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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  November 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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alarm school. 56 students on board that bus 30 of the students are going to be taken to the hospital for some evacuation after this pepper spray was discharged on board the bus. we will bring you details a as we get them. thank you for joining us, i'm sarah simmons >> i'm laura evans. neonatal intensive care center at prince george's county hospital hospital is shutdown. five same bacteria was found again. matt ackland is there with more, moth >>. >> reporter: officials thought they had addressed the issue but as you said it is back, the same bacteria there we were talking about just a few months ago is something that they're doing with again. how did they discover this? we're told they did random tests. two patients came back positive for this bacteria. so they took action and they removed all of the kids from the icu unit.
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that our photographer took today. fox 5 cameras are here as an ambulance from children's national medical center pulled into the emergency room here at prince george's county hospital. and re then a short time later, pulling out. so what's this all about? what is -- what -- why didn't they get it last time? why is this bacteria back? the company that operates the hospital issued this statement saying the root cause of the previous bacteria was be associated with the water supply system. feeding the nicu. the hospital reopened the nicu october 4th after multiple independent tests results indicated that there was no identified presence of the bacteria in the water system. statement also went on to say at this point, an investigation is underway. they're not sure exactly why the
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trying to determine that. obviously, just to be cautious, they moved all of the kids to various hospitals. we saw one ambulance heading to children's today. but the press release says that it's a number of hospitals. we put a call into the county executive office, rash baker's os the county executive is aware of this but at this time they did not have any further comment. laura, sarah? >> matt, the for this hospital. when are we expecting something to happen here? >> reporter: not too long from now. remember, it was just a short time ago that a new hospital will be built. construction will begin in 2017. they're hoping it opens in 2020. the same company will not i want
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that a will be run by the university of maryland medical system. a big change. this one will go. it's a very, very old hospital. a new one should be in place by 2020. >> thank you. new information in the case of a three-year-old boy. three-year-old boy who brought a loaded nine million meter handgun to a dc elementary school. they've charged the father with caring a pistol without a barely a footprint in the snow and ordered an immediate hearing. paul wagner is live outside dc speakerier court with the in this case. >> reporter: this is probably a case you might hear argued out in a law school somewhere. the judge angry telling the prosecutor that the evidence in this case was quote ridiculously slim. as you mentioned barely a
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renee raymond told the prosecution and the defense. she said that the probable cause is the slimmest of margins, she would hold this man overnight but wants him to have a hearing first thing tomorrow. i'll show you video we shot earlier. this is what we know. it was yesterday morning according to dc police that this three-year-old was brought to moton elementary school in southeast. he was late for school. according to footage, police say he was taken to the school by his father, his father had his hand on the back of the child's backpack. when they got to school, the secured guard said because the child was late, the security guard we don't have to take the child into school and the parent could not come in. once the child got inside, the security guard asked the child his name. but the child could not tell the security guard his name. so the security guard decided to
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glock 17 handgun with one piece of ammunition in the chamber. at that point, the dc police were called. they went back to those surveillance cameras. they saw mr. chiles come into the front of the school with the child. according to a charging document, the police went back to the home where this child was staying the night before. they interviewed his grandmother and interviewed one of the persons. the see him with a backpack and neither did the second person inside the house. that's why the judge decided to say that this was the slimmest of margins because we know that mr. childs, the father came to pick him up at the apartment to take him to school. all they have is the fact that the gun was found in the backpack. now, fox 5 has learned that there was a search warrant filed
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childs. this is a way dc police have been connecting people to guns, take dna. swab the gun, take dna from the person they suspect and try and put the two together. at the very least, there will be a hearing tomorrow for anthony chiles and possibly a connection or not a connection with the dna. we know that mr. chiles is not a first time caller to the court he has been convicted before. dc superior court paul wagner fox 5 local news in the race for the white house, hillary clinton and donald trump are down to the last six days. it promises to be an election we will never forget. >> indeed. but turns out voters of different ages say they are drawing the same conclusions over our politics these days and they won't leak what they're hearing
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tonight. >> you know, work is well underway at the united states capitol in constructioning the podium for the inauguration. somebody will take that oath of office in january. there is fresh evidence that whoever becomes president they've got a lot of work cut out for them in storing public confidence about how people feel about our politics after campaign 2016. take a look at this. take a look at where we were today. you might not thing young and old people have a lot in common but you'd be mistaken when it comes to their attitudes about this election. fox 5 was there for this one of a kind meet-up. senior residents at the spring hill mount vernon community center in virginia and senior students who are studying politics. some in this group of seniors
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vote for franklin roosevelt. the students think some of them just cast their first vote at all this year. young and old told us in this forum, campaign 16 to them it's been way too much about fighting. way too much about arguing, and not enough about offering real-time solutions to the problem both the young and old face >> there's been personal back and forth, does not have to change too? does there have to be more policy and less personal >> but they're saying that republicans points out that i agree with and they're saying that democrats pointer out >> worried about today. not what's in the past. >> quite a burden. >> why is it a burden >> with the two candidates going on, >> whatever you do, we >> for these two?
