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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is right now new e-mails, same conclusion. after another review, the fbi again recommending no chargecomm also in the clinton e-mail case. will the announcement change the minds of voters. plus, long lines in leesburg where supporters are waiting and waiting to hear donald trumpr do speak tonight. it's on furious final push forri the candidates aheadou of electc day. team coverage of the latest on
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starts now.. thanks for joining us tonight,it i'm lauren demark on. a lot to t cover tonight in the raise for the white house, a huge announcement from the fbi todayy after another review no charges recommended in the hillaryd clinton e-mailin case. we're going to get to that onet in just a moment. both candidates are in the middle of frantic schedules campaigning in key battle ground states. hillary clinton made a stop in and philadelphia. heran supporters, president obama and vice president biden are also spanning out to cover other key battle ground states. donald trump also with an incredibly busy busy schedule.el michigan and pennsylvania.. now it's north virginia's turn for a rally. > lindsay, supporters have beee waiting for a long while, telll us why. >>reporter: unfortunately they're going to have a lot longer to wait potentially.pote
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underway at 9:30 tonight.ight now we're hearing it may bebe 116789. 30, perhaps midnight, possibly evenmi later with donald trump hitting so many states today he still has get to get through a rally in pennsylvania beforeenns coming here. you can see this huge crowdcrow waiting inside. this is only a fraction of the people who have come out to he see trump.rum there are still people waiting in line outside. i would estimate a few thousand some even have gotten throughten the doors yet. i'm going to attempt to get down and talk to some folks who arew here. a lot of people have come withwh their children.chil a long night when you have little l ones.ones how has this wait been for you.. >> it's been great. we've been here since 6:30.:3 it's almost three and a half hours of. we're hearing that donald trump
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started yet.t. what are your feelings knowing it's going to be a bit long of f wait here.ere. >> it's all for their future. i'm totally on board.boar we'll be here to see him comeome in. >> how long have you been waiting. >> about three hours. > what are you>> abo thinking s point? are you getting a little tired. >> a little bit. there.going to hang in >> you have no choice.choi >> you have school tomorrow, right? > yes. >> how does that feel you're having to get up prettyey soon.soon >> it's good. it wouldn't really matter if i lose a little bit of shlep over it. i'm happy to be here. i'd gradually sacrifice sleep for this. thanks for chatting with us. i can see the little, little baby over there. all sorts of people have comehae out for the rally tonight. they only found out about this yesterday so they said that it's
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get plenty security in place for this event. so everyone, just really hoping that it happens sooner than of course we'll keep you postedd here in leesburg, virginia.gini reporting live, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. > thank you. more on the major announcement tonight in theme hillary clintonnt e-mail investigation. >> fox5's marina maracco mar continues the team coverage. >>reporter: james comey abruptly announcing that the review of the newly e-mails by hillary clinton has l not changed his conclusion that the democratic candidate should not face criminal charges. while the news broke, both candidates continue too crisscross the country anduntr campaign l until the final hour. i've spent a life in businesssie creating tens of thousands of jobs. i built a great, great company. but i've spent a whole live -- i've employed tens of thousands of o americans. but when i saw what was
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felt i had to act a.. i had to act. and i acted. > donald trump making a last a pitch to voters in iowa.a. a swing state where trump seems to be gaining momentum. >> when our founders bet all men were created equal well theyll left out african-americans. a on the eastfr coast hillary clinton speaking to a crowd in philadelphia.. and roughly 100 miles in scranton, pennsylvania vicepenn president joe biden trying to widen the lead for clinton the keystone state. for scran tone ands, forn to everybody in the valley thinkinl about voting for trump, i ask you, think about your mother or your father, think about your grandmom or your grandpop, think about those who fought like hell to make sure everything from minor and mechanics to people who are washing dishes in diner diners. think about, think about how much they cared about them
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donald trump says, he says and he believes, he says american workers' workers are too high. in florida, republican vice presidential candidate mikeal c pence spoke to a crowd in thethe pan handle where l polls arepoll neck and neck. i said my party's nomination ton run and serve as the next vice president of the united states we are two days away. > his democratic counterpart senator time cane making a last push to milk votes in america'sr dairy land.nd >> the stakes are too high annapolis can be wrong and it's been a season of surprises and we've got this weird thing with the russian government trying to
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how about send a nation to any nation, don't bother trying to come in here and effect the outcome of american democrat accuracy. we don't need you. . they release the statement thatt the investigation found clinton broke the law and put national security information at risk and ended saying, quote, hillary clinton should never be president. lauren. > thank you, marina. law enforcement is on a alert tonight. uus intelligence received warning of a possib a terror attack tomorrow. counter terrorism investigatorst say the information mentioned new york, pennsylvania and virginia as several targets. we asked security correspondents jj green for his take. it is something that is going on on. it is not unusual for many f things that goes on on a normal basis. also at the same time is not something that should deter people present going out to voto if they wish to go out torot.
