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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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twou of metro safe plan kicked off one hour ago. we'll give you an update in a minute. >> first though, 6:00 on a tuesday morning. giving you that live look outside across the dmv. it's tuesday, june 7, 2016. >> man already into june. weather and traffic on the fives at 6:05. good tuesday, everybody, i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning" looking like midday out there already at 6 a.m. breaking news out of fairfax county first uv at 6. overnight apartment fire leaves one person dead. >> jennifer dave sis live opt scene with the latest now good morning. >> high there residents distraught after learning a man that lived here older man they say appears to have died in an early morning fire. firefighters tell us what they got here they found the man inside his bedroom and did the best to resuscitate him neighbors saw that up fold in front of hem and unfortunately the man d
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we're.10,000 block of mosby wood drive in fairfax city if you look at video earlier this morning you see the fires that broke out. they say it was not so much flames but a lot of smoke billowing and heat residents could feel. many awakened by people knocking on dorz yelling fire, fire, although once they exited apartment they heard the alarm blazing. 50 firefighters from fair tax city and country showed up. 19 adults and two children were able to get out of the building and those two children ran out barefoot. everyone got out except for one man inside apartment where the fire appears to have original named. once i say it coming out i was thinking of following her and she started telling me to get out of the house i was trying to voice things i didn't have enough
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someone said fire, fire and i go to house and it's sad, it's sad, because somebody died. >> back live you can see the red cross on the scene providing water and helping redense make a plan and the fire was mostly contained to the apartment building and where the gentleman died and that means there should not be fire crews on the scene and investigating the cause at well. they say the best news here is that all of these residents most of them were able to exit an exit safely back to you. >> a deadly atv in frederickcy the man behind wheel of atv prosed over september are line michaelsville road buckleys town
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on. the atv driver in critical i condition and two people and woman and 12-year-old son type hospital with injuries. speeds with a factor. no charges have been filed against that stv driver. >> fairfax country field forgot she was there and he faces neglect and up voluntary manslaughter charges. >> third baltimore police officer charged in death of freddie gray will go on trial thursday. officer goodson faces serious charge. he waived right to jury trial and up stayed waited to opt for bench trial putting his fate in the hands of a judge.
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history in the making. clinching nomination for president including first woman to toptic the of major political party and while flattered she's holding off on celebrating as millions head to the polls today in several states. >> i have to tell you according to the news we're on the brink of a historic historic up press departmented moment we have work to do don't we. >> we have six elections tomorrow and we're going to fight hard for every single vote. >> hillary clinton will accept the cop vengs in july and in the meantime before the final votes are in president obama is ready to throw his vote hend the form every secretary of state and endorse her as early as this week and aggressively make te
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>> rival bernie sanders is found to not only win california today but to take campaign to the kong convenience next month. he's hoping super delegates will change their mind between now and then. >> 6:0 5. 71 degrees. seems like we've seen 71 a lot. >> in early morning. >> yes. >> it's been warm lately. warm and muggy out there. >> 5:43 this morning. i was up in the 4:00 hour. you look east you can see light. >> i know makes me feel happy we're awake. not in middle of night. >> you're right. >> because middle of winter it feels like --. >> anybody else here. >> 70 reagan and bwi 69. wor featuring temps mid 80s today with po pourry of sunshine and clouds. maybe a shower today as we get to cooler and
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to cooler and dryer air tonight. rain you see off the coast left yovs of colin that brought heavy rain mostly to floor did and align the car loin acoast overnight night and that's bringing us humidity now o our folks north and west we'll bring a period of cloud cover or cloudy skies later today with cloud around. 3. breezy by late afternoon. and again could be a shower any shower activity you get should be on the light side brigham brel a. . >> scat areed. >> thank you steve. >> and staying over two as far as the full morning commute. >> things pecking up on the roads. earlier in virginia sidetracke sidetrackedle a son i lover your hair consult. >> throwing you it t out there. . >> building volume stafford 630 to 610 crash blocking
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and make time for that area deer hit by a car in slir vir as well 234 jake lack son and as we move over definitely heavier volumes and 66 coming into virginia prince william to fairfax and tag a look at all drive times. red zones already like 607 and 28 mannasas to braddock road speeds dipping under eastbound 67 fairfax and volume west falls church and 95 north dale city to 123 bottom of the beltway and maryland drive times not terrible. and we have second weekday morning commute affected by safe track now. make sure you give yourself a lot of extra time if you take orange and silver single tracking between east falls and boston. watch for crowded companies.
