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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> straight ahead on fox news morning, hearts are heavy atross the nation followingg,hen the mass shooting at an orlando nightclub.htcl. >> several hours after this hrsa tragedy happened we are nowppen beginning to learn more aboutor the victims of this senselessss act. >> good monday morning. thank you for joiningoo u i'm holly morris. m >> i'm wisdom martin. toda iy is monday june 13th. welcome back from vacationacat holly morris.or gary mcgrady also back from vacation;, we're going talk to o them in a moment. in aom >> we'll get to the news atth the top
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again hearts are heavy across the nation following the massass shooting at an orlandoorldo nightclub over the weekend. wked this was the scene in the in t district where people paidple p tribute to the victim.he v the crowd called for increasednd tolerance and the end of of violence towards the lgbt >> now this was the scene in denver where the group track the willing beltway club ing bea denver hosted app candlelight cg vigil for the victims of orlando club >> overnight officials beganffib the heart wrenching task ofart f removing the victims' bodiesms's from the night club. the 50 victims are on their the way to the medical examiner'sr' more than 50 others were alsoo injured. >> we're also slowly learningo y the names and faces of those victims. so far 21 have been released including 34-year-old edwarddwar sotomayor. law a brand manager for a for travel agency and attended thehe university of south florida. flo >> juan guerrero was 22 years2 s old.
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this yea he worked as a telemarketer telr hadn't just started >> luis selma worked at at universal orlando theme parkme p where law said to go above and beyond for guests.or his family says his ultimate ult dream was to be an emt.anmt you can help those shootingg victims of orlando. orl >> there are several go fund gof me campaigns already set up,igns one of them was set up by the orlando based lgbt civil civ rights group called equalityqual florida. they're hoping to raiseai $1 million. ly there's also the lgbt l community center of centralcentn florida. they've set up a hotline withnew grief counselors.nselors. now another way to help isp is through crowd rise. ris donations to them will help victims and lgbt people who peow are now afraid to go to gay clubs. >> an exact motive for theac attack is still being investigated butck the b associated press reports no evidence of direct communication between the gunman omar mateen and isis and have been found. however, the fbi says mateen sae did refer to the terror group tr in a 911 cal
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massacre and say he may haveav been self radicalized but not under isis the fbi says omar mateen was investigated twice but he was w cleared both times informed infd 2013 he was investigated afterif his coworkers said he made had comments about possible ties tis to terrorists. now, the very next year,ear, authorities looked at possible l ties connecting mateen to muhammad abu salah the first t f american to carry out a trash attack in syria. sia the impact of thiss senseless tragedy has beendy has felt around the world. w >> president obama condemned omn attacks as well as hillary welai clinton and donald trump.. fox5's melanie alnwick is alnwii live from the white house withto more. good morning, >> reporter: good morning,te wisdom and holly. you know, a vigiwil was heldas l here last night at lafayette park just after the president ordered the flags lowered aterea the white house. hse they marched from the steps of the u.s. capitol to the white
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house holding candles and singing for the victims of themt orlando shooting many feeling like it he's have been them. t >> earlier president obamalier addressed the nation from the white house. hou >> the shooter targeted aotergee nightclub where people cameme together to be with friends, fri to dance and to sing and too a place where they wererehey wee attacked is more than a it is a place oftc solidarity and empowerment where peoplewerm have come together to raise awareness, to speak their t minds and to advocate foreor their civil rights.ig >> reporter: hillary clintonr: n called it an act of terror ande an act of hate and added "wewe need to keep guns like thee t ones used out of the hands ofano terrorists or other violent criminals. going on to say that this this reminds us once more that t weapons of war have noplace on o our streets ." donald trump criticized criti mrs. clinton and the president for not using the words -- not calling outr
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said "if we do not get tough and smart real fast we're not going have a country anymore" ao calling our leaders weakeaders k saying he's trying to prevent the next terrorist at affectfe we cannot afford to be politically correct any more.y c trump also reiterating his call for a temporary ban onn muslim immigration to theo united states by presidential proclamation all official u.s.. flags will be flown at half-mast or half-staff untilalt sunset june 16th. june live outside the white house, h i'm melanie alnwick, fox5k, fox local news. >> 5:05s time right now. the gun debate doesn't end end there. ther it's happening today at thepeni white >> we the people for sensible gun laws will demonstratest outside the white house today at 11 o'clock. 1 the group wants congress toongro require universal background bag checks, gun safety training, tin ban assault weapons and highh capacity ammunition magazinesnag as this is the group's fourthrt year demonstrating. >> stay with fox5 as wetawith continue to learn more aboutrnor
