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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  October 25, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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indians, they swept boston. it only took them five games to get past toronto. they have not scored a run after the sixth inning in the postseason, that's unbelievable. >> john: it really is, credit to their bullpen shutting it down. >> joe: that's off the end of the bat. rizzo flips for the out, good work by the chicago bullpen. sens game one into the eighth inning, two old friends, two young stars of the game fun. game one, indians waited 3-0. lead it 3-0. tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto? was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital
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>> order for chicago. that means fowler, bryant, rizzo. dexter fowler is 0 for 3, the top three spots in this lineup for the cubs in this game one right now zero for mike nine with four strikeouts. it was the three, four, five hitters struggling early in that an lcs before they really kicked into gear starting in game four. bryant has been solid throughout.
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davis, wind holds it up, and fowler is 0 for 4. there's our set, coming up after tonight's game, baseball's most talked about postgame show, kevin, a-rod, frank, and pete break down tonight's game that's next over on fs1, or watch it live on fox sports go. reminder for tomorrow, we are the air on fs1 at 6:00 eastern, not 7:00 eastern everything moved and up an hour because of the rain it's in the forecast for cleveland. first pitch at 7:08. ball one inside to bryant.
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94 from miller, a ball and a strike. >> john: tremendous extension out of miller, almost looks like he's literally throwing halfway from the rubber to the catcher. >> joe: that's just inside as the closer for cleveland, cody allen gets loose. >> john: the more you think that this process that terry francona is utilizing in the postseason cannot do this during the regu these guys would not stay healthy. in the postseason, a condensed version of a series with off days, terry francona can't use his bullpen for multiple innings. >> joe: coming off five days of rest at the end of the alcs, that's outside.
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>> john: it makes it so tough as we saw in the previous inning, 3-2 is not your traditional three have a two fastball go ahead and see how far you can hit it. he can throw his fighter at any time and feed off the aggressiveness of the hitter trying to catch up to his heater. >> joe: a one-out that the second walk handed out by miller. >> john: hurt his what it looks like what so nasty about this? every one of them looks like a strike and they end up out of the zone. a 17 throne last inning. only five or thrown for strikes but every one of these looks like it's crossing the plate especially this last one right here. that's why ross couldn't hold his swing. tremendous tilt, staying on top of the ball. the arm angle and the spin, tough to pick up.
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was with the bases loaded. two out and a three heaven to count. a slider from miller who came back after falling behind on the count with a strikeout end of this check swing. now rizzo. >> john: miller faces so many right-handers as you can imagine out of the pen that his angle to right-handers and his slider almost better than the angle he tries to create against of course, rizzo right on top of the plate he's going to have to start it at his hip. >> joe: one ball, one strike. a >> john: the point is when a pitcher looks at an area where he wants a pitch to end up against a right-hander, there's a lot of space. a left-hander, he sees him throwing across his body trying to sweep that pitch across the plate.
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rizzo tonight has popped up three times. check swing, he didn't go, counts andrew miller had walked only to this postseason, and 11 2/3 innings. rizzo did hold up coming into tonight's game he's walked to hear tonight. >> john: rizzo choking up with two strikes as he normally does. >> joe: that will get out of play.
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came in the middle of august, august 17th against the white sox. since then, 18 for 18 in nailing down wins. the guy in the bullpen, cody allen, 5 for 5 this postseason. right now, it's miller. 2-2. full count. >> john: so far, the cubs again, seeing a miller is going to be a theme they know they would like to avoid in this series. the more looks they get at him, you would think gives them a better chance later in the series. >> joe: 3-2. got under it again, this one into shallow center, davis is there and has it for out to
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with two out and a runner at first, the batter will be zobrist. zobrist has had a nice night. two out of three and his hit back in the seventh, second of the night, chased corey kluber. cubs had the bases loaded, nobody out, could not get a run home. bryant at first, two out, ball one.
