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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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several people robbed all within a couple hours of each other. coming up, who police believe is responsible. >> plus a week after a ban on bikes and dogs arlington national cemetery is stepping up security measures what visitors will be now required to do. >> live look outsidethon tuesday morning. it's never 1 everyone. warm and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. >> good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to morning morning on halloween night several suspec stolen goods. there was several robberies on northwest d.c. >> a lookout for 0 suspect. live in georgetown where one of the robbyes happened with more on who police are looking for. 0 suspect, mel. >> that's right, steve, allison. we're still trying to get information from d.c. police whether they think all incidents are connected but definitely bear some striking similarities we're talking about at least 5 incidents that
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happened overnight and beginning when this area of georgetown was filled with people who were celebrating halloween and not far up the road on connecticut avenue that's where the stripping of robberies began. let's start with 10:05 p.m. condone avenue and cathedral that was first incident reported d.c. police say suspect group of 10 to 15 black males that robbery of a person involveing a gun and then 10:30 on 29 street northwest that's a little further south near calvert street and connecticut so the of woodly park south area. they're 15 to 20 plaque males reported as suspect and this robbery will force no weapon and closer to georgetown prospect street here north of key bridge close to georgetown university again reports of 10 to -- 15 to 20 many this case black males here d.c. police
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15 to 1 years old and back uptown a little on wisconsin avenue around 4700 block between 4300 and 47 0 0 block d.c. police reported another robbery this with four black males wearing dark clothing and finally:11 in the morning bars close 2 a.m. people were out and about on the street and we had another robbery this again 10 to 15 plaque males repo this one. again they described this one as robbery with force which means no weapon was used. again, we called d.c. police to get clarification and they told us all of these robberies are robberies of people not of establishments and fortunately, nobody injured in any of these cases and really, shocking to have those kind of as they call robberies happening to close to each other on halloween night.
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alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> developing overnight a shooting near howard university. two men shot on fairmont norm west it happened drngs c. police say the men shot will be make a full recovery. >> prince george county police are investigating a dadly shooting before 1:00 this morning 20th avenue chillum maryland. police are still investigating. >> fire officials investigating what caused overnight house the 6100 block of monday caster mill road. they say it started in the basement and end asked to first floor. five people are now displaced around 65 firefighters were on the scene and a portion of road was closed. >> this morning police in virginia are looking for a man that sexually assaulted a woman after they were involved in a car crash along king's highway and cherwood forest farm flowed stafford county.
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this man pried on woman 5' 9, 180 pounds speaking spanish and broken english wearing orange blue and white plaid shirt. it's a devastating crime. >> this is a quiet community and much respect major crime are not common and so this is a jolt and it's a very difficult thing to comprehend and certainly our thoughts deep prayers go out to the victim and her family. >> the suspect driving dark colored suv. that vehicle could have orange paint and damage to the front and passenger side. >> fairfax county marital arts instructor charged with inappropriately touching a 6-year-old girl and there could be additional victims. renzo garcia delvia was instructor lead by example
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school in chantilly the victim was not one of his students. >> d.c. course ill will take a vote on the right to die bill it takes those mentally capable those medication to help them die. a doctor would have to certify the patient has fewer than six months to live. a poll shows 67% of residents support medical aid and dying which is legal in five states. >> also today more security measures going into place arlington guest will be screened at the welcome center and there will be random id checks and anyone who drives into cemetery must show a valid government issued id and vehicle is subject taken to inspection. >> 6:05 now tucker is back us with and we get started tuesday morning. >> yes. >> good morning. >> you got rest last night. >> i'm spoiled i missed dress up in the morning. >> yesterday? >> yeah. >> you look nice. >> superman.
