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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> breaking in virginia armed and dangerous a manhunt underway for this man, an 1 18-year-old who police say shot a sheriff deputy. the sheriff's injuries called ken receive. >> and hillary clinton celebrating a historic milestone. reaction from both campaigns this morning. >> taking a live look outside wednesday morning june 8 you can believe how light it is at 6:00 in the morning it look like pidle of day. 65 comfortable degrees. "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 6:05. >> i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> on top of breaking news out of montgomery county, three high school students killed overnight at a tragic accident. >> it all happened burnt hill in clarksburg annie yu is on the scene and joins us live. we talking about one of these horrific stories every year
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>> no doubt allison and spoke with him who said the exact same things and how important it is to have the courageous conversation with their children about the decisions they make as you can see this morning it can result in deadly situation. right here is burnt hill road next to me here. you can see it's a windy country road and there are no streets and it gets very dark. montgomery county police still trying to figure out what happened police believe they were coming home from pregraduation party late last niingt and tonight is the graduation day. montgomery country fire tweeted a photo of the scene. it's a horrific scene. not much left of the ford f 250 truck co
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totaled there. policeel tell us it was traveling southbound on the road and driver lost control around the curve area and cavrpd into several yeez there. sadly he did not make it. police have identified the driver as 17-year-old jacob dennis of maryland and paerm at 18-year-old patrick shivlet and third victim 17-year-old kerry maurice green. we spoke to the captain this morning. listen to what he has to say. >> it's really important that parents have courageous knks with thirteen where you recognize that simple mistakes this time of year often result in terrible tragedies. this is just one of those terrible tragedies on a country road late at night involving teens that we alls want to try to avoid. >> now, family member of the driver
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want to go on camera. she was disstrawkt and jacob was a wonderful students and person and talented football player and that he was in fact dropping off a friend late last night when this happened this accident happened which is what police told us as well. we don't know whether speed and alcohol were factors and clearly police not ruling it out in this situation. that's the late nest clark clarksburg, maryland, apostolic nuncio, "fox5 local news". >> following another breaking story out of northern virginia stafford country sheriff deputy was shot and killed as he responded to breaking and ente entering call. right now there's a massive manhunt underway for shooter and stafford county sheriff office is looking for this man joshua anthony sumter. if you see him he's considered armed and dangerous. deputies injuries are extensiv
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. >> learning new details on 2010 shooting death of bring george county map. . >> germane hailz the shooting left kate paralyzed five-day after shot he blink from his hospital bed. there was controversy over whether it was a limb malt form of he died of injuries. >> hillary clinton taking place in history now the presumetive democratic presidential nominee claiming victory in a rally last night. as for her rival we're told more that half of campaign staff will be laid off next week. don't kout count him out. during a late night rally he asked to fight all the way to next week's con tuesday we
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continue the flight. i'm good in arithmetic and i know that the fight in front of us is a very, very steep fight but we'll continue to fight for every vote and every delegate. . >> i want to congratulate senator sanders for the extraordinary campaign he has done. . >> i wish my mother could be here tonight and see her daughter become the democratic party's knowledge next she gone the mainiarys in new jersey, new mexico, south dakota and california she is leading and sanders has plans to meet with obama at the white house. gop side presumetive nominee celebrating several memory this morning holding a rally at the richmond colosseum. last night he told a crowd in new york he's plann
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making a piece about the clin tons on monday. 6:305 chillier start to the day at 65. >> i'm used to it 71. >> beautiful out early this morning. we'll be in for nice condition conditions. mroingt of the day please emen ement. cool mid to low 70s. >> nice toss have the windows on yesterday. >> wasn't it. >> yes. >> cool dulles 59 in blat there's 'few showers towards pittsburgh and few trump to our region lerlrylyly yesterday did i say a shower. >> no. >> steve. >> shower? >> rain yesterday yes, i did. >> it will be back a little today. thank you for paying close
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>> 2 later today preezy and generally . >> i was watching the many fight again. >> hello yesterday go out to the pool. sun goes in cloudy and i go inside hour later sun comes back out. it was one of those days for me i couldn't catch a break. >> but the sun came back out. >> yes, it makes me want to sing. >> sorry i sidetracked. 6:07 traffic freeway incident and south capitol a crash and freeway eastbound before the third street continual dealing with a crash. give yourself ca time to get around problems there. moving it over and showing you another crash we're dealing with this out in maryland, 2:1 horn baker road robinson drive get around that as well and prince william area 66
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and that little bit of interstate leading through centerville will take you 20 minute. leave a half hour early toe get inside the beltway. in arlington congested 66 eastbound. 5 north to 301 and 01 north slow getting 512 as well nobody from 6:30 to 6:10 and again through dale city speeds under 20 dale city to 123, 66 again, 7 to fairfax drive. watch for congestion as you make your way through congestion this morning. all metro lanes on time and single tracking is what's your metro ride on time i you have covered. let's look at maryland drive times next. . >> bep gentleman mip crawling cou at the orioles game.