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have tear ny. >> nowadays it's the new generation. total different than it was back when i was coming up. >> reporter: turned out they had a lot more in common than you might think. some students told us they're getting mote of the political discourse from social networks, twitter and facebook, seniors told us they're doing a lot of discourse themselves. over breakfast, lunch and dinner. >> i'm sure those are interesting meals. straight ahead at 5:00, we're learning bhour the victim from the deadly bus crash in baltimore >> police identified five of the six people killed. and an update on how those who were injured are recovering tonight. a major legal announcement set to come related to the
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branch apartment in silver springses. shocking footage surveillance video capturing two men putting someone into the trunk of a car and then driving off. here why police say there won't be any charges in this case. hey, sue >> laura and sarah, it's september revisited. check out the temperatures. we're at 80 and culpeper, 81 in culpeper, actually, 81 in cumberland here in dc, it's 71, we that river. the temperatures are still going up tomorrow. we may even be challenging records. we'll have a first look at your forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. we want to take you back to the breaking news we told you about at the top of the of the newscast. in montgomery county at watkins mill elementary school pepper
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school bus. ems is evaluating the students, hazmat crews are also on the scene. we are on this, skyfox live over the scene, we will bring you more as it becomes available.
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bold >> literally looked like a bomb
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catastrophic damage. you see a blur. >> it was hard to look at. seeing people removed from this system a mess >> they're on their way to make a listing, to their job and to support a family >> we're continuing to follow the story out of baltimore, we're learning more about the victims from this horrific bus crash. police have identified now five of the they are 52-year-old terrance casy, 51-year-old gerald hole way, 51-year-old cherry yarboro. 67-year-old school bus driver glen chapel and the nca bus driver, 33-year-old ebony baker. ten people were injured in tuesday's crash. seven have been treated and released from maryland shock trauma center. three other patients are still being cared for. one we understand is in fair condition, another in serious and another is listed if
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picture of ebony baker right here, the bus driver killed in that crash. she leaves behind a husband and four kids. the national transportation safety board is in the process of gathering facts look at information to determine what exactly led to that incident. attorneys representing victims of the apartment building explosion and fire filed a lawsuit today seeking unspecified damages claimin washington gas and the apartment's property manager. investigators believe a gas leak in a meter room in one of the buildings was the source of that explosion. bob barnard met one of the victims still haunted by her near death experience. >> reporter: during the news
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lawses. we noticed a young face in the crowd scarred from burns which it turns out were indeed suffered in the apartment explosion nearly three months ago. >> i was sleeping. when i wake up, the whole room was on fire and i was running. i was running like, it was like -- it was like so hard. >> reporter: she showed us the scars on her left arm. she's a 17-year-old student who had just moved to the u.s. from ethiopia the day before the fuel explosion august 10th. she says she spent three weeks recovering from her burns >> i keep remembering about the accident at nighttime. it's horrible. >> we're asking for justice. we're asking for substantial damages. we're asking for safety reforms at washington gas and. >> reporter: attorneys
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have filed two lawsuits. one seeking damages on behalf of those injured or killed, the other, a class action demanding justice for 75 families. >> there was a complaint lodged by a resident three week before the explosion. the smell of gas. and management and washington gas did not do anything to correct that. >> reporter: we were there when flower branch the property manager's office september 8th. demanding a meeting to air their grievouses: they were denied them and say they still have not met with officials from k apartment community >> i was going to oklahoma. i was here for back to school shopping. and i got burned. >> reporter: while she's moved someplace else, many of these flower branch victims are living
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looks much the way it has ever since that august day. bob barnard fox 5 local news. washington gas tells fox 5 news they have met with residents affected and were working with advocates to meet with them again. they say they're working with government agencies to revolve the ongoing investigation as quickly as possible. the ntsb says its investigation is also ongoing. a follow-up up to brought you over the weekend. an attempted abduction caught on camera in wood bridge has been determined as a prank. investigators say the 18-year-old seen in the video and his friends filmed that incident and later posted it on youtube. s since no criminal activity took place, no charges will be filed in the case. let's turn our attention to the glorious weather, although if you are a fall lover and want crisp weather, it wouldn't be so
