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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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to dumbbell as at fall-out from brexit continues the approves legislation guaranteeing a $15 minimum wage. live look outside. prepare yourself for day of rain and storms even. gary has details on that one. good morning to you. happy tuesday, thanks for all joining us. i'm holy moore. today is tuesday, june 28. we're going to have the details on traffic issues. first, metro preparing for phase 3 and 4 of its safetrack program. blue and yellow lines will be impacted. >> the work will involve lines between the national airport and pentagon city. metro and alexandria officials will discuss how this work will impact metro service. fall-out continues over brexit. european leaders are on damage control. caused markets world wide to drop. leaders of germany, france and
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italy met in berlin yesterday. say they are not ready to take action just yet. scotland, which is a part of the u.k. is trying to figure out a way to stay in the e.u. >> it might termination is to seek to if i wanted way to get what people in scotland wishes to end the european union. >> the pound hit a new 31-year low. this comes as trading enter day three of uncertainty. let's take you to the campaign trail. talk about girl power. this could be the democratic ticket. senator warren campaigning for the first time with hillary clinton. clinton staffs tried to shoot down rumors this was an audition for warren. both women came out swinging at donald trump. >> when donald trump says he'll make america great, he means make it even greater. for rich guys, just like donald
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trum trump. >> he will crush you into the dirt to get whatever he wants. that's who he is. >> donald trump fired back. he called warren a sell-out and a liar and said she was one of the least productive senators in the u.s. senate. planned pattern hood praising the decision by the supreme court to strike down a texas law that puts tougher restrictions on abortion. 5-3 ruling the justices agree the regulations could make it harder for women to get an abortion. opponents say they were an attempt to shutdown the majority of abortion clings in texas. bob mced donald is claim a huge victory. the court ruled prosecutors went too far in charging mcdonald. they say prosecutors never proved what official act he performed in exchange for gifts and loans. watch dog groups say the
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ruling will make future bribery cases tougher to prosecute. >> in his this protects anyone, most importantly large donor and benefactors, all these types of people a government official kind of promotes them. kind of helps them and sets up meetings, that type of lower level favors. mcdonnell was at a facing up two two years in prison. in statement, mcdonnell thanks the court. the minimum wage is officially going up. mayor bowser signed legislation to raise by 2020. but the wage hike has small businesses concerned about what this could do. the hike is supposed to be gradual. it will go from 10.50 to 11.50 in july and will inc
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president obama weighed in on dc's wage hike commending them for paying more. the scope of the devastation and deadly flooding in west virginia is still coming into focus. >> thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed by the flash floods. they killed at least 23 people. president obama has prepared a federal disaster there. here's fox's kristen. >> reporter: torrential rains drench west virginia causing thousands of homes and businesses to be damaged or destroyed. the flooding is also being blamed at least 23 deaths. >> the people who lost their lives is the first and foremost. we can replace everything else. we can't replace the dear little kids and parents and grandparents we lost as the state attempts to recover, more heavy rain is forecast. just a couple more inches of rain on already saturated grounds could cause flash flooding. a federal disaster has been declared and a state of emergency declared more than
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you counties due to the flood waters. >> we're going to be in a steady state of a couple hundred guards man for a significant period of time for the next several weeks to try to work through this issue. >> it's one of those kind of events we only have maybe once in a lifetime. >> officials are still assessing the damage but losses could total in hundreds of millions of dollars with more than 400 people in shelters and thousands without power. house to house searches are underway for potentially more victims. >> we need you. we need volunteers who want to work. we need people who have resources that wants to help with their money and donations. if they want to send goods, we need that too. we need everything. >> fox news. ♪. we're at 74, pretty heavy degrees out there. >> you're exactly right. heavier this morning, humid, muggy, it will be that way today too. when you have a frontal system going to slice t