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back and both players facing -- there it is again. 99 miles an hour in the small of the back. both players facing suspension. so far have not overrulely heard from the league. . >> did you say 99 miles an hour. >> that's how fast the ball was going. >> yes. >> both he jektd. he insist the throw was uninttional and o's had win. >> u.s. min 4 o 0. >> you can watch it on "fox sports" one. >> just a horrific scene on my michigan high hey way a pickup truck slams
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>> a pickup truck slammed into a group of bias sicklists in michigan. a man is in custody after fleeing on foot. minutes perfect that incident they received calls of a picku
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they received calls of a pickup truck drivering erratically. officials were called to the accidents scene. >> in maui a 37-year-old woman is charged with killing her twin sister by driving off aof a klivr. witnesses say they saw the twins arguing before the driver drooevr a duvall accelerated and made a sharp turn her sister died from that accident. >> time out of the nba shawn rocks former player most recently part of 76ers coaching staff suddenly passed away he chanced in a philadelphia restaurant hours after interviewing for assistant coaching job with knicks he was 46. kimbo died after diagnosed with heart failure and told he had to be put on a donor list. slice was scheduled for july and already planned to withdrawal from that even
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>> president barack obama will have to miss muhammad ali's memorial. first lady and he will be at malia's ice graduation. white house add vis or that new ali. >> tiger woods is not going to play in the you u.s. and not play at the kong fretional country club this month. while he continues to make progress with back problems which is not physically able to play. it is a home dish event for hi him. >> we love it when he is here. >> coming up next update on the story of stafford county sheriff deputy shot last night. "fox5" confirmed the suspect they were looking for has been apprehend and caught of the more details after the break. >> beautiful start to the morning. 65 comfortable degrees we'll have weather and traffic on the fives next at 6
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>> "fox5" confirmed the suspect they were looking for is apprehended. 18-year-old joshua sumter captured 30 minutes ago. sumter shot a deputy as he responded to breaking and entering call at townhouseness fredericksburg. that suspect joshua sumter you see on the scene now now under arrest and deputy said to have multiple injuries from the gun shot. >> tragedy as three high school students died in a horrific accident in the demaskus area. they all attended clarksburg hospital. today is clarksburg graduation day. update from annie in a bit. 6:15 tuck has great news for the forecast today. comfortalable out there. >> cooler and drier air. breeze today. northwest 10 to 20 and definitely have breezy conditions. look at comfortable temperatures to start the moin
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out all over the place. 55 leonardtown and frederick fredericksburg 56 and 58
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day. cloudyness and what we call very weak upper level trough moving through northern tier of viewing area. rain showers in pennsylvania at this hour. few of these could slip to
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afternoon passing through and bring us cloud cover. but that is worst of today's forecast. any shower we get is quick moving. most of the area will not see much of anything. that was setup for today and tomorrow. more nice weather into thursday, friday and into weekend. look at weekend forecast. looking warmer and more humid with thunderstorm activity. >> that's comfy. >> erin como commute so far? >> not looking great wednesday, 6:17. problems downtown. freeway incidents we have a disabled car westbound side of the freeway only the right lane is getting by southwest. along the tidal basin watch for those delays. moving over to another crash we're tracking now 210 northbound livingston road you see traffic is also backing up from the crash points to bottom of the beltway as usual and then we also have more crash activity as you head out in prince william horn baker road at robinson drive there we go i said it. i almost didn't. the words almost didn't come out correctly. volume building prince william to fairfax country parkway 20 minutes and then again through fairfax you back up more. taking a look at maryland overview 95 southbound icc to beltway still clear and 270 jammed up 80 to truck scales and again more congestion as you make your way past the spur and 50 usual delays 202 to 201 steve and allison. >> zipcar launching new ride sharing service in d.c.. it will allow members to take one way trip or baltimore with dedicated parking spot included in destination. it also is bit of added bonus during the metro safe track work. >> it's 6:18 coming up next something for all busy moms out there. machine that will fold your
