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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  September 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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behind a presidential candidate. it's not the one you may h aventia expected.expected. fox news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> good morning, i'm mauer.r. >> and i'm wisdom martin. today is labor day, mondayda september 5th. good morning to you. to you. gary mcgrady, walking in,n, doing weather, erin como is doing traffic coming up. coming. >> okay. we want to starter the newsrtert this monday morning inng alexandria. police are searching for thehine person who raped a the woman says she wass e abducted and sexually assaulted while on the jobhe saturday afternoon in the 200 block of south picket street. the victim was alone when ahen man approached her and pullednde out a gun. g >> we have no reason to no son believe that she knew thew t suspect at this point.his p that's why it's so alarming. arm stranger sexual assaults are very, very rare in alexandrialei and so for one to happen ino the middle of the day isay is alarming.alarming. >> ly the woman was able to ae t call for help once the mane t m left. police are asking anyone withe w information about this case torm give themab a call. c tropicalto
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causing destruction the storm brought strong wind and heavy rainout ss. this morning parts of floridaraf remains flooded. flood the storm system drenchingthe dostorzens om f communities in e carolinas and virginia. virgini many homes and businesses wereie left damaged and in the dark. >> tidal flood every now and then on the nor'easter but'easte this right here, nobody expected this.s. >> officials are warningrearni trill seekers to stay awayll ss from the thean many beaches remain closedn through the holiday >> on the campaign trail reaction to dom donald trump'sds immigration policy someone som wondering if he's shifting hisg plan to deport illegal >> the trump campaign is trying to clarify his position on immigration.mmigrati mike pence says undocumentedum immigrants would be treated humanely but gave no details des on how the gop nominee wouldou deal with the millions currently living and workingtlyd peacefully in the cou
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>> we're going to build aui wall. we're going to enforce thetonfoe laws of this country. we're going to end catch and release. release. we'll do all of the things thatwe a politicians in bothns political parties have been talking about for more than a generation.genera >> one of trump's top supporters rudy giuliani giu insists the candidate isdate is backing away from mass deportation. giuliani said that he would -- - he finds this -- it's very it've difficult to believe a president trump would deport a family who has been here foreene 15 years and have children wholw are citizens. citens. >> another round of legal woes l could be facing bobe faciob mcdonell. mcdone the washington post reporting ri federal prosecutors are seeking a retrial forr mcdonnell. this past june hois conviction on public corruption chargesonrg was overturned by the supreme court. analysts say another up iction could end up att. the high court. prosecutors have -- -- >> time check in with gary wh mcgrady and talk it was a very interestingesti weekend. ek some people still getting hiteth with what's going
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storm. >> right much but other than that up this way i found itthath was a perfect weekend.eeke cooler temperatures.perature >> you're exactly right and, a you know, thank goodness that hermine stayed far enough offstf shore that really what wear e gt here was just some of thef clouds wrapping around therappin system, more so on saturday. and then by sunday it wasy beautiful obviously. the beaches weren't even that out onutot of folks the boardwalk even on saturday r with this storm.s storm so, it's off shore now. look, movement is barely moremo than 3 miles per hour pressurers is down below 30 -- down below a thousand millibars. its technically called post tropical cyclone herm.yclo you seat winds there not quite post tropical hurricanel hri strength. not ever forecast to be. that. that it's stuck out there bumpingum into high pressure to the north of us so it's going tointt stay around for quite awhile,wh at least for the next couple coe of days and it's l
