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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  June 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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it could be coming to america. fox 5 local news at 6:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us, i'm sean yancy. >> new detail about a teenager threatening to kill his girlfriend. >> police found an assault rifle inside his home and today they arrested him. >> reporter: a police captain here at green belt police department told me that that he is threat was taken seriously and officers acted immediately focusing on the school in question. police say it was eleanor roosevelt high school where the 17-year-old threatened to shoot it up. last friday and monday were the last two days of school before summer break and the police captain said the decision was made not to notify parents. instead, increase police presence at the school. meantime, a regional manhunt was underway for the boy. we're told the police were
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because the boy often used public transit. threats are always something that you can never take for granted. even before the weapon was located. there was nothing and no resource we weren't going to use in order to find this individual. >> reporter: this is the address in northeast washington where the assault rifle was recovered a weeks ago but the boy was not at home at the time. authorities looked for him and arrested him within the last 24 hours when he was caught in the district recently. it's also important to point out this boy could face child porn charges. the reason why police say he actually put a video of his had under age girlfriend on to the internet so he could face charges here in maryland for that. the police captain told me that once charges are made in the district, then he will likely be brought here to maryland
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charges here as well. green belt, matt ackland fox 5 local news. a former fairfax county police officer was sentenced today for shooting and killing an unarm man during a domestic dispute. john gear was unarm when he was shot in 2013. he said he saw his hands moving toward his waist. over other officers say that's not what happened. his mother attended sentencing and was outraged the sentence was only 12 months. >> if i went out and shot somebody i would never see the light of day. torres one year in jail is indecent assaulting. it was murder. it was not ininvoluntary manslaughter. >> i just wanted him published. it's not a perfect punishment but he's no longer a police officer. he can never ab police officer and he's been in jail almost a year. that's some measure of justice. not p
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served. since torres has been behind bars since last august, officials believe he will likely get out very soon perhaps one days or weeks. fox 5 is in montgomery county maryland. a man convicted of shooting and killing another man at point-blank range will spend the rest of his life in prison. alexanda limon has more on what was an emotional scene inside the courtroom. >> pulled the trigger once, twice, three times, four times. >> reporter: during a police interview, michael clinton described killing jessica in may of 2012. now a montgomery county judge decided he will live the rest of his life in prison. the victim's mother says she feels clinton is a danger to society and she's comforted he will be locked up and unable to harm other families. in court, the victim's family and the montgomery county state's attorney's office asked for the maxi
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he was a menace to society. clinton also plead guilty to murder and attempted murder in virginia. the state's attorney's office said the cases were disturbingly similar in that he shot all three victim as the point-blank range. . >> we need to protect the community. that's why we went full throttle on this prosecution because this defendant deserves it. >> reporter: the mother says she's satisfied with the sentence but doesn't take her pain away. alexanda limon, fox 5 local news. let's take a live look outside now. and while some of you are enjoying the sunshine. others are dealing with storms out there. let's check in with gwen at the weather center with more. we're seeing sun at least in our neck of the woods. >> some of those areas where they did see sun, that gave fuel to the fire for these storms to get going. let's take a look at radar. we had storms that moved across the beaches, now we have some to our st
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just a few to the south of dc. we've actually now have a flash flood warning in effect for central rocking ham, but that's in the west where they had the severe thunderstorm warning until 4:45 and that has ended. a lot of strong winds and a lot of heavy rain fall. this is where we have the flash flood warning in effect. they've seen up to two inches of rainfall here and this is in west virginia. they have an additional one to two inches that's possible. this in effect until 8:45. we're still under a slight risk of severe weather to the south of dc, marginal risk of dc and slightly to the north. we'll see improvement as we get through into the late evening hours. current temperatures into the 80's pretty much everywhere. tonight we're talking 67 degrees and we'll get improvement. weekend is looking great. forecast just ahead back to you.
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endorsement, bernie sanders showed some support for hillary clinton today. the vermont senator said he will likely vote for the presumptive democratic nominee but did least door open that he could change his mind. he also declined to say if there will ever come a time when he fully endorses clinton saying he needs to hear more from the former secretary of state. this weekend marks one year since the supreme court ruling that legalized gay marriage. president obama designated the stone wall in in new york city as the first official national park service monument dedicated to the struggle of lgbt americans. the monument is in manhattan greenwich village. when police raided the building to enforce a law that prohibited the sale of alcoholic beverages to home sex was me the latest on decision to lead the european union and what this means for
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we'll be right back. k.
