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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  November 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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passenger window explodes. exp he's not sure exactly whatly caused it but he believes iteli was the other driver.river. whether it was some sort off weapon, that's what fairfax fai county police believe.olice bele they are investigating to tryngy to figure out exactly whatactlya caused the window to break but b once this man's passenger window exploded he decided he needed to get away from thisfroi driver for good. he veered off of the beltwaythet onto braddock road and headedead into this gas stati from what he was telling me sounds like the other driver dri did follow him briefly butily b then sped away and once here,e r the man contacted police.e. now, from the window breaking he had some blood, cut his cut finger of his hand so he was w treated here at the scene, it was very minor injuries but hest was shaken up especially forial the fact that he had his young g child in the back he actually was tellingild thei other driver i've got a baby, b i've got a baby, leave me alone but that just didn't jt dd happen and so the police weree r
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it was described as a white a w chevy track.ra they found it a short time tim the victim here actually was aca able to take some cell phone video as the car sped a whim a he had the license plate. plate police found this other drivertd at a restaurant in vienna. they are talking with thatieking other driver. othe no charges have been filed yetni but the person has been found. so, police investigating allgatg of this.of t in the meantime they're askingea us to put out the word a reminder about road rage roa incidents. they say you really need to yout when you're on the road and if i something like this happens to t you they say don't try tou th speeeyd a sway from the person, take speed out of the the equation because it's alreadylr dangerous. they say to just pull over tol e the sifted road and call in this case they say the man did the right thing as soon asss he could pulling off of theou roadway but fortunately thisld y young baby was not hurtt although shaken up she'sp s already at home with herh mother and the driver here, hee, was able to drive away just jus fine.fine. the on.
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that's the latest here in irfafax. back to >> what a horrible experience. . lauren thank you. you. new information in theatione deadly baltimore bus crash. c the school bus driver who was w killed along with five otherther people police say glenn chappell had that recentlypell t been barred from driving commercial vehicles because heeb failed talo v provide authoritis with documentation that he wasun in good health. heah. his commercial drivingving privileges were revoked backked in september. now, the school bus driver whove was killed along with five wh fi otr chapppell had recently beently b barred from driving those commercial vehicles. vehic charges of dirty tricks -- well, all right, excuse me. m the script is messed up therese but let's move on to anotherono story. story. >> meanwhile charges of dirtynwe tricks and campaignn shenanigans are flying tonightog in have a, the reason,ea somebody is going around ino prince william county andy trying destroy donald trumpng dr signs.oy >> fox5's tom fitzgerald waszgel in the county today and joinsndj
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plaza. they call this silly season s for a reason. rea if somebody thought they weregh going to make people laugh inpla prince william county by cy destroying donald trump signsd n well the prince william countyau republican board is not laughing at ta a l look. take a look at what we foundou today down in prince williame wi county. now, this is off mini he -- mini several of these lamp trumpp t pence campaign signs weree ripped, this is not the first ft time this has happened ind prince william county. back in march we told you about judy baby she had here her house over in gainsville sprayll painted trump signs stolen.len. she put them back up. the republican chairman hee tonight is pointing the fingerhf and blame at democrats and the
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corey stuart says democrats inds his opinion are worried,orri worried that trump's rising ris poll numbers are going to letre him win.m w he says they are taking it out through vandalism. >> i think there's a desperation by democrats that d trump is actually gaining in the polls and it looks realks ra good that he's going the winin not just the country but hentry could very well win virginia vir so i think democrats are very desperate and they're angry he h that we're actually going toy gg be winning this elct tuesday. >> reporter: that's what corey stuart saint mary's we re did talk to the clinton to cli campaign in virginia today. tay. they said they have absolutely s nothing to do with this in this fact, they say they denounceenoc all violence and vandalismli throughout this campaign wherever it takes place against whoever it takes placewe against. prince william county policece i say they are aware of this. t we will keep you posted as we continue to track what is ort is what is not going on in prince i
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we're live in freedom plaza tonight tom fitzgerald fox5 local news. >> we make it work. it wor >> we make it work. >> reporter: closing atep midnight on weekends inmidn general i think is bad for theid city, bad for businesses. busine >> i asked him what was going on. he explained they can't getxpla home on the metro now and theint have to wait until the reopens and i was really devastated. >> even on the regular times, you know, the trains brean kon down a lot. >> bus fares will be going up. >> welfares will be going out,et the amount of time you waitimyo for your train, even rush hour >> we could raise fares 35 percent which is unrealistic people would just 35istic ing metro. stop r sounded alarmsedla through our union and with our o supervisors.s. wmata management has ignored us and too often ignored ouredur union. union.
