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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  June 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 10 the world's reaction are action to thehe stunning news the great brit 101 is leaving the european union. u we are already feeling the impact. virginia toddler isdle recovering after a terrifyingeri encounter with a copper head snake. he's putting on a brave face this childs medical treatment is far from over. affair fax county police officers sentenced to prison for killing an unarmed man. ma >> one year in jail? >> it was not involuntary manslaughter. >> the victim's mother is outraged with the judge's decision. fox 5 local news at 10 starts right now. >> thanks for joining us tonight's i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm sarah see eu lar.
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that was the headlines following the news that great britain is leaving the european union. stocking markets plunged by hundreds of. >> brit tan is the first countrt to back out of the eu followingl the use prime minister davidavid cameron announced his resignation president obama said america's loyalty is un waiver. >> the uk's relationship with the u will change one thing that will not change the special relationship that exist between our two nations that will endure. the eu will remain one of our in dispensable partners. >> we are starting to see britta tans exit from the eu. fox 5 tisha lewis is joining us life in northwest with the changes that you will see. tisha. >> reporter: well you know many f us woke up hearing the breakdown of
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continued throughout the day. dy many of us are wondering whatdeg does all this mean for at the average joe.e let's start with the stock market that was really the first thing we saw. s today the new york stock the exchange taking a plunge going hundreds of points and the wrong direction this morning. now more than a dozen us stocks were reportedly down more than 10% at closing. we're talking about stocks withk high interest in the uk including money management firm. auto parks maker adelphi, megaga global financial. morgan stanley. airline stocks hit hard. we did interview a financialinan expert who says this has happened at least five times in the last five years and here's some good news he says the market bounced back in about three o four months. now even association while a stocks plunge travel agents that we spoke with say that they saw a spike. people booking trips top
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friend across the pond here's why. uk's vote to leave the europeanr union means less expensive price to brit tan. has impacted the value of the pound in a negative way. while brit tan's pound goes dowd the us dollar is going up. we spoke with washington d.c. travel agent who says the calls started coming in last night in anticipation of the vote and have continued. next we take a look at the the housing market, excuse me, which will continue to feel, forbs says you don't like to see in the housing market or economy for that matter, so what does that mean. that means buying, selling, lending just got risky yerba thy market is more turbulent and less predict able. >> for the average person its aa going to be a
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they are going to see lower prices at the store. they are going to you know benefit from a lower inflation rate. also going to benefit from lower mortgageage rates. part of how this place out will depend on how the leadership of the various countries react.ea it can go well or it could goo badly depending on the choices that are made. >> reporter: and that is the statement. he went on to explain what exactly this means. he says if the uk decides to get along with the eu then this could be a very smooth transition and things could play out for our benefit. now, if that does not happen the exact opposite could happen i asked him where does this termem come from he said when a similam situation played out with greece he decided it could be applied in ts
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situation like this as well mana tisha lewis fox 5 local news. >> fox fives in the districtes i with details about a case involving a former assistant track coach a judge sentenced tomorrow to nearly two decades in prison after he admitted he sexually boughted, seven maim students between january of 201a and may of 2014. victims range in age from 14 to 17 year old. all of thell o incidents happened at the school he so he could show them which muscles needed then think he touched them, young will have to register as a sex offender and placed on supervised released fort rest of his life. new tonight department of justice employee favoring 30 years in prison. using government issued phone tt a range sexual encounter with a pine nor. nor he placed multiple address online looking for grl
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part and what he called daddy daughter relationships. undercover detective who supposed as a teenage girl busted him after he drove to maryland to have sex with what h he thought was a 15 year old girl. a year in jail. that is the sentence of fairfax count judge handed out to adam torr res the former fairfaxhe f police officers who pleaded guilty to shooting an unarmed man while he stood in his doorway. the victim's mother lashed out at the judge after the a sentencing she says her son's killer deserved more time behind bars. 5 jennifer davis has more. m >> if i went out and shot somebody i would never see theee light of day. one year in jail? >> is insulting. it was murder. it was not involuntary manslaughter:. the mother of john is
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her son during a 2013 stand in a springfield virginia just 12 months. gear was unarmed when he was shot he saw gear's hands moving towards his waste other officer disputed that. >> he was stappeding here with his hands up here he had been hd that way for 40 minutes. and this guy was mad at at his wife so he shot john. >> reporter: other family members did just before he was w set to go on trial for second degree murder. >> i just wanted him punished. its not perfect he's no longer e police officers. can never be a police officer. and he's been in jail for almosf a year. so that's some measure of justice all noa though not perfect. >> reporter: count settled a a civil case and created a speciae commission to look at policiesoc regarding police use of forceore that prompted