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working with local law enforcement agencies and sharing intelligence reports. > another big concern has beenn cyber security election day. tomorrow on fox5's news morning, catherine harris. what law enforcement is doing to prevent that from happening.peni watch tomorrow morning right here on fox5. move over to the forecast now here's a live look outside. a nice clear night and we wrapping up what has been aeen beautiful weekend of weather. it is starting to get a little bit chilly out there, gwen is standing by in thetand weather center with more. >> you're absolutely right.'re it'sab going to be really chilly i had someone come on my twitter page and say, wait a minute it was just 80s just a couple of daysing ament we do have freeze warnings and frost advisories io parts of our area. let's take a look at where we hit for daytime highs.ighs
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low 70s across the board and with the sunshine analyte winds it made a very pleasant fall dal for everyone. i hope you got a chance to takee it all in and enjoy it with the weekend. right now in d.c., 56. humidity at 47 percent.t we have a north, north easterly wind very light at about 8-mile an hours. generally we will have mostly clear skies. chilly with overnight lowe'sht into the 30 #-s to our north and northwest, into the 40s and the night tonight. make sure that you do protect any vegetation from thoseose advisories and i'll show you the areas in just a second. radar not showing a lot happening, a few high clouds out there, but this is the region where we have the frost advisory and the freeze warning, the freeze warning being the area that's in the blue and the lighter shade there of laughter is where we actually have the frost advisory in effect. these kick in at 3:00 a.m. and
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9:00 a.m. on monday morning. we're going to be cooler tomorrow and cooler tonight that we have been by at least some five l toen t degrees. the frost advisory and freezend warning definitely in we're also talking about lots ot sun coming in the week ahead and temperatures cooling down late week, but election day is looking absolutely fabulous. i'm happy to tell you that.ll y i'm going to have all the details in just a bit and of course that all important sevenn day. back to you.u. > looking forward to it, gwen. straight ahead practicing for an we will tell you how the transit agency and first experiences f spent the dayi making suresure they're ready to help ifp something goes wrong. we're ontinuing the coveragee co with the raise forth white hous with a closer look of the fibula's announce, on the hillary clinton e-mailnounil
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i'm luann bennett. over my 35 years living in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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> following developing newswi from principles willalng county. police are investigating ang deadly shooting that happenedpee this evening in gainesville. officers were called to a t parking lot on at last walkwaywk around 6:30. they found a woman critically injured from a gunshot wound. she was flown to the hospital where she later died. investigators say it appears thp woman was targeted. so far no arrests and police ard trying to figure out a motive in the shooting. this is the county 20th murdereo of the year. still no in rest burn. it happened near the rest burn apartment complex.ap the office is working with the northern virginia gang force and other police agencies to find the person responsible. in stafford county the sheriff's want you to take a very good look at a sketch of a man suspected of sexually assaulted a woman last week. the sheriff's office says the
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colored suv and rammed into thed victim's car and forced her off the road.oa after the accident he draughtedc the woman out of theid car and then sexually assaulted her. the suspect left a distinctive piece of clothing. ithi was this american living md shirt. the sheriff's office is askingai anyone with information to calll them. to the district, where twowher people are accused of destroyed government property. it happened during a protest yesterday. eric roberts of florida and danny hamilton of louisiana are hotel. the sidewalks were spray painted with graffiti. the men were participating in the million mass march organized by the group anonymous. > if you keep your car parked in your driveway or on your street with your garage door other than inside. heaves are breaking into cars,s, getting the opener and gainingng access to homes.
