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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  June 18, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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i was even told you're your thg for that regardless, it changes their mindset. >> tom: adrenaline is a wonderful thing too. when you know the entire game is on your shoulders protecting a lead in the ninth. now it's just keep it close. >> kenny: the 3-1 to snyder, full count. >> harold: yogi had it best, 90% of them game's mental? >> kenny: 90% of the game is half mental. >> harold: even better. so true. when you come to the fork in the road, harold, take it. >> harold: i've been there to that fork.
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>> kenny: the slider retired one away. the patriarch of the family, but statement passed away at the age of 80, college professor, youth baseball coach here in new york. longtime it's been dating back to the days of hodges and add cream pool, he touched the lives of 100 the thousands of athletes. and players are in the new york area. >> harold: that's great you bring that up, quite a tribute, well-deserved. >> kenny: with the mets trailing the braves tonight 4-3 after taking a 3-0 lead behind the steven matz who was a local product as well. here's erick aybar. >> harold: a lot of players out of the northeast were drafted this year. >> kenny: the fact the braves first-base
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speaking of the draft, the son of 36 round pick the braves. >> harold: to braves number one pick is from upstate new york. high school pitcher. >> kenny: mets drafted a pitcher in the second round named anthony k out of the same high school as a steven matz on long island. >> harold: university of uconn, right? >> kenny: steven matz told us yesterday he met anthony of the air, stephen was drafted, anthony was an eighth grader that's when i first met. they kept in touch through the years. >> tom: low and melville high school. which was also the school evan james and mick foley, graduating class. >> kenny: mick foley for wrestler turned author. >> tom: can you imagine if they were the in the same clas? a comedian and probably the badd
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>> kenny: i see mick fallen at a charity event every year at long island. always a big smile on his face, does it so much for the kids, he's written children's books. >> tom: kevin james is a big mets fan. i don't know about foley but we see kevin james out at citi field. >> kenny: low and melville high school. >> harold: aybar just want a fastball, all. he doesn't care about who or where. he got it, it cut in on them. >> tom: familia is the only pitcher i know who moved his back leg first in his delivery. the legates and anchored on the mound, he's got a little hitch in the back knee, and in the front knee comes up. i don't know anybody who's got a delivery quite like his. >> harold: you could run him blind. >> tom: watch the back leg.
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>> kenny: aybar down on source, two away. >> harold: a little kickstart. >> tom: couldn't run on that fastball. a little kickstart to the engine, and away we go. >> harold: it's almost like a move for guys coming over. >> tom: he's not coming over with that, because that would be a balk. >> kenny: here's jason peterson to pinch-hit for the pitcher cervenka. >> harold: when you look at the brazen of the building blocks that they're acquiring players coming on, the sky for me is right in the middle. he's going to be a special player for them, i like the pickup they did getting him and allow him to play. this kid has got some talent. >> kenny: jeurys familia, he tags out peterson to end the inning. we head to the bottom of the ninth.
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flores, loney, rivera, due up against jim johnson ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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whaaaaat? i can pour this champagne on my phone and it still work. whaaaaat? yeah look. [phone ringing] kenny, i'm 'bout to put you in the fish tank. whaaaaat? that's crazy. [electrical cracking] your phone can't do that max. here, i have another one. (all three) whaaaaaat?! the new water-resistant galaxy s7 edge. >> kenny: david ortiz, bryce harper, kris bryant, my job, baseball superstars come together for the primetime event that will light up the summer. the mlb all-star game from san diego, july 12th. only on fox. look at the national league leaders.
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>> harold: if the cubs against aggressively. >> tom: 's tough to argue with those choices. wise dexter fowler and write an harper most the? >> kenny: over in the american league? >> harold: the only problem i have with a all-star voting, i love it, i think every team should be represented, the only problem i have is if you're in center, you compete with the center fielders. if you're in right, you compete with the left field this. if you're in left, you could be with a the left fielders. >> tom: they did that a few years ago for gold gloves, that's good way to g test test test testo. test test test >> kenny: johnson who saved 50 games in a season twice for the orioles, 51 back in 2012. 50 the next season, native of upstate new york, grew up in binghamton
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>> tom: he got the sink back, i couple years ago, he really struggled. his fastball completely flattened out and lost that sink. it's back, and good curveball as well. >> harold: he's going to get you a double-play ground ball in the situation you might need it, the seventh or eighth. sixth, seventh, or if. it. >> kenny: with experience. they wanted experience closing games. nine saves for the braves last year. does not have a safe so far this season. >> harold: where is he from? >> kenny: at just outside of binghamton new york. >> harold: another upstate new york, were keeping this theme alive. there it is. flores, on it first. >> harold: to
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off? a shout on it. this is what i saw during bp. the ball really shoots, an advantage to the home team. this ball shot amendment took off. before he got his glove down, it's already on him. you want to catch that ball out in front. that ball took off on them. i watched it in batting practice, he struggled, i'm telling you, this feels quicker than most people anticipated. it takes a to plan, they got one more game and they're out of here for tomorrow. it can eat you up. >> kenny: fifth error committed by aybar this season. so flores on it first, james loney at the plate. to its tonight, a double, and a triple, also walked. >> harold: what you doing here? >> tom: goes back to the same thing, like a speed on the steam, the lack of ability to do anything in terms of manufacturing runs.