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mother finds more just this inin that than this court case. >> chief of close has alreadyady implemented many of these things in this respect john will notl have died in vein. >> reporter: the sentence comes with time servedhe he has been e behind bars since last august he will likely get out very soon v perhaps within a he can woo. in fairfax jennifer davis fox 55 local news. >> now torr res did not speak ie court today. his wife was there with thee couple's baby. she spoke outside the courtroom. she did not comment on the sentence but says she loves her husband. now to a whiled dui arrest in ann arundel county led to series of charles michelle was arrested on wednesday. police pulled her over for failing to stop at a red light r before making a right durn.a the 43 year old smelled of sme alcohol although she denied having a drink. she also refused to perform a
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sough briity test when theyity t tried to arrest her she need an officer she faces dui and assault chancer. >> we are learning more about the threats aar dc teen made against ex-girlfriend and her mother. got a search warrant after learning he threatened to shoot his girlfriend and shoot up eleanor roosevelt high school.h they removed and ak47 rifle and ammunition from his home the greenbelt police worked together to solve this case. >> never take for granted even before the weapon was located there was nothing no resource in order to find this individual. d >> investigators arrested the teen late last night in the i district in addition to possible weapon and threat charges the dean wager may face child porn fog free charges because he c posed a sexha act involving his gilf
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82 join virginia fairfax vir employees the cafeteria manager accused of stealing money fromrm self students lunch accounts. the thefts happened over several years. investigators say she many we mn see sold what they are calling c large sum of money. they began investigating her after a food services manager m noted sister something was wronr with the accounting record. children swept away by flood waters and stranded residents weighing to be rescued.escu there's been more flooding we've had all kind of rain moving across west virginia as s well as our area the weekend is looking much better. >> went to the hospitaltal immediately. >> it was a terrifying moment for that couple a snake bitke their son how the
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helping with medical cost coming up.
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>> developing in northwest dc trafficking down to onine lane t this hour on wisconsin avenue near nebraska avenue after a car fell into a whole that opened up on the northbound side of the the melt plate, look at that vering a hole in the hoed a honda sedan went right into thee ground that is crazy crazy video.vide lucky no one was injured. >> i would have freaked out. >> fairfax county police needee your help finding this man kenneth hirsch and his dog disappeared he left his house in herndon tuesday afternoon. his family said he may be b dealing with emotional issues and could be armed if you seeou him don't approach him instead call police. death toll continues to rise flood, officials now say atay least 20 people are deadre including two children swept away by raging wa
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southeastern part of the stateat took took the brunt of the devastating of the rescue teamss are working around the clock to help stranded residents andnd clean un the damage. >> our big fest challenge b continues to bige high water.atr initial reports where local emergency management officialsls indicate at least six counts extensive structural damage. early reports indicate more than 100 homes have been seriously damaged or destroyed. >> the governor has declared a state of emergency for 44 counts in west virginia which means they'll receive resources to deal with the after math of thea storm as gwen tells usf looks lo like parts of west virginiairgi could get more rain. what is going on tonight 82 you're absolutely rider. you know shawn and say remarksnd we actually had flood warnings in effect for parts of west virginia they actually have hadd reports there of flooding on so o
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trees have been down. we had some storms that kind of really barreled through thath th area. s moving its way its right here with a few storms down along i95 core doer that is going to continue and kind of start to just you know get itsw way out of here as we move into the overnight hours. we had a lot going on with thee daytime heating a lot of wide scattered storms across the area. hardy as well as grant had trees down. as well as in rocking ham a lot that happened. we were under and still are a marginal risk offer severe weather slight to the south aves. this should improve as we get im overnight hours we're going to see those storms finally ending many temperatures played a big roll we were in the '80s sunshine temperatures right now into the 70s 75 in dc. 70 right now gaithersburg. gai 72 at baltimore. dewpoints another factor we had this moist humid air mass in place instability very easy to kick in that i
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as well as we finally start to a see this humidity gradually start to make an exit and tomorrow and sunday thinks with improve. 67 degrees for tonight. isolated storms finally will start to end.nd. tomorrow we've got plenty of sunshine for you back to you. >> thank you, gwen. copper head snake bit a toddler in the backyards of their stafford county home. >> one week later the little boy is doing okay.kay major financial issues for his family. fox 5 lauren demarco has the story. >> i didn't know if we hade minutes or hours. >> reporter: heidi was insider:h herei home when there daughter carried in her grandson cryingno and bleeding from his foot at a first they thought it was just a scratch then it began to swell. >> that looks like a snakebite we grabbed him and went to the w emergency room called 911 on the way. >> reporter: doctors confirmed d 16 month old was bitten by a copper head.