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block of uncorn drive in d.c. we talked to a man who says hiss car was broken into rhysen limis we had a couple of warnings specifically on cars for aor couple months nothing was taken. he reason sacked through the glove compartment. he didn't find anything he wanted. that seems to be the mo. vehicle also and people here that don't belong kind out. i think it implies planning. they know when to be around when people aren't going to notice them. > police say if you're going to keep your car parked outside ofe the garage, be sure to remove the opener from your vehicle and again, be sure to lock your car doors. > met and first experiencesnd f were working daily to make suree they were ready in case therehe was an emergency.erge a full scale emergency responsem drill was happeneder at the
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responders for the drill today. fox's alexandra limon live withh the story. >>reporter: the goal of metro's full scale emergency drill is for firefighters and other first responders to have experience and knowledge when a reel lifele emergency happens on board a metro train. so sunday morning they strappedy on their gear and loaded upoade their equipment. then headed into a dark metro tunnel filled with smoke. of a metro train. we're working on response, communication and evacuation ana how that's done success mri as d you know, years ago, theone communications link wasn't as robust as we believe it is now. we're pretty confident thatconf everything is going to go well with that. we aren't going to have any ofay those issues that have hauntede us from the past. prince george's county fire chief mark bayshore says practicing with the unified
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before they had to carry two oro three different radios around. now they're all on that samesame platform. so testing that is important. the drill gave the agencies thee opportunity to practice rescuing people from a smoke-filled train. just like we saw at the deadly font plaza station nearly two years now.o reporting in temple hills, alexandraemple limon, fox5 locao news. > let's check the forecast once workweek. it's a little chilly out thereere after a beautiful sunday. how are we looking as we startrt the workweek and of course the all-important election day. >> the beginning of the week is looking great, election day is looking great.look tonight we're getting chilly. today was a spectacular day. in fact as you said earlier the entire weekend was spectacular. upper 60s, low 70s at ourt o airports it was just great to be outside
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fall is just so beautiful this time of year. we've been very fortunate to have this mild weather. it is chilling down tonight, folks. 52 at baltimore, dulles kickingc in at 43 this hour. that's the same formatters inbring. a very chilly 37-degrees at frederick this hour. we are are going to he see somee pretty cool conditions across c the area.e we do have a frost advisory inor effect as well ays a the freeze warning is where you ' the tour quiz blue column offer. thi qs is in effect from 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. temperatures dropping into the 30s and right near or the at the freezing level. so if you have any kind of education, plants, anything pla outside you really have to protect them otherwise they're going to get harmed and you're noting whying to have themhave around as a result of this. make sure you bring your pets inside, too. it's a little too cold for h. we're talking 41 degrees foror
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mostly clear skies chilly in the overnight hours and in the nexte couple of days here's a look atk your temperatures, that electioo day forecast looking good att 66-degrees. back to you. > straight ahead the threat of an election day cyber attack. they could cause trouble.uble we'll break that down when ween
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> security experts are on high alert for a possibleexpe electin cyber attack. it's highly unlikely that they could cause the hacking of votes but they could cause some othere problems. they are very concerned aboutabou cyber attacks that could cause confusion on election the reel concern is that that
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presidential vote count. the reel concern is that hackers could attack state voter databases stealing personalse information ands st attack statt election website that reportrepo official election results. re hearings could manipulate these websites shutting sites down entirely causing people too question the integrity of the results, especially if the election is close. given the huge mistrust between the two parties and accusations by trump that the system is rigged. the probability of hackers or a foreign government like russia altering the presidential vote count is slim because the us voting system is fragmented and decentralized. voting is done state by statetae and by polling place by polling place. electronic voting machines arehe not connected to the internetere further protecting the system from cyber attacks.
