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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  November 7, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EST

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?? straight ahead, one day t left. >> this election is a moment of reckoning. >> hillary clinton and donald d trump visiting the balance ban ground states with hours leftef until voters hit the polls.. >> right now, she's being protected by a totally rigged system.em >> donald trump a midnightt cowboy arriving in virginia hours late for rl slamming the latest fbi report r clearing clinton of any chargesg a move that could play aurara major role on the election outut come. come we'll have the very latest asess the candidates criss-cross thesc country. plus, d.c. mayor murieliel bowser is here to talk about the city's massive early voting turr out and get up an update on the search to fill two top spots ini her administration.trion. former attorney general janet reno dead at the age of 78. 78
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official will be remembered. and later, nothing strange e about it.about marvel's 14th movie in its comic book universe is also ao 14th number one. and it blew away good day at 9a starts now. ?? good day, everybody.verybo 9:01 on this monday, my, november 7th.mb i'm maureen umeh, alongside, holly, steve >> it is election eve here in the united states.the united that means there's just one daye left for the presidentialnt candidates to make their case t the american public and rightig now, thanks to that last minuteu fbi update on the e-mailail scandal, the ball and thehe momentum is back in hillary' clinton's court.ou. >> today the candidates, they're criss-crossing the country in ty one final push to get the votest to win the presidency.y now hillary clinton will make wm stops in michigan, northn, nor carolina and pennsylvania anda a donald trump is making stops in florida, north carolina,arin
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and michigan.n both campaigns will send big guns right here to our areare northern virginia. anjali hemphill joins us live ie virginia with the very latest on this sto >> reporter: well, here we are. the day before election day. later this afternoon ivanka trump will be speaking on behall of her father here at the red rose banquet and event center in manassas and it's probably and i good thing for that later startt time because local trump supporter has a late night lasts night in trump didn't take the stagetage until 12:30 this morning. morni donald trump with a symptom in virginia still digesting theting news from the fbi and its investigation into hillaryto hia clinton. >> right now, she's being protected by a totally rigged system. it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballol box. >> reporter: just hours hrs earlier fbi director james comem
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congress. saying his age see had reviewede hundreds of thousands of recently discovered e-mails quote based on our review he wrote we have not changed ouredo conclusion that is we expressede in july with respect to t secretary clinton.on harkening back to comey's's original conclusion that clintot was careless about handlingandln classified information, buton, b could not be successfully prosecuted. the clinton team learned aboutbt the development while flying tot campaign event.. >> it's confirmed the conclusions he released --eased reached in july and we're glad this matter is resolved. reckoning. >> reporter: clinton did notr: c mention the development atnt at campaign stops but it was noas doubt a relief as her campaign prepared for star-studdedud closing arguments.en donald trump with a whirlwindrld schedule today hitting florida,a north carolina, pennsylvania ana new hampshire. and winding up in michiganga tonight what could be a criticaa state for both campaigns. with president obama former fme president bill clinton andnton a hillary clinton herself headingg
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>> busy schedules for bothot candidates today.od hillary clinton also makingso mk stops today in pennsylvania,a, michigan and north carolina.olin she'll end her day in philly at a big event with president prede obama, michelle obama, singers bruce springsteen and john bon jovi. we're 95 in manassas.assa steve, back to you. >> an had ally thanks much.uch. for more on the presidentialidet race right here in the nation' o caps tal turn to the water in charge mayor muriel bowser joins us live this morning.orng good morning, mayor. mor >> one more day to go. >> yes. >> two days from now we should know who will be the nextfromext how is washington, d.c. preparea for that moment?t? >> well, we're ready.dy washingtonians have gone out too early vote polls in record rec numbers over 100,000 people outo of our 470,000 registrants havee already voted.rey vo so we have had 20% turn out all right. weary minding people that polls are open tomorrow 7:00 a.m. to
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across the city. city. >> no matter who wins thematt election both candidates have he campaigned here in the nation'st capitol, of course.. no matter who wins the city hast to press forward. forrd city has to move on.n. >> sure. >> whether it be hillary clinton or donald trumpbe, h how do youa mayor work with these candidatea to move this city forward?? >> well, we have a special responsibility in washington, oo course, we're going to host thee inauguration.auguration so our teams have been meeting for months already getting ready to work with homeland securityy and the skeet service incen preparation and a know the winner we'll start srt working with the presidentialsil inauguration committee to get readyon for com inauguration dao so that has our focus. we're already building our bootb on front of city hall so we have a front row seat to observe the presidential parade as well.s w but for us, of course, my job as mayor to work with the presidene on the issues that matter to t d.c. residents. statehood is top on our agenda.d our residents are going out andd voting yes on referendum b..
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next president, to the nexthe nx congress and the whole country that d.c. residents want to be treated just like every otherth tax paying american.rica >> dc the city itself predominantly votes democrat.oc we've had democrat in office foe the last eight years. y if that should change this times of around, do you plan for thatt as well because obviously d.c. and the new position of workingg with congress in many ways ass well. do you look at things differently or plan anyn any contingency plan for either way. >> you have to plan for eitherir way. what congs reminds us is that she's been b able to get a lot of things done working with democratic and republican leaders of thehe congress, and so we have to of course, have a strategy fory we want to to congress and movev our statehood bill of course bus we also want them to invest intn infrastructure anducre a transportation.ortaon to pay the federal government'ss fair share of metro. of mro we want to see the congress finally have the senate confirmm
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the congress to do their job non matter who is in charge. but obviously if we have people who are alike thinkers we thinkk our issues around statehoodod would move further and faster. . >> let's talk about that becausu you brought upstate hood and idn know that's right near the toprh of the list of things you'd likk to accomplish.plish we have obviously -- we've seene in print new columbia, we have h heard douglas commonwealth, doed mayor bowser have a preference when it comes to the name?e? >> the council has voted and approving for washington, d.c. with the dc standing for douglasas commonwealth. and i think it's a great case ta be mad ge for that quite frankl. our new boundaries will continue to have a federal district soto that will be federal washingtono the new state will become thel state of washington, d.c..c >> how much would change though from bureaucratic standpoint? p? you're used to being the mayor,y you're in charge of the city ciy right now.t now. but how much would have to change as far as whether we havv
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to be full statehood? >> so our new constitutionitio actually lays out very similar l to how the city runs now. n the mayor would become governorr and our city council would would become a state legislature. the new constitution expands the number of members of that state legislature from 13 to 21. 21. so we actually get more democracy in our new state whici is very good thing.hing. the biggest difference about relationship witness federaler government.nt so we would go from having zero votes to three votes.. our member of congress -- of the house of representative wouldsew get a vote obviously as a statea and then we would have twoo senators. and this is the argument not just for washington, d.c. but for our whole region which iswhc very important.tant we go from having four senatorss to rep the 4 million people inp the metropolitan/washingtonton region to having six senators.o. and i think our did you goesoe
