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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  November 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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motor vehicle in northwest.orth it's a shooting that hashas received national attention. fox5's paul wagner joins us now with the exclusive details onusv this. >>reporter: fox5 has learned5 that tha n withs have been summoned to appear before a superior court grand jury and provide testimony over the thest next twoimon weeks.ks. a probe that comes less than two months after terrence sterlinge was shot in the neck by an officer sitting in a cruiser that had moved to block his path at a morning of september 11. terrence sterling was on his way home from a bachelor's party at around 46789. morning and likelyely headed for the third street tunnel when witnesses say a d.c. police cruiser suddenly blockede his path at the intersection oft third and m. the motorcycle struck the side of the cruiser and then according to than withs without witnesses the window roled downr on the passenger side and a uniformed officer aimed hisd
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firing twice hitting the 3 # year old in the neck. 16 days liter mayor muriel bowser identified brian trainer as the officer who fired hishis weapon that day and release thee video recorded by his body worn camera. now just under two months sincet that shooting, a grand jury. they've had enough time toe interview witnesses, to get thet autopsy report, to have the autopsy report reviewed by r another expert, to review forensic evidence. at crime scene photos or video and do a further forensic analysis of after doing all thatll investigation that a grand jury investigation is being opened leads me to believe that there are vigorously pursuing a charge. david been wits is a veteraneran defense attorney who has represented individuals who have gone before grand juries. essentially what the grand jury is a room inside the us attorney's office where members of the community sit and listen
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down there whether you're represented by a lawyer or not. you would go down there andere eventually you would go into tho room alone. inside that room would be thebe grand jurors, a prosecutor and court reporter. of the shooting then assistant chief peter newsham had this version of what of happened at third and m streets northwest. approximately 46789.ap 20:00 a.m. this morning in hpr e adeems morgan area of washington, d.c. there was a report of a motorcycle that was driving erratically.erra offi here at t the intersection ofof third and m street northwest. which is about a block north of new york avenue. they were able to stop the vehicle. the person that was riding the motorcycle attempted to flee,e, ended up striking the police car and at that point shots were fired. > but at least one witness says the collision with the policeth cruiser appeared to be unevadable and stern had hisle a
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police have said no weapons were found. a few minutes ago we received a statement from jason down. he's the attorney representingre the sterling family. it reads in full, the sterling family is cautiously optimistic that the united statested attorney's office is conducting a grand jury investigation intoi the homicide of their loved one. the family seeks justice and is hopeful that the prosecutor'sosc conduct he -- conduct i should say, a thorough and fair investigation. we should also mention tt tried to reach out to brian trainer, the officer involved te and the o one that was named bye the mayor, we were unsuccessful. we were also unsuccess pful incs learning whether or not he hasas an attorney. paul wagner, fox5 local news.ew. > election day is now just four days away and tonight there are reports of a possible terror threat aimed at three states, including virginia.g sources tell the washington post the terror attack would happen
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fox5's alexandra limon is live in fairfax county with howrf official areax handling that possible threat.le >>reporter: that's right. i am live at a polling place inl fairfax county and it hasli been fairly busy all day long and now on top of dealing with withh these big crowds, election officials now also have to take into account this new potential terrorist threat and what that involves is things like assessing its credible andedib cong game plan for both election dayy and the few days we have leftlet leading up to it. there are also differentso security scenarios that both election offerings and local police departments have to think about and take into account. we've heard about things likee the possibility of vote erin temptation.te the large volume of voters that we're seeing so far in early voting and and tea vote absentee