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his mom says he was hospitalized for self days. >> she was sitting on her family's front stoop the baby was making its way to the garden they never saw the snake as we were standing here look at whath she saw a little bit of snake sa kin as you can imagine this really creeping them out. every stick is a snake it freaks me out. >> reporter: we spark with her parents via skype. >> moment in my life, she's a really tough kid. >> reporter: the toddler had a reaction to the anti venom his h throat began to swell he was transferred to children's hospital further treatment. >> they ran out of veins to draw blood from. >> reporter: not only terrifying but expensive, the important
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he needed 16 of those vials. via and the timing is terrible. they recently maryland and inn the progress of up dating health insures. they anticipate there will be major need major financial help. it's received hash comments about insurance staff a bit like rubbing salt in the wound but staying positive. >> we also received so much positive feedback from people ww don't even know really incredible. so we are really grateful for this. u in stafford lauren demarco fox 5 local news. >> i can't even imagine that ima would be scary good to see a smile on his face. one lucky little boy for sure. >> to montgomery county marylanr the humane society is protesting the counts plan to youth than y knees negotiation they haveeg become a n
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creek park they are trying to t round up 300 of the birds and youth than knees them.h it is unnecessary a waste of taxpayer dollars. the community likely to see these goes againth in their parks in a few months. >> still to come it started outo with a couple of cops wanting tn make a difference a family in i need got the keys to a better life all thanks to a local police department we'll have too story coming upright here at 10. ♪
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>> sanders has not suspended his sander announced
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for the presumed dominee hillard clinton in november. sanders says he wants to do everything he can to defeat trump open plans to attend the democratic convention in philadelphia. trump is in scotland. and he didn't waste any time talking about the, he said the move could just be the beginning. >> i think people really, ill think peoplely really see a big parallel a lot of people are talking about that not only the united states but other countries. people want to take their country back. >> trump is in scotland to reopen the scott tissue golf course he opened years ago. ago family of five struggled for a while. they've been white-out a car and relied on public transportations and walking to get around. police officers heard their story and got involved.d. they did some networking and net found a car for the family and today, the police department
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family as you can imagine theyhe were overjoyed and thanked everyone for their help. hel i love these stories whenever we the officer help out in that waw around the community. >> that's a great story. thanky you for sharing. take a look this video of ao police officers remember this ti one throwing a teenage girl to a ground on the had at a pool party and pulling a gun on hern today the officer learned hised fate we will have an update on that. a from prince george's tounty man will spend the res of his life in prison because of an unpaid debt fox 5 news at 10 we'll be right back.
