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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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in northern virginia and prince george's county.ou >> live look though outside.utse it's friday everybody we madeboe it. this week is done. june 17th. 1 we are looking at kensingtonng in just a moment. mom we'll be out there live. le. that's today's zip trip. t we'll also have weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:05.. there's kensington. >> there it is. >> good friday. a little rainy out there. good friday. i'm allison seymour.allison sey. >> and i'm maureen umeh. steve chenevey headed too kensington for today's ziporoday trip. we'll check in with him in the n 7 o'clock hour.clock ur. welcome to fox5 news morning. mg and first at 6:00 picking up pig the pieces this morning afters last night's crathzy weather.ear really happening out west.ut w check out this hail thatl dropped on middleburg, virginia. lots of cars had windowsin smashed out and dents in thets h roofs. a local cafe had its tablestsab smashed. now the owner was inside whenen the first round came through. th >> real bad. all the tables, chairs, it's terrible. we lost -- i mean we lost the lh power and we got a lot of lot food, i don't know
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it got to be -- what time we w get the power back.ower >> right now about 4700 customers in northern virginia v are without power. >> ♪ >> 6:01 now.>> 6:01 now. social media playing a big role into the investigation oftn what happened inside of theide f pulse nightclub duringe tclu sunday's mass shooting.shng. shortly before the gunman wasma killed by police, omar mateen searched facebook for pulseor p orlando. mateen and his wife exchanged ea text messages during this thi rampage a are round 4:00 a.m.:0a he asked his wife if she had if seen the news. the she responded with a textex message saying she loved him. meanwhile a florida gun storere owner says mateen tried to buyoy body armor four or five weeksve before the attack. attac that gun store turned him awayto andre alerted the fbi. f as trick but tributes pour in tn traveled get 49
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the ground. this is not the first time the good samaritan has done this. >> retrmetro riders get ready fr face two of the safe track.thsae >> orange blue and zell silver line get a little more g challenging.alle fox5's jennifer davis isfer davs live at the rosslyn metroetro station with more now. n good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. they are putting out the t warning here at the rosslynos station letting people know k that there are about to be a abt some major disruptions and that's going to start justus after midnight tonight when w service resumes tomorrow. the big impact, though, ofg course, going to be next weekim forts rush hour.nextfos rush h so, take a look at thisook at ts graphic. here is what you need know ifno you travel on the orange blue b or silver line to get to ando from for the next 16 days through july 3rd those three lines are e shutting down between eastern es market and minnesota avenue, eastern market and benningt andg road and there will be noill trains running betweenen arlington cemetery and rossl
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there will be no blue line l service in d.c., maryland or rosslyn and the potomac avenue e stadium and armory stationson are closing. clo this is the first time we're tiw going to experience a complete m rail shutdown in thesen t affected areas and the impactmpc is going to be enormous.norm 70,000 riders are going to bee affected and metro is not mincing words saying it needs 30 percent reduction intin service, so it's making a pleaia to folks. here's what they saidd yesterday. >> you do need to make other plans and you need to have a toe game plan and i need you to nee come up with it now.ow i also want to warn you that even that experience on the buses will be tough.exwill bugh. again, there's just not enough g bus capacity to handle thean volumes that we normally nm handle. >> i don't see them puttingutti enough for alternative methods m for people to actually to get to work. >> reporter: so, to all of to lf you folks who ride the trainshes here, we've got one coming in as we -- as we look here, youer need to start making your plania
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that includes looking at bus options, car pooling,ar shrugging, shifting yourin you commuting schedule to try to to do it outside of typical rush ts hours and really just staying s off the orange blue and silverne line if you are able.e. now, one bright spot, metro'sets gm says this surge does seemth to be working so far.isg so f. he says the work in the firstirt part of the surge is actuallysut ahead of schedule right now,edei they're doing very well and he a says ultimately this isis i working towards the goal ofthgol making metro safer but there'she going to be some growing pains along the thway. back to you guys. g >> growing pains indeed. that's a good way to put it.ut i thank you, jen.ou, jen. >> ♪ new this morning the nba m finals headed to a game seven. shocker. shocker. cavaliers win on sunday theyn on would be the first team tost tmo battle back from a three game g to one deficit in the finals. tl last night lebron james put leba together his second straight sti 41-point game for a 115 to 101 victory over the warriors. wrior steph curry fouled out of theoue game with four minutes left and was ejected after
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with the ref and throwing hisow mouthpiece.uthp man. curry's wife not happy with the calls against her husband taking her frustration outst with this post on twitter. twier she says i've lost all respect.resp sorry, this is absolutely absoly rigged for money or ratings. not sure which. i won't be silent.ilent. just saw it lie.. aisha curry has deleted that tweet and says she posted ithe e in the heat of the momentof then because the call was uncalledasd for. i'm with you its a fixed event e is what i've been saying.ay >> descent make it not as fun. >> yeah.h >> there's a lot of rumorsot ofs swirling around.irli >> they were set to win thisre t thing. th come on people. >> tied up. >> i know, right.ig >> you guys are so hip.o h >> it's friday. t.g.i.f.i.f. >> it's friday. came in with a bang, too, and ad on my drive in here, got a lot of small tree limbs down,mb plenty of leaves down thanks t to the storms last night.torms t we had some really strong onesoe out west and all the severehe sv thunderstorm warningsth includ