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>> in less than six hours maybe. >> we'll take a look. >> first popping bottles, josh kelly, check this out. going foretrick starts and pops bottle of campaign before he blows the smoke. >> so to celebrate that's her share. >> what? ♪
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>> southwest three day fare sale is underway. how good or the deals. joining us lauren demarco from fox business network 18,000 hat ready to go again i hope. >> 18,000 for the first time since april yesterday. unfortunately did not close there steve. 60 points away. it was not just the dow on fire but the markets
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closing at highest level last summer close to record high and oil closing above 50 bucks for the first time all year as wel well. >> we'll try again today f see if we can hold those sglevlz want to get away? >> we can get away. >> i would love to go somewher somewhere. >> pick a place there's reestimations to these deals i hear. >> i'm not going to bominger going away if flying south wes west. they do it twice a year 72 hours fare stale any way if you're looking for a deal round trip ticket of under $100 check them out. lots of short routes and non stop flights issued frps there's a lot of restrictions. you cannot
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usually tuesday or wednesday. if you have flexibility check out southwest. >> it always seems when airlines do this they're targeting people who can just go whenever they want to go you know what i mean. >> yes. >> people that work monday through friday he you're not getting a place close. >> good to make our home life easier again if we had the vice president and take up our tim timep. >> it's a robots that folds your laundry and will do betser than you can and faster about you put it on top of washer and drier and in ten second will it's expensive $800 not expected to mit the
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throw reorders are coming in. pricey but look i'm picky with rawply. something i would consider appointing. >> i want to watch this yesterdayo again does it actually take it out of the laundry or do you have to take the kloms out and then. >> load it up. >> okay i don't no, i for sure. it seems to me you need to load it up. but i will look into that. you're right f you're loading it, that's going to take and i gentleman time. >> yes. any jp way. long sleep shirt or iron early. >> let us know how to works. >> sure no problem. >> we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> that's cool did you miss the fact steam --. >> that's great. >> and gives us light fragranc fragrance. >> for $800 if you need to put it all on the happening area. >> they're it's cool. people are so smart always thinking of next things. >> absolutely. >> let's go to the weather forecast. we're featuring cooler temperatures notably cooler. a few people may want a jacket early. temperatures in the 0s. 64 at the city. well-being or thutty over 60% and we're generally featuring sunshine and upper level disturbance is pushing through pennsylvania pushing through a clouds into our dwreejon and possibility of shower or sprinkle firing up late morning early afternoon and otherwise
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tomorrow looks fan tas tech. it will be gorgeous with that cool, dry air in and then we have a warm-up bit weekend. sov sin no 90s. >> 90s can wait. >> erin como. >> 6:6 now. sky fox over a big crash in virginia. 66 eastbound by 50. september are lane is blocked at least fly. >> coming in past 50 to the beltway you will hit big delays westbound traffic you can see wide on outer loop in montgomery country typical fwai just to take you 95 to jorming atakes you 16 minutes m that
6:27 am
speeds under 15. two ips departments on freeway. fall on westbound side east call toll and about riff sheet it's going to slow things down by do youer house. we'll talk about the tidal basin commutes and next wrerks. copy son and steve. two stories we've been following. two high school students killed in a car crash overnight accused of shooting a sheriff deputy any stanford. >> switching to sports what lebron is saying about tonight's game of the nba finals. 6
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>> 6:30 now we're back on what erin was talking about 6 6 east and u.s. 50 a crash causing lane closures there. looks like it's getting tangled up more now. she'll be along shortly to let us know if -- foovr at 6:three high school students their dead after horrible accidents in clarksburg 11:30 bunt hill road all three juniors clarksburg high school two died at the scene and other died if he hospital. police have identified the driver as 17-year-old jacob dennis of boydz maryland and passengers