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we're stuck. >> i don't know how anyone in the government is ablewe'r tonok know, look at this and say and s this system is working.ysm is >> i honestly don't know how comfortable i am getting onting the metro again.the metro again >> i think that the federal tt h government should stay out ofult it. i think it should be a separate entity. >> government can't manageover anything. so, that would be a bad >> it's someat wou inconvenienct overall do what you have toav t do. >> people are -- you know,e -- o they don't like a lot of whatfha they're hearing but they're but saying k >> ?? >> well, a reality check that t is for sure. that's what metro's general manager is calling his new his budget he proposal a budgetudget that's hard for many people tont accept. ac >> but the general manager g says it's the only way to get t the financial books in ordern o where union members say they say are not accepting it. fox5's matt ackland is onla i that story.ry. we'll check in with him inh himn just a little bit. >> meanwhile straight ahead at 5:00 the state of thete o district's police department.ctp >> tonight residents are tonht r
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choosing a new we have a live reporoot ahead. >> and voter fraud. a man finds dozens of ballotsoz stacked outside his home andnd hear who he he says they wereey all addressed to. >> ?? >> and melania. [cheers and applause] she is hittingla the trailst for donald trump.for nald what she's pledging to focushe e on if she becomes first lady. hey, sue. hey, >> hey, laura and sarah.d we got through our warmestst november day in 23 years. yes, that is a new record butord temperatures are going tong sharply drop in a few hours. we've got a frontal boundarygot that's going come through a's g bit later. might still produce another shower or two later this evening and then those winds gust up and temperatures drop. i'll let you know what to expectt stilowerg anand ll let e weekend in a few minutes.utes. fox5 local flues at 5:00 will -- local news at 5:00 will bews at0
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know
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and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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>> we want to take you back to t that story abouto met he tree. metro's general manager is i calling his new budgetudget proposal a reality check. c it's hard for many people to >> but the general manager man says it's the only way to getet the financial books in order. i. union members say they are not accepting it.. matt ackland is live at live a headquarters.
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pretty situation at all.tll today the general manager laidal out this budget. he talked about not only massive layoffs, also serviceo s cuts, even a no when it comesoms to any type of raise for employees. as this all is taking place in a that same boardroom, therethere were many employeesy employees represented by the union thereoe and let me tell you, they were w not happy about this. thi so, what are we talking aboutkio when it comes to this budget? sd well, he has to make up, thehe shortfall. how does he do that? so far he's already laid off manydy l employees. he plans to lay off 700 in the the next year and also they willil raise the fare that you and itha have to pay whether we get one g a rail, a train or a bus by b two dollars.olrs now, metro's largest unionnion says that the reason why metro t is in a bad place is becauseecse they haven't planned in thela
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solution cutting hundreds ofs employees is simply not the n right thing to do. >> i feel like we are beingei scapegoated for their lack of management.mana >> yes, right. d to manage to manage the system the way it's it' supposed to be and now they'rehe saying the problem is labor >> reporter: also, the r generaeplor manager paul wiedefe says that the jurisdictionisdicn we're talking about d.c.ut d.c virginia and maryland theyarylae really need to kic money to help with this budget process. after he said that, chairman chr jack evans who as you knowyou ko represents the d.c. council on l the ward two council seat, heeah says that he has spoken withpoki the mayor and other council c members and that he believesves that d.c. would be willing towi double the amount that it typically sends to the metro fund. that is if virginia andand maryland agree to do the sameam thing. thing. that's the very
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should pay more to avoid some of these other what i believe are completely antibusiness type of solutions.type of if you are a bussoiness yous would not raise your costs,ts cut your service and -- and -- and use your capital dollars dol you wouldn't do that. t that's a recipe for a failing ai business. >> reporter: all right, so rht,o no vote from the metro board today. to this process still has a ways ay the next thing that happens is s that public comment will be b taken in february.ebar people can come here, voiceere,i their concerns and byndy listening to the union today,od a lot of people that areeoplat a represented by this union,s uon metro workers, will be here to talk to the board and then theht process goes on from there. possibly we could have a decision by early next yeartea after that public comment iss made. ma live at metro headquarters,dqua
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>> ?? >> what you want in life thate t your word is your bond. bond. >> totally copied what t michelle said eight years ago. >> you do what you sotayaid yor going to that you treat people.eopl >> that you treat people.e. >> with dignity and respect. >> honestly, i don't think she plagiarized it.iarize it. i mean, do you?ou >> because we want ourant children and all children inhile this nation to know that theha only limit your achievement is the reach ra of your dreams and your and y willingness to work hard for them. >> you can't throw her under the bus for'tforha somebody told her what to dohatd and she did it.d did >> she gave a very nice speechpc and the trump campaign is theig one that should be held accountable for the content of it. >> michelle obama gives a speech and everyone loves it. i.