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what's going to happen is it may kind of retrograde, fancygrf word, back to the west and wees could get a couple of cloudsud from that today.t tod it's definitely going to be breezy, definitely warm.nitelya. the humidity today stays in t sa check so it's reallyll comfortable even though we gethe up into the basically theal t upper 80's. winds will be 10 to 20.0. couple of gusts higher than hhe that, too, so just so you know. other than that, looks like it's going to be a gorgeousoi toholiday out there later on this afternoon. winchester 87. culpeper 88.8. fredericksburg 87.ks annapolis not bad, 86 leonardtown by the water there e 83 degrees.83 deg so, all things considered,d, beautiful holiday you knowful what, though, erin como all things considered it has beenhae a gorgeous holiday weekenday wke here for us. and it was doable at the beaches.ache it was doable. >> i didn't make it to theto beach but i enjoyed the weather. to your labor day commute it is nice and quiet. if you're heading to the
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to ocean city maryland 50 is50 wide open. de o bay bridge moving along fine. quiet on 95 northbound andun and southbound. no worries there as you head o outside the beltway makingay your way to the jersey shore. 270 southbound also we are tracking some breakingren news in the northeast section sc of the district. distr hearne and person hit by aarnede car. that crash is under investigation. poinlice activity blocking two lanes eastbound of new york avenue. it's closed between montana and bladensburg twola c rlodoa r traffic is getting by but veryy slowly so please use cautionasus there. the good news is traffic istris very quiet right now. n you can always keep it to i rhode island to get around that one. as we get aund forward our mapse show you a look in princein george's county. we're at speed looking ygeeally nice through oxon hill on the hn inner loop. inne no worries across the wilson thw bridge. could be a nice day to spend s in z along by the national harbor.or. prince william at speed from fro prince william parkway to fairfax county parkway.. metro gearing up for the holiday adjusted at 7:00.t:0 that's your look at traffic. tr.
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wisdom. wi >> 4:35 is the tim coming up, one of those decorated players in theplay history of the naval academyca has landed a job in the nfl.fl. >> democrats forced to deal forl with even more fallout fromallof the hillary clinton e-mail eai scandal. >> as we head to breaksc a-livev look outside across the dmvthe and a perfect song for the day. this is bruno mars singing thern lazy song. f type o >> every day is that type ofe of day. >> we're back after this. >> ♪
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>> 4:38 is the time a thirda thi party presidential candidateen gets the backing of a virginia i newspaper and more drama for hillary clinton and the e-maial scandal. >> holly morris is standing bygy with our realtime news n tracker.acr. holly. >> good morning to both of you. yo good morning, everybody on this labor day.od m libertarian johnson's quest tost give voters a third party option got a boost.oo an editor posted over t
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weekend the newspaper said thewt former new mexico governor iso a man of good intug teg are are the normal ego and sound sou ideas. now the -- next up democrats dea are playing the blame game inme the latest round of drama over hillary clinton's e-mails. e-m now they insist it was her was h aides not clinton who were at fault for the confusion oversior procedures related to e-mails. e-m. on friday, the fbi released notes from mrs. chins julyul interview where she said on 39n occasions she didn't recall or couldn't understand thesion procedures.s shdn't underures. clinton first publiclyubcl insisted she never received or r sent classified e-mails. eai she later said the e-mails e-mls weren't classified at theif time.time and finally, former navyy quarterback keenan reynolds issi staying in baltimore. baltimore after being rehe leased by the ravens on saturday in order too meet the nfl's 53 man roster rte reynolds was brought backac sunday to join the team's
