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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  June 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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arrived j two line here on the east west highway, we don't exactly at bus number is m because unfortunately they turnr off the signs as soon as we we approach that bus. maybe we can take sky fox here you can see the scene from above in silver spring traffic backed up. east west highway is backed up heading west towards the mash casualty unit is on the seen. the buzukia renned into a tree.i there are pour lines above the bus.s. it had to be listed on hydraulic jack to be pushed up to try and extricate whoever was around that bus, we're still trying to get more confirmation as to what exactly happened as far as the extra occasion process. at least 15 of those passengersr taken to area hospital with nonn life threatening injuries. metro transit police on the scene trying to investigate tons determine what exactly happened
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as to what bus number this was.w east west highway here in silver spring headed wested shutdown. w we'll havees an update coming up for you at 6:00. >> let me ask you, we'll move even hopefully check in with marina in a little bit. >> metro is in the middle of iti first evening rush hour of o "safetrack" repairs. yearlong maintenance work kickek off sunday. first surge is going on right now in arlington where metro m trains are single tracking.g. metro general manager gave a man briefing a short time ago at the fog bee bottom station. tom fitzgerald is there withre what riders are saying today. >> reporter: good evening. well we can tell you there have been some very crowded metro trains especially of the silver and orange line in that section between east falls church and ballston. throughout this day teams of metro workers have been havened ding out green pamphlets
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exactly what they will see during this first surge. now, for its part metro's met general manager tonight says say this has gone pretty well today all things considered. also making it clear we are nott done today just yet. talk to riders they'll tell youy two things first we are welcoming what they call long over do work, more importantly to them right now metro needs tm get a lot more workers on to those single tracking platforms in order to get people on to the right train. >> i mean i know its a start ofs new improvement to me it seemsms like they are just talking to each other there not actuallyre doing their job. >> very very frustrating. you are not sure fur supposed te be, which f side of the platform you are supposed to be on. you are not sure when the next train is coming if it says no passenger do you get on or not get on. pretty
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>> reporter: now, we want toter: show you in slow motion exactlily what this work, there is one track that's completely shutdown now between east falls church and ballston along that t entire line work crews are carrying out pulling out, many of the tracks that we saw along that trip appeared to be in really bad condition broken in some spots. that track word means that all trains, orange aren't silver lines sh going to have to switct sides when they come in to those stations cause they share that platform.plat now, we saw a lot of mix ups, especially this afternoon by passengers who were getting on the wrong train and heading in the wrong direction. metro general manager paull wiedefeld said metro put extra staff out to help navigate subtle buses as well they arehey going to have to adjust this plan and make changes as as necessary as we move forward. fr >> reporter: a lot of people out there.ere. so, maybe during
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times, maybe we got to take aake longer look at this.his. this was or first day. we're learning on the curb as well as the cutter merse. tomorrow i think it will go smoother. we'll step up our game some as well. >> reporter: now this is having and effect on roadways as well. route 29, route seven, sections of along i66 that we saw today in the vicinity of east falls church had elevated traffic volume it is believed in directr result to people not wanting to get on these trains instead taking these cars. tomorrow might be the critical day here people may have just avoided it thinking this is a one day event. it is not. this is just the first of what is going to be 10 more days of this surge one along east falls church. ballston remains to be scene whether what we saw today is going to roll out until thursday of next
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live foggy bottom tom fitzgerald fox 5 local news. news. >> developing tonight at least three suspect are on the lose l after a woman was shot sunday morning during a party in culpeper county. fox 5 alexandria limon tells uss nobody called police even after the woman was hit. she joins us live tonight with v the very latest. alexandria.ia. >> reporter: yeah, that's ther:y straining jest part about this o whole thing. investigators say there were nearly a hundred people at a party at this house, yet not a single person called 911 oror police after gunfire he represented and a woman was shot. now investigators are looking for three suspect in connection with this shooting. now, here's what we know so farf from talking to culpeper countpe sheer rivers department, a grouo of young people rented out this farm house that's part of the in at kellies forward in elf buildingism there were throwing a party with and were eve charging an entrance fee. it was after three people were denied entry