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something. >> when you peak on monday it's a hard week. >> let me try to get my mind together. maybe you could do the weather. >> okay. >> i'll get down to business. sorry. 49 washington. 50 annapolis this morning to start the day nice and cool. gaithersburg 41. 46 dulles and 45 mannasas. we'll be in for a nice you can believe first day of november? >> no. >> fist day of november with mix of sun and clouds. you see clouds to the west. we'll not be pfe today. partly sunny day and cool one not typical of where we should be this time year highs in low 60s but we got warmer temperatures on the way. you want to stay tuned for that. >> decent day, quiet day, 61 the daytime high. >> what may help we have viewers using the hash tag from last night's trick or treating. >> it's not the same. >> still a lot of cuteness. >> i'm sure erin continued to
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>> back to normal. trust me i would much rather be in a costume right now. >> that black widow. >> i'm not going to lie this shirt is more comfortable than leather sfwlants i like your shaw. >> i'm chilly they're cleaning up outside and door is on and it's breezy in the access. >> you look cute. >> remind to go ahead and grab your jacket before you head to the bus stop you'll need it. normal service resumed on yellow line residual delays mount vernon to problem. metro malfunction grovener residual days to noma in addition to safe track surge 10. take the green or yellow between for the to the ep and gallery place and there's free shuttle busses available. let's see if we can look at sky fox. diverted to montrose. you can see the police there
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be prepared for that. you're forced to detour there. give yourself extra time. southbound traffic iset gooding by however we'll keep up update odd on the breaking news. back to maps aside from that problem and metro issues we're dealing with and that closure red on the map to give you perspective between traffic sake detoured. 270 south backing up yellow line turned red in frederick. 270 south 70 to truck scales about a 5 minute delay and things on up to traffic increasing 66 eastbound you look live at virginia commute as we continue. back to you allison and steve. >> a week ago this time next week locking to the polls. the a vow not vote for donald trump he wrote in senatoron mccain. on the campaign trail today president obama will number ohio supporting hillary clinton in columbus while they continues push in florida and donald trump will number pennsylvania and wisdom martin
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like fbi will finish new investigation into clinton's private email server before the polls on tuesday. >> bill cosby headed back to court today. new developments in the fight to over take the largest city in iraq. >> and how you can cash in on black friday deals. guess when, steve? tonight.
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>> of:10 one worker is dead and several others injured after a explosion along a pipeline in alabama rural area west of birmingham half a backhoe hit a gas line. explosion sent flames and smoke high above the trees and forced three mile evacuation this is a mile from where another section burst in september and that led to gas short amounts across the south. >> overseas now death toll continues to rise explosion at mine in china. 15 workers dead. 18 others remain missing at this hour. more than 200 first responders are work ago round the clock to locate the miners still trapped inside. >> and this morning a rocky -- iraqi special-ing fors and allies entered out skirt of mozul. it's week two in the fight to
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>> after the pulse night club massacre in orlando we're hearing gunman in nullry le released 911 calls. during the call you can hear mateen admitting to opening fired in the night club on june 12. >> and i did the shootings. >> what's your name? >> my name is i pledge of allegiance to the islamic state. air strikes need to stop and stop clan rating with russia. air strikes need to stop and stop clan rating with russia. >> i can pass that along family members not happy with release of those calls saying it pro long agony and grief and massacre left 4 people dead and dozens more injured. mateen was killed in a shootout
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court today. this hearing is an attempt by cosby do get sexual assault charges dropped. they'll hear three arguments this in this case including whether a damming deposition can be used for trial. it's set for jup of next year because of an incident with a temple employee. >> snowplows taking to the street in one par mar country. a live look outside on tuesday morning there's the washington monument front and center as it should be. 49 degrees. weather and traffic on the
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>> rockville pike closed montrose parkway and slow go there. we'll get details from erin in a second. first though let's find out how we should dress for this -- it's november isn't it tucker. >> first day of november,
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midweek warm-up. featured temperatures in the low 60s today. this is not -- today will not be big warm-up. it's wednesday and thursday it. more on that here momentarily. back to school. got all that candy this morning. things looking good. your pickup forecast will be in the 40s. check the forecast early and nice, dry day. daytime highs in the low 60s this afternoon with less wind than we had around here yesterday. current numbers 49 washington and 41 gaithersburg and pts of area had more clearing overnight and we're able to see temperatures fall back further. chilly, 46 dulles and fredericksburg and 4 leonardtown. parts of area here getting low 40s. there's cloud cover we have a warm front off south and west which will roll in here later this afternoon. the bottom line in today's forecast we're going to keep the clouds around. tonight, cleveland, game 6, perfect companies for baseball. their temperatures will be nice and mild.