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orlando. or we're going bring you theing yoe latest updates on the investigation as soon as weatiow hear them here on fox5, on facebook twitter and on fox5n f news we got you covered. coved >> just turned 5:06 where it's 66 pretty pleasant out there thises morning, gary. >> oh, it's super niceic especially when you considerheni we're getting in the middle ithl part of june here.rt o this is bonus territory aftertor that super hot weekend we had.a. look at temperatures this morning.t if you're in the suburbsin the you're close to the some of you i cn the suburbs ara in the 50's now. winchester continues to drop.o o it's down to 55.. hagerstown 57.ha here inside the beltway we're w 65 degrees for national andatiol dulles coming in att 62 degrees.62 d real quickly for your bus stop s forecast kind of show youd what's going on, to no no problems.. talking about lots ofg about lof sunshine. a little on the cool side this e coole morning.morning. especially for pickup outside ot the suburbs and after schoolft nice, little breezy, 78 to 7 81 degrees. here's your forecast. how about some traffic monday erin csoomo's here. her >> on-time traffic brought
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visit buy a foror special offers. >> coming up on 5:07 right nowin starting off with a look atook we are on time across all ofs ao our lines except for the orange and silver ongoing safetrack surge one work.k. we'll be in place through then h 16th. single tracking on the orangecke and silver line. that is between east falls fls church and ballston.alto average trains running every e 18 minutes between vienna new carrollton for the orangehe ong line. li additional trains during the morning rush between ballstonweo and new carrolton.arrolton give yourself exat a time. tim we'll take a look at the roadshr as we continue. wisdom and holly.ol >> 5:07 is the time. the trial resumes for baltimore police officer offic caesar goodson. goods >> goodson is the third baltimore police officer to stand trial in the de eath of freddie gray. he faces the most seriousser charges of all the officershe os accused in the case.he c he is charged with secondit degree murder.gree mur last week the medical examiner i defended the ruling thatg tha gray's death was indeed a homicide s dr. carol allen all testified gray's injuries were w similar to a sha
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impact and his death was "no accident." if convicted goodson faces aon s maximum of 68 years behindears b bars. >> let's talk sports. pittsburgh penguin ls stand onsd top of the hockey world.orld. penguins defeated san jose three-one to win the exec in the sistanleycup. >> seems like so long good for them. coming up on fox news l u fx morning, police in centralal virginia are searching for twoor men they say have spent mores than a week breaking intoakin unlocked vehicles. >> and a on line blog is forced to file for bankruptcy after a $140 million judgmentiou is upheld. >> it is monday, people.y, peo we got to get up, we got to g get going.oing 66 degrees right now.egreig 5:08 is the time.he we got more fox news morning when we come right back.
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>> happening right now in our region. police need your help finding d o owedo followed a woman from a metro stop and thenhen sexually assaulted herlted h thursday morning inside aay mori business on garden city drive in landover.n police say the suspect followed the victim from the new carrollton metro station.on. they released this. he's seen wearing a red red sweatshirt with a symbol thatboa looks like a cross or plus or p sign. police are hoping someone mayony recognize him from the wayhe way that he walks. >> montgomery county police are looking for man who has exposed himselfer several timess in public. pli two incidents happened on new. the other happened on shadyd ona grove court in police released photos hopingsop someone would recognize this man. man. crime involvers is offering aerr reward up to $10,000 for10000 information leading to hisleadit arrest. >> a plan is recovering after a he was stabbed along ninthlo street in northwest d.c. d.c. police say the vici
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suspect got into an argumentumet over an uber.ber. the suspect pulled out a o switchblade and stabbed the sed victim in the side.the se. now police say someone nearby ny attempted to stop the stop the altercation and the suspectus threatened that person with a pr gun. gu anyone with information shouldoo contact police.ntac >> police need your help identifying two men wanted fort a string of thefts in t fredericksburg. police received reports of 15 incidents in the downtown fredericksburg area over thebu last 10 days. they say the men stole moneytoln and wallets from unlockednl cars. police are reminding everyoneve to lock their cars and to keep k valuables out of sight. sight >> coming up on fox newss morning the shootings inotings i orlando played a key roleo during last night's tony awards.ards >> transgender members of the u.s. military say they're ty're still waiting to be fullyully accepted by the department ofep defense and their country. cnt >> as we led to break rightre now here's a live look outside e across the region, time is 5:11, temperatures 66 we're back after this. >> ♪
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>> signs of solidarity with orlando from around the world.f we'll begin in our very own region. the capitol wheel at nationaliol harbor lit up in the rainbow rai colors of the lgbt community. the wheel's twitter account using the hasn't tag prayers for orlando and love is love.ov similar scene in new york city. the spire of one world traded center was also hit in thet in t colors of the gay pride flagth and then just a few blockse ks away the empire state buildingug went dark to honor the victimsti of the orlando massacre.sacre. >> many in new york city also as came together at the historic stone wall inn in greenwich genh village to show their 50 died and 53 were injured. the alleged shooter omarhooter o mateen was believed to have been an isis sympathizer.iz >> almost 5:15 right now. n live look outside. we're at 66 degrees and looks like a pretty good week is onee tap foju