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get on her case. c >> it was one of the majorhe maj headlines to come from theome fe republican national convention melania trump's speech speec borrowed from first ladyfil michelle obama's 2008 obama's democratic national conventionie speech. spee >> melania trump took the the tt stage today for the first timef since the rnc.the she spoke to a crowd in cro i pennsylvania about her love l for america her husband andba her plans if she becomes thehe next first lady. >> fox5's political reporter ronica cleary is live with more he details from herrom h speech today. tay ronica. >> reporter: hey, laura and sarah. bill clinton he is a staple on l the campaign trail but melaniaia trump not so much.uc especially after that speech for the rnc where there were the those allegations ofegations of plagiarism of the michelle obama's previous speech from a dnc. today melania hit the campaignag trail on behalf of her husband s in the battleground state ofd at pennsylvania.pennsylvan now, in her remarks she spoke so
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growing up in slovenia. she describes her views as a child saying america was the word forribeyi frengedom and opportunity.opportunity. america meant if you coulda dream it, you could become it. but then melania led the groupm in a chant about what voters vot want for a future in america. ai >> do we want a country heountry that is safe with secure >> yes. >> do we want country he>> wherw every american gets a fair shot? >> yes. >> do we want a county tree he that honor our constitution.on >> yes. >> do we want country he thatt honors life, liberty and the t pursuit of happiness? >> yes. reporter: well, melania,orte
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d it did feel like a summer day lafeelura. the actual high temperature was he 83. wa the record was 80 so we brokeke it. it that's 20 degrees above average and our warmest november day in 23 years. the warmest we've ever been in november, 86 went he did that, on november 1st in 197864. w 197 so, we came within 3 degrees3 de of setting an all time recordd high for november. meanwhile temperatures stilltull very mild.ry mil 78 here in the district. westminster as well as come as c lands and martinsburg.tinsrg 72 for win chester. cst culpeper still 78 so is fredericksburg but the frontal boundary just up to our north and you can see the temperature drop behind it.burg it's 61 in pittsburgh, 56 in detroit, 61 in column budgets the front is right around thed hagerstown area.rea. see that seconds line of lin showers towards hagerstown.agst. that might produce a briefri shower here in the next 90in ne minutes or so and maybe aaybe little bit more from that t patch down toward harrison harri
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temperature and the wind shiftii that will bring in therengre cooler air after that frontharo passes us by.pass us not very wet and after aboutfteo 7, 8 o'clock i don't think d we're going to see much leftef but as the skies clearlear overnight, we'll get chilly c and breezy and the showers -- s- and the threat of showers will be pushing away pretty ptt quickly. so what's ahead for yourorr friday? it's a reality fall makes a comeback. aom we'll talk about your fridayr fy forecast and the weekend inst aw just a few laura, sarah, back to you.k to y >> a lot of people happy toap t hear that. t >> all right. 5:00 ntsds at 5:00 parents making a >> why they're hoping a kindg ak stranger will save theirngerill baby's life. life. alex. >> yeah, their baby has a rare r form of cancer but has a a 98 percent chance of surviving if they can find someone toeo help in time. t i'll explain coming up. >> ?? >> heart stopping footage of ato little boypp riding his toy carc into oncoming traffic. traff look at this. the rescue efforts to get himim safely off that road. >> wow. and starbucks is switchingbucksi things up.thin u the chilling way the
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traditional holiday drink andayd we're not talking about thosehoe cups, we're back after this.
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after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig. you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on.
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>> ?? >> a baby born about halfway through a normalbo prerngnancy defied all odds and survived. he is facing another ath unimaginable obstacle.agin he has a very rare childhood cld liver cancer. >> the good news is thiss cancer also has a highlso s a survival rate but there's a t catch. fox5's alexandria limon isria ls live with a public plea helic pa that parents are making nowg now tonight to save this baby.his b. >> reporter: yeah, and this ahi is so tough. you know, as a mom you feel fl like what if this was my childcd and the catch that we'ret e talking about is that thishis baby needs a liver transplant.n. so far his family and doctors do
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match but if they do, he has a 98 percent chance of of recovering which is completely amazing considering that when he was born he was only given a 20 percent chance of living but nine months later, he's h still alive and he's still fighting. >> this was his blood pressure cuff, the smallest they make. m it was still kind of loose onlos him so when it's closed it's i like that. >> reporter:ke weighing pound 7 ounces blake thomasehoms was born too early and too small. 23 weeks into the pregnancy pgnn and just days before bef valentine's day, the happy h parents welcomed the most wonderful gift possible. pble. but they got the worst wor possible prognosis.rognos >> they say, you know, parentsts who have their children at this gestation, some parents pan decide to turn off lifeffif support. we said no.