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dry. and that warm front comes through and as it does so high pressure south and once again we'll pump in the southwest winds. well into the 70s. close to 0 thursday if we do so that will too a record that goes way, way back. that's my way of saying i cannot remember exactly where it goes back to. i'll find out. 62 today. 77 tomorrow. and 79 with showers. there will be a cold front. i think in the afternoon temperatures for weekend, erin. but, all things you know fall related you can do. >> good. >> cook a pie. >> croc pot weather. >> i would like to make a pot roost with potatoes and carrots. that is fall food to me. >> 6:16 right now. >> i'll let you have your pink scar. back into a moment i'm chilly now. sky fox is up in rockville. it's shut down not only because of downed wires and you'll tillty work but on the
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both directions detoured now. montrose parkway randolph of road southbound traffic diverted beu avenue. police allow for extra time that detour moving southbound more typically than they would now. we'll keep you updated and let you know when traffic gets through the intersection. dealing with metro problem as well. let's get to maps. train malfunction king street because of that residual delays largo town center on the blue line dealing with malfunction stadium arm on the silver line and red line grovener residual delays to sonoma and this is all in addition to safe track surge 10 red line gallaudet to for the totten you can take green or yellow line between for the totten and gallery place. watch for crowded trains. shuttle service is available. plan ahead and looks like metro will be a pain this morning.
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roads. slow traffic as you come up dale city to the best way slowest to 13 and stop and go condition. south of this point you're jammed courthouse road and fredericksburg on up to beltway you need 40 extra minute and through centerville jammed 66 eastbound with slow roll of con gueston 34 to beltway. it opens a little after fairfax county parkway. give yourself 25 extra minutes inside the beltway and 20 south delay past the truck scale of five minutes as well. things picking up all over the area. northern maryland ramp construction cleared to 95 northbound from outer loop and still slowing 95 to georgia. we'll let you know if and when that changes and getting word baltimore washington parkway by 97 a ladder fell off the truck and is keeping it in the lane back to you.
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>> it's montgomery county turn. they will conduct exercises to test out county snow plan. they'll simulate a 6" snowstorm and country maintained roads. tomorrow, montgomery county executive ike legit will there is such a thing. there officials will discuss new initiatives to help prepared for snowstorm. >> i drove afternoon and forgot and two snow plows past that. >> oh, i told people about that. >> avocado. >> it will cost you way extra. >> and time to start holiday shopping right? november 1. >> where you can score brak november 1. >> where you can score brak friday deals
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>> of:22 now business headlines you want to watch for avocados plunge and that sends braces soaring. a strike by mexican workers as they strike for higher pay. 45 million pounds of avocados were sent each week to the united statesp and you can cut that down to two third. morning thousands of commuters left with no box, no trolley. no subway service offering first holiday deals tonight. black friday shop will run through december 2 and offer new deals as often as every
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make it easier for shoppers and there's a new feature for iphone users called package extra ray. that let's you peak inside the box without oning it it. >> every kid now downloading that. if you want to feel like holidays counts down is on for thanksgiving day tradition. macy's parade. some performers already signed on. puppets of sesame street all celebrate the big apple november 2 4 forever the macy's parade. seniorry kids now that halloween is over butter ball hot line begins taking call. something new this year. you can text turkey related questions to the company. and that begins november 17.