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expected on election and now tho new reports that a al qaeda a may be reporting. our officers are continuing to be in contact with federal,fede state and local authorities atl this point. i don't believe there's been anyn credible threat that have been but we'll continue to monitor for monday and tuesday of next week. we've also had perceived threats before. i don't anticipate any reel issues in arlington county,ount although clearly we're all on alert for anything suspicion.spc i spoke to both the arlingtonint county police department as well as the fairfax county police department and they both toll me they have similar game plans ini mind for election day. they include staffing additional officers that would be patrolling and are aware of polling locations. however they may not actually be staffed there because of course
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perception of possible vote erin temptation by authorities. by reports live in fairfax county, alexandra limon, fox5 local news. > new tonight, two former aides to new jersey governor chriser christie have been found guilty in higsehe be temperature so-cad bridge gait scandal. prosecutors say bridget kelly and bill baroni took part inin plan to close lanes of the george washington bridge inin 2013.20 prosecutor closure was political revenge on the mayor of fort lee for not endorsing christie's reelection campaign. a federal jury sitting in the courthouse behind me found fou bridget kelly and bill baronioni guilty of all counts in that indictment. we are bratty tied that the jury saw the tie evidence the same wy that we did. both kelly and baroni plan to appeal that conviction,nvic sentencing in the case is set for february. both face up to 20 years in
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across the dmv in their final hours now. quite literally here in thethe district.ct. virginia they have one more daye and the turnout has been robustt to say the least. here is fox5's bob barnard. checrdk out the long lines insid the dorothy height library on benning road in northeastorth washington this morning. it's the final day of early voting in the district. it stretches outside the building this line, some who can barely move are making their way to the pls election. we're seeing the same thing over at 1 judiciary square in northwest. the busiest polling place in thi nation's capital. the long line forming outside the building an hour after the polls opened at 8:30 this morning. i am happy that i came today. i'm really relieved that this is over with. this has to be the worst, the debate, the biggerring.igge i mean it's been the worst thato
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truly glad when it's it's been ugly but i'm reallyaly excited to vote for hillaryor clinton. so i can't wait.'t i mean this election season haso been crazy so far so who knows what will happen. you might as well cash your vote in favor of whatever candidate you want to. this woman's shirt caught our attention. why did she check option thump three? have you been listening to candidates? that's y. thethe polls close in the district tonight at 7:00. early absentee voting in virginia through to. vir early voting ingi maryland ended yesterday. election officials say more than 877,000 people voted early in maryland. 150,000 on thursday alone. twice as many as voted early four years ago.. i'm ready for tuesday to comecoe and have this over with and get on with the business of the nation. are you hopeful for the future.. >> i am hopeful for the future. i have a son.o i have to be hopeful for him and
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that i'm on the here in thee in community myself or expressing my just a sampling of voter's sent meant as we wind down towardswad election day. in the district, bob barnard fox a 5 local news. > we are learning more aboutout the dangerous bacteria in the neonatal unit the at prince th george's county hospital center. > this protest poster gotter several people arrested on a local university cam publicatioi but it wasn't t got them in trouble, it was how they put this up.up i'll explain coming up in just a moment. > and she was a happy 21 year old when isis moved in on herer village killing her family, kidnapping her and launchingnchi what has now been a two-year general side on her people. she was able to escape and is now telling us her story. nadia murad saturday down withh me and we're using to have herr
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temperatures. n. are cooling down. it's a reality check for theck season. i'm going to have all the details coming up and let youlet know what that election day forecast as well a little bittl later.