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later and east of i95, that's what i think is the greatest likelihood of the greatest coverage of showers and thunderstorms will be later today. it doesn't mean western area, western suburbs northwestern suburbs will be completely dry. it just means stand a less likelihood of getting numerous showers out there today. you can see where the rain is this morning. storm tracker radar shows all a along the eastern shore. nothing else has popped up so far. i think there's a slight chance of that. here's your forecast for the day. humid mixed with heavy air, sticky, muggy, 84 by lunchtime. there could be a thunderstorm around at lunchtime. i don't have that icon on the it's 12:00 hour but it could happen. certainly later other than this afternoon. the concentration of that is i95 into the east late today. upper 80's will feel like 90. here's erin to look as your morning
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5:06 safetrack stage 2 will be in effect. shuttle buts running five, ten minutes, this is affecting the orange, silver and blue lines between eastern market minnesota avenue and benning road. factor in the extra time. no rail or bus service between arlington cemetery and rosslyn, no service between roslyn, use the yellow rush plus running all day and starting july 5th. few days we're going to start with safetrack surge 3 and that will affect the yellow and blue lines coming out of alexandria. we'll keep you updated. as for your current metro ride, aside from the safetrack work, all other rail lines on time. as for the roads, we do have road work and downed wires at parks
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27 and morning star drive caution there. 270 a little bit of increased volume by the truck scales on the southbound side of factor frederick. looking good on east capitol benning road and 295. . coming from fox this morning, house democrats issuing the report on the 2012 benghazi terrorist attacks and the follow-up investigation. a local company has been wooded a multi-million dollar federal contract to manufacture a zika vaccine. it is 74 outside. fox news morning back after this.
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♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ sunsets. capitol hill the republican led benghazi select committee is expected to release its report. nearly two years the gop committee has been investigating the 2012 terror attacks that killed four americans while hillary clinton was secretary of state. it is expected to be highly critical of clinton. yesterday, democrats issued their own version backing the pentagon's decision during that attack. >> this is a republican compromise theory in search of a conspiracy. given all the other theories pending right now. gun violence, maybe they should
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can have actual impact on. >> the report could have repercussions for clinton. . >> is history repeating itself a program after revamped after failing is getting a slow and expensive start. it's aimed at training rebel fighters to take on rebel fighters, but only 100 people graduated from the program since march. the program train to say military leaders on everything from basic combat skills to counter terrorism. 1.1 billion dollars to fight the zeka virus. fell short of the 1.9 billion president obama suggested and suggesting a 750 budget cut at the white house is threatening a veto. regardless senate will be voting on that plan. it is unlikelily health officials say if it is not dealt with quickly it could lead to more cases. gaithersburg maryland could
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manufacturing a possible vehicle for zika. it has been gotten an order to develop and manufacture a possible vaccine. it's hoped to have a vaccine ready for clinical trial by the end of the year. purdue chicken farms, the company announcing a four-part plan overhauling the way it cares for its chicken in hopes of making them happier. it includes bigger chicken houses and natural behavior as well as doubling the activity of its chickens. plan follows the company's decision earlier this year to use birds raised without ant by idiotics for all of it's prepar prepared. they're expected to announce a plan to pull all half of the electricity by the year 2025. the american red cross apologizing for a po
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say is racist. >> after days of severe heavy rain, our neighbors out west are finally going to have dry weather. we're heading to break. a little bit of music for you. hopefully get you going on this tuesday morning. yep. i know the forecast, but sunshine on the way. right now it's 5:12 back more with fox news morning after the break. ♪ are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios