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warnings were warranted fored just some really big time big t thunderstorms and thenunrstormsn following that, a line of someoe very heavy rain. rai this is all along a lowlong low pressure system which is stilltr south and you can see those tho bands of showers just kind oft f arcing from east to west overm t top of us so that's signaling sa the spin of the low pressure system and we're not out ofnd w' the woods with showers justwe j quite yet.quite pocket of heavy rain over they t eastern shore and just aroundro the cambridge area and that will actually move over thehe bay into prince frederick. fredi that's the area. a charlottesville seeing some rain. that weill sink southward soth give it a new o more hourse h before this whole low pressuresh system pushes out and then we should start to clear but for now, it feels much, muchuch, cooler out there this morning. i it was a nice breeze.ez we've really gotten rid of the humidity in the wake of these storm.n n washington, 64 in4 manassas.manass 67 in culpeper. 67 in fredericksburg.ricksbur 64 in improving every hour, that's were we're going with with wh w today's planning fork.. definitely still showersni around this morning. we turn to just clouds by noon. sunshine to end the day. a veryteto
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weekend is here. here. weekend looks beautiful.utif so, we'll have a nice start toto just got to get through a few more hours this morning. >> we can do that.e can ha >> yeah?y. >> thanks caitlin. >> sure. >> we might not be able to getna through so smoothly all this alt safe track work getting around e the d.c. region.the d. >> it's a rough one withne wh metro. metro. because of the rain that movedhe in last night and potentialt d o for rain this morning wet wet roads crash and closure still in place in fairfax 29 north 29n at forum. f let's take a live look fromk fro skyfox show you what else isel s going o on around the d. maryland 270 shady grove roadd and 370 actually right now youow can see a car is gettinged to.o. some skid marks on the road. little bit of wet conditions cos and some debris. crash again. that's out in maryland. shady grove at 370 is slowingisg traffic down just a bit.ust b keep in mind 270 southboundund very heavy traffic in urbana urb right now. n let's switch it over back to itc our maps and show you what w else you're up against.gast 95 on the northbound side it's i coming up from virginia atnia a prince william parkway causing big delays.bidel we hav
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highway washington boulevard ble at exit 69 for route 66.6. police are reaching out to usutt on twitter and let ugg us know k delays on 170 in bothh directions near the light railii station offer aviationn offer aa boulevard. this is by bwi so if you'ref'r headed to or from the airportir you may encounter a lot of l slowdowns there.he thanks to maurice for beating us a picture of the delay lawelw in this morning. mning aside from crowded roadsed ro picking up we have single tracking.trki even though safe track phase one did wrap up yesterdayp rday unscheduled track work has ustrk single tracking between betwe ballston and clarendon on the c orange and silver line soine please be prepared for delays d there. i have all the information you need. we have team coverage for safee track two that's going to really start to slow thingso sli down any questions reach out to me t on twitter at erin fox5 d.c.x5 . we want to help you plan yourr alternate. alternate. maureen and allison. allis >> social media month theft could land two marines in some s big trouble.t it has to do with the massacre r in orlandoly. >> plus breaking overnight, rocker meat loaf collapses onn an update on his c
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next. >> first father's day is this f sunday as you we want to see pictures oficre your daddy.yo share them with us on facebookno and twitter using #fox5 dads. we'll be featuring them allm a morning long. this one was sent to us by devon at any harvey. devonte hash. keedevonte harvey. keep them coming.
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keep them coming. coming. >> ♪ >> 6:10 is your time and break news overnight concerning rocker meat loaf. you just saw him cigolcklapsela there on stage last nightge last during a concert in edmonton canada. the video shoeo sho slowly slumping to the floor as his band mates rush to helper him.hi he's in the hospital but it'sal' unclear what his condition is. meat loaf had canceled twoancel other sho other sho of his bad health. wish him well.l. the voice singer christinahr grimmie will be laid to re
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in new jersey. jerse the two-year-old was shot in s the head. the gun plan is said to haved ta been obsessed with grimmie gri even changing his appearance to try to ave to try to ave singer. >> two active duty marines at a camon pen teleton under pen teln investigation for a socialatio media post that appears toapar make reference to the orlando nightclub take a look. it shows a photo of corporal coo in uniform holding an assaultlt rifle with the caption, coming to a gay bar near you.r it ave it ave facebook group with the o mment too soon questionent to mark. ma fellow marines alertedrt officials.ficis. the photo has been removed. there will soon be newlloon signs posted at all walt all disney world beaches warningarni tourists that alligators could be in the wat this of course following theur death of two-yeagold laned neraves on tuesday who wasve grabbeds by a gator when thatoh little boy was in the water at seven seas lagoon. lagoon. an autopsy shows the boy died d from drowning and traumaticat injurs.
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>> to politics now.>> to po bernie sanders speaking out overnight. erni the democratic candidate for president delivered a liveid speech to his supportersenhis pr online.onli. while he's not ready toeady cobeeede or endorse hillary h clinton sanders says he willsa l work with her to make certainaki donald teomon is defeated. def he said his political pol revolution would continueluti beyond the convention and the campaign. >> at a rally in dallas donaldaa trump marked one year sibeee he launched his presidentialntia campaign. campai protestors waited outside somess even made it inside but they bue were quickly escorted out. o the presumws ive rep3 melicanep nominee says he expecsig hissa campaign to pick up a lot ofpict bernie sanders supporters. suppo he says on the isscour of tradet he and sanders think alike. ali >> huge win for the united states take out ecuador to t advance to their semifinals ofel the copa america. ame clints demonsey scored for theem third straight game hadonn't and assist giving the u.s. a two t to one victory. next up either argentina or venezuela on tuesday in tuesd houston. >> coming up we are going chat g
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about the cavaliers big winig with the sports junkies. sport i hope you're doing that. >> uh-t oh. >> they'll join us live aty' >> a live kensington.g fo6:3 getting ready for today'sy zip trip. weather and traffic on thera 5s nexton ♪ as long as you love me, anyit's alright. ♪e. ♪ ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me. ♪ shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store.