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put the point on it why that's ' so important.ta. so while we're arguing with and debating saying what our regiong needs, what the other regions rs across the country, let's haveee six people doing it instead ofsf four. >> in the meantime until we get that reputation we have to dealo with metro right now and we havv a regional board that has to deal with metro right now.htow we do.>> >> as far as that board gettingg more money from congress ifess i that's wait take from theke fm h federal government, or if schedules are adjusted now if we end things earlier for the cityc itself w >> for us, we -- we need metro t to work. we can't grow and be able too accommodate the people that livv here right now and the hundreded thousand people who move here in the next 20 years if we don'ton have functional transportationrn system.syem so big city has to have a worldw class transportation system and quite frankly metro hasn't had d the dedicated funding over the last 40 years that it should have hads th. had >> you judge working by b reliability or judge it by theo
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judge working system by?y? >> working system has to be to b safe. it has to be reliable and it has to serve the needs of th region. so it can't just serve commutere that are going, have a 9:00 to 5:00. we have many workers in our region that work around the and rely on metro to get to to their jobs, to able to supportpo their families.ilies so safety, reliability, and making sure it serves all of our residents.dents. >> two big hires that you and ha the city have to make right no vacant seat for police chief. >> yup.. >> and for school both people who had been in those positions of power for a a long time. long both need to be replaced.laced your office has said let's doetd the chancellor first and get tot police chief. is that aliccurate? aat >> it is accurate. we started a public discussion about the chancellor search. i app point add 17 memberr advisory committee.mi we've had three publicublic engagement forums. forum we've had a lot of interest
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and as it should be.e we are the fastest improving urban school district in theinhe country.y. we have invested robustly in innovation and public educationn and public school buildings, and dc residents are responding byy coming back to the publicc schools.scs. so the next chancellor is going to have to build on those and make sure we're closing the achievement gap continuing too invest in our staff, and continuing to attract people toe our >> there are a lot of people inl the city that willot still having crime in this city. shouldn't we address the policee chief first or do you have faiti in the interim police chief? why find the superintendent --nd the chancellor of schools firstr before the police chief?ehief? >> we were recruiting for bothh very active. activ let me be clear about that, andd i will make the likely make the decision about chancellor firsts but we are actively seeking ski interest in the chief's position.po we have greatsi leaders in termr
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decision i'll come to first.o fr >> do we have a timetable or o timeline or a hope or date we're looking for to fill thesel es positions?sions? >> absolutely. i'm going to as soon as i know a the right candidate i'll sends d them to the council for approval. >> we're still looking. we are looking e're s at folks already hold these positions or an openo search at this point.nt >> what a i said from the the beginning we have a great bench of people from pcs and the t police chief. chief we're getting >> the last time we talked was the washington nationals postto season can we start planning a paradee in hopes of one of these teams making it to the we're absolutely ready. rea we're rooting for the nationals, the capitals, the wizards, andda our football team. tea >> we'll see what we can do. >> mayor bowser, always good toa see you. thanks for joining us this t morning. thank you. >> plan in place. >> pood to know. >> thanks, mayor. mayor. we know you're making the roundd
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it is the picture touching n hearts around the world. wor coming up later this morning the two women who made it happen arn going to be live in the loft tot share with us the inspirationpii behind it and the massive msi response they've gotten for it.t >> first though how washingtonhn will remember the first female l attorney general talking aboutbo janet reno.o. mgm roaring to life at nationalo harbor wine it might pay to keep cash on right now 9:13. 9:13. we've got a check of what else w is making headlines next.
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?? >> it is 9:16. checkis back with a check of what else is making headlinesise this >> good morning. thank you very much, maureen.u good morning to you >> good morning.ry m mord morni. >> first up this morning, the u nation is waking up to tthheis n that janet reno has died.d reno the first woman to serve ae us attorney general. gener she died early this morning atoa the age reno had were suffered with w parkinson's disease for manyasey years and during her eight years in office, reno oversaw somee major legal matters including the siege on waco texas, the seizure of gonzales' and atlantic olympic park bombings.. to south carolina gruesomeem and disturbing story unfoldingin in woodruff south carolina.olin. suspected serial killer lockedlc up after police found a womannd chained up in a storage container on his property lastra week.ek then the bombshell confession.fn
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selling seven people includingv the boyfriend of the woman he was holdingriend cab tiff. t police are scowering hiscowe property looking for mor bodies. happening this week, in then dithisstrict, famous mascot of m the signature lion will arriverv in be installed in the new hotet and casino at the nationalhe nat harbor.harbor it weigh twos tons and is 18 feet tall lime i don't knowal will be installed onl li thursd. new proof cash is stillsti king.king according to the federal reservs bang of san francisco, millennials who never seem tom 38% of the time. and then people use debit cardsr around 27% of the time. credit cards only 22% of the time. time. there are other factors thatotft play here though, too.ough, t the more money you make, the t more apt you are to use plasticc either deb bid or credit andr cd when it comes to small purchases, under $10, well wl almost everyone uses cash.. and finally, talk about a very sweet ending. hundred jobs at students at
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his car to steal a kit account bar. he left him an apology note. he thought it was so funny heun shared his bad luck on twitterwi which went viral. hershey's decider to do give hie break so they broke him off 6500 kit kat bars.kat ba i hope he has a lot of hungrygry friends to share with. wit or has something big planned for halloween next year because that is awesome.r aweso >> looks like he's sharing it si already. >> yeah. do the math with the calories. >> i don't want to.. >> don't. don >> let's not ruin it.>> l >> i don't wanted calories math.lories >> pretty good --rettod - >> play by kit kat.. >> don't leave them in the hard car. >> i think someone stole my role election.econ. >> rolex candy? [ laughter ] >> clarify because you'll get -g >> somebody stole my car.. >> your jar.>> your ja >> ferrari out back.>> >> oh, no f. myelon bore genie was left unlocked. >> get on twitter and share that. >> yeah. e t >> you have to share the shot theho note that the person left.eft. >> ah, okay.h,kay. i'll leave i was note.ll lea i you leave me a we got it.
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coming up nfl orders josh normar to pay up. up. going to cost him some money plus a scare for ravens fans. f what could be the worst on sidee kick attempt ever. er.r. >> yes. ever is and later, he may not be one off the best known marvel characterr but have strange gained a lot ot new fans over the weeke ond.nd. kevin mccarthy is back with howh that movie did at the boxr all t kevin mccarthy is back with howh that movie did at the boxr all t she ate like a pig. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> 9:21 time right now. 9 let's talk sports. burgundy and gold back in act this week after enjoying a mucho neededng b aye muc weehk and dut off week, josh norman was finedn $25,000 for his comments following the game in londong ta diremected at an official. now since 2014 josh norman tiede for the most money fined in the nfl. the other number one is his rival o'dell beckham, jr., of, the new york giants. gia norman said he plans to appea >> how much has he been >> over a $100,000. >> $82,000 just this year. $27,000 more than the u.s..s median income.nce >> just in fines. look, let's talk about this. big scare for the ravens fans is happened during the thirdthe thi quarter against the steelers.s joe flacco ran on third down ana ended up sliding a and weirdeird sliding.iding.