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certainly terry francona is not concerned whatsoever about tomorrow, he wants today to go the way he wants and put that win in the books. the cubs have made miller work. >> joe: they usually make pitchers work. they got aggressive against clayton kershaw in game six in the nlcs. speeds taking a strike. that's called a strike one, 2-1. he questions the home plate umpire larry vanover. that's a base head into right center field! going over to third is bryant on the third hit of the night for ben zobrist. with that, the tying run is coming up.
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>> john: you can't write a script for that. >> joe: andrew miller, and what he's done that. you see the run differential, three runs up, came on in the seventh. he's in the eighth. they trust him, he's delivered. but now it's schwarber. >> john: let's see if schwarber sits on a fastball first pitch. he's really good in his first at-bat taking sliders. >> joe: strike one. schwarber doubled off the wall in the fourth, walked against andrew miller in the seventh. just activated.
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attendance in his knee that he suffered on april 7th. under the radar, he got ready. here he is. and he has been disciplined. >> john: you can't sit on his slider, you have to sit on his fastball and hope he makes a mistake with his slider in the area you're looking for the fastball. anything outside you have just take and a so far he has. sometimes a pitcher can be so nasty the hitter looks good at taking it. he was just fooled and could hit it. >> joe: two balls and two strikes. >> john: that was the one, the pitch up, the high slider. schwarber just misses it. >> joe: highest pitch count in
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about cialis and a $200 savings card. >> joe: cubs got andrew miller to bend, he didn't break. 46 pages, that's the most for him in any game this season. three strikeouts. it's interesting looking ahead it to tomorrow night in game two, will get into that in a second. grimm back to work, santana. , ball one. >> john: here's the first thing he's going to say to his manager tomorrow. skip, i'm good. he's never not wanted to pitch, that's what makes him so valuable. to the indians.
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two, out of play. he'll make his third postseason start, he's got to know decisions. game one against boston in the division series, he didn't go five. he's seen the video of him in game three of the a lcs in toronto with that wound on his pinky, his pitching hand gushing blood to. he only want two-thirds of an inning. that's a strike, strike two on santana. i know where you're going with that, andrew miller is always going to want to pitch but that was a long effort here tonight for the big left-hander. >> john: yes it was. i still think that's what he'll tell him whether he puts him n or not. the theme of tonight has been for me this cubs lineup can hit a fastball. if you can spin the baseball which there are a lot of guys on this indians team that can do it, you get a chance to wiggle out of trouble.
11:19 pm
on. seven, or six of them with runners in scoring position. that's of the indians have gotten in and out of trouble when they've been there. >> joe: this one bounces in and he went around as contreras blocked it. santana strikes out one away in the eighth. >> john: speaking of spinning the baseball, that's exactly what grimm did here. >> joe: with one out, here's jose ramirez. looking for his fourth hit. the last and only cleveland indian with a four hit game in the world series, wertz in game one in in the 1954 fall clas, known for hitting a fly ball to willie mays met polo grounds that he chased down.
11:20 pm
game. two singles and a double and an rbi. ball and a strike from justin grimm. >> john: it doesn't matter to him, right or left-handed, he has shown to be super comfortable at the plate all year. >> joe: got underage, into center for dexter fowler. two out, nobody on, and i are coming up. junior home run derby loves kids 14 and under to compete for the national home run derby championship at the 2017 all-star game. sign-up today host of free competition at your local community at jr guyer is 0 for 2, hit by a pitch
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loaded to drive home a run. second run of the inning, a home run off the bat of roberto perez, the fourth made it 3-0, the pitching of kluber and andrew miller, next will be cody allen, shutout of the cubs six hits. 1-0 pitch to erin charlton who's with stats incorporated with the boot tonight, tells us in world series game one history all time, there are three pitchers with nine or more strikeouts and no runs allowed, and the history of the world series and kluber is on that list now. bob gibson in 1968 against the tigers. allie reynolds, 19 to 49, the
11:22 pm
2-0 pitch. it's a curveball from grimm, 2-1. heavy assist from don a hart h working back in the office all the stats we throw at you in the postseason. happy to have those guys help us. here's a 2-1. boy, grimm pitches here in game one. 2-2. >> john: i've said he can spin it, he's got that down or curveball. to go along with 96, 97 mile-per-hour fastball. >> joe: the cubs in the ninth inning will have buyers, contreras, addison russell.