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i believe america is already great. yes, we have our challenges. we must give every child a great education, build an economy that works for everyone, end tax breaks for companies that move our jobs overseas. by working together,
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that's why we must defeat those who want to turn americans against one another. i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message, because united,
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> some very alarming news from prince george's county hospital center today.ce officials held a news conference this afternoon to discuss their latest battle against dangerous bacteria in flare neonate l al intensivive care unit. lauren demarco is live in h cheverly with the latest on this. >>reporter: a press conferencee justss wrapped up here and thiss disturbing stuff. we've now learned that two ofha the babies who tested positive for this back tear year thisis week that one of those has a pseudomonas related infection. the other currently doesn't have infection, but test positive forth bacteria earlier this week. all five of the patients in the nick u center here at princeere george's county george's hospital were taken to childrens national medical center earlier this week. we had some camera footage of the ambulance picking up the children.chil the nick unit is temporarily closed. once again it had closed inclos
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month. that was for the same problem, the pseudomonas bacteria thatace had been found in the water. this time t around the twowo infants tested positive for it. but officials announced today that they're not sure of thehe latest source of the bacteria. this time it is clear. they're trying to figure outfigu where it is coming from. they said it's quite pussing. they're pozzing.ozzi infants who died at at prions george's they're working to determineterm whether those deaths could havec been related to the bacteria. they have ruled out the majorite of them.m. but today we learned there are two infant deaths they are still unsure whether it could be related. take a listen. among those four deaths twodeat could not be connected to pseudomonas. while there is a likelihood it remains unclear whether
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link deaths? is it possible, yes. can we say for sure, unfortunately, no. that was doctor colleen hughesue driscoll with the university oft maryland medical center. they have been brought in trying to help with the situation here in prince george's county.nce the cdc is also they've sent in a team ofam experts to help as well alongl with county offerings.y they are eye trying to get toto the bottom of this. no word at this point when nick will reopen here. again, this is the second time that that it has been closed ine just a matter of months and at this point they're not even the source, where the bacteria istei coming so they're going to continue testing. they're also continuing to trait staff on enhanced prevention, infection prevention methods here as well. pseudomonas bacteria iss something that's commonly foundc in the water, in the soil but what happens is it can colonize
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that is what has been happening herein side the nicu unit. they're trying to figure out why that's happening and get rid ofr it for good. that's the latest here inin cheverly. back to you.u. > two protestors are arrestedae on george mason university's campus. but it wasn't their cause a that got them into trouble. it is the product they used to carry out their protests, industrial glue. police arrested the two non students who put up those on protest student for justice in palestine conference in a was underway at george mason. the destruction of property isis mated at $2,500 h. fox5's matt ackland joins us more with the the story.stor matt, what happened here? hi, laura, hi sarah.a, h >>reporter: herei is the flyerr that police gave us and it's really not the protest flyertest that authorities have a problem with. it was how the flyers was put
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campus. you ' these two individuals authorities say used aned industrial glue and they actually glued these signs onto these major signs that say welcome to george masonmaso university campus. let's take a look at that andand we'll show you what we're talking about.out. when police arrested the two he they found a tub of industrial glue in their vehicle. the police official i talked tok off camera said if they woulduld have used tape that came off easily there really would two, but as you said before itt will take about $2,500 to removo the glue that is left over on these signs. now, police first noticed this yesterday about 4:00 in the morning. so what they did is they went back and they looked a at somese of the cameras here on campus and they set up a sting for 4:00 this morning and they found these two individuals doing itit again and that's when they tooky them in custody.stod
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destruction of property. those were felony charges. live at george mason university campus matt ackland, fox5 local news. > he we want to share with youu an interesting event that happened in the district. this morning community officials gathered for the official opening of academy of hope charter school in northeast. the school is foray dolts who struggle to read. teachers help he them advanceane their skills and look for jobs. beside the official ribbon cutting community members helpee the school there. the academy serves nearly 300 adults. awesome opportunity. all right. we are back into the fall it seems like. that's part of the roller coaster t. we've gone back down inn temperature. it seems that the colors areare really starting to come out,e too. i don't know if it's just myt eyes that are seeing them. not so much in this picture. those yell owes and oranges are
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i'm dog the yell on. i'm doingog the red. definitely and you're not joking about the difference in the temperature.te owe, my goodness, from record breaking to seasonal is a huge jump in this area for us. and so right now we're at 63 degrees where we were into the 80s breaking a recordord yesterday not so today.ay. relative humidity only atat 35 percent. we've got a pretty cool northerly wind at 65 miles anmie hour is that kicking in as well. it is a little bit side, but definitely the reality of the season. radar showing not much happening here. we have a ridge of high pressure that's live and in charge. here's a look at your current temperatures around thee neighborhood. we've got a cool 59-degrees at gaithersburg. dulles, 63 at manassas, 63 at fredericksburg to the south. martinsburg at 60. 61 at cumberland.
