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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  June 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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people in the middle of the afternoon. an historic d.c. happened mark announces plans to remove a comfort flag from a memorial of two comfort generals. fox news morning starts right now. bah erol fo >> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. today is thursday june 9. the crew is here. i say this every morning. mike thomas, erin como weather and traffic coming up in a moment. >> happening today, president obama set to meet with bernie sanders at the white house. >> this comes after rival hillary clinton's claim that she's earned enough delegates to secure the democratic nomination. fox5's annie yu live at the white house with the details. annie, good >> reporter: good morning to you. yes, a very long , wihiafh nolihe day ahead for bernie sanders.ande the president is sit down with t him today in a private meeting in an effort to unify thehe democratic party. party as you mentioned his rival r hillary clinton has alreadylr secured enough delegates foreges the democratic presidential prei nomination but bernie sandersdes still in the race and the sanders campaign refusing tousg declare her the now when they meet latereet today, the president plans to ps nudge sanders toward embracing clinton's candidacy so thatda the party can focus oncafocu defeating donald trump in theldt fall. the president plans to formally endorse clinton in cli the coming days followed by an
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campaign trail soon after. aft moon time this meeting comesis c after president's recent tript' to new n he just he's going to be appearing onri late night tv and will appear ap on the tonight show with jimmy j fallon tonight discussingcuin among other things presumptivees democratic nominee hillary clinton who swept up the late of the round of primarynd of pra election so the presidentresidet talks about speaking tospeakig o clinton following herjavecer ere to on the show but he alsothe sw took a swipe at donald trump. bo takenald a >> a bernie going to endorse hillary.ll >> i'm sure they're going to gng have a >> is he ever going to droptoro out? [laughter][lghte >> or is he going to stay in. >> i'm going to be talking tokio him tomorrow.m tomrow. he's going to be coming to the t white house ano d the main rolel i'm going to be playing in this process is to remind the th american people that this is a serious job.s job this is not reality tv. >> reporter: now at the at rally that bernie sanders isatei expected to
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will take place at 4 o'clockat c in the afternoon at d.c. d armory lot three at rfk. r it is free and open to thefr public andee the sandershe sande campaign says he's going to beoe talking about a bunch oft a unch issues including insuringnsurin universal that is the latest here fromer f must inthe white house.ou >> two people dead followingd fg twin car car b one happened in a commercial crc area of 15 people were killed, anotherno 35 wounded. wounded isis has claimedlaed responsibility. now the second bombingcond bombg happened at a military checkck had point north of bag today. b. at least 12 people are dead in that a >> now to breaking news closerkw to home.toom a man found dead overnight invei prince george's county.ceeorg his body was found in the 700 t7 block of castlewood drive ind de upper marlboro. marlbor detectives are on the scenere oe right now. righ no word yet on a lookout forko f any suspects.y police say the crime does notmet appear to be ran to t d.c. police searching for two gunmenol wanted ind connection wit
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shootings. >> police want to talk to the man. they say he shot four peoplente along north capitol and new york avenue yesterday afternoon. a an officer responding to theto scene on a bicycle was also w a injured after being hit by ait a car. all of the victims aretims a expected to be okay.expect d.c. police also investigatingei a shooting along columbia roadba in northwest.orwe one man was shot there.shot thee no word on his condition.ondi in alexandria policeri searching for the gunmaning r th involved in the city's thirdy'sr homicide of the year. 28-year-old pierre clark wasold shot and killed alonglong montgomery street.go police have not released rel information about a possibleio suspect.n >> happening tax the search is t on for a missing eight-year-old boy.year-o b he was last seen in randallstown maryland around 7:30 last night.ig if you've seen him please giveav police a call.all. i> police in virginia arelice looking for this missing 53-year-old. byron jeffrey harris suffershars from a brain injury and walkedal away from his family in the tysons corner area yesterday evening. he may have gotten into a metro train or
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police. >> also today, the judge inhe ji the trial against baltimorest be police officer caesar goodsonsao will hold a hearing about whether prosecutors withheldithh conversations they had withs thw the potential witness in the freddie gray case. c >> attorneys for officerff goodson are asking the judge thd to dismiss the charges against a him saying failure to disclose the information was a violation of his civil rights.ig documents were filed underre f seal but unsealed yesterday. yer goodson was the driver of the van inside which freddie grayy suffered fatal spine injuriespii in april of 2015 and is facing n charges of second degree murder and manslaughter.slaughte and sentencing for the driver in a crash that killedd two wootton high school graduates last june will takel placeshouldn't.uldn't samuel ellis pled beltway in april to two counts ofun vehicular manslaughter.slaugh prosecutors say ellis andors three of his friends had just left an under aged drinking party when the crash occurred.ha he's facing up to 33 years in jail. today fairfax county
