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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ox. >> straight ahead on fox news morning mayor bowser planning to announce changes for special police officers in thet district. we'll let you know how the newye ow theew rules will affect you. you >> transgender bathroom debate. today parents students leaderss in our region's largest schoolsl district are scheduled tore scht discuss who has the right too hi use what bathroom and when. ande >> and a live look across thecrt d.c. region.d.c. rio a cool start to your expected to give way though touo sunny breezy dry air.ry a details in weather and trafficra coming up. >> thank you for waking upnk you with us. f good morning to you, i'mo'm wisdom martin.wisd >> and i'm maureen umeh.aure today is thursday, june 9th. check it out, mike thomas... th. they're standing by.eye stan look at them handsome and beautiful. they'll have your weather and traffic coming outpatient onmi th
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meet with bernie sanders at sane the white house.the ite >> this comes after hillaryry clinton's claim she has earnedas enough delegates to dee cure d c the democratic nomination. annie yu live at the whiteat thi house with the details on the ti story. annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning, wisdom and maureen. man that is right, bernie sanderst,b is in d.c. today and he'snd going to be meeting with the president later this morning m and then he's going to hold ad big rally at 4 o'clock thisckhi afternoon.afte the meeting later today with toh president obama is reallyenobam going to focus on theus president trying to unify theniy democratic party.crat party although hillary clinton has secured enough delegates for the democratic presidential delegates excuse me bernieexcuse sanders is still in the race r refusing to declare her the in an effort to bring togetherob the democratic party duringcratr their meeting later today theert president is going to try to judge sanders towards embracing her candidacy soandi that the party can focus onhe defeating donald trump in the fall
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the president then plans toidena formally endorse clinton in clii the coming days and this ts meeting, guys, comes afteromes a president obama's recent tripam to new york. he's actually returning to late night tv. t he's going to appear on ther one tonight show with jimmy fallonmo tonight and discussing among other things presumptive democratic nominee hillaryinlary clinton who swept up the late of the round ofo primarily pma locations and so the presidentsi is going to talk speaking toakg clinton following herjavecer h to. take a listen to what he had to say. as i mentioned the rally isly i going to take place atla a 4 o'clock today. it is free. it is open to the public.ub and in case anyone wants to attend it's going to be takingak place at the d.c. armory att lot three at rfk stadium. sum that's the very latest here atee the white house, annie yu fox5ux local news. >> 5:02 is the time right now. n lawyers for baltimore policefor officer caesar goodson set to t stand before a judge and argue g his rights were violated. violae >> his attorney ay
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prosecutors with heldosecutwi conversations they had with aond potential witness in the deatheh of freddie gray and are nowdre asking the judge to dismissis the charges. charg goodson was driving the van in i which gray suffered a fatal f spinal injury back in 2015.n 2 he is facing the most serious sr charges of second degreee murder and manslaughter and isnd the third of six officers toicet stand trial in the case. c two other officers in thehec case have now filed a lawsuit lu against states attorney marilyn mosby. officers edward nero andard nero garrett miller accuse mosby of defamation and false arrest inna the interest of her "personalon and political agenda." agenda." nero was at&t acquitted lastedas month. in total five officers arefficer suing m >> happening today, the driverng in a crash that t killed two ki wootton high school graduateshos last june will learn his sentence.sentence samuel ellis pled guilty ingltyn april to two counts ofo counts f vehicular manslaughter.cular prosecutors say ellis andmaor three of his fs riends had just left an under aged drinkingagedi party when the crash occurred. e he is facing up c to 33 years in jail. thousands of d.c.'s d soa
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officers could soon see some changes.chans. >> today mayor muriel bowserow and chief cathy lanier are set to propose an increased levelres of training for 17,000 special police officers. >> their proposal comes sevenomn years to the day that specialtpe police officer steven john wasn shot and killed at theilleat the holocaust museum.hocaus in fairfax county, fairfaxrx county today students parentsden and school leaders set to set discuss transgender >> in a closed door meeting m the board is expected to hearo ways to better create policiesis that treat transgenderransnd students fairly as well as better train teachers when itern comes to transgender policies. steph curry was not boy. b not last night. n did you see it? it was uglyee u last night. cleveland cavaliers goldenan state warriors, my goodness.d ,n >> it was all about lebron james. after failing to show up for the first two game in thet tw final series -- well, the cavaliers finally decided tonayd make things interesting.nterest. from the opening jump ball toalo the last. l cavaliers dominated the
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warriors very low energy.y loen. in fact they didn't have a lotd of energy at all. they had some bad defendants, had a lot of turnovers ander this is the third straight sai game where m.v.p. steph curry has failed to score more than m 20 points. points. sooner or later it's going g catch up with hasn't happened since 2015. ly cavaliers defense limiteden l curry green to a combined 35ed points.p normally one of those wouldthosd get 35 points. points. the final score 120 to 90. 90. >> i'm starting to think therti fix is >> no, no, no. n >> this is ridiculous.idicou >> it's just competition. >> 120 to 90. to 0. >> i waved my time with that wia game last night. >> you did? did >> wasted my time. they've albany bad.any bad. they've been terrible. >> plan, i'm beginning toeginni think that the fix is on. >> they had home court at&t advantage. i expected nothing less.ct >> didn't you say six games. >> seven.even >> seven. >> we need something something to keep me etch ofe eo my seat. right from the start it wamys just -- it was boring.
