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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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up as champions. defeating the clevelandla indians eight to seven lasts ei night in a dramatic gghame sevee that lasted 10 innings. inn it even included a rain delay d so they had some off ngerything. ben zobrist hitting the winning run for the cubs namedno the series m.v.p. 's a big dtheal in chicago.n cca >> huge deal. and you can just see that seeha crowd, the energy out there. th. >> you know what's interesting g about the cubs winning thisthe n world series isning their generl manager thee he yo' epstein was the general manager of the sox ended the curse. cur >> he needs to be here with her the washington nationals nextlsx year. >> come on over to d.c.ome on o we're great city he.we >> yeah, come on in here.'r >> we're also following developing news in prince ipr george's county where police co are investigating a homicide.ho a man was shot inmi the 4100 block of buyer street ineet capitol heights around 9:30.d 93 he later died at the hospital.ha no word yet on what led to whatd that shooting.hooting. developing in iowa we'reloni learning new details about theut man accused of gunning downningd
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the suspect scott michael micha green is now in custody aftertot turning himself in. while an exact motive isive is unclear we know he has aeawe k history of racially motivated mv rants and confrontations withont law enforcement including a recent confrontation withtationh officers at a high schoolgh football game. g after he waved a confederateonde flag in front ofn fron african-american fans during the national anthem. police were called to theamerth scene and askedto t to leave but green claimed he was assaulted by the officers.icer >> 4:31 is the time right now.ow whose three-year-old son brought a loaded gune th to schl in his back pacu in court.nou police say a security guard at moton elementary found the gun g contusion morning. mni an chen childs faces multiplechl charges includingds carrying aia pistol without a license.icense >> new he details about the aut baltimore school bus drivers drr involved in a deadly crashycra earlier this court records say the bus the b driver was guilty in three in re traffic he related cases inas i the last eight years. glen chapel who died in thatd it
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a parked car in baltimore back in 2008.0 nationwide insurance said ind in its complaint that chapel's chae vehicle veered from thehe roadway and struck the yesterday police released 911eae calls about the crash.ra one caller said the school busco driver was going 90 miles per hour. >> the school bus the school bus crashed into a a mta bus. wow, wow. holy (bleep).bl >> right now the ntsb is i investigating what may haveay h led to the accident.t. >> 4:32 is the time right now. more trouble for the prince thei george's county hospitalnty hosa center for the neonatal intensive care unit is onceive again shut down.caaiut >> for the second time in justn a few months official much officials discovered a dangficierous bacteria in thea t water system. fox5's melanie alnwick joins j us live at the hospital withtalh more on how the hospital ispil s
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>> reporter: well, goodel g morning and you know hospital officials say they can't yet explain why two babies in theiet nicu tested positive for pseudomonas so they closed the knee yee natal intensive careene unit as a precaution. preution. some of the newborns we know were transferred to childs ren's national medical center in d.c. to the nick up the. to pseudomonas is athe bacteria commonly found in soil and in water but it can cause serious illness with inn those with with it's the samesed bacteria closd the nicu back in august. aug the hospital said the previous i cause was found to becaus associated withe the water wat supply system feeding theng t nicu. the hospital reopened on o october 4th after multiple multi independent test resultsendentee indicated there was nothere s no identified presence of the bacteria in the water system thr and the hospital says so far it has still not found
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testing positive. it is workingitiv with publicub health experts and the cdc to t try to figure out why thehe bacteria came back.e bac also the hospital has been in contact with the severaltactitha families whose babies were in br the nicu and died earlier inarer the year. y so far they say there's nore n evidence that the bacteria bte caused those babies' deathsies' but nonetheless there are somere public health experts who are w looking into this to see if if there's any sort of an association. live at prince george's hospital center, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 localve at cen n. >> 4:34 is the tomb right nowrih n montgomery county thisntgo morning still no word on howil r an 11-year-old girl got herot hands on a bottle of pepper pepe spray before separate on boardrs a school bus.a school bus it happened yesterday yesterday afternoon as the bus was getting ready to leave watkinsve mill elementary school. sch 15 students were taken to taken their hospital for treatment.ree >> let's talk a little weatherlr now with mr. gary mcgrady mra who is here. her did you stay up and watch the game last night, gary.