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students parents and school sch leaders set to discuss dis transgender bathroom.hroom. >> in a close door meeting theet board is expected to hear wayser to better create policieso which treat transgenderransnd students fairly. fairl >> also this morning, the washington national cathedral no has announced plans to remove rm comfort battle flags from two f of the church's stained glassne windows. >> the decision to remove theio windows comes a year after the church's then dean said 8-foot o tall windows have noplace inno the church as the nation faces intense racial violence.lence. the cathedral's currenturre leadership is figuring out out what new stained glass will gots in. in the w meantime plane glassane will be installed. >> 4:35 is the time right nowgh and that means time to get an ga update on weather and it's as bit chilly outside when wehen walked out this morning. >> yeah, sue describedue d yesterday as a whole as kindle i of like a fall like day.ik d today feels like a fall-like fl- morning with temperatures in ath lot of locations falling back tg into the 40's and 50's. b
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from yesterday.from these are more typical of of early may than mid june. j reagan national 74 degrees wasgw all we got yesterday.rday dulles 71, bwi 73. average high this time of year about 82 degrees so we werereess well below that.ow t satellite and radar here thisis morning has almost nothing on it. it's been clear out there thisoh morning which is one of theich reasons that temperatures were able to fall so far back. bk. there's a look at youra lot y temperatures around the region. 46 in cumberland.berl 48 in martinsburg.artinsburg. in the district we're w 57 degrees. we are heading to the 80's, to s though. there's your planner for the foe after moon. that's a check of the weather. a erin has got the traffic. >> 4:36 right now. n we have made it to friday eve.r better known as right now taking a live look le at the bottom side as you cross thero wilson bridge out by nationalnal harbor traffic is nice and n quiet cruising along the inner loop and outer loop. as we cruise through you canhrou see it's light traffic by van doren.dore top of the beltway in montgomery county also quiet c as you make your way past ne
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hampshire. as you can see everything is s looking good. all of our area bridges wilson bridge 14 street 11th street stt memorial more roosevelt mor boulevard key are quiet thisares morning in great greata taking metro this mornings mor gearing up for service at 5:00 a.m. don't forget safetrackra continues. so orange and silver willl again be single tracking tg between east falls church andrcd ballston. any questions for your commuteom at erin fox5 d.c. d i'll let you know of any any crashes or delays.elays. back to you maureen. mauen >> some people are looking to lg profit on a upcoming memorial service to muhammad leal.uhamd . >> former gop presidentialme candidate has signed a lawr legalizing medical marijuana.ij. >> as we head to break a live le look across the d.c. time right now is 4:37. 4:3 hope our music gets you going g on this thursday morning withh a little wham -- no, this is i boy george. >> culture culp. >> culture club.>> >> wake up. >> i'll get it together after the break. back after this
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>> welcome back at 4:40. w let's take a look at the elstories you're engaging withiw most on social media. med >> ohio governor and former f gop presidential candidatepr john kasich has signed a billesl legalizing a fast track a fast k medical marijuana program inrijp the state. the legislation will allowill a people to use the drug in a
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health conditions but bar patients from smoking smong marijuana or growing it at home. ohio is the 25th state to to legalize a medical cannabisal ca program. >> back in washington a washingo popular eatery has beenea blasted by the washingtonn post. food critic reviewed founding farmers and gave the restaurant zero stars.aura zer he rarely rates restaurants as zero stars society review has hs left social media buzzing.a buzi >> on the field this morningthe reports that the denver broncos offered rhinebec line rg back von miller a contract. ctr they have until july 15 toul work out a longer term deal. d we should note that only 39.8 million of that contracttr is guaranteed so miller likely k won't see all of that money. mo. just the 39.8.he i don't know how you could c survive off
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>> hey, von. >> my goodness. gooes >> coming up on fox news fox n morning we have news to talk t about lgbt members of our military are honored with a wit pride month ceremony. >> beyoncé's latest videoid features lemonade now theadhe subject of a lawsuit.subject ofl >> and as we head to breakaw heo right now here's a live look l across the dmv, time right now 4:42.4: international music thisic t morning.rn this moroccan born german singer namika. n mellow musically i like that. t. we're back after this. this.