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if he hasn't given up onhasn himself i'm not going to doo d that. that. there's no way. way >> reporter: so, they fought fou and so did their fragile tiny newborn. against all odds, he made it evenl todhough he couldn't cou' breathe on his own and suffered from brain hemorrhages. >> blake hashage a brain bleedrn stage three on one side andree o stage four on the other which wh are the worstism blake was sos s sick his parents couldn't even hold him until two weeks after a he but while his body was weak,ea his spirit was not.hi hes sp survived against all odds and obstacles even when he he needed heart >> it's a valve in the heartheea that's so, what was happening is i blood was pouring into his into lungs because the valve neverale closed. >> reporter: once again, blake not only made it through,tee not he thrived ande and got better.
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nicu blake would soon go home.o. then came the devastating news. >> blake has a malignant tumoror of his liver which involvesnvol multiple areas within thehi t liver. >> reporter: the bad news is this type ofr: t childhood liver cancer is so rare, only one in i every million kids gets it. i the good news is it's treatable but after fivefter f rounds of chemo, the onlynl realistic option for blake iss finding a living donor. >> and we've been desperately searchin give him a liver transplant.nsp. we're hopeful that, you know,no someone will come through and ad save our baby's life. l >> reporter: kaiser permanente wants to emphasize organ donation really can save lives in this case blake'sbl life. his family reached out to uso us because they've had several s nonliving possible donationsonas fall through and they,he themselves cannot donate, so they're hoping people outeoe ou
5:28 pm
might be able and willing toling fill out health questionnaires with georgetown universityy if you're considering it seriously, you can find theirher contact information on our webeb site and you can either getan ee ahold of them or georgetown. >> wow. we pray for them that theyhe find a match for their baby.ab >> they've been through a lot. . >> they sure have.ave. and he's a fighter. we'll keep you posted.ou poste the statof district's police >> tonight residents arehtesiden voicing their concerns.oncern paul wagner is on that story. paul. paul. >> ?? >> reporter: hey, laura and ter: h fox5 has learned more than aearn hundred people have alreadyavred applied to become the next to n that cop here in the district of columbia and here are theere wilson building d.c. council cnc members are hearing from from residents about who they wouldhe like to see in that job.o e in i'll have the story straightght ahead.ea laura. >> and getting out if trump ifru gets in. we heard a lot of celebrities cl say they'll ebmove out of theovu
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becomes president, so witho just five days left let's sees s if any packing plans arela are taking place in hollywood. brody. brod >> reporter: hey, sarah aah a crazy scene in chicago last night with cubs fanss ns celebrating their first world fr series win in over a century.eny a heartwarming story of a cubs b fan made sure to share theure a moment with his father. >> ?? a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from
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to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett and i approve this message. >> ?? >> this is fox5 local news at 5:00. >> police in anne arrundelicin a county investigating a fatal f accident that happened thisped h afternoon along route four and a lower tin dell road. roa one person was killed when aon pickup truck collided with aru car al lanes were closed for aclosed short time while police were investigating.vest >> the father of a the three-year-old who brought aar-o gun to school will remain in rei
5:32 pm
a d.c. judge in the caseas against anthony childs.hi tuesday morning a securityy guard at moten elementaryley school in southeast found theast loaded handgun inside thehe child's backpack as he walkedlk into school. childs faces multiple chargestig including carrying a weaponina without a license. lense >> d.c. police looking for theot gunman responsible for a for deadly shooting in southeast.oua police say a plan was shot inn the head around 11:30 last30as night in an alley in the 1900 t1 block of 16th so far no suspect or a m if you know anything, pleaseno give policew a call. call. >> we've all heard the heard expression shooting yourselfg in the foot but that iyosat exactly what happened to oneon u.s. park police officerpolice r today. the officer was attempting tottn fight off a raccoon attack att when he shot himself this he hm afternoon on horse stable lane in northwest. thankfully the officer is i expected to be okay and animal control retrieved the raccoon. . >> search for a new d.c..c. police chief will be one of the main topics as a d.c. city i council hearing just got underde
5:33 pm