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look as i said a little bit onb the breezy side, anywhere from about 5 up to 16-mile an hourur winds. a couple of gusts mainly to the south, so not so much to speak of. look towards areas of the west we have some chilly fall weathel kicking in where w we have a frs advisory in effect.effe this is right through until 9:00 a.m. on saturday. definitely an issue for any type of sensitive vegetation. it needs to be be s here's a look at your planner by 9:00, 55. that seven day forecast is day coming up just ahead and thethe election forecast as well.well back to you. > that's an important one, too. ahead at 5, a recall on more than 2 million washing machines after a malfunction caused a broken jaw. and a popular new tell he spread is being investigated for the way a product is labeled. why the food and drugdrug administration wants help fromtn
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here's a mix you probably didn't effect. high end retailer knee man marcus selling collard greens.e. why the side dish is causing acs stir on social media. > if you have a story idea cala the fox5 tip line. that number is 202-895-3000. or you can e-mail your tips to
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and in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? after all donald trump has said and done...
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moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. > trending tonight, samsungmsun officially recalling washing machines that could blow apart. a consumer products safety commission says the tops on those samsung washers can detach during use. nine injuries have already been reported including one brokenen jaw. samsung is offering a free in
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washer's top. a rebate is also being offered towards the purchase of a new washing machine.wa nextsh up, who doesn't love nutella. try to convince yourself that it's health he, maybe not. would you crib it as a desert ds topping or a spread?ead? >> the answer could cut the number of california wrist and fought listed on nutella nutrition labels. since 1993 the fda has considered nutella to be a desert topping. let's be honest it is. treats say it should be in the same category as honey and jamb. the fda wants your take on this. you can share your opinion online or by male.e. up until january 3. tell them what you think. the kids keep saying we want the nutella on our beg else.e. yeah, for desert. believe it or not the controversial collard greens at knee man marcus, they're sold out. and i didn't get one can of
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66ed side dish recently went viral. necessity man marcus describedcb the am pointed out the traditional colored greens are cooked with ham hocks not bacon. the course of sparked the hashtag gentier phid greens.ntie no word if the greens will be restocked. > am i missing out. > this story is a littletle sweater here. if you're looking for a way to get rid of some of your childrens' halloween tricks, listen up. monkey joes is teaching children a way to give back. chide reasons can donate their candy for treats for troops.oo it's all part of a partnership with soldiers angels. kids will get a firepans of bounce p pass if t a they have a pound of candy. take your kid there, get a pass and feel good about dough anywaying.
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a bizarre kit cat fest got a pretty sweat reward. hunter joe opinions a student at kansas state and he made headlines earlier this week after a thieve broke into his car only to steel a kit cat. oddly enough the thieve wrote an apology note written on a napkin. he thought it was funny show he shared it on social media.ia. they filled his car with 5500 kit cat bars classmates. the future he'll be sure to lock his car. > kit kats good. coming up a 23 year old who has over come incredible obstacles including being held captive by isis. now she is free and she's sharing her story of courage and perseverance. soccer team suspended.
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end their season early. what some of the men did that has them in big trouble.ou millions turned the streets ofts chicago to celebrate the cubs victory. some highlights and low lights from the windy city celebration ahead in sports. ts. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons.