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>> i think so. the normal would be about 84e a this time of year and we'rer an' going to be cooler than that, at least right at that for thefo next several days.xtever reagan national right now 65 degrees. bw marshall 61.all 61 cooler in the suburbs.e sub we have upper 50's in the0's ine suburbs as well.surbs as wel today is great. i mean, high of 82, right, rig lots of sunshine.tssunshine. it will be a little bit breezy but the humidity is going tong t be low. nice blue sky out there and again, we're just going togoing touch 82 degrees.uc most of the day will be spente e in the upper -- well, in thethe 70's, low to mid to upper 70's, okay.y. tomorrow looks good as well. gow i think more clouds tomorrow,omr not as breezy. breezy. it will be a little bit a le bi warmer, a little bit more humidity out there but i think i a couple of days just real, real nice for us. here's the deal i'm want to show you that how highig pressure is basically takingk this is our p.m. forecast. fo here. futurecast shows good to gohowsg here. all the rain is going to stay back out to the west of us.o th now, for tomorrow, subtlew, subl little dif we'll have a few clouds aro
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tomorrow it's not completely cloudy. clod and then we get in through theot day tomorrow, kind of clouds cls and sun.and su and i know that futurecast is i showing a possibility of a it's so remote at this points pn its not even worth mentioning.en i just think a few more clouds d tomorrow than what we'ree having today and it looks looks real, real nice. nice. clouds and showers will come back into the forecast towardsas the latter part of the week. we. here we are this mostly fair skies, clear, condition cans, lots of sunshine as it's coming up there and temperatures in thetue chilly 50 and low 60's acrossos the really nice today.e it's breezy.toit it's not windy. win it's just breezy today.ust bree. winds will be out of theof t west-northwest 10 to 15 miles tl per hour, yes, an occasionalccal gust higher than that but weth won't be as gusty as yesterdayey and the temperature today onlyal up to about 82 degrees andees remember, most of the dayf t d we're just going to end up staying in the 70' the0' we start off in the 60's.e 60' in the 70's.0's. so we're only going to touch tou the lower 80's for just a jt little bit and the neck nec several days o
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82 for a high today. t 83 tomorrow. tomor more clouds in the forecast fors tomorrow but still looks realksr nice. there is a thunderstorm possible in the afternoon andish evening on wednesday. wednesday. temperature gets up to aboutut 84 degrees. d a thunderstorm is possible on on thursday as well. well. friday more clouds and i don't think we're toothink 'r worried about thunderstorms on n friday. little bit of sun possible butn not much.not and we'll have some showers around. and the weekend right now n looks pretty good temperature gr around 80 degrees for a high a g temperature.te mainly just some sun nd and clouds. there's your forecast, all seven days of it.n daf it here's erin with a look at traffic. >> thank you gary.ha 5:17. 5: we're taking a look at ourur roads. roads. road work clearing 66in66 eastbound at washingtonun was boulevard as you make your way y from gainsville through manassas and centreville intr in past the beltway to arlingtonrl traffic is moving alongc without any problems on 66 inbound. 270 southbound same story.hb plenty of green.ou speeds in theen upper 60's 85 t the truck scales.truc i'll let you know if any ofif ao that changes.that c in red rick right now traffic looking good. 108 still
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construction. this is between old baltimore be road and old vic boulevard. so caution there. aside from t that 29he coming down from f silver spring looking good and we're problem free on free baltimore-washington parkway. both directions and 95 betweenbe the icc and the beltway.elay traffic on branch avenue between 301 and surratts roadttd looking good.loing 301 itself and pennsylvania avenue inbound also quiet.. no alerts for metro rail metro i except for the safetrack workhek that is on the orange and silver line single tracking trag east falls church to ballston and this road work on 66 outn 6o by 50. any questions at erin fox5 f d.c. on twitter much let's getts you to work on time thise this monday back to you holly and >> ♪ly. >> time now is 5:18.:1 let's take a look at the other r stories that you're engaging'ren with most this morning on social media with our realtimeom news tracker. >> first up the debate overe o gun control once again makingnc headlines followinglong yesterday's mass shooting atg an orlando flight club. the gunman using an ar-15r-15 assault rifle to kill 50 victims.victim that's the same weapon used in
5:19 am
bernadino shooting.hoin after each attack there haveav been calls for a ban on thehe weapons which can fire 45e rounds a minute. the nra says it is america'sis a most popular ravelle. rav >> virginia tech coming together to honor the victims.h 50 candles were lit at thelit school's april 16th memorialemoa which honors the victims victi killed in the university'sveity' 2007 shooting.07 shoing. now, before sunday, virginiay, i tech shooting was the t deadliest shooting in thet shooi united states which killed 32. . >> and finally the shootinging casting a shadow on broadway's biggest flight. fgh the host dedicated the show to o the victims and their families.fali cordon delivering a powerful por message saying "hate willng " never win." win >> time is 5:19.:1 coming up a singer struck downkw after a concert in miami will wl be remembered in her hometown. w >> and a once popular online onl blog is forced to file for bankruptcy after a $140 million judgment s
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yelled. >> live look outside acrossokde the region, people starting tot get up and start moving. 5:19 coming up on 5:20 is the0 t time right now. we're back after this. >> ♪
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>> vigil will be held tonight to honor pop silinger christina grimmie who was shot andhot killed after her concert overone the weekend. the 22-year-old was shot onhot friday night while she washe was signing autographs in orlandorl florida. the gunman later took his own her vigil will be held in a small town in new jersey. now she was a youtube star andab also former contestant on theane voice where she came in third place. happening today, funeraltoda services will be held for 18-year-old patrick he died last week in a deadlyeal car crash that also took the lives of jacob dennis and a carey green.reen all were juniors at clarksburglr high school. schifflet's funeral will be he