>> let's take a live look inside theet's w tilson buildind where more than 60 people have signed up to testify about up several issues including the state of the department, crimeti and community policing. >> fox5's paul wagner joinsner i us live outside of thate of t meeting with more on thee t hearing there could last intoino the early morning paul. >> reporter: hi, laura and laura sarah. most of these d.c. council co hearings are held during the are day when most people cannot come downen mos here to the will building so this hearing h started at fiv there are 66 people that have h signed up so far to testify.p sr they want to give their impressions, they want to leto t the council members know how they're feeling aboutling about community policing in theun ciitty, hoy w they're feeling fi about d.c. police, how crime h i is affecting them in their neighborhoods, there's ahbor number of activist who's haveo' signed up to testify as wellp to as later in the day we're w going to hear from interim police chief peter newsham. newm we know more than a hundred hdrd people have applied to becomed b
5:34 pm
for kenyan mcduffie he whofie he we talked to earlier today and got a preview of what's to the state of the d.c. police d.i department is at a criticalcal crossroads as it loses membersem through retirement and resignation and waits to see wse who the mayor will choose aschoo its new leader.ea one of the big questions areio a there enough cops on theth street. the size of the force has fallen below 3800 officers the number cleveland near saidland would be trouble if it n happened. peter newsham was asked in akedi city council hearing how manyncl officers he needed to adequately patrol the hoffi ccet >> just to be clear, in termser of where mpd needs to be withe respect to its sworn personnel r and having officers on the streets, do you have a better d sense ofyo where you'd like to be? be >> i -- you know, i would say wd that, you know, because we have been able to hire someirso civilians and we've had some efficiencies on the policees department and you indicated this as well it's reantlly hardl
5:35 pm
police officers that we should u have. we should obviously beviousl concerned when we're losing officers ah 'cause we don't ah want to get to the point whereti we don't have enough. eno >> kenyan mcduffie says hee saye wants to get on the recordto g what he's hearing from residents all around the cityatc he. >> and what i'm hearing arei'rig concerns about policing in i general, the quality of policing, how officers are respond when did you gospon they're qualityd of life crimes thefts burglaries from automobiles and there's theere' national intense scrutiny police-community relations largely driven by high profile h incidents of officer involvederv shootings and in the district we've will similar incidents iid as well, you know, and i imagine there will bee there wil residents who want to speak tost that. >> reporter: the deputy dut mayor for public safety sayset y he'll be listening to all of all the witnesses tonight and says their thoughts and opinions will be considered as the mayor goes b aboe cout selectinl new chief.chef. >> no interviewing has gone on. we, the mayor have tremendoustro
5:36 pm
and work of interim chiefnt c peter newsham. nsh we're not concerned about thet o amount of time that has gone on andncf wtie want to make sue when we do engage in interviewing that we've had ae'd public he engagement processt p and we've allowed time for aimef lot of interest to be generated and interest to make k its way to our personnelel folks. >> reporter: donahue says the search for a new chief isepa on hold until the mayo nrew chic make a decision on a new d.c. d schools chancellor and there's no tim to begin or end.. that's a surprising piece of sur information that we got today,gy that the search for the newhe d.c. police chief is actually aa on hold and will not begin, begn they won't even be doing any interviewing until afteriewing t they've picked a new schools sch chancellor. he we also learned from a source familiar with theamil process that multiple people within the d.c. police. lice department have applied for that top job. job. now, you may recall a few week w ago we did a story about the aut
5:37 pm
d.c. police department.ep chief newsham says it's at 3,729 but based on somenome information we received, it's more likely somewhere around 3,459.3,45 so, the force continues toties shrink. live outside the hearing atearia the wilson building, pauling,au wagner, fox5 local news. >> opening statements were heard in the murder trial for aning the m former south carolio accused of shooting andhooting d killing an unarmed black man. m. today prosecutors told jurorsurs that concerned with staging a scene than saving walter scott'sco's life. the nation was stunned by cell phone video of slager shooting w scott in the back after he her h fled a traffic stop for a broken taillight.ight slager's defense lawyer claimsys the shooting was not aas n premeditated act.ed a if convicted he faces 30 years to life.e. >> tonight we're hearing aboutea another report of voter fraud vf this time in california. mosna says he was gardeningde
5:38 pm