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wikileaks and vladimir putin too disrupt our election process. also this summer at least two he election state elect systems in ill were successfully impacted by hackers. dhs has since taken steps to protect us offering state risk assessment and scanning for malwear specifically helpinghelp states protect their election result websites. cyber security experts will security cyber center and theyad will be standing by to deploy if there are any major attacks.ttac in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. > we have a closer look att today's major announcement fromo the fbi. after another review the fbi recommend no charges. they break down the impact ofpat the announcement when we come
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> this is fox5 local news at 10. more now on our top story. the count down is on. 48 hours from now we may know who the next president of the pe united states is going to with the election fast approaching yet another twist in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation, fbi james comeyce issued another letter to congress today says the reviewri of the new batch of e-mails is complete and he has determined nothing new was found.nd. comey says his conclusion reached in july that clinton should not face prosecution remains the same. we are glad to see that as wee were -- that he has found that we competent that he would, he has confirmed that the conclusions that he reached inrc july and we're glad that this
10:30 pm
gland is casting doubt on theti fbi's conclusion theng during an appearance in michigan earlier today he said it would be impossible for agents to have reviewed the new e-mails totaling about 260,000 in such a short time. t the lines were long at the loudon county fairgrounds. that's where the gop nominee ise speaking tonight.toni trump still has not arrived inin leesburg because right now he is in moon township, pennsylvania. 15 miles west of right smack tab near pittsburght international airport. he was supposed to be inbe virginia at 9:30.9:30 lindsay watts waiting patientlyt among the masses.mass what's going on. >>reporter: jim, it's certainls go to be a long night here att the loudon county fairgrounds. just a little whiling a people found out what we know that trump is only landing in pennsylvania. unclear when he'ss
10:31 pm
this rally has finally gotten under away.away this is republican senator rick anteroom he was also one of of the contenders for the republican the very first speaker that weha have seen tonight and take a look at all the people here. several thousand people haveple come out. 2200 can fit in this arena area. there are 2,000 outside in the there are people still waiting in line hoping to get somewhere close to where this arey is happening. so anybody's guess when trump im actually going to take theke stage. if you were going to ask me i'm thinking 1, 1:30 but we'll see you and let you know when thath happens. lindsay watts, fox5 local news.w > that is a long, long nightng an,d there are some babies and b young kids there.ere. the place is still going to be packed at 1:00.
10:32 pm
> the candidates moving quickly from swing state to swing statet because less than 48 hours unti8 the election the polls show a tight raise. earlier tonight we sat down with gw professor gay north incorporate letter to talk strategy. i don't think it's a game changer, but certainly good newd for her.. just one less piece of baggage. we were thinking that it wasn't a game changer when we first into these new e-mails, butails maybe there was a bit of a shift. they're continuing to talk abouk the issue, i think what'swhat happening, i don't know that people will change their vote, but there are a lot of independent voters and even maybe democratic face voters wht will say to themselves i'm not going to vote for donald trump, but i'm sure not going to vote for hillary clinton. i'll either stay home or maybe i'll vote for jill stein orr something else.g most likely stay home.
10:33 pm
start to see. does gary johnson, jill stein, evan macmillan, do they make any difference along the way?a >> if mcmullin picks up a delegate or two in utah.utah >> gary is right on that. the scenario i outlined just a minute ago. we were talking before the show. if evan mcmullin were to winwin utah that would take it away from trump because that wouldat take him down to 266. imagine if an tricks i'm not even sure whoho evan mcmullin is, if he wins ini utah that changes the whole complexity of the election. >> i don't think it will, but the big question is going to be how important are the democrats. obama had a great win in 2008, improved it for 2012.12 i'm sure it's even better this year.
10:34 pm
overwhelm it. really a revolutionary election. trump is being out spent 13 tot3 1. she's going to spend a million four. he spent at most 100 million of his own money. he's being out spent 13 to 1.. in relative terms he's done almost no advertising. in 1988 or 1992 even inflation adjusted, republicans spent mors than trump is spending now.w. this is -- these are breath bre taking changes in ari politics t. it's really something that started rightrigh around the time that president obama went back in for years it was always the democrats out selling the republicans.s. when george w bush declined public finance, and then whenn you started having the supremehs court cases, citizens united among others, money flooded in. it's to the point where money is well past diminishing returns. particularly with the higharly negatives in both of these
10:35 pm
advertising has had next to no impact. > it is hard to believe that this all started back in august of 2015 with the first of whatwt seemed like endless republican primary debates. there were so many candidates he they didn't even if it on one stage.stag pox 5's political reporter ronica cleary takes on a trip down memory lane. raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight. mr. you've called women you don'tyo like fat disgusting animals. your twitter -- only rosie o'donnell. what i did was allowed by theedb state department, but i wasn'tnt the best choice. the secretary is right. and that is that the american people are sick and tired ofir hearing about your damn e-mails. > thank you. even when trump decided to skip the debate in iowa, his presence was still felt. i'm a maniac and everyone on