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and in case you wonder most asked question every year how long does it take to fal thaw the turkey. >> how much information can we give out about the butter ball hot line. >> a lot. >> turkey is out there. >> couple weeks to go don't we. >> thank you. >>. >> though i don't think they understand. >> mr. cool laid guy in the parade. he's great. >> they don't have sxher thals anymoore i imagine cool laid is looked upon. >> and they didn't get it off. >> delicious sugary. >> if only mike was here in the cool aid costume. >> it would make me happy. >> we're cool, 49 washington and humidity 80% we're always
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cool wind calm we're featuring daytime eyes and mill of cloud and sun. warmer air works in south and west. there's a look at satellite and radar. free conditions chief land tonight it's a chance to within the game. ratings for baseball were higher than sunday night football. >> cubs in there 100 years, 60 years. >> but when it's two teams nobody cares about. >> 52 and 80 thursday that ties a record to 1974. don't forget to fall back this weekend. >> i have a clock in my house i never changed that's how stubborn i am i'm not going to change you. who is winning now, clock. >> i'ming sitting there 5:45 watching it get dark and a week from now it's over. >> it's sad i call it winter
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and let me sleep in on the weekend. zooming in rockville pike shut down in both directions utility work northbound side. southbound traffic closed being diverted to bo avenue between bo and montrose. northbound closed montrose parkway again up and down wires they need to clear that up. this is causing quite a delay in both directions. avoid rockville pike this morning otherwise factor under scoo time forever the detour. metro malfunction king street. residual delays largo town center and stadium army residual delays to largo town
6:27 am
heavy volume kenilworth past beping chefly slow. 66. traffic no longer flowing very jammed as you make your way gainsville through september areville it's a 45 minute to the beltway. inside the beltway jammed as well 270 parked 70 to truck scales. bw parkway northbound lane blocked because of a ladder that fell off a truck 197. we'll keep you upd you guys. >> tucker was talking about the match-up in cleveland preview of game 6 of-er isyes. >> arlington national cemetery beefing up security today. bob barnard is tell us what investigators will now be required to do. 6:7 tuesday morning.
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vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. elaney and i approve this message. our country spends a lot on health care. but are we reinvesting in the future? what about developing a 21st century health care workforce to meet the diverse needs of patients? supporting medical research to discover new cures. prioritizing prevention to reduce chronic disease. sharing actionable data to improve patient care. it's all part of building a modern, high performing, simpler health care system.
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>> sky fox delays own both side. erin wl and get you awe work around fives at 6:35. in fact we'll have weather and traffic coming up at 6:35. first this morning d.c. police trying to find up to 20 things they say were involved in a string of robberies overnight. and we're talking about sworm robbyes 20 suspects at a time. police say they targeted people on the streets of novrming west and two robberys in georgetown and two in woodly park and in that area a gun was used in at
6:31 am
and disturbing find in child's bag of halloween candy. police were called to a home gordon drive glen bernie. there was no needle in the sir inth people don't know where it dpraim or if it was given to the child. open rolement begins today for president's affordable care health care act and healthcare vans will be hitting road today in the district. answer questions and offer application assistance as well. >> today new security measures will be in force at arlington national cemeteries new measure to enhance efforts to improve visitor safety. bob barn add is live with the latest and bob i know you reported earlier on this talking about no dog no cyclist and is this the same measure
6:32 am
know cars here a moment ago and now it's no pets no bicycles and now any car that comes in the driver has to stop and show driver lises and they're allowed in here and there's security people here. let's see what happens here as the car comes up. basically you have to show id to drive a car inside ar liping top national cemetery starting today. and they say the security for people who walk up will be a lot like what you experience at smithsonian don't have to show id but there's going to be screenings and some kind of metal detector that you'll have to pass through.
6:33 am
here to get into cemetery for security they say not only guests for families that come here to visit grave site and for the staff that work here and this all started getting underway guys last summer after the dadly shooting at military delivery center in chattanooga, tennessee. enhanced security and ban on pets and bicycles that started last week all in place now starting this morning guys. 6:3 talking sports now time for morning line and it's world series time cubs waking newspaper cleveland hoping to return thursday with world series trophy. encouraging players to join him in wearing halloween costume for the flight. chicago held off cleveland game five. game six tonight in cleveland you with watch right here on "fox5". first pitch set for 8:08 .