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>> our crew setting up hollyrew steve, can he have vin ande vian erin making an appearance.ppra head out. out we're aaveo doing the antiqcourr road show. if you have something old youme want to have ave ave down there. it's only happening until 11 o'clock so definitely takeitt advantage of thatonvant shoay, let's talk weather. wea you might need an umbrella,n ume too, probably for the early thee part of the day, righty,ig caitlin. >> yeah, maureen looks aoo little damp out there.le damp we still have showers on radar they are spinning through the tu area so i would say maybe asaaye shower or two to start buttart after 8:00 a.m., we should be wd all right. now, that being said,
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forecast still some showers shoe especially east and west of wes d.c. over the eastern shore and back towardsds charlottesville.ttes they're all kind of rotating rot around the area so anyoneo anyon could see a shower within the wn next couple hours.xt couple hou our our this morning. m 60 to 68. to 6 as you walk your kids to theto bus y. lot of small tree limbs n leaves down.leaves reports about the baseballs oute sized hail yesterday interdayn loudoun county.lo most of the severe weather was w west of town. after school mtteh different. d sunshine is out, nice breeze bre and triep in the uven the uve will turn out to be ao be fantastic day.fa here's what i was talking wt i a about though.houg satellite and radar lowte pressure towards our southowards remaining showers moving fromgro east to west all over the area but primarily sinkingy king southward so that's why in a's n couple of hours it will all beul generally south of us. showers on the eastern shoreho up towarnow baltimore downw bale across 81 including front royal down through the blue theb ridge.ri here's where trieperatures stand right now. much more comfortable ousigide as we scoured out a lot of humidity fromof hum yesterday. 66 in washington, 63n, 6
6:17 am
frederick.eric really nice cool air mass over place. plac fox futurecast clowals andurt cw showers through about eight,h ou 9:00 a.m. but even i think innk the second half of our show o s good day d.c. we get someom sunshine out there innsne o kensington so please come one o and join whole gang and bringand your valuables.ur valuables all right, as we go into i friday night, clear skies and that will set the stage for ataf really nice weekend. we have been talking about tal this all week. nothing's changed. sunshine, low humidity. hidit little warmer, le warmer, 85 on sunday for father's day.ay but overall just a really r great looking forecaston fec seven-day forecast, 77 at a. 83 on saturday, 85 sunday. sda we do warm things up as we gos w through the rest of the week ie think it will be a bit humidumid close to 90 degrees on tcoursdad showet another front comes ano through at the end of the week e n o the real comfortablere bach3 conditions, 82 there on thury.ll right, that's a looouts your seven-day forecast. we are going to check theckhe roads now with erin como as i waning u out of the way and she walks in. are you bringing yourg valuables thi
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>> i'm wearing my grandmom'sra pearls but i left my coin bagn at home. at . shave hundreds of them. t i didn't want to take the timete away from everything eavee ineve kensinecaon. >> i thought the same thing ast i couldn't find my coins.yoins i have nothing. >> who are you ladies.ho >> you guys at least haveuys at stuff.uf . shave nothing. >> we could be sitting on mountains of money.coey a big crash skyfox over shadyera grove road at 370 getting an an suv involveded to out of the way.wa this is blo siing a few lanes fl slowing some traffic down soic w we'll keep you updated on that t crash and how it's going to be b affecting your drive.ur it's just east of charles oha branch way. you can see traffic backing up e.ere. we'll switch it over now for a i lo sho at our maps. m we have other volume delays volm coming from maryland right now, 210 north in for the fort washinecaon. branch avenue five northbound no three oh to surratts roadoa ow. ú ow on 301 leading ontthin3 branch avenue and suitland parkway inbound slonbound slo siou er -- let's try that t again, slows silver hill road to south
6:19 am
start laughing and wornow sort of come out the way they're supposed to.supposed to. crash and closure right now 29os lee highway north right nearr forum drive.foru that's been shut down for some s time. you'll need to detour around aud that. typical congestion picking upngu onpergh thas you pass by sycamor inside the beltway. btw and then lights out bothh intersections lee higtryay htr washinecaon boulevard exit 69xi for 66. metro single tracking orange and siou er lines betweenet clarendon and ballston this morning. allison and mbranreen. manreen >> happening trseay, the, coast guard will take to t the o skies to celebrate 100 years y of scheduled to con u.ct a.ct commemorative fly overover thei district. the flyover will feature ninein aircrag t with historicalistori painter schemes to honor theschn coast guaon a's lower oflower aviationde xcellebeee mtteh cath there at 1 o'clock thislock t afternoon. next the most popular the gig ts as we get ready to spende a record amount to celebrateel danow this year.danothis y >>de ven that record amount isdt way less than we spend on >> always. >> fathea>> course sunday. we want to see pictures of your
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picture. pict share them with us on with tcebo sho, twitter. ttter use the #fox5 tads. we'll speech foo etch cherrytch thrie all morning. this one is from misty k. beautiful. >> ♪