9:23 am
his whole knee went alcoholic al kitty clack. it. >> looks worse in slow month.onh >> that looked horrible.orbl >> that looked awful. tlook looked like he was done but itb turns out he's just fine. his knee brace, not his knee, ke that was completely mangled.ed now the team tweeted a picture u of the brace after the game. and flacco later apologized ford quote putting everyone throughou once once it was clear he was not hurt caleb joseph poked one at flacco he took to twitter sliding lesson he wants to giveg him one-on-one sliding lessons. >> sliding behind home plate.g >> good thing he had the kneebed brace on. the kneace . >> imagine if he didn't.f he >> that was really awkward.wkrd >> now the video you just sawus ravens went on to beat the eelelers. steelers tried to win it at thet end but when you kick the balle less than a yard you ain't winning anything.nythin dude, you can't kick it twice a lot of attention on social media. some questioning whether it wasg the worst whether kick in the kg
9:24 am
chris boswell tried to pull offo a soccer move you kick behindken your planned leg in the opposite direction all did it was end shrine him in the nfl films hall of shame. >> probably forever and >> you know what, just don't, js come out of your house for somem time.ti. >> or laugh about it.. >> that's true. that's the othert's thing.. eh, major fail film why would hd do this? he said coach called e for it. fo >> behind the back -- behind thh leg kick.leick. he used to do it in col you are messing around it worksw could this work. w they did it in practice. pra it worked in practice this week. the coach said let's try it inri the game and it failed miserably. >> why don't you do that in the beginning. not the came is on the line. >> you know you're going t yo du came g t an off sides kick. kk. just kick the ball.just kk th >> kick the ball. >> don't -- he learn his lessono >> don't fruit the beer. the br. >> okay. okay >> real phrase, my friend. fend. >> i'm sure.
9:25 am
the hearts of millions andlion coming up we're sitting downng d with the maryland mom whose newborn honor to her late mothee went viral.went viral >> if you have two wait in linen to vote tomorrow you couldn'torc ask for nicer day.. tucker will be back with a chece of the seven day.. >> fresh at 10a wizardry world of harry potter comes to the big screen.. kevin sits down with the spin off fantasti to fine them. 9:25.
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?? snl miming election forlectr laughs but this weekend the casn bread king character sendingendi message to the american people.p we'll show that you their quotee open exit call for uni all right. we all know there's a know ere' presidential election tomorrow.r but -- but >> what? >> in case you hadn't been paying attention in the last, it don't know, however months it'si been, but do you know what elsee is on your ballot? that's a bib question.question >> there are congressional racel as senate race in maryland and ballot measure that is are thata sparking some debate.ngome do you care about any of those issues, though? fox5's bob barnard finding out live ine i fairfax county this morning.orng bob, i'm going say
9:29 am
hey, look forget about comstock bennett trump clinton in fairfaf county voters are being asked a whether to add a 4% meals tax tt any time they're out there the dining.di this is something they tried 24d years ago in fairfax county anda it failed. faid. the board of supervisors placede this on the ballot this mealshis tack referendum.. it would, they say, raise about $100 million a year.ea 70% of the net revenues would gl to public the other 30% to county services, capitol improvementss and property tax relief. rel it is something that is currently in place in the cityle of alexandria, falls church, the city of fairfax.. arlington county.ount they don't have one of these county meals tax in loudoun corc prince william county fairfaxrf county voters tomorrow will beoi asked whether they want to added 4% meals tax. t this is not to groceries but ana time you're out at a restaurant like this i hospital inhospitali alexandria.
9:30 am
add 20 cents f your tab was $500 it would add $2. we asked some people askingg breakfast here this morning whaw they think about this proposal. >> absolutely. a i think that even though it isbi attacks increase, absolutely i'i all for it as long as we areonwa putting the funds towards tar education.educat >> i think it's kind of o ridiculous idea. i i mean it's already, um, it shouldn't be raised as much ascs it probably currently is right g now. >> i think it's excessive.hink i t ihink, expensive enough regular stateaa tax and i just think adding thee other one which i have at alexandria is just like chunkliu chunk taking out kids and stuffs becomes a little more of an >> reporter: so there you haveo it. kind of a split opinion here in alexandria about this fair tack county 4% meals tax. t we'll tell you anywhere you vote in virginia tomorrow you'll be
9:31 am
officers, firefighters, urban u search and rescue teams the widows of any first responder ro who is killed in the line ofe duty would have their property p waived.ved. no more on the hock for property xexes. this is -- would be a change to the constitution.stit it's a constitutional amendmente here guys in virginia that'saha something that all voters ins virginia will be asked about besides trump and clinton andtoa here in northern virginia the comstock bennett race all we all some ballot issues that are generating some talk this morning.morn >> i'm sure they are.>> i'm okay s. ok well one more day to go. bob barnard, thank you for thatt >> 9:31 is our time right now.ig we want to get a check on theect election day forecast of coursec which is tomorrow but tucker iur just first want to say thank yoy for an amazing weekend. it was just one of the most them beautiful fall weekends i canndc remember.. >> holly that is so sweet ofo ee you. let me just say as long as i a
9:32 am
can't.t >> you told me it was going to t happen and i was grateful foror that.that >> absolutely beautiful weekendd sunny and bright couple of daysf both today and tomorrow fororw election day look fantastic. it will be cooler today thanod yesterday. yesterday we did make it toide t 70 degrees before that the sun n went down just afterer 5:00 o'clock and today more likk 60 for daytime highs. hhs cool start to your day.uray 49 now in d.c.. forty three 46 in 48 in fredericksburg.ricksb off to our north and west we'ree looking at mid 40s in haag towng freaks martinsburg and winchester.ines freezing temperatures early. culpeper manassas, up in frederick and cumberland theyrl did as well. that's whatdi you call quiet weather pattern quite aroundroun here for weeks and weeks and not your imagination if you feel fl like your sean dry.ry not much rain at all this past p couple of months.f mon could use it our next chance for little rain will be wednesday w our only chance this week for wk anything significant and it wilw just bring a few showers withwew cold front on wednesday. until then, high pressure, cool,
9:33 am
northerly breeze definitely bre jacket weather with upper 50sh 5 and low 60s today and cooloo overnight lows back in the 40she to night but near 70 tomorrow. and move of this week prettyrett quiet. quiet. quick look at the seven day.sen. 62 this afternoon.. ynjoy. don't forget the sun goes down w at 50:00 1:00 p.m. so if you'll be out on theut ohe roadways later today you may get sun glare little earlier thanlea you expect.t 68 tomorrow for election day.n d there's your chance for a showeo sd wednesday. i want to mention the holiday hd weekend coming up friday, frida saturday and sun fantastic although chilly. c saturday and sunday may not getg out of the low 50s.. these numbers might beu optimistic and overnight lowss maybe close to freezing byg by sunday morning for just aboutt a everybody.. so steve, people like you whoeou are worried about your sensitive vegetation bring it in here by b early sunday morning. mor >> back to you >> steve says duly noted.s duly. thanks tucker. tucke our next guests are a pair p of high school friends who arehe going viral for a very touchingh
9:34 am
kristin, whose mom passed awayaa just in july from cancer andnd enlisted the hope of a local aoc photographer and friend nicky tt help honor her memory with veryv special photo shoot. shoot one of the photos from the shoot which featured kristin's newborw were posted online capturing the hearts of thousands.ds the picture was even posted on there it is. so happypyg, we are because kristin and photo about this inspiring shoot, t tt big response they've gotten froo it and of course the real starel of the show, carol look at her.h i just -- um, um, um, words cannot express the cuteness som she isso ex sueding right now. n >> tell us what happened. wee did you this and the out t o come from it. >> well, my mom geraldine morgam she was diagnosed with cancer ii january and very quickly shely e llll ill.