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sorry. clear skies around the regiond this morning. expect of expecting lots of sunshine. going to be a beautiful day.e au u.v. index is high though soh do take that into tt consideration even thougheratn v temperatures won't that be hot today, still a good amount ofuno sunshine means you can still c s burn rather quickly.bu rat 56 degrees your temperature inri days. one of the coolest mornings we've had since mid may aroundhe the d.c. arenca. d a 54 in annapolis. baltimore 47.ltore coolest spot i see right nowig is in northern anne arrundel county, 43 degrees right in rig northern portions of anneons ofn arrundel county there. tre. again here is that u.v. index.n. i mentioned it is high todayigod so again, if you have to be he b outside for any extended exten period of time under there hotmt sun, make sure you are putting t the sunscreen on.sunscrn on 80 degrees your daytime highti h today here in washington. gaithersburg 79. 79 for annapolis as well. manassas 8 culpeper fredericksburg alsogls 82 degrees. just an overall very pleasant ps day coming your way today. today now tucker barnes has been been mentioning all week that weeek w
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i do have 90's now on then seven day just for him. h i'll tell you when you can when expect those in about 10se in ab minutes or so. all right, that'a check oft'a ch the forecast.e fo erin como has the roads. roa >> on-time traffic brought toroo you by about the at a.u by visit buy a forcofor special offers.spial >> 5:07 right now and you're cruising along 66 east no,, incidents to report. rep from manassas throughshrough gainsville as well all the way w inside the beltway through t dslington speeds as theyngton se should be in the 60's.ou be 95 northbound however we haveerv road work approaching fairfaxai county parkway. little bit of a slow zone zone there. ther volume increasing as well. south of that in staffordt in rd we're still quiet.we'r as you head out into the int the district problem free as youemre can see 395 from the beltway thw to the 14th street bridge, no issues. inbound 295 from the bottom of5 the beltwayfr past laboratorybo road. same forty four 50 on 295n south passing eastern avenue. 50 once you get inside these district also looking good. as we take a look downtown the freeway east and westbound wtbou problem free.oblefree. no issues by the third streeteet tunnel, the 11th street bridgeei is looking really nice a
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we're also seeing quiet conditions on the memorialheemor rows vealed and key bridge.ridg american legion bridge lookingbo good problem free.good you can see all the green on o those secondaries as metro gears -- they just started their service.eir service. they're on time across the rails except for safetrack. fora single tracking east falls church to ballston on the orange and silver line so giveil yourself extra time if you'ree taking those routes this morning. keep you updated. any questions at erin fox5keonsx d.c. on twitter. twit let's get you to work on time. wisdom and maureen. >> 5:08 is the you might want to follow thelowe rules of the road if you'reou'r planning on driving alongng route 15.ut police will be out on full on ll force doing training enforcement from new york downew to florida. >> that includes portions ofudes the highway which cut through frederick county maryland and loudoun countyco virginia. vgini maryland troopers say this t weekend is -- to remindem drivers about road safety. s >> keep that in mind if you have to drive that route.ou until word on any possible i suspension following the ugly ul scene at camden
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night. bench clearing brawl sparked spa by manny machado gettingng drilled by that awful pitch.l tc but if he gets suspended at least he'll eat well. jimmy's seafood offering himseaf food for life becauseoo he is "a real man." that's what i'm talking about. hey, if somebody hit you withy i a baseball you got to givee them something.hing. give them a little something-something to takeme home with them.home >> coming up on fox news morning senate minority leader e harry reid offering hiserin suggestion who he leaves should run alongside theside t democratic nominee. nomin >> desean jackson offering an reason as to why he continuese s to miss ota's.'s >> as we head to break a livee look across the d.c. time is 5:09 and it is a cool 57 degrees. d fox news morning back after this. is pass passe
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>> startling admission from the obama administration. they believe that about 12ob detainees released from guantanamo bay have bay have responsible for killingfo killig americans overseas. most suspected attacks were w directed at military personneler and among the dead is ones american civilian and a female f aide work here died in afghanistan. afghanistan. >> a maui woman accused ofsed killing her twin sister has been released after a judgeaftee found no probable cause for abl
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murder charge. alexandria duval tried to kill l her twin sister anastasia bystab driving off a cliff. cli anastasia died at the scene. s witnesses say they heard thesesh two arguing before theey crash. >> today a can kentucky mosqueco is getting ready to hosto thousands of muslims who want ww to attend an islamic funeral ful service for the late muhammadad ali.ali. today's service becomes onervico day before an interfaith an int service in downtown louisville. thousands of people waited in line for hours for as chance to get free tickets to friday's memorial service is and some of the people who got thoseot tickets wound up trying to t sell them online. >> lawmakers approved a a $617 million bailout mil yesterday. comes two years after the state spent money to help thetw city government get out of the t bankruptcy. michigan's governor rick snyder is expected to sign the legislation as soon as it hitsio his desk. g up on foxp on fox news morning a controversialov proposal floating around thearod house would turn over controlven of the va to a private company.