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espected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney and i approve this message. ?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ?? know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. > this is fox5 local news a at 5. the sheriff's office is hopingpg someone recognizes this youngoug man suspected of stabbing another man at the saint charles center in waldorf. it happened last month and the a
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women when the victim and a friend walked by. the sheriff office said the suspect did not like the victim looked at the women. a fight broke out.ut. less daylight means more dangere on the streets. that's why local officials wantt you to be slow down and be more aware as you travel this fall.l. it's all start of the street smart campaign. police are urging you to obey all traffic laws or you could y face fines up to $500 on your license. a court appearance thi afternoon for an alexandria man accused of trying to help isis. last march court documents he admitted he flew bwi airport with the purpose of joining isis. he was later returned to thened united states. the grand jury indicted him yesterday. > nadia murad.urad > a 23 year old victim of isis
5:32 pm
medical peace prize was here toe accept the award. her small tour kish community has been suffering for two yeara now and she wants the world toto know about it. lauren you recently sat down with the woman. she is an amazing young people.p she is an amazing young woman. she has the courage to come out and tell this story to the world. he was in secondary school witho dreams of becoming makeup artist when all of this happened in 2013.3. isis moved in on her village of sin jar on the northern renal on iraq and they would destroy allo of its temples of men and kidnap millions of women and childrenhd taking them as sex slaves. nadia was one of them.hem. she sat down exclusively with me and told me her story throughhru
5:33 pm
when they came through the villages they told us they were unbelievers. they gave us a choice to change our religion or to die. more than 6500 women and girls were captured. shrines and temples of the adid it think faith were destreet. in one day her mother and six of her nine brothers were executed. in the think that i would be a able to scape. she became a slave. they used girls for sex and then traded them. they saw them. they did whatever they wanted td do with them. exchanged as seven gifts, girlsl as young asinine were raped and tortured, used as human shields. the young boys are brain washed,
5:34 pm
nadia tried to escape once ande was beaten. then a second time. itself it's not easy for any of us to escape because isis wass every where.ev but a family helped her to get to safety and got her medical attention. with the assistance of yeahnc dangerouse bacteria, a yazda nadia is telling her story, evey though it may be nearlyrly impossible to bring her prosecutors to justice. in 2015 she testified un security counsel begging theg to listen to the horrors. she also caught the ear of human rights lawyer amalclooney who spoke this past september whenhn nadia was appointed n goodwill em bass door. she was forced to bring, forced to dressto up and put makeup onn preparation for rape and one night brutally abused by a group
5:35 pm
unconscious.ou > clooney has now taken nadia's case to her try to seek justice. they have given us a lot of hope.ho it's very important for us thatt isis after committing all the crimes are brought to justice. nadia has lost her family, her community and life as she knewew it. listen to nadia murad tell herhr story it is clear she has been through hell. but she is strong, resolved in her fight against the general side of her people. it is something that i feel obligated to do to speak against this because we have to stop the terrorism. we need american people to stand with us our people are suffering. > nadia now lives in germany, but continues to receive deathee threats from isis.
5:36 pm
by isis. nadia murad was recently named one of glamor magazines women of the > what an incredible story. thank you. > now to a chilling case out of south carolina. first, a woman missing for two months is found alive chained inside a > a body has been found nearnd the location where she was beine held captive t.capt 30 year old carla brownwn disappeared in anderson county with with august. deputies were on the property po and heard her banking on the container. she says she was being fed inside the locked container which was sitting outside.utsi > she is alive and well and she is obviously traumatized. she told us that she had beenen locked in that container for two months. it's only by god's grace thatrae she is alive.