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>> 4:40 this morning.>> we're following breaking news out of iraq.ow more than two dozen people are dead following twin car bombs.wi now the first nappen d at nappe commercial area of baghdad.aghd 15 were killed. kil 35 oth
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isis has claimed responsibility.sponsi the secondappening at a military checkpoint just north n of bag today. at least 12 are dead in that attack.attack >> two palestinians believedal to have killed four people in a market in tel aviv have been esedarrested. you're looking at surveillancet video is of the shooting. sotin one suspect was shot by shoty police. the others surrendered.ed. israel responded saying it would ban 83,000 palestinianspan from traveling during the holy month of ramadhan.n. >> if you're waking up thising u morning getting ready to gottg e outside as we take a live lookik outside across the region reg right now you may need au e little light >> yeah. >> you have to go in theavto g closet mind jacket and pull itjp back out because it's in the it' 50's at least when i walked out of the house this morning. what about you? same thing.ou >> it was cold. col a blast of like fall, spring,prn something.something. >> you're absolutely right. i had the heat oe n just a jus little bit but i had the heatheh on on my way here that's howe th much of a chill there was.reas >> not getting carried away mike. mike. >> oh come on, it was chilly,wai it was.
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warm it up a little bit.. sunny, less breezy today but there still will be a bit of a breeze.breeze just not as bad as yesterday.tey it got rather gusty at times t 78 we were gusting overng 40 miles an hour yesterday. that won't be the case this afternoon.teoon. pleasant end to the work week.te lots of sunshine today andunshi tomorrow as well. temperatures not too hot.ot. just around that perfect kindfen of temperature, right around aro 80 dan tomorrow but by themorrot time we get to the weekend wkend maybe we get our first 90-degree day.ay baltimore has already done itoni but here in d.c. we haven't hen had our first 90-degree day ofee the year we will probably do it thishi weekend. saturday, though, could see aoul few storms.w stor not a washout by any means buteb we'll just have to watch outatco for a rumble or two of thunderor in the afternoon. a all right. all satellite and radar hereit around the region really nothing going on.g high pressure in control.ssin c it's very, very quiet from d.c. all the way back to saintko louis.ui that's kind of your next weather maker here and that aha will not arrive until saturday afternoon.oon. here's temperatures around thepe region rightra now. again generally a cool start.tat
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some of our suburbs in thef ouru upper 40's.0' 54 for pittsburgh, 52 columbu columbus. detroit 50 degrees this morning.oi binghamton new york one of the n cooler spots at 43 trees tewhiss hour. here's the pattern what'ste going on. still have that dip in the jetp stream keeping us cool andl and comfortable today and tomorrowe but as we get into the weekendto there it goes, off to the t north and that heat returns up from the south and we'rend we' talking the potential forenal f 90's. in fact, we have two 90-degree e days on the seven day now. n first one is on saturday butday saturday does feature theat chance for a few afternooneron storms. one or two of these could behesc on the strong side. the we're keeping an eye on it butut again no washout and nothing i g would cancel any outdoor plans for. you'll just have to keep your eye on your fox5 weather app.tha sunday a few clouds and backnd to the 90's. 91 degrees but we should get a t cooldown after sunday.fter more details on that on the seven day in just a minute m here. but 80 degrees today, lots of tf sunshine, just a beautifulst a f day. get outside and enjoy it if you can after work of course. cs 60 degrees later on tonight. tig few passing clouds. another cool night, another anor windows
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keep that ac off. o save some money and enjoy thenj cool air while it lasts.t lts 80 degrees today, 81 tomorrow. r zip trip today anacostia anacost tomorrow, hey, what's up anacostia, hopefully we seeopse you down there.down 90's saturday and sunday isy and we cool it back down byown next that's a check of the weather. r erin como friday eve, i forgot.. >> friday eve, the best day of the week almost besidesides friday. friday. >> almost. >> i took your advice lastur ai night i slept with the windowsh opened.ed. >> perfect.>> perfect. >> beautiful cool weather and i loved it. right now we're seeing some se delays.ys 28 north after manassas drive a little bit of a slow zonea slz from congestion.n. 95 northbound lorton to thehe fairfax county parkway slow slo zone because of construction.ont hop outside and show you a live look at look two right lanes are blocked as you approach the fairfax f county parkway.county parkw because of that we're seeing ate long line of slow movinglow movg traffic so you can see all of those backed up vehicles. vehice this is caused by that tha construction zone.tion because of that i would leavehal early if you're waking up in fredericksburg or stafford. trying to head towards theo district. once up get to the fairf axhe fairf county parkway you'll hit ait big delay