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goalie braden holtby's support's of the lgbt community goes wayny beyond a parade. >> as we head to break rightak now, live look outside across a the region.the regi time right now is 5:12. 5:1 we're back after this. s.4÷
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>> two palestinians believedal to have killed four people at a market in tel aviv have beene arrestedav.iv ar you're looking aret surveillance video of the shootings.of one suspect was sho tt by police, other surrendered.ndered israel said it would ban 83,000 palestinians from00 traveling from p visiting holy h sites to israel during theael dg holy month of ramadhan. >> ♪ >> all right. time now to talk>> weather withw mike thomas. mike t as we take a live look outside on a very -- not cold.d. >> yeah. >> i'm just going to say, what, mild would you say. >> cool. >> cool? >> i think it's cool, yeah. >> we'll go with
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maureen says cool. >> kyle works. brisk works. i lick brisk.. it's a >> man that wind was howling something >> winds were howling. good news today maureen w isaure that we're dealing with lessli s of that wind today.ind tod i can't say it won't be breezy b at all but definitely definitely considerably less breezy thanly we had gusts oerver 40 miles an hour yesterday afternoon.terd that will not be the caseayl nos today. lots of sunshine, though.hough. that's good news and you cand ny tell because satellite and radar has absolute nothing on it this we've got clear skies pretty sky much all the way back out to way saint louis.sain high pressure in control and that's going to couldn't to bring us the sunshine not justus today but through most of tomorrow as well. wl. 56 your current number, a cool brisk morning here in almostg ri mid june. jun 53 at quantico. quaic 46 manassas.ansas. 49 at culpeper.culper. 52 here for frederick andd westminster. it's a chilly start to the stare tape. maybe light jacket weathergh early this morning. morning. winds are not too bad yet.e t to 3 miles an hour winds here innde d.c. that's really nothing.. quantico 7 miles an hour. 7 mils once we get the sun up we'
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start to see the breezes pickic up once again but again notot nearly what we had yesterdayterd afternoon.rn bus stop forecast for the kooid this morning, again maykbega m light jacket recommended earl,ne 54 to 60 degrees for pickup. afternoon very pleasant and and nice, 76 degrees to 82 degrees r around the region. again, breezy from time to time but nothing like b yesterday. there's that area of high pressure really kind of large and in charge across thes ea chs midwest portion of the region.hg that's just going to continue ci to pump in the northwestum breeze today. that will keep us nice, thatp ,t will keep us beautiful.eaif lots of sunshine. sin very nice. there's no other way to put it i both today and here's the look at your you forecast for the day today.. 80 degrees, lots of sunshine,unh absolutely beautiful dayul day today. winds will stay out of theof t north and west five to 15 miles an hour.mile hou time we get to the evening hours i think we're done weree w any sort of breeze that we have. have. winds start calming down, justaj five to 10.fio 10 60 degrees overnight tonight, tt another cool night ahead, another brisk fligh night aheada whatever you want to call it.l here's a look at your fox
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accuweather 7-day forecast. fec 80 degrees today.egre. very nice. zip trip looks absolutelybsut gorgeous for tomorrow anacostia here we come. please come outer and see us. 90 degrees though on saturday. a summer is back with a w vengeance. that could be our firstoue 90-degree day of the year. maybe a shower or thunderstorm. cold front comes throughro sunday night, it clears out the heat and humidity onceht again. agai down to 79 on monday but theny t back to the 80's next tuesday td and wednesday. all right, that's a check ofhat' the accuweather 7-dayacwe erin's got the roads. t hey, erin. >> lay, i do. look at all that gr>>een behind me on the map. 5:17. >> good news. >> good news.>> goo and as you mentioned lighttionig jacket maybe if you're walkingbe to the metro stop this i morning.morn little bit chilly of a start srt than we typically see for s june, >> absolutely. >> right in you moving across the freeway eastboundyo andou a westbound problem free. f eleventh street bridge thirddgtd street tunnel looking good.unl o as you cross 395 over the 14th h street bridge we're in the seeing any issues.ei i'll keep you posted when weposn get that normal flow of o thursday morning congestion. cgt right now we are just seeingusee clear condition
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little bit of earlierar construction on 395 southboundoo has a bit of a red zone but iut can assure you traffic iss moving just fine there acrossfia the wilson bridge, the inner loop is at speed is.ed branch avenue inbound i pennsylvania avenue inboundnbou looking very nice and same story on 50 from annapolisapis inside the beltway. beltw we have construction 95ruio northbound approaching fairfax x county parkway. a touch of a slow zone theree t from lorton to fairfax countyy because of that but nork major delays this morning.or i'll let you know.i'et y i think delays are starting totn pick up just from route one to that point.oi 66 no delays. day 29 south of 66 also movingoovin along just no incidents on 270. volume not yet picked up fromdp the truck scales down to theownt spur. 95 and bw parkway also flowing o freely. if you happen to have an earlypv morning flight to catch you'rece cruising to bwi reaganngbwi national and dulles. duls. back to you wisdom and >> 5:18 is the time.>> 5 let's take a look at theoo stories you're engaging within the most this morning onorning social media with our realtime news tracker.newsrack >> we'll begi
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trail right reports surfacing that senate st minority leader harry reid isrre pushing for elizabeth warrenth r to be the running mate ofat presumptive democraticesde presidential nominee hillary reed initially cautionedtial against the move but is now allegedly tasked an adviser with studying how significantw i the loss of warren's massachusetts senate seatat would be. >> on the field burgundy andnd gold wide receiver deseanidecein jackson is directing his focus on ensuring he's on the field more the 2016 season. jackson an period a career low 10 games after suffering a a hamstring injury. injy. on monday he showcased hardwcasd work for the first time in t front of his burgundy and gold l teammates at ota's.ta >> capitol pride raid will be receiving support from somet frm big names includingcludng representatives from eightti embassies and the washington wag capitals led by goaltender braden holtby. hol capitol's pride parade willidde kick offer at 4:30 p.m. on saturday. coming up on fox news morning a high schoomil
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this morning after she tweeted t about her illegal immigration >> and another d.c. landmark lam is planning to get rid of thef comfort flag as part of a memorial to two southerno sohe generals. >> we're going break. before we doe' that here's ahat live look across the time right now 5:20. it's a little chilly outside. we're back in a moment. t.