5:37 pm
todd column help who is a registered sex offender. cocarla's boyfriend is still missing, carla is reporting doing well, recovering at a local hospital.spit > tonight, a pennsylvaniapenn father has been arrested on child endangerment charges. 23 year old andre price jr. failed to call police after theo mother of his two children threatened to kill them enclosure a two-hour text message rant. 21 year old christi enterprise three videos threatening to harm their 17 month old son and two year old daughter. one of them featured footage of their son's lifeless body.dy. she also reported him sleeping with with another woman. > a disturbing story out of harvard university. and you savory practice by the man's soccer team, dating backbk years. they would rank the members of
5:38 pm
their loose.. the university's school papersi thety harvard crime son uncoverd the story saying it found documents dating back to they determined the practice wai still going on. as punishment the university has ended the team's regular seasonl and players will not participate in any playoff games. > you're running out of your time to get on your cubs championship the team's merchandise has been flying off the shelf as you imagine since they put the indians to win the world series. some people waited in line for 20 minutes. it includes merchandise with ath giant fly the w flag in a new slogan calling the team loveable it finally has changed. the first world series since 1908, by the way. > so much to celebrate. i have long wondered with a redskins parade day would bee
5:39 pm
> today was parade today in chicago. >> i'll bet it was wild. > the estimations of how am people are there is insane. i can't believe they got it together in just a couple of daze. they had the shirts printed early. > when the cubs win games they fly the wcubs raising a white ft with ae w to signify a win. that w stood for wilting dispair. cubs fans had to wait no more today they finally got to witness a cubs world series parade. this was the scene as thousands of cubs fans opened grant park. and they are he ' off 6789 fansn waited overnight at the gates for the chance to make sure they receive a front row seat for the victory rally, 108 years in thee making. it wasn't one road, all the
5:40 pm
between 5 and 6 million people swarmed the streets and and 6 gt park forth cubs world seriesrld parade and vicary recall yess only 2 million people live in h chicago so that take that numbet with a grain of salt maybe. this is the scene as the cubs as players made their way throughdt the the city. there was a small hiccup, however, the player lost his hah when the top of the bus he wasbu on graced a power line. he's okay. he just lost his hat.. > in chicago it was trust falls. a couple of people 18-foot statute and turnedan around like a scene from mean girls and they fell into the crowd. luckily they were caught. there was no regina georgeregi moment here like in mean girls. she doesn't even go here. the redskins are off this weeks so if you choose to you canan actually go outside and enjoy life this sunday which is something a lot of people are choosing to do this year. not enjoy live, but not watchwac the nfl 6789tv ratings are down
5:41 pm
regional ratings are about the same. regional games are down big time. monday night football the ratings are down 24 percent,perc sunday night football 19 percenc and thursday night downown 18 percent. there have been a lot oft of explanations as to why the ratings are down in the seahawks ever out spoken richard sherman gave his take.take >> because the league isn't fun anymore. every other league you see they players have a good time, you know, it's this isn't politics. this isn't justice. this is entertain president. they're no longer allowing theao players to show any kind ofnd o personality, any kind of uniquee ness, individual wallet, because they want to control the product, the messaging, etsagi cetera. i think a big part of this, the prime time games across theth board, the same amount of people
5:42 pm
just those big time showcases they've been dude games. you don't have the stars. you didn't have tom brady forth first four games. you don't have payton manning. where people outside the local team say they have to tune in to see payton manning. >> you don't have that. > you can follow it on youran f phone while you're out actually doing things. once it gets colder and people are inside. >> then it might change. > thanks, brody.ha coming perform an exclusive performance in paris for the reopening of the bat how you can get tickets for that. covergirl's new ambassador will be doning a hished. a hi, there. we have a big change in thehe temperatures from the 80s and we are red to the 60s. reality check for the season as the cooler air moves its way in the north.orth
5:43 pm
i do want to bring you on the breaking news out of new york city that we had for you at the top of the newscast. we are knews that one of the two sergeants shot today has died.d. all this happened within thein t last hour and half in the bronx. police say two sergeants weree responding to a call for a home invasion. as they arrived on the scene they were pulling over a car and inside of that car was a gunman who opened fire hitting both sergeants. the sergeants fired back hitting the gunman.nman the gunman one of the sergeants now, we understand, has passed away and governor andrew couple owe announced that death justthat moments ago. the other officer was shot inin the leg and is currently undergoing treatment. we will have more as we learn it and we will be back in just a
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more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig.