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represented. >> we believe at this point that three avenue fan american males attempted to gain entry into the party and they were denied entry by the person taking the money at the gate so to speak of the e party. as a result of that, they left and as they were exiting the driveway, they began to fire upon party goers. >> and then people at the partyr began to fire back; is that correct. >> we to believe that at least a one person at the party fired back. >> reporter: investigators addr: that at least i nine shots were fired but no weapons have been covered so far. sheriffs department is asking ak for the public's help they say this party happened sunday oneay in the morning. they add that the suspected werd driving a white or tan minivan
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around the vehicle.he if you have information or recognize that vehicle description you should callion them. the victim suffered serious injuries as a result.ria and was dropped off at thee hospital, hospital personnel per that contacted authorities abous this shooting. culpeper county sheriffs office posted a press release about this victim 19 year old samantha sloan commented ton that post saying she's feeling a lot better. investigators confirm she is now stable. we did talk to the property management here at the in at kellies forward they have no hav idea what happened. they are of course cooperating with the investigation. they say their main concern is cleaning up all the damage not just from the bullets from the fact that the house was trashed because usually this beautiful venue is used for things like weddings, you it is weddingwe season we want to get it back up and running as soon as possible. reporting live in pep consider
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local news. >> fox 5 is in fairfax county now where tonight the fbi needsn your help identifying a suspect in a bank robbery.ry. this happened last wednesday in fairfax. investigators say a man wearing a hat an flannel shirt robbed the bb and t bank on arlington boulevard. approached a teller, demanded money with a note got away withh cash. there's a five thousand dollar reward for in h any informationi leading to an arrest if you recognize this man give the fbif a call. take it outside now it is gorgeous out there just ahere beautiful day. summer like. warm. >> and warm. my goodness. scott. >> i have a feeling sue pal cast out there enjoying it. i'm soaking it up. i'm watching my papers below a a away as we speak. we have a little bit of a breeze it is a delightful day. mid '80s today.oday humidity noticeable not bad.
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came through yesterday bit stronger storms and we're getting paid back today with a beautiful no. i've got to tilli since the weather is quiet here we are watching what is going o down to the south in florida i about tno have a tropical visit they haven't seen anything froma the tropics in about 10 years or so. while we have a few clouds thatu are going to come in laterater tonight especially down to ouro south the bulk of the raining ii coming from this tropical system that is just off the west coastt of florida. this is tropical storm collin. he is not strongest storm we'ves ever seen. poorly organized almost hard too find a center although the center is northwest of tampa right now.ght it is forecast to come to shore tonight. the big bend of florida you'll see there are plenty of tropical storm warnings up the coast. it will definitely produce winds, a few tornadoes can't be ruled out. florida eight inches of rain ini some spots 6789 going to move
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georgia we can show you the path it continues to move to the north northeast at 23 miles an hour. time tomorrow its going to be close to cape hatted res, wee don't expect to get rain out off it. south and east might be a different story closer to the norfolk area. then raising out to sea don't bs surprised as it cross the gulf stream. talking about temperatures that are pretty comfortable in the mid '80s humidity again not as high as it was over the weekends.s. still a little bit noticeable on this summer like day here in dc. and weather headline for tomorrow, we expect another pretty decent day, there is a passing shower possible, tuesdar does p not look like, we'll taka you hour by hour and let you know when you can expect the showers and what neighborhood has the best chance of seeingnce them. that and the 7-day forecastorec coming a little bit later.. sarah and laura back to you. >> good stuff
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>> health watch a popular iss being blamed for causing burns on a little boys skin his mom mom is taking on the company. step away from the croc they could be ruining your kids feet. the police officers facing f the most serious charge related to his death heads to court. co.