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>> in england new visa restrictions could causeouause employees from noneuropeanoneupn nations to be deported. dor new rules say immigrants haveims to earn about $50,000 to livelie there and noneuropeans whono don't make that much will have to leave. to the new rules do not apply too those with ph.d. level jobs.s. workers on the shortage short occupation list and nurses. >> despite court orders a
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mentally ill men and womenen charged with crimes are beingng held in maryland jails insteadai of state hospitals.of h >> now the baltimore sun thetimn reports that the states he s department of health and mental hygiene says it does not have enough beds or staff to treat new patients. a lawsuit has now been filedeene against the department forthe turning away those patients. pae >> as many as 85 people85 ppl referred to state mentalrr facilities by the court are once a waiting list. a house lawmaker lmake considering plan that woulding a transfer veterans hospitalss hot from the department of veteranrt affairs to a government chartered nonprofit organization. washington representative kathy mcmorris rogers, herogs, plan would get rid of the veteran administration andat would create a a board of a boaf directors to take its place.aki her plan creates three new n categories of healthcarees of ah coverage. with all new veterans givenerang access to private care.are. >> a texas high school valedictorian is under firede for a tweet she sent boastingt about graduation and her full f ride to
5:24 am
>> she tweeted this photo ofot o her graduation saying sheing earned a 4.5 gpa more than a a dozen medals an full an scholarship from theho university of austin texas.. she also claims she's ane's an undocumented immigrant.mmra the twitter content has been hae deleted following anowing overwhelming amount ofunt backlash over her legal status. texas is one of 17 states that t allows undocumented studentsd to receive in state tuition. tti >> national museum of thehe american indian in d.c. set to receive a big boost today.oday cherokee nation is donatingin $500,000 to help fund newund n exhibit and that exhibitbit called american and is set to openca next fall. fal >> we're coming up on 25:25 on n this thursday morning. mike thomas standing by with b the details of your cool startls to the >> absolutely right.elright cool and clear out there righthg now its a beautiful start to sta the day. yeah, maybe the light jacketighj needed early this morning buthi once we get the sun up, it will start feeling prettyng comfortable pretty quickly.etty. there's your satellite ands radar.
5:25 am
the region for the most part. p i don't have any clouds rightrit now on the satellite and satlite radar.ra temperatures, yes, on the cool side. look at cumberland,bed, 46 degrees. 48 in winchester.inchte 48 at culpeper. cul 47 at baltimore.almore 56 here in washington.ngto quantico is at 53.t 5 sue palka said it last night.ig feels like a little bit ofitf fall weather here that we'reat ' getting here in late, late spring. spri almost summertime actually. aua i think it's two weeks awayy from getting to the official oic start of summer.r. manassas 14 degrees coolerdegr e this time versus this time yesterday.yester 71 degrees at 11 o'clockes at 1c today. up to 77 by 2 o'clock. 2 olo highs today upper 70's and lowow 80's. 80's all right, that's a look atoo a the weather. erin has got the roads.he roads >> that's right, 5:25 right 5:2i now and we do have somee s slowing traffic coming fromffic if you're heading out inheadinon frederick once you get throughhh urbana you're going to hit this slow zone 70 to 85.o 85. speeds dipping to 35 miles d an hour because of congestion. 95 still looking good ipfrom thr icc to the beltway. bel 50 starting to see someee some congestion pick up on chever
5:26 am
and then inyo virginia 95 virgii because of construction lortonon to the fairfax county parkwayy p is definitely starting to seears bigger slowdowns.wdow we will keep you updated andpd a check in with metro next. with e maureen and wisdom.isdom. >> coming up on fox newsing upno morning a popular supplementupem maker has issued a recall overe concerns of salmonella andalmond staph infection.staph fec >> and tickets to publicc memorial services for muhammadma ali has turned into one of the hottest examined items on theten internet. >> as we led to break, live, l look outside, sun starting torto come up, cars starting to fillo the roads around the region onto a cool start to your morning. mr we'll talk to mike thomas tho about our weather coming up in i just a minute and continue tonte talk to erin while you listen l to the beatles song ohh darling. joanne thank you for that suggestion to play a little a lt beatles this morning. we're back after this. after th.
