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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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keep children sfraiv lead contamination while at school. >> leaders in one county call for better training of police officers after a highly publicized case of excessive force and remain divided on the use of body cams ra. >> looking live across the region. no rain today. well, there's a caveat there maybe rain today. we have to deal with the leftover humidity there from all the rains yesterday. >> good morning, to you, we're happy you're with us on this what is this hump day i'm holly morris. >> i'm mawrp maureen umeh. >> today is wednesday, june 22. check it out nike nike we have explaining to do and erin como will have a check of the roads and all the safe track work auto round. we'll have that in a moment. first let's check the headlines beginning breaking news in the district a cab driver carjacked within the last hour it happened 3900 block of pennsylvania avenue southeast around 4:25 this morning the taxi is from silver cab company and the actual vehicle color is red. police want to warn the public not to get in
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the number j 887. >> also, in the district the city taking drastic steps tone sure the drinking water at all schools in public facilities is safe. >> the city said they will spend millions to put filters on every drinking source. melanie alnwick is live at the wilson building northwest now with the latest. mel. >> reporter: good morning, and there is a hearing on this new standard at 10:00 this morning in d.c. council chambers. d.c. is taking action on this tough new standard after a new report by the american academy of pediatrics. now that study says there is no safe level of lead in a child's body and all sources of exposure shoulding eliminated. that prompted city proposal to limit lead in draiching water to no more that 1 part per bill don't. u.s. epa standard now is still 15 parts per bill don't and thats with the standard that
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lead testing. tests looingt school year revealed elevated levels in 17 taps total of 12 schools procedure to up stall filters and retest water. drinking water sources that cannot be fixed are to be taken out of service. new testing this spring included city rec centers found elevated levels in 6% of water sources including 35 drinking water fountains. lowering actual level frl 15 parts to billion to one part per billion will mean more veiled testsch the city says it will cost millionto to get the new procedure and protocol implemented and then one and a half million every year after that. liver at the wilson build bein being, i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> d.c. minimum wage is signature away from being closer to 15 an hour. yesterday the council voted to
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xhesh you're. mayor bowser says she will sign the billch the current rate of $10.50 is test to the aphrase to 11.50 there would increase minimum wage to $15 by 2020. >> and divided over body cameras. board of supervisors unanimous voted to do 18 no review of body cameras. police cadets will be required to train on how to deescalate hostile situation before they learn how to shoot their weapon. >> frightening momingts after a man tried to pull a child out of unlocked bedroom window. >> "fox5" annie yu is live in fairmont heights to tell us what happened. annie, i can not imagine, this is frightening. >> oh, my gosh, mo, this is a parent's worst nightmare. of a very, very close call here. you know the parents tell us that the little boy the 7-year-old was able to scar
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the suspect off. thankful le he was not hurt. he's shaken up from the incident. very scary, police tell us this happened on tuesday, they were back out here yesterday in the fairmont heights neighborhood. very quiet neighborhood i have to say and detectives were back out here happeneding out flyer flyers, talking to president accident. doing whatever they can to really find who the person s this man tried kidnap the 7-year-old while sleeping in his own room in middle of the night and they say 3:45 in the morning and the man tried to pull the child out ever the window as he was sleeping and the child woke up and began screaming and called for his parents. then he was able to scare offer the suspect who ran away. his parents who were steps away heard their child screaming and rushed inside the room to help. police say the bedroom door window was unlocked at the time and that's how the suspect got inside. we consider this isolated incident f anyone else had anything like this take place