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50 as well maryland to 410. and steve and allison. >> prince george country woman looking for justice after husband died in police custody. >> and widow is sharing with "fox5" video of last moment alive. his family says video only asked questions about his deat death. june 17, 2014 video recorded by prince george county collections officer inside county veil. you can hear 49 year shields yelling murders as officers try to get him into a jumpsuit. officers occasionally speaking into a cam are and saying shield is is combative. his widow release the video after obtaining from county she alleged her husband was beat toe death by construction officers while he suffered schizore
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suddenly officers ask for help and quick. shields pulled from the room unresposive ep ultimately shield died >> metro bus fair and him and and i know the type he is. he never would have downed metro in that pace. i knew something had to be wrong. >> on theioustis tore samuel shields facebook page friends say he was aspiring reggae ar artist and he suffered from heart problems and asthma in addition to schizophrenia. >> his wife filed a lawsuit and this is despite the medical examiner saying shields died of natural causes and reached out to county jail for comment. so far we have not received a response. steve and allison.
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. >> latest on daeldly terror attack in turkey overnight. . >> and we'll see if we're getting it closer to us. that's next back in 30 seconds. >> developing overnight no claim of responsibility of gaedly attack in
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writing riot police near istanbul university. the blast killed nearly a dozen people. u.s. navy banned drinkingd resticked off basa activity for pesonnel in japan. after several incidents of members in oak anow what. 'petty officer accused of driving drunk and injuring two people. >> tropical storm colin gaining strength this morning hammering florida. expected to dump 8" of rain across that state before moving up the east coas coast. they spent the night sandbagging and swimmers told to stay out of the water. >> mean time sip natty zoo gore ail aworld will rewould a higher barrier around that exhibit. this is after they decided not to file charges against the mother whose fodler
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the gore ail gauge cage. they're looking about possible sanctions again the zoo. >> meantime we are learning you new detail about muhammad ali's memorial. len exlewis will serve as paw betterers. 16,000 tickets will be available tomorrow. >> people in minnesota encouraged to wear purple. it has been declared prince day. it's his 58th birth day. he died of course in april due to overdose of painkiller called fentonal. >> steph curry will not go for the gold this summer in rio. his recent ankle and knee squirz are a factor. he's going to focus on getting healed up for next season. he has a job now finishing up
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nba finals. >> 6:12 new survey says 96% of us shop online. americans. where do we do majority of shopping. in bed? in the bathroom maybe? . >> at work? . >> who are you looking at? >> that wall over there. >> me too. >> as we head to break "weather and traffic on the 5s". >> i see you.