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>> campaign 2016. president obama gets ready to meet with vermont senator bernie sanders in an effort toob bring together the democratiitrc party.y. violence across theth district. police search for the person pso responsible for shooting fourhoo people in the middle of the afternoon.te and a historic d.c.ic d landmark announces plans to remove a confederate flag fromlg
5:30 am
confederate generals.ate ge fox news morning starts righttag now. >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning to you. g thank you for waking up withwakh us. u i'm wisdom martin. marti >> and i'm maureen umeh. ume today is thursday june 9.un standing by with your weatherea and traffic mike thomas in and m erin como.omo. >> first we have two breaking bk news stories to tell you about y right now. first from prince george's county where a man was found a s dead overnight. overnight. this is a live picture from fm the scene in the 700 block of castlewood drive in upperr marlboro. we're told the man was foundhe n outside a home when policen pol were called for a welfarefare check. ch no word yet on a lookout forookf any suspects.ans. police say the crime does notoen appear to be random.o beandom. >> overseas to iraq where morehe than two dozen people are deaded after twin car bombings, oneomng blast flapped a commercialfl area of baghdad.aparea 15 people were killed another 35 wounded.ou isis has claimed responsibility.onsibility. the second bombing happened at a military check point northth of bag damaged at least 12 at l people are dead in that attack. happening today president obama set to meet with bernie tonders at the white house.
5:31 am
hillary clinton's claim that she has earned enoughs ea delegates to secure theteto democratic nomination. fox5's annie yu live at theive white house this morning with the details.e annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning, wisdom and maureen. mau this is the fifth meeting mti between bernie sanders andde president obama and this time t it's going to focus on the president's attempt to bring bri together the democratic partyc p and as you mentioned, hillaryedl clinton claiming victory andtory has secured enough delegates deg for the democraticcrc presidential nomination butinato bernie sanders still in thetill race and not backing down.ow the sanders campaign refusing rs to declare her the winner. winne during their meeting laterting this morning the president plans to nudge sanders towardsus embracing clinton's candidacy ci so the party can really focusy f on defeating donald trump in the fall. the president also plans on formally endorsing clinton in ct the coming days which we have wh been waiting on or watching closely.closely. now, he did talk more aboutore hillary clinton in her latest ht round of victories during ag a recent interview with jimmy j fallon which is set to air air
5:32 am
the president also spoke s highly of bernie sanders andrs his hope to unify the party.hear take a listen. >> i've actually spoken topon hillary and bernie at certain ca points during the campaign andpn i don't know if they asked meskm for advice but i give itt anyway. [laughter]augh and what happens during primaries, you get a little a lt ouchy, everybody does, whenbodyw hillary and i ran in 2008, you know, your staff and supporters, they're poppingng off and somebody's reading --ea- did you see, what, and andndnd they start spinning stuff up. >> reporter: this is thehis fourth time the president has appeared on the show. meantime the rally that berniehe sanders is set r to host todayty will take place at 4 o'clock 4'c in the afternoon. afternoon it is free. it it's open to the public.ub it's going to be taking placegla at d.c. armory lot three at rfk and you can find mored more information on our web site at that is the very latest hereatee from the white house, annie yu, fox5 local
5:33 am
>> happening right now thepening search is on for a missing eight-year-old boy. eugene jeffs was last seen inasn randallstown maryland atwnylan around 7:30 last night.ig if you've seen him you'reim y being asked to give police aivea call. meantime police inantime pon virginia are looking for a 53-year-old, his name is byronsn jeffrey harris.y he suffers from a brain injuryir and walked walked away fromlk his family in the tysons the tys corner area yesterday evening.ea he may have gotten onto anta metro train or bus. b if you see him give police ahimi call. >> today is a celebration ofs reading. read the barbara bush foundation fout for family literacy is hostingir a national celebration ofon of reading at the library of congress. >> guest will be able to enjoy meeting authors like whatt vertebra bush. the event to raise wearness toen the issue of low literacy and ad to support family literacy programs.programs. george washington>> university has received a gift of archives from the corcoran ca gallery and corcoran
5:34 am
there's a celebration of the opening of the archives available to the public at the t special collections research center at gw's library. libry the archives consists of letters journals photographs phr and poster that is provide insight into cork koran'sn' legacy as one of washington'shi' oldest cultural heritage organizations. the national cathedral announce planed to removeov windows. >> the decision comes a year after the church's then deanurc said the 8-foot tall windowsin have noplace in the church asceh the nation faces intenses ien racial tension and violence. an. the windows honor confederateone general stonewall jackson andacs robert e. lee.. the cathedral's current'surrent leadership is figuring out what new stained glass will gota in. in the meantime plane glasse will be installed. >> ♪ >> all right. all right. we are looking at the weather this morning and we are looking at m what we had yesterday.yestday. yesterday we had very gustyery t winds and those very gustyer
5:35 am
temperatures down.te reagan national 74 degrees is all we were able to pull yesterday.nayesterday. dulles 71. bwi 73. 7 outside this morning it's as a chilly start.ta 50 degrees in martinsburg, 50ns0 at dulles, 56 here in thee in t district. di baltimore in the 40's, 40' 47 degrees this morning, good morning to culpeper andnd winchester checking in att 48 degrees. here's a look at yourre satellite and radar quicklyr qck just because it's so clear s cle there's really nothing on it.thi lots of sunshine coming youromg way today. 80 degrees. stale little breezy thisli afternoon but not nearly what we had yesterday.t we tomorrow little bit warmer,ar 81 degrees but i do have 90's 9 in the forecast.orecas we'll talk about when you canu expect those, guess what, justhj in time for the weekend comingkd up in just a bit.ust a bit. let's get over to erin comot ov and have a look at the roads. >> i need a pause. i heard you say the weekendhe and i got very excited.ery right now traffic really slow.l. this is 95 coming towards the beltway from virginia. vgi as you make your way from way f stafford you jam up by 610. b10 this camera is by the fairfaxai county parkway.county parkw we had earlier constructionion blocking right lanes. that's in the process of i clearing. what you're dealing with ise de
5:36 am
congestion in the local andthe d through lanes right you back up really from route r one through fairfax county cnt parkway and then again like i li said south of that point inin stafford. i would leave the house atleaveo least 45 minutes you'll hit a lot of that slowt w zone. we'll look at our maps andma show you what else you'reeou're facing this some slow conditions as well on 28 north manassas drive to de compton road so give yourself time. 66 east passing sudly roadudly r backed up. and 95 north in stafford. we'll take a look at throwsk atr maryland delays, 270 south as a you pass urbana next. nex back to you guys.u guy >> 5:36 is the time.6 is tim coming up on fox news morning mg if you're driving into theivin city because of metro's becse o safetrack program one parkingar company has a special offer itar wants you to know about. abo >> and battle over voting rights in the commonwealth i could have an impact on the presn identia al election. >> as we head to break right h now, live look outeaside, sunsi starting to come up.ep. actually it's already up.eadp. >> uh-huh. >> and probably across the acroh whole region right now.regi time now 5:36. 5:3 what do i know about sunshine?i? >> a lot. l you're a happy sunny guy.