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sdwlfrjts historic. historic day for citizens of the united kingdom. >> the change ends a 43 year relationship with a now soon to be, it was form following the end of world war ii. been man hall has the latest. >> britain got an independence day of their own. >> i hope this is the first to step towards a europe of sovereign nation states. >> reporter: david cameron a supporter of saying in the e u. he announced his resignation following the vote but will remain few more
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>> i was absolutely clear about my belief that britain is stronger, safer and better off inside the european union. >> president obama against the so-called brexit but says the u.s. respects the overcome of the referendum. >> the u.k. relationship with you will change. one thing not change is the special relationship that exists between the two nations. >> reporter: the presidential candidate criticizing each other. hillary clinton saying it under scores the need for us to pull together as a country. not tear each other down. donald trump knocks both the president and his former secretary of state while visiting one of his scottish golf course. >> he came in and tried to convince people to stay and i thought it was inappropriate and she doubled down and did the same thing. obviously, for the 219th time, they were wrong. >> reporter: the
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results sending shock waves to global markets. the dow falling nearly 400 points in the first minute of london. fox news. brexit certainly impacted the stock market. but there is another reason you and i shall care about the politics. lindsey watts is live at the british embassy with more on why brexit is being called the boost for donald trump. lindsey. >> reporter: that is because there are a lot of similarities between donald trump supporters and those folks over in britain who wanted their flag to fly independently. both have that sense that working class voters have lost control over the country. a lot of anger over immigration issues. we'll show you video now. you can see hot off the presses this is what newspaper looked like over in britain. see e u later. the polls taken leading up to this indicated voters would not go for brexit which is a big parts of why this was such a surprise. the prime
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so-called experts warned of the disaster that would follow should britain leave the e u, yet voters decided to do it anyway. this is why people are again looking at similarities to the trump campaign and wondering will americans follow suit wanting a dramatic change from the status quo this election year? brexit supporters like trump supporters are primarily older, white, working class voters, people who believe they aren't better off in this economy, that had the politicians don't really represent them and then there are also antiimmigration. we spoke to an american university professor who teaches british politics also a brit herself. of she sees the similarities between the trump campaign brexit campaign special when it comes to deviciveness. >> how we've gone from a united to divided kingdom. i'm wondering whether the
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of the politics here during the presidential campaign are very similar to the fractured a nature of what happened with this referendum. >> reporter: she does point out one big difference between the brexit vote and our pending presidential election. and it has to do with the demographics of voters. in britains, there are not a minorities, primarily white voters that is external not the case anymore in america and trump will have to win over at least some monitors to win in november. live at british embassy, lindsey watts fox 5 local news. >> thank you. enjoy a good glass of wine right now. we would be doing it. >> you got my attention. >> if you would like to enjoy one, listen up. >> a company is combining both red and white wine to create a new beverage they hope won't leave customers feeling blue. >> it is blue.
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we'll be right back. flu okay, ready? whoa! [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity.
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. > . americans and actually a lot of people love a good glass of red or white wine with dinner. >> how about a glass of blue wine? spain is home to the country that created this new blue wine. lin linda schmidt tried to find out if it would be a hit in the u.s. >> reporter: this year, depending on where you live and travel, you have new options. a company in spain has created this blue wine. it's a blend of red and wine grapes produced in spain. it's about $11 a bowl. so far it is a big hit there. but would wine lovers here drink act blue wine. >> i'm not so sure any of my friends would drink a blue wine. red wine
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teach enough. i don't think blue would be coming i would lien towards. >> i would try it. >> we are going to have to wait try out the blue wine. no word on when it's making its way here to the u.s. but what we do have are pink wines, the rosea's, they're trending this summer. >> fresh, light, easy to drink. >> reporter: he owns serena's wine bar on the upper east side. >> how much of the rosa do you sell every week? >> ten cases. >> the red wine, probably close to five. >> reporter: it's double. >> right. >> reporter: not only is rosa delicious by itself. it's a popular ingredient in cocktails and san agreea. >> i got great feedback about it. >> repte
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great glass of wine, on a hot summer night like this, cool and fresh is just the trick. salute. that's delicious. lindsey schmidts fox 5 news. >> the blue wine is expected to come here to the u.s. some time this summer. we've been talking about this. i don't know you don't drink but would you try it? maybe. it looks sort of neon. they claim it's a blend of red and white grape. i'm sorry, i don't buy that color. >> when i mix red and white wine, i get a headache. i may want to stay away from it altogether. just letting you know. >> let us know what you think when you try it. >> it will be a conversation piece at the table. >> especially tonight where you could probably eat outside and have a glass of that wine. >> in some of our neighborhoods.
