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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  June 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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happy friday.y >> you see those two peoplese right there.ri mike thomas and erin como com they've got weather andnd traffic in a minute. mut but first we have news to talk about this morning.about th we'll start with this. today mourners will pay tribute to muhammad nail a public memorial service in i downtown louisville. >> yesterday he was eulogizedayi the way he and whatd to be b with an islamic prayer service attended by more than 14,000 muslims. it was ali's wish for it to be o opened to their public.en to >> muhammad ali intended forali this to be an educational edutin moment, a teaching moment anden so this is what we pray it is. t >> later today, the boxing legend's body will be buried in a private ceremony at the cape hill cemetery. >> let's talk politics now in nw the race for the white house and signaling an ends to thehe battle between hillary clintoney and bernie sanders clinton cli picked up several major
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endorsements.endo >> elizabeth warren, vicen, v president joe biden and president obama all giving her their support.r >> i've seen her judgment,erud i've seen her toughness, i'veugv seen her commitment to our t values up close. i've seen her determination totn give every american a fair a shot at opportunity no matterat how tough the fight was. that's what always has drivens i her and it still does. >> president obama will pma campaign with clinton nextith io week in wisconsin. also on tap next week d.c.'sk primary is on tuesday. t now, ahead of d.c.'s primarys p clinton is making a stop into the city today.ay she will speak at an event hosted by planned parenthood.y l sheets expected to touch onecteu the importance of women'sce of rights and reproductive healthcare. >> despite those major endorsements for hillarylary clinton bernie sanders isde still campaigning but maybeng bt showing signs of realizing his political fate. following his meetingfoowin yesterday with president obamasa the vermont senator says he plans to campaign for his foris issues rather than victory inhec next month's democratic
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convention. following meeting sanders held d a rally at rfk stadium. sta >> let's head now to fairfax county where fireworks flewirews last night at a heated schoolteo board meeting. >> at issue the board's brd transgender policy and the a schools particularly in therlint bathroom debate. fox5's melanie alnwick live from falls church this morningr with the details. melanie. >> good morning, guys. g so, you may recall that back tht in mayfair fax county school co board voted to include genderlun identity in its nondiscrimination policy butionb then it did not specify whatpecy kind of accommodations wouldons be made. already right now the schools do have a gender neutraldeneut bathroom and also a processss that transgender students and ad staff have to go through in touh order to be able to access acc those accommodations but laston night a group of advocates a parents and staff who are inn support of transgender rights,nt well, they are pushing the phing school board to go a littleoardl further and actually get this g specific restroom policym p written.itten. the gro
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before the school board saidhe s that they wanted to thank them e for going ahead and including transgender rights into its nondiscrimination policy buty now they're asking that asking t specific regulations be put innt place. here's what they want theant t school board to do. school records to be adjusteddjs so the preferred pronoun is pun used for students without any medical proof requiredcal particularly on diplomas. they also want training forrainr staff and teachers to makeo sure all students are treated te with dignity and fairness and they want students to be ablest to use bathrooms and locker l rooms that that correspond corrp with their gender identity. i there is a gender students andsd a coach spoke from the heartom t about bullying and harass. har people on the other side saidid they're concerned about concernt children being asked to accept these changes as the new norm. w we know one father here last night even stormed out of the meeting because he was notbeca allowed to speak out in opposition.op however, he was reminded thatmit speakers have to sign up aheadne of time and so that is why hehyh was not allowed to speak.o spe specifically it is the
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school's health and wellness wln policy update that broughtt bro these speakers out last night. n there is no language being poe g posed that has anything to do with transgender students orr bathroom rights. r so, it's a little unclear as to what specific language langu these transgender advocatesoc are looking for but i thinkut i they really just wander to reinforce to the school board that as they are consideringth this new policy, they want w their rights specificallylly included.cluded. back to you guys.o you . >> 4:34 is the time. we are less than one monthe m from the fourth of july wentuly now know who will be performing at capitol fourth.rt >> smock key robinson kenny logins and gavin degray and allison porter will be be performing the national nat anthem. the event will feature aev celebration of the 100th anniversary of the nationalatio park salute an
