tt proof coffee.proof ffee >> the advice for from thefrom doctor if you'll put additives t in your coffee go with
8:56 am
and real milk or try the coconut >> or try the coconut oil. oil >> steve doesn't think't s >> i tried it, though, right. rt >> i tried it.>> i tri >> he doesn't like it.e >> send things over to tuckerinc right now.rit no 8:00 vick.8:00 v ♪ aww. see this is the part you comeom in.. >> right here. right h >> i can't go on.>> i can that's not the part there's't an echo. >> yes. >> could we work on it for later. >> oh, my god, can we? can w >> love chicago. >> this is going to be -- yeah.. >> um-hmm. tough entry to get into this part. rt (laughter). >> what's going on in the world of weatherin? >> i think i'm going to try cryy after hearing that.afhear >> don't cry. >> 77 now in washington. was we'll be warm and humid thisdhi afternoon 76 dulles and bw b marshall.rsll guess what? sunshine that's th' rule today. tay as we keep things nice and quite around here for couple of days n fact most of the week looksheee fantastic.fant look at this week long forecastt 87 today.ay. 84 tomorrow. 70s, that's it, 70s and 80s alla week al soy and. can you believe it?n yo >> yes. >> queue the soft rock.of r
8:57 am
♪ (laughter).augh >> you need a power valid ballab to get through the trafficgh today. i hope you have your favorites lined up. it will be a slow not calm rider for your in you virginia. baron to boiler road jam packedc to cars. cars. hunter mill road to seven slow roll.ll. 66 east 50 to the beltway slow. normal morning rush extendedxtee we're seeing heavy traffic fromo maryland as a w 95 from the icc to the beltway,w 270 and 50 dealing with big delays. keep it to fox5 good day at 9at coming up when we have youe covered with great power balladb as well as all the changes for i want to help you gettr aroundr this morning.ning. ♪ ♪ >> i need someone to slow dance with me. ♪
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♪ straight ahead, fewer traine and longer weights. metro's maintenance blitz officially underway and that means a new normal for regular riders.d ma ri we'll have live team coverage. the greatest of all time and this morning tributes continueni to pour in for heavyweight champion muhammed ali who diedhe over the t how he's being remembered remb outside of the ring. r miss usa2016 is... districtt of columbia! (applause). >> army officer turned beauty bt queen. dc's very own deshauna barber your new miss u.s. a thanks in


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