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forward and speak to police we want to speak with you and you know if this is something additional. but at this time we have no reason to believe this is nothing more than isolated incident. so very frightening. officers tell us that they unfortunately have a vague description of the suspect at this time and so they're asking for anyone to give them a calm. and that's prince george county police. that's the late nest fairmont heights maryland "fox5 local news". >> cleveland park metro station back to normal. yesterday's storm triggering flooding inside the station. look at this. >> wow. >> a lot of you sent us photos of flooded escalators and walkways as much as 3.5" of water. >> what was the foam looking thing in the first picture does anyone know. >> i don't know. >> i was curious and wondering what is that insulation to soak up the water. not sure. >> residents in western howard county cleaning up from a tornado. national warm service confirme
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ef 0 tornado touched down there sparking 80 mile an hour wind and widespread damming and power outages. no injuries were reported. all right mike. >> right. >> now did we know that this severe warm was coming. maybe i was not paying attention. >> you're not alone. >> we called it and we were tweeting it out. i think it was more widespread than original thoughts. >> what time did you tweet that out. >> about 11:00 and during good day we had a breaking thing that id check my facts out, go ahead. do it. >> we believe you. >> maybe it's just us. >> i'm warping you now, ladies, get ready for tomorrow. tomorrow will be busy day as well around the d.c. region and could start as well as early morning commute. the reason why you see that storming and all that rain out towards kick chick. that system is going to spark a lot of severe weather across the mid west today and
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moves east ward tomorrow it could do the same thing here. and the good news is today is a great day. today is a lot of sunshine and few cloud out there and temperatures will be comfortable later on this afternoon. and 70 in washington it's humid for now. but we will get rid of that humidity as we head into the afternoon. 89 degrees the high temperature this afternoon. all right. that's a look at forecast. erin como has the roads. >> 5:07 if you wake up in bethesda crash river road west barred avenue caution there. aside from that as you head to chevy chase we're problem free wisdom martin inbound as well as outbound and things looking good massachusetts and connecticut avenue. 270 and 355 quiet ongoing roadwork and baltimore washington parkway ramp is closed foypd a defour is that is your normal route. it's leftover from overnight
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construction. you can see mrepttive green as you head north and southbound on balt nor washington parkway and look in anne arrundel foo fooding cleared between stevens church and hunt wood reopened use caution in that area. 350 inbound side quiet as you maiing your way to the beltway. 295 past eastern avenue in both directions quiet. we'll keep you updated now. all lanes of metro on time exempt for the safe track surge two affecting orange, blue and silver. back to you. >> a celebration of squait boarders got shut down yesterday after hundreds cop veepd on freedom plaza they were celebrating go skateboar skateboarding today oop overrule holiday that began nor r for squait boarders in 2004. >> there were 2-300 gathered when police were called. the crowd threw bottles at identify and left when more police arrived for backup. turning our attention to sports now
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we have breaking news coming i in. golf errory mcilory will not be going because of concerns for zika virus. his family's health comes 1st and he's not will to take the risk. >> stephen strasburg is still suffering from an up back strain. >> based on how the team pitched yesterday they could use him. first upping no score. bryce hopper takes scott kazmir deep for 15 homer of the surprise. see ya. nats up 1-0. danny espinosa hts a solo blast. nationals up 2-0. nats whip as he comes through with a three-run homerer. dodgers win this one 3-2. >> dog nabit. >> i know right? >> coming up on "fox" news
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professional athletes found themself a victim of popsy scheme. >> and manuel avilay consider best am least in the world is trending this morning. yep there he s he was awesome last night. he broke a scoring record. we'll have that. . >> as we head to probing break a live look across the d.c. reeming don't. this is hump day music for you hope this gets you moving on this morning, 5:10, fox news morning. back after this. ♪ sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> 2340r7b8g korea carried out missile tests and south korea say one failed. they panned the use of missile technology. yesterday pentagon warned north korea to not launch any more missile tests.
