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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  November 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this is fox5 local 6 are dead and several are injured after a passenger bus and a school bus collide in baltimore. thanks for joining us, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. sky fox was over the scene thisn morning. the crash happened right before rush the good news here, no studentso were on board at the time of the crash. we have live team coverage tonight. fox5's matt ackland is at shockk trauma in baltimore, but let's begin with paul wagner live atat the crash site.
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tony, we now know from investigators that there were ne skid marks from that school buss before it struck the mta bus here on frederick avenue in southwest baltimore.timo let's fill you in on some of the dead and the injuries. we that there were a total 616 people involved. section are dead, 0 injured, five people killed on the commuter bus, including the driver. one killed on the l school bus,, that is a 67 year old driver. we know that the aid who was on the school bus survived. bus. there are now two people inin critical condition still in the hospital today. tod now, we want to tell you that a at 5:00 we had told you that baltimore police said that when the bus came down frederick avenue it first struck this fence over here.e. but we know know that's notnot correct. the baltimore police back tracked onalti that. they athe accident first ath happened when the bus came and struck the rear of a mustang
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officer. then it continued down the street hitting a pillar in front of a cemetery and then striking the mta bus. > they came down.y ca it sounded like a bomb goinggoin off.of that's how one witness described the collision between the school bus and the mta bus carrying 13n passengers as it traveledvele westbound on frederick avenue around 7:00 this morning. a catastrophic collision that cl tore off the left side of the commuter bus f after he hit this car, he just picked up more speed. > didn't slow down.ow >> didn't slow down the at all. > baltimore police say theice school bus driver first struck r the back of this gray mustangmut which sent the car into thehe cemetery fence. then about 100 yards down the road it struckn the pillar at tt entrance of the cemetery beforer colliding with the bus.s. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their family, their co-workers, their loved ones.
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at this time of the morningorni working folks much they're oneyr their way to make a living, on their way to jobs and on their way to support their families. >> my heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones. sean braxton was the man drivins the the mustang.stan he's a retired d.c. police officer who says he was on h from behind. >> everything happens really fast. the thing that you see, you just see a blur and then all of a of united states sen the impact hits. > braxton says he has highas praise for two women who came te his aid, one of them a nurse. >> she remained calm, which helped me remain calm, helped me get myself together, helped h mt get out of the car. > the school bus was on its way to peck up a child a few blocks away.
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survived. an accident reconstruction teamcos will now go to work in hopes of exploring this horrific tragedy. now we know that the national transportation safety board is on the scenetion assisting balte police with this investigation. baltimore police now sating than they have some evidence frome that mta bus, including video.e. now with more on the injuriesnjr over at shock trauma, let's go's to matt ackland. he has an update. matt. >>reporter: paul, this morning when the ambulancea started rushing in here at baltimore shock trauma. five people were brought here. a little good news that we just learned, not too long ago isis that one of those patients who was brought here was release a short time ago. now, to give you a list here off conditions. we are told that five people fiv were brought in. bro one remains in critical condition. one in serious condition tonight and then two more are in stable
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podium outside here this morning to brief the media.ia. there's not a lot that they could tell us about eacheach individual, but he could tell us about the response to this. they say it was a shift change, that people did not leave untili this emergency was handled. take a listen to this medical director. >> they are actually relativelyt generic injuries for what we see in motor vehicle crashes. i can't give any details on the of the patients, but injuries tu facial bones, injuries to spine, spinal columns.lumn some visceral injuries as well. > once again, just to recap the situation here at baltimore shock trauma. five people brought here, oneone female was release not long ago. there is still someone in critical condition, stillill someone in serious condition and two others in stable condition. they will remain here at the hospital tonight. a totalho of ten people
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trauma. live in baltimore tonight, matt ackland, fox5 local news. > another deadly crash, this one in virginia. eastbound route 7 at route 9 just outside of leesburg isesbu closed right now. traffic is being diverted, butee drivers are being asked to id aroid the area. according to the loudon county sheriff's department two cars were involved. one driver died on the scene, the other suffered minoror injuries. it is not clear what caused this crash. again, least 7 at route 9 justt outside of leesburg is drivers should avoid the area. > now we turn to prince george's county where we're learning about an's cou arrest t this weekend's deadly shooting in capital heights.heig six people were shot earlyarly sunday morning on walker millale two of the victims died. police tell us they've charged 22 year old bring von freeman of southeast d.c. with murder in the shooting death of 14 yearf 4 old todd web of capital heights. investigator are still trying to find the person responsible for killing 18 year old brian davis