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but for only $7 a month, rid-x is scientifically proven to break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster. rid-x. the #1 brand used by septic professionals in their own tanks. . 5:14. dc police need your help finding a person of interest in connection with a brazen shooting in northeast. take a good look at this newly released surveillance video. you can see the gunman fire multiple shots at someone inside the car. it happened june 1st in the 1,000 block of brentwood road. if you recognize the gunman please call police. west virginia is in recovery
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mode after days of severe rains and heavy flooding. volunteers are showing up. a federal disaster has been declared in three of the hardest hit counties. a state of emergency has been declared because of flood waters and more heavy rain is forecast. 5:15 is your time check. how about a little weather check? it's heavy out there and a little wet. what's in store for the day? you got the answer? >> more thunderstorms. more showers. i don't think everybody gets wet today. i think it's i95 into the east is the greatest chance of showers and thunderstorms. western neighborhoods, northwestern neighborhoods, pretty dry but a chance of shower or thunderstorm. wouldn't surprise me if we don't a couple out there. martinberg. here in dc we're 74. 73 for
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that is the case, raleigh is 75. pittsburgh 67. new york 69. binghamton upstate new york is 66. here's the setup for later. this frontal system is kind of coming through. of we got rain painted all over the area. but again, it still looks to me like i95 to the east is the best of the greatest risk of getting a concentration of showers and thunderstorms later on today. we'll have sunshine too. once the front comes through tonight t for everyone, getting much drier out there, tomorrow, we're dry. more sunshine and a little bit less humidity too. tomorrow looks really nice. once we get through these showers and thunderstorms today. thunder possible, thunder likely east of i95. tomorrow better. you see the numbers today, 87 degrees. add a few there with the humidity, so the heat index is probably 90 to 91. at times later on this afternoon. where are we in terms of the
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morning? moved to the east. we're dry now. at 8:a.m. i'll leave it dry. temperatures in the middle 70's. lunchtime, we'll have sunshine 84. could there be a shower or thunderstorm popping up lunchtime? yes, but not many. looks like most of the activity again will be later on this afternoon into the evening hours again. i can't say this enough. i think most of the rain is i95 to the east. still a chance, western and northwestern neighborhoods getting showers and thunderstorms just not as many late today. mostly sunny, 84 tomorrow, beautiful. storm is possible on thursday, but we do still look pretty dry. more thunderstorms friday, saturday, sunday, kind of a summer time pattern comes in and takes over operating. right now, 4th of july, it's ok, summery. hard to believe we're talking about july
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traffic on 66 looking good, prince william parkway to fairfax let's take a live look outside and show you camera in virginia. traffic is definitely picking up as far as volume is concerned. of no major slowdowns just yet. you can see from the camera. traffic is flowing towards west falls church, no problem, inside the belt way, things in arlington cruising along on 66. west, very quiet as you make your way out. we'll move it back over for a look at our maps and show you other drive times in the area, in prince george's county. quiet that's exactly what you want to see. to same story in fort washington. swan creek road had to livingston. belt way, problem-free, we'll cruise along and we do have a metro update for you t important if you're taking the red line between grove in her and medical center. disabled work unit outside the medical center, because of that we're dealing with single tracking for the red line watch
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aside from that we're tracking safetrack work affecting the orange, blue and silver lines. back to you 5:18 is your time. real-time news tracker. a major victory for same sex couples in mississippi. clerks cannot cite their own religious belief to prevent them from issuing same sex license. a bill was supposed to go into law. volkswagen reportedly reaching a deal. the company expected to pay as much as $10,000 to each owner. and repair or buy back more than 400,000 vehicles. it was supposed to fit many of its cars with somewhere the red cross put apologiz
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activities labeled by white children were labeled ok and safe while the activities of children with color were deemed unsafe and wrong. many called the posted racist and the red cross removed the posters. a bouncer at a dc night club is attacked on the job. an arrest was made but the bouncer is left wondering why the charges were dropped. the brexit vote in britain having an unintended impact. a look at fox's dc region. 5:20 our time out there. heavy outside. we might have more thunderstorms on the way. we'll talk more weather and traffic nba. fox news morning news and weather back after this.