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>> fairfax country police need your help tracking down this man. take a look. accused of groping 11-year-old girl inside a tarring net mcclain. it was caught on camera. if you recognize this man please please call police. >> transgender snupt south carolina will be loued to use bathroom of her choice after the federal government determined her school district violated the girl's rights. the sfawnt was born male and identifies as female. school officials agreed to stab a support team to make sure he has access to all programs and activities. >> alarming reports several professional athletes including denver bronco mark sanchez were cheated out of more than 50 million non ponzi like scheme. master mind behind the fraud told client he was using money for low risk conclusions. it has been losing money for four years. coming up on "fox" news morng
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tattoo to boost son's confidence as he recovers from cancer. >> and two wildfires burning out west. one massive up fern owe. >> as we head to break let's look live across the d.c. region this wednesday. 5:13 now. we're getting through. it we'll do it together. "fox5 news morning" is back after this
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>> residents in california are dealing with massive wildfires and trim digit heat. >> 5:15 now and 70 degrees. looks heavy out there you can tell from the picture. what's on top today after mother nature made herself known yesterday. >> gloriou
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>> unfortunately we have to watch for busier weather as we head into thursday. there's temperatures across the region right now. 70 reagan national and 66 bwi dulles and not bad but humid to start the day. getting rid of humidity as we head to the afternoon hours. you heard holly and maureen mentioned yesterday look at all the storm reports we had. want to focus in howard county this is the one report. we had tornado ef 0 so the wea weakest tornado you can have. winds sustained 80 miles an hour enough to bring down trees and power lines. good news no injuries reported and that ran along the i 70 core for here and howard country and faded norm of columbia mall. >> all right. look at the satellite and rada radar. calm across the east coast once again today a good amount of sunshine here to start the afternoon and this is your next weather maker here to start sliding its way our way tonigh tonight. that whole entire zona round chicago and into the midwest is under a moderate risk for severe warm. today officially we are actually under a
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however this is more for the overnight hours as cluster of thunderstorms developed. there is the potential that it could slide across the mountains and be here overnight into the early morning hours of tomorrow that's what we have to watch out for. tomorrow afternoon the storm system will be hang around and because of that we are also out looked for severe weather all day tomorrow. slight risk of severe storms for your thursday afternoon. we'll be keeping an eye on this situation. main risk tomorrow, high rick of heavy winds. little bit of hail risk. flash flooding. heavy rain and wind the main concern with the next around of severe weather tomorrow. here's a look at accuweather 7-day forecast. 87 on thursday. good news is once we get through the next around of storms we clear out for the weekend. weekend looks fantastic. sunny, mid 80s and low humidity all right. that's the forecast. erin. >> 5:17 problems now in behe
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west bard caution there. aside from the crash we're seeing quiet conditions on wisdom martin massachusetts and problems free connecticut avenue no issues on rest of secondarys in chevy chase. roadwork cleared bw parkway ramp 198 has reopened and i have a heads up for all my buoy commuters out there mark train letting us know on twitter caution approaching ramp leading to tunnel on saub side and standing water they're dealing with now. use caution there as you head out around the area. taking a look now flooding that cleared in anne arrundel and 450 st. steve eps church and 50 unbound moving along long fine. problem free 25 past laboratory road and southbound past eastern road if you take metro keep in mind potomac avenue and stadium armory stations closed and we have shuttle puss running every five to ten minute between eastern market and mip mip and bepin w
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mature own, holly. >> 5:18 the time the stories you're engaging with most on social media. >> for that we return to wisdom martin. >> good morning to you beginning on campaign trail this morning. gop nominee trump missed this opponent massive financial plead as flood money. trump accused hillary clinton with making deals and promising mroyl gain to donors. >> sports on the soccer field in particular lionel messi beat the argentina record with kick during the game. he scored in 31 minute of play to give argentina. they went on to win 4-0 to secure their place in copa final for second straight summer. >> awesome dad has gone viral after getting a tattoo to support his 8-year-old son. he
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surgery scar on his own head. marshall said his son's car and bald head made him feel self-conscious and he tells people he and his dad are twin twins. >> dad is like. >> i know where is the tissues, thank you, wis. >> a study scam upping impact to legalize marijuana has on children and revealing finding findings. >> and public hearing on a new school bus lot in montgomery county got more emotional than some might have expected. . >> going to break right now. live look across the region. time now 5:20. we'll be back with more news, weather and traffic after this.