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flores has no lien on first base, sinker pitcher on the mound. you'd love to send a runner, i don't see it happening here. >> harold: again, you've got basically the whole left side of the i the third baseman is out of the play where he's at. if you hit it sharp, he's not getting it. they put the shift on because loney is probably not going to hit the ball over there. with the sinker ball, he's going to be so hard to put a dent. this isn't an inner pitcher, he's got 51 saves. he has an idea what he's going to do with the sinker, i don't see it making a mistake up inside, he can put it in the seats. he's looking for that ground ball to maybe get out of this jam. >> tom: it's so strange to see, we see a lot, loney does not have big power but you can defend the whole field against
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him. it doesn't make any sense for hitter. >> kenny: left-center off the bat of loney, it will roll to the wall! here comes flores, around third, throw to the plate and flores is out! >> harold: oh, my, what a relay. watch how quick they got it in. watch eric idle's footwork. as soon as this ball comes in, he's already rocking to turn on throw. he does it all in one motion. he gets a little something on it, no hesitation. he was dead. if you can watch aybar going out, he sees flores, he sees now the third base coach, he's already going. they're going to send me? i'm going straight home with it. perfect one hop throw, beautiful execution by the braves. >> tom: two things i want to point out. ender inciarte made a classic play, clean pickup of the base
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ball shoulder high, glove side, you're cut off. that was a bull's-eye on the throw. you hate to have the first automated the plate, watch this relay throw. wasting no time picking up the ball, i'm telling you it you can't put it in a better spot, exactly with the middle infielder want this. you don't want to make the first out of the plate. >> harold: you can't send them. >> tom: it's flores man, he much have had some quicksand around third. he was dying. >> kenny: so aybar who committed the air makes the throw home after the great play by inciarte the go-ahead run for the raise. pinch-hitter seth's want to deep center field, the catch is made by inciarte for out number two as loney heads back to second base. >> harold: i hate when people say "sequence mark there's your sac
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"the second and third in the game on the line, you've got a guy that's going to throw strikes and you're going to make contact on, i can't take that gamble. not with knowing it's with coming up. you get three left-handed hitters coming up in a row. kelly, the pinch-hitter here, then you go to granderson. it's hard to send senator get m out. >> tom: you don't like it first at the plate, floor is not quick enough to make it all the way. >> kenny: the mets down to their final out. only the runner on second, two away.
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flowers. so loney moves to third.& >> harold: look at that sink. these bikes a singular. you're asking a guy to block a 95-mile per hour straight in the dirt pitch and think you know where it's going. no chance. >> kenny: the 1-1 from johnson. blocked by flowers ball to. to everyone. >> kenny: writes to the breaking ball the dirt. saw the while bits, one more week in a tight game. pitcher tries to catch of the block it, catcher had fortitude to college. >> harold: you've got to make yo p
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here. you can't get in. >> kenny: high and tight ball three with granderson waiting on deck. >> kenny: showed him the force him or her >> harold: braves or sell a plane for one out, right? doesn't matter what the situation is. >> kenny: 3-1 from johnson. got him. so had sent to first, mets have runners on the corners for granderson. >> harold: i think you're right, he was not kind to get beat on a pitch in the strikes on threat that sequence. >> kenny: now i visit from the former met, the braves pitching coach roger mcdowell. >> harold: situation like this, braves are
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roger mcdowell and the rest of the coaches on the staff baseball becomes fun again. you get to teach, your young players coming up. now you're back being able to teach a lot more than with a veteran team. >> kenny: of theirs james loney. alejandro de aza, mets baserunners. curtis granderson is zero 0 fo4 tonight. braves looking to win their fourth straight for the first time under snitker. >> kenny: granderson takes strike one. >> harold: to look at the shift again. >> kenny: 0-1 from johnson, 1-1.