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keep on track with dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies, made with low-fat yogurt and real fruit blended into feel-good flavors like new wildberry. american runs on dunkin'. . fox news morning exclusive, a u.s. navy commander accused of attacking a bouncer at a dc night club is a free man this
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the captain at the 18th street lounge in northwest saturday morning. he's accused of attacking bouncer chris smith with a beer bottle and choking him. brass knuckles and other weapons were used. the district attorney's office says there's no no charges but fox 5 learned there's several witnesses. responding officers were wearing body cameras meaning the aftermath was likely captured. meanwhile smith is now home recovering. there's a meeting in fairfax to discuss the relocation of the community shelter. >> fairfax county government officials are proposing to a put shelter at the lincoln senior shelter. the planning commission will hold a public meeting tonight at 7:30 where they will vote on a proposed temporary homeless shelter. a $200 million hotel will be coming to the national harbor. it will be breaking ground near maryland casino. they're to start construction on it
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by 2017. u.k. vote they don't leave has an unexpected. the dropped more than $300,000. last thursday. it was worth more than $3 million. one day later dropped to $275,000 because of the stock market panic. the u.k. vote to leave the e.u. sent the pound plummeting nearly ten percent on friday. 5:24 is our time. gary, do we need to keep our umbrellas with us today. >> make sure you have them. absolutely. don't do what i did getting caught out in the rain yesterday. had to run to my car and got all wet. here's what's going on. this morning we're drying outlet. storms moved on. everything now is on the eastern shore. i'm watching. i don't know this for sure is going to happen. i think it certainly could. where we could get a little isolated shower or thunderstorm pop-up this morning. there's still instability out
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a lot of humidity and temperatures are very mild. haven't seen it yet. if i don't see it in the next hour, i think we're going to be dry until later on late morning afternoon. just so you know, it's dry out there now, drying up a little bit. that's no doubt going to help. 74 today at 8:00 a.m. going to still be sticky. very mild start. most locations are in the low to mid 70's. 84 by lunchtime and humid. we could have a couple of thunderstorms around by lunchtime. certainly later on this afternoon into the evening hours. highs today upper 80's. it will feel more like 90 or 91. we're going to have pretty good humidity today. i think the greatest chance of -- the most coverage -- put it that way. most coverage of showers and thunderstorms will be i95 off to the east today. there still will be scattered can stuff western and northwestern neighborhoods. there's your forecast. let's get traffic. erin is in with that. 5:25. and right now we do have slow downs in virginia. we're seng
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volume slowing down the speeds. it's approaching k market. 95 to wood bridge also a slow zone. let's take a look at our camera in virginia. south of daly city we have congestion picking up in stafford as you make your way. you can see how slow things are. a lot of semis car, speeds under 20 miles per hour, again, no crash, just heavy volume coming up from stafford. again you hit the slow down to daly city. back to the maps, as we go to maryland we're seeing delays starting to pop up on 270 passing 109. as you make your way from frederick. also a red line delay, single track between grovner and the medical center, we'll take a closer look next. coming up on fox 5 us attorney general loretta lynch will begin -- will be in maryland to discuss youth violence around the country. flying in and out of the united states can require you to hand over all of your interactions on social media.
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take a live look with fox dc region, 5:26. it's tuesday, we can do it. fox 5 news continues after this. .
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. straight ahead, former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is a free man, but the case
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future prosecution of political corruption. height court throws out an abortion law in texas leaving several other states with similar laws in limbo. days of heavy rains and severe flooding our neighbors in west virginia are finally expected to have a day of dry weather. fox 5 news morning starts right now. this is fox 5 news morning. hey, everybody, good morning, thank you so very much for joining us, i'm maureen. >> and i'm holy. it is tuesday, june 28th, gary is here, ready to talk weather. and on on top of all the traffic. let's talk a little news, this is the final week for phase 2 of metro's safetrack program, they're getting ready for 3 and had. fox 5 is live at the metro station with more on what riders should expect. good morning. >> rep
5:31 am
we've seen on some of the other searches, that means that severely reduced service -- very crowded trains, especially during rush hour and this particular surge is notable because it's going to affect service to national airport. surge 3 of 15 planned track surges is going to re to start after july 4th. it is going to shut down service on the blue and yellow lines between braddock road and national airport. so shuttle busses will be the way to go in between those areas. it runs from july 5th to 11th. as we know this comes as metro service is already severely reduced while the second safetrack repair is nearing completion, that's also affected passengers along portions of the blue and yellow lines of some more crowded train, yesterday we had trouble along the yellow line at gallery place in chinatown, during filled with smoke at the peak of rush h
5:32 am