11:23 pm
spot which is occupied by alberto mora. >> john: i believe the curveball is making a comeback. these are rich hill in his comeback throwing primarily 51% curveballs. low fastballs comics letter combinations. >> joe: that a two-out walk. >> joe: lonnie chisenhall will be the hitter. >> john: the reason that works for a pitcher is because that last pitch recognition, if you got a traditional good arm, fastball in the top of the zone, you followed it up with a curveball. a hitter in less he says the free swinger won't swing up and up and swing down.
11:24 pm
if your fastball is at the shin guards of the catcher you followed that with a tight breaking slider, he cannot lay off of it. most guys just can't. >> joe: there is the hall of famer john smoltz with one on, two out, check on the runner. guyer back without a tag. that sandy alomar the first base coach with the cleveland indians. a beloved player here in the mid-90s, mvp of the all-star game here in 1997, part of the world series team that lost to the marlins.
11:25 pm
2-0. here comes chris bosio. pitching coach in his fifth year with the chicago cubs, took over last year when he popped loose. out there on the market, was expedited a bid for the cubs, that's when they got maddon, they signed jon lester. it all came together here in 2016 for a team that led baseball with 103 wins and is built to win now and with the youth on this team, and my opinion, the team to beat her quite a while to come. >> john: absolutely. they only have one lowell, right around the all-star break, just
11:26 pm
pitchers ran into a little bad a stretch, right after the all-star break, right back where they left off. dominating. >> joe: chisenhall with the count in his favor, 2-0. stole three bases during the regular season. that's in the left field, a base at! and it's too long with two out. a walk, a single. the number nine man roberto perez coming up, that's going to be it for justin grimm. back to the bullpen goes joe maddon, pitching change in the
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? ? >> joe: we welcome you back to the world series on fox, tonight's telecast presented by t-mobile one. 3-0 indians, bottom of the eighth inning, too long, two out. number nine man roberto perez who's caught a gem in who has
11:30 pm
with the former closer hector rondon. he was the guy until the cubs went out and got chapman. certainly was the guy last year, rondon. trying to keep it within reach, 3-0, bottom of the eighth. good speed on. perez, ball one. trevor bauer and a jake arrieta, tomorrow night, start again our earlier because of the weather forecast. time-outs, called before the page. >> john: good thing rondon went ahead and throw it, trying to stop. he did the right thing even though time was called. power fastball, power breaking
11:31 pm
mentioned chapman came along, did get hurt. forearm issues. spent a little time on the dl. >> joe: here comes a 1-0. fastball in 1995, ball in for a strike. strike two. that cat this powered by amon web services. in the fourth, roberto perez. , 391 feet over that yellow line.
11:32 pm
made it 3-0, it's still 3-0, thanks to kluber and miller. big job here by rondon, 2-2. >> john: polling the breaking ball too far away, get over the middle of the plate. anywhere over the middle of the blade towards the shin guard and high fly ball into left, at the wall good-bye!