5:37 am
>> yeah, okay.ea back in a moment with more sunshine.nshi >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ stand by me
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>> d.c. police searching for ali man they say shot four peoplece along north capitol and new york avenue yesterday afte arnoon.aftern an officer responding to the scene on a bicycle was alsoo injured after being hit by at by
5:40 am
all the victims are expectedre p to be okay.e d.c. police also investigating a shooting along columbia road r also norwe one man was shot.was s no word on his condition. condi. this morning police is m searching for a killer who they say murdered are 28-year-old man in pierre clark was shot in thela 1000 block ofrk montgomeryontger street yesterday afternoon.ftern he later died at the hospital.t. clark's death is the third homicide in alexandria this in r year. >> fight over voting rights for o convicted felons who havee served their time is heatinge ii up in virginia and heading to hg court. now earlier this year, virginia's democratic governor d signed an executive orderut restoring voting rights tos t more than 200,000 convictedonvi felons.lo but republicans filed suit f saying the governor gov overstepped his constitutionall authority.authorit >> once you've paid your debtd e to society, we want you backou b in, feeling good about aut yourself. >> naturally republicans viewepe this as an attempt by governorer mcauliffe to get his good friend hillary clinton, virginia's 13 electoral votes. 1 >> while that plays3 out, o
5:41 am
lawmakers have asked theaker virginia supreme court to overturn the order ton rollrderl back the voting rights alreadyta given to some 5800 felons whos registered after mcauliffefe restored their rights in i april.ap former d.c. administrativeis judge who is known for filing a $54 million lawsuit againstll the dry cleaning business overnb a pair of missing pants could pc face disciplinary action byctiob the d.c. court of appeals for alleged misconduct in the case. now, hearing committee found that roy pierson jr. committed d two ethics violations oftis o interfering with theinte administration of justice andon presenterring arguments not supported by facts or law.ted by now, in that f case, a d.c.. superior court judge ruled r against >> okay. coming up on fox news morning, metro safetrack program havingav unintended positive impact on ip the residents living in one i northern virginia community. >> and with all of the with al discussion about who can use abt what bathroom a group of women w are in the news this morningis g for what they did at a a bathroom during a beyoncé concert.
5:42 am
look across the d.c.ea a little taylor swift. "blank spaces."" 5:42 is your time.r t more fox news morning on theng h other side of the break. >> ♪ >> ♪
5:43 am
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>> israel's prime ministerae calling the deadly
5:45 am
four people were killed andl'th five injurede when two gunmenun opened fire at a busy open airya market. the gunman described as palestinians dressed as jewsia are in can custody.ns israel's militare y has now banned palestinians fromed traveling to p visit holy sitesi in israel during the holyy month of ramadhan. ramad israel says it will also deploy battalions to the westtai bank in response to thee the shooting. >> and looking outside on this t thursday morning, it is a cool c start to the morning.he m you might want to grab sweaterra on the way out but mike thomas o are you going to lead thatd sweater all day long.eater al >> no, definitely not,efinity no absolutely not. by the time we get to thee get e afternoon it's almost arn perfect spring day.spring d you're right for the morningor hours light jacket maybe at mbe sweater will do you good. sunny and less breezy today. yesterday we only reached theree low to mid 70's because we had such strong today not the case. a little bit lighter in the wind department later on this o afternoon. lots of sunshine coming ournshim way with temperatures in thein e lower 80's. 90's around the corner.