6:31 am
patrick shiftlet and kerry matures green believe that's they were coming home from a graduation party. till till oui we're following a story out of northern vir vvrp. police say 18-year-old joshua sumter shot a deputy several times last night and the officer was responding to breaking and entering call norm of fredericksburg. the deputy is in serious condition. >> fairfax county concerned parents this morning after a 16-year-old girl was asawltd as she walked to school along a path in lorton this happened along silver brook road for months spraernts been telling cool officials they don't think the path is safe they wanted to that mace
6:32 am
investigation shows professor and payments by the heroin sales will funnel through personal and commercial bank tkts comes from india and africa. >> 6:32 now is the time for morning line. it's do or die time. words from lebron james head of game three nba finals. let's check in with sports jun junkyes 106.7 fm the fap. >> do or die time. we were talking about. it we mostly believe they'll guy. >> like those games against goat end state. >> they were not. 38 years ago they woke up to hm. >> i hope to see another one before i'm underground. >> 38 years from now it will be a push you. >> 38 there now? >> that would be sgluv that
6:33 am
>> i don't think will happen. >> you may not be able to see if it you're around. >> somebody would have to tell they they won. >> it's toughmer cleaned land and take her to the movies or something and kind out and it would be surprising if they didn't play. clay thompson and steph curry have not played well. what happens when those guys dropped 35ch the last time he was in cleveland they scored 3 35. >> lebron james has to have one of the games where he takes 30 shots and scores 40 and goes to the line 10, 25 times and so you know doesn't look good. but they are on their home court e they're certainly much better there. and you just mavrp up player for player steve especially second units ape cleveland is out matched. and i don't see that getting any better. >> part of what makes lebron special
6:34 am
this the we will defen toe he has to take bulk of shots. he has to do down in the block and physically dominate people he has to have 35, 38 performance tore gates. >> i know this is against your inclination pawt i want i want you to touch the basketball every time down the court i want to you indicate until there's five seconds left on shot clock slow it down and take 50 shots. and i want you to takeover. because that's what he's doing nay home. >> what are you saying is, despite this being the best player's in
6:35 am
against each other it's a team effort that whips championship championships. ma'am inthat. >> yeah. no doubt about that. >> except for tonight it will be individual. >> if cleveland wants to win. sgolden state doesn't matter who you put on the court they'll get the job done. >> golden state 1-10. >> unmatched. >> and here's the thing, staev if they don't win together the we i'm tell you you you would be a for they point blood path in the fourth. >> wow rather see if it's that bad would you rather see it over with or dprawm ato be dragged out longer. >> well i want to see a long series 6 or 7. don't think i'm going to. but if it's like eric said if cleveland goes down tonight they may as well just throw the managers out there. >> right. >> they're --. >> take trips to add plantis in the bahamas just gho
6:36 am
i'm going to say he gets 38 to 40. >> they lose? >> yeah. >> no one else, is happening him. >> golden state won 73 games and they're a historic game and okc took them to bring of allegation which they just then rolled now they've been doing it all wrong. >> kyree irving has to show everyone he is one of the best point guards in the league. >> in true morning show fashion i'll watch the first half and look up the score for the rest. >> it might be all you need steph. >> it might be if it goes true to form. >> if it's a blow out you don't feel like you missed anything. >> have a good day. >> the junks 106.7 fm the fan. >> hello thank you steve. >> is it hot in here. >> it's a lit
6:37 am
>> okay. . >> sun is up. >> i was having a moment. >> sun is up. >> sun is up. >> and there's could have sfwlee we're looking cooler and little breezy today. but, much more pleasant here. you should feel cooler. >> okay. >> 54 in washington. >> check out 50s. dull is 59, bwi marshall 55. here's what we're feet fewering today in the weather buffet not conditions extraordinarily nice conditions for june cloudy showers could dip down in our area with cloudyness. otherwise great looking day. breezy, cooler, 70 to 75 for daytime highs and another great night tonight. i'll be back in a moment with the 7 day and for the most part i think one and all will love it. >> it's really nice. >> great day. >> weird dip me temperature what givers.