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>> transgender members of the united states military areta still waiting to be fullylly accepted by their peers. pee they're still waiting on the ont defense secretary ash carterter to update the military'ss policy that will affect theaffet lgbt community. the new policy was due out inueo the spring. it's taking so long so asg as officials debate over the details surveys suggest there are more than 10,000n ,0 transgender service members. mbe >> the controversial online onln news site gawker filed forled fo chapter 11 bankruptcy. ban this comes after a judgege ordered the media company to pay 140 million dollars to dollo hulk hog san. the former wrestler sued himsued after a site post add video of him having sex with his former e best friend's wife. hogan argued it was a argued itw violation of his privacy.isvacy gawker plans to appeal.l. >> a power outage over thever weekend stranded several s riders. the power outage happenedened saturday night many people at the theme parkig in virginiagi took to social media tweetingetg photos of the ferris wheel and a coasters stuck mid track. tra kings dominion described it asnn a partial outage and said allaid
5:24 am people who had their time at te the park cut short will bee allowed to come back another day. >> ♪ >> let's get over to gary mcgrady and talk weather. wth >> thanks guys. it's great out this morning. mng we've got temperatures in the upper 50's and low 60's, in's the middle 60's here in town. tw the dewpoints are low.e oints the air is dry and this is ahisi dry air mass coming in from ifr the north and west. so, yesterday afternoon thaternt cold front came through. blew all the humidity -- notityt awful it but most of theit humidity out of here so wef hers dried out quite a bit in thet qe afternoon yesterday.te still made the 90's, though.hoh. 96 on saturday.atur 93 yesterday afternoon. that was actually close to theu record high.cord the record high yesterday wasrdw 95. so, we have fair skies thisfairi morning. that's allowing these allow temperatures to cool on down.o the winds are relatively lightyg with the clear skies, so 59 in frederick.frederick. winchester has dropped down to 57 westminster, you're now down in the upper 50's am i thought t a few more of these numbers would get down in the
5:25 am
65 degrees for washington,n, manassas 63, culpeper you'reou 61. culpeper you're flirting with the upper 50's in terms of where we're goinge' today, it's a dry atmosphere, okay. we got lots of sunshine soine s here we we temperatures will get up top to about 82 or so here in town. t we could push 83, yeah, but we'll go 82.2. gaithersburg 83.ithersburg 8 we start off coolly we end up warm but again, the humidity hud is nice and comfortable today.. lots of a little bit of a breeze.reez not windy, just breezy. breez 10 to 15, maybe a higher gustigt but nothing more than that. there's your forecast on thissto monday morning.or hard to believe it's june is ju actually with a day like this. i here's erin como monday morning traffic. hey, erin.n. >> 5:25 right now gary and we're taking a live look outside 270 behind me, you can0 see a little bitbe of southbounn volume picking up but you are a still quiet from 85 all the85ll way down past the truckck scales. problem free from father fro hurley down to the spur. s i'll let you know if thatnow if ch
5:26 am
picking up so we'll let you letu know when congestion starts tott slow us down.ow dow northbound traffic moving along, very light volume.olume. looking really good there.. we'll take a look at our maps. p aside from that look at 270t traffic is waiting up aroundp an the dmv but i'm happy to tell t you we are crash free. arash no problems getting to the outer loop. we're looking good on our secondaries in silver springpr kensington bethesda.ethesda. this road work still in place on 108 between old baltimore b road and old vic boulevard.le moving to 395 inbound plentyle of green on our map.ur m we're at speed from the bottom o of the beltway across the 14th h street bridge. roosevelt memorial and keyiaey bridge looking good as young gdu come from roslyn into georgetown. looking quiet on the innert on i loop across the wilson bridge.n. i'll let you know when that t new traffic starts to back up. metro on time except forept single tracking on the orangera and silver. sve more traffic in just a fewn jusw moments. holly and wisdom.. >> 5:26. coming up on fox news morningsor we're beginning to learn more about the victims of thectims oe orlando nightclub
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>> both presumptive presidential nominees adjustedtd their campaign stumping inca response to the shooting ino florida. >> as we led to break let's gooa ahead and take a live look out o there. sun is coming up, start oftart another beautiful week here ink the d.c. area. aa. we've got much more coming up after the break.e eak don't go anywhere. ere.
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>> ♪. >> all i kept hearing was
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bang, bang, bang. b i thought it was part of a song. so and when you turn around person next to you is like screaming, there's blood splattering. i didn't know if it was mine or somebody else's. sody el >> straight ahead on fox newst f morning, the nation mourns asmoa 50 lives are lost during at d mass shooting inside an orlando nightclub.igub we're beginning to find outind who some of the victims weref tw in this tragedy.dy 50 people were gunned down n during what should have been ath night of fun. f the fbi is investigating a possible copycat case inle cat california after a man is aftern arrested heading to a gay to a pride parade.idrade fox news morning starts right si now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning to you.ood in thank you very much for waking n up with us. i'm wisdom >> i'm holly morris.olly mris. today is monday june we'll check in with erin andk gary in a minute. firsgat, as you wake up this morning nation orlando and the world trying to recover.