5:46 am
possibly by saturday weat could be looking at our firsturf 90-degree day here in d.c..c but saturday could come with aac few storms as well. wl. we'll look at the weekend in aea let's start with current conditions.conditions. clear skies up and down east coast. clear skies really all the way back out into the midwest.nte mw really no weather features to worry about this afternoon and t because skies are so clearle temperatures have been able tobo fall back this morning.k thisorg 56 degrees here in washington.n. pittsburgh 63.ttsburgh 50 in columbus ohio this morning. binghamton new york really the y cool spot this morning at mor a 42 degrees here on the mapere om although northern pennsylvaniaor a few of the higherth elevationi reporting some 30's this morning: we're enjoying it enjn right now but we are gettingti back to the heat as we get a into the weekend. weekend high pressure which is keepingrw us so pleasant today will move to the south and east. s when it does that beget ourt beo southerly winds back, it will bi bring back the heat, it will wil bring back the humidity.he humi. now, saturday we will have a wie chance of storms as a warms w front kind of pulls through t the region.e region. can can't rule them outruhem although it won't be an alln day washout and it's nothing ing would cancel outdoor plansns for. sunday should be mostly dry.osty the h
5:47 am
get this cold front throughnt tu sunday evening which will coolic us back down for monday. isolated thunderstorms during the day on saturday.y. 91 degrees on o so, a very hot weekend coming cm our way. r wa just a quick look at theat thunderstorm outlook.torm outlok they are anticipating possibly p some severe weather off to thea north here.h re. around d.c. i think it will bewb very, very hit and miss. m there's a look at your fox5 f accuweather 7-day forecast.orec heat is back this week. w >> all right, that's a look atts the weather. erin, it's national donald d duck day. >> is it really?eall >> can you do the traffic in your donald duck voi >> i would not subject anyonecty waking up around the dmv to t that but we'll celebrate in a different way. right now unfortunatelytunately breaking news 5:47 for orange blue and silver line residual delays to vienna franconia and wiehle did duehldd an earlier track repair it's going to be in placebe in a through the 16 single trackingga on the orange and silver line. l that is between ballston andto east falls cu
5:48 am
now keep in mind trainsdra running every 18 minutes onte the orange and silver line lin except additional trains tin between ballston and new and n carrollton. so just be prepared for delaysel crowded conditions and crowdednd trains on your platforms as well. ll folks have been getting anhave b earlier start to take those t routes. moving very nicely 270 from f 370 to the spur but north oft no that point we do have delaysel through urban florida on 270 south. so cabin john parkway is looking py really good. problem free on clara bartona as well as river road ifbaasiver you're heading into the district from potomac and gw parkway, you can see all thateea green on the southbound side as you head towards the key k bridge from roslyn intooslyn in georgetown you're quiet.e quiet. we'll keep you posted on metro m and then the roads as theys t start to pop up with some with e delays this morning.lays thi maureen and >> all rightn , metro safetracka program under way arlington isgi seeing more people ridinge ri their bikes. the roslyn bike meter recorded nearly 1,000 more trips than average.av bike counters have also seen an increase in users. >> metro's safetrack work
5:49 am
causing problems for commutersrs but zip car has launched a new car sharing service that may tha help you out. >> the new flexible serviceew will allow zip car membersar m throughout the dmv to takeut their vehicles one way round trip or even to baltimore withrw a dedicated parking spotng s included in the destination.titi this new feature takes the hassle out of finding a of fig parking place. p zip car says it's an addeds an a option during the metro m maintenance. >> this is a great alternative transportation option for residents of d.c. that are burdened by the current safetrack maintenance that'sk ma going on. or cars will be located where you live and where you work. bhere y wor within five minutes walking ofno many of the transit locations lt that may be down so members so s can go from point a to b ando a get to their statedtated destination without any in17ut 1 in other new features, the newhe service let's members changelete their dmbestination mid trip and extend their reservationervati indefinitely. >> if you're planning to use your own car to get into thehe city during all this metro m work, how about a guaranteedw o parking spot when you arrive? rv colonial parking has a new option for you.op the company's new reservation ri serve
5:50 am
guaranteed parking s it's only been offered atered select colonial parking garages. it lope the service will eliminate the added stress of sf finding parking after sitting in heavy traffic. >> uh-huh.>> >> they should do that all the time. >> i know, right. let's take a look at theta a stories you're engaging withag the most this morning on social media with our realtime t news tracker. >> first up tickets to the funeral of muhammad ali now being sold on line forlior hundreds of 15,000 free tickets weree handed out to the legendaryegena boxer's fans for free but are ae now being sold on craigslist cig for profit. ali's family said they are "disgusted." >> an important recall alertrt making headlines this morning, , this time it's nature madeaturma vitamins.vita the company's recalling threeng types of vitamins over fearsamia they are tainted with salmonella staph and mold.nd md. full list of the recalledhe recd vitamins can be found on lineone at fox5d.c.c >> in other health newsher alth philadelphia could become theiac first major u.s. city to tax soda.da. new proposalological set a 1
5:51 am
cents per ounce tax on sugary s and diet drinks. drink democratic mayor jim kenney'sen initial proposal was for a three-cent tax on sugary sug beverages only but he didn'tidnt get enough votes hadn't to hn' downgrade the he wants to use the tax none pay for universal prekindergarten communityderg schools and park improvements.rt >> interesting. >> also in the news thiso morning the military is paying y tribute to the lgbt members of f the armed forces. >> last night the defense department held its fifthth annual lesbian gay bisexual and transgender pride monthth ceremony. lgbt pride month recognizesecni the many achievements of lgbt individuals.di navy secretary ray mavis delivered remarks at the celebration. >> just five years ago, anve yes event like this would not have been possible. psi there were those in uniform, uno on the hill and in the american public who favored whod continuation of don't ask don't tell. that policy required