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practice squad.acqu the ravens drafted reynolds innn the sixth round em scored 88 rushing touchdowns whiles w playing at navy.g at ny. >> good for him.>> gd f i was glad toor hear that he's ' back on the practice squad. squd >> yes. >> hopefully more doors openoreo up for him.up for him. >> thank you holly. holly. coming up, president obama e hassi a face-to-fdeace meetingei with russian presidentde vladimir putin. >> an outflavor italy after a french magazine poked fun at the italian >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region. reg time right now 4:40 and it ist i a really comfortablefortab 57 degrees outside.. fox news morning back after a this. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox news morning police search for the man responsible for kidnapping and rapingorningfo a lrifideguardnan alexandria.alexandria. >> hermine continues its march up the east coast forcing the eachesuphe east coast beaes this labor day. >> looking live outside labor day 2016 will be remembered for the low humidity and coold temperatures. we're talking the mid to upper m 80's. to80's. don't get used to it, summer isn't done with us yet. t ooh, boy. good morning.oo thank you for joining us.nining. i'm maureen umeh.meh. >> and i'm wisdom martin. mti today is a great day. >> national cheese pizza day.izy >> really?>> reall >> i saw it in the cue.ue >> okay, all right. erin como has got>> o some traff and gary mcgrady is going tong talk weather right
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there's still some things thatnt some people are in this t whole -- when i say region iegin mean the east coast have to deal with. >> it's national labor day.ay >> national labor day andationao pizza day. pizz >> i didn't see it in the cue.ue >> yeah. >> i don't >> i don't know what the cue t is so i don't know to look. here's 67 degrees right nowghtow outside, the temperature,ratu that's here in d.c. annapolis is 66 degrees.s. winchester 55. culpeper kind of chilly, 55 erere. lots of 50's out this morning. i we have clear skies.ear ski we have this north wind coming down on the backside hermine,bae so that's bringing in slightlygl cooler temperatures for us. u you heard maureen saint.en saint low humidity.idity. it's so nice out. o we're going to warm up todaypod but it's not going to be hot. it's not going to be muggy ore r sticky. st there are the clouds off toudo the east of us. us. that's all on the backside of hermine. hermine is forecast tech nick to move a little bit westwardtwr today, may actually
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of the cloud shield back tod ba the west and that means i mea i think today we see a few moree high clouds perhaps than what w we saw yesterday.rd it will stay dry.ry. it's going to be warm. war it's going to be breezy.'s g temperatures obviously starting off in the 50'sng a tns 60's this morning. morng but with a relatively dry atmosphere, lots of sunshine,e, temperatures warm up into theine upper 80' 80' there's your forecast on this labor day.r day it's gorgeous.orgeous. how about some traffic on this t labor day. >> 4:45. want to keep everyone movingg around the dmv if you're off yor and you want to enjoy thenjoy te district and you're taking metro labor day schedule,ule, metro service kicking in at in 7:00 and lasting until midnight. a lot of adjustments acrosscros the rail line.rail l blue and orange line buses bus replacing train service servi between stadium-armory benning minnesota avenue for scheduleden ue ftrack work they're trying to gethey' done on this holiday wiw the red line single trackingckig between silver spring and glenmont for cableable installation. i have all the metro rail lines tweeted atinall erin foxx d.c. on twitter to keep youou moving. if you have any questions letsto me know.
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sunday schedule.chede. majors looking good. goo the beltway quiet but a person o hit by car in the districtn the right now. active police investigation.ti watch for lanes blocked. block we'll have live look at that sh'll ortly. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thanks erin. now back to that distbaurbing>> story out of s alexandria where a lifeguard was abducted and sexuallyll assaulted while on the job.ob mornow this morning police arehi searching for the suspect andusa answers.answers. fox5's anjali hemphill joinsloi us now live with the good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. reporteg, yeah,gu this story especially ea chilling mainly because policese say it happened in the p middlel of the day at a community pool that serves the hill woodilwood townhome development here off o south picket street. even though the victim sayss she didn't see anyone elsee els around police are hoping sincegn this is a large neighborhoodoo complex that someone saw someonw something that could help them.thing police say this assault happened around 2 o'clock on o saturday afternoon over theve t labor day holiday weekend whennn pools are usually packed asackes you kno but we had that cooler weather r