9:35 am
like she really had a part int n everything. even though she was never ableel to meet her. her. so, um, we call it nicky and i told her i had this idea withde the picture and, um, she justhej went with it.h she just went with it.t. >> it's funny newborn picturesre like especially if you get themt in those two weeks a big thing.g >> definitely. >> a lot of people are doing that. of oing >> but i mean there's a ton ofef amazing newborn photos out thert but this one captured america's >> it was because i already knew kristinrn and posting it online i move i this story behind it like, iik really just wanted to capture ct that essence and give them g thm something to hold on tothg to h especially the baby.ab so when i posted it like i literally posted it from the heart and it literally just took feet and walked and i'm callingg kristin like, um, it's beings bi posted here, here, here, my my gosh, we're having an it just took off. o >> but you obviously have anly mazing hi and you were a able t
9:36 am
shot as you saw through the lense. whose idea was the pearls? >> i brought the pearls because, um, it was a physical piece of o my mom. and --d >> so thoughtful. soug >>eahah. >> who thought of the angelhe a wings.wi >> i did. >> this really was collaborativa >> right. >> between the of two you.wef i'm telling you.tellinu did you know you had somethingag special when you snapped iten yp because i'm sure you tooedk a ta of pictures that day.t day. >> i did and the crazy part wass you know, she had a moment. momn she said i might g because i still have my mom. ham i don't know what you're going'g through but i said, we got this. so i'm sitting there andrend literally i'm taking the picturc and i'm seeing it come togethere and like seeing it come togethet i'm like tearing up and le te literally it was like i'm already emotional. so hard not to cry.ry i'm like, okay, i can do this.hi i can do this. and then to see it, see what wew both wanted. wte it was everything. >> when you first saw the photoh what was your reaction?
9:37 am
of it. and then to, um, for it to go to viral and other people to realll relate to it, there were so mann stories of i wish i had thoughto of this or i just lost my mom or i just lost my dad, it wasas really comforting to know thattt other people were experiencingeg grief at the same time that thes were experiencing >> you know three e thing is, ta now it has taken off for you.or right? there are other people p that are wanting to kind off capture the same moment.en >> it has. what we did we actually textllyt back and really really closing aft thistt shoot. let's do an actual fundraisingag for charity.charit. so we did a photo shoot, littlel series where people broughtple o their photos of their late lat family members went actuallyl offed something similar to givev them that same memory. mory. >> do you think this is d something you'll continue to doc on into the future. ithe future. >> most certainly.>> mt certain. >> we'll do it annually.e'll >> you'll do it annually.ou'l i that's so wonderful. you know, it's so hard when youy have someone, you know, pass onn
9:38 am
can't ever really understand the why, right? but maybe this ishs part of the purpose. ppo look at -- like you said all tht other families that you are getting to help, help grieve. >> yes.. that's definitely how we feelwef nicky reminds me of that and myy sister and my husband. they all try to remind me and encourage me that, um, kara has brought some join her mill namen is joy brought some joy. j >> which was your mom -- part oo your mom months maiden name. >> your mom is just all in there. >> all in there. s'she is gone but she's watching us right now.ow i am almost almost for sure ofuo it. well, listen, thank you all bott so much. >> thank you. ng you storing your story. and what you're doing and inspiring.g. i'll keep in you my thoughts ans prayers. >> thank you very much. >> back on over to you all than. okay.. marvel switching gearshingea completely knows how to make a o hit. coming up next kevin back withkh
9:39 am
by dr. strange. time right now is str 9:38. we'll be back after that. that.
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>> 9:42. dr. strange might be a major comic character but it's got millions of fanngs, lote sarac n thanks to brand new movieovie debuted this weekend. weend kevin is back with a look at the numbers and how marvel managesla to stay on top.op. >> it's huge.t's hug here's the thing.'s t thi it's gotten to the point now pon people going to the moviele goi theaters to see the new marvel dr. strange is a character notea lot of people know about. abo i knew nothing about him. movie was phenomenal but marvele makes quality movies thishi weekend it made $85 millionon domestic box office.ff now to put that perspective fore you over perform it actually aul meet captain america one and four at the box office inice opening weekend. wke what that probably means is the marvel brand has gotten sote s strong over these years thatrs t people go see the movies becauss it's a marvel film. >> yeah. >> also, they expect quality. qi
9:43 am
generally speak except for thorr two and incredible hulk haveav been very good movies.s. if you look at rott tomatoesing. >> could you be the choicese cho right now. you have trolls which caters toc a younger audience.iee >> trolls did very well. >> i know did it.>> i if you want something to do loon at this weekendg ttohat dwoulb the choice i'd say.'d s >> i think the interesting thing here is, star power really whata drives box office now becauseec tom hanks is in inferno only o opened up $15 million the thirdi film in the robert lang sears reece dr. strange did 85 million.on. cumberbatch is a star but he's not tom hanks star. so here's to look at this wholee thing all the way dr. strange $325 million worldwide at the box office so far. >> how much does it cost to makk it. >> 175 million or so.r this is the 14th film in the mcu. what that means for our viewers the marvel cinematic universe
9:44 am
captain america, iron man. 14th film to open up at number e one. 14 for.. they've made $10.5 billion soiln far at the box office in these films. comparing to that d.c. universee they only have three films so s far. man of steal, batman versuss superman and suicide squad all 2.2 billion altogether. so they're catching up filmil what's the next marvel film.m. >> infinity wars.y w i'm sorry the next thor. t thor three is next.thor tee i then they'll do avengers infinity wars.nity w at the end of dr. strange. stnge there's two ending credit scenes one of them is a setup for the next thor film. >> do we know who owns the rights to marvel? w kho makingk all this,.. >> kevin figi is the producer. >> from marvel.. >> disney. >> oh, wow. wow. >> disney owns marvel. >> lee created all the a the >> he got bought out, didn't.n't >> i don't know if he got bough out. >> he's in every movie.ughte'in vethey have a cameo of stanley. >> who is have
9:45 am
character made $519 million.9 >> that's the one you hated that in particular.tila >> i loved ant man. >> guardians of the galaxy made $773 million and nobody in thatt film was really a star yet. chris pratt is now a star.ta >> right. >> but it's really the brand. b i feel like dr. strange for meem was one of the mind blowinglo experiences i ever had movie i've seen it on i max 3d. imagine inception and harry potter and, you know, the matrix ving a a baby. i mean it' action visuals i've seen in aen theater in the long time for mem it's interesting.est that a movie about a characterer that not a lot of people knowe k about made $85 million.85 mil >> it's marvel.t'rvel which marvel movie most money?oy >> probably avengers one. one. i'll have to look it up. i i think they made 2 billion. bin don't quote on me on that. >> that they secured the rightsg yet for wisdom man.. >> wisdom man will be number 22r on the mcu list here. >> i have haven't sign the
9:46 am