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point. >> urology your eyes, sarah. >> consistency is call i ask for at this point, sue palka. >> that's for sure, sarah. you know what? tomorrow we may be look at another warm day that could challenge record high temperatures around the region. here in the district. it hasn't been as warm as some other places down to the south and west. i think we've maxed out about 73 but we'll get our climate date in about splints. check out the temperatures at 5:00. still 71. but in culpeper at 80. 77 for winchester, and 79 in manassas. closer to the bay it's cooler, 66 for annapolis, a little bit more reasonable if you like it on the cooler side. wanted to show you the temperatures still remain warm out to our west. lexington is 80. won't be quite so warm for game seven for the world series but they will likely see a first pitch in the 60's which is still
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the outer bank. sunset coming earlier. wait until sunday, sunset is 6:06. we return to standard time this weekend. temperature should be about 70. and look at the gorgeous picture from the alexandria waterfront. we want you to know while we will have a very warm day, we're also going to stay milder with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. as a front approaches, any time after 2:00, 3:00, we will likely have to deal way couple of showers. the big headline, record is possible. the record is 80. we're going to be really close to it. and pack an umbrella for the evening commute. doesn't look like a ton of rain in and out between about 2:00 and 8:00 but don't let it catch you by surprise, we'll have your seven-day forecast when we look at the weekend coming up in a few minutes. laura, sarah, back to you the university of maryland is facing more criticism about the way they handle sexual misconduct on campus. alexandra limon is working on that story for us.
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fire once again after two new victims have come forward. we'll have the story coming up aged the break, laura. virginia's governor is getting bigger and bill re in his fight against on that yawed addiction, how his online effort aims to stop the epidemic. increasing the legal age to smoke in the district. it's a controversial vote and the one thing lawmakers still need to enforce the changes.
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vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney
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university of maryland facing more criticism about the way they're handling sexual misconduct investigations on campus. last were told you about the slow investigations and the lack of funding for the title nine office that handles these investigations
5:25 pm
department of education civil rights office. fox 5 alexandra limon has more on the complaints and now what the university is doing to better handle sexual assault. alex. >> reporter: that's right. keep in mind the university of maryland was already under a federal investigation for alleged title nine violations, and now these two victims have come forward and filed another federal complaint against the university for the way their sexual assault investigations the complaint cites drawn-out investigation time. lack of no contact orders, and disregard for the hostile work environment victims face after they come forward. an organization called the n rape on campus organization helps the two victims filed the complaint. the victims are not identified in any way, but we do know they filed a joint complaint with the
5:26 pm
that office has not made their decision about whether it will formally investigate um b for this complaint but they're investigating the university for prior complaints and all of this comes on the heels of yet another controversy, approached student to help fund the title nine office which handles sexual misconduct investigations, the director of that office admitted the office is under funded, under staffed and overwhelmed. today, the vice president assumed government told fox 5 the university is no longer considering the fee and instead, they're taking other steps and using other funds to fix the problem. >> immediate hiring of a new sexual misconduct investigator for the office. deputy director and a standing review committee coordinator. those are three brand new positions, we've also come to the agreement that some sort of independent review of the
5:27 pm
misconduct will ker in the next year. >> reporter: now, if folks with the university of maryland told me they have freed up other money to hire additional positions in addition to those three new hires. they will also hire people to work in the care to violence office. in all the university, says they're hiring six new positions to either investigate sexual assaults on campus or to provide reur in college park, alexandra limon, fox 5 local news. ahead at 5:00, police ambush. >> we are now learning more details about the man accused of shooting and killing two police officers in iowa and how the manhunt for him ended. and game on. the world series and the presidential election taking drastic turns after shocking game changers. what do the seven games of the world series and the