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detectives say the shootinges happened after s a group of peoe cigarred for a dice game outside an apartment building. > during the course of thatat game unknown individual shot into the crowd of individuals playing dice.dice a short time later we discovered that mr. freeman shot mr. web and then began to assaultassa mr. web after shooting him. police say this is a large investigation since so am peoplm were involved.we they are still trying to identify who determine a motive for the attack. > vandals did some seriousseri halloween night damage lastamag night in temple hills. they shot up and smashed up nearly a dozen cars, trucks and van windows, most of it right along i ever son street. several vehicle also were also i anna wentz he low's van and suv both were damage ad.d. on the avalanche the driver's side window was shot out with somebody. they are
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up to it and hit it with a pick. i don't think that happened. they've been up this they had to have been in the car. somebodies was shooting baby bees or something out the window and throwing eggs. at last check police are still looking for vandals. > police in montgomery county need the public's helpin m identifying the suspect in a string of commercial burglariesr the first one happened more thap a year ago at a business in spencerville. latest was in fair land justand last month. investigators believed the same person is behind all 1 incidents. today police release surveillance video from some off the burglaries, they said the suspect had the same mo in each case. he broke into the business andun then disabled the alarms and surveillance cameras. police are offering an reward up to $10,000 for rethat leads to an arrest. > we will show you how starbucks is getting involved in the he election.ctio the calendar as it is flew season, what you need to know tn
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sue. hi there tony and shawn and whad you need to know with this forecast is you'll need a jacket tomorrow morning and then you're regularring to ditch it by the noon hour because we have another big warmup on the way. we may be challenging some record-high temperatures.mper we'll show you the seven day th forecast that's coming your way in minutes. fox5 local news at 6 will be
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medical experts say each year about 40 million people inhe nearly half will need to see a doctor. infectious disease specialistscl say the best protection is getting the flew shot becauseot even if you get sick, the vaccine may make the disease milder and easier to tolerate. before you pat yourself on the back from staying away present the halloween treats make sure you can walk past the snacks atk the eating a solid breakfast in the
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reduce sugar craig of that tend to creep up asar c thera day go. also a sip of cinnamon tea coull help. it is known to regulate blood sugar. it's not a diet wrecker if youif grab one or two treats.eats if you do choose to indulge in one of those candy bars, do it mindfully. make sure you sit down. you can eat with your non dominant hand. i'm right-handed so eating with my left hand is going to help tp slow down giving that piece of candy all your attention can safer it and really enjoy it. >> if you want to avoid sugar but need that midafternoon ebb m jim lokay boost, experts say get up, walk around, get yourr blooding for a natural energyenr boost instead. let's talk about another energy booster, starbucks role united states out favors like pray lean
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motor vehicle a. l of county for the upcoming presidential he election. they are hoping they willill encourage customers to be good to each i can already tell you that people are already online complaining about the greene gr cups. >> i don't get it, why?hy >> this is the white p cup, but they say the decoration on theot green cup is ugly. remember last year there was aws big uproar over the decoration on the red cup.up. >> yes. who cares. it's a cup. > people are all over this on social media. >> i need you guys to p to, there are much bigger, more im worry about than the color andor the drawing on the starbucks cups. speakingucks of that, election stress. it is hard, but someone has to do it, right? we'll tell you why this 10 year old girl mowed
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test positive for they'll be eligible toiv practi, but won't be able to play againy until december 11 against the eagles. well, with election day just a week away, the website walletsie hub found d.c. is the mostst politically engaged region. i guess we shouldn't behoul surprised by that.that >> right. based ononeria was highest percentage of registered voters. people who vote during mid-term elections, political contributions and civic engagement. wisconsin and colorado round out the top speaking of that it's almosts time for you to cast your votes. psychologists say the tone ofst thiss campaign is affecting
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fox news correspondent lauraaura ingle has more on how to handle the stresses that you may feel from the messages from the campaign trail. >>reporter: for many of us, the end of the presidential raiseras cannot come soon enough. the bitter exchange between the two major candidates is causing a ripple affect with manyy heading to psychologists saying the stress of this election isco getting to them. there's a lot of f involved in this political process and it's been going on for the better part of the pastt two years. this is envoking a loft fear, a lot of irthat built that'sthat masking a the look of anxiety. they have kind the term election stress disorder. while this typs of fatigue is hardly new and not even uniquely american, it can cause trouble, if you let it.. the poll rising figures that
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effect the stress centers of our brain, specifically the limbic system of our brain, which is the emotional center. that really affects chemistry. it affects fistula also gym thet did aul study where they found e in four americans found less productive at work because of the a little bit discussionsttle that are happening in the high temperatureappe workplace. a survey found 55 percent ofof adults are stressing over the election no matter their party aaffiliates is. emotions are very intense. and everyone is going to bee looking to see what happens in this election. > experts say before you get it a bitter battle over who to vote for you may want to try to keep calm by putting some distance between you and the politicallii discussion. get away from some of the media, some of the media that'st's bombarding our he emotions and causing us to be stressed out. the other thing is unwind, provide sometime for yourself.