2016 ballots on his he says there were 83 unused83 u ballots addressed to differenttt people all supposedly livingsedi in his elderly neighbor's twor'o bedroom he immediately took thek t ballots to the police but theyy directed him to the postcted h office. he later contacted the the registrar's office who saysce ws they plan to launch anto lauh a investigation into that. t what the heck? all right. all righ multiple celebrities, youiple cb know, they have said it andritin not just celebrities a lot of people have said they're going'g leave the country he if donaldeo trump is elected president.sint >> sof who would you expect to see packing their bags? fox5's political reporter ronical repor cleary he -- has the story. theo >> reporter: with less thanrter a week away until election dayio we're taking a look at eightk ai celebrities who say they would w like to move out of theve out country he if donald trumpna tru wins on tuesday. tuesd let's take a look.t's ta we'll start with pop starr miley cyrus.mi she took to instagram with ah post about donald trump sayingg "i am moving if this is my my
5:39 pm
you may have heard of this one a very recently actor bryan bry cranston he discussed hisiscusss plans to he leave during a a podcast interview.view and cranston said he would gould to vancouver canada and "itnd wouldn't be a vacation. v i'd be an expatriot ." next up actor lena dunham discussed the topic at theict matrix award.wa. he she said i know a lot oflo people have been threateninge be to do this bu she knows a lovely place in vancouver canada and can getcand her work done from there. next let's look at comedian chelsea handler.a he she also wants to leave but e she's not going to she said "i have a house inouse spain that is going to bes goin ready right after the election." let's look at barbaraar streisand. he she sat down for an interview with an australian news outlet where she said "i'm either coming to yourou country, australia, if you'll il
5:40 pm
now let's talk about cher. she took to twitter and is looking took t an extraterrestra location to call home. in an exchange with anotherh user she he said if trump were w to be elected, "i'm moving toto jupiter."te now the view, they might bemi b looking for two new co-hostsho after tuesday if trump wins. now, the view's raven simone ras was talking about leavingeang before trump even became the nominee.e. republican.publan she he confessed that "if any ay republican gets nominated, shea would move to canada with her h family and she went on to say" y i literally bought my ticket,ic i swear. and finally, in an episode ofpif the view, the view's whoopi hehh goldberg spoke about herrg spoer concerns about trump and said sd "i don't think that's america. . i don't want it to be america. a maybe it's time for me to move." so, now that we are less thans a
5:41 pm
do you think that thesehese celebrities will actually packyc up and leave if trump becomes bc the president on tuesday? you? know i love to hear from you.r . you can find me on facebook feb and twitter at ronica cleary. ce we're sending it back to >> sounds like some of themnd already have the option.s live o must be nice to be in that >> except for jupiter. e >> yeah, reaxclly. >> i don't think that's an option. >> you're right.on'tanrigh >> polls showing thehowi presidential race too close to call at this point what do you think you'll be saying oaln risp november 9th, the day afte >> well, tell us how you think i it's going to go.o. tweet us using the #nov ninth # tweets and we may share someha s of your tweets on air.
5:42 pm
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is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!?
5:44 pm
[cheers and applause] >> finally the billy goat billyg curse is broken. broke the chicago cubs internet ier world series champs for theries first time in more than a century. it's video you c stieeme r iight there of the team returning home toe t thousands of fans at wrigley field. the cubs beat the clevelandle indians in case you didn'tou did hear about it eight to sevense in the tenth inning of game g >> in case you're living underin rock. >> yeah. chicago last won the seriesla back istn w1908 and they have won in a world series gamee since 1945.sinc >> what a game that was lastas s it was unbelievable. what a perfect way to end theo e world series.worles >> unless you're a clevelandyoue fan.fa >> it was a great showcase foroe baseball. i mean, baseball and viewer ship has been coming on the t down slope a little bit but itbi just showed how tense those tho games can be and how much isbe riding a on it. i >> when was the last time wes th
5:45 pm
into a tenthhat inning. ig. >> 97 series with the marilynesw and indians and this was theit highest rated world seriess game since 1991, over ove 40 million people watched lastel night. 91. 91. you didn't have all theav the internets to watch it, you it, didn't have all the netflixet anything to watch all this. >> so many stories here. her >> so many story loons. man 70 percent of the tvs in i chicago were tuned into theintot world series. >> that's it. srtorty don't count bars i think.hi. >> okay. >> part of the ratings.atings over the last 108 years theea soviet union rose then fell.onol five years before the last the t cubs title the wright brotherst made the first successfulfu flight. flight. in the time since the lastce tht cubs series man has flown toas n the moon and sandy satelliteel beyond our own solar system. : crazy to think about how aboh long cubs fans have waited forer this moment and somee unfortunately didn't live to l t see it like wayne williams butst his son also named wayne