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it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible
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? ?. a big fund raiser to support the american reds cross. i was honored to serve as the m c. folks got a chance to vote on a number of designer celebrity handbags. they brought in more than $100,000 to the american red cross. this is the seventh year for this fund raiser and the money helps fund the vital resources that the american red cross locally. the group as you knowing ors blood drives and helps with disaster relief both big and small and supports military families. it was a fantastic event and i was very honored to be there. >> great cause. good weather for people to come out and support such a good cause. >> supposed to be a great weekend. the roller coaster is doing its thing, we're going to see a big difference.
5:48 pm
record breaking 83 degrees.
5:49 pm
standard time, officially, sunday night at 2:00 a.m. set the clocks back an hour, sun sets at 502 sunday and springing
5:50 pm
march. you will gain an hour. election day, fantastic, 68, plenty of sunshine. planner for tomorrow with the sun and conditions will leave you at 58 by about midday and as we wrap it up, the double 4s tonight, chilly for you, but fairly clear skies and tomorrow we're talking a high of 65 degrees. here's a look at that important seven-day forecast for you. 62 take a look, 64, we'll be back after the break, make sure you
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heartbreaking news, michael bublay announced their
5:54 pm
they did not indicate what type. they plan to take a high yes, it is from their careers. they're also parents to elias who was born in january, they tied the not in 2012 and he was born the next year. sting is set to perform for the first concerts for the first concert in paris. it will be held november 12th, which is the night before the one year anniversary of the paris terror attacks. 130 people were killed in that attack and victims and those injured have been invited to the concert. tickets will go on sale next tuesday and all proceeds will be donated to survivors and loved ones of those who were killed. hillary clinton's campaign reportedly is going to get a boost from beyonce. she's going to join her husband, jay-z at a get out to vote rally. so far, no confirmation from the clinton campaign. clinton is holding an event at cleveland state university. she's trying to reach out to young voters and get them to the polls tuesday.
5:55 pm
voters, many of whom supported bernie sanders. this is a first for a cover girl, one of the company's newest ambassadors will rear re appear if the new ads. she lives in colorado, she's a beauty blogger way popular youtube channel. she will stair in a chain for cover girl's mascara. she says she's proud to be muslim grounds in the beauty arena. about time. thanks for being with us everyone here at 5:00. local news at 6:00 starts after
5:56 pm
5:58 pm
we begin fox 5 local news at 6:00 with breaking news out of new york city, a police sergeant
5:59 pm
robbery suspect. the shooting happened in the bronx, two police sergeants responding tori call about a home invasion, they spotted a car leaving the scene, pulled it over, man inside shot at the officers, the officers fired back, killing the gunman, again tonight one of those sergeants has died. the other wounded. we don't know his condition. the gunman has been identified as man well. we will keep you post >> we thank you for joining us i'm tony perkins prosecutors with the us attorney's office in dc opened a grand jury investigation into the fatal police involved shooting >> a dc police officer shot and killed terrance sterling while riding his motorcycle in northwest. it's a shooting that got national attention and led to numerous protests, paul wagner jobs joins us with details >> witnesses have been summoned
6:00 pm
a probe that comes less than two months after terrance sterling was shot in the neck by an officer sitting in a cruiser that had moved to block his path at a northwest intersection the morning of september 11th. >> terrance sterling was on his way home from a bachelor's party around 4:20 in the morning and likely headed for the 3rd street tunnel when witnesses say a dc police cruiser blocked his path at the intersection of 3rd and m, the motorcycle struck the side of the according to the witnesses without warning the window rolled down on the passenger side and a uniformed officer aimed his glock handgun at sterling and fired twice hitting the 31-year-old in the neck. 16 days later, muriel bowser identified brian trainer as the officer who fire his weapon that day. and released the video recorded by his body worn camera. now, just under two months, grand jury >>


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