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keep it to the the left. we'll let you know as soon asn all lanes reopen for our our morning aside from that slowdown in virginia we have some othere issues. not in maryland however on ourdn majors. 95 looking good from the iccfr e to the beltway.eltw entire stretch of the beltwayhe top side is moving along innerlr loop and outer loop. 270 germantown to the spurn the good to go. safetrack continues single tracking east falls church to c ballston. we got you covered.ed any questions at erin fox5nox d.c. on twitter. wisdom and maureen. mre >> saying goodbye to a city of louisville kentucky istu playing host to a series ofers f public goodbyes honoring native son muhammad ali thisama week. now public islamic service iser set to take place ina i louisville today.louisv then on friday a large public pb interfaith service will taketh pl sace at the city sports careen n people lined up forli hours wednesday for freeesda tickets to friday's memorialy'sa and some tickets were actually being resold online foror hundreds of dollars. dolla fans of the late boxer say his
4:50 am
outspoken nature will bee >> he was not afraid to speak his mind and when a lot of o african-americans reallyn-am wasn't given that opportunity ou he was like hey i'll put myt neck out on the line and hethe h was not afraid to say what wasaa on his mind. mind. so an influence not just boxing but international.nation >> actor will smith comedianedia billy crystal are set to attend tomorrow's memorial. former forecast highorast hh school student charged with sexually abusing female feme students. >> he's accused of sexually abusing two female students. stt police say he took pictures ofie the students in class without their permission. >> initial complaint came from a 14-year-old but at the time ah she was not a victim of a crime yet because he did not have an opportunity totuni actually take the photograph.ho. she believed that that was his intent and that was whatas started this investigation andgi once the investigation beganon g the detectives did uncover evidence that
4:51 am
engaged in this type of activity.ti >> anyone who thinks they may ty have been victimized contact c lilice. >> speed and inexperience isernc what led to a deadly crash. csh >> juniors were in a pickupe inp truck that lost control and hit severalat trees in northernh montgomery county on a road cou there. montgomery countye. police say a mn initialtial investigation at the scene s shows alcohol most likely wasmol not a factor.nofact instead, they're looking at deadly combination of new teenaged drivers who may havee been going too fast on a dark ak winding road. now yesterday was graduationraat day for clarksburg high school. afterward, friends and family gathered to remember f the three students.stud >> i will survivor this because i know that this isw th god's plan for it's not the plan i wanted. he wanted to play division one football. he want to be a good communitydy member. he wanted to be a physical physi therapist. >> montgomery county poli
4:52 am
tests should be available inld e two also this morning as moing veteran d.c. firefighter is officially retired. retir >> last night friends familyds m and coworkers gathered to honor william wen wentzel. he was one of the firsthe f rescuers to reach the trapped victims. vi william says he feels lucky to retire from the department.artm. >> i think i've ridden my last run. i'm lucky.uc there was a lot of guys that ofh didn't get to go home aftereft the last run and i want to sayao seven or eight guys since i'vece been on the job and i'm lucky. i get to go home now and enjoy j my retirement.etiren >> he's the third generationerat his father became a d.c..c. firefighter back in 1957 and his grand father was appointed t to the d.c. fire department
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1927. >> also in the news thiso morning the military is paying tribute to the lgbt members ofef the armed forces.arme for the defense department held its fifth annual lesbian gay bisexual and transgender prideep month ceremony. >> lgbt pride month recognizesns the importance of diversitydier within our society as well asels the many achievements of lgbt individuals is. ray mavis delivered remarks. >> just five years ago an event like this would not ht avv been possible. possibl there were those in uniform, unm on the hill and in the american public who favoredho fv continuation of don't ask, don't tell. that policy required lgbtd l service members to lie, to hide in order to serve.e it's a policy that was insidious and morally wrong. >> the