>> here's the other thinthg tats factors into how much reviewsowi affect movies because rottense r tomatoes all 14 of the marvel cinematic films the lowest is 66%. the highest is 94 the first iron man.n dr. strange falls at 90 which il the sixth >> d.c., man of steal, 55%. 5 matt batman versus superman 27%. sue sid squad 26%.sq26%. >> what d.c. movie not out yet could save d.c. i love batman versus superman personally i think justice jti league will be big. b i think wonder woman will beanl huge. that trailer looks incredible. but you mention other movies m this weekend trolls did did 45 million that was pretty goodd most interestingly was the hackh saw ridge film mel gibson didid 15 million. that was a thousand les theaters than dr. strange butdr also costs $40 million to make. which is 30% less the budget he
9:47 am
really kind of learning thatg these constriction now that wena have with film making you can cn make stuff very low budget and d make good money at the boxhe b office. >> wisdom man or man of wisdom.o >> i like man of wisdom.m >> i like man of wisdom.m >> i can that, steve.te >> steve you just got a job as s vice-president of marketing andi direction.ctio >> i'd like an executive pro saucer credit.ucer cre >> you can have it much it'sit ' yours. >> i want to hear our viewers.e. >> you want royalties for allt e the action figures of man of man wisdom.sdom. >> let's not get carried away >> if you dr. strange this s weekend beat us your review.rie i'll post my full review on myy facebook kevin mccarthy fox. fox by the way happy birth dye mythm father-in-law. damien vinnizazianoe he's the reason i married my wife. >> don't suck up.>> don >> he watch this show and then a called her and said, you shouldo find this guy kevin and hang oug with him.. >> now we're married.ed >> happy birthday. >> five years ago.go
9:48 am
>> coming up a d.c. go-go legend in the house on in order with w his own signature shoe.ture s got some shoes coming up next exclusive first look at big d patrick ewing show and where you can pick up your own pair. p
9:49 am
over my 35 years living in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask
9:50 am
tresemm? botanique a blend of coconut milk and aloe vera in a professional-quality formula, inspired by nature. blended by professionals to replenish for stunning healthy-looking hair. tresemm? botanique professional. at your fingertips. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
9:51 am
>> welcome back. we're talking to actor and backyard bandta flkront man antn glover. big g. >> who you know from movies lik 1fr2 years of slave and tv showo like law and order svu, course hbo's hit the wire. wir this friday he's being honoredon with his own custom made shoes patrick trick ewing sneakers. sk the all chrome shoe is acts sented were a red d.c. flag gotg a lot of stuff going on on it on and we got it right here in thee house. along with big g antwan glovernv is right here right now let's nl get right to the big g. good morning to you.goodorning >> good morning. >> thank you for coming in. youm hanging out with us. we always appreciate seeing youy
9:52 am
>> it's been a long time come, man. man we've been prying to push pus different brands with the dtr thing and my manager push itus over with june and everybody ana that they gave me a chance.e. >> how does this come about? wa know who you are.knowho y >> right. >> you're a legend.>> but how does it y-- okay, now i a legend. legen i'm big g. i'm let's get a shoe.a s how does that happen. hpe >> other than your manager.ur mg >> just showing the city like the city just showing me lovee v since i was a kid like what we just playing on the bucketsn t around and dif and my brand and my popularity raised every year and get biggeg and bigger we always was tryingn to reach the different brands to get things outer and finallys they gave usgs out a chance to t ewing line give us a chance.. >> look you designed the shoe.hs tell us about the shoe? >> i design the shoe at the -- >> platinum, silver.ilve what color would you prefer wer call this. >> liquid silver.d er. >> we got liquid silver. silr >> the red.
9:53 am
>> 51 statehood.1 ateh >> the flag on the back.. >> there you go.. >> 88 when back quart started and big ewing on the front.. >> 51 ambassador trying to makek our state 51 is the state.ta we do everything everybody elses do taxation withoutn witho representation. so we trying to push that. >> right.tryi sage out the message out there as w. >> where can people get the big g show. sw. >> november 11th it will ber i out in dtl stores around whole city and huge day.e d go out and cop the shoe andnd let's show these brands and on b the cities that we can do wharaa they can do.they c do. ig right. in addition to shoes and television shows, you are hard-working man because you gog projects everywhere.vewhere. >> yes. >> talk about some of the project that is you have going on right nowalk at. i. >> we two project ross and hbobo the dues coming and jenny wayay and then -- in january the next top promotor with my manager anr i got native coming out and alsa
9:54 am
transition hasn't nibble right here shooting season two rightto now getting ready to fly to t detroit we going to dr and come back. a lot of things going on.t i'm backof o tn pgc knife .5. >> you're back on pgc.gc >> i'll be there on with tonyh n this friday i'll be basically oo the move.m >> right. >> you know what i mean, just out in the community showing what's goingwhhe o cn.ngn because we have so much talent l in the city with a lot of lot artists and we going to try to t forefront that and bring thatthg out. out. >> right. you got any knew music come >> got music coming out backyarr a bunch of stuff going out. the first go-go banded to a livv mix tape with all the differente artists in the city and we gotie christmas project.. >> wow.>> >> first christmas go-go cd likl not sued yo but just life.t lif >> wow. >> we got a lot coming up. >> christmas cd, regular cd, al, the acting that you're going, you got shoes.. >> yeah. >> you're on the radio. y >> on the radioou'r.n the dio >> any other jobs that -- tt >> i'm in the club, man. m
9:55 am
just washingtonian thing to do, man. keep pushing, man. true washingtonian and i'm an ambassador now of the city to push so we can get our city tout be the 51 is the state. >> big g, ladies and gentlemen.n the hardest working man in dg. >> yeah.>> yh. >> not a job he doesn't have y yet. >> not yet. my mow gee. g watch out for that.r t >> a man every different hats.fh >> did you just ask if he haseas emoji as well.el >> right. >> you put that on the list nex next. >> he's working on that. >> why not? .s on t h on thes hat >> you does have emoji.. >> i saying, right.ig >> what are you talking about. >> i didn't hear you maureen. my isb wasn't working.orking >> um-hmm, right. right >> i'm kidding.'m kding >> maybe you can work on hearina aids for wisdom.m >> big g hearing aids for wisdom martin. martin. [ laughter ] >> exactly. >> thanks lot. >> thank you both. t you >> my gosh.y go. okay. okay so much coming up.uccoming on good day 10a.. eddie redmayne kevin is talkinga
9:56 am
what this would be. >> of course we'll serve up ouro celebrity dish that is all is filled with celebrity feuds feu today. today. see who is at odds in hollywood. >> all right.ight. you want don't want to miss thes beginning of the 10a right aft the break and find out why? just a minute much it's coffeeme time on good day did d.c. if you want the mug stuffed animals non included unfortunately get outet and vote tomorrow the mug the t dunkin' donuts mug up for grabsa perfect for your dunkin' donutss coffee head to or facebookoreb page. ner selected byd b random drawing get the entries t in by 11:00 o'clock this morninr if you would like to be in i consideration for today's right now, it is 9:56.6. 10a is next. n
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9:58 am
9:59 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever...
10:00 am
hh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? ?? it's the final countdown onn this election eve and good daydy at 10a has all the must seeust s moments you need to know about.t trending at 10a celebrity feuds. wendy versus blac chyna. beyonce and a new twist in the brad jenn lena break down.own. >> don't miss kevin' interviewni with oscar winner eddie redmayne. live in the lot of a live fashion show then th hote test s you should be rocking this this holiday. >> we're shaking itaipu in more than than ways this morning.ning wait until see what's going down in the good day cafe.dayaf let's do it.
10:01 am
?? >> psych. mannequin challenge sweetale s sweeping the country started a couple months ago in october.ctr okay, you guys, at ease. all right. ke a b breath. take a breath.h. that was lot of fun.atas lot o you're watching the mannequin mn challenge very very cool.veryy again, started a couple monthsen ago. some teenagers posting their mam quinn challenge online it has h gone viral with everyone doing g it from the milwaukee bucks basketball team to god knows -- we've got other tv stations have done it. done i we've got random peeing doing it it's called the mannequinannequ challenge. here's the thing.'s the you do one and move it onlinet n shows what you've got.
10:02 am
you're it. >> the navy midshipmen did it di after their big win over notreve dame over the weekend. >> i think ours was pretty impressive.essi. >> i thought it was fun.houg >> were you looking aroundyou lr wisdom?wiom >> no, steve, i would never --er no. no. i wasn't even >> but you're right #gooddaydc want to see it.t. >> i'm steve alongside holly, hy wisdom and maureen.. >> hello. hel >> all right. and also you saw i was -- guesse i was frozen at the [ laughter >> so any way we're having aavig little bartender battle courtese hard rock cafe. we'll be mixing it up. shaking it up and tell how you y can be a part of it later in thh show.ow >> impressive. >> all right let's check what'ss trending.. first up, wisdom.. >> final countdown just one dayd until the election. hillary clinton and donald trump doing all they can to rally lass minute support. sport hillary clinton capped off af weekend of campaigning in new i hampshire joining her on the
10:03 am
star father whose son died in iraq. today she heads to north carolina, michigan and and pennsylvania. her campaigning after james jes comey announced clinton wouldou not be prosecuted for newly newy discovered comey said "we have not changed our conclusions that wewe expressed in july with respect to secretary clinton" clinton made no mention.on. clearance at their campaigneir stops. st another boost for clinton cominm from hollywood in recent weeksee singers katie perry, beyonce', john bon jovi and a james taylor all throwing theirr support behind the democrat.oc even nba star lebron james j rallied with her in clevelandlad this weekend and later today, bruce springsteen and bon jovi i will take the stage for a get gt out the vote concert in also, on the guest list, lt, president obama and first ladyid michelle obama.bama >> i wonder how many people -- i know you're not going to say non to the star power out there butb i wonder how many people woulded vote simply based on who their
10:04 am
>> unfortunate i think a lot ofa people do l. i think their opinions hold aonl lot of weight.ght. >> yeah.>>eah. >> yeah. >> i'm not saying that i agree wi thahat.ayin i should -- if you sing a great song, why should i care. i think there are people that tt are moved by that. >> buzz behind hillary. there we go. >> meanwhile threats let's talkt about the other side.hrea donald trump rallyinout g vthe t into the night in virginia. republican candidate campaigning in leesburg. he was supposed to speak at but didn't arrive afterer midnight.ight hundreds of supporters waited in line for hours. h he will spend his final day d calming florida, north carolina, new hampshire, pennsylvania andd michigan.igan >> the poles open tomorrow.ol not only will america elect aesl neecw pretsident tomorrow, theyt will also, choosing who theyg wy want to see represent them ashea their tv president.resint alec baldwin or kate mckinnon.. one will be your tv president on snl. sn they made their final pitch forr votes on saturday night live.
10:05 am
donald trump poking her fun at her own ambition.mbitn. electioning trump would be a be disaster once voters realize their mistake they'll come backc and ask her to run again. ain the two actors broke characterha with this message to voters. >> ?? [ applause ] >> so much fun. >> time to get out there andre d vote. none of this will have matterede if you don't votde.ot >> we can tell hugh to vote fore but on tuesday, we all get a a chance to choose what kind ofkio country we want to live in. >> live from new york it's yor s
10:06 am
they basically they started likk they have every other debate. they've done recently on snl s funny part and debate part andaa just stopped in the middle of io got serious for minute and ran out into times square and that'' what you just saw. >> kate mckinnon said wasas poignant. you get to choose what kind ofkf country outwent live in. in. it doesn't matter who you'ree picking. pi this is yourck opportunity to exercise your right. rig that people --ple >> which is luxury. iluxury >> people die for.>> in other countries they d pon'tt have this opportunity. it doesn't matter who t you'rhiy voting for but pol those of you here saying i'm sin sitting this one out, you canu c afford to.afford you know, this is yourr children's future.ut if if you don't have childrenhid your nieces your nephews your friends children your friends fn whatever this is youris you opportunity. >> or just our country's futurer >> exactly. >> i think another point they ao made was that they were justthew tired of all the hate. i think that also is somethingoi that everyone agrees on right rt now. no matter who you're voting forr everyone is just tired of thehe hate.. >> november 9th -- >> and rhetoric hopefully on the
10:07 am
nicer to one >> let's hope. the mood the m about of the nation heading into the e election speaking of cheddar chd it's depression, frustration lou of emotion out a lot of people ready for it too be all over but having prettyret big impact how we spend our turns out americans are p putting off buying a house or he car until after the election.leo so in case you needed any more -- any more of a gauge foro how people are feeling newng new survey shows a lot of people u buying guns instead.nsd. 97% of people a their major purchases until uil after the election. 16% of people plan to buy a gunn sales doubled in stores becausen of fear that is hillary clintonn will win and pass new gun control so they're again some of the ouo come from this very stressful election.election. well, the simpsons justthe s received a renewal that will wil send them into the record books. homer, bart and the gang will bb back for two more seasons at least. their 29th and 30th seasons.ns.
10:08 am
more than enough to break the current record of 635 held by by the western gun smoke. >> that is incredible. >> incredible. incredible. >> i'm stunned that show is still on. i remember wtuhennned it first came on i used to watch it a little bitb i haven't watched that show tt s since the '89.he '89. >> you have two more ys >> two more years.>> t >> somebody is watching.eby >> it is still very smartly verl written. >> it is. is smartly >> harry potter one of theteone biggest movie franchises eversee well into the billions ofllionsf dollars. there's a new spin off coming little later kevin will sit sitt down with the star of fantastica beasts and where to find themdhe somebody who is pick up an oscac along the way. way >> yeah. it looks like pretty good move.v i'm actually interested in i seeing this. celebrity feud edition of the wendy versus blac chyna. and new details from the bradgelina divorce.. >> good looking couple.ou that is a good looking twoki two people right there.ighthere >> who are those mannequins.annn they bring sexy to another ather
10:09 am
give me a m get that out of here. >> we'll be back.
10:10 am
10:11 am
?? >> celebrity dish time and these people we're talking about theyt ain't sorry. >> um-um. >> they ain't sorry at all.soata in this corner -- let's go with
10:12 am
because here's what happened.ape all right. on friday wendy williams but b blac chyna and her mother onhero blast for cashing on rob on r kardashian train the fame there. well, word obviously got back tt blac chyna dc native as well. >> um-hmm. >> she went on wendy and went hard.ent on ff we can't say.. >> wait, i'll bleep. >> you bleep. >> i'll start.. >> here we go with some of it. i this is a quote.uo. wendy, wendy, wendy, you lost your. >> bleep bleep bleep bleep. >> that's what she posted o instagram saturday.atury >> how dare you speak on my me m an fay and my mom like you werew at christmas table with i find it so funny how you lovev to talk about rob and hisndis insecurities like at some pointp in time that you wasn't -- shall i read that you wasn't a fat 400-pound bleep bleep bleep onpo thdiradio. she kept going and kept going and talked about wendy' husband kevin hunter you telling him, mr. kardashian, that's who she's referring to, w to put some basm in your voice. vce
10:13 am
all right.all r >> since the beginning when rob was thin h row rob was smarter h rob was a more of -- o [ laughter ] >> when rob had more confidence, when rob was dating adrian by b lawn and he just seemed to be ae different kind of guy, now, robb is just like given up. as long as he's given up -- >> wow! >> those are fighting words.ds. >> those are fighting words. wds you know, china didn't dn' appreciate it and she went hardd bleep. >> all right. >> i don't blame herll right. >> that was out of line. l >> i don't think wendy shouldnkd have gone, n that's out of linef >> i don't think her response'th was necessarily appropriate butb i understand the sense many senn behind it. >> right. >> i get it. ing payinof people are pay attention to see if wendy wen responds.pon my guess is no. you don't think so. s >> oh no. >> she's not one to back down, though. though >> can you really get the finall word, though.hoh. >> no. >> with that family.. >> because blac chyna mentionedi
10:14 am
tendons not to respond when things involve her husband ornv her childolve.. >> no to that i would say --ay - >> another battle royal.e al >> in this corner the beehive. e >> in this corner? >> stacey dash what happenedy d here? he >> well, actress turned tur conservative stacey dash accused beyonce''s mom tina of throwingw shade at her on instagram.tagr tina posted a photo of herself e and kelly roland as a halloween party on october 30th. kelly was dressed as dion the character stacey played in 19 in clue less, right? tina original captioned the feet thi is my baby as dion.. she's pretty and much smartersm than the one at the movie. movie i was confused because she cephe saying something about her pager. stacey respondedpa on her blog beyonce''s mom through shade att me. here's my uned did ited response f you're trying to throw shadehs about someone's intelligencentee smarter than more smart.smt. stacey wrote here's the thing ti kelly roland a beautiful color r
10:15 am
immigration is the best form of flattery. tina went and edited herted captions and so she change theet it to basically just say this is my baby dion last night i was confused because she kept sayinn something about her pager lord r no shade intended it was ait waa character in a movie. how stacey dash going to try tot come for tina knowles that'ss t' what the beehive is saying muchm that's the thing. thing. actually really, you know, kw, beyonce''s mom is fine.ine. but the beehive is like you do not go after queen bee's >> went hard >> exactly. e >> you guys thing that tina wasw low key given a little shade? i do. do. >> i think she probably was. s o but why go back and change it i then? you know what i mean? m? why edit your -- then youou validate that -- >> stacey dash is harder than we thought. >> beyonce''s mom should not geg shook the beehive can take out o anybody. >> they got her back big time. >> yes. >> all right. ot sommoree more? >> in this corner --orne >> brad pitt. >> in that cor >> angelina jolie. >> this is about child custody.y
10:16 am
going.go this big divorce thing and divorce proceedings between bwen angelina and brad it's a big deal especially considering that jolie said her through her attorney the split was beingas done in the best interest of hes family and there was some kind k of dust up between brad pitt and one of the kids on a flight.lig. bottom line here is that bradbr pitt is now taking steps to keee a hand in the kids filing for joint custody of thet six children in the family theat filing was made last week.eek. hope to resolve this custody issue peacefully but if it if doesn't happen, it will be up tt judge to sort this whole thing out. i hate it when i hear that kinda of stuff.of stuff. >> i >> when it involve >> i hope joint custody canto work. mom and the dad can both be inh the kids lives. les >> they need some piece. >> it's the best it can be. b we wish them the best. b >> in this corner ---- >> kim k. >> in this corner.>> anxiety issues.xiissues >> exactly. so kim k apparently opening upn on sundays edition of keeping ui
10:17 am
she and kendall jenner bothner t talking about their struggle with anxiety. aie kim revealing to her friend hern she's been having with issuesine with anxiety especially whenecie shs drdriving. she then has a sit down with her mom about her and kendall'sendas recent medical concerns. c the model is suffering fromferio sleep paralysis and is afraid to fly alone on a plane. >> wow!ow >> my mind does go crazy kim told chris jenner when you getwu into your own head it's scary you don't want to let it get tot e nenext step. throughout the show the mom says maybe you two can work on your y anxiety issues together.ethe >> yes. yes >> they go to a therapist.a thet but kendall is like, i don't i t want anything to do with whathha the therapist has to say.ay wowow! >> whatever. >> kim meanwhile took thehe therapist's advice they went ont little driving thing and sheriva kind of has worked through somem of her driving anxiety issues.. >> i was go trying to work logir with the kardashians. >> don't.>> d. >> it will -- make you crazy and give yourself anxiety. anxiety don't do it. i
10:18 am
know they're humans.s i know they're human but they're not exactly flying coach onch these planes. >> that's what i'm saying.t's >> their lifestyle.esty >> she's afraid to fly by hery several oh and a plane.lane that's what it says.'s wha says. >> she's the pilot of the planep >> i don't know, i'm just telling you. >> that's my point. if you're on a privatei'm ju>> j you'll have your handlers around. you're never alone. >> you're never'ver n. except for that time she was s robbed in paris. >> kim k is not afraid off flying.yi kendall. >> my bad. >> kim k is afraid of driving when does she ever drive herself >> right. i see ik people ppl are driving her.. >> like he said their for all the kardashian fans outo there. >> they are. they are dealingea with their anxiety. >> they're surrounded by thededt best people and cameras money my can buy.cauy >> steve with the mike drop.mi d >> speaking of being surroundedg by cameras, guess who is back? >> who? >> it's rick james -- i can say that. that dave chappelle heading back to k television to the main stage. se
10:19 am
>> yeah. oo cool it. nbc announced friday morning the comedian will be hosting hti saturday night live on november 12th this is will mark his snler 1 debut and the e is latest in dave chappelle's gradual return to the world of o comedy after leavely his comedy central series chappelle show in 2006. i'll be on a tribe called questu dropping a new album and newew album called we got from itot here. thank you for your service. svie first studio album in 18 years. ?? >> wow! on november 11th.. >> back for both.ot >> big time. t big time. >> that's very exciting.hait >> it is exciting.>> i e >> it will be interesting to ses how chappelle is when he comes s back, back to tv. t >> it will be interesting tooe because this will be the first s snl after the election.lectn. >> you know everybody will be with chappelle on board as well. >> pressure. that's a lot. there's your celebrity dish fore today, folks.toda >> i feel like we need to ring t the bell because the matches are over now.. >> ding ding ding. >> it was a tasty dish today.iny
10:20 am
coming unthe hot trends for thet cooler weather we're helping you get your closet ready for the t holidays much that's coming up n atttle later. >> first we'll start witnessta t week with pretty perfect weathea there out there.ere outher the weekend was fantastic.antast today pretty good and we'll finn out where we go from here.e tucker will be back with theith details next.?????????? ???????????????????????????????? i'm luann bennett.
10:21 am
in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask for your vote. introducing
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a blend of coconut milk and aloe vera in a professional-quality formula, inspired by nature. blended by professionals to replenish for stunning healthy-looking hair. tresemm? botanique professional. at your fingertips. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
10:23 am
all right. we got some mannequin challenges coming in and we love it. this is kim howard then actually shot this at the opposite of the state superintendent of nneqation. love it. in anwardhe oe supeuc love it. it love it. thank you all for watching andcg thank you for playing along witw our silly games. g you guys are awesome. >> they are on it.e on look at that.lo at >> that's too funny. funny. >> that is so cute.>> t i whaonder, chris, can we replap ours some time this show becausu we -- we weren't able to abl actually see it.tual i'd love to see how well we did. >> hohokam up with the mannequin challenge.chalng >> teenagers i think thatnage t florida posted it back inpot people and as they said it went viral. there you go.ere >> that is so funny. look at that. tt. oh, my gosh. >> ya'll are good. g not moving at all. >> wow! >> man. whoever shot it is doing a a gre job as wel i'll give them a little shouteut out.t. >> wow! >> just holding that positionha film that is so funny. tha so thank you all for sending thatnt in. >> we all had great practices aa a kid when we played freeze tagg
10:24 am
shoot shoot little video and zez it our way using the #gooddaydcd f we see it in the next 30t minutes or so we'll put it on. . it will be fun. will un we'll work on getting ours too.o we posted one already but it's the -- you can see austin thehe camera guy walking around in iti we'll try to get his version ofn it so you don't see anybody inbi the shot but it looked prettytty good.od. >> it looked pretty good. great look on your face. f you're like ahh? >> check in with tucker barnr bn right now. right are we >> no, i'm not frozen, steve. >> oh, wow.ow >> can you try that frozen again. >> you go back to not talking? [ laughter ] >> sadly i heard that one i'm im definitely definitely alive and wake. let's do the temperatures. overnight.eght overnight lows back into the lol 30s for parts of the area.a. including manassas and culpepere and starting to slow rebound red here. the sun is up an you recallyou a earlier and setting an hour hour earlier as well.ell. sunset tonight at i think 5:01.5
10:25 am
this afternoon it will get darkd earlier. 50 in annapolis. 50 in len toward town. the difference from bright sunshine and beautifuleal day 10 degrees cooler than tn yesterday.yester. daytime highs top out around 60 or so.o. perhaps low 60s here in thein t city.. off to the north and west i nor think you're looking andt daytid highs in the upper 50s. 50s make sure you got a jacket and d you're ready for cool one thisei afternoon.teoon. beautiful weather. high pressure and gorgeous gorge couple of days around here. sunshine today.oday and then we're in great shaperea for our election day daytime highs tomorrow will be in the uppers to 60s to about 7t you can see out across central r sections of the country rain r showers towards omaha our next t frontal system that will bring us a chance for reall by honestl needed showers around here byy but what we get will be on theee t ght side. expecting a few showers bya show wednesday. high pressure overhead, coolol conditions, and lots off sunshine. f this time o average daytime highs in the loh
10:26 am
later this afternoon.noon cool tonight.ight there's a look at your sevenve day. da 62 today.od. 68 tomorrow. bright sunshine for youre forour election day. best chance for shower this week will be wednesday just a few off them and you can see there iff you're one of the lucky ones who gets to enjoy a three day week friday, saturday and sundayunda expecting plenty of sunshine. however, let me mention it willw be looks like our first shot oft some significantly cooler cle weather may arrive this weekendd and we may do overnight lows los very close to freeze fog most of the area here by sunday morningi stay tuned. down a few all right. all guys. >> tuck i was lying to look at the glass of sunshine hloalf ful because i don't like it at alltt when it gets dark at a 5:00 o'clock.'clock >> really? >> but we're only about six weeke'sre o out from winter sol. getting closer and closer to the shortest day and then longer from there. >> wizardry world of harryfar potter coming back to the bigk t screen but in little differentif version. kevin will sit down -- sat downn
10:27 am
ta abobout it. it's a new spin you've. youe. kind of a prequel of sorts. 10:27.10:2
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
commander!commande it was open?n? >> just a smidge. >> that craziness is on the is t loose again.ose