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off in the fourth inning something like that. >> you made it that tsomt >> i'm proud of him.rof h >> my comment was i wish i wis could stay up to watch thisat game because it just had thatt t feel that it was going to be ais good one. o >> and it was. a >> 10 innings. igs >> instant classic forlass baseball and historic. hto >> did you stay up and watch. a. >> oh, no. highlights only. cliff notes.if >> that's what we do.>> that's h it's not cold at all thiatsat at morning. temperature is 59 degrees.9 deg. let's check this out becauseeckh we actually have temperatuisres 60's. winchester is 63. hagerstown is 60 and westminster typically a cool coo spot is 63 degrees this rnrning. we will be warm today, okay.y, o temperatures are going to manyrt what up. wh they struggled yesterday for a few reasons but we will be warm today.wa winds will be coming in out of the west andming southwest.thwe look at satellite and more clouds coming now, there are a few very,er very light showers. most of this now is west of now the mountains and it's havingav a hard time trying get over gete
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could there be an isolatedsola spotty shower along 81 thisng 8 morning? yeah, i think so. or way out along 66. alo i think it's possible but it's i not probable and anything herela in the metro we're just goingtoi have to wait until later on latr this afternoon. here's the forecast.orec 60 mild degrees this morning mor at 8:00 a.m.a.m. 77 at a few showers this afternoonftnn coming on across after 2 o'clock.ock. all bets are nothing too wet, though.l ing w, there could be a spottybe a stty thunderstorm. we'll keep an eye on that as well. here's you remember forecast. i'll talk mo right now here's erin comboout m with a look at your traffic. trc you're doing double duty this morning.mornin >> you got it.ot i roads are cooperating so that sh is very atnice for all of us around the dmv. dmv outer loop 95 to georgiaeo flowing without any at s if you have an early flight intn baltimore traffic on the wayrafa to bwi on bw parkway and 95 and9 cruising. no problems on the way as you way a make your way to reaganan national or dulles this morning. closer look there you can seeyoe in kensington beltzvilleeltzll colesville rockville i like r l
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secondaries as well. light volume around the area.the no red on our map in southern maryland heading into clinton ha things moving fine on five. no congestiondi movin at 301 spn brandywine.dy accccokeek. moving along just 99210t through oxon hill the innerhe i loop is cruising.cruing. 95 northbound from fredericksburg into stafford we are at speed. route one also moving justksbu fine without any mov slowdowns.w 66 problem free and you cannd see dale city to the beltway i l like what i'm seeing there.hat in fact thei' em ntirese stretch the beltway is in really goodeal shape this i'll let you know if andap whe pop up and that's your look atot traffic. back to you, wisdom. >> 4:37 is the time. t rap are little wayne offeringitl an apology this morning forgy to controversial comments that hela made about the black livesckives matter movement and countryand y music celebrating 50 years off hits at this year's countryount music awards.rds. all the highlights coming up next. next. >> ?? as we head to break right now, live looke head outside acs the dmv.e dmv. the time right now is 4:37.:3 the temperature 59 degrees.9 der we're back right after this.hi
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>> ?? >> time now is 4:40. time to talk about what's>> t trending on social mia first let's talk about lil' wayne apologizing for his swear word filled ran blotd ranb black lives matter movement.tten the rapper said he waspper saidw agitated about questions asked about his daughter and that after that there was noere was n thought given to his otherer responses. >> next in mississippi where a e technologically yesterday.gicalr it was also spray painted withet the words vote trump.the wos vo the local potelice t chief says there may be a person of pso interest in the case.inte both the trump and clinton campaigns he reactreedhe to t tt fire and both saying there'sghe noplace for such hate in then t u.s. >> let's go to virginia where virginia has a new web site to help fight the rise of opioid oi drug abuse. ase the governor terry mcauliffeulie
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public and law enforcement asawe well. >> country plus sick on its plut best and brightest last night n at the cmas. big winners garth brooks,th carrie underwood for female fem vocalist and chris stapleton for male vocalist. dollar parton achieved a lifetime achievement award. brothers from anne arrundel county in maryland. >> charlie sheen did he proveies to be a badhe luck charm foruckr clev >> major league star from the movie went to game seven ofsen the world series last night after a big push on socialso media and of course the windians wound up losing the wnd game but i don't know how you can blame charlie sheen. sheen >> i have three clevelandleve friends who are heartbroken.en >> the big head lean is you