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don't tell was enacted in 2010. >> a national celebration ofon f reading at the library of o congress. >> guests will be able to enjoy meetsting authors like former first lady laura bush laa david balducci the event is toso raise awareness of the issuessue of low literacy and to supportrt family literacy programs.y progm at least one person isso sour over beyoncé's lemonadeone and he's suing mad. >> matthew folk says an ss independent film maker accuseses her ripping it off. he says it's similar to his short film. f he's demanding a share of beyoncé's album sales. ses good luck to you on that. >> yeah. >> should be easy to prove ifas he actually has video. v all right.all >> i love all these lawsuitsse u where everybody just kind ofody thinks that, you know, the big b stars care about their littleitl
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[laughter] >> keeping it in perspectiveinep this morning. this morni >> let's take a look at --ng hey, we want to let you knowou o about the fox5 friday zipriday i trip, it's coming up tomorrow,r, 24 -- 25 hours from now to beowo exact. we're going to anacostia even e though it doesn't say the on the map the supposed to.p just letting you know that thew weather tomorrow looksomorro l fantastic. come down and see us.e us. 6:00 to 11:00 a.m. tomorrow.or temperatures going to be in the 60's. good amount of sunshine.un sun no rain tomorrow morning. morni again we'll be down in please come say hello.ello. 80 degrees today, lots of sunshine, 81 tomorrow., 90's, though, for the weekendee both saturday and sunday.un maybe an isolated shower or o thunderstorm on saturday butur b that's about the only concernrn this and then as we head into nextnte week we're actually coolingllcol things back down.ow 79 on monday, 83 on tuesdayn t and we'll heat it back up on on wednesday, mid 80's with a wa chance of a few thunderstorms. all right, that's a check ofheco the erin como has got the roads. roa metro and everything else this morning. >> you know it.>> you k 4:55 right now.4:55 right as you w
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maryland, four inbound no problems on pennsylvania tons the beltway, same story on samet five and 301.01 let you know when that usualow l congestion picks up. aside from that we're cruising along 270 south incident andidea delay free from the trucky scales all the way down to the o spur. 95 and bw parkway no n incidents. northbound side just as quiet as the southbound s side. looking lies flyers on 50.g no problems from alinnapolis ors bowie. bo 95 northbound we have thate road work approaching fairfax fi county a bit of a slow zone rightzoneig the map is not really pickingy i it up because the volume is so i light but you can see a little bit of yellow on the map. map speeds dipping under 30 miles per hour at some points, 66nts, eastbound moving along justus fine through manassasgh manassa centerville as you get intolle g west falls church.rch. arlington is quiet as well. wel 28 backs up slightly as wellsel after manassas drive. we're looking good on all of alo our secondaries as you headou h out downtown and metro gearingro up for service on time except for the single tracking on thele orange and silver line betweenen east falls church andurc and ballston. we'll let you know if anythingfn else pops
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wisdom and maureen. mreen >> ♪ >> coming up on fox newsg upfoxs morning we learn more about a two of the defamation lawsuitsn brought against baltimore balti prosecutor marilyn mosby inil connection with the freddie gray case.on >> and helping is coming forg f metro riders in princes in prine george's county as lead 30'ss l prepare for the arrival of of metro safetrack program. pgr before we led to break bre though quick look at today's tod stock fox news morning back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ox. >> straight ahead on fox news morning mayor bowser planning to announce changes for special police officers in thet district. we'll let you know how the newye ow theew rules will affect you. you >> transgender bathroom debate. today parents students leaderss in our region's largest schoolsl district are scheduled tore scht discuss who has the right too hi use what bathroom and when. ande >> and a live look across thecrt d.c. region.d.c. rio a cool start to your expected to give way though touo sunny breezy dry air.ry a details in weather and trafficra coming up. >> thank you for waking upnk you with us. f good morning to you, i'mo'm wisdom martin.wisd >> and i'm maureen umeh.aure today is thursday, june 9th. check it out, mike thomas... th. they're standing by.eye stan look at them handsome and beautiful. they'll have your weather and traffic coming outpatient onmi th


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