it was a smouldering bolt on the tracks that called the small electrical fire and the smoke incident. one person had to be taken to the hospital for observes for possible smoke inhalation, it was nearly 10:00 p.m. before normal service was back. even though we're seeing these little surges it's supposed to be affecting this part of this line and that line. it really does -- in the whole ecosystem impact everybody, especially in those central areas as well. so yellow line passengers had enough? we will see. metro will hold a press conference later this afternoon about what they say is going to be the majority of the impacts here for surge 3 and 4. back to you guys. speaking of metro, hundreds of metro workers could soon be let go. >> according to a memo sent to staff by metro's general manager. the agency is cutting 500 job. paul weidefeld says he plans to eliminate jobs that he considered redundant. also vacant jobs
5:33 am
essentially. the employees impacted will be laid off over the next couple months. metro has an estimated 13,000 employees. dc police are trying to figure out who shot a woman as she was driving on 295. she was near the pennsylvania avenue exit around 9:20 p.m. when she was hit. that was shot from a moving car. she's expected to be ok. police do not have information about the shooter or the vehicle they were in. civil rights leader reverend walter fauntroy is due to appear in court. >> he was arrested at dulles international airport after he arrived back from years on the run in the middle east. former congressional delegate is accused of writing a bad check for $55,000 back in 2012. he had an outstanding arrest warrants for fractured and failure to appear in court. he was arrested by border patrol officials while clearing customs. the 83 had just stepped o
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flight. he's being held at the loudoun detention center. former virginia governor bob mc-51-c mc-51-c . they went too far in charging hill and never proved that he perform in exchange for gifts and loan. it will make future bribery cases tougher to prosecute montgomery county police want to know if there are more victims of a sexual abuse case involving a teacher. police arrested john vigna and charged him with squally abusing a minor. court documents say the 49-year-old inappropriately touched two of the students. attorney generate loretta lynch calling for more to be done for youth violence. >> speaking in baltimore, she highlighted a record murder rate last year. the increasing crime in cities
5:35 am
people and is now an issue of both public safety and health. some hundreds of federal and local official to say from around country. let's turn to baseball. nationals rallied in the third. they scored five times in the inning and go on to thrash the mets 11-4. . 5:35 is your time this morning. good morning, gary. what's going on? >> it's a terrific tuesday. what about you? >> i like that. that's good. let's make you the better. that's what we can do today. that's like our gift to everyone. 74 degrees right now in the city. it's pretty muggy out there. humid, 72 from manassas, culpeper is 71. couple of spots along i 81.
5:36 am
winchester, martinsberg and the showers and thunderstorms have cleared the area, off to the east along the eastern shore. i don't see anything else developing. let's see look north. no. south, no, looks good, we're drying things out. that's good news for your the commute. here's erin. he's in. look for your tuesday, terrific tuesday morning traffic. >> i like your glass is half full today. unfortunately for tuesday morning, if you're taking the red line in addition to the safetrack work we have going on affecting the orange, blue and silver, they're single tracking grovenor medical center, because of that anticipate delays both directions. of we'll let you know how that's shaping up, any questions at erin fox 5 dc. take a bus to avoid getting stuck. fallen power lines that we're dealing with. police are out there but lanes are remaining open in clarksberg. clarkberg road at louis dale. in maryland two slow downs 50 from 202 to
5:37 am
as you pass 109 through urban that a. we'll take you updated on that. 66 eastbound about centerville. 95 eastbound through daly city next. coming up on fox news this morning, the judge in the stanford rape sentencing cases is once again making headlines for a new controversial decision. a world famous luckry hotel will soon house some of the most sought after real estate in the country. . the sun coming up on this tuesday morning. traffic moving pretty well right there. but rain is on the way. grab the umbrella. more details when we come back fox 5 this morning. ♪ ♪
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keep on track with dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies, made with low-fat yogurt and real fruit blended into feel-good flavors like new wildberry.
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. department of homeland security taking steps to monitor the social media accounts to those visiting the u.s. in a bid to identity potential threats. the agency is expected to ask people to reveal their social media identity. however, travelers would not be required to answer the questions and would only be for those without a vis or staying up to 90 days. the california judge who handed down a controversial rape sentencing is coming under fire again. of this as he's expected to sentence a latino man accused of nearly the same crime they don't three
5:41 am
you may remember he sentenced brock turner to six months in jail. in this case, the man is accused of assaults hi female roommate but like turner he has no criminal record. volkswagen agreed to a 14.7 billion dollars settlement making it the largest auto settlement in u.s. history. it would also repair or buy back the diesel vehicles and pay each owner between 5 and $10,000. it is still needs a judge's approval. final plans are in the works to convert the waldorf on a in new york into condos, a chinese bought it last year and plans to close it up to three years and transformer more than 1,000 hotel rooms, once the project is complete there will be three to 500 luxury guest rooms available. >> fans. 5:41. coming up on fox 5 news morning.