5:31 am
the headline our community will heal. the paper said it did this tod t reflect what it was hearing onnn the street says the scope of sco the mass shooting came tocame t light. that orlando is united anddnd would not let itself be defined by the pulse nightclub b >> still, the dark reality iseai that 50 people are dead and 53ed more were wounded. wou >> this morning 21 of the the victims have been identified. investigators continue to lookuo into the life of the shooter. st his alleged allegiance andiance ties to isis and what the fbithf has known about him for years. fox's carolineshively is live l in orlando with more. good morning, holly and wisdom.wisd as the investigation getstigaong ramped up on this mondayon morning we are learning more lee about the plan police sa -- manm police say is responsible. resps >> he would get in his he would express hate for things, toward everything.towa >> reporter: mentally unstable.ab that's how 29-year-old omar
5:32 am
mateen's ex-wife describes thexi man police say carried out afeut deadly shooting rampage inside i pulse nightclub.nitcl popular with members of orlando's gay community. commu she claims her former husbandusa was bipolar, had a historyistory with steroids and regularly beat her. >> started beating me physically very often. >> reporter: this asepor mateen's father is alsoislso speaking to the media.ed. >> we provided for him love himv and care. ink it is not a religion issue i in this matter. mte and for sure because i always watching -- was watching omar.a >> reporter: however he doesterv claim his son recently got angry when he saw two menaw twom kissing in miami.iami. meanwhile his victims continue u to be identified.d. survivors are sharing their stories. stor >> in the first or two boom, bm, boom, but at the beginning beg we -- everybody i guess we guess thought it was part of thet t music that was really loud. >> reporter:. repor >> reporter: now the fbiowhe says mateen did talk about tab
5:33 am
during the rampage but so far so they haven't released any relsea information that mateen had mate direct communications with anyia isis members overseas.veea wisdom and holly, back to you. y >> caroline, the political -- pl this is a hot button issueue politically as well becausel the candidates for presidentside are already talking aboutady tat this. what do they have to say? s >> reporter: yes, it's very interesting trump was treating g about this throughout the dayout yesterday sending well wisheseli down leer top orlando but alsoba saying that he was right, thath, some of the measures that hes is pushing for taking --aking taking place, the ban onn muslims and other issues heues has taken up should be put in p place. he says this shows that i washa actually clinton's response of course was very different. she is supposed to give aupsed o speech today.speech today it was supposed to be on the economy. she instead will be talkingd wib about security and what andha happened here in orlando and potentially gun control. wisdom. >> caroline, you were there early this morning, of course.if what's kind of going on rightigt now at the scene? are people pl still coming? what's the feel
5:34 am
>> reporter: it's very earlyr: on. on. the police have pushed us havpuh back. back it's a couple blocks that way. you can see the police vans behind me, they are still a s working the scene. scene it is just a broken city right g now. you're talking about orlandout n strong and standing togetherog but just 24 hours ago there a t were people running down this ti street, running for their lives, losing their shoes,ir sh, finding people who wereinpeop injured, taking off theirhe shirts plugging bullet holes, making tourniquets.ourniquets this is not something that's easy to recover from. f there are loved once, mothers, brothers, sieve and friendssievd getting text messages froms f their loved ones in thes t bathroom saying he's comingheom for us please call police, p he's going get us. where are the police. of course it was a three-hourr standoff between 2:00 a.m. and: 5:00 a.m. when police finallyaly got one of those armoredrmor vehicles and busted through thru there killing the gunman ore an finding the gunman dead.ead. many questions today. so, upper level happening in d.c., the fbi they aree
5:35 am
orlando they're just tryingust g put the pieces together and tet find out the names of the t dead.dead if their loved ones did indeed survive 21 names out of the 50fe who were killed, those nameshosn have been released.d. others they still don't know.w. >> unimaginable. it's going to take some time to heal. caroline shively live for us in orlando this morning. >> she also mentioned the fbi te right there in that report.ep the fbi investigating another potential tragedy over pride ovr weekend this time in santaime ia monica. monica police arresting a heavilyeavi armed indiana man who says he wy was on his way to the gay tohe y pride parade in loss a.m.loss a >> james howell was spotted with assault rifles ammunition a and chemicals to make anake a explosive inside of his car. hic so far police say there doeshe d not appear to be any direct or coordinated link with thenated w orlando shooting. shootin >> at this point there's no known credible threat here inter the los angeles area and certainly no connection ton anything that's happened in orlando. >> we're not going to backot got down in the face of fear. fea we have
5:36 am
security at all of our s entrances.enance >> investigators say howellgato was already on probation for aor gun incident in indiana wherende he was charged with intimidation and pointing a poig gun at someone back in i october.tobe >> stay with fox5 as we as continue to learn more about this deadly shooting in order id do. we're going to bring you theg latest updates on the updates oh investigation as soon as we learn them here onat fox5, on f, facebook, on twitter and >> ♪ >> 5:36 right now. let's go ahead and talk and tal little weather with none other r than the professor schooling us on a good week, sir.k,ir >> yes, absolutely.utel i hope everyone is attentive aei for class this morning i know ti it's monday morning. it's been a long weekend withkew that was heat and you're extra e tired. we're not used to that. 57 fort winchester. wineste this morning temperatures arera starting off in the upper 50's out in the suburbs. suburbs kind of depends on where youdehe are whether or not you're getting the 50'set but in and around dulles 62 degrees there.ther manassas 63. frederick
5:37 am