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♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings
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with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. . >> the site of deadly fire overnight one man died after this apartment fire happened mosley woods drive fairfax simenty the fire was con kind one apartment where the man died overnight and so far no word on the cause. people still out of those apartments this morning. >>
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this morning since weather easy you have somebody you want to give a shout out to. tweet me. >> okay. >> graduate gets 'shout out on. >> and will create a shout out page. >> that's awesome. >> amazing. >> you worked hard all year. let's do bus stop for waingt as well for last days of school couple days left. >> do you have to be graduating from high school. >> no you can graduate from wherever you want. >> let me put names on. >> send it on in. >> here's bus stop forecast. upper 60s. low 7 0s. humid. after school today. >> yes. >> mid 80s bright sunshine. >> we'll get a shower or two later this afternoon to talk about. 70 washington. 60s north and west. comfortable winchester 64. 63 frederick and 66 mannasas this morning. it's mostly sun in my opinion
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the rain you see off sourm and east and leftovers calling and offer norm and west our focus will be on weak cold front. couple light showers to part pennsylvania and west virginia at this hour. that will roll through mid to late afternoon. it you'reers in cooler air. temperatures don't get out of mid 70s and dry air in place for a couple days. here's set ups for tomorrow. temperatures in the 70s for middle of week. look athat. here's best past. rain chances low with temperatures cooperating. >> real nice. >> hallelujah hands. >> thank you. >> send me graduation we'll create
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>> i won't hog up. >> that's great. . >> i remember eightth grade graduation. >> going to high school. >> yes that's exciting. breaks news southbound near 198 truck offer the road and lanes blocked. you can see the fire department working at that accident scene more news on that. 95 southbound pass that scene toward the beltway. 25 eastern to pennsylvania that little stretch down and will take you 11 minutes. watch for that cop juston. 5 northbound laboratory on up. and coming in from upper marboro pennsylvania to the beltway jammed as well. 2p 0 maryland two-minute trip now from 70 to 109 as you make your way to hyattstown
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give yourself extra time. increase towards the spur as well. 50 coming from annapolis if you hit it by 410 look at virginia next and slowing thing down in orange and silver lines. >> two years after a small plane crashed the ntsb will meet today to discuss probable cause of that deadly incident. marie and her two small children dwhid their house wept newspaper flames. >> happening today capitol hill head of transportation security administration will gol before house committee to talk aboutñé long lines at airport security check ins. over aviation concerns will be discussed. hearing starts at 10. >> last known living 9 11 search dog died euthanized at the aim of 16. golden retrieve
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search dogs world trade center site and spent ten days there. that's a beautiful dog. >> on the hill of soggy sales the first new cereal wrapped in 15 years next. >> and dunkin' donuts making it easier to place an order a mobile app louz to you place an hoard 24 hours in add vants. you have to know what you want if you order your donuts ahead of time. you can save order as 1st and view nutritional information all online 6:20.
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>> we're backing tracking online shopping habits of millions of americans. join us from the fox business network studio lawrp lauren, good morning. . >> i've got good news for you. >> good
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>> dow up 115 best left of the year. last comments we'll speak about before the feds get the interest rates one week from tomorrow. basically interest rates going up we very no idea when and up investigators ran with that yesterday fult turz up this morning too. >> and we're shopping but where are we shopping. >> one of the places might be in the bathroom which i don't need to hear. but police dish. >> okay. so big xherns at theture have a, 6 spending five hours a week that may be a big number but we're not going to the store we're doing it all online even every day items. how we sho shop and where we shot cracks me up.
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2 in 10 saying while they're in the car i'm guilty of that sitting passenger seed you can get a lot of work done. one in ten people saying they shot under the influence(# and two in ten people -- yeah that makes sense two in ten saying they're actually shopping on phones when in the physical store. i guess that's price compariso comparison. >> don't you think. >> research. >> i can get it cheaper i do that. i'm see something and i won't buy it and i'll wait and say let me look online. i'm guilty of that. last but not least general mills said they're coming out with new serial and it sounds like serial i already like called cinnamon toacrst unch. what's the new cereal. >> tiny toast first new cereal brand for the name behind cheerios and lucky charms. it's raid with real fruit blue