10:36 pm
ugly. and ben, you're a terriblerrib surgeon. now that we've gotten the donale trump portionn out of the way -- > trump lost the iowa cokeses and never skipped a debate again if he hadn't inherited $200 million, do you know where donald trump would be right now. look at those hands.hand are they referred my hands if they are he ' small, something else must be small. i guaranty you you there's no problem. > and not to be con fused with the infamous battle of the blue versus gold dress. the net went wild over sanders debate. after months of battle and so many in the field there were finally two.two. i called it trumped up trickle l down because that's exactly whac
10:37 pm
and he called this womanan miss pig i. then he called her misser housekeeping because she was latino. donald, she has a her name is alicia. by the seconde bates the gloves were off as the two entered thee stage and did not shake hands.d. even with the tension in then in room, the most famous person of this election might just be ken what steps will your energyrgy policy take to meet our energyry in the final debate the two left everything on the battle fieldal with donald trump unable to say if he'll accept a loss.loss >> what i'm saying is that i'll tell you at the time.e. i'll keep you in suspense. but we have some bad objectionme to the form brings here and we're f goingor tm o get them o. such a nasty that's because he would ratherou have a puppet.pupp >> no puppets. you're the puppet. it's pretty clear you won't
10:38 pm
engaged in cyber attacks against the united states of america so looking back on it all, are you ready to cast your vote? i hope so you don't have much more time to make a decision. straight ahead, election day may mean relationship problems forfr some people. this has some family members and couples at odds.odds we'll tell you how they're navigating through theirthei
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> back now to talk a little bit of weather. notal much to complain about in a the weather department. >> not this weekend that's for sure. i did go out this evening anding the temperature is tipping. five to ten degrees cooler tonight than last night. even cooler to the north and a northwest and tomorrow's highs the same story. tonight, a little chilly out
10:42 pm
just got. there's been an earthquake in central oklahoma. a number of buildings have been damaged there in curbing, oklahoma, 50 miles northeast of oklahoma, city and the shock has been felt as far as arkansas, kansas and missouri. that's just a little piece of news and apparently they hadey several of those that they've been dealing with over the past few weeks. here home things aren't that't quite active but we've had a frost advisory issued as well as a frost advisory issued. the temperatures dipping down in some of the neighborhoods. this kicks n in at 3:00 a.m. an3 is going: to be in effect until 9:00 a.m. it was 80-degrees just a few days ago. lots of sunshine in the week ahead i'm happy to same temperatures are going to cool down quite a bit late week in comparison to the early part ofp
10:43 pm
through, but election day is looking absolutely fabulous so far. we might have a little bit of a sprinkle or passing shower tuesday night into wednesday morning. it will be fairly late. in the meantime, 56-degrees right now in the nation's capital, 52-degrees for baltimore, 41 at manassas and 43 at dulles. we've got 44-degrees at fredericksburg, a chilly 34 at frederick. that's kind of the temperature t range that whee're headed for tonight and cumberland. look the at highs for today, though. yes, we were into the upper 60s and low 70s, very, very nicery conditions and a mild day just to get out and enjoy thiss wonderful sunshine that we had a. all compliments of a ridge ofmet high pressure,s that's also in control for tonight.. so keeping our skies really clear, just a few clouds, but other than that nothing to be concerned about in terms of the sky or anything of that sort.rt
10:44 pm
one across most of the area with the temperatures dropping.ropp here's a look at what we're talking about temperature wise, a little cooler to the north and northwest and areas that had had a freeze yet those are some ofme the areas that are going to get hit tonight.hi make sure you do protect any vegetation you have outside or plants. the blue is where we have the frees warning, the other columnt or ishe where we have the frost advisory. the starts at definitely an indication of what season is heading our way. tomorrow we are going to be in the 60s once again pretty much every where.ev dry conditions and we do have a frontal system moving in as i said, it loose like it's going to head our way as we get intot wednesday. in the meantime if you're standing in line on tuesday to vote, 66-degrees for our day i' high it's going to be really
10:45 pm
60s and seasonal. then we're going to get a cool down.down by midday tomorrow, 56-degrees. by the 4:00 hour 57 and wrapping it for you, 41-degrees tonight for your overnight low. once again, in the and northwest the temperatures will gradually drop in the overnight hours. 62-degrees your daytime high. we're not doing too bad, we get up, down.up 66 for your election day with don't forget veterans day is on friday. we have a parade and all thee outdoor activities going on. this year's election has a lot of people divided, no surpriseur there. but sometimes it happens withinh the same family. fox's john palmer put. this is the great for the political battle, but at home is
10:46 pm