and then you got annapolis at 65 degrees. here's your bus stop forecast.os cool this morning for pickupic for the kid i know this is about to wrap toa it up. maybe this is the last week i for a lot of kids there with school and after school 78 to to 81 degrees.1 gr baez but not windy.baez but notw really nice. low humidity.lomidi here's erin como. c let's check on traffic. >> 5:37.7. starting to get some slowe zones because of congestion inng virginia heading towards the northbound on 28 between28et compton road and new braddock bd you slow a same story 66. 95 through stafford 630 to 61061 you'll need a new extraxt minutes. minu we'll let you know as things pop up around the area. are let's forward our maps. m volume also building as youg as make your way on 95 from dale d city to 123.23 another slow zone still quiet qt inbound from maryland 50 fromd o annapolis towards the beltway b looking good. we'll check in with metro asro we continue. holly and wisdom. wis >> thanks erin.nk e coming up on fox news news morning a new report on 9/11 9
5:38 am
middle eastern country of any o wrongdoing or any involvementve in the terror attack. >> and new numbers suggest the commonwealth needs to do moretht in its efforts to reduces the number of killer overdoses.erdoe >> as we head to break right now, take a live look across the d.c. time right now 5:38 on this monday.moay 65 degrees right now.ight n we'll have more fox news morning when we come back. stay with us. (whispering): what are you doing up? (whispering): mom said i could have a midnight snack. (whispering): well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. (whispering): why? (whispering): because i am the boss. (whispering): you're not the boss, mom's the boss. (whispering): well, technically, we are co-bosses. (whispering): technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. mmmm... yoplait.
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>> 5:40 is the time.>> new this morning, we could soon know more about the 9/11 terror attacks. the 5re cia says the 28 pages ff a u.s. congressionalgreson classified report on 9/11 will/w likely soon be released. rease >> the content of those pages could absolve or point a finger at saudia arabia oft udia funding the 19 highjackers. something the country strongly denies. deni if there is a link between thent victims and saudia arabia,ra then it could be possible for victims' families to sue the sue kingdom. >> also new this morning, drug,d lord el chapo would likely beye prosecuted in brooklyn whennh he's extradited to the united states. now guzman, well, there arere a rumors that he may be open ton o coming to the united states innd hopes of a plea deal rescuingrei him from his current conditions. el chapo was the head of a drug cartel.dr >> to indiana where a federal fr judge will here arguments on blocking the states new ne abortion law. l >> the law will make it illegal for twenty nine seekwe
5:42 am
the fetus' gender race or potential for it will begin july 1st. >> dangerous prescription drugus fentanyl is being linked p tolid more than 220 deaths in virginia.virg. now that's more than any otherht opioid besides heroin. officials say the drug is 100s times stronger than morphine. mn the spike in fentanyle in fental overdoses is largely due to an inlegal version of the drugrsio being smuggled into americaugglr from mexico and south america. i coming up on fox news up onn morning one of the mostinone popular d.c. sports figures isii going to spend his day helpingah the d.c. public library kickra k off the 2016 summer reading program. program. >> could an act of aggression and a misplaced hand help give v the cavaliers an edge in game five of the nba finals.nb final. >> as we head to break let'sreas take a live look across the t d.c. region. little hughey lewis and the news to get you going. time right now is 5:42. back right after this.
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it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me >> ♪ >> 5:45 is the time right now as wehe take a live look outsidi on this monday morning.ning. mild. would you say mild start to s the morning.aythrni >> mild. here comes the sun.. >> right.ight. >> okay. not to be disagree i can'tca believe but i would say cool.oo >> you would say cool. >> 50's. >> he's just being disagree i di can'disagreeable.disagr >> 50's in the suburbsuburbs june 13th and yesterday was in the 90's. come on, cooler, you got
5:46 am
agree.agre >> it's cool. >> you got to agree. >> okay. >> mostly sunny this morning at 11:00 a.m. temperature of 75. how nice is today.ay. a little bit breezy but it'sy b not going to be windy likedyik yesterday.ster lower 80's. 8 the cold front came through.ronm yes, it was a cold fronte nt because yesterday we were today we're not even going tog o be 83. i think we'll stay about 82 or so. so couple spots will be mid 80's but the big difference is withit the relative humidity. humid it's going to be nice andice and comfortable today.mfta temperatures out there rightesue now 65 for reagan national.nal. dulles 62. bwi marshall 61 degrees.degr check out the next couplee days. loving today but liking tomo trrow, okay. 82. great. it's going to be warmer tomorrow. less sunshine.oi a few more clouds tomorrow butw all indications are we'ree w going stay dry so a couple off days here with temperatures in the lower 80's.the lor 80 here's the deal. deal. looking at today, the front f has moved to the south of usth o and it's allowing cooler air, a, slightly cooler air but cooler o air nonetheless and drier air,er more importantly for ouror morning lows. that's wife we're so cool outl in the suburbs because the airhe has dried out, the skies
5:47 am
relatively clear and winds are e light. li so that's allowing allowing temperatures to drop down into t the 50o and this northerly flol here is bringing in a veryaer refreshing air mass. it's going to be with us certainly today into tomorrow as well. so expect lots of sunshine.f nsh temperature today lower to mid 80's. 80's. i think we're lower 80's herelo in tow some of the suburbs south and west, manassas culpeper places like that. you guys will be up into thein middle 80's before it's all it's said and done.nd d you see on that tower cameraam we had we were looking at lng at clouds off to the east of us. ou there's that band of clouds.ud it's well off to the east ofhe o us. it's really kind of setting up p east of the bay here. bayer we have a couple of clouds inudi place for us this morning but otherwise, lots of sunshine sunn today.da a few high clouds here oruds there and maybe even a little at white puffy cloud late thisfy afternoon. so, we're s cunny all day and then we end up breezy. breezes pick up a little bittlet for the afternoon.afte 10 to 15, occasional gustiogust maybe takes us to abouts to a 20 miles per hour, that is hou about it but again starting in the 60's ending up in the lower 80's not