5:52 am
service members to lie, to hide in order to serve. it's a policy that was insidious and morally wrong.rong >> don't ask don't tell was repealed in 2010. >> at least one person is sour over beyoncé's lemonade and he's suing mad. >> matthew folk is anatthew independent film maker whondentk accuses the singer of ringer off his idea for the lemonadee trailerly he told the hollywood reporter lemonade ise similar to his 2014 short film. folk also works as therkas t creative director at aecat louisville kentucky newsews station.statio he is demanding a share ofmandir beyoncé's album sales. speaking of beyoncé heronce formation tour is currently under way making headlinesking e this week but not because of beyoncé.bence. two women were kicked out ofic their concert in new york on yor tuesday night for using theng te men's restroom because they bece said the women's line was just s too long. guilty, i've done that, too.o. the women say they had beenad be happenin a
5:53 am
they're asking for a refund aefn because they say they missed m most of the show. >> okay. all right. >> it's not fair. let them back in.n. >> trouble this morning for singer ed sheeran being sued for $20 million by two songon writer whose claim he plagiarized their song to create the song photograph.h. the song came out in 2014 and has most recently been used in the soundtrack for thee undtracf hollywood drama me before you. >> tennis superstar media darling maria sharapova banned for doping. that was banned after she tested positive for a banned substance at the australianusal open.en. sharapova said she was notas not aware that the world antiorld ai doping agency had barredre athletes from using meladonium.nium. she says she was prescribed the drug for her heart.eart she says she'll appeal. the ban could cost her $50 million in tournament touamn winnings and endorsement. endore >> on the flip side, serenaerena williams is the top paidtopai
5:54 am
she earned $28.9 between june 2015 and june 2016.ju now that number includes inclu 20 million in endorsementndse earnings from companies like chase, nike and pepsi.. sharapova was the formerorme number one in earnings. eni she ranks second this time with $21.9 million. this is a first year since s 2005 that sharapova hasn't has topped that list.edhat l >> go ahead serena is what i say. go serena. seren >> some nice money rightice moyi there. all right. rig good morning lafonda louis, you're our facebook fan of theea day.da >> look at that.>> l >> her daughter nominated her saying that they arete huge,ug huge fox5 fans.s. look at that dude over thereat to the left. >> yeah. they met kevin mccarthycc yesterday in tysons corner. her daughter says her mother mot wakes up to wisdom and me and gets dressed to allison, steveov tucker and eri thank you so much for watching. >> thank you. >> we really appreciate it. if you want toal
5:55 am
facebook fan of the day post p your pic below lafonda's picture there. t great looking in even you kevin. kev hey, mike.ik >> what's up, mike. >> hey, guys.,uy it looks fantastic today.stic ty great looking family, great looking day today for them. high pressure in control across the midwest, just clearul skies up and down the east and coast this morning.coast northwesterly breeze will keeprl us very comfortable thisab afternoon and lots of sunshinetn coming our way.ur way very nice day today.e day tod temperatures in the upper 70'ser lower 80's around the regioneg today. mild for this time of year buter kind of, you know, close to cloo where we should be for mid mid june. june 90's, you ready for them,he 'cause they're coming thisin thi weekend. tuturday isolatedsa thunderstorms but most of theto day has a good amount of sunshine to it and it's not anoa washout so you know if youo youw want to get out to the pool, poo kill a little bit of the heat,ea 90 degrees on saturday, 91 on 9n sunday. cold front comes through throu sunday night cools us back c down into the upper 70's bype70s monday and then 80's come backme by the middle of next week.k. that's a check of theck of the forecast. erin's got the traffic. hey, erin.ri >> i do. i'm walking in the studio
5:56 am
everything. starting to see delays pick unmike. >> oh no,. >> just like that -- >> that never happens in d.c.had >> never before the 6 o'clock hour. we're just joking.'re it hans every morning. h right now if you're taking 295a5 on the southbound side, you'reu going to add five extra e minutes to your trip from thatom eastern avenue to pennsylvania. you can see that long line of slow moving traffic.ffic typical congestion there.ionhe and then in virginia, we really slow 66, 234 to centreville an big jam-up inp stafford as you pass 610. ps we'll have more traffic in arafc few and we'll take a look at lk those metro delays by stadium-armory.ium-armory. maureen and wisdom.maeen and >> ahead at 6:00 the future of transportation.on would you take a ride in a drone taxi? >> how about no. that's just me.'s j all right, plus what's the oneho thing you're most distracted by at work? >> hm. >> coming up we'll say howing much bosses say smartphonesphon are costing that them lost them productivity. as we head to break right now live look ascot region, timeiont right now 5:56. oh, yeah.eah.
5:57 am
>> ♪ >> jump on it.t. >> steve, allison and tucker tue coming unnext. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> straight ahead at 6:00 6 police still on the scene of a homicide in prince george'sn prs county. why they were called to a homee in upper marlboro a
6:00 am
they found when they gotgo there.the. >> also bernie sanders headed to the white house today butte will a meeting with the president convince him to dropoo out of the race? we are liveacl with the very latest from the t campaign trail.mpaign trail. >> first, though, a live look lo outside.e. it's thursday morning. june 9th. weather and traffic coming upomg on the 5s with tucker andker erin at 6:05. 6 if thursday morning, everybod everybody. i'm allison seem. >> i'm steve chenevey. i'm police investigating how a mannh wound up dead outside of a of a home. this is a live picture i from fo the scene in upper marlboro. mlr meals say they found the maney e after responding to a welfareel check. no word yet on how he died but e police say it is it not appear to be a random crime.. >> happening today in baltimore the driver of thee e r vanity freddie gray case willraw go before a judge for the start of his bench trial. that same judge will hold a a hearing about whetherther prosecutors withheld conversations they had with potential


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