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>> we're back with a look at tonight's top stories the impact of great bit tan's exits from the european union. >> british pound stunning to ago 30 year
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announced resignation. tisha. >> reporter: real estate alltata feeling the after math we are here at the british embassy where the after math isath continuing we have to see howee this place out. we spoke with a financial expert and economists about what this means for you at home back to you. >> car fell a hole in then th road and caused a major traffic back up. a melt cruck plate fell lose the honda fell right in. in. the incident is still impactingp traffic at this hour. >> prince george's county prince george's county man will spendm the rest of his life in prison. he was convicted of killing a a drug dealer over an unpaid debt. >> a very emotional scene insidl the courtroom. >> pulled the trigger, once, twice, three times four times.
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described killing jessie camposg in may of to thousand 12. now, a montgomery clutch decidem president clinton will live ther rest of his life in prison. the victim's mother says she feels president clinton is a danger to society and comforted he will be unable to harm otherr families. in court the victim's family inl the montgomery county states attorney's office asked for the maximum p empty saying president clinton was a menace to society. pointingut he also pled guilty to murder and attempted murdered in virginia. v the state's attorney office said the cases were disturbinglyingl similar in that he shot all three victims at point-blank range. >> we need to protect therote community that's why we went full lot on this prosecution because this defendant deserved >> reporter: the victim's mothet said she's satisfied with the sentence b i
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pain away. alexandria limon fox 5. >> they plan to appeal. this video out of texas a ma kinly police officers forcing a teenage girl to the ground at aa pool a texas grand jury cleared the officer of all charges. cha jurors determined there was not enough evidence to warrant criminal charges the teen slam to the grand plans to file two t lawsuits for personal jr and a civil rights violations. 45 international fugitives busted.sted it all came during a three day stink and the us immigration and customs enforcement. they were on active, notice wanted for crimes in differentie countries. 16 were wanted on various fraud charges. seven wanted for homicide ande four for illegal gang activity.. other crimes
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trafficking, rape, embezzlement and kidnapping. pope francis condemned the mass killings overmannian during his first day to the weekend trip to the country. he described its massacre as genocide. after he meant wireman inia's president up to 1.5 million we're killed during that time. turkey denies the death. it was inflated vick till of civil war and unrest. facebook go working to keep's its employees political views in check. the a the company was accused of promoted go liberal leaningeani stories on the trending topicopc section. facebook will require police. >> still to come here a big moment or our nations gay rights movement. where you can find america's first
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dedicatedded. a warning was issued for populal flesh eating bacteria what you need to know before you plan p your neck neck vacation. >> visitors running for cover. do you falling more than six hundred points. now negative territory lee forer the year. oil myself also taking a couple bell on fierce, the price for a barrel of crude under 48 bucks. but if there's a little good news, gas prices are slowly putting on break. national average for regular unleaded falling again this week. we're now at two 32 a gallon that's 60 accepts higher thann the lows of the year. get to the grocery store for the 4th of july bash queue early que america is planning to spend six point seven billion. over the next week
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expected to buy 700 mil pounds 0 of chicken. that's business, i'm business, m david
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>> this weekend marks one yeare since the supreme courts ruling legalized gay marriage. president obama has designated stone wall in in new york cityn as the first official national park service monument to the strig gel of lg. 1969 protest and riots. police raided the building click beverages to homosexuals.. the community held vigils. h meantime in press
10:39 pm
roof security expected for thisr weekends gay pride events. two of the biggest event will be held in new york and san francisco cisco. the public safety is lop enforcement number one concern. >> reporter: across the country organizers are gearing up for the biggest pride weekend. following the attack in orlandoo police aren't taking any chainsy wrapping up security in san francisco cisco. with organizers telling them to expect long lines at security check points. >> we're going to have to go through melt wands and melt detech ors, no bags, no weapons, no sharp knives. >> reporter: that message he repeated in cities across the country. police ready for anything out in force a full day before the festivities even begin. >> uniform presence will
10:40 pm
visible security is more thanore the uniform officer. >> reporter: here in new york organizers are expected recordd number of people. president obama designateing stone wall in a national monument first honoring the fight of lgbt rights. increase in security promising to respect the rights of those coming to celebrate their diversity. whether yorkers you will be safe, you will be protected. the worse thing we could do iss hide. many of us started in closets the last think we should do is i go back in them. the pride parade on in new york, rick ledge tholeick fox news. >> coming up tonight at 11 a mother's outrage following thewg sentencing of a police officer who killed an unarmed man. man also repelling down the side of a building near the white house the meaning behind
10:41 pm
evented. >> cross country race in annapolis this morning how long did it take him to ride from california to male a long time.t >> i'll bet.e news at 11 kicks off at 18 minutes.