6:38 am
>> parts of the balance. >> i wants to ask questions. >> i have not pulled out the fall clothes i'm confused you knee something every day. >> right now 6:30 big problem 66 crash after 50 abrovrping 123. september are lane was blocked right now. just rights lanes getting by. significant standup trafficking to fairfax county parkway. let's look at maps. that's note the only delay along 66 delay again bax to fairfax and then heavy place you need to leave the the house five minute early or in order getting work. it's as you head up bound offer do youer house road causing slow dounsz and freeway incident eastbound third street tunnel involving several cars because of that backed up for miles
6:39 am
freeway. those delays extend back to 395 anorthbound. bought ovrlt belt way to fourteenth bridge jammed and eastbound side aside from that westbound side disabled vehicle by south capitol street just cleared things getting back to normal. there single tracking green line naylor road to southern avenue and delayed both directions for medical emergency. any questions ask erin fox5dc on twitter. >> what's hot on the web wednesday morning including possible title for melanie alnwick. >> i thought i saw -- --
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6:42 we're back now with what is trending on the web this wednesday morning. first up, ronald reagan's son is sounding off on the 2016 presidential election saying he would not vote for presumetive nominee donald trump and neitherer would his late fathe father. next, controversy surrounding photos released of stanford student sentenced to six months in the rain of unconscious woman in 2015 and photo on left shows turner smiling, all star swimmer and was one the one originally released to media on the right turner mug shot night of rain telling a more different honest story and two photos have many asking why it took so long for the second photo to be released first time ever
6:43 am
first lady could go to a man and not just any man, former president of course. amusing dialogue now about what bill clinton's title would be he's entitled to mr. president the rest of his life how would the country address him and his wife in the same room. that could get very interesting. what are we thinking, steve. >> mr. and mrs. president it would have to be right. >> i don't like that. >> well i mean it's -- they would have at that point if she wins earned that on or. >> he was the rocker from 6 years ago. ahead to break share it with you. there's the email address as well. "fox5" tips ♪ ♪
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welcome back knoll crash that's on i 66 after u.s. 50 there are lane closures traffic of course is able ago accordingly backed up this morning 6:46 rough way to start the morning commute and erin will be long to let you know about i don't know any work arounds but if you're stuck you're stuck we'll let you know how far back you go. . >> you look so han snom blue tie with blue shirt. >> i feel like i was channeling something when i picked it up. >> if you guys would take your jacket off the next time people could see how much you're twins
6:47 am
could see how much you're twins. >> is it awkwarding in the middle of it. >> i love it. >> that will be coming up. something to look for ward to. cool weather moved in overnigh overnight. you'll notice the moment you step out dry refreshing air. humidity exist stage right for a few days. it's pushed offer south and east and winds gusty at times up to 20. little breezy day. possibilities of shower late morning few showers here middle of day and week disturbance cloud cover in addition a few showers. temps currently reagan national. check it out. comfortable 64 degrees especially with lower humidity 57 leonardtown and 57 fredericksburg and 50s offer off north and west and 55 this morning in westminster.
6:48 am
ever been top west mipster. >> i can't remember if i have or not. >> i don't think we'll get much of anything we'll get a quickly moving shower and by afternoon right back into the sunshine and comfortable conditions. there we are 11. sprinkle or shower best chance to norm seeing thunderstorm conflict up towards philly and clear it out late this afternoon. beautiful tonight. and zip trip friday morning anacostia and warm-up this weekend. still no 90s on 7 day we're getting clear he saturday. >> we cool it back down. >> which is nice. >> looks like i may have to visit westminster, 18,000 citizens. >> small town in northern maryland.
6:49 am
>> road trip. >> road strip. >> erin como this gorng. >> 6:48 now and 66 eastbound still all messed one a big crash. only two right lanes getting by after 50 and before 123. you don't want to sit in an hour and a half extra traffic. take 29 that's the best work around to gets towards beltway without stuck in that. they're getting rad to clear. it we'll let you know when things are to normal. we'll sew you that delay. this crashed joined with earlier day. heavy delays 234 to 50 several miles of almost stand still traffic and new crash upper loop topside of beltway georgia avenue crash blocking a lane. wash for that causing slow downs. metro letting us know green line no longer tracking continue in both directions and earlier medical emergency we were tracking southern avenue. aside from that safe track work continuing. single tracking east falls church to boston affecting
6:50 am
orange and silver line. ongoing work you know the dril drill, red, yellow and blue line good. extra time for orange and silver coming in from northern virginia. 4 inbound after do youer house road that's a crash. 210 northbound jammed and dealing with stop and go traffic. earlier stalled car cleared westbound side of south capital and crash involving several cars eastbound to third street tunnel causing delays. there be prepared for that one. outer loop 95 to georgia will take you 16 minutes because of congestion. more traffic in a few. steve, allison. >> a bonk robner montgomery county a suspect walked into shady brook and had a fake beard. as he's standing there it fell off and that revealed the face to the surveillance camera. this happened last thursday. if you recognize that man right