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go, they're giving you the base, you win the game. they're not even worried about you, >> tom: edition b, you're defending range, you're defending the batter better, the runner on first. just fell. >> tom: aybar is back on address. >> harold: understood, but you're also saying we throw a ball, the stills abate, basic, game game over. that quick. he should've ran two go. >> tom: exactly, the braves want the infielders to hold their position. don't compromise range, defendant de aza, invest in range to get the out on granderson. >> kenny: the 1-2 from johnson, fell back to the screen. >> harold: i don't get it. it
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basically giving you the base. >> tom: that made no sense, because he ran less pitch, so they weren't defending the still, he doesn't run an expense. >> harold: johnson lifted his leg up, he doesn't care. >> kenny: they're not going to throw. >> harold: they're not. >> kenny: called strike three! the ball game is over. loney stranded at third, first save of the season for jim johnson. the braves have won four straight for the first time since mid-april. they come back from a 3-0 deficit. >> harold: backdoor curveball. what a great game for the braves. it really was. >> tom: you know what, harold, they didn't just outscore the mets, the out executed the mets in this game. spoon the braves went by a score of
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these messages
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>> kenny: atlanta braves win their fourth straight for their second sake of its good night, they defeat the new york mets, the final score the braves four, the mets three after the mets took a 3-0 lead. braves with runs in four consecutive iin
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mets dropped to 36-31. coverage of the 116th u.s. open championship from historic oakmont country club continues tomorrow as they finish their drawn play at 7:00 a.m. eastern on fs1. final-round action on fox. you can watch it on fox sports go. for tom brady g, harold reynolds, jay p pelosi and our entire crew, our producer carol langley, director bill webb. this is kenny albert saying so long from citi field in flushing new york. final score once again, the atlanta braves four, the new york mets three.
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right now a touching tribute to a 15 year old boy who was shotws to death at a metro stop. how a local high school is honoring davonte washington tonight. >> save tract part two begins. new closures and delays on metro. we'll tell you what need to to get around.roun good evening, everyone, thankstn for staying up late with us i'm matt ackland and i'm luren demarco. a woman's 15 year old son was gunned down next to her as they waited for the metro.tro. for the first time since then davonte washington's mother is speaking out. lindsay watts has the story you'll only see on fox5. >>reporter: i spoke to davonten washington's family as they were attending a play in his honor at ballou high school you can seeas on the flyer down at the bottom it says remembering davonte washington. his mom says
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that help get her through.thro her son, close to her heart. that sheet a washington spoke public will i be forth first time since he was taken from her.he my son was awesome. he was one of a kind. he was a kink and a king to be. she was with davonte in march aa the metro station when the horror played out in front of her. the 17 year old accused ofof pulling the trigger who allegedly thought davonte looked at him wrong. people don't care. there's a lot of caring andnd people who want to get involvedt to stop the violence in d.c. that's been surprising. davonte's family said after seeing the worst of humanityu they've seen the best.est. they came together to watch a play in davontae's memory. >> the money collected here will go to them. play
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no relationship to the family, but after reaching out she'she's come to know them well. we can't, the only saying it takes a village to raise a child. it takes a village a all of our children will be safe. family and infidelity with some humor thrown in, but it also touched on gun violence and mentioned davonte by name. after3gz all she's been through, davonte's mom says is another welcome reminder the people who care. i appreciate them who are involved and dedicating this toi my son. the two people who have put on n this play say they've become so close to the washington
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they even attended a birthday celebration for convey take youu earlier this month. he would have been 16 years oldr and his family said they wanted to mark that milestone even without him here. a devastating crash killed sixix people in i95 in virginia andvig several others were injured.inju this was the scene earlier this morning after a van carrying 16i people crashed into another car in caroline county. the van flipped several times and six passengers, including a child were thrown from the vehicle. all six died at the scene. the other ten suffered serious injuries. we're told none of them were wearing seat belts.g se the driver of the second car was not injured part two of metro's safe track maintenance plan took effect today.od that means many riders on the blue, orange and silver lines si are looking at closures and delays. fox5's alexandra limon has morel on all a of the changes. >>reporter: as customers exited the earn market metro station,tn metro employees