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>> manny machado, the punishments have come down if d the league.ague ventura suspended nine games, machado penalized for fourr games. each was also fined an undisclosed amount.sed amnt. ventura and machado appealed ape their suspensions and willnd wil continue to play until thentil process is complete.omplet >> ♪ >> all right. it's 4:35. it's 4 let's get a check of today'say's forecast.forecast. mike, yesterday was absolutelyot gorgeous. it's friday. give us some good news. ns. >> well, i got great news onat w this friday morning. fri today is kind of a repeat of yesterday. another gorgeous day just for you annie and for everybodyrgevy coming down to join us att anacosti we're going have a g pretty good day for you thisd do morning. there's your satellite and radar. one thing we do have that we didn't have yesterday is a few high thin clouds. those will fade as we get theade sun higher in the sky. s they're coming from a frontala a boundary draped across thedarap midwest this morning. again just some clouds, noouds, rain expected.xpec quick look at temperatures around the region r
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generally anywhere from upperm u 50's to upper 60's here in the district. distri we are 68 this hour.8 thisou here's your planner for thisanro afternoon. up through the 70's we go.we by 2 o'clock, 79 degrees andgren then 80's by 5 o'clock. 5 o'clo all right, that's a look att's the erin como has ge ot traffic forf you. >> with a forecast like that lit on a friday how could you not wake up in a great mood. m four:36 road work did clear in montgomery county on the outercn loop at georgia avenue.gergia a it was blocking some of thesomee right lanes but right now all lanes opened and you can see between 95 ands georgia none o the usual morning congestion has kicked in yet. inner loop also cruising. cruis no problems on the way to bwi this morning if you have anning early morning flight thengh t heading towards the district dir 95 from the icc to the beltway, 295 south from 32 to 197, also in the clear and 50 a5 coming from annapolis andpo a bowie cruising along. alo also the secondaries in then district problem free. we'll keep you updated with wit metro as they gear up for u service at 5:00. any questions at erin fox5ri f d.c. on twitter. back to you annie and wis
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>> the judge says the district s can begin enforcing a ruleorci a that has a number of secondsecod amendment rights advocates updvs in arms. >> the defense lowers in the freddie gray trial accuseal a prosecutors of withholdingitol evidence. evid >> live look outside. le lo people starting to surge just sj a little bit on this fridays f morning. we're back in just a moment. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. let's take a look at the stories you're engaging with the most on social media thiseds morning using our realtimeus news >> news from the campaignfr trail. trai a new fox news poll showing that hillary clinton isil cli leading donald trump by three be points among voters vot nationwide. clinton's lead represents a reversal of fortune for trumporu who held a three-point leagueoil in a different fox news pollox three weeks ago.e week >> up next u.s. court off appeals is allowing d.c. to d.c couldn't enforcing gun laws inan full including a controversial law that requires sit tinstone t provide a good reason for anor request for a concealed carry c permit. that law was repealed lastealela month after a gun advocacy gun y group brought a case againsta ca the district saying that that needing to have a good reasonea for applying for a concealed gun permit wasn peit w unconstitutional. >> more than five years and fivr $5 billion after firstst breaking ground walt disneylt dy opened the doors to its first
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disney shanghai fans almost almt 1,000 acres includes the most m interactive story book castle ever built by disney. the park opens to the general tg public next week.blic next week. >> all right. 4:41 is the time.ime. coming up on fox news mornings i a former yale basketballe baskeb player expelled for sexual exp misconduct is now suing theshe school for defamation.efam >> all you read skins fans out there you have a chance toyou help the team out at trainingran camp. we'll let you know all aboutbout it coming up. >> can't wait to hear about wt o that. as we head to break, live lookok outside.ide. what day is it, annie., >> friday. >> it is friday, that's right. we're back in a moment.a mome 4:41 is the time. tim we'll see you on the otheron thr side. side. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> 4:44. >> 4:44. the worth west coast of nicaragua occurring recoveringwo recovering an earn quake thacuta happened not too far from the honduran boarder. brd the quake was felt in nicaragua's capitol.itol local media reports say the quake collapsed walls of a city closest to the epicenter. >> fox5 crews live on theive one scene of an overnight homicidetc in the the district. you can see investigatorstitors still at work there in the 90000 block of blarney streeteytr southeast. we're told a man was slot to m death there around 10:30 last30s night. night. police say they are still s looking for the 22 suspects involved. >> ♪ >> 4:44 is the time.>> t as we take a live look outside t on this friday morning. morni i believe that says annie you ay have younger eyes, 68 degrees,8e is that what that says.ha s >> i have younger that's really small, too.llto >> we'll go with 68 degrees d but in the meantime we'ree going ask our expert, mikeik thomas. hey, mike, it is 68 degrees, 68r right. >> sounds like you