11:33 pm
swing he did, but not the location rondon wanted. the first runs cleveland has scored after the sixth inning all postseason, on one of swing from roberto perez. what a night for the young catcher. >> john: rondon was pulling his definition of a hanger. one a guy goes up there and to seize one of middle middle. this is a hanger, this is when a pitcher knows as soon as he let's go he does not have to turn around and rondon did not
11:34 pm
2-0 pitch now, 3-0 the count on rajai davis. >> john: what a game perez is having. catching a gem, too big a swings. >> joe: that's into right, down. almora can make a play, balls in front of him. davis scoots into second with a double. roberto perez is nown a short
11:35 pm
hitters with multiple homer games in the postseason, with manny ramirez and jim tell me. thome. >> john: amazing what the world series can do. guys that you would traditionally think because of their batting average and they are struggling at the plate, you make them try to beat you. for the night, take notice and don't hang anything in here. >> joe: now kipnis, strike one. andrew miller, another night, another job well done. it wasn't as routine as some of the others have been. most important stat for him is putting up zeroes and its 6-0
11:36 pm
that's strike to one kipnis. >> john: the indians had to be very opportunistic and how they score, they don't score a ton in this postseason. two outs, baited, stolen base, to uncharacteristic walks out of lester. swinging bunt hits, and a hit batsman. those two runs with two outs. right here a three-run homer with two outs. that's how they been getting it done. >> joe: started with a run to guyer. kipnis rose what at first, rondon comes in with one and two out. roberto perez goes deep. it's been a big night in cleveland, ohio. championship banner raised next door, for the world champion cavaliers and at the indians three defensive outs away from a 1-0 lead in the world series.
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?? ?? lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $349 a month. only at your lincoln dealer. whether you're wearing layers... beads, or cheese. if you bleed blue... black and yellow, purple or various shades of red... this is your beer. >> joe: javier baez swung at the first bits, fouled at the back as the indians bring their closer cody allen into the game.
11:40 pm
5 for 5 in the save category, this is the formula best terry francona wanted. kluber, miller, alan. he's got in the timely hits, the cubs have not obviously. indians pitchers are doing to the cubs what they dated to the red sox and then the blue jays. >> john: cody allen is just another version of corey kluber, if you ask me. similar stuff but just a much firmer fastball. he can spend it with a breaking ball that falls off the table, pretty much going to go after him with a six-run lead. >> joe: he might spin onee just to get a strikeout. >> joe: and he does.
11:41 pm
toronto to a combined average of .129 with runners on base. that's how you win postseason series. tonight, the cubs are 2 for 13 with runners on base and eight strikeouts. >> john: they've just done a better job with two strikes, three have a two count going for the kill when they haven't. only making a couple mistakes, really. >> joe: here comes a 1-0 pitch to willson contreras, 0 for 1 this is entering as a pinch-hitter. that almost got on the hands, the wrist, the forearms.
11:42 pm
a's in 1990, 7-0 win for cincinnati. 2110 pitch. that's foul. >> john: earlier, i thought the key for the cubs was going to be don't miss the fastball and they really never were given an opportunity to locate or get after the fastball because corey kluber painted the fastball on the inner part of the plate against a a lot of left-hande. zobrist approaches the way he was swinging. >> joe: he had three hits, that's high, 3-1. >> john: sometimes in this game, i know even pete rose talked about the ability to make in game adjustments and back off the plate. guys today just aren't equipped to do that, younger players are stuck in their ways, they certainly have had success. >> joe: that's well hit into right my back at the track it is off-the-wall!