6:34 am
jake ar yet aon the mound for cubs and josh tomland starting for cleveland. if cleveland wins it would be franchise first world series title since 1948. there's been a lot of bets between two cities. here's one that helps either side. if cubs win catholic dioceses of cleveland donates more than 100 dinners. and if chicago winds deliver pizzas to homeless center. go cubs. >> one more note about tonight's game the calves have a came in cleveland. they'll move the game time up basketball starts 6 and hopefully over in time for 8 p.m. start. >> vikings haevly favored in the game. jay cutler said nope not going to happen. back in action looking sharp.
6:35 am
yard run longest for chicago in 7 years. sam brad ford sacked five times and did not get into the end zone until late in the game and chicago wins 20-14 vikings now lost two straight after opening the season 5-0. >> college basketball now first ap basketball poll out maryland barely makes top 5. and undoubt edly face of squad and make that picture. and after voted mr. basketball school decided to take their new logo. >> i love that story. >> isn't it awesome. >> legacy on the hardwood lives on. >> i walked into the banquet end of year and giant huge logo on the big billboard term and i
6:36 am
never seen anything like it and he said deserved it. >> he used image with high school. so yeah it's pretty school for him. he's a big time shooter and basketball player. he's just not at shooter he's a basketball player he can dribble and pass it. >> coach said that was awesome in high school. terps kick it off against the american. big conference game is not until after christmas. >> i absolutely love that story. it's so cool. life that one. >> allison if your high school used your image what would it have said. >> success. >> down. >> excellent. >> i was cheerleader in high school. >> i know you were. >> see. >> i think you tried it and i'm not sure. >> he was going after the point guard story. >> that's was 8th grade when i stopped and became a cheerlead are i got elbowed in the face and that was end of my basketball career.
6:37 am
42 dulles. >> if there was a picture of me in middle school it would be like oh, my nose bent over which is not you know empowering. >> marsha brady moment. >> clouds to cover out there today. we'll start the day with clouds mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. cool. bring a jacket. not only cool this morning but cool this afternoon and we remain dry. low 60s and still have a nice warm-up to look forward to wednesday and thursday daytime highs in the 70s. speaking of 70s. 75 cleveland time. >> wow, perfect baseball. >> unseasonably warm. >> hi, airport, good morning. >> 6:37 now and we've got a lot of problems on road and rails. sky fox in rockville utility work southbound side rockville pike southbound traffic being diverted bo avenue between bo and montrose parkway closed southbound side and traffic slowly making off past the cones and northbound side
6:38 am
we'll keep you updated on that one. let's go to the maps. a the lot of metro problems. deer struck by a train unfortunately outside vandoren street and outside the blue line residual delays in both directions and keep you updated on the blue line. lots of updates there. on the silver line train malfunction stadium armory residual delays to largo town center and train malfunction at noma. expect delays to shady grove in addition to the delays first safe track metro problems. and red line buses remraips trains. take the green or yellow for the totten to gallery place don't forget brookyln and rhode island closed completely and shuttle service is available and will stop at the locations. let's look live majors in the area a lot of slow downs. outer loop new hampshire at a crawl because of congestion between 95 and georgia dealing with 30 minute delay and there may be a crash beyond that
6:39 am
outer loop same story 295 southbound. brake lights auto 50 to pennsylvania and slow roll of traffic northbound side okay. 50 inbound chefly also slow 202 to 295 and this is 66 sutly. look at that eastbound side from 234 prince william parkway both 34 going up to fairfax county parkway and you're in for about a 45 minute delay simply because of heavy volumeed in the beltway falls church to ar ling top as well. 395 at etsell parking lot etsell to 14 street bridge. more traffic in a few. staev and allison. >> pass twitter handle next how presidential transition works when it comes to social media age. >> adele opening up like never before stunning admission about motherhood and why she's too scared to have another baby. 6:39, 49 degrees on november 1.