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>> in baltimore the third polic officer to stand trial in deatha of freddie gray will not have this fate decided wry by a jury of his peers. >> faces serious of all charges. fox barner is in baltimore forto us tonight. >> reporter: there were a coupll significant, first of all all offices 0 see sore good son juns juror will not have a jury triai that's what we were expecting he told the judge today he wants w the judge to decide his fate. >> reporter: officer good son's decision to for go a trial byal jury is quickly met with cheers, those who have been you calling for justice for freddie gray. >> we recognize that the officee has a right to have a bench trial but when the citizens of this city have endured so much as a result of this, it would wu have just been good to have the citizens oven this city in the
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driver seat to determine the outcome of this case. >> reporter: the 47 year old officer good son faces seconds s degree murder and other chargesa for his alleged roll in the death of freddie gray while in police custody in april of last year. gray suffered a fatal spinal cord jr inside the police van good son was driving. in a bomb shell decision at today's pretrial hearing judge barry williams ruled prosecutore couldd not use a crucial piece f evidence. one of the other baltimore police officers william porter made to her about what freddie gray said to officers in that van. >> that's been gutted that was the thrust of the state's case depraised heart this was a callous disregard for the health and welfare of freddie grayredd because you officer good son had been told by porter that freddie said he can't breathe the judgee not allowing any mention of t
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whatsoever in part paw officer porter denies it on the witness stand in his own case. >> reporter: a trial that ended with a hung jr last december. officer good son's decision to go with a bench trial may have been in explained with acquittal of officer near i don't charged with four misdemeanors in theor gray case. judge williams rend ring thelia verdicts in that case nreow hass good son's fate in his hands. >> in the relatively rare instances where a policece officers are on trial choosing a judge has been successful strategy throughout the country. the second degree murder trialr of officer good son begins leer in baltimore thursday i'm bob barner fox 5 local news. >> new tonight no charges will be filed against michelle gray.e that's the mother of a three a year old boy who got into a gorilla encloser is the cincinnatizo
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that child fell 15 feet and have a brief encounter. the gorilla was shot and killed by zoo of first who feared for the child's safety. prosecutor spoke out saying she had three others kids with her t and turned her back if anyone doesn't believe a three year old can scamper off quickly never had kids. in tonight's health watch a virginia moch says her son's son were severely sunburned she's blame inning the sunday screen. >> she put banana boat kids on her kids it resulted in this four year old liam with burn onn his face, his brother has bluffedded or hundred shoulder, she applied it before they wenty went in the son they wore rash guards for part of the day, ban nana boat sent her a check for 22 dollars and has ask that she send the sunday screen back. she said she has consulted an attorney.ey. the products
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flunged past consumer reports test consumer reports does not live up to its claims of being broad spectrum sunday screen. edge well personal care theca company that owns banana boat b sentan this statement. consumers can rest assured that banana boat trough ducts when used as directed on the product label and as necessary withry w other sunday protectionion measures. all our products meet alleet relevant fda regulations in could you go for spf protection and water resistance. r >> well fur a fan of those croc you might want to listed listeno to this. >> the popular shoe could be bad for your feet. >> doctors worn that although croc are praised for p comfort,r they offers nice arch support but fail in other areas. sincer they are back less, force your u toes to grip which can lead to
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tendon nights f podiatrist recommend wearing them for short periods like trips to the beach. americans pay the highest prices in the world foran cancer drugs but the treatments are at least affordable in countries ic with lower in the l lowest drugs, drug pricesg we're found in in dein a, africa, ranged from $1500, indid to nearly nine thousand dollars in the united states. generic cancer drugs highest in the us at about 650 dollars the lowest found in south africa for 120 dollars. >> fox 5 cares that our effort to locate local nonprofits. >> the society is one of our long time partners.tns. saturday night they held man and woman z gal la. the lls man and woman of the year candidates compete to see o who can raise the most money mo over a 10 week period. all of that money is raised for bloodod cancer research