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that sky. we have a few storms out there. of skatered in nature. . maryland and central virginia look like they're under at the gun a little bit more. that's where things have been happening. we're keeping a very close eye on radar. lots of instability that has built that. and we will get improvement. however. into the overnight hours. nice outside here in dc where we haven't had a whole lot happening here damage we've had humidity. it's been stick around. that's going to change. take a look at radar. you can see we have this line of storms that's been moving from the north and this is anticipated to move its way continually down i95 corridor. we will see some of that action. here's what we have a flash flood warning in effect. we had severe thunderstorm warnings. they ended about 5:45. and then we had some activity over the beaches. things are going to change in the overnight
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of here's where we still have flash flood warning in rocking ham county and they've seen up to two inches of rainfall anticipating an additional one to two inches in effect until 8:45. that's where we saw the biggest area of storms happening. we're under a marginal risk of severe weather. south of dc a slight risk. this is from the storm prediction center. we do have two continue to keep an eye on those storms tonight because the atmosphere is just become extremely unstable. we have the hot humid air mass in place. temperatures now into the upper 70's, low 80's. right across the boards. the due points adding to all of this, because they have been into the 60's and 70's. you probably felt it when you step outside. it's sticky and very uncomfortable. you combine all of that. we got a stationary frontal system to the south and a short wave moving its way from the north. a combination has set us up. the drier air to the north will start to may of in once
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into tomorrow. we're going to see things really take a big turn. due points now, as i said, into the 60's and 70's. of here's a look at futurecast. at 10:00 we're going to have a little bit of activity to the northwest, but as we move into the later night things are going to improve. so we got a ridge of high pressure going to be the weather maker. very nice, plenty of sunshine low humidity. that's a, that will be warm. here's your planner for tomorrow. midday about 77. no shortage of sunshine, the beaches storms tonight. however, tomorrow the beaches will be absolutely fabulous. water temperature will be in into the upper 60's. here's the seven-day forecast. temperatures into the 80's for this weekend. low humidity and plenty of sunshine absolutely fantastic and then once we get into the beginning of the week, couple more storms before we get back to drier conditions. heading to the upper 80's and low 90's n
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but you know what? a weekend to just get out and enjoy it. find a pool or find a friend with a pool. >> there you go. looks good. thank you, gwen. beautiful day to scale buildings in northwest. the annual event known as the shatterproof challenge is one of several to help educate the public about the dangerous of addiction. >> pretty incredible. >> fox 5 photo journalist nelson jones was there and shows us. >> thank you. >> there was no one there, so --. >> my name is gary, i'm the fourpd of shadow proof. my career was in bus but my older son brian struggled with addiction almost ten years and tragically he died october 20th, 2011. what struck me how b
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addiction that took his life. it was at the shame, isolation that people who have this disease feel. >> you done swell. >> the mission behind this and just hearing gary talk about his story, everyone has a story related to addiction. i think it's really kind of elevates that, and helps to remove the stigma that's associated with it. we're happy to be part of it. >> little nervous at first. fournde founder. >> it's about uniting americans across this country to join our cause and do this together. americans have shown time and time again with all other types of stigmatized
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united we can change that and we're doing it today. of. >> there's no way i would do that. it's a great cause. don't get me wrong, i would be there to cheer you on, gwen if you wanted a to do it. >> i'd be waveing from down below. >> that's a brave one. so coming up, are you scared of heights? i mean, well, you just saw that. if you answered no, you're not, this attraction in california may also be for you. we're going to tell you about this 70 stories high slide when we come back.
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and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. would you do
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perhaps. perhaps you won't. it's called sky slide located in los angeles. the slide is 45 feet long and about 1,000 feet above the ground. starts on the 70th floor and drops you one floor below in a few seconds. the attraction will open tomorrow morning. costs $33. >> i'm not that impressed. >> forget about it.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: this weekend, huge weekend, bet awards. bring on the strippers! >> strippers from all over nationwide are being flown in from crazy girls and ace of diamonds. >> when they fly all of these girls in, you better have your money, right? you will be priced out unless you have been saving up for the bet awards for a while. >> you if you don't bring $100, they will not come your way. >> tyga made it clear he's banging kylie again. posted a photo on instagram early friday morning with her sitting in bed saying, they always come back. he is a charmer. >> wiz khalifa. [laughter] he was on the breakfast club. they asked him about the whole kanye west feud.


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