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skl pass mass >> 6:4 we're back now with what's trending on web this tuesday morning. fist up you may have noticed some facebook friends checking in at standing rock north dakota here's why. the mass check ins prevent law enforcement from tracking protesters on social media. that's accusation that local sheriff department denies and
6:43 am
battle over construction of oil pipeline in north dakota. >> next up one president obama term twhoopz social media account and white house says account will be taken over by next president. new president will start with huge following of course and no content. current video and photos are being transferred to digital archivess and finally you may soon be able to create your own version of pokemon go. is that still a thing. i don't know. former google worker debut create pokemon style go within it. the platform is called meat verse and backed by former disney ceo michael eisner. >> big names think don't want to you leave,al, but if you do i want dibs on your followers. >> okay. >> here's good news for guys out there that may rock the so-called dad pod what a study revealed.
6:44 am
share with us at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. >>? it's a new month tucker, tun the page. >> geez. >> excited. >> chipper and cheerful today. >> you should be chipper and cheerful. >> huge moupd of halloween
6:47 am
for halloween candy. >> i have not seen one in the entire building. >> it will come. >> today i expect to see in the break room all the leftovers. >> today the parents will hoard and eat and you'll get the candy maybe the next day. >> they'll get sick of it and pass it to co-workers. >> one kid got 15 pounds of candy. >> 15 pounds. >> i'm tell you it was weird year. >> quality stuff. >> candy bars >> i wept to cvs i know how much they were charging for that this year. >> eat some share some. >> and i was dumping candy. you know they opened the pack and started handing out individuals. >> i still had strings from my bag. >> i remember we get apples and other stuff and it was like
6:48 am
ew, okay, thanks. >> midweek warm-up. hey, today we'll be about 60. tomorrow and thursday could we do more records possible by thursday. up to 80 thursday. records go back to 1974. bus stop forecast 40. upper 40s to started and low 50s later today. clouds out there early and we have clouds this afternoon. so it's not going to be perfectty sunny day by any means kind of partly sunny day. and then turn partly sunny this afternoon. 49 washington and 50 annapolis and leonardtown cool 43. 43 leonardtown. 41 hagerstown and 46 dulles. nobody in 30s. we're chilly low 40s early. there's cloud cover and still what we got is warm front off south and west and gets in later today and bit of easterly flow. that looks in cool pattern today.
6:49 am
with clouds this afternoon. there's high pressure. we should be dry this afternoon. cool tonight and as we get into tomorrow area of high pressure south of us, south westerly wind. i mentioned 70s in cleveland and chicago. warmer temperatures will scott in and we'll be back in the 70s tomorrow. maybe 80 degrees on thursday up ahead of the next cold front which will bring a few showers. and 7 day, 6 today. 70s wednesday then big cool down for the weekend. don't forget we turn clocks back late saturday night early sunday morning. we fall back. we get extra hour erin of deploreious rest. >> why not steve that's good. i respect darkness but you know sunday how nice it is to wake up with extra hour of sleep. amazing. >> incredible. >> right now sky fox is over in rockville.
6:50 am
work. we have downed wires rockville pike both directions north and southbound traffic diverted montrose parkway randolph of road southbound pack-up as they defer norm of that closure point. please give yourself extra time both directions. moving over to maps now we also have problems on metro. blue line is no longer single tracking but we have residual delays a deer was struck outside of vandoren street and because of of that a lot of folks taking yellow line to delays possible and yellow because of crowd trains and blue line delays and train malfunction nonaa in addition to safe track surge ten impacking red line as well. taking a picture of roads now delays on outer loop before 95 over to georgia about 25 minute delay with heavy cop juston. 295 jammed 50 to pennsylvania and through cheverly 50 inbound is slow. as you come inbound from annapolis you will not hit delays on 50 until you get
6:51 am
avenue down across the wilson bridge suitland parkway inbound slow as you goat south capitol and 95 northbound close to beltway and as you cross 395 to the 19th vitae bridge stop and go traffic. and 66 it's a slow roll about 45 minute delay 34 to beltway. back to you guys. >> thank very much, erin, 6:51 that time of year again on november 1. >> epic okay. >> what? >> >> how does he do anything. >> i don't know. >> start of mowvember where some men do not shave support cancer prostate and testicular. there's tucker. >> national non profit to end