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>> 6:22. father's day spending is expected to reach a record high. first though a check. t rts. joining us from the foxox showesiness network studio,tu lauren simonetti. we made to it friday. >> reporter: hi. >> hallelujah. >> rspening i3 e in we d major turn around yesterdat w too. down l upe 170 looking at the dow to up more than 90.moren we'll take it.'ll ta i still a down week, however. how everybody is looking at whatt happens next week over in the uk. uk. k ill they stay in thede urn union? we'll see.ion? 'll >> and let's talk about that.ou. just a tragedy over there withrw this young lawmaker just shot and killed, jill cox and nowx dn it's sort of suspending allin showesiness. >> reporter: a mother, a wife, a l
6:23 am
pabeeniament.eniament. her campaign was all aboutaign l staying in the european union.nn ensll c> t was 41 years old. o she was attacked, stabbed andtad shot and later died by a 52-year-old man allegedly he said britain first as he committed the killing, britainri first is i thortant becbranse that's the group, the organization that wants to w leave the european union. >> yeah. >> rspening i3 e in e in have been very much a political attack and as and a result, we have thede e dsustait both the remain in uk andnd leave the eu campaih eu campaih out of respect for the life of jill cox. >> vote is scheduled for nextch wenes, next thursday. trsday. in the >> reporter: yes. t >> switching gears here, a brch lighter tsunic fatheaer ta day is this sunday. sunda as daddy's girl i've alwaysl i's n hought about my gift and thatt k as good stuff but we're spending a lot more on dad,ad, just not as mtteh as wede vered kieend on mom. >> reporter: okay, so youorter: need to send me an e-mail withlw
6:24 am
ortecause i am totally cluelesse for father's day.for 's and i think a lot of peopleot o are. and that's why i'm going to gngt tell you we're going to spendo d a record on dad this year, yea $14.3 billion but i'm alsobi going to tell youll that's tha $7 ter:ll,$7 ter:ll, on mom. m >> right. >> reporter: yeah, you canorte do the gift of ande hareriebeee with dad, right.ig a game, a concert, a this, a thi that a, whatevede xhavede x that's a afays great. you can take him to dinner. but for some reason it's not iot asde asy as like orowers and jewelry, which are no brainershe for mom. n >> right,de xactly.ctly. maybe thdid. real dollar wantolt peace and quiet like i used toii hear when . w swas and yoe dcan't put a price tagct on peace and quiet. >> reporter: i just spoke t po a nm a dad trevor one of our brandio text and he goes all i want for father's day is to betb leg t alone.le >> that's i's day that's the what i'm saying andha there's no price tag so that's ' the difg torebeeusedusedusedusee lauren thanks so much.uch. have a good weekend. >> rspening i3 e ini3 e in >> isn't that the truth th
6:25 am
all danow wandede xnow wandede leave me a loan. a loa >> but do they really? no. >> at least want to sleep i alli >> they do want tha's dayha >> moms, too want that. tt. >> moms, too. >> well, hdid....d. >> can1>> can1 any guys wake up with theseith storms day. >> slept right through i's dayht . sdo, a tt thil i i got it as bad except the dogs -- one of them' was freaking out a little bit.ib >> you can a afays count onn them to do that.t. poor pups get so worked up. u . hat t throaviuh it too becbrans here in d.c. actually not as fierce storms as we saw with sai the line that came tksough t west of town and there were two rounds of some prettyof se r severe tve bnderstorno .re t first in the late afternoonve,r, early evening where we hadree hd renerrts of a tornado confiúledd in martinsburg west virginia. vi they'll go out and sightnd sig survdid. that twheay.wh 66 in washington 64 manassas. ms 64 leonardtown we still havell h showers and there's still wind damage wpabely spread across the area especially iny i northern virrcnia but also ino southe-m maryland epere
6:26 am
n he forecast for about thearea3 next couple of hours. so,xt for today, it will improvo mot the ag ternoon.g teron it feeern reallyea comfortable out there. there. cooler with a breeze and some scattered showers thiste morning. giving way to sunshine this afte-moo all lo shos beautiful for this weekend so at least giving our o dads out there some with tntastc fathea fathea 83 on saturday, 85 on sunday. sa we warm things up.ngs u tu-ms a litl de stoúly by ntowtn tuesday but overall looks likeos a much calmer wee we've got those stoúls out of the way as we head into thee it weekend. >> you've given the best gifttht ever. >> right, how about that. although i don't know if i'vehok ever heanoon a a father that say i want great weather for the weekend. [laughter] >> but they're geast gting i's y >> you're welcome dads.oue we anyway, caitlin thanks.hanks. >> all right,de ri all a >> i sleank tksough all the storms too. didn't even know it wa skn it our taking a look at our drive our e times in maryland.mes ar looking good across the wilsons brpabge on the inner loop on tnr 270 very slow in urbana, 80 to 109 that's your slowest areaowtr then you hit stop-and-go erorfic closer to the spur as you get to the top of the oth 50 looking good but a litl de al bit of
6:27 am
keep that in mind as you headoua from annapolis this morning.ap a looolk from skyfox right now.n also still tracking this courhi on shady grove res that.ha g it's right near 370 and youou can see traffic both lanesh north and southbound areouthunda dealing with lane closures sore give yourself extra time to n his mo-mina e shady grove res3 we'll let you know as soon as things get back to normal showeo and some vehicles involved innvl that crash off to the shoulderse there. aspabe from skyfox we'll take a' look back at our maps.ap other delalaug you need to be 3 stare of. whether you're coming fromlad to viu'rginirea on 66 or 95, you'rr jammed by dale city and 234 to centreville. we'll take a look at metro and o more tour more tour maureen and allison. allison >> thank you very much. still we ead a loo t storm damage from last night nit as people continue to pick upic the pieces. c> the nba finals headed toba fn game the sports junkies joining us:j live ag ter the break. >> ♪ s f
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woman: i have a masurprise for you.are you? man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough.