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of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and downloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. >> legalization in marijuana has note caused a smik in teens
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august the drug. the numbers are unchanged since legalized in 2012. according to report four of five high school students say they don't use the drug even occasionally however a group opposing legalization points out the survey also shows that teen marijuana use rates in colorado are among the highest in the country. school bus cameras we activated in arlington and cit cityle false church it will help drivers that illegally pass bus drivers. the camera program was us is spended in october. but a new state law restart the programs on 1. >> speaking of school buss in montgomery country still no decision on new site for bus lotch the council head hld a hearing last night meeting with resident whose neighborhoods could ends up next to the new lot. the counsel ill delayed decision after concluding there's no clear best site at this moment. did you know that a simple game could help boost ou
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children's math skills. researchers at johns hopkins university developed a five minute game that hopes in our children's intuitive sense and actually makes them better at math. game played on a computer and children are asked whether there are more blue dots or yellow dots on the screen. and afterwards they were given a math quiz and researchers found they got most of the answers right. >> had you. we'll have to check hat out more. >> and tonight, gala documen documentary 0 days by alex give any. >> the event is held at the museum 6:00. festival end on sunday will showcase 94 films from across 30 countries. >> lot of viewing. >> everyone has a story. >> exactly right. >> in fact let's find out what michael thomas's is today. >> what he's sticking to an anyway. >> michael thomas has a good sdory today. michael thomas is bringing sunshine and michael thomas is bringing you low humidity
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michael thomas is the man. >> happy all the time. i loaf it. >> personally i love michael thomas he's one of my sglaivrts okay. >> in the forecast today, it will be a beautiful day. we deserve it after how crazy yesterday afternoon was. good news is we'll get to the break this afternoon and watch out for tomorrow which brings a chance of showers and thunderstorms. pretty much all day tomorrow. we'll talk about that in a bit. satellite and radar very clear this morning temperatures out there right now on the mild side. 70 in washington and 70 annapolis and there's a little patchy valley fog out there in places. little bit of haze in the atmosphere this morning and decent humidity. we work our way foot afternoon and the humidity burns off and it will actually feel very comfortable later on today. here's planner for the afternoon. by 8 a.m., 73. lots of sunshine. mild start. few clouds by the afternoon hours. 84 at noon and then more clouds by the early evening hours. 87 degrees at 4 .
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erin como has the roads. good morning, erin. >> 5:25 now and if you head to or from baltimore we have problem. baltimore washington parkway southbound there's heavy congestion now approaching 32. you can see the red line give yourself extra time baltimore to topside of beltway. if you head towards bwi, baltimore washington parkway northbound 195 there's a crash. watch for delays developing there as well. 95 north and southbound quiteet now and not seeing congestion near powder mill. good conditions there. crash west barred avenue caution around that intersection and earlier flooding we were talking about has cleared and skeept forsafe track two slowing us down potomac stadium and armory. >> coming up on "fox5 news morning" ongoing struggle for autonomy struggles. i tent on changing
5:27 am
laws. >> and they do not have authority to establish rules for tracking. >> a look across the d.c. region, time now 5:6. just turned 5:27 as i was speaking. fox news morning back after this
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>> today city schools willing tractor-trailered for lead. >> and after years of criticism obamacare leaders in the house are expected to reveal their version of healthcare for the country. and control of d.c.. several members of congress are working to roll back a number of anti-gun laws in the district. fox news morning starts right now. >> good morning to you thank you very much for waking up us with i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, june 22. >> two other members of our team are here area ready to government michael thomas and erin como warm and traffic in a moment. off the top this morning 5:30 district taking major steps to ensure the drinking water in all d.c. schools and public pass it till is are safe. >> it's a story "fox5" has been following for weeks and they're pledging millions to monitor lead levels in the water. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick live at the
5:31 am
mel. >> reporter: here's why city leaders say this is so important. we're talking about attention deficit, conduct disorders, reduced iq, all these things attributed to low level exposure to lead and that's why d.c. wants to take action and institute tough new standard after american academy of pediatric studies last week the new study says there's no safe level of lead in a child's body and all sources should be eliminated and that prompted the city proposal to limit lead in drinking water to no more than one part per billion. epa standard is 15 parts per billion that's a standard d.c. schools used in previous rounds of testing and tests last school year revealed lead levels in total of twelve schools and procedure to install filters and retest drinking water sources. they are to be taken out of service.