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i believe america is already great. yes, we have our challenges. we must give every child a great education, build an economy that works for everyone, end tax breaks for companies that move our jobs overseas. by working together, democrats and republicans, we can do these things. that's why we must defeat those who want to turn americans against one another. i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message,
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. the man accused of killing two police officers in iowa is under arrest. 46-year-old scott michael green surrendered to police this morning, suspected in the death of police officer justin tin martin and anthony bemeno. he's the first des moines officer to be shot and killed on duty since 1977. while officials say martin is the first urbandale officer to be killed in the line of duty. police are investigating a
5:32 pm
town alexandria. this happened this morning in the 800 block of king street. the victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. so far there's no suspect or motive. police are asking anyone with information to please give them a call. the virginia state government has a new website aimed at helping to fight opioid abuse. yesterday, governor terry mccaul live announced an informational tool for the public, healthcare practitioners and law enforcement. it was recommended by the newly created task force on prescription drug and heroin abuse. . if you want to light up in the district. you may have to be of drink age, the dc council approved a bill to raise the smoking age to 21. in order for the law to take effect, they will need to take a way to pay for i put they also voted to vote smoke less and it will affect the nationals and
5:33 pm
tonight, the chicago cubs and indians square off in game seven of the world series here on fox 5. it's going to be a big night. if you thought the series would be over by now, you may have been among the same thinking about the presidential race. >> i know, a lot of people feel like it should be done. the momentum for both the world series and the presidential election keeps changing and is keeping us all guessing. fox 5 political reporter ronica cleary is breaking down the swings alongside jim us sports may be following politics. >> reporter: the chicago clubs and cleveland indians, donald trump versus hillary clinton. jim, you're going to walk us through the highs and lows of the six games and i'm going to go to walk you over the six most shocking twists and turns we've seen over past two months, jim. >> reporter: this is what it started here.
5:34 pm
and you can go to taco bell. we give it toy the indian >> it happened about two months ago when hillary clinton call half of donald trump supporters of basket of deplorables. changed the momentum. i'm going to give the win to trump >> this is kyle the philly guy who missed the entire season, call him the it was 5-1 cubs. a long streak ended right there >> networks thing, alicia macado. the first time we heard about her it wasn't in the first debate. when hillary clinton brought it up in that first debate, the world was watching. and the world really responded in favor of hillary clinton. we'll give her the win there.
5:35 pm
named cocoa crisp. we'll give that game to the indians 1-0. and the indians took a two games to one lead >> third one, rocked the country really. it was a friday afternoon when a lot of people aren't paying attention but they paid attention to this. it was that leaked hot mic audio of billy bush and donald trump making the lewd comments basically continued the momentum in hillary clinton's favor, and i give it to hillary cnt that >> game four, corey cluber started game one and four, starting tonight, cleveland that one 7-2. they thought they were on the win, not so fast >> maybe they thought it was the end for clinton here but it was actually the same day that the hot mic audio came out with donald trump with billy bush. it was start of the wikileaks e-mail like a trickle drip, drip, drip of these e-mails tens
5:36 pm
change the momentum back in favor of donald trump. >> sunday a big game, we had three nfl games including the redskins in london early on but game 5. eddy vet ter of peril jam singing the take me out to the ballgame, doesn't usually go two and 2/3rds but he did and the cubs won 3-2, the indians had to be worried >> we'll take you to the third presidential debate. it was a moment that everyone chris wallace looked at donald trump and said, will you concede this race if you don't it >> and donald trump said i'm going to keep you in suspense. both republicans and democrats many of them agreed that was not a good move. and for that, it shifted the momentum back in hillary clinton's favor >> take us to last night ton fox 5, the chicago cubs going up 7-0. thanks to addison russell's
5:37 pm
it was a sure thing for the indians not so much is >> now what just happened the fbi director james comey sending that letter saying look, we've got e-mails on that shared computer between huma abedin and anthony weiner that we have to take a look at and look at that taking the momentum back in favor of donald trump. trump has the momentum right now. but there are rumors on both sides that both candidates and parties have surprises waiting in the we're going to have the answer tonight. >> no surprise at all we're not going to be in suspense, you can't challenge the seventh game of the world series, we're not going to keep you in suspense, you're going to watch it on fox 5. my understanding is charlie sheen wants to throw out the first pitch. he's in cleveland right now. >> well done, guys. >> don't realize until you really kind of put it in