6:25 am
initial in addition. >> illenia don't ask -- they're too lazy to rinse out and wash the goal. they're gravitating to yogurt and breakfast sandwiches and they're making a cereal you hope one people will eat. >> it's natural so 50eu8 let you know. thanks see you tomorrow. >> bye-bye. >> bye-bye. >> you're used to cereal they're not. >> they love cereal when i think millennials i think people out there. >> i think all of a sudden it started coughing --. >> it's huge. >> i can get a high five. thank you. >> once they got to eat every day they jack the price on us. >> very expensive. you're so wise. >> sometimes. >> yeah. >> sometimes not so much. >> but most times very wise. >> this is the forecast. we're being looking at temps around 70s to start the day mid 8
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humid conditions out there and it will be another warm day mid owes. might be a shower this afternoon. this shower indicates a change in air mass and cooler drier air on the way later tonight. relative humidity 92%. warm and muggy start. rain south and east that's colin or recommend naments of kol up or leftovers and norm and west a weak cold front gets in mid afternoon. it will bring us a period of cloud cover and again a few showers this afternoon look at cooler air rushing in tonight. cooler and comfortable into early wednesday and 73 for a daytime high breezes north and west. >> good trip day. >> perfect weather-wise. saturday and sunday look great too. >> fantastic. >> my heart mruterred thank you
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chopper. let's switch years i got nruingterd now 6:26 sky fox car offer the road into the tree lane firefighters working to get driver out. lane blocked and ambulance and fire department loot of activity there. left lane getting by. very slowly. as you pass 198 on 95 southbound beltway watch for that in larl area. we'll take a look at ps now. we have crashes and other volume in virginia. crash activity police letting us nou know 395 at potomac watch for caution and delays there. safe track underway. silver tracking orange and silver line east falls to boston. steve and allison. >> coming up next deadly apartment fire in the city of fairfax. >> plus checking with the sports junkies off their epic trick to las vegas. what can they t
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>> just talking about prince. it would have been 58th birthday today. 6:30 writing now new dmv. live look outside. welcome back to "fox5 news morning" and first now overnight apartment fire levers one elderly man dead in fairfax city,al
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drive and they're signaturesing more than 20 other residents of that darment and no word on a cause. >> more that a dozen metro riders are recovering after a pickup truck everybody everybody swerved and crashed in a treech the driver of the bution suffered serious injuries and they planned to ticket the driver. d.c. mayor bowser wail announce a deal reach increased minimum fwhaij district. proposed legislation is to increase district minimum wage to $15 by year 2020 and last wednesday a d.c. council committee voted to pass the minimum wage bill. >> time for the morning line right now. we're talking vegas. nba finals sports junkies 106.7 the fan. welcome back. >> hello ge to be back. >> hi how was the trip west. >> awesome. >> three, three days there and
6:32 am
days of vehicle sas perfect time steve you know sglat probably took six months off my life. >> that's not a bad weekend. >> i made mistake one time of spending five days in the vegas after two i was like just treading water just do what i can to survive. >> as a rookie mistake, steve. >> it was. >> hopefully you were 5 when that happened. >> that's about right. >> problem with me i go hard the in any event night and then get app hour and a half it's not going to be sleep but a map. >> i completely lose track of life out there. >> everyone does. >> i have friend so jacked up to get there they got on the mraep leak a normal human and got wasted on the plane steve they were wheeled off it in a wheelchair. >> they had not even landed yet before they got to vegas
6:33 am
>> you're supposed to wait to vegas to get out of control. >> that's a true story people go crazy for vegas. >> erv can't wait to hang out with you guys. that's all it is. >> that must have been it. >> we were talking earlier about steph curry's skipping out on olympics to try to get healthy next season. all things go. when they're blowouts like 33 point win in nba finals fun or not fun to watch. >> awful. >> not funny tushd offer midway through the 3rd quarter. snls you're like lebron hater which i used to be earlier in nba viewing career. i want to fulfill his legacy. they're not fun to watch. these are ugly blood path game games. >> uglyest finals i've seen a n a long time. you are not supposed to see blow yoults. i think it wi
6:34 am