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♪ stand by me. >> ♪ it wapabay and it's zip tripnd friday of course.ayf cou our
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we're in kentormngton, mareveann right there at wonderful wonde antiques row. bring your stuff down 8:00 hat tm. to help a.m. we're a.m.' appraising your -- we're goingog to call all your stuff s treasure but we'll see if it'ss worth welcome bght nok.e bght nok. weather and tourweather and 5s at 6:35.:35. first though cleanup will bel order of the day to our west orter those severe stormse stors rolled through last night. throu this is vpab'v of hail thatl tha drsunped in mpabdleburg,dlur virginia. lots of cars had windowsin smashed out, dender if thederf e roofs. about 4700 customers intome northern virginia remain without power. on monday, the senate willil vote on four gun controlun measures. this comes ag ter a nearly 15eal hour filibuster earlier thisib week in theus wake of the orlando massacre. msacr the measures will addreank background checks ofcks of prospective gun buyers and thend sales of guns andde winlotormvee to people on terror watch lists. list metro rpabers geast g ready. phase two of sore track bens
6:32 am
passengers on the oour gers on e oour blond, tormnner lines will takek the biggest hit here for the next 16 days there will be no trains beast gweende aste-m mare and minnesota avenue, easterne,e market and benning road and ynusedusedusedusedusedusedusedud mo. >> time for the morning line heading bght no the west t th james and the cavs t forcing a game seven. seven least g's cheoop in with the sne young keys 106.7 f.m. the fan. good morning, guys. g >> hey. >> i've been saying, that you ceow, myinen limitedcentnowledf snerrts showet batimeast gball e there i do pay attention, toim the fix is i allth fix is i am not shoooped that this hash gone to a game seven. >> well, i mean --ean >> a lot of p'vple bel70 veleele that. >> maybe you can make that y argument.gume certainly when the s decpabed to suatcend draymond green that gre changed the entire series. sie ther fis no qondst, no qondst, and now the cavaliers have an h opportunity to become theome first team in nba history to t come bght nok from a three-one deficit in the finals. finals. >> i would a andee with you in this way. th i'm not sure that they fixy these games but i do believe
6:33 am
that the refereerth they will w offion tate games differently ii it's a blowout.wo >> i a andee. is a flowout early i do believe they change the wayngthy the s officiate to kind of makek eight more competitive series.e i'm not saying it's f-m ed but d i do bel70 ve that happens.apns >> the games are -- i don't -- believe games are riggethat.ig . s ceow suider at abc are loving the fact that atit's a game seven. >> of course they are.cose the >> sunday night prime time. >> father's day. >> gigantic.>> giganti >> see, i ther telling you, thet stars enauld have to align ino i such a way for this to -- this pi- i ther done.her d the f-m is in and curry getting, what, ejected hasjeed that ever happened in his career? >> wele. the finals in 20 years. >> it's rare. rar >> stevirgi curry is compleast y upset. three of them were completelyomt bosee s. unfortunately the ca& to hthe fe& all the momentum. mome. >> yeah. >> wele. the s are pla, tng out west, so hopefully -- i'm rooting for the golden state warriors.en sti on thm very biased t
6:34 am
>> we couldn't tell. >> i know. i k let's talk golf and icentnosiact liot of rain delayrthy nery frustrating for the golfers yesterday.da >> yeagoing >> frustour>> frustour fan like jacob bishop sittingpit on my l to a's day l >> i was really looking ill forward to it.d to got home about 11 o'clock, i1 oi was going sit down have a nice n liunch and watch golf all day all w night.all nig you had three delays.el it matily the s called, ultimately they called it. i summertime in the northeast nort that's one of the things they have to deal with. o wit they're together 32 toy get as s many h ofes in n't compleast gee first round uldt they're notheye together to get the seconder toh round done that's going to ut,eed into,eedn saturday. it's frustrating. frustra >> end nighy landry leading at this pratnt. six hundred twenty-fourthy- ranked player in the worwan. you enauler'at,de winect him tod there on sunday but it'se at is nice story to be able to lead at least for one round. rou >> he will be there on sunday. s >> to tell his kids about icob3t 15 to dr years from now. n >> a lot of golf today. t >> a lot of these golfers areera preast gty
6:35 am
it's almost like a changing ofha the guard if you will. >> no doubt about i's day rs rticular ceo what's happenede to tiring the last few years. the rain was a big bummer bumme yeste itoften the course up a littleeu bit. you'll see beast gter scoring. . usually in the major the creamhe rises to the top so we'll seeo s len the names hereggs >> all right. so, how did do for the sports so novice. >> home run.>> >> big thumbs up. >> home run, that's what,what, batimeast gball? justcentpabdib gotcha'. thanks guys.thanuy 106.7 f.m. the fan. f. thank you guys. thank you.ank you. this morning u.s. open m coverage begins at 8:00 a.m.:0 lene then coverage will switch w over to fox5 until 9 p.m. untilp that means fearl5 will airfear tonight rs rwill. peve. nounscan wdca tv20. tv2 we'll keep you up to date one todaing fs tsun stories andes topeast gher forecast on facebok c> topen i saw the game n't the ut me pi- the g off geast g pret
6:36 am
going to be so many mad my ma gihen i realized this couldn'thd play anyway.nywa so mare so mare early in pittsburgh area that we then got later on yesten fruay evening. andeat er ihasmauree all >> thank you.erha >> i was wondering which one wco of huns three were going hthe fo do >> basketball, that's the oneone atcort n't icentnow basketbalgan orter that not so much.o m >> okay. >> you did a good job. >> saskong stos. 1s yeste fruay distant memory. memor weekend is upon us and thend weather loo.7 fantastic.antastc weo ust hthe fe to pick hunp se tree limbs go find those trashoe and recycling bins thats tha pryou u're n ceo blew away wonoy neighborhood because we had b plenty of wind damage reporder last night in northern virginia. virg in fact some -- a lot of hail oi itize hail roo, hunp to basee al plorted in loudoun county but stormy weather hasrm moved out.move we hthe fe some showers in the forecast for the next coupleor of hours.ours. you see theing fre rotating around a low pressure system. southern maryland eastern shore overnr towarnow s ofes buo seeing some rain and there israt a ck