6:51 am
you. >> had a sword in that picture. >> libraries going digital. students can use school ids as virility you'll library card the card called link will allow them to check out books. use computers and online tutorials all part of on your mark, get is set, read. >> and they'll get tee shirt and opportunities to win prizes for number of books they read. >> miss usa headed back to "fox5". deseana barber won the title over the weekend sunday night the big show on "fox". she joined us in the past and said she would win it and come back and be proud for. >> very cool looking forward to talking to her again. >> so proud
6:52 am
>> official duties as miss usr are underway. >> hi, speech steve, allison. >> this is clark kevin. >> yeah i'm going down to six flags today to ride the superman virtual reality ride. what's the difference tw clark kept and superman how do they look so different. >> it's true. >> smob seems to realize he's super plan is are you aa side rider traditionally roller coaster rider. >> big coaster nerd. one of my favorite is kings dom onon called intimidator which you would blackout when it hits the bottom. >> very fast. >> i grew up in williamsburg bush gardens hi a season passion. i have ridden all of them a thousand and times i was
6:53 am
in the family my parents never road with me i would have to do it myself. going to six mraingz today. i'm 32 years old this is cooler ever. axle rose in battle over google picture taken at a concert 6 years ago. this is led to dozen memes like this one mocking his weight. they're remappeding going tol tollry move the image from the internet. rose says the picture originally published in the win peg free press was release the without his content or approva approval. this says oo sweet he cheetos of mine and he claims -- that's tucker laughing he claims a photographer did not sign a release in 2010 cop certificate and photo is roys's property. rose decided to take legal action having cease and desist on his behalf to some of the sights you can get his picture on. even f.
6:54 am
from the web there's no way to erase the means. >> that's unfortunate who wants to be shown in a negative way if you're a rock star. >> in that regard if you're upset about that i understand that. >> i get that the wait element of it i understand. don't make fun of him for that i totally understand. >> meryl street proving he's a woman of many many tall et cetera enter taking on the role of donald trump three time oscar win egg doneing a hair piece and fake tan and suit to do trump at the new york city gala. streep appreciates the attention the act was getting but its with a once in a lifetime experience.
6:55 am
similar video recently he was on funnier i think she looks just like him. >> she did. >> have fun. >> i will. >> i'm excited get ready for facebook fap of the day ashley reeves lliving in phoenix the last few years but still watches "fox5". there's nothing like "fox5" and adds often do you goat hear go-go on the news. >> little taste of home for you. >> that's great. >> sure she's enjoying nice weather oylt there. dry conditions. talker know it's a dry heat out there in phoenix. >> yeah i think it hit 115 a few days ago. >> dry 115. >> that's better. >> none of that around here. feet fewering 50s at this hour and low to mid 70s later today and just go right to the forecast check it out sloultly beautiful the next couple days. current conditions, 66 now in washington. look at that humidity 56% yesterday and day before. that's bitter than 90% this
6:56 am
very refreshing air moving in out of the north and west. mostly great forecast today. we'll have a period of clou cloudyness and there may be a sprinkle and quick moving shower late morning early afternoon and most of day sunn sunny, bright, beautiful, look at tomorrow, fry fantastic with more humidity for the weekend. next couple days absolutely fantastic. let's see how roadways are doing with erin. looks fantastic. >> i feel like i'm ready for a tea party. roads improving 66 eastbound the this is out after 50 before 123 crash involving several cars moved to the right shoult her and one left lane blocked by roadwork. traffic picking up be prepared for a 45 minute delay from fairfax county parkway through that point. let's switch it over for a look at map. aside from that big delay on 66 as i mentioned 234 to 50 you're seeing huge jamups because of crash. 29 best bet to get arou
6:57 am
eastbound slow to beltway as usual and keep in mind gw parkway slow inner loop after georgia causing problems. keep it to "fox5". we have you covered. 7:00 hour coming up okay, ready? whoa! [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪
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>> breaking stories unfolding while you slept. tragedy in montgomery county. three teenagers killed overnight in a car crash. their high school in mourning. a live report coming up. >> manhunt in northern virginia for 18-year-old who police say shot a sheriff deputy and that search leading to arrest not long ago. live with who the young us is setting is and who the deputies are making history. >> and hillary clinton becomes first presumetive knowledge any to lead a political party and bernie sanders says he's fighting on. high ranking democrats or republicans are slamming donald trump and all these stories coming up. . >> a live look outside wednesday morning june 8 and weather and traffic coming unon the fives at 7:05. >> good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> and three high school


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