11:43 pm
he will hold at second with a one-out double. chisenhall with a leap and could not find the baseball. >> john: i think contrary stop this was a homer right here. you've got to run, it would have been a trouble. the scores and 6-0 but in a much tighter game, you cannot afford to assume anything at this level. and this importance. not running out of the box cost him an extra-base. instead of a triple, it's a double as chisenhall could not make the connection and right. >> john: the stands in right field, the wind is blowing in, the stands in right field have the three tiers two may be block that went just a little bits, that ball carried pretty well to right field. >> joe: batter now is addison
11:44 pm
let's just finish the story -- two stories to finish. the indians looking for back-to-back shutouts. they threw a shutout in game five of the alc lcs in toro, trying to back that up with a shed out here in game number one of the world series. here comes a 1-0. that's up to an at the moment addison russell last time they didn't, the indians as a franchise, 1920. shutouts thrown in games six and a seven over brooklyn, and then known as the robins, became the dodgers. with their two world championships along with 1948. here's a 1-1. strike two. >> john: a starter's job is to try to navigate, set a hitter up
11:45 pm
when i was closing in a situation like this and a six-run lead, i never was going to show the opponents what i was going to do to them in a tight situation. that's the only reason i hate 6-0, getting your closer in. i get why you're doing it, five days off. you really don't want to show them a scenarios and a one-run game, how you're going to face them. this is one way you can actually play games with the opponent. >> joe: struck him out, two and of the last hope for the cubs to extend this will be miguel montero. >> john: it just cost me a couple homers. it worked out later, same hitter, expecting the same pitch. of course i didn't deliver the same pitch. one a closer knows he's going to come in in a best-of-seven series potentially four times to
11:46 pm
he's given the opportunities, those are some of the things you think about, especially with a six-run lead in tonight's game. >> joe: you talk about why are the cubs a favorite. to me, this is a game where come again, the cleveland indians, they can't miss on the night corey kluber pitches. it's like clayton kershaw with the dodgers. joe maddon is in a great position, he comes back with jake arrieta and then kyle hendricks to lester waiting around for game four. so the pitching situation will evolve as of this series. the advantages still with the chicago cubs because of the depth of that rotation pin >> john: absolutely. if you feel like you're the better team, you just have to have more patience. you knew starting on the road in a hostile crowd against a great pitcher, a goal of any team when they start of the road what? we got a split. when one out of two.
11:47 pm
>> joe: here's a 2-0 pitch. that's a strike. then you've got lester coming back around normal rest in game five, that's where the advantages. i really believe it will reveal itself as this series continues. francona got what he needed here tonight. >> john: terry francona world series. that's strike two. the other story line is if this series does go five, six, seven, the usage of the bullpen and the amount that the indians use it, will that come back later in the series? right now, the formula has been they haven't needed it. they've won the seven games and the played eight. this could be eight and nine.
11:48 pm
indians win game one! kluber the winner, 3-1 this postseason. it lester the loser. three hour and a 37 minutes game. >> john: tough to win with 14 strikeouts, credit the indians pitchers what they've done all postseason. >> joe: striking out a lot, 15 times. did the cubs strikeout. cody allen struck out the side in the ninth. the indians get the win with
11:49 pm
making the start tonight. just one other note with regard to andrew miller who threw 46 pitches, big weapon out of the bullpen for that band, terry francona. the last pitcher to throw 46 or more pitches and then pitch the next day in a postseason? keith faulk with terry francona's 2004 red sox during that epic three games to nothing come back against the yankees. it's go down to the thanks, joe. francisco, two outs in the first, you single, you stole second, the start of the two run rally. did you feel you battle jon lester? >> i don't know, i was trying to do my job. conceiving our plan, i was careful of getting two runs. i'm glad he bobbled the ball, he got me the second time. >> ken: what was your plan coming" mark >> be smart, no one
11:50 pm
test test test test and one not to run, you don't want to be too anxious. people probably know i was good to run but i didn't want to alert more that i'm going to run. i'm just try to play my game and played the way we always been a plain, my teammates helped me a lot. >> ken: thank you very much, now over to tom verducci. spent most of your year as a backup catcher hitting .183. game one of the world series, you catch a shutout and hit two home runs, describe what this night means for you. >> it means a lot, manna. i'm enjoying it, i'm just having fun out there. i have confidence right now coming into this game, i was controlling my emotions. i think that was a big part. against lester, i can't do too much against him, try to get the