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expert. you're right it is 68. 68 degrees right now this morning.morn it still has a little bit of a f nippy feel out there evenhereve though it says 68. ss 68 doesn't quite feel like 68.ike 6 low humidity this morning.midity 65 at dulles.t ds. 50 north and 54 for frederick this morning, r good morning to you, westminster 59 degrees, 57 for cumberland, maryland., maryland. reason why we're 68 thisre8 morning as opposed too yesterday when we were in theenw 50's that's because we have ausv little bit of cloud coverit o across the region this morningri especially from d.c. kind ofly to the south.outh. high thin clouds, no burnoff -- they'll burn off tllb eventually. we'll drop a few degrees nextesx hour. but that's the reason why thisnw horning some showers brieflysoms over the mountains there but b they're fading away, not not expecting anything as we head wh through the morning.orng. futurecast will show that youaty full sunshine by 10 o'clock 10 l today. then maybe we get a couple coupl clouds here and there duringd th the afternoon hours but that'sha about it for this afternoon.ften and then as we head into yourtou saturday, generally startingta with a decent amount ofmount o sunshine. we will heat things up bigngup time tomorrow and by saturday early evening we could see ain u couple of thunderstorms herest and there. not
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widespread but those stormsto that do pop could have a little bit of oomph to them ihem guess you could say.uld s they could be on the strong side. marginal risk for severek for se weather tomorrow afternoon sorr just be aware ofow that. that. i mention the heat. should be the hottest day sost s far this year. isolated thunderstorms,nderstor 92 degrees for your saturday saa afternoon. if you like the 90's, well, wee got 90's on sunday again andgaid sunday looks mostly dry, d 91 degrees just a few cloudsew d out there sunday afternoon. aftn all right, back to today. 82 degrees. winds remaining out of theinino north and west this afternoon,fo nice dry direction for us.tion u lots of sunshine.lof sunshi get out there and enjoy it once you've done work here.e. 66 degrees later on tonight, tig just a few clouds out however, you will feel it.ou wil the humidity will start to return later on this evening. fox5's accuweather 7-day forecast says bringing on thes t heat for the for 92 on saturday, 91 on sunda.n sa 80's for most of next week andea we do have thunderstormsndst possible as we head into nextex wednesday and thursday. thurs but right now nothing
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no washouts on the seven day sed at all so that's some good somgd news there. all right, that's a check of the fork. the fo erin como friday morning at a last. >> i know and you don't even look tired from staying upir late for the hockey game lastede night. >> looks can be deceiving. dece. >> fair enough.>> we'll get you extra coffee. cof. 4:47 right n work zone cleared.e cleared this is in stafford on 95dn northbound past 6100 garrisonville road.ville i'll let you know when thaten t usual morning congestion starts to cause issues anduesnd slowdowns this morning. mor taking a wide view of our o our virginia commute.omte 28 northbound much quieter than what we were dealing withit yesterday. green zone now. speeds what they should be. 66 cruising from 234 to centreville.nt quiet through west fallsrou church and arlington thison thi morning. morning. 95 dale city to woodbridge also not yet a red zone. z i'll let you know when the congestion pops. into the district looking just fine right right now same story on 270.n 2 southbound side as you head youh from the truck scales all thescl way down to the spur i like what i'm seeing. no problems in fort washingtongo on 210 and we're also seeingoeen very quiet conditions on five and fouren
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inbound no problems in upper marlboro. we're looking very nice in largo.lao. same story bethesda silvera silv spring dunn loring annandale. an i could name every areary a because things are quiet. qet metro gears up for service at 5:00.5:00. right now all tracks on time tim and on schedule this morning.ism single tracking continues fortif safetrack work on the orangee og and silver line between easten falls church and ballston thatls could cause some delays.cause my any questions at erin fox5ox d.c. on twitter. t. wisdom and annie. >> 4:48 is the time.ime. happening today if you need tot travel along the mixing bowlixio we've got some changes to tellot you about this morning.ning today the northbound 95thund 95 express lanes and 395 hov lanes will close at 10:00 a.m. m southbound drivers will beoundve allowed to use the 95 expresshes lanes starting at 11:30 a.m.30 a an hour earlier than normal. nma this schedule will remainem throughout the summer.umme >> four years in prison that'ss' how long a former wootton highth school student was sentencedennc to jail after he killed two of his friends in a drunk driving accident. ac sam ellis pleaded guiltyci toty two charges of vehicular