5:32 am
included remember centers found elevated levels in six percent of water sources including 15 water fountains. no doubt loing that from 15 bill don't parts per billion to 1 is going to have more failed tests and it will cost $2 million to institute protocols and another 1.5 million to keep it going here after year there's a hearing on this 10:00 this morning. live at the wilson building melanie alnwick "fox5 local news" you. >> now this morning every since this month's deadly massacre in orlando the gun debate is taking place in america. >> d.c. gun laws are some of the most restrictive in the country. one measure would prohibit d.c. from spending money to ep force laws on which residents are visitors could carry guns and another would
5:33 am
limiting concealed carry permit and third would keep d.c. from enforcing gun free zones. >> also happening today house returns introduce a new healthcare plan an alternative to owe obamacare. >> some parts of proposal will remain the same. young adults will be able to stay on parents plans until age 26 and people with prekiingting medical conditions cannot be denied coverage. no word on what the costs would be to taxpayers. obama administration says fearly 20 million americans have healthcare now because of affordable care act sdmrk in the wee hours of the morning a small child was nearly kidnapped. >> at a neighborhood in prince george county and how it went down is frightening, "fox5" annie yu live in fairmont heights with more hon this frightening story. good morning. >> good morning to you wisdom and holly. you're right it's frightening. terrifying close call for this family in in fairmont heights. detectives were back out in
5:34 am
happeneding out flyers and canvassing and talking to people when we rolled up here this early morning we saw cruiser making rounz as well. they are certainly working on the case hoping to fwet more information on the suspect. and police say the frightening incident happened early tuesday morning 3:45 a map made his way inside the child's bedroom through an unlocked window and police say the man tried to pull that child the 7-year-old boy through the window but the child woke up and began screaming and called for parents and that scared off the us is sbhokt ran away and his parents were step away when all this went down and heard their child screaming and rushed into his room to help. take a listen to the father. he pulled the window you up you know and was must pulling my son through the window he was saying mom tell him to stop pulling my leg he thought it was his uncle playing. >> she jupied up said stop, get off minimum. when he looked she seen him run off the porch
5:35 am
side. >> again, police say that the suspects was able to make his way inside through an unlocked window. they right now have a vague description of suspects. so they are out here investigating this talking with residents and hoping that someone has information or someone saw the suspect runaway. that early tuesday morning. that's the late nest fairmont heights maryland, annie yu, fox local news. >> all right. i was kind of surpriseded by what happened weather-wise with the rain. >> i was a little surprised i don't want to say severe but my 4-year-old says mom is this a hurricane. >> in some place it's looked and felt like one. i got videos of rain blowing sideways in some locations. there was a lot of whipped and tornado had 80 mile app hour wind. that's category one hurricane force whipped in howard county and it's a busy day yesterday. good news, much
5:36 am
70 reagan national and dulles 66 and bwi 67 at had hour. here's satellite and radar. very nice companies to start the day today. maybe a little bit of humidity. i do want to mention lots of sunshine especially during the morning. uv index will be high. if you happen to be off work or school or going to the pool make sure you throw on suncree suncreen. 89. few more clouds by afternoon. that's a look at forecast erin has traffic. >> we'll start you with a look at 5:36. if you take metro don't forget safe track surge two this is third weekday morning commute affected by that potomac avenue and stadium station closed and shuttle buses will stop there shuttles running every five to ten minute eastern mark tote minnesota avenue and through bening road affecting orange, blue and silver lines. as melanie said yesterday best advice leave before typical morning rush or after. no rail or bus service between arlington and rosland land and
5:37 am