11:51 pm
it's been unbelievable might. i can't describe the words right now. >> tom: lets start with corey kluber, he give you six in eighth, 24 called the strikes in those six innings. what's it like to catch him when his ball is moving as much as it was? >> it's fun. he just attacks hitters, we got ahead of hitters today. he's been doing that the whole year, like i said before, he's our ace. every time he expect big things from him. he was awesome. we had a good game plan going on before the game, he was outstanding. beef the next >> tom: game one of the world series has won 12 of the last 13 world series, recent history. give me a player's perspective how important it was for cleveland would game one? >> i think it's huge, home-field advantage. take care of our home and we got
11:52 pm
we've got to come back tomorrow with the same mentality, they have a good ball club over there. good hitters. we've got to play baseball like we've been doing the whole year and just doing what we do. >> tom: thank you, and congratulations. >> thank you. >> tom: back to you. >> joe: of 2 for 4 with 4 rbis tonight, for roberto perez. cubs had their chances. two out of 15 with runners on, ten strikeouts. final kluber over lester let's go to kevin, all your spirits before thanks very much, welcome to the postgame show, where presented by lethal weapon on fox. frank thomas, pete rose, alex rodriguez and i'm kevin burkhardt, we got a lot coming up here, interviews from both clubhouses, will give you that. these guys reaction, it's coming up for you, for now, we'll take a quick break. stay with us, we've got a lot to do with the indians 6-0 game one
11:53 pm
cleveland to write? all tell you one thing, cleveland fans are pretty happy. indian stick weight game one where we're back with the postgame on fox.
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>> kevin: what a night in cleveland is there defending champion cavaliers got their rings and the indians took game one of the world series, welcome to the postgame show, presented by lethal weapon on a fox. here's a look around the ballpark here at progressive field, the fans that are filing out behind our set, they are fired up.
11:57 pm
cleveland. for continuing postgame coverage on the world series turnover to fs1. also one of the thing if you miss us during the game, the weather is supposed to be better tomorrow. everything is moved up and out, coverage of game two tomorrow that will begin at six clark eastern on fs1 with our pregame show, that will be moved up an hour. corey kluber tonight was simply outstanding. i don't know what you could do if you're a cubs hitter against him, he had everything going. >> alex: if you're a young kid how you pitch. this guy was complete domination today, he's overlooked. fastball, cutter, at wipeouts later and that on the hittable off the left side. >> pete: he struck out seven, the cubs knew they were it in for a battle tonight. we talked about unlikely heroes, last time we were talking about this in the world series, perez, two home runs.
11:58 pm
mvp in the world series. >> frank: you wonder why cleveland won so many games, kluber lestrade, he didn't mess around. it was amazing to watch his control in this weather tonight. advantage cleveland, he pitched really, really well especially in this cold weather. >> alex: nine strikeouts, three pop-ups of the catcher. he had the cubs hitters shaking their heads and talking to themselves. it's before you talked ou that hit ball, that to seem her. i don't think i've seen so many lefties climate like it's coming right at them and all of sudden that the strike. you said they should've moved back of the plate but they never did it. >> pete: 26 coldest rakes in it, that's a lot. >> alex: if you are left-handed hitter, that ball looks like it's coming right at your hip it looks like it's good to shatter your hip. i can see why they get the heck out of the way. >> frank: if you're the indians, you had to have a game
11:59 pm
lose tonight with him on the mound. >> frank: he was a 2014 cy young winner, he has all the goods. put it on full display, he was sharp. every spot on him tonight, he showed the type of pitches that he is. >> alex: >> joe: and done cubs had their best pitcher tonight also. cleveland is one up on them. >> alex: very impressive how we dominated lefties and righties equally. >> kevin: six innings for first time since, change of time to do whether tuesday's world series coverage, everything is moved up an hour. at 6:00 pregame show on fs1, pregame moves to fox at 6:30, 7:00 first pitch tomorrow night eastern time. for continuing postgame coverage of the world series, a lot more to do with this crew, tuned to fs1 up for the rest of you, you can stay tuned for your latest local news if you choose to do
12:00 am
personally. i want to hear what frank, pete,


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