5:48 am
the next couple days as well. 82 today. tay 83 tomorrow.83 tomor chance of some thunderstorms back in the forecast onthe forea wednesday and thursday. friday looks unsettled more showery on friday than what thaw we'll be on wednesday andneay a thursday, okay.thursday, and as we get into the weekendn right now for the most partpa looks dry.dry. sun and clouds.louds. temperature will be in thee lower 80's. that's your seven-dayven-da erin commute is in.mute i in. monday morning. hey, erin. >> 5:48 right now taking a taki look at things that areings thae slowing down on 66 on the on o inbound side.e. 66 scene remains very crowded as you head from centrevilletrel this morning out by prince princ william parkway. pkw you'll need extra time.extra tim wall of slow moving traffic simply because of congestion right now as you head towards fairfax county parkway. paray we'll check in with our maps. m that's not the only slow zone. . slow conditions in maryland, man virginia as well as 28 remains very crowded between com o ton t and new braddock.raddoc once you get into dale city dali you hit that normal slow down
5:49 am
twitter just giving you a reminder for metro with the safetrack work orange linee l until 10:00 p.m. additional addo trains operating between betwe ballston and new carrolltonrolln every six to 10 minutes andutes then orange line trainsra operating on the average everyve 18 minutes between newween new carrollton and vienna becausea s of the safetrack work.rack work. after 10:00 p.m. trainss operate every 20 minutes. minut. also single tracking on the t silver line between east fallsaf church and ballston as usual. ul road work did clear on 108. 108 we're back to normal there by tb old baltimore road.olro as we take a look volume isolum building like i mentionedenti between dale city and 123. 1. that short ride on 95 is goingsg to take you seven minutes.inut 210 is backing up on theon t northbound side as well. wel in fort washington byto by livingston road we're startingor to see congestioe n on branchbrh avenue inbound out by surrattsua as usual and pennsylvaniansyl avenue inbound towards the t beltway also dealing with the sluggish commute.slgish c 295 in the district on the southbound side backs up pastckt burroughs avenue. we'll keep you holly and >> time now is 5:49. time w is let's take a look at thek at the stories you're engaging with
5:50 am
social media with or realtimeitr news tracker. >> first up breaking news outkit of middle east. isis radio is calling orlando on mass shooter omar mateen oneate of its soldiers in however, it is still not confirmed if mateen had anyny actual connection to isis orn if he was just an isissis sympathizer.syathi troubling words from therom ex-wife of the orlando nightclub gunman sitora yusufiy said he used to beat tob ler. in an interview she says the t pair married in 2009 and2009 a describes him as "unstable." yusufiy also says he was religious but not devout.ot devu however friends say he became morelmore reel lives after their divorce. >> a tweet read do not bee deceived.ived. god cannot be mocked. moc man reaps what he seize.
5:51 am
sows.s. >> facebook activity is -- is facebook is activating its i safety check feature followingoo the shooting. it allows users to let family fm and friends know they are safe in the wake of a tragedy.ragedy. it was first launched in 2014 and has been a vital tool in other attacks such as in paris r and brussels.and brus >> 5:51 is the time.1 is this afternoon the dalai lamaala will be in town to give a a public talk at americant a university. that talk will be opened byed by democratic leader nancyy pelosi.losi >> the dalai lama will share she his thoughts on a peacefulful mind in a modern world.orld he's worked for years yea addressing the practice ofhe pr compassion.compassion. actor richard gere will alsod rw attend. the event is this afternoonon from 1:30 to 3 o'clock but if b you are traveling around thatun area at a, american universitynt police say be prepared for extra security.ecurit the campus roads will be closed to bender that is at 4400 massachusettssa avenue in northwest.enue the road closures are from 8:45 this morning until 3:30 3:3 this afternoon.erno >> also happening today,
5:52 am
vesturing kicking off d.c.'s summer reading program part ofof the public library and sponsored by the by n that's from 11:00 a.m. to noon today at hers the elementary school in washington, d.c.wa strasburg will be visiting theli school to read and interact intc with local students. >> i'm not on your -- you're're not on your own right now. now your tragedy is our tragedy.rage theater is a place where every race, creed, sexuality and gender is equal, is em basedased and is loved. hate will never win.. >> the best of broadway coming n together last night for theor 70th annual tony awards. awards. that's james cordon there the te host obviously addressing theg e orlando tragedy. trage the cast of the broadway hitoaah hamilton actually opened thene show way spoof of their own own show to introduce host james cordon.on. hamilton would go on to win 11o tonies including best new new musical.sical. however, the celebration not n forgetting the tragedy of o orlando earlier on sunday. sunda cordon taking time to deliver dr the powerful mess
5:53 am
just saw there. the cordon also dedicated thehe show to the victims and their families. horror thriller theler the conjuring two takes the top spot.sp. the video game adaptation warn w craft took second spot.ok secono it still has a long way to go tg to make up the $160 millionmiio that it reportedly cost to make. now despite bombing in north int america, war craft have been aea hit overseas particularly inarti china where the game is stills i very popular. in third place was the lion'sn' gate magician sequel now you see me two starring jessiee eisenberg mark ruffalo and dave franco. >> golden state warriors willri be without their top defensive n player in game five of the nba n finals. dramond green suspended for an a incident with lebron james w during game four. with less than three minutesitrt left in the game greenhree and lebron they had words.