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swing states and hillary hla clinton fights anothertoghts a bombshell from fbi agents overgo her e-mails.-mails the latest from the campaign caa trail head.traihea >> first more highlights from fo last night's epic world series win for the cubs.n e fans of course celebrating allul through the night in chicago. co >> i love that crowd shot. s so much energy.rgy. and a live look outside as wesie head to break.head to break. time now is 4:42.introdg thursday morning.ique back in just a few minutes. and aloe vera in a professional-quality formula, inspired by nature. blended by professionals to replenish for stunning healthy-looking hair. tresemm? botanique professional. at your fingertips. ?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ?? know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. ??
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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> 4:45 is the time fox5 rightw all is quiet outside at a progressive field in cleveland except for the tears flowing from the cleveland fans asrs they hit the cle ground.un >> they better be proud ofroud o their >> yeah, you can be proud.ud it was a historic game seven gae for the world series butries nothing quiet about the t chicago they celebrated their f championship with the cubs inipw more than 100 yitears. years. >> i think that guy is crying. >> they should be crying. >> it's a babe game, man, comeem on.. >> well its been one lunnn lunn eight years, gary.eigh they got to celebrate.ebte >> that's awesome.>> >> look at that. t bill murray.ray. >> we just won the world series.. >> cinderella story. s >> came back from three down. dw it was all g there's some headlines. newspapers -- well, let's sayli good mornineng to ywellou first before we get to more of >> and thanks for waking upkingu
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gary mcgrady. mra we didn't watch the game ge because it was too late. >> but we are exciteed. >> we are excited. it's talk about some newspaperoo headlines. let's see what they're talking about as far as baseball isat ta concerned. all right. this is the chicago sun times. times >> what wonderful world. world >> that's after the last l inning. look at that.look at th >> that's a great photo. pho >> yeah. all right. and then we have t he chicago tribune, at last my love -- lov- you don't want to herey that tot that early in the >> i didn't know you could carry a tune like that. >> erin i don't know if youy a could call that carrying atut ki tune. that's what cleveland did last night. >> this is a good one. >> cleveland.. >> it says cur >> cleveland plane dealer. deale >> cubs w >> hands on their heads. heads >> all right. so, look, we will talk about what happened last night.appenet there was even n aight 17 minutm rain delay for this game. g >> you know those fans mustans u
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wrap up. >> it was just crazy how how chicago after 108 years they yet were down dead to right on thene road in cleveland for the last s couple of games, cleveland needed one win to secure thisurh and they couldn't get it doneon and they go into extraxtra innings. >> i mean, it's crazy.razy look at that how excited those t players >> yeah. >> here's what's amazing too. to >> what's >> two years ago the cubs were bad. bad. last year they were prettye pret good >> took two years for theo.he i'm not giving credit to theo.he i don't think we need to dogd tg nationals but they have been trying to win. yichicago comes in, they build a team in two years.ears. >> but here's the thing.tng we don't want to get all intont baseball but. b. >> i'm in between this heateded conversation.conv >> i always say that it takes t a whole camp -- from the topm th it takes a whole lot of work wor to get this together. togr. the general manager brings ins the right coach, he brings inin
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there the right mentality and this is what you is just like we have the right theg mentality when it comes to ather.r. >> wisdom feels excited he even wore a vest.e est. >> i came upstairs from the kitchen and sports radio is on. on. >> cheers gary. >> where is yours. >> i need cup number two and t it's not even 5:00 a.m.ot even a i don't know what in says.ay >> sounds like you did stay dids stun and watch the game.nd w here's what's going on outg on u there with temperatures.s. it's 59 degrees here in the city, 63 he for winchesterwinch so-so it's pretty chilly not. >> gary. >> i'm so programmed to sayo prm chilly.ed no, no, i'm so programmed tomm say chilly so i accidentallyentl said chilly and i thought i'dugi try some silly recovery.y. 79 degrees here in the city now. 79 for manassas.oranas not now.ow later this afternoon you guys got he me all choked up. 81 degrees in frede arickftsberg and 81 in culpeper.ulper. it's warm today. we'll have a couple of showersou no big deal. erin it's your turn, please pas save me.e.