>> the issues aren't being discussed. we asked couples how they'rere making their decisions and if they're always aligned? >> we don't like trump.ump. we can't stand hillary. i'm really upset.t. i think the mor allot of the situation has really gone down the tubes. some parents told us their the family is divided but it's among the children. we have six kids and of that of them are democrats and half are of five kids, three of them arem kind of linked up with us. one is a split household and one is opposite on the political spectrum. what's thanksgiving like around your house. no politics.itic one of our children that we gave birth to and her husband, they are voting opposite us and we did try to have an intervention. they were having none of it. then there was this votingg
10:47 pm
presidential candidates. we like pence what we're thinking we should get trump in and he drops dead for some reason and then he will be president. i have made a decision. do you talk about it. >> some. not much. i asked if the recent headlines would cast a doubt on t >> the 11th hour, do you think either of you are going to make a change. >> no. > no matter what happens. >> no matter what happens. > not a thing. ing. santa barbara that's a lotf tension. that's a rule you need to put up, thanksgiving is coming up, no politics at dinner. > some important news to discuss, doritos in the freezer
10:48 pm
popular snack coming up next. i feel those arteries clogging right now. now. i'm luann bennett. over my 35 years living in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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industry association product safety programs and recommends shopping at trusted retailers. toy you're going to see on toy shelves or on online retailerstl are safe.are bylaw in this country if it's sold here in the us it has to comply with our s safety standard. next make sure you follow toy store recommendations. 0 percent of parents were only guidelines. about the developmentalvelo abilities of a child at a givenn age. parents should adhere to packaged warnings and instructions. when presence arrive it's tempting to jump in and start playing. but it's really important to go through the instructions withrut your child, read through them even demonstrate how to playy safely and appropriately. a especially take note of small toy parts or other hazards in the play space.e.
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that tells you when there arere small parts in that package. that's an alert to parents to know that. if you have children of different ages in the home, older children and some youngerr children it's important to keep the small parts away from those children under three. it's a federal standard for small parts. if an item fitz in there without sticking out, it's considered ao small part. this one doesn't so this one is okay for a child don't forget about the toy chest itself. it need to have a lid that won't't hurt little fingers and is made of soft material.ial. shelves need to be anchored to the wall so they don't tip over. if you're using shelf units or dressers or other furniture in a child's play environment those need to be secured to the wall. you don't want the furniture tor tip, especially when the child
10:54 pm
shelf they may be temperatured to climb the furniture. here's wishing you a happy and safe holiday shopping.oppi let's go back to our toy expert there. read the instructions. no, worst christmas ever, let's sit down and read. > you can read them ahead ofd time so you know and the kids can have fun. > there was a toy that was a childhood favorite, i know my sister had one and i think have played with it. there's going to be a groan up version. the easy bake often. it bikes cooks in less than 10 minutes. you can also use your own dough. you can set it on some manual settings. customize the time and temperature on that. for a hypothesized time youe
10:55 pm
on the west site, the estimatedd delivery is a year from now. >> it's in the works. > 99-dollars. i think it only makes four cookies at a time. a half cooked brownie baked by a very who the height bulb. > i loved that easy bake oven.v from it owe lay, they are bringing door right owes to freezer aisle. it's a triangle of cheese covered in a crispy doritos flavored crust that you heat up in the microwave.crow they boost metabolism and help lower cholesterol. > here's the thing i think you'd have to qualify that. i think you have -- for a second i thought do you know something? >> careful with those. there is a some big changes coming to big mack.
10:56 pm
2000 new versions. they introduced 50 years ago. it's been five decades. the chain has been changing its menu lately to reverse the slow down in sales.les. the grand mack will have two all beef patties weighing a third of a pound.nd. and then the mack jr. will havel just one patty and a no middle bun. i've been known to have a with a big mack.k. i like the idea of just one. your prayers have been answered. > we're talking about junk food. a new cooking show is set to debut, it features martha stewart and snoops. a pot luck dinner party. >> the couple that can come up with the best dishes.shes martha stuart, by the way,
10:57 pm
live tomorrow morning at 106789. 30 to talk about working with stoop. martha stewart p 775 years old. how old is snoop dog.. > he's been around a long time, too. >> that is going to be something. she has a sense of human about all of somebody who has primary prim perception in the m know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ?? know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. ?? know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, held by gary watson. fly, gary, fly. his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song. while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. only from fios. i'm luann bennett. over my 35 years living in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals,
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that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask for your vote. > this is fox5 local news at 11. right now, new e-mails, samee conclusion after another revieww the fbi again recommending noome charges in the clinton e-mail case. will the announcement change thg minds of voters? plus long


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