5:46 pm
williams and his dad had a packet. when not if the cubs win the win world series they would listen n to the game together he kept that packet. p williams drove 660 miles fromro0 his home in north carolina soolo he could listen to the game l with his fatheriste at his grava in indiana. indna. as soon as the cubs won, wayneoe said we did it and then placed e the cubs w flag they fly ony f every win on his father's fathe grave. for this those long time cubse c phanes it was an feat. watch this cubs fan watching the >> they did it, they did it, they he did it,. [laughter] [applause] >> i can't believe it. c bel i can't believe it. >> they did it. >> well, one indians fan thatnei was feeling pretty confinddent in spite of the 68 yearhe 68 yea drought was mike nero.was ke n he tweeted out a picture off
5:47 pm
along with the cavs logo 2016og champs. he captioned some call it call i bold, i call it bold maybe, dumb maybe. eye of the beholder i guess.s. he didn't team seam to regret re the at a time. you guys owe me big time. tim great effort he though. tug get it next year >> at least he's positive.osiv >> change that six to a sevenths or a >> there you go. >> groupon for tattoo removal tm just outside of cleveland, like 70 bucks. 70 cks. >> he may take part that of.. >> have faith the next year. yea >> thrilling game. i think a whole lot of new baseball fans were born last night, too.a whans . >> i think so,. >> by the way tonight is the first night we have not had baseball since april. >> crazy to think. tnk >> what will we do now >> i know. >> now we have to get ready for winter.r. >> it sure feels like summer.e . >> the boys of summer haverav gone. >> i know. may bththis may be the last
5:48 pm
check out the highcheck out the temperatures as we get you ready forur aes changing forecar throughout the rest of this evening. a frontal boundary is comingboun that's going to see these to the temperatures dropping but thatph is a new record beating thenghe old record at reagan nationall by 3 degrees and coming realinea close to setting an all time te high for us which is 86.6. 79 at dulles, bwi 78.wi 7 we're going to have a nice n 20-degree drop coming a little l bit later. t we're watching the weatherther headlines and a frontal frontal boundary will begin to comeom through the area later this evening. the breeze will pick up.the ar ee w you'll notill ice that temperate say that 83 is too warm form fo them, so how about that 20-degree drop for friday for f those of hugh like it coolh li friday's your day.'s y it will be a little bit breezybe later tonight during the day not windy but just breezy. and a really fantadystic but fal weekend is coming our way with t a lot of sunshine.shin don't forget we fall back thiskt weekend.we standard time begins on sunday n so get an extra hour of sleep. . and election day so far so so good. tuesday looks like a fine day.ay tomorrow 63 degrees.degr that's a full 20 degreess
5:49 pm
a lot of sunshine he though sunh and a little bit ofin a breeze. saturday 64 degrees. and plenty of sunshine on o saturday as well. as we so, we might have a fewe a f showers come through tonight tog with the frontal boundary butro that isnt aalbout it for showers in our seven-day forecast forecs until very late next week. wee our temperature right now,, 78 degrees in the district butrt you can see out towardard cumberland the front has made its move. its they've dropped to 64. 6 on the other side of theofhe mountains there's plenty ofy of 60's and we're going to head tod for the 40's and 50's tonight. so, it will b overnight and you'll notice notc those breezes as the frontro gets closer.ts closer. this is the front really noty n holding its moisture we had a few showers come a fewe through earlier and with thehe front wheel -- we'll see our skies clear slowly. slowly. as high pressure builds inpr we'll have that breeze out of the northwest occasionally gusting up and overes that hwes2 25 miles per hour but again ain lot of sunshine and thee d th weekend right now 64 for saturday, 66 on sunday. sda
5:50 pm
great time for everybody. everyy high pressure builds in nextur week as well and that's why we're thinking as we heade wella towards eleinngct aion day it's' going to be dry seasonable sease maybe even a little bit warm for election day. let me show you our fox5 show yo accuweather 7-day forecasther because we're dry on monday, moa dry tuesday at about 66 degrees.66re some clouds possible wednesday d but very little in terms of shower activity and most oft of these days next week runningunng just a little bit above ave average for this time of yearf y but a cooldown on the way inay i just a few hours. hrs don't go anywhere. fox5 local news at 5:00 will be right back.