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pamphlets explaining thehe closures that will happen over the next 10 months. most customers are trying to focus on the closures happeningr over the next couple of weeks that effects the blue, silver and orange lines and effectivelc cut off parts of prince george'p county from downtown d.c. for those who depend on the metro. metro. part two of metro's safe track program includes shutting downdn parts are of the orange, blue and silver lines. there will be no service betweet earning market and silver avenus and noi trains will run between arlington cemetery and raw wood. theory stadium station and potomac station are also closed. the closures are expected too last through july 3. alternatives include shuttle buses provided by metro that will run the risk that the trains w
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the problem is the buses don't have the capacity to accommodate all of the normal metro riders. the buses were really packed this morning. really have more people on iton than it should have. it's going to be really packed. people say there are other kings to work out as well.well i ended up catching the shuttle, but the regular bus didn't showw up. i waited around for 20 minutesit for the saturday schedule.ched the buses in maryland, d.c. and. virginia have a message for customers, if you have any other options, whether it be car b pooling or riding a bikes you should take it. do what you can to avoid thehe metro in the impacted areas, iff possible.po reporting at earn market, alexandra limon, fox5 # local > we'll check in on the forecast now. here's a look life outside atsie the washington monument. a beautiful night after a warm, sunny saturday in the
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and enjoy this weather.weat gwen is here with details onetai what the rest of the weekend is look like. >> we're going to have a reel thumb's up i'm happy to say foro the weekend especially sinceen tomorrow is a very important day as we all know.know today was very nice as you mentioned and guess what, i'm so happy to always say this, humidity took a break and giveba us some relief so we didn't have tidwell with that.el let's take a look at our highs today because we're right on thh money exactly where we should bu temperature wise into the low to mid 80s in all three airports. that was fairly comfortable oute there today also. here's a look at satellite radar composite, not much to show you, a few few high clouds primarily lingering over to areas to our west. other than that not much to see we have a ridge of high pressurr and it's large and in charge in keeping things relative humidity at 53 percent it's 72 degrees in the district. winds from the south, southwest
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temperatures 72 in d.c. 53 in manassas. 67 at dulles, 72 at baltimore and 71-degrees at annapolis. for tonight, 64-degrees, a few passing clouds we're calling itt comfortably cool. it's going to be a warmer day,a, though, tomorrow than it wasas day. get ready for the heat, folks, things are going to be poppinge up temperature wise. we'll let you know what towhat expect and of course give you all the details for that all important father's day forecast. investigators in prince george' county are investigating ain deadly overnight shooting that'a happened just after 2:00 a.m. a in hill crest heights. police found a man sufferinguff from gunshot wounds.ot he died at the hospital. no word yet on a suspect or the motive in this case, but anyoneu with information is asked to call fire crews in prince george's in county batting a two aharm fire. the flames broke out along prior
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firefighters from montgomeryte county were alsors called in to help. crews were able to get the flames under control. one firefighter suffered a minor injury. 22 people who live in the building are now displaced. turning now to the deadlyeadl nightclub shooting in orlando. five more victims killed in that attack were laid to rest today.a meanwhile the fbi is examining surveillance video from inside n the club to determine if the killer may have had an accomplish. fox's steve harrigan has the latest from florida. >>reporter: nearly one week after the worst mass shooting ih american history that left 49 people dead, victims of the orlando nightclub attack are being laid to rest. foremost in all of minds hasmind been the lost and the grief of the people of or land oh,oh, especially our friends who are lesbian, gay, by sexual.xual of the 53 bunded in the attack there are now fewer than 20n 20 patience remaining. local officials say they
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everything they can to make surm those impacted by the attacks getting the help they need. we're working to directlydire distribute the funds on what criteria, but we want to distribute them directly to the victims and the families. meanwhile the fbi is stillstil investigating how much help, if initial the killer may have hade in planning and carrying out the acan that, in addition to phoneo calls to 911 and the yeah durini the flight he also texted hisis plight. they knew he had a problematicrl person and had been in touch with people. the president in the meantime continues to call for new gun control legs. being tough on terrorism requires more than talk. being tough on terrorism, ter particularly the source of home grown terrorism that we've seen now in orlando and san bernadine oh means making it harder for people who want to killki americans to get their