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manslaughter in order to avoidid trial. trial. >> last year ellis and his friends calvin lee and alex a merck left a house party whereae alcohol had been served andbe got behind the wheel.el toxicology results slowed that he had not only consumednly cond alcohol but was also under thent influence of marijuana. marijuaa >> four years is time for mr. ellis to think about the the things he's done and hopefullyly he'll be able to serve the public goodbye doing the 50000 hours of community service that judge greenberg imposedmp dan it is our hope, too, that the ignition interlock systemrly that's been ordered from himn om will prevent him from doing doi anything similar to this in the future.utur >> calvin lee's parents then let not attend the sentencing andnc did not provide letter to thehe judge saying that the o ordeal was too painful for the family. alex merck's their tearsir t evoked tears from peopleeo inside the courtroom. two years will be th
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>> dozens of resident turnedent out for an emergency meetingting following a quadruple shooting. police residents and communitynm leaders were all frustrated byrb wednesday night's shootingt's st because they say similarim crimes have happened in thed same location several timesn sei before. now residents hope that police c will address problems like lik drug related violence and abandoned recreational center that is they say contributesib to the uptick in crime.. police in alexandria alexand holding a community meeting tomt discuss the city's thirdty's ir homicide of the year. year. 28-year-old pierre clark wase shot and killed alonglo montgomery street around 12:30d1 wednesday afternoon. so far no word about a possible suspect. >> today the plan whoay tlan allegedly killed his estrangedra wife in a prince george's county high school parking lot and then went on a shooting shot spree a few days later in montgomery county is expected to be in court be in court eulalio tordil is facing several charges including ilu first degree murder.t degr murd. if convicted he faces life in prison.on also this morning, themornie judge hearing the case againstga one of the baltimore police officers charged in freddie gray's death c said will he noto
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officer caesar goodson.oo goodson's attorney asked the? t up to drop the chargesdrop the s yesterday. they say the prosecution withheld evidence about aoua potential witness. prosecutors argued thatarued t goodson was driving thatintha police van so he was responsible for freddie gray's welfare.welfar they say goodson intentionallyon gave gray a "rough ride."ide. goodson is facing secondacin degree murder. if convicted he faces afas maximum of 68 years behindears n bars. >> and former subway pitchman p jared fogle's appeal of his sentence of more than 15 yearsh5 in prison was rejected by ay a federal appeals court. c. fogel is serving time in prison for trading child pornography and having sex s with under aged prostitutes.rost he did admit to paying for sexox with girls as young as 15 a years old and receiving childngd pornography. a former yale basketball bal player is suing the universit university. jack montag insists the girl t r had sex with
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a spokesman for yale says the s lawsuit is inaccurate andd and d.c. officials want to c make sure houses are safe.e. today d.c. mayor muriel bowser is announcing a new program togt improve housing conditions inoni the city. >> that program will offer o renovation loans for eligible owners to improve living lin conditions and eliminatemite safety and environmentalment hazards at their home.irome. the first stage of this pilot pt program will kick off in ward in eight. tonight in d.c. there willin be a town hall about the correlation between the flintsn andr crisis and the leadbeisis found in d.c. the reverend at the new bethelet baptist church says he wantssayn to educate and pursue justiceusi on behalf of those in flint. the church also plans to plans discuss possible solutions tout the lead levels found in d.c. 's water. that town hall meeting startstas at seven ooh. >> all right. if you want to spend some timeim at redskins training campin here's your'sr chan richmond is currently looking for 250 volunteers. volte >> all right. a rig redskins training camp starts july 28 and ends august all volunteers will receive
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free head skins hat, t-shirt and a chance to attend aen a redskins game viewing event. ent what's a redskins gamesam viewing. >> that's a great way to get in. like golfing events volunteer.or >> it's a little hot.. >> it's redskins trainingraining camp. ca >> that's true. up group of d.c. policero officers going above andbo beyond to help a little boy.iteb >> two officers noticed that the 12-year-old riding a bike in southwest but the bike was bk in desperate need of some repairs. dangerous -- it was prettyous -y dangerous to ride on. o they witnessd that. >> this is great. so the officers rallied others in the department and they got together and they all pitchedy e in to buy him a brand new bike. >> good for him.>>ood for >> these stories are so wonderful. we need to see more of this in the community. >> absolutely.bsolely. building relationships within the community. that's awesome. we hope you stick with use all morning long. lon we have a special treat comingom up for you on good day d.c. d dc >> will get rdy celebrity gossip extraordinary will be here co-hosting goodti g