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million dollars was raised that shatters national records, huge, huge money that was raised. congratulations to christine their she won woman of the year, and john brook bank the one man. it was an amazing neither. >> that's great. >> really special night. coming major hotels they are removing the desk from inside the guest rooms. >> what they say most people are doing instead of using them for work. to think of like myself as being able to break the mode for pageant girls and for military shoaled all aroundo the world.. >> 26 year old army reserve office wins the miss usa pageant what is next for this local t super star straight ahead. remembering boxing legend muhammad ali, the challenge one started on social meal th
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response he is getting from fellow fellow fans. ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that,
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energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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>> the world continues to morees than the death of muhammad ali. >> he passed away friday he was 74 year old. old this is the seen this morning ii his hometown.n. a large procession escorted hiss body to a funeral home. it is expected to be a star studded event president president clinton ond e of manyo you'll la united states thea heavy weight champion.ei he died from septic shockys dueo unspecified natural causes. meanwhile fans are leavingfans flowers cards and even boxing gloves on hollywoods walk of of frame. he is unlike any other he is not part of the sidewalk he did not wa p
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was presented on an ease sail es where the oscars are held each year. tributes continue to pour ii many highlighting his impact on the world.ld. >> professional boxer andre beer to came up with a unique way to honor him. >> i think i want to start a challenge show love and respect to muhammad ali. it's caused the shufflele challenge. i want each of you to post the best muhammad ali shuffle in tag each other that you want to tryo to do the same. we have to show love and show respect to the gold himself, see what your feet looking like. >> here are some of the bestest responses, let's take a look. >> i'm too fast.ast. i'm the king. >> tha
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well force for the first time in nearly two decades, these are really great; first time in nearly two decades first time is history miss district district d of columbia was crowned miss usa last night. deshauna barber the 26 year old is an army reserve officer and it analyst. here is how she describede herself ahead of her big victory. >> i joined military 17 year old. it's a tradition in a wayay something that runs through our veins, patriotism and service for this country. >> i like to think of myself ass being able to break the mold fom patch subsequent girls aroundse the world. >> many on social media theia te question allowing women in in combat as to what may havey locked up her victory last nighg she told the judges women areomn just as tough as men she
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she is breang barriers bys boeing a shoulder and having h ability to compete for miss usa crown. absolutely. she is no stranger to fox 5 to appearing a few weeks back. >> during her appearance she told steve she was going to bring the crown back to theto district and she certainly did,, congratulations to her.tion very proud of her. coming up new information in the cold case murder of a local honor student how a new book is she had ding light and the investigation. >> when was the last time you usedth marijuana. >> about a month ago. >> meet the third party presidential candidate whose opening up about his marijuanaia use and his push for legalzation. high school senior took homm all state honors in girl's track and field domination theld competition that would normallyy be, because for congratulations but tonight is sparking controversy. because the winner was actually born a boy. jim. could another harer
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his way to nat park.o family news lot of baseball talk coming up on on sports.
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>> the work of a homicide w detective is oftenor stressful d exhaustting spending countless hours trying to solve a puzzle, there's pressure even when there are none to give. >> that work in prince george's county is about to be featuredeu in a new book that exsupposes the raw truth about murders anda what it had paul wagner joins ue with the story. >> reporter: last friday on this broadcast you may recall we told you prince george's county police have a suspect in the
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2012 murder of honor student stu amber stanley. dna evidence point to a man noww behind bars so far no charges.rg there's still missing pieces to this puzzle. tonight we take you a little bit deeper into the case all included in a new book called a good month for further. >> reporter: the phone call that, came 11:10 p.m. a warm wednesday. in this new become a good month store murder. will try and solve the murder of 17 year old amber stanley arriving senior at flowers highg school who was shot inside her r home by a masked ban who appeared to be out for amber. as he worked the scene shawn the dear were you thinking nobody he is cute honor students not like this. the murder what detectives in prince george's county homicidey call a red ball.ll. >> it can be a young child case