6:37 am
gis apeourtesville.ottesville. s apeour comfortable this morning.ta it was sobl humid yeste fruay. and that helped la,el the heavya rain producing storms buttorms right now much cooler.oo 66 washingtoall 65 annap ofis and 61 in frederick. comfortable day ahead.ta we've got some showers t1 ough 're nout ginwill. aeve. and then sun will start to peek out by noon.on ben't tila,l and to the day. to. 77 degrees. nice and comfortable and we'relw going to continue somee atinntastic june weather that we started the week with into the weekend. so, yes, cour yes, cour fruay i mean, we had plenty of tornado r warnings going off martinsbu. nu westy nirhadniayesty nirhad there were 1ed reports of a torn tow.n they'll have to go out and have reassetb twheay and see ifee anything did in fact happen. hae >> i had been obseshasmng all weten . you were like what day is it. >> thanks for g muing huns the heare heare >> no problem. >> erin good morning. ken37. ken timyfearl over this crash shadys grove road right by 370. heare heare in montgomery county this morning. this is a what you're hunp
6:38 am
itome of those vehicleseady to w involved.e traffic moving north and southbound on sharehbo road. give yourself extra time to get t1 ough thatf intersepabdio wedid al show you a look at ourr maps. other than that crash another tt iceash cleared so tourleared sor again moving 29 lee highwayighw northbound right near forroa dr mue.dru rh typical congestf mn through centreville and then againvilld inside the beltway t1 oughgh west false cttrch inalsettrc arlington. outer loop right now little n l we t of a sloin.down from 95 to georhadayegeorhadaye just a tap of the brakes as bra you pass new hampshire.psre anytll anytll minute trip eastern tote that's a little bit of a a quicker askvo than what wethanh typically see for this hour. h just a sluggish commuteut becn't se of congestf m allof c through 95 northbound it will nn take you eight minutes to geast wonomhennowall tocenting saskeek once you pass by that area at little bit of slow down across s the 14th saskeet b suitland parkway on the onhe gio the douglas brie ae dealse a with a bit of a slow down. dow other than that you can see a lot of green on our maps. m 50 does slow down towards 295ow once you get inside thehe beltway and then things still
6:39 am
lokwing good aiceoss the wilson bridge from prince george'sce g county into alexandriaye we're aright o proat os a free through annandale on the innerne loop. gihere you can see in the inne mclean things looking good on the inner loop and outerd out losun. losun. i'd g mue yourseeasteo ust a liy le bit of extra time if youru're leaded to dulles.toul idccess rlfl road and dulles ane idccess rl bit of morning congestion. on taking an overvhitiw look at our maryland csont biggest slow zone we have inonen maryland is 270 south as you a heare heare aside from that things lookinggg real than good on the i hader d like i mentioned and 50. 50. taking an overview in virginia n red zone rh in cenaskeville and h s t1 ough dale city as youou head inbound.nb metro sinter e tour tour ballston and clarendon on the a orange and silver lines. silven. allison and mauer atcree in amai lokw at what's hot on the wee nh this friday morning including a prestigious d.c. ban on uld. un g and g ofd geafr >> we're sharing yourg photos o of your dads on air this t molaringht mlar that's a great one in honor of father's day. this one is fromcentenyay a ta haor whose dn't ghter who tim haer -- i'm sorry i have t
6:40 am
say that name that way. tim haer is byve months old and loves her daddy. >> ♪ >> good morning
6:41 am
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by supporting the doctor-patient relationship so more moms get prenatal care. offer moms access to maternity nurse support-- around the clock. empower local communities working to reduce premature births. and partner with governments by providing actionable insights to help treat kids at risk for asthma. we're built to do all of that. and more. unitedhealth group: built for better health. >> back now with what's trening on the web. first up hereactr locally sidwel friends school banned all burgundy and gold apparel and imagery from its hallsomts halls beginning this fall studentsg
6:43 am
items featuring the name orthe m logo of washington's nfl team. t if they break the rulesul they'll be found in violation of the school's dress code. also in the district the owner of d.c. bourbon in adams a morgan says a large rainbowai flag was w the owner told the washington wn blade that the d.c. hateth crimes hotline did not immediately respond to itsresp call for an investigation.tion he plans to replace the flag with a new one. a n one. and a british grandma has gone viral after her grandson discovered she was sayinghe was please and thank you in herhanke google searches. seahe the woman thought thatug tha google searches were run by r b people and wanted to be politeli to them. google responded to the womanthm on social media telling her "in a world of billions of searches, yours made us smile." smile." >> people doing it. >> i thought it was maybe likeie along algorithm or something. si >> maybe it is.>> m >> it made us smile too. >> movie review friday. fri a classic disney returns totsurs big screen and a new comedy com starrin
6:44 am i feel like we have been l talking about this one forout tf like two years. yea kevin mccarthy joins us live liv and a reminder p we take youe to the break if you have a hav news tip share it with us call 202-895-3000 or e-mail yourilo tip to fox5 tips at w. we're back in a moment.