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the hollywood today live l co-host will be joining myselfis wisdom and erin in studio. be sure to tune in beginning at 9 o'clock this morning.s m >> we'll have all the dish and all the scoop.he >> i'm excited.>> i exc good time had by all.ll >> for this week's specials s friday give away you could winou four tickets to six flags, asixg prize with a retail value off $280. the new splash water falseater l park is opened and ready for anf you to experience.xpernc >> just go to betweenco now andm/ 11:59 p.m., enter for a chance to win. w. one winner will be selected by w random drawing onil june 13th.1h mark your calendars.alenars. all entrants must be 18 years18a of age or older. ool complete rules and online entry are available again at >> all right. and we mentioned it enoughenonen that it's friday because it is friday so that means membersnsem of the fox5 team they're going g to be zip tripping today. >> shining the spotlight on d.c.'s historic anacostiana
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allison and tucker will bed tucl down there starting at t sta 6 o'clock this morning andock ti then our steve chenevey willngte be joining them a little laterte on. the crew will be at mlk avenue u and w street in just stop by and say hello, if o you can and the entrance is ones w street there across from theft big chair.big chair. >> all right. going to be a good time had by all out there. we're having fun in here.e. es yes. >> mike thomas sales thee weather is going to be -- going to cooperate with us onraw this friday. >> wisdom, are you absolutely au right. going to be almost idealde weather for us this morning. temperatures in the mid 60'smi ' probably as we get thingshis started down at 6:00 a.m. byt 6. the time we work into the good g day hours we're talking aboutkia 70's out there so justous perfect. no excuses. come outer and say hi toi t tucker, allison and city.on a it will be a good time.oo t bus stop forecast for the morning, 56 to 63 degrees.deee we're 68 right now but we should lose a few degrees overro the next couple of hours here. h by after school nice and warm, w 78 to 84 degrees around thear almost a perfect friday in store for the d.c. region. mention u.v. index.nd lots of sun today, very high. vh make sure you put
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sunscreen on if you'll be out be and about later on thisthis afternoon and then here come hee the 90's for the 92 on saturday, maybe some afternoon or early eveninglyning thunderstorms there, 91 on o sunday. sunday that's a look at the weather. w. erin como has got traffic. >> 4:56 right now and keeping ae you posted on what you are up a against this morning and it th like what i'm seeing behind me on the map. m a lot of green.a of gre problem free on 295 from 50n 29 down to no problems on the northboundtho side from the beltway past p laboratory road.labo traffic on the way to reagan the national and dulles are ds looking good if you're headingdi out of town for a nice summer sm get away.t aw right now your virginia drivenii times are all clear on 66, 95 69 northbound and 28. problem free on the dulleshe due toll road as well. w same story maryland. 270, 50, 295 north of the the district also looking good andd 95 south problem free. fe. 95 north looking good. g same story sto baltimore-washington parkway. if you have an early morning flight to catchsh and you canndc see traffic is cruising fromin frederick right now.t now. metro rail is on time as we as e gear up for 5:00 a.m. service. i except for that singlegle tracking slo
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between east falls church and ballston for safetrack work onc the orange and silver line.ine. any questions at erin fox5n f d.c. on twitter. ttt wisdom and annie. >> 4:57 is the time. tim coming up on fox news morning mr prince george's county leadersrs get ready for the arrival of metro's safetrack program. >> uber announces a new planann which would allow you to plan pn your day without any a inconvenience.en here's a quick look at today's stock futures. fox news morning is back in a in bit. >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ stand by me
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead on fox newsoxn morning, police make an arrest a in a murder in upper marlboroarr which they say began as an argument among friends. >> maryland governor larry hogan says he has no plans to announce who he's supporting suo in the presidential race.ntial a >> a live look across the the region. we are expecting another nearthn perfect day as we all turn our focus to the good morning and thanks forha joining us, i'm annie yu.u. >> and i'm wisdom martin.m it is friday june 10th. june 10 the crew is here. her our friday crew is here.ser mike thomas erin como, weatheroa and traffic coming up in just ij a moment.t. first let's talk news.rslet's tk fox5 is following a


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