5:33 pm
it could be an elderly woman case. road balls come in several time a year.a year >> reporter: the murder of amber was definitely a red ball. within 24 hours he a theory the crime had something to do with her foster sister who had been sexually assaulted days before the hearing. hea living by the mantra there are no coincidence he focused on the facebook post by the fosterr sister a threat aimed at the girl's attack tear, wrong victim wrong place is that still your theory. theory that'sd our theory that the crime that took place against the foster sister has something to do with amber's murder.r's and amber was mistakenly the victim of this murder, yes. >> reporter: in the winter of 2013 tell will beer was shadowing detective at the time dear was trying to solve the case. >> you see how hard it is to doo this job, you understand why these
5:34 pm
mechanisms, its just the job going through it. you can't you know by the end i was totally affected by it it changed me. his book but prince george'sge's county homicide on a national nt stage revealing ways in which investigators get suspect into the box where they arere interviewed for hours. >> i don't know how thehow community is going to react too it, i just don't. i don't know how it is going too react to it. i hope the community and the readers react in a good way too it. cause it is a snapshot of what s take place in a homicide office. >> reporter: for the first time reveals virtually everythingly about an open case.e. an open high profile case that at one time had the community of coat ring on edge. >> it's hanging over your head.e it hang's over shawn's head hiss squads head its a case they putc a lot of time and effort into. and we haven't gotten the the results yet, but
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to get from this case u. last week knowing the book wasas coming out the investigators went back to amber's house where they met with her mother, adult part of the job trying tob try explain to a grieving mother why her daughter's killer has not been charged. >> reporter: detective shawnte dear still has the case andr: cs continues to pursue leads. the book goes on sale tomorrow. paul wagner fox 5 local news. >> new tonight, wdvg reporterepr alison parker and adam ward were among 20 journalist honored. theory dedicate the policemene moral to those who died while covering or pursuing news and information.form parker's mother and father were in attendance for today's dedication. >> they were merely covering ace enough piece at smith mountaints tan lake.ake but, they make no mistake, they were vick tills of terrorism.
5:36 pm
that senseless gun violence brings to this country thatnt claims 90 people every single day. >> parker and ward were killedld by former coworker vested lee flanagan who ambushed them last august during a live news segment. >> busy week in politics beginss with more primary scheduled tomorrow. trap p making headlines an sit down interview with the presidential candidate you may not have heard. ronica cleary is here with the round up of all political headlines you may have missed. i was so into this third party candidate that it just blew me up. i want to take about that also first donald trump and a little flip up here. >> what people are saying abouty trump rider now what he's sayiny you trump believes the judge jud trying over his trump universits lawsuit is biased against him. giving unfair rulings b
5:37 pm
is african american. night beginning rich, he called in exexcuse sable trump responded to what he said let'si take a listen. >> are you comfortable with a potential president attacking a federal judge for his heritage.t >> no. this is one of the worse mistakes tram has made. i thinkes it's in exexcuse sabl. >> i saw newt i thought it was inappropriate what he said. >> so the other interesting iseg he has been talked about maybeut being on the short list for trump's, if he's really on it. there's a lot of speculation here. >> certainly there's a -- >> doesn't seem that way.ay. other republicans have come out against the remarks. what is happening tomorrow forng the democrats there will beil another round of
5:38 pm
all highs are really onhs are california for democrats. hillary clinton just two points ahead of sanders. sanders has said he plans tol stay in this race until the democratic congestion no matter what happens tomorrow we'll be looking to see if he does pullul out a victory in california. >> it will be very interesting. >> sny think this is somethings that could take donald trump down based on the reaction thata you are hearing that kind of af comment?mment? >> i don't know.'t k because, he has said otherer things that many people have felt, it is a little bit different you now because he's not in the field of republicans that may change the response. but we are so far out from november that it is hard to say what will stick what will really resonate with voters at the endh of the day those are the peopleo that real matter not the pun not dances the other talking headsng out there if you will. are really matters what happense at the polls in november we wilv be keeping an eye out for that. if you are feeling fr