no service on the blue line. use yellow line via la front plaza if you feed an alternate. back to you. >> a federal judge strikes down obama administration fracking rules. >> and we're days away from opening of a new highrise slide. are you bold enough to try. >> i'm going to say no. >> i would do it totally. >> as we head to break right now. live look outside across the region. time now 5:37, temperature 730. we're back in a moment. sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> long time pennsylvania coming gress man chaka fattah was convicted on rack tier tion, fraud and money launde laundering. he re routed federal grant money and non profit funds to repay illegal 1 million campaign loan. a judge set sentencing for october 4. a setback for the obama administration as efforts to tighten how fossil fuels are mined is denied. leming late tores lack the ability to set rules on fracking. it could require petroleum develop others to disclose to regulators agreement in the chemical product used to
5:41 am
>> john hopkins has top notch professors want toling work there as part of bloomburg professors. it allows professors to focus on research thank to $350 million donation from the businessman michael bloomburg. he attended johns hopkins and frauded in 1964. >> all right check this out. this say brand new slide oning in los angeles. it comes ouvts side of u.s. banking -- bank build physical you're not afraid of heights it could be for you. visitors just have to pay $8 you see it there slide down the side of it right there. >> that's fun. >> it opens that weekend. >> i would tote it allly do that. >> no i'm afraid of heights. anything above my head. i can't look out window on an airplane i have lots of issue. >> i have to go to la now. >> coming up a congressman moves to prevent half yet tub man from coming the face of the new $20 bill.
5:42 am
the new pilots. >> as we head to break let's look live outside. pretty picture of the capital building. we're at 70. 5:41 -- 5:42 is the time now as the clock changes before my eyes we'll have more of "fox5 news morning" after this
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>> boeing set up an agreement with iran. quarter till 6 now a live look outside. pretty pleasant morning after what was a pretty violent afternoon and evening last night. but we'll get a one day break right, mike? >> one day break and then yes, tomorrow, you're right we have to watch for a few more strong thunderstorms and as we get into the weekend things look fantastic for us. another live look outside. good morning, houses, roads, it's a great start to the day. 70 in d.c.. humidity was at the 0 last hour and starting to drop. we have full sunshine out there and as the sun cop continues to rise in the sky the humidity will continue to drop and pleasant afternoon. even with the humid start. all right. satellite and radar we are
5:46 am
however not so out to the west. chicago expecting severe weather outbreak today and lots of folks across the midwest getting ready for severe weather this afternoon and this same system will affect us tomorrow. let see future cast here. noon today. you see those storms as they progress into the midwest. but really the bulk of the severe weather threat won't actually be until later tonigh tonight. it's a big overnight threats which is rare this time of yea year. there they are storms 11 p.m. firing on the frontal boundary and over to the overnight hours blossoming and heading our direction. believe it or not tomorrow morning, we will have to be on guard for severe weather around d.c.. flash flood watches already issued through thursday night for areas in the green here. offer to the north and west. out in the maryland pan handle and west virginia pan handle because of yesterday's heavy repeat and rain expecting overnight through the night today and tomorrow all right now enough of doom and fwloom how about
5:47 am
high pressure in control this weekend. it looks fantastic. hultty out of here and front far enough to the south we're dealing with warmth and not the humidity that's going to be suitly gorgeous. take a look at weekend forecas forecast. 85 saturday. warm and not humid. 88 sunday. plenty of sunshine. the weekend will be if you head to the beach or pools it will be fantastic. that's not the right forecast for today. no thunderstorms today. 89 degrees. sun to start the day today. and very little in the way of cloud cover for the bulk of today as we head towards the evening and few more clouds. storms likely tomorrow and get past tomorrow's little speed bump and we get into the weekend. lots of sunshine. speed bump was my traffic pun of the day. >> i'm proud of you mike. no one will fault you for showing a rainy forecast and say oops it's sunny. right now twitter update for you road closure 800 block pennsylvania westbound lanes closed. we have braeinging