he might be right to could go four. >> four or five. >> this is ul my nation of great season right playoffs up to this point i thought were pretty good and you were hoping coming into this look cleveland hung in there last year. you thought they were bet they are year. on paper looked like sim or seven game series the way it mraipingz out obviously the way it will. >>. >> thunder and durant and -- they're squandering that 3-1 lead they could have had the tabsz team that looks out of sorts kevin love and kyr irvin irving. >> you can see quit in their eyes sometimes. i know they're trying. sometimes i look at lebron and he looks lost. >> stevie know you watched the game but in game two i thoroughly believe this richard jefferson was cleveland's best player. when richard jefferson
6:35 am
player you get blow out that's sad to save. cleveland didn't show up. >> they've been putting so much efforts to try to slow down steph curry and clay thompson everything else blows up around them and it's solid team i agree it's like nfl seasons where you have i don't know maybe like when manning is with colts and colts and patriots in championship game and super bowl is a let down. seems like one of those mavrpups in nba this year. >> well we seed this is huge legacy series for lebron and now lebron and kyree irving and kevin love was cleared tore play? >> yes i think so. >> and cleared to travel. this it is, siried, came hort energy and they want to stay in the series. >> i'm glad you making it back and had a nice time in the west coast. >> we will thanks guys. >> junkies 106.7
6:36 am
>> don't want it to end. >> no. >> still going. >> pretty funny your vegas story funny. >> five days is way too long. >> after two it was like --. >> couple road trips away from vehicle sglas we drove into the dessert. >> nice, no-humidity days here. >> starting tomorrow. we'll be in the 7 0s. vegas hit lessee had first is. >> it look super in your skype. >> you won't stick to your clothes. >> we'll see if you make a point. >> we enjoy that. >> walking to work thrk movrk you that i see clothes especially out there this morning and off share there and remnant spore ago wart. a more importantly will bring us cooler and drier a
6:37 am
starting this evening. wait until you see the 7 day forecast. temperatures wind field as well that's the red arrows. 07 washington. north and west there's a lot of 50s out there. 55 this morning in detroyts and columbus and we'll tap into that later tonight and feel great around here. over the next couple days. not a bad day, 85. possibility of a few showers this afternoon. looking at future cast. also i got graduation first round of graduation shout-outs 6:45. >> tucker "fox5" if you have a graduation shout-out you want to have. >> we'll look for that. >> if you're heading out to work singing tracks on orange and silver line between boston and east falls. all trains running orange line between vienna and new carlton. and big delays and crowded conditions. you may want to consider trying pet row bus, driving or different alternate this
6:38 am
have problems. sdlaiz and crash activity. traffic d.c. police traffic letting us know, 395 northbound on freeway at east potomac park there's a crash watch for delays there. also note that 295 dealing with accident right now on inbounds side delays picking up on southbound side eastern to pennsylvania south of 50. it will take you 11 minutes to get through those few miles of road. crash activity 295 northbound boroughs avenue and slow downs and 50 inbound in frdz the beltway as you attorney new york avenue and backed one volume. heavy volume 95 north stafford 6:30 to 610 and as you make your way out we have crowded roads in virginia right now. 28 between nass and braddock road and 66 son of trafficking from west falls church headed to arlington a steady slow of cop juston. dale city to 19
6:39 am
there's another area facing congestion. 270 south through gaithersburg, allison and steve. >> a look at what is hot on the web tuesday morning. >> explosion after explosion we'll take a look at filming in cleveland of the latest fast and furious movie. fox beat coming up.
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kimbo slice one of thebitionet names in mma real name concern furgeson died he was hospitalized for undisclosed reason. no foul play suspectd next up could a blood test help better treat depression. how patients with a heyer level of inflammation respond differently to common medication prescribed for inflammation. . >> and finally girl power first lady michelle obama joining strong cast of women to launch a new campaign called united stapling of women. farlt of white house summit tackling gender equality issue issues. >> metallic atrending this morning why? we'll tell you coming up. it's about their take opt national anthem before last night's game four in stanley cup finals and remind better go to break if you have a news tip share us with 202-5
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me well, first you start what makwith this.n meal? then add this. and this face... wait, we can do better. yeah... that's the one. and of course fresh brewed lipton iced tea.
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woops, more of these. and definitely more of this. ah, that can wait. but not you buddy. huh what's this? ah... i like it. what makes a lipton meal? what you bring to it. and the bright refreshing taste of lipton iced tea. lipton. be more tea. >> mike thomas. >> he's coming. >> keep them coming. >> your graduation picture and graduation shout-outs accepted them in. congratulations to my daughter britney that graduated from wise high school. >> con gatlations.