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go have a good laugh, go to a movie. >> finally, remember after youre vote is cast,me there is a reaso why our electoral process has lasted so the democratic political process has been going on forever. it will come and it will go.o. you might not like the outcome, but over time you need to feel that we are making gains and we are moving forward collectivelye as a country. > experts say if you feelel you're getting too heated over a political discussion, try a good look why the campaign is angering this may lead to a personalpers breakthrough in how you manage conflicts. in new york, laura ingle, fox news. > it may give you a breakthrough, some people aregh investor it's going to causeuse them to move to another countryn sometimes talking it out canout make you feel better so we encourage you to tweet us right now using the hashtag 5 at 6.. 30. we're going to be covering thise
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through nog yours and we want tr know what you think are about this we'll look for some of your tweets at 5@6:30. > another chilly today and it look like it wanted to rain. there are a couple of showers in the shen and dough a valley but we will keep dry. chilly tonight, who the that mollie. >> we like the transition. people start going click. you i am so greatful for you guys. aren't we all greatful to be in close proximity to beautiful crock creek park with the babble brook and the colors changing and that's exactly what is going on i feel myself that the colors have not been as beautiful this year. the maple trees they don't disappoint. and the color is coming on strong in the next week or so. . everybody in this regionregi
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enjoy it and do send us yourur pictures. i showed you one at 5:00 a and we'll have another one, we'll get several more in i'm surere later today and tonight. you have another good photo op tomorrow. we'll see our temperatures inin the 40s and 50s overnight. but tomorrow we into the 70s and we're confident of that becauseu we can see how warm it is out to our west right now. it's till in the 70s in cleveland, in fact we think the first pitch temperature is goin tois be 70 at all the warmth that's in the northeast is going to be movinge in our direction. it's more in the ohio valley midwest and then moving into the northeast to. iursday is also warm. we may be verys close to a record. p we hit 80 we're going to tieto the record on thursday. you notice a few showers here. we're going to have a frontal boundary hav approaching. it will be some showers pretty close to sunday, a few bursts:kf showers and then it moves on
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temperaturesempe today, a little bit blowy, a average, a tip l california november 1 if you ask me.k it kind of looked like the month. we'll see temperatures fallingtp tonight into the 50s and event ply 40s. we're down to 55 in gaithersburg, dulles 58 and it is 60-degrees in culpeper as it is in d.c. look at warmth, get on the other side of the mountains and it's 73 in pittsburgh, 75 in columbus, mid 70s in cleveland, chicago 73 degrees.chic here you can see the cool locked in p by our ridge of higi pressure which is still kind of bringing in the cool supply off atlantic moisture.stur we do have world series on tonight, game six on fox. as the conditions come back ints cleveland they'r ce going to fie a very warm game six.. the temperature will be right around 70 e degrees, dry,, scatter clouds, but that's really mild for cleveland this time of year. here are a couple of the showert i washe talking about. they're well south of our area
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going to see anything there.ny but we've got a traveling ridge of high pressure that's going to settle to the south tomorrow and that is in a position to pump in all that warmth that we just sas in the ohio valley and the midwest and so while we're cool tonight, 40s and 50s the heat is back in here tomorrow morning. chilly tomorrow morning, 47 to 55, lots of sunshine, so grabso the sunglasses. you didn't really need themm today. after school, 7 # to 78-degrees. the kids are going to love that. recess will be warm as well 678 we're headed for 77 in 80 for manassas, 80 for fredericksburg and again we'reer looking for some showers to come through our area. again, hit or miss down to ourur south tonight. t we're dry tomorrow. tom you can see lots and lots of sunshine. as we role through thursday we start out sunny and then ween bring in showers for the eveninn commute and maybe a quick rumblb of thunder. our fox5 seven day forecast.reca we could use a little bit of rain and that's what we'll get on thursday.
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we keep the role running rightui into early next week. voting day, tuesday, it looks good already.lre that's your seven day forecast, but don't go anywhere.
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a 0 ye determination pays off. add son pickerring raised nearly $2,600 by mowing lawns over thee summer.summ how about that. why did she need that money. to go to disneyland, of course.f her dance team is performing in the holiday spectacular parade in california's disneyland in anaheim. >> he always told me his storiei of mowing.of like how he went to six flags he mowed toette good the money to go.
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money. no matter what happens this isae going to be a dream come true. > it's even better because she earned it herself.t > by the way, pickerring and her dance team will perform nearly a half hour straight theh day of the disney parade. she said she is a little l nervous, but very excited. > perfectly done. good lesson learned. 5@6:30 is coming up right after
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> one week from now this willfr all be on the downom side of bef over, if you want to call it that. >> it almost seems a little surreal, doesn't it. >> i'm ready for us to get there, but just seven days. > officially seven days fro presidential raise is still tool close to call.l. > as you can see from the run down on the side of your screenr this is the who thest story at 6:30. we invite you guys to join the conversation right now. all you acto do is tweet us using the #5@6:30 and then look for some of your tweets right te here a little l later in thee > let's get right to it, the surprises on the campaign trail just keep coming from the discovery of new clinton insider e-mails and then talk about potential constitutional crisis


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