5:54 am
they got tangled up. tan here it is. lebron stepped over green,r reen green took a swing and a appeared to make contact with wt the private area of lebron james and that led to someom issues. >> uh-huh. uh- >> now he's out.ut we'll see what happens.pens >> he's out and they play on.y . >> and they play on.y o >> all right.>> a rig hey, let's go ahead and say hello this morning to our facebook fan of the day. today it is jamilah jonesones nominated by her mother mothe juanita. >> juanita says when she was a baby she would wake up too holly's voice every morningni and she would point to the tvin and say holly, holly. jamilah recently graduated andat is headed to bethune cook mann college.llege. her mother would love for your holly morris to wish her good gd luck.. >> jamilah i wish you the bestt of luck.of l you were cute when youwe were young, youre're beautiful l now. i know you're going to do great things. and you'r succeed in making meim feel really old. [laughter] >> she did call you hot tea
5:55 am
>> i knew it jamilah, i knew it from the start. very, very sweet., very thank you. >> all right. o garyget over to gary mcgrady right now and talk talk weather.r. >> approaching the cornerhi t holly or we've turned the corner. >> i think we're way past the corner.rner. >> that's kind of nice of her to say. that wisdom how much longer do your kids have in school?? choo how much longer do your kids kid have in school wisdom. w >> they're out on the 20th. 2 i think that's a monday. mon >> about another week or so give or take.give the bus stop forecast, i'm trying to make sure it still applies.plies. 57 to 65 cooler in the lots of sunshine. of nsh we'll warm up in a hurry. hur we'll be in the upper 70's by -- 81 degrees by drop-offrop- time but it's super sup comfortable out there.ortablth the relative humidity is lows l all day long.all d drier air is coming in frommingm the north and the west andwe a that's bringing lots of blue obl sky and sunshine and and temperatures today again we'reiw starting offer in the 50's and h the 60' we're going to warm up intom upo the upper 70's and the low theow 80's before it's all sa
5:56 am
done today. couple of places will make it into the middle 80's but iacid prdlomise you the relative r humidity is going to be super comfortable. great today. great tomorrow.ea storms possible wednesday,e weea thursday. showers, a lot of of them it looks like around here with with clouds on friday.clouds o the weekend right now sun andnd clouds.ou mainly sun and clouds both saturday and sunday.da yeah, that's a long way away. aa let's go to traffic now.ic n that's just around the corner. >> 5:56, gary.:56, >> you hear.ou h >> i heard honk.onk. i'm ready. all right, right now you can see behind me we have somee som sunshine today.suns rain moving in later thisinin l week, right, gary? you'll youl have more on that. mor >> yeah, later on.>> yea let's not worry about that. tha >> crash activity, seven atev georgetown pike, crash involving to cars. cs. please be cautious there. there. dale boulevard dale city crash c at kirk dale drive. give yourself exat a time. aside from that slow virginia vi commute inbound especiallyin 66234 to sudly road and 95bo5 north through stafford. t we'll take a look at some of those maryland slowdownshr as we continue and keep it to fox5it t
5:57 am
6 o'clock -- 6 o'clock hourlocku coming right up.coming we have flags at half-staff insf honor of the orlando victims.ic. we want to take out with -- >> ♪ ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> straight ahead at 6:00, the0t nati
6:00 am
new details coming out in thisni hour from orlando florida inrida what is the deadliest mass shooting in united states history.ory. and just minutes ago a message a from isis.from isis. what the terror group is is saying about the gunman aut the responsible. >> a show of solidarity. solidy. a somber scene at the t washington flags there flying at halfin-staff.thha >> tributes as well thisbu morning down at thete national harbor. you can see in this live ts liv picture the flags of the 50he 5 states also lowered too were half-staff.taff the capitol wheel in thepiwh background. we're going to show you how it i was lit overnight to honor the orlando victims. vms this live look outside on ot this monday morning, it's june 13th, weather and trafficff on the 5s at 6:05. good monday morning, i'm i allison >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m s . welcome to fox5 news they describe it as three as th hours of knee details about the d nightmare that happened inside that of flight club in oetrlando florida.or so far 21 of the 50 victims vic have been identified.ntif at this hour officialsofficials continued to remove the bodies s from inside the pulseulse nightclub as many families


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