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no one else was apparentlyarentl around at the time and thiss 24-year-old victim was able toet call police after the assaultssu and she told them a man with a a gun grabbed her, pulled her h into a community room near theno poolm and raped her and investigators are obviouslybv still out looking for the man.o theyfor say the vic stimm traumatized and neighbors arersa pretty shook up.prettyok u the suspect is described as ad s tall thin man in his 30's withsh short hair and dark eyes.arkyes. police say he had a gray gra hoodie on light colored jeans and was wearing a blue baseball cap. if you know anything that could help alexandria p ice p you are urged to call them. we're live in alexandria thisxa morning, anjali hemphill, fox5 local news.ew >> the storm once known asnown hurricane hermine is intensifying packing heavy heavy rains as it crawls up north. nth >> it's churning up dangerousges waves and currents along thed cl atlantic beaches. beaches. governors all along the t eastern seaboard announcing ann emergency preparations.ra many beaches along the the northeast including ocean citynn are closed through the
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holiday. today president obama is meeting with leaders of the world's top economy at his final g20 summit in china. chi sharp differences between bwe regional powers are already threatening to derail consensus on global trade anddea economic growth.ic groh. leaders from russia turkey and a the u.s. trying to reach anea a agreement on the ending of thegt civil war in syria. syr president obama met privatelyrie with russian presidentre vladimir putin.vladir p two men agreed to continueontinu discussions about a ceasefire ca in syria. syr the discussions came hoursthe di after the u.s.scussions and rusi diplomats failed to reach aneach agreement on providing aide to civilians in the war torn war t country. >> this weekend thousandsusds turned out at saint peter's pets square to watch pope francisch e watch over the canonizationatio service for mother teresa astera she was declared a saint.nt >> fox's amy kellogg reports. r. >> reporter: one of its highest honor>>s on mother teresa. pope francis declaring the
4:49 am
albanian nun a saint. sai >> let us carry her smile in our hearts and give that smilehe to those we meet along our to journey. >> reporter: tens ofureporte ten thousands of pilgrims attendedee the canonization. a huge portrait hung from saint peter's basilica. some 1500 homeless people were bussed into the vatican andicand given southeast honor at thegive mass and then served a pizza lunch by nuns. nuns. >> mother teresa has helped mead a lot. the concept of love. >> reporter: known as the saint of the gutters motherrs m teresa was revered for her work with the poor in india a special mass was celebratedebrae the the missionaries ofsion charity the order she foundedhed in calcutta. >> help all people and everybody. in our mind she's already a saintism mother teresa died ind 1997 at the age of 87 and was beatified in 2003. 200 that's the first step towardtepa sainthood. pope francis then cleared the way last year when hethoo recognizedpo ar seconend h mirc attribute
4:50 am
on sunday the pontiff admitted m he may find it hard to call her saint teresa since herin h tenderness was so [speaking foreign language]inign >> the interpreter: we mighter: have some difficulty in calling her saint teresa. with great responder nay 80 i 'link we'll continue to callk herl mother trees monday will be the 19thhe 19t anniversary of mother teresa's death making her canonizationn extremely quick by vatican vatic standards only pope john paulul ii canonized two years ago was made a saint faster in thein t modern era.ra in rome amy kellogg fox news n isn't coming up, outrage inra i italy after a french magazine me poked fun at the italian earthquake. >> a hit at the box officers oic this weekend kept moviegoersovie asking for more. >> as we head to break right now live looks we hea outside aa the dmv, the time 4:50, 4 temperature 67 degrees.7 degree back after this.