5:42 am
can make all the difference. if one group passes its way you could soon be taxed for the miles on your owe odometer rather than the fuel. let's take a look at the dc region. there we go. 5:42. that is at the running mate challenge. pop us up holly. we'll do the running man challenge. >> ok, go to break. fox 5 news coming back after this. ♪
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about 5:'45 45 on tuesday morning, the ceo of takata. as the auto parts supplier in a long running recall crisis. shares in takata plunging nearly 70 percent. the company is still seeking a financial backer to help it handle the cost of a massive recall of potentially deadly airbags. quarter till 6:00. traffic is flowing but you can just see the air. i mean, hanging there. it's not good when you can actually see it, gary. you know what i'm saying? >> that's all we need to say this morning. it's going to stay humid all day. but, just today. because there's some drier stuff coming in. so tomorrow, we get this, the humidity out of here. at least it won't be as humid tomorrow. it will be a little cooler, but today, this morning, humid out. 74 degrees. as i said before, any time we start off the morning in the 70's, area-wide, you know,
5:46 am
humid out there. here's futurecast kind of showing you what's going on. showerings off to the east of us this morning. couple of showers pop up even around lunchtime to today. it does look like the best risk of showers and thunderstorms will be i95 to the east today. you see a little bit popping up back out to the north and western suburbs. it's few and far between out there. from the district off to the east late this afternoon, that's where the greatest risk of showers and thunderstorms will be. doesn't mean it's completely dry north and west but again, the way it's setting up around this frontal system, most unstable air will be to the east of us. really dc east and then by later on this evening, notice a little shower or thunderstorm moving through northern sections of i95 there in northern baltimore county. enhanced risk of thunderstorms possible today. that means were could see a couple of strong storm, maybe something severe. i do believe that's going to be east of i95. slight risk of severe weather or a better risk for severe weather
5:47 am
into pennsylvania. of parts of jersey and new york. again, watch out for this afternoon, thunderstorms will happen. there's the fronts this afternoon. moving through tonight. pushes all the way down to southern sections of virginia towards cape hatteras and central north carolina. that allows the drier, less humid somewhat cooler air to settle in for tomorrow. so the way it's looking for tomorrow, once this front comes through, less humid, everything looks real good. we'll deal with the thunderstorms damage high temperatures upper 80's and with the humidity today, it will feel like 90 to 91 with the feels like temperature tomorrow, dry, only 84 degrees for a high temperature. so it will be a nice little break from the humidity and for the next self days, we're talking about it's going to feel like summer around here, mid to upper 80's, chance for thunderstorms possibly every day. right now july 4th not looking bad. tuesday morning, we're calling it terrific tuesday. why not? >>. it's a good
5:48 am
>> taking a look at at the cram, it's trephining that's moving. coming in from annapolis this morning on 50, this is by vista road. you can see the traffic is definitely picking up but we're not seeing major delays outside the belt way, so that's good news. switch it over to a look at our maps and also, gary, it's terrific that the westbound traffic heading out of town is quiet towards annapolis. disabled a vehicle at blade he knowsberg. forrestberg taking out a right lane, in clarksberg. also power lines clarkberg at lulls lewis dale road. on 28 northbound between manassas and we're also dealing with 66 eastbound usual congestion and 95 northbound and staff ford between
5:49 am
6:10. four miles will take you seven minutes. we have congestion slowing you down. we're also dealing with single tracking grovenor to medical center on the red line. watch for delays there. we'll keep you posted, maureen and holly. fox 5 confirming dc police shot a person last night. happening in the 200 block of bar numb street. investigators still on that scene and parts of the street are blocked off. it's unclear why the person was shot or what the condition is this morning. 5:49 is your time. we'll take a look at the. the supreme court decision to strike down a texas abortion law. dozens of other similar state laws under the microphone. ten other states have clinical restrictions similar to that. six of those, there is ongoing litigation and legal experts say those laws will now look like.