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assault weapons.weap ate funerals here yesterday, five more today as thiss community attempts to heel intoh the wake of the attacks.atta in orlando, stieve harrigan, fox news. > here in d.c. the human rights campaign is paying true boughtbg to the 49 victims of the orlando nightclub employees created this display in the windows of the hrc headquarters. it shows photos of all of the victims along with the message we are orlando. i knew you were reading that so you probably couldn't look atou the video. but that's/> amazing. still ahead tonight, the latest from the campaign trail.rail how donald trump is hitting back against a last ditch effort for some republicans to block him from book becoming the democrat nominee. could emojis safe a how one state trooper is using he moggies to help prevent crashes
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in the raise for the white housr bernie sanders still in the running despite hillary clinton clinching democratic nomination more than a week ago. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders stillsl hasn't endorsed hillary clinton or quit the campaign but is helping to promise to beat donald trump.trum after years of racism, sexismex and discrimination in ourn ou country we do not make a major party candidate to makes bigotry the forefront in his campaign. the donald trump blasted hillary clinton for what he calls her lack of integrity. hillary clinton you can say itay any way you want, but she does p p have the integrity,
11:43 pm
doesn't have the integrity to be president and perhaps equallyeqa important she's got very, very bad judgment. trump also hitting back at his own party amid talk about a possible queue at next month's gop convention, but if for any reason they get a little bit l beelike h they don't want toant help out as much then i'll fund my own am contact in pennsylvania. hillary clinton has taken the weekend off from thein campaign trail, but there's been plenty t of campaign headquarters. those conventions present are giant dose of information about the candidate, his family, positions, the whole nine yardsd so they really are important im turning points in the campaign. democrats are preparing for an all out advertising attack on donald trump getting ready to drop more than $40 million on commercials in crucial swing states. in las
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fox news. ne remember fox5 has you coveredcoe this election season. we have teamed up with the to bring you all thethe latest in politics. join, bob and ronica on the the hill. there is a new member of the clinton family just in time for father's day. chelsea clinton has announced that she has given birth to a baby boy. big sister charlotte was born back in 2012. mark and i are filled with birth and love as we celebrate thehe birth of our son, aid den clinton miss run that's a tough one. congratulations to the clientli once. great news. we showed you this picture earlier before.efor the washington monument. beautiful today. it's awful sunny and warm out so
11:45 pm
how is the sunday forecast looking. >> sun. > we're going to put the sun inin sunday. how is we're going to have lots of suno tomorrow and it's going to be beautiful for our father's day forecast.fore let's take a mr. at what's going on outside now. we have a few clouds, really not much to concerned with.on wece have a ridge of high pressf that is building in.buil and that's going to hold its sted for fair conditions forcond tomorrow with all the seasonall that you need. it's great day we're serving it up for dad. right now 7 # degrees in the nation's capital. 64 to the south at fredericksburg. we have 68 at winchester, 67 at dull, 66 in martinsburg this hour and at cumberland and 71-degrees at annapolis. winds are light out there and highs tomorrow, take a look folks, we're going to be flirting with that 90-degree mark in some of our neighbors and reaching it in others. it's going to be
11:46 pm
the day for dad out there. i also want you to know there is a code orange air quality factot that's in place and that's for areas to our north and to our northeast so do be aware of that. what's onset for tomorrow, a fantastic father's day ofay course. the weather is cooperating. no discuss not to take daddad outside and let him enjoy thethe day. we'll let you know what to expect in the seven day forecas because of course wese have some change essay head.chan back to > looking forward to it, gwen. thank you. a trooper in south carolina is using emojies to safe life. trooper bob about your necessary says he got the idea of using emojies on twitter after repeatedly seeing people drivinp around barriers and then callinl to be rescued. his tweets caught the attentionn of the highway safety patrol. now his messages are on bulln boards across the state. this message is re
11:47 pm
my mom is from hungry. she spokes little english. when i show herred the billboard she means don't drink and drive. i said if my mom can get this anybody can get it. he currently has about 8,000 followers outwit. that rile does make sense because it's international. he had a great example therexam because if you see these little emojies, sometimes my will send them, especially my younger friends and i don't know whathat they're saying.ying i have a feeling that's going t' be the way of the future. >> and we're going to be left behind h. still ahead today, scandal playing oakland's policeoakl department. the city has fired three chiefse in just over a we'll explain what has caused all this firing. a college student from marylanda withins a prestigiouspr environmental surprise. how she took on the state toto make her neighborhood cleaner. c stay with us. .