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>> and. >> that's a great family picture. >> mountain view picture. >> #proud mama moment. >> there you go that was first one we had. >> look at that gorgeous. >> sent in by kenyata. >> graduation pictures we love it. >> lover you tucker. >> doesn't have to be this can be kindergarten. >> we like all pictures. >> got to have cap and gown or just in general. >> no it can be --. >> no regulations. >> we've been inspired. >> all right. i have awe few more. jeffery, tara and taylor. >> hey. >> cue the music. >> pred rick douglass mountain view high school as well. >> the world is baiting for you guys. >> so exciting. >> get to have summer and then excite the about going to school. >> or work. >> or a job. >> military maybe. >> yep. >> 70 washington. we are looking warm and humid out there early. mid
6:47 am
with mix of sun and clouds. we could have a shower later today. most of the area won't get one. we can have a shower or two this afternoon with quick moving cold front. south and east that's colin. tropical storm koynl. heavy rain in florida. we'll talk about that and north and west a cold front. very light shower activity in west virginia at this hour and that will scott in our area mid afternoon. behind that front we'll cool thing down and better dry things out. much less humidity on the way later tonight and tomorrow. future cast we'll try to find showers together. there you go you can see widely scattered nature of that activity. anything you get is quick moving and light. few showers later today and clear it out quickly tonight. overnight tonight clear skies and look at that setup for middle of week. 85 today. 73 tomorrow with sunshine and fantastic thursday sip trip looks great next weekend as well. few showers saturday. mostly next 7 days
6:48 am
seasonable and even a little cooler than average temperatures. >> frok me looks great. >> good graduation weather. >> i'm excited you're doing that keep the pictures coming tuck. >> keep the pictures coming people at home will roll in. >> i love seeing graduation pictures. >> inspiring. >> back to cool school i love it. >> right now towards the beltway big problems southbound near 100 crash left lane left shoupder several cars involved record location trying to get that cleared. heavy delays towards 100 for several miles. you can see sky fox panning back not looking great there. unfortunately we're not seeing great things on 95. bw parkway by 100 and 95 let's look at map jammed up because of another crash we're dining
6:49 am
tree line there. the lane is blocked there. 95 bw parkway southbound backed up this morning. 295 delays eastern pennsylvania to about ten miles an hour creating extra 11 minutes a around crash activity as well. burrows avenue picked upped in the beltway and sutland parkway south capitol as we head to douglass bridge. 395 eastbound potomac one lane blocked there. heavy volume 95 north 630 to 610 earlier crash cleared north one web and just got word on twitter talking to people saying there's very crowded conditions orange and silver between east falls and boston. trains running every 18 minutes
6:50 am
line boston and new carlton dealing with crowding. back to you guys. . >> ahead of friday's special olympic summer games in maryland annual torch run take place 2-d. running from glen berp dwroy annapolis and special olympians will thereby to greet them running friday to sunday and games themselves will number towson. >> local animal shelter trying to figure out who dumped nearly 30 kittens and cats on their door step. person responsible could face thousands of dollars in fines green belt animal shelter doesn't have room for cats and is working with local ces cue groups too find themselves. here are pictures with them. if you're interested down in road in adopting some of them were just days old. >> it is 6:50 now. here's the good day guest list. and she stars in movie maggie's
6:51 am
it is in theater now. >> r & b group 4 ey future is out with new single. local super star will be here to perform live. . >> and wisdom said bring it on. boxer jessica lane has taken on the challenge moved to d.c. to train for olympics how cool is that allison she'll share her journ dwroy rio with this and impact muhammad ali and give wisdom few boxing lessons as well. all that coming up good day d.c. at 9. 6:51 kevin is back with the fox beat. >> good morning how are you doing today i love new red you look nice. >> update on the kanye west concert that didn't happen after mass every amount of fans showed up for 2 a.m. show in response mayor bill deblaseo tweeted this act kanye west and his wife kim kardsahian great block parties planned i can throw one with to you benefi
6:52 am