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6:46 am
>> ♪ >> kensington maryland
6:47 am
wishes spacely sprocket our crew is setting uply we'llel take a first live hit at about 7 o'clock.7 i believe we have steve down there, holly down there, kevin,k is heading down there as wellres as erin. >> that's right.>> t >> and also we're asking you you to bring your treasures we have an appraiser that willhw look at some of your treasured belongings and see exactly how e much they're worth. wor >> this is going to be thehis og year that i was worths wth something. i could not find >> you had what, coins orad whai jewelry. >> i did, i had coins.i h c i don't know what i did with i w them. >> i got nothing. >> that's a >> i know. >> where do you put thoseo put valuable things you've had forever. when do you usually get all chance to get it appraised. appd some of us myself really don'tld think we have anything of valuable and i'm not dragginggg furniture out there but ier b respect anyone who will. wil that's awesome. kevin you bringing yourgingou valuables. >> yes, i'm bringing myself.el >> nice one. >> kevin mccarthy an appraisal. good news is we took that live shot of kensington as it is a dry out there right now.erght
6:48 am
as we go through the next couple hours.uple that's what the bus stop's forecast says.foreca pickup in the 60's with an the s couple of showers still showe circling through the area.ling t that's all behind the stormytorm weather that came throughhr yesterday afternoon and wow and that was a lot for northernn virginia so several rounds ofs o some very strong thunderstorms. friday pickup time after school looks fantastic. temperature in the upper 70'sur to around 80 degrees.0 grees. it's dry, nice breeze and theeza sun is back out. satellite and radar here is i what's left of the stormyhe sto weather from last night.ather there are some showerse a som rotating around low pressurew ps and mostly confined toonned southern maryland, easternrn shore up through delaware. dawa. but you could see a few sprinkles there down inow charles saint mary's county and even north of the beltway ot sprinkle or two up towards towds baltimore and even what looks wa like in montgomery county. so, like i said for anyone a headed out towards kensington kn there may be a shower earlyr ear about 8:00 a.m. but then weut te should clear out afterwards. aed 66 at reagan national, 63iol, 6 dulles, 64 at bwi. b it is so much more comfortablecb out there this morning. in fact i
6:49 am
might even be tempted to take to a jacket. jac i didn't even need the airdn'tne conditioning in the car.he low 60's. no and west. and w very nice day ahead and all of l the northeast going to dry outoy and see that comfortable cfort weather. look at these temperatures.temre 661 boston, 60 detroit, 61 in61 chicago. ch really get something niceometng mornings. earlier this week we had a few e and today is no exception.xcepti fox futurecast we clear outele quickly today. by midafternoon it's sunny. is n a nice weekend awaits.wa sunshine later today afteroday these morning showers. 77 degrees for the highegre temperature. it's warm but it's not humid. nm temperature in the mid 80'she 8 with sin we warm things up with aith chance of a storm there on tuesday. but then again even into next week it looks like we staygas l comfortable.comfortabl don't see any 90's in sight. so, great father's day weekendtd for you. for that's a look at your a lk at y seven-day foas erin i saw some branches down on my drive if but hopefullyop hasn't been causing too many problems on the commute.le
6:50 am
problems. use caution in the back neighborhoods if youe encounteu in you downed branches from the heavy rain last night.av right now metro update forpdatef you. yo single tracking between bet ballston and clarendon on thend orange and silver lines. les unscheduled track work theredu so unfortunately causing somelec delays this morning for we'll certainly let you knowrta when had that clears up.hat ears the rest your metro rails mr on time right now.t n skyfox still tracking a crasha up in montgomery county. i this is a look atn the backup c that we're dealing with from a crash. it's shady grove road justdyrove east of charles branch way out by 370. we have to get some of thosef vehicles towed out of the right now it's blocking the blot off ramp at ramp at we'll keep you updated. upd we have a lot of backups as a they try to clear that crash.ra first responders on location. lt please have patience, usee, caution. let's take a look at our maps. that's not the only area of delay. now no crashes here but just heavy volume branch avenueanch northbound from 301 torom surratts road and 301 slows to0o five as a 210 in fort washingtonhing northbound side old fort roadld to kerby hill road big delays d there and stl
6:51 am
inbound jams silver hill as s you try get to south capitol. c heavy volume over the 14thlume 1 street bridge and gw parkway paw as you head inbound it's goingdo to take you about 11 minutesut s to get from the beltway to thela 14th street bridge.thtreet as you head from glen echo and a potomac volume increasing on cabin john clara barton and river road. more traffic in a few.ic in f back to you maureen andennd >> ♪ >> kevin mccarthy is here because you canin tell by his hs own music.ic >> i get to lang out withut w allison and maureen this morning. >> i know. >> this is awesome. >> we get to hang out with you. >> good to see you guys. i'm heading down to the zipip trip. i'll be down there probably around:30ish.ound it's if kensington, thengto courtyard.ty >> downtown kensington. dow they call it antiques row.iques >> yeah. >> right off connecticutht off avenue. >> very excited to be there.ex come on out. i'm going to bring an empty empy red bull can and see how muchho i can get for that.ha >> about 50 cents. >> i thought you were off of the red bull. >> i only do it on fridays.iday. friday center city like my --te- like my -- i have multiple multi hits. it's a
6:52 am