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some people say they feel frustrated about this race they don't want to vote for a republican or democratic. gary johnson libertarian, received a lot of attention he has pulled in double digits in some national polls that put hit against president clinton and sat down with ham for anam interview yesterday discussing the issues that matter to him mt one in particular, the legalzation of marijuana. you are an executive in the can bus industry you've spoken about occasionally using marijuana. m >> yes. >> tell me a little bit about that when was the last time youe used marijuana.arijua >> by month ago p i have always maintained realizing marijuana will lido to over all stains abuse marijuana is so much safer than everything else that's outer there starting with >> well if you want to see our entire interview we spoke about more than marijuana, whether orr not heij can win this thing trup you can see it on my
5:40 pm
page. >> you had quite a response when you posted your interview with him on facebook and twitter. >> i really i posted a facebookc live video a little bit aboutit him personally the thing thathig surprised me so much about this was the positive response from supporters of governor johnson who just says thank you for giving this third party candidate a little attention and press so maybe more people can o learn about him. him. >> all right ronica cleary thank you so much jim and sarah back out of to you.ou >> thanks guys, we want to talk about the nat. >> we'll talk about them. a baby an mustache. i will explain. congratulations to nat third to base man ryan zimmerman and arrival of their new baby daughter we don't have a name. nat activated him send
5:41 pm
talk a lot about the head of hair on harper, it is un match s in the major leagues. it seems appropriate that the most glove us facial hair should stay in the family its beholdaml brian harper this is bryces older brother he is moving on up to syracuse the elder harper goe the promotion from wa harrisburg. he is six for seven unsafe opportunities. he played a few games last year the latest promotion to lead really is anywhere. i believe he she had thehe mustache nonetheless. seriously brian dinosaur steve drafted by the nats in 2000 agent he was part of thee trade back in 2013. the in felt bounced around they signed, report to triple a ra
5:42 pm
when i go back i go to dinosaur barbecue. ease not interested in olympic gold. he says its an honor to t represent the usa. focus upon next season.easo meantime after a weekend of copy spa football action which youac saw on fox 5 team usa takes a pitch in chicago against coast c tauric a you are about to here the national anthem listen closely. >> ladies and gentlemen please rise for the playing of the national anthem of uraguay you o see the looks on their face okay this soun
5:43 pm
they are not, they are from uruguay, someone screwed it up. apologies were made. look at their faces. >> there like you know what. >> they are still clapping. >> they were quite respectful. >> that's important. t >> i mean they didn't give it away on their faces that they weren't -- [ laughter ]. ] >> could have been a lot more animated. >> this is true. >> was that just a different position. >> we're we not supposed to be s playing right now? >> meanwhile controversy in alaska have you guys heard about this a male high school sprinter took home all state honors in girl's track and field theh senior who identifies as a ide female, competeed against girlsd as young as 9th grade wonk of the girls he competed againsttea told reporters that she is glads that he is comfortable with who she is but
5:44 pm
competitively fair to her and to others. i kind of -- >> never thought about it thatha way.y. >> we're now at that point thisa as legitimate concern for some people. but you know you imagine this ia wasn't something that came to the for front when they made those rules 40 or 50 years ago.o >> its such a new thing. stronger, faster because of genetic, males can you know are technically stronger for the most part. >> exactly.. >> that's interesting to have an each over the others because of that. coming up deltas making all in flight entertainment freeree that's attractive. how soon travelers can enjoy that added a men in a tea. >> and return of the juicy ka tour track suit. tra back in style. [ laughter ]. >> mine does not say
5:45 pm
there. and mong key busy what happens b when a monkey robs a jewelryewel store. hey caitlyn. >> jim sounds very excited that the track suit is coming back into style a i want to see a i pictures of that. outside righg now beautiful summer like day. few more clouds 85 degrees here in washington of the definitely getting rid of that muggyt weather we had over the weekends. if you've been waiting all year for summer whether its finally in the forecast. we'll have that in the seven day when fox 5 news five at five returns right after the break.