new york city kids and see the picture attached to sweet mayor on the phone with caption "does someone have kanye's number" and loud speaker emogi. >> there's a way to do things and even in the great kanye cannot just make it happen. >> that was a play saying do we have the mayor's number. >> a call at 2:00 in the morning. >> they were trying to do something. >> wouldn't it be great if they planned something. >> hopefully shut the city down in a planned way. >> let's do it for the kids. >> exactly. >> this video has been going viral everywhere since posted youtube may 29 i saw on twitter yesterday has over 40,000 retweets check out this insane video of what is believed to be filming of fast and furious film 8 in cleveland you can see a helicopter headed towards camera and shooting sounds and cars falling out of parking garage. one person that tweeted video said imagine if you were not aware and suddenly sa
6:53 am
fast 8 is due back in and out april of next year. >> stunt drives coming up behind it and right there. >> i can't ma'am in. >> stay in your lane. >> that's amazing. >> cool. >> yeah. >> and finally before san jose sharks and pittsburgh penguins played game four last night this happened. snolt. >> the crowd he interrupted in cheers. metallic is is from the bay area. it didn't help the home team. pittsburgh had a chance win staply cup at home on wednesda wednesday. >> if you wonder where the base player and drummers were they were opening doors of locker rooms show they could come out on the ice. >> like
6:54 am
and kanye the team is auctioning off the guitars to benefit kids in the bay areas. >> that video is amazing i love watching that. >> thanks a lot guys. >> 6:54 let's say good morningp to the facebook fan of the day. tailgate ted. it's his birthday today. >> i opened fer ted gets the day off being coulding on his birthday. he'll let us know on twitter shortly. >> ted wakes up to "fox5" every day at 5:00 in the monk while having morning cup of coffee. he watches it when he's gking dinner and watches us with limb every morning and thank you your mroylty is so appreciated. >> what tucker we have taken advantage. >>
6:55 am
>> ted throws incredible partyer. >> you told me right. >> you have to come with year. >> right. >> let's doe it. beautiful day mid 0s. warm and humid early this morning and we have a chance for shower this afternoon. but nice summer afternoon. i know it's not summer yet but it will feel tlaik with temperatures and humidity. 71 washington. relative humidity 0%. sticky early. win soujdz, southwest 6 miles an hour. rain you see leftovers of colin tropical storm foynl we have a week bring us showers and cool and day later on and 85 today and cool and breezy team he will be beautiful day in fact friday into the week we're kee keeping th
6:56 am
more graduation shout-outs coming up. i have a whole stream of them kindergartners and 8th graders. >> i want to see i love it. >> coming up in a few minutes. >> i'll see if i can find old graduation members do you have any. >> i probably wouldn't show those. >> i bet your long hair looks beautiful with a graduation cap on. it let's switch over to traffi traffic. unfortunately crowded commute if you head towed beltway from baltimore. bw parkway southbound 100 crash cleared and look at residual delay. stand still traffic several miles leading past 100 and if taking 95 instead approaching 19 8 car went over the road into trees. there's a scene there causing big delays leading to 198 and aside from that inbound delays as you make your way bottom side of beltway. westbound slow richie marboro to do you live house road and branch avenue northbound. 301 to clinton and 210 northbound sdlo bottom of beltway in
6:57 am
we'll take a look at metro and commute on 270 and 66 as we continue. keep it to "fox5" back in a few moments ♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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 sxwlv right now 7:00 breaking news for fairfax apartment fire overnight as a deadly turn and liver report from the scene coming up
7:00 am
>> plus day two of metro rush hour safe track plan will today be a little worse than yesterday. local leaders believe it could be. we're live with what you can expect. >> and numbers add up for hillary clinton by the delegate count she's now the presumetive democratic nominee and her riv rivral bernie sanders said don't count him out. >> and a live look outside tuesday morning june 7, 2016, weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 7:05. >> good tuesday morning i'mal mall. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". first up at 7 following breaking news out of fairfax country one man dead after overnight apartment fire. >> happened mosby road drive. jennifer dave sis here with the latest good morning. >> good morning to you all it's been a sad evening and early morning here for residents ever the mosbey woods apartment one man is dead and olderan


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