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california's oakland police department is having troublern keeping a policent chief, firing its third chief in just over a week amid a growing sex scandal. the city's mayor is vowing tong root out is what she calls a toxic and match oh culture within the department. fox's lauren plan charred hasre more. >>reporter: the oakland policee department was already dealingey with a sex scandal involving s more than a dozen ofca their the officers, and a teenage prostitute. now racist texts and e-mails sent between officers and has ha three police chiefs out in justi nine days and the mayor of oakland fume. i am here to run a policece department, not a frat house. i want to assure the citizens of oakland that we are hell bent on rooting out this
11:52 pm
culture. june 9 police chief shawn went awhere itly designed. de oakland mayor appointed new police chief been farrow but he was removed wednesday after jusf six days. da the latest police chief paul figure row a lasted only two days on the job before he resigned for reasons not relaten to the two ongoing scandals. at the news conference, the very frustrated mayor said thehe behavior she has seen in thein police department is not acceptable for anyone who wearsn the badge. city council members are also al angry about what's happening in the department. it's disconcerting how little information we are provided as s council members. for the time being the mayor says there will be no new police chief while they search for a a replace instead the city administrator d will take over until thingshin settle down. this is just the latest scandalc the oakland pd has been over federal oversight for more thant a decade. in los
11:53 pm
charred, fox news.ews. > gun control has been a fearsly divided issue.fe after years of disagreementar or the topic in congress, could, they finally be close to a plus, a maryland teen takes on o the sit over an ebb an environmental issue and wins. she talks about the fight to fig clean up her neighborhood, ne coming up. up.
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> all smiles for miss gwenr today because that weather is amazing. >> i know, wasn't it great today. fan tab lose as i like to say. we're going to keep it rollingit for tomorrow. we have a big day tomorrow,omo right, dad's day. we always talked about mother'sr day and taking mom to brunch and
11:57 pm
dinner, well, we have to do the same for our dads. i'm telling everybody, make sure if you're having to have a gathering at home and you're going to barbeque or whatever, this is not the time to make dad do the barbequing.barb it's just not fair.r. just make sure that you don't dd that. we're going to begin with ourour weather headlines tonight and we're starting off with comfortable cool this evening and overnight tonight.onig it's not going to be bad at all. it's still mildly nice outside. we're headed to the 90s, upper 80s and that's when the mercury is going to rice. to humidity starting to rice. the next chance of storms looks like it's going to be onn tuesday. we're going to keep an eye on highs today exactly where theyhr should we're at the low to mid 80s in all three airports so we're seasonal which is really great because we don't be tomorrow. lowe's overnight tonight, comfortable.ble. 68-degrees in d.c., 65 at
11:58 pm
quantico. we have 62 at annapolis and 63 at dulles. our winds from the southwest are going to continue to be verye light as. as far as sky conditions arecond concerned really not a lot to show. we have some high clouds, but not a lot happening and that's because we have a strong ridgedg of high pressure in place.pres that ridge of high pressure issr really requesting to sticktick around right through untilht monday and that's going to beoig what's going to give us all thel sunshine that we're going to get. in the meantime as we take a look at our temperatures, 71emp right now at d.c..c 70 in baltimore, 64 at fredericksburg, 65-degrees at dulles and that ridge of highrig pressure is going to move its way to the south as we head into tomorrow very gradually into monday, but it's still going to influence our weather so, plenty of sunshine and we're to the upper 80s, low 90 byow 9 tomorrow and we're going to seee the temperatures offering arounr that as we move into thees beginning ofwe the week. the uv index tomorrow v
11:59 pm
so that's one thing to take count of and also we're talking about air quality. now, air quality for tomorrow is going to be code orange for ther north and for the northwest, baltimore, harper county up in u that region. if you have any kind of breathing issues or respiratory of issues of any kind don'td spend raft time outside.ra ift know a lot of you may be gog to this area to visit dad. we're just letting you a couple weeks ago we thought it was almost summer. we had 95-degree tomorrow ires going to be a warm one. by 2:00, 86, low humidity. by the time we get to the 5:00, it will be 8 l degrees. 64-degrees for tonight. just a few clouds and for tomorrow our high will be 89-degrees. not humid but who the.e. fox5 seven day forecast looking pretty good.
12:00 am
68-degrees. first day roling in with a lion with all the heat. tuesday we have a disservice that we're going to watch with h frontal system. it could bring us a chance of a thunderstorm. behind all that, look at this, perfect weather for the rest of the week, temperatures oncemper again staying right near regional. our fox5 zip trip happening onha friday. the weather is going to beo perfect for that as well. we hope it all serves up well for you and happy father's daydy to all the fathers, grandfathers and fathers to be and uncles an all the people who are like a father to you.ou. >> i think you got everybody in there. >> godfather. > a college student from south baltimore has won a major environmental price for blockino ther construction of a huge trah incinerator in her working class neighborhood. it's a ex s of the city already home to scrap yards, oil tanks and smoke stacks. stephanie what the forward was just 17 when she


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