5:50 am
for a tweet about the texas supreme court ruling. the late night show tweeting celebrate the go knock someone up in texas. a lot of people quick to call it distasteful and argue abortion is not something to joke about. they did defend itself saying friends we are certainly not promoting abortion. how about we take a walk in the park? turns out doing so for just 30 minutes a week could approve our health. researcher found a little nature does, indeed do the body good and can help lower your blood pressure. it can also help lower your risk of depression. >> 30 minutes in a week? we can find that: . more people rent than ever before. >> montgomery county officials are considering a bill that would give people who rent security. the bill would require landlords to offer two-year lease renewals, standardized leases and more property inspections. >> that bill is expected to go before the
5:51 am
this year. the fight against alzheimer's disease, some doctors say they have found a way to reverse memory loss with diet and lifestyle changes. >> the 36-point plan does not rely on drugs. it includes yoga, getting eight hours of sleep. exercising six times a week. training game and low suring diets. researchers say it's fighting it on multiple front instead of using a drug to treat one or two symptoms. >> it's 5:00 somewhere. >> drinking alcohol can increase your chances of cancer. a new study reveals even moderate drinkers are at a heightened risk. indulging later on two drinks can put you at a greater risk for breast and bowel cancer. it's also linked to cancer of mouth larynx and liver. who knows about these health studies. maps and as pertain are
5:52 am
forces. pepsi will reintroduce a new investigation diet peptize, comes one year after one year of removing it over questions about questions about its health effects. it will be called diet pepsi classic sweetener blend. it will remain pepsi's primary calorie free cola. as per tanya has been linked to cancer in lab mice. what gives you cancer last year healthy this year. >> ikea they're going to recall millions of their dressers linked to the deaths of three children. >> their popular mom dressers can fall over if there's no correctly fastened to the wall. the store will offer full refunds or store credits to anyone purchased the furniture. ikea started a repair program last year after two kids
5:53 am
killed. after a third child died, they decided to stop selling them altogether and recall them. hotheads up for those who buy nature valley protein bars. general millions is recalling protein chewy and nut bars in four flares thoney and hole magazines, peanuts almonds, roasted peanut honey and almond and cashew and sea salt. so far there have been no reports of illness. a group representing east coast states wants tax drivers for mileage. >> the group known as the i95 corridor coalition applied for a grant to test at the idea. the drivers miles will be calculated and invoices sent monthly. take a look at this, jay leno surviving a flip over crash. the driver lost control of the car and flipped. you see it there. amazing. the form re late night host when was filming an epi
5:54 am
show. jay leno's garage. the stunt driver was trying to show off one of his tricks but he lost control during the stunt. leno and it's driver are both fine. >> scary stuff. >> yes. all right. there we go. that's what i was waiting for. turn that music up. it's time to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. meet deborah pierce. she's been watching fox 5 more than 25 years. >> wow. she said she starts her morning every day. she says we do an amazing job relies on kevin to keep her updated and gets this, deborah turned 55 on june 24th. what night cream are you using? we need to know about it. >> i was guessing 29. 55? ok. that cocoa butter. >> i was guessing 35. watching for 25 ea
5:55 am
thinking maybe she started at ten. >> the only way i look to good is if i put that filter on. that's exactly right. here's temperatures, mild and muggy, 74 in quantico, 75 down here, it's a little cooler only still lower 70's. 70 now back up to 70 for winchester and martinsberg right now is at 67 k clouds, showers starting to move on out. certainly the rain moved to the east. headed out towards the shore. nothing else firing up. looks like this morning as the sun comes up we're going to see it as the clouds are breaking up and moving on. humid this morning, 74, 84 lunch's time. we could have a shower or thunderstorm most of the activity today will be i95 off to the east. that doesn't mean western or northwestern suburbs will be completely dry. but the best chance of rain and thunderstorms will be just off to the east of the district today. then up north to baltimore and into jersey and new york and pennsylvania and places like that. there's your
5:56 am
your day. here's erin. as long as it's moving a little bit. it's not terrible right now. right now 5:56. we do have fallen power lines, police on location lanes are open. clarksberg road in clarkberg in district. cleared new yoree
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