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and every day you promise toor protect off! is here to help with proven protection against mosquitoes. trust our family to protect yours. sc johnson, a family company
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on top of your health?ay ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control. >> we love it caitlyn. i saw some systems behind you there. >> lauren says there's always te the system this as tropical onee too at tropical storm collin it doeso
5:49 pm
impacting us.s. we will get virtually no rain. you can see a bit of rain moving across portions of the southeast from atlanta too towards rally all the rain associated with tropical storm collin there is plenty of it pushing across florida. circulation of it.t. south of the florida pan handle right now. this as ton of moisture for south eastern states. collin is moving east, northeast and directly out to sea. over the next 24 to 48 hours it will be long gone not before bringing plenty of rain to areas toward the south. for us i don't think we're going to see much out of it. clouds tonight rain not really. temperatures high temperaturespa 87 at reagan, 85 at dulles and 86 at bwi. currently, we are just as warm this time of year when we have most daylight we get high temperatures later in the day t five,
5:50 pm
85 in washington right now. mid '80s and we saw thathat humidity decrease a little bit t throughout the day. it was humid over the week andnd end. forecast tonight there is colin, bringing heavy rain across the carolina beaches, even virginia beach could see heavy rain. little too far south. sou clouds will clip southeastern stays maybe into delmarva for the most part, washington all of our we know suburbs are clear s maybe a littleub humid due to te e of that moisture. humidity will be gone come co tomorrow afternoon as cold frond sweeps through. thr and then by wednesday, really turning cool and this is at at spring like weather that we missed it was gloomy and cool i may we got right to the heat. high pressure coming in when that comes in actually very pleasant. it will be dry. it will be cooler. high temperatures will be onlysl in the low
5:51 pm
this will be may weather that we never really had. i think everyone is going to enjoy the forecast the rest of the week. sunset should be beautiful for tonight. 8:30. day of -- and then fromom there we'll start getting darker each night. temperature of 82 very mild night. overnight low temperatures, 69 in washington. like i said you still need the t air conditioning just a toucha still pretty humid it will turn cooler as we go through the next couple days. you're at washing torn. passing shower that's a cold front. passing shower probably in of the afternoon otherwise mostly sunny and still warm you're. much -- 84. 74 breezy wednesday, 77 thursday, looks nice chance of showers the rest of the week ofs the that's a look at you're 7-day forecast sarah and laura.. >> sold. we'll take it. >> good. >> all right a. let's head over to tony and o shawnve for
5:52 pm
next on fox 5 news at six. >> i got a question for you guyy fixer how many times did youw change your minds before you actually settle on what toma wer each day? >> some days, i mean some daysoe i'm much more in divisive into d too today it's a clean shirt, let's wear it.. [ laughter ]. >> okay. i get it. i get it. sometimes it takes us awhile how about you. >> i pretty much decide and that's e.'s >> really. >> apparently,. >> guys are much easier. into snow that's the way it works its no secret many of usfu women take a longer time to pick out the right outfit. you might want to make adjustments when you realize how much of our lives we clothing choice dilemmas.ce >> investigators want to know who abandoned 28 cats. fortunately the cats were left at a shelter but the shell doese not have room for all those animals. at six we'll tell you how youou can help. see you
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>> you won't have to worry abouo being board on you're next delta flight. the airline says it will soonoo make all in flight entertainment free that includes 300 movies and 715 movie shows it will be available for domestic and international flights.s. >> about time. remember the track suits afterck more than a decade they are making a couple back. juicy ka store blooming up with bloomingdales to release these track the signature will be sold in various colors in both girls and women's sizes. >> they have been out for more than a decade. >> i didn't know its been that long. >> i'm really out of style. jewelry, after surveillance video showed among key robbing n their you can see the monkey waskey ws
5:57 pm
inside and went right to the check out count. crazy. >> workers tried to stopt animal with a ban nana. [ laughter ]. >> he doesn't like banana too's. >> they were not successful doing that. the monkey managed to get away with 150 bucks. >> that's a well trained monkey or smart. >> local news at six starts right after the break.
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>> right now at six, getting used to the new normal on metro. >> you can't prepare for this because there's no rhyme or reason. you don't know. you don't know how long it's going to take. >> impact metro riders ares a feeling. >> latest update on the statuste of repairs.


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