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>> following breaking news inwi district heights, maryland, sources tell fox 5 that five people were shot three of themf have died. that shooting happened in then three thousand block in prince george's county. we have a crew heading to the scene we will keep you posted. warning tonight to folks vacation think in texas the peaches are under a safety advisory the reason a very real threat of flesh eating bacteria. we hear more now: the beach is a summer staple. ways to soak up the sun and maybe catch a wave. somethin
10:45 pm
water that can lead to serious health concerns. >> in the emergency room said it was a flesh eating virus. 50 year old brian went in the te water for father's day weekend. days later, he wound up in the intensive care unit. his leg looking like this. >> i'm wanting to know if he's going to live. >> reporter: he had to have part of his leg amputated as doctorss work to nail down what he picked up. >> commonly referred to as flesh eating bacteria common in salt and, it's more likely to cureo c somebody with a preexisting health condition. >> reporter: aside from being diabetic physicians believe he a cut on his leg that's how the bacteria entered his body. 200 miles down the road yet another man became infected this week.week officials believe they will be able to save his l
10:46 pm
adrian, argue ease remains in a local hospital being pumped with iv anti buy on the ticks. tic >> we ask people to pray. >> reporter: back at the gallons via stain a elevated bacteria levels have been discovered. signs have gone up warning folks to enter the water at their ownn risk. doctors say the bacteria thata cause flesh eating diseases is actually quite common this time of year. but it is very rare for humans to actually become infected.nfec that's the latest from dallas, case spiegel fox news. >> fast moving california whiled fire killed two people. k that'sil 40 miles east of bakers filed. three firefighter battling thehe flame had to be taken to the hospital. the wind driven fire has disorder, and destroyed homes. >> my granom
10:47 pm
up higher in the 70s she passeds away in 2008. i grew up in that house. something you can't replace. >> the wild fire knocked out out self cell phone towers. let's take a look at the loo weather now and as we take a lookout side, it's 75 degrees. little cooler than it was earlier today but i got a feeling its a little humid out there. we had rain showers today are they done with us for the night. pretty much most has moved well to the south of us. the good news is the rest of the weekend is definitely going to be a thumbs up we are going to have the calm the a the storm. not everybody saw that. some of you did some didn't. did those that did were dealing with a lot of heavy rainfall and clouds. now you can see well down to the south on the i95 corridor near richmond they're getting their fair share. w
10:48 pm
that moved through earlier that caused a lot of localized flooding were they also had trees down and power lines downd pretty strong gusty winds. win things are sparking up a little bit here. a little bit here as well north of fredericksburg. f things are starting to calm c down. now, storm prediction center cen still has us under a slight risk to the south and a marginalargi risk, i'm sure that that will end very soon. temperatures, humidity all factored in today for what happened as well as the sunshine. very hot humid air mass in place with the sun we got it added to the instability.bility 75 degrees right now dc. it is still warm out that. 72 baltimore. 70 gaithersburg. 73 dulles 75 degrees in manassas. we are going to see him argument in the dewpoint.