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over from weather and take a look at our traffic and shownd s you what else you're facingin this morning as you hit the roads. good news is it's been quiet around time i going to guess aog lot of people might be having some blur he reeyes this morning as he they wake up ifp you stayed up late to muched what the game last night. u thursday morning we'rening we're cruising along 395 from the beltway to the 14th street alont bridge.bridge. 50 inbound from annapolis onol o through no problems. 66, 234 to the beltway wide open back to you wisdom.back tyou >> time right now is 4:49. 4:4 new this morning, d.c. homicide detectives out in southeast. fox5's annie yu is live det ive along 16th street where a man was gunned down overnight. annie, what can you tell ust ca about this story atn thishi point? >> reporter: hey, good morning to you wisdom anepdorto erin. erin. yeah, this happened around aro 11:30 last night. night police got the report of a man shot. there are reports that thisrts t man was shot in the head.d. however, d.c. police on scene se here unable to confirm that that th m me.
4:50 am
this is between an apartmentrtnt complex and a row of single homes. it happened right here in thises raleigh. this is the 1900 block of 16th t street we're told that a man was shotno and killed here late lastlast night. night. we did speak to d.c. policee and they say that they don'ton't have any information as far as s a suspect or motive.otiv however, they will be out here -- detectives will be outee here, homicide detectives will be out here short to furtherfu investigate the scene but ite sc was a veryen active scene earlier today into the overnight hours butou b right now you see the cruisershs book ending the the alleyshell here keeping watch until the homicide detectives arrive.vearv that's the very latest hereest h from southeast, annie yu fox5 f local news.ew >> 4:50 is the time right now.t we're just five days away fromwf the election and the polls are e closer than ever. t that the very latest from the campaign trail next as we head to break, wisdom.
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>> ?? >> back now at 4:52 with the latest from the campaign trail with just five days to go before the m th ju >> as the race betweenre hleilla clinton and donald trump continues to tighten there are g new developments into the fbi fi investigation into clinton. >> fox's jack he key ibanezk h has the very latest.ates >> hillary is likely to be under investigation for manyany years. probably concluding in criminal trial. >> reporter: with less than one week until theorte presidentialr:e election, the i now closely looking into the clinton foundation as it the investigation into hillary clinton a top priority.riorit democrats have been criticizing fbi director jamesrj comey for not providing enoughie he details. det >> i don't believe they haven't foundation or merit and itbe is again interesting that sixt days out of this most mt important election cycle that ct this is coming out.g out >> reporter: donald trump isr:ol now closing in on clinton in i several swing states amid thesw investigation into hervestigatin e-mails. >> several polls have come out showing that donald trump is i eating into hillary clinton'so advantage particularly inlarl
4:54 am
more critical to donald trump's white house ambitionsito than florida. ntonlintonr: hillary cli campaigned in nevada wednesday d as she tries to hold onto her once strong lead.ea the democratic nominee reminding voters of trump'sru comments about women and minorities. >> imagine with me what itt would be like to have donald trump sitting in the ovalthe ov office come next january. someone who demeans women, w latinos andtiand african-americansism clintonsi also campaigned in republicanlin leading arizona wednesday. wedn. >> it's a sign of how unconventional thisen presidential race has beenn that both campaigns now consider arizona a stateotrizo e that's in play in the the presidential race.tial >> reporter: thursday>> rep clinton will hold events in evet north carolina while trumperu will also campaign in thehe tarheel state as well as florida. in new york, jackie ibanez fox news. >> ??>>?