5:38 pm
take us through tonight's world series game seven are going for as much as $19,000 on line. those people hoping that the curse is finally broken. if you can't make to it the game, there are several bars here in our area, the holding watch parties >> brody logan in northwest where fans are already gathering hours before both teams take to the field to try to bring home the world series title. hopefully everybody is under good behavior. pretty early, everyone is in good behavior, maybe a little bit tense here. i talked to the owners, they expect to be at capacity by 6:30, which is an hour and a half before first pitch. if you want to get here, you should get here early. the famous broadcaster, harry cary has a quote, sure as god created green apples. the cubs will be in the world series, green apples were cultivated in 1868 and cubs fans almost had to wait that long to win a world series, the last one
5:39 pm
we have a lot of cubs fans here, including long-time cubs fan andrew. luckily andrew we only have to wait much longer, first pitch 8:00 because of the threat of rain. what has this day been like for you >> i've been a ball of nerves. hands sweaty. i'm excited but definitely really nervous too. >> reporter: does your boss you're here? >> i'm sure he does, i'm celebrating. no secret around the office that i'm a cubs fan. >> reporter: now, what is this moment like for long-time cubs fans? what is the atmosphere like for people who have been waiting for generations back in chicago >> it's a special moment i think because there have been so many people back home in chicago, i know, for example, little old lady that i grew up across the
5:40 pm
flowers. she lived to be 96 but never she was a championship. this one is for her for me and i'm sure everybody has stories like that. it's really important for the whole city and for people who have been lifelong cubs fans never got the payoff. >> reporter: do you know people who have just been waiting entire lives for this moment? >> yes. i mean, i know all my friends, i've known, you know, my grandparents passed away. they were both great cubs fans. you know, this one is for them. for all the older generations that never got to see it years. let's do this. >> they were there through thick and thin. mostly thin. for a long time there. but they -- they were there for their cubs the entire time. this one is really special. we hope one by oning pull it out for them. >> reporter: the cubs are known as lovable losers but there's a lot of love for a team that's been losing so many generations. it would be so nice for these long-time fans to be able to see a winner and i'm sure the
5:41 pm
be the same. what do you anticipate it would look like if the cubs won >> i can't imagine. i know our buddies up to wrigley to watch the game tonight in bars, it's going to be packed. at least there's got to be a million people up there ready to party and, i mean, i hope it survives, but if they win, it's going to be, they're going to have to do a serious after that. >> reporter: both teams, the fans have been waited earlier. charlie sheen, he was ricky bond in the major league series, tweeted he's on the way to the game, he has joe boo, the have you did you dollar. he also has an adult beverage,
5:42 pm
he wants to throw out the first pitch, but jim tomey is throwing out the first pitch but there's a lot who think they might bring that charlie sheen, ricky bond from the bull pen, if that happens, the place will explode. >> wild for sure. i love his safety pack there. stuff he's taking with him, classic charlie sheen. . google releasing n a lot of people are turning to google before they cast their ballots. what people are looking up the u.s. capitol christmas tree is on its way to the streak. i'm sure you want to know when it will be. we'll have the date for you coming up next >> these christmas decorations are out. you're in georgia town you saw it. >> i can't believe it >> it's like halloween is gone, thanksgiving here we go, christmas. it's hard to do that when it's
5:43 pm
a beautiful fall afternoon as we take a live look outside northwest dc. 71 degrees out there. mostly cloudy skies, a beautiful evening, even warmer tomorrow. we'll have a look at that as well as the cool-down and a peak at the weekend. coming up when fox 5 news returns after this. ?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ??
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?? know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support
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winter around the corner and with that comes the holidays and several big events, one of the most anticipated is the u.s. capitol christmas tree lighting ceremony. this annual event takes place december 6 on the west front lawn of the capitol. paul ryan will have the big honor of lighting the tree. 80 foot tree comes from idaho and today it began its 2000 mile journey across the united states before arriving in the district monday november 28th.
5:47 pm
has all this long way to travel. and can build up to the moment. >> yes. >> surprising to see the wreaths >> it is really a shock. halloween is just over. it does make it difficult which it's 80. one more warm day before we cool things down. >> look at that. rg beautiful >> that is fantastic. you start to lose the daylight quickly. week by week, as i'm going on at the same time, this is beautiful. last few minutes of light right now, shining on the potomac were what a beautiful day. started off cloudy and gloomy. it's hard to cut through the cloud cover this time of year.