5:48 am
heard from producer eastern market station metro fire activity out there now and we'll gather information for you on that and bring it to you on "fox5". let's look outside. heavier rain moved in overnight and because of that look at some of the fog. visibility is a program. beltway by american legion you see inner and outer and traffic increasing and flowing freely and volume not causing my major slow downs yesterday and elevated fog in the area. again if it causes visibility problems use low beams and prepare to reduce speeds out there. 395 coming from beltway to 14 street bridge let looking good looking at our mabz. we have a crash in bethesda river road west bar avenue. caution that. rest of secondarys looking good. problem free in gaithersburg. little congestion through urbana on 2
5:49 am
it's affecting eastern markets and minnesota road let's look at virginia. damage of transportation holding pub welcome meeting tonight on plans to wide ep rolling road from 2 to 40 r lines. they want to wide ep the lines to east congestion and public is invited to atnd a presentation at 7. it's in west springfield. if you take that route it's a meeting you may want to attend. back to you wisdom and holly. >> 5:49 is the time. let's look at other stories engaging with most on social media. >> for that pawr mature at the realtime news tracker. >> firstp a push to block harriet tub man from gracing 20 bill. stay what? right. steve king filed amendment to prevent my non to be spent redesigning currency the exact motive is up clear and he's
5:50 am
it was weeks ago they said tub man would replace andrew jack sop opt bill. >> a jaguar that trotted out for olympic torch passage through the amazon was killed when he escaped handlers and threatened vet he was killed shortly after being filmed. after app attempt to use tranquilizer darts on it failed. it was raised since a suband finally pentagon is getting close to policy that will allow transgender troops to serve openly. defense secretary carter ordered six month review of issues regarding transgender service assuming they could serve openly unless specific problems were advocated. they were encouraged by the news. and those are trending stories. >> thanks, mel. >> also in the news this morning obama administration cleared drones for commercial take off yesterday. >> under new regulations drone operators can fly without special permission but it's limited to daytime hours
5:51 am
to get certified every two years. despite the new ruling delivery drones are not allowed to fly across cities and suburbs. >> three people were arrested yesterday when a vehicle included loaded gun he's even knifes was stopped on way to new york city. they arrested two men in 50s and 29-year-old woman and they don't believe there's a connection to terrorism. police stomentd vehicle this morning for a cracked whipped shield. an officer sought weapons in mraip view and drugs were also recovered from the vehicle. >> one of the most popular radio d.j.s in d.c. and entire country was arrested for assaulting his estranged wife. >> beater deingler is known as cane host of the cane show on hot 95 he was arrested after his wife natasha got a judge toysh ua warrant for his arres arrest. ard coming to the court documents her husband grabbed her forcibly lifted her off the ground and threw her into a wall. . >> following department policy
5:52 am
he lested to pursue charges to go to district court commissioners office. >> at this point montgomery county police have not charged him. >> we have not charged him with anything. >> police say natasha went to district court commissioners and obtained kharns on her own and also filed a protective order against her husband. cane is calling the accusations unfounded and soon to be divorced couple is due back in court later this month. and a florida karate instructor is in big trouble after soliciting 11-year-old student for sex. >> here's what happened investigators say 21-year-old stephanie figueroa is charged with child abuse because police say she invited the boy to her house to have sex with her for her 21 birthday and sent him 15 nude picture. she's accused of sliding her happened on the boy's thigh during a sleep-over at karate school. the mother found messages between the two on his phone. >> details about what happened to a 7-year-old left alone on school
5:53 am