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>> a little weather soundsnd good. i actually got a little tan a l yesterday having lunchster outside. >> wow. hey, how about that. >> beautiful. >> today might -- that could mih happen again today.happen >> i'll take it. i'll ke >> little bit more and you'lle a be good.oo good now --ow [laughter] 7-mile visibility out7-mi there thisle morning. mni just want to keep a close eyet o on visibility this morning the a probleoblem. kity cambridge was m.a quarter mile e over on the eastern shore.n sre. it's come up just a little bit. there's app possibility welity w could have a couple dense fog. we'll keep an eye on it. martinsburg 56, westminster is x winchester you're 63 as well.we here is the forecast for ithe today. mild start. wa afternoon.n. nice day to sit outside forde lunch. it's it'e dry and then after lunchtime that we could have a few showers moving coursv through. th temperatures approachingppac 80 degrees for some.80 i think we d stay just belowbe that here in town. 79 degrees. there's enough cloud cover in the afternoon to keep us righteh there only in oothen upper 70'7 if we get to 80, it will tieill
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it will tie the record forord f d.c. and it will tight recordecr for bwi baltimore as well.l. i mentioned earlier i'd he i h show you the weekend forecast. i didn't get to it last timeet t so here it is. it looks gorgeous. gorou very fall.l. temperatures will drop off and we get an extra hour of sleepf e on saturday night.danight here's erin como with a lookitho at your yr tr >> i'll take the weekend the wed forecast and the extra hour of f sleep. slee thursday morning, friday eve frv right now, 270 southboundthbound traffic still flowing. no congestion from 70 down to 7w the truck scales in the usu crash free through your assecondaries in montgomeryh fr condarieunty. ty northern maryland lookinghern mr really quiet. inner loop, outer loop moving m along without problem.roblem if you're heading for an earlyly morning flight to bwi, 95 bwi, northbound baltimore-washington parkway northbound quiet conditions there. same story on the way to reagan national and dulles. i'll let you know if any of that changes.e-waound qs sto nau southern maryland quietqu commute as well. green gsee all the through accokeek and clinton.on. things in brandy wound moving m along without problem.em up are marlboro four inboundound is cruising. at speed on your secondaries on inyour virginia.
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northbound look at that green.k i like what i'm saying he sayin there.ere. once you get up to the beltway problem free on the outer loopel to the wilson bridge. b we'll take a look at metro m with your next look atook a traffic. tr whiz. wh >> 4:57 is the time.7 is tim developing i dee he tails this morning in a deadly ambush on two iowa police officers.fficer what we're learning about thebot alleged gunman and hisnd previous run ins with the law.h. for the second time inr thcd months dangerous bacteria isas he detected at a maryland hospital.hosp how the hospital is respondingsg this time. tim quick look at t today's stockto futures. dow futures are up eight points nasdaq futures down 17 and the s & p they're down p the one. time now 4:57.:57. back after this.hi >> ?? great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ]
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mnghis is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 5:00 a deadly al night in the district.t in the . police still on the scene of a murder in southeast.ouea we're live with the veryheery latest.late. >> and a historic night in the chicago cubs winning their first championship in more i than a century.tury all the epic highlights just ahead. ahead. >> live look outside thise looko morning, it is thursday november 3rd.vemb it's a beautiful start to theut day. >> it is a wonderful day, wisdom. today is theifule disay the a wd has made. >> he den make them


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