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>> ?? >> hello. in tonight's fox5 on the fly, 's foxois is going ice for its new i h foliday dorrink and airb now letting you earn airline miles for your stay. >> first a toddlerles takes his toy car into real traffic. take a look at this video. >> ??>> >> caught on camera, heartt on stopping footage of a c little
5:54 pm
oncoming traffic in china. fortunately the other driverr spotted the three-year-old andel were able to avoid a police officer eventuallyntuay picked him up and returned him to his terrified mother. >> ?? if you're counting youre cou calories you might want toan t count hours of sleep, too.ep too a new study shows people whoplew are sleep he deprived eat an an extra 385 calories the next day.y. that adds up to a pound of fat f for every six days deprivation.depr what counts asleep deprived. asl between three and a half andreen five and half hod urs aa ha nig. >> ??>> ?? delta airlines and air bnbnb are teaming up and now you canan earn delta skylights for your yu air bnb stages you'll get 1 1 mile for every dollar spent onnt qualifying stays but you do have to book through dealt bnb.. want to get glam like onem
5:55 pm
cosmetics is releasing this t new mean girls inspired inspi highlighter. the name of the shade regina george. >> ??>> starbucks breaking with tradition.tradion. yeah, for the first time everth the coffee chain'se fi new holiy drink is cold.ol it's an iced coffee spice with cinnamon nutmeg and vanilla topped with sweet cream.t crm. don't worry your favoritesr fave like peppermint mocha and gingerbread lattes are stillti on the holiday your fox5 on the fly. >> ?? i believe america is already great. yes, we have our challenges. we must give every child a great education, build an economy that works for everyone, end tax breaks for companies that move our jobs overseas. by working together, democrats and republicans, we can do these things. that's why we must defeat those
5:56 pm
and i approve this message, because united, our best days are still ahead. vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business,
5:57 pm
us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney and i approve this message. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. them." vo: just one. >> for the second time in its sc long history theon oldest oldest synagogue in washington is on the move. inching toward a new addresswaew in the heart of downtown. the former synagogue builderld built in 1876 started its i
5:58 pm
moved to ail temporary spotpo about 50 feet from its home ofof the past 47 years. yea at the intersection of third ofr and g streets northwest.thst >> the move will make way forayf a massive redevelopmentevelop project at the entrance of the 395 tunnel. tunnel. there's a lot of work that'sk ta been going on there. thee. the synagogue will be moved again in about two and a half yearsfea to its new and ideally permanent location at thetion ae corner of third and f streetsees northwest. its first home by the way wase s at sixth and g streets northwest.nort now the site of headquarters.quar had no idea.d no ia. >> slowly inching its way.inch >> i know, a little bit ofin lii history still kind of keeping ki its own here. >> yeah and it's been fascinating to watch how theychy put that altogether, the t engineering of actually moving n that structure.that struc >> sure. >> thank you for being with us here for fox5 local news fatort 5:00. >> fox5 local news at 6:00t 00 starts right now. >> ?? >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00.6:00 >> a bizarre road ragerage
5:59 pm
thanks for join and us tonight i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins.peins the pursuit crossed state s lines starting in prince george's county and ending ineni fairfax.fax. fox5's lauren demarco starts sta us off live in northern >> reporter: tony it started nears national harbor on theon t inner loop of the beltway.thbel. the alleged victim here sayseres that the suspect was weavingeang around him all the way here to the braddock road exit andxit a that's where his window shattered. he got off of the exit pulledt d into this his five month old daughter dghr was in the back seat screaming and he was very concerned forncr her. he says that's when the other t guy took off. he stopped and called 911 butt he he says during all this, hehh was communicating with the wh t other driver. take a listen. >> my baby is good. >> reporter: you told him h you had a baby.d a b >> i didn't feel and he kept doing that.ha
6:00 pm
want to be identified. to be he had some minor injuries,urie small cuts from the his baby not hurt, she'she already home safe with her h mother. he says the other driver wasverw weaving around him driving d aggressively. he asked the guy to stopo sto several times the passengerng side window of his hyundai hyuai exploded. he says he never saw the causehu so could it be a bb gun a-pellet gun an actual gun or go some other type of projectile.jl the victim recorded some cell cl phone video of the suspect whopo again followed him off o exit before speeding away.wa police traced the license len plate. they found that other guy a a short time later at a vienna restaurant. no charges have been filed. at lasest c havheck he's still i questioned by police but theyy say that they did not find ad weapon him. h officers say that this is a tisa reminder to try and avoid engaging another driver in a road rage incident.ncen >> pull over and disengage as as quickly as you can. c speed is not going to help it.ei you're not going to speed andped geawaway. get to the closest shoulder shoe


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