6:52 am
department was top fundraiser raising over $5200. >> we need to do that here. those are excellent causes and. >> our manager has done it. >> and suicide and mental health issues. >> i think that's awesome. >> if you have the dad poded to go with facial hair maybe you feel less than adequate because you see people with six packs and you have the dad pod. it's a good thing. dad pod gives you an edge. >> study found fathers live longer, have better relationships with kids and are more attractive to women. the research. >> what? >> yes. it's research. and it also found evidence that older slightly chubby guys are less likely to suffer from heart attacks and prostate cancer and gaip ing weight around the middle makes dads more likely to invest in children rather than looking for other women all of which
6:53 am
grow old alone. here's my issue with the study in all seriousness. >> no idea where it came from. >> here's my issue. >> hurry up. >> they say belly fat around the waist is bad. we're not talking about unhealthy levels. >> maybe a little bit. >> maybe a little bit not like completely cut up. but please, airport, dad pods you don't have to worry about that. >> sing her adele stunning admission of motherhood she's scared to have another baby. >> the prettyish singing sensation talked about her fight with post partum depression. fol the birth of her son angelo the post partum depression frightened her and she avoided medication that would have helped her deal with it. she sez said things didn't get better until she had a heart to heart talk with a good friend. >> dad of the year goes to the rock. >> that's because of what he did for his daughter on
6:54 am
got no dad pod this battles what we said he dressed in peek achew costume so daughter chaz mip could got a visit from her favorite character. video priceless. yes. jasmine could not get enough of her dad's moves and demanded he keep dancing the costume was hot but that's what a daddy zz. >> making her hpy >> awe. >> she says more, more, more, keep dancing. >> this baby is cute. >> there's that big smile this nay have been one of the besting costumes charlie harding he has striking resemblance to actor from "modern family" opt left. so, he dressed up as cam for halloween decked out in floral button down.
6:55 am
>> they have to have had the skirt made. >> they went all out. >> even has a little of his own in upper right. >> hilarious. >> it's spot on. >> you know look on social media but owner of puppy dog dad dressed as dog's favorite stuffed toy did you see that and how much the dog loves it keep them coming they make me happy don't they make you happy. >> you know what else makes us happy fan of the day megan hanland hanging out with one of the foster dogs jack russel tear ors. >> look at you that's awesome. she turned 60 yesterday. happy belated birthday to you, miss meg, she says she gets up and does morning workout every day. what can i see. love it. hopefully you're watching. >> hi, good morning. >> if you want to be the fan of the day post your picture below meg and little foster
6:56 am
doing fostering those dogs. >> i love jack russels my mom had four and. >> they didn't love you. >> they were a gang and worked together. >> i have a pack at my house. >> they were smart and -- >> yes they took you down. >> out smarted you. >> sometimes i actually feared for my safety. >> oh, yeah i have a little mix of jackie understand what that is. >> 50 in washington. wind calm. we're looking at cloud out there early only 60 jacket weather and cloud cover will feel nice and cool. nice warm-up to look forward to. look at wednesday and thursday. dry today. mid up toer 70s wednesday and thursday. fab tastic. all right. traffic with erin. >> hello. >> 6:56 now. what did i miss. >> he just said traffic with erin. >> oh, >> it was really strange. >> i was talking to someone else i heard. >> that was for you. >> thank you.
6:57 am
>> it was dad pod story got excited. look at the map. you see a lot of slow zones tracking closure in rockville because of utility problem. slow traffic on outer loop 95 over to georgia and look at 270 delay southbound side sloe. we you have covered and we'll delay southbound side sloe. we you have covered and we'll talk metro as we continue dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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>> we're one week aaway from election day and drama continues to heat up as that day nears. hillary clinton warns supporters not to look at the latest email scandal and possible legal actions should she win trump threatens. >> the mass shooting in u.s. history gunman of the lor and low shooting. and plus, new security measures going into effect at arlington national cemetery. i'm bob barnard we will tell you everything we need to know. >> a live look outside on this tuesday morning. november 1, 2016. weather and traffic on the fives at 7:05. good tuesday to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to this first day of november.


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