5:48 pm
nothing in the foreseeable future. record warmth is possible if we hit 80. we'll break record from 1974. front arrives late in the afternoon that will probably bring showers, umbrellas needed for the evening and we're back they don't cool fall-like weather and pleasant as we head into the first weekend of november. look at these temperatures, cooler along the water, only in the 60's. 66 annapolis, 66 stevensville washington, west upper 70 along the mountains to 81 in cumberland and you can see the core of the warmest air around tennessee valley. 74 in west virginia. much cooler in new england. satellite and radar. we have a cold front behind it back across chicago here into illinois, should be rain-free of game seven. i don't see any rain coming in
5:49 pm
watch some showers across northern indiana. we start off sunny and yes, warm, clouds increase mid afternoon, showers roll in probably any time after 2:00 p.m., it will be breezy too. we'll time this out for you. these could be gust year showers. cutting into this warm area re air through the evening, it will be brief but we could have maybe a rumble of thunder or two. let's check the seven-day forecast. 79 back tomorrow, back cool with a breeze, 62. a gorgeous weekend, beautiful sunshine, 60's, extra hour of sleep as we fall back on sunday. temperatures actually rise a little bit. as we head into early next week. election day itself looks beautiful. 67 degrees there. that's your seven-day forecast. fox 5 will be back after this. that's your seven-day forecast. fox 5 will be back after this. great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices.
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this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices.
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more people are interested in early voting. . new dwnlts into the experience of flight 370. new analysis suggest no one was at the controls during the crash. >> it was initially thought someone was still controlling the plane when it ran out of fuel and dove into the waters off of australia in march of up that theory. investigators say a recovered plane flap was not in the position it should have been in if the pilots were trying to slow down or land. 239 people were aboard the plane when it vanished. ? ? >> google searches for early voting hit an all time high. more than 24 million people have voted early. the turn-out is nearly twice as
5:54 pm
having a change of heart, searches for changing early votes are up too. conspicuously surging the day the fbi announced his agency would be probing more clinton e-mails. ? ? >> it's the emoji america deserves, and for many, it's some dubed the election in one symbol. the face palm, one of the annie yu new emojis making your rack to hillary politically correct. 70 other emojis are also on its way including an avacado and a selfie taker. ? ? >> shop till you drop on instagram. you heard me right. ig is rolling out a shop now button where you can buy what you see in a photo without ever having to leave the ap. 20 brands have signed on, macy's
5:55 pm
? ? >> back together again, a devoted couple forced apart after 70 years together will be reunited after 20,000 people signed their family's online petition. 95-year-old ray and his wife jesse spent nearly every day of their lives together since 1946. the couple was recently separated after social services determined they didn't criteria to live together in the same nursing whole. a family rallied on line and with the help of social media got county officials to reverse their decision.
5:56 pm
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county maryland, a cannister of pepper spray was released on a school bus getting ready to leave watkins mill elementary school. we were told an 11-year-old girl took out the cannister to show other students and discharged. there were 56 students on the bus at the time of the incident. 15 were taken to a nearby hospital. we're working to get details on the conditions and we will keep you posted. we thank you for joining us tonight at 6:00, i'm shawn yancy >> i'm tony perkins. it has happened aga neonatal intensive care unit at prince george's county hospital center is shutdown >> the move follows another startling discovery of the same dangerous bacteria found to at the same hospital a few months. matt starts us off with the latest. >> reporter: it was a couple of months ago officials thought they had taken care of this problem but it is back. how did they find it? they did tests on two young patients, and those tests came
6:00 pm
were moved out of here today. i want to take you to videos so you can see it for yourself. fox 5 cameras caught an ambulance from children's national medical center pulling into the emergency room area. here at the prince george's county hospital. then a short time later, a stretcher was loaded on to the ambulance. and it pulled out. what about last time? why is the bacteria back? the company that operating the hospital issued this statement saying i of the previous bacteria presence was found to be associated with the water supply system feeding the nicu. the hospital reopened the nicu on october 4th after multiple independent test results indicated that there was no identified presence of the bacteria in the water supply. you might be asking, so how did it get back? where did it come from? officials at the hospital, they released a press release earlier


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