achb topo fell asleep on his way humid and an hour later he woke up alone on the bus. he managed to pry on the doors and get out. a good samaritan found him and walked him back to the school. "fox5" learned driver and bus attendant are now on administrative leave. >> a former news anchor woman is suing the station that fired her over racist facebook postsing. >> wtae pittsburgh cut ties with wendy bell many march after posted about a shooting at cookout that left five people dead. she wrote, quote, you needn't be a criminal profiler to draw a mental sketch of the killers, they're black" well insisted she would still have her job if she had written about white suspect. she's suing for back pay, punitive damages and old job back. democratic national committee trying to land a broadway star for con veptions. they reached out to hamill topp wri
5:54 am
manual mir apd apart of a plan to generate excitement for the convention. clinton camp is reportedly also trying to cement a lineup of a list stars for the convention. >> that would be gay guess. >> that would be huge. >> that would be a big guest. >> hot right now. >> hello to the facebook fan ever the day today it's kena chistm. >> she loves allison, tucker and kevin because he keeps her up on her moves. to be our facebook fap of the day post your picture be neeth this one. >> i had a revelation. >> why. >> i know where you were offer yesterday. >> why. >> to celebrate national selfie day. you took the whole day off. >> that's right. i did not post any selfies. >> yeah, uh-huh as far as we know. >> let's go ahead and talk weather now. it's all making sense, mike you know what i'm saying, h
5:55 am
>> i was suspicious myself. national selfie day should be wisdom martin day. >> we'll take that you make that happen. >> today is national wisdom martin day accepted him your sweets. >> satellite and radar and tomorrow could bring strang storms. tucker will next hour. here's news for today. uv up develop high this time avenue year and no short am of sunshine first half of the day. so again make sure you put on the suncreen. 9 today. sunshine to start. we'll have the clouds rolling back in by the evening hours. stornlz likely during the day tomorrow. we'll keep app eye on those, 87 degrows and things get fantastic end of the week, 83 friday and leaked lots of sunshine and low humidity. 90s return early next week. that's the forecast. airport and stay off th
5:56 am
>> 5:55 now tracking breaking news in the district. five activity road closure 00 block of pennsylvania avenue. it's near eastern market. please use caution there. we have a crew out there and will get you more information when it becomes available aside from that 295 southbound backs up past eastern avenue southbound side right now takes you 9 minutes to get to eastern avenue to pennsylvania avenue. please factor in about 6 extra minutes to get through the are area. notice knowledge of that point 50 inside the beltway through chefly you definitely jammed from the beltway past 295 extra time needed there and outside the beltway 50 inbound is not terrible. looking in bethesda river road at west barred avenue a crash scene there. 20 picking up with congestion on southbound side through urbana and shuttle buses replacing trains between eastern market and minnesota avenue and beping road. keep it to "fox5 news morning" we have you cover. more coming up
5:57 am
calm view. of the area right. there
5:58 am
♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath d almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> straight ahead at 6 lead in drinking watter. >> new details about a plan of action and frightening moments in prince george county
6:00 am
man tried to pull a child out of up locked bedroom window. this morning that suspect is still on the run. >> live look outside on this wednesday morning. it's june 22. this month is almost over, folks, weather and traffic on the fives at 6:05. good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm jim lokey in for steve chenevey this wednesday morning glad to have you with us. we start with headlines breaking news out of district a cab driver was carjacked pennsylvania avenue 4:25 this morning taxi from silver cab company the actual vehicle color red police are warning you not to get into a silver cab with number j 8887. happening today a public meeting on drastic plan to ensure the drinking water at all d.c. public schools and facilities is safe. >> this is the story "fox5" has been following closely for weeks now. melanie alnwick live at


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