movie last night i get a little tired. >> what should we see thist weekend. >> this weekend is a littleend t film called finding dory whichnr is going to have a $115 million opening weekendillg everyone is saying. w this is the 17th pixar film. the film, the previous 16 haveov made over $9.5 billion.9.5 ll this film will finally get it across the $10 billion mark for pixar. they are a money making m machine. ma the first pixar ever wasas 1995's toy story. this is a sequel to 2003's finding nemo this time aroundd ellen degeneres' characterharact dory is looking for herng for hr family. she has help from some of herf friends.frnds. you saw fleam mow obviouslyow ov and you also have the father tht voiced by albert brooks. brook she's being left hand by a octopus named hank voiced by vce ed o'neill from modern family.oi here's the cool thing.he there young boy who originallyy voiced nemo in the 2003 film obviously grew up, he's 22grew years old so he couldn't do that kid voice any so they
6:53 am
to hire a new kid to do the voice of fleam mow whic nemo why cool. this film is beautiful it hasifi so many messages about loveut and friendship.ridship. the animation is amazing.imatio that's what makes it really whae worth it because you -- anybody can relate to this. >> yeah. >> that's why pixar does soo well. takes these crazy characters, ct fish, toys in toy story and stoy you find yourself emotionallyony connecting and thinking verying similarly to how that is. >> whatever marketing they have done -- my daughter was paying attention last nightttens mommy can we go see finding f dory this weekend. >> the baby network is >> it really is. >> i gift a four and a halfnd af out of five. i would say it's not asd say classic as findin find nemo. fde i love this movie four and a and half out of five for that andf f next up is central intelligence with wayne theyn rock johnson as we
6:54 am
hart. this is pretty cool how they t did this. that is actually the rock.s what they did was they had a gentleman by the name of siona s come in and do those scenes s naked and they took the rock'shr face and put it on that t gentleman's body to createe that sequence.thatue look how kevin hart looks. l kevin hart has a wig on and o ad they did some cg on his face. fc the idea is that they're in high school twenty years ago. 20 years later they meet againht through facebook and thero rock's charactuger is somehowsom involved in an espionage andgend he's trying to get kevin hart's character to help him.elp it's one of the fun nest films i i've seen in a long a li the rock, the best thing he'sng' done since the run down.own. i love him in the fast and furious films. here's the cool thing. thing he's funnier than kevin hart thn is in the movie which is amoviw heart thing to do. i love kevin hart but i thinkutt the rock steals the the action is great.s great here's the one thing i love a great anti-bullying message.ngea >> i lover tight. >> what's the rating? can my cn ki
6:55 am
>> four out of five.>>our ou it's pentagon 13.entago 13. >> we're there. >> your kids are totally it is hilarious heart felt f great action. here's the cool i saw it again last night withwh my feians.ei she said kevin what's goinghat' on? it keeps you guessingue until the end.until th >> wow. >> it's very cool. >> okay. >> four out of five.our ouof great week for movies. f mov >> thanks kevin.hanks kevi >> thanks, guys. >> time now to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. d. meet asanti malekah. m she turned 40 this pasturned 40i tuesday and says her day isn't i complete without watching fox5ag in the morning especially youspy miss allison.. >> what.hat. >> yes. >> who she calls her friend inln her head. >> nope, nope, nope. n i'm you shall real friend.u shaf >> you just made her birthday bh special. >> unless you need money.ey. [laughter]aughr] >> she says she watches usays se with her husband and theirir four-year-old and she isr-old dh gorgeous. >> yes. asanti 40 looks good on youlooko >> y-it does.>> ydo >> allison you're my friend myie head, too. e' we're really friends. w >> we're really friends tooealld but you're also friends in my head. he >> get out of your
6:56 am
in your heart.rt. caitlin good morning. mor >> good morning. i think by this time we all can say we'rek friends. fri >> we're all best friends.e're >> yes, the best of friends. fri >> and brothers.>> and brother >> we're family. f stepbrothers. >> did we just become best friends. >> like that crazy crav you know, i call my -- caught cu myself watching stepbrothersroth the other way.e ot >> great film.reat >> it was like an accident youey couldn't turn away from. f it was so bad it was good. seven-day forecast today this ty morning couple showers outing co there.e. much more more ca 77 and cooler with sunshineunsh later today.ay. beautiful weekend in the midthed 80's. 87 on monday. mon and then storms are possible psl on tuesday. erin you know it was a guy to g get me to watch stepbrothers.pbh it wasn't just by myself.t juy . >> listen i want to know if we can get bunk beds.ds >> yes, bunk beds.bunk >> sadly nobody convince med to watch the movie but i love it. >> you'll convince someone. >> i love that movie.>> right now metro update single tracking ballston to clarendon on the orange and silver ora lines.
6:57 am
unscheduled track work coulddu slow us down. volume delaysle on 210 and fivev suitland parkway slow. s across the wilson bridge the inner loop typical volume. same story gw more traffic in a few. a f keep it to fox5 news morning. we're back with your 7 o'clock hour. >> ♪
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sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> right now at 7:00 new
7:00 am
information this morning about a the orlando gunman. what he reportedly saide to his wife during the deadly this as another gun shop owner n says he turned the shooter away. >> back here at home, fiercee, e storms overnight leavingvernig a damage across the area. a this morning cleanup is underde way but is more rain on theai t way for the weekend?nd >> plus, round two. t. metro preparing for the second d phase of its massive safety saft blitz and this morninging officials have a warning for wnr we'll have a live report.rept. >> and it's friday and it's summertime and around these parts that means zip trip friday. this morning, we're in kensington maryland.nsingt steve and holly are there.ho we're going to check in with them in just a few minutes.inuts good friday morning, i'm, allison >> and i'm maureen umeh. maure e welcome to fox5 news we start this morning with new revelations about the orlandoean ghghtclub multiple reports now sayingortss that omar mateen was textingting with his wife during the shooting and that the coupleple exchanged i love you messages.


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