10:49 pm
but right now it is still atill little sticky. it was pretty humid today as well. the dewpoints are going to drop. influx of cooler air and dryernd air moving in from the norther north that's going to hold us sted are a day tomorrow where we won't have to deal with humidith but we will have the warmth.armt that's going to set us up for no shortage of sunshine. both sander sunday if you areify planning any outdoor events it humidity staying very much oner the low side. planner for tomorrow about 77 degrees four or 5:00 hour you'ru degrees. and if you are planning on heading to the peaches they hadd some pretty strong storms there to night. nig things will be very calm for tomorrow. all our beaches temperaturesres into the 70s. water temperature will be into the upper 60. pretty comfortable nice to get out and enjoy it.t. overnight 67
10:50 pm
the storms clearing ant stars c will start to clear gradually. tomorrow high of 85 degree. d light easterly wind. sunny skies warm good news no humidity. changes coming up though as wes move into the beginning of next week on our fox 5 accuweather 7-day forecast. a p frontal system, that will kick up on monday and tuesdaynd and bring us a chance of o thunderstorms then. but take aun look at this.his. we're headed to the 90 degree dg mark. day whereng to be a you have to pump you the ac better back to capital mer conditions wednesday and thursday next weekend a chance of storms once again. saturday and sunday this weekends i'm happy to say great weather. anything you are planning to dod outside go ahead with thoseth plans if you don't have any plans make plans. its going to be perfect weather for anything you'd like to do. if i'm not mistaken i thinkken there's the capital barbecue might be ha so enjoy your weekend and bed b safe out there.
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enjoying weekend 130 year old giant lob sentencings he received a special pardon and no longer have to live in attaining a larry the lobster weighing about 20 pound for 30 year he lived, this week the restaurant's owner decided to release him back into the wild. look at that. huge. released into the waters the to live out the rest of hisis life. cool.s so we posted this on fox 5 dc facebook page. a lot of you had something to sm say. my questions he lived 100 years before being captured wouldn't be like rideing a bike, i do think they let him out of the water for too long. i don't know.w. larry is going to go hang withih the boys and find himself a young wife.
10:52 pm
donate to a homeless shelter let those guys eat lobster for a change. e next person who captures him won't set him free will boil him big mistake: is he going toe know how to survive. that was my question. seems cruel to put him in that environment. larry good luck. luck. >> that's how i feel too. t been in the tank for all thishis time why put him out >> you had him that long why do it now. >> whoever is watching as soongs as all those people live i'mive going to go find that lobster. >> coming up tonight a whole new variety of wine. you love red, white, how about your blue. we'll show you the new vibrant wine that is hitting the market next. next. ♪
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>> many of us love a good road or white wine how about a nice lovely blue wine, sarah.. >> looks radioactive. >> spain is home to
10:57 pm
that cr new blue wine. if it would be a hit here in the us. ue sitting outside on a summer night and having a nice glass oa wine is the best. this year depending o on where you live and travel you have new options a company in spain created this blue wine a blend of red and white grapes produced in spain about 11 dollars a dol bottle so far it is a big hit there. but would wine lovers here drink a blue wine? >> i'm not so sure any of my friends would drink a blue wine i don't think that blue would really be something that i wouli lean towards.ds. >> i don't think it would be appealing to me but i would tryy it. >> we are going to have to wait to try out the blue wine.e. no word when its making its waym here to thake us. what we do have
10:58 pm
the row say and theyer trending. >> it's fresh and easy to drink. owns serena's wine bar and on the upper east side how many of the road wine how many cases doc you sell, not only is row say delicious by itself it is a popular in creedian in cocktails angry >> i said why don't i do row say. >> as for me i love a great glass of wine on a hot summer s night like this something cool m and fresh is just the trick. salute. that's upper eat site
10:59 pm
5 news. n >> don't get me wrong i love a glass of great wine that does not look natural to me p it is a smurf blue color. >> that locks disgusting your tongue will be blue. >> verdict is still out on is it for me i pass. >> i like the row say. >> fox 5 local news at 11 starts right now. >> right now at 11. global shock waves from what britain exit means for you. >> a mother's outrage. >> it was murder it was not it involuntary manslaughter. >> the courtroom drama after a judge sentenced a local police officer who kill an unarmed man. and propelling down the side of a building near the white house. news stas
11:00 pm
>> breaking news in maryland. prince george's countyince investigator say five people were shot in a house in district heights.he three of them have died. the other two are in the hospital in crit ke8 condition.n >> shooting happened in theed i three thousand block of lour even street we're told all a victims f adults.f we will keep you posted with latest update. now to the the world is feeling effects of british people's decision to leave the european r union. the vote to leave eu in britaini would have more control over its economy anti immigration prime minister david cameron who opposed resigned following the vote. market took a tumble. oil prices limited british pound seek to a 30 dear


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