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>> ♪ >> outrage in italy at the french satire magazine charlie l hebdo. the mayor of one of italy's hardest hit towns called it ant offense.nse. nearly 300 people were killed kd in the earthquake.thque. >> don't breathe topped the>> box office for the second dbo straight week. w it earned nearly $16 million.iln it's now taken in a total of of mourn 40 million tons it's notin bad for a film with a budgets d of less than 10 million.ll don't breathe is about a groupd' of teens who picked theeathe wa house to rob. suicide squad came in second place. "pete's dragon" was in third place.e. >> had you ever heard of don't breathe. >> i don't>> hbrea do
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the guinness book of world r records disqualified the the 46-foot sand structure built by a team of artists in a germantown.germ the castle was disqualified on a technicality.icalit the team used wooden bracesn and that is a my goodness look at that. t >> that is crazy. >> hats off to you. >> interesting.nteresting. >> yeesh. >> gary mcgrady good morning. on.'s going>> ye >> the 76 lost part of its nose, too. t that would have to disqualify it. >> oh, gary.>> oh,ary. >> maureen you know what i'm>> talking about. >> i do. >> that was bad. mreen you k . sorry wisdom. haas badsorr wis >> oh, i got it. [laughter] >> 55 manassas.ansa for those of you at home hom you're can you have brewery eyed thisyo morningu' i know the sphinx doesn't have all its i nose. nose. 55 degrees for leonardtown, 58rn for
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if you have to be up and outndut early then maybe a light a jacket or a sweater is going goi to be needed in spotsn spots especially way up there in the suburbs. su how aboutbu temperatures later today on this labor day with the tropical cyclone off to the east of us things are it will be a little breezy.reez. winds will be 10 to 20 and to 20 occasional gusts higher thanr tn that, okay. th a few clouds, too, later on after lunch.ftunch you might see a few of thesef t high clouds, a couple of midid level clouds all circulatingcuti around hermine.ermine we're on the west side of that, too.'re we're kind of on the fringes of that. of t so, don't be surprised if you iy see some more clouds towardss ts the shore obviously. 87 degrees for a high in fredericksburg. 83 leonardtown, 86 annapolis. again here in town 88. 8 humidity stays in check so it really is going to be a super sr nice labor day. labor we're in for more hot h temperatures this week. i'll show you the seven dayhe sy coming up in just a bit. a bit right now we have to get to gett erin como 'cause no doubt nou she's busy this morning. >> oh, gary, that statement was oozing with
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sarcasm this labor day.laboay. taking a quiet look at 270. 270 traffic flowing freel on the southbound side frederick to the spur. we don't have any typical t s morning congestion just headed northbound up to deep dee creek things on 270 north0or flowing freely as well.sel we have breaking news we'rews we tracking in the district. dist. a person hit by a car. car police activity blocking twoingw eastbound lanes on new yorkn ne avenue between montana and bladensburg. caution there. we certainly have asburg. live c on the way.on t we'llhe keep you updated on thaa situation.siation. taking metro maybe you canou can need to get to work at a and a you're curious how they're operating, it's an adjust ha justed schedule.ed open at 7:00 a.m. through single tracking on the redhe red line from silver spring to glenmont.glenmont. all red line trains plan to operate every six to 20 minutes. mi definitely spaced out more than we typically teal 15 minutes wiehle-reston eastre and ballston on the silverilve line. as you take the orange and a blue line free shuttle serviceve will replace rail servicevice between stadium
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orange line.ange lin as for the yellow line trainstrs operating only between huntington and mount vernonno square. ua no alerts for the green line. ln any questions on fox5 d.c. on twitter.twter. metrobus operating on a sundayy schedule.schedule >> nationals work to securelsork their division lead in new york. >> growing tensions after the north files a until protest of the g20 summit.mi >> here's a live look. a new song titled rival fromalro our man usher. 67 degrees is your67 degrees i temperature. fox news morning bs ack afteryor this. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> today on fox news morningsor police search for the man t responsible for kidnapping andp raping a lifeguard inngifeg alexandria.exan >> hermine continues its marchnm up the east coast forcing theori closure of a number of beachesea this labor day.abay. >> looking live outside labor day 2016 will be remembered for the low humidity and, ooh,oo nice cooler temperatures.peture. we're talking the mid to upper 80's.80 >> good morning to you.oou we're glad you're with us on this labor day. thanks for joining us. i'm holly morris.thanks mris. >> and i'm maureen umeh today. t is labor day mondayay mday september 5th. as we s aid gary mcgrady iscgdy going to be standing by withyit your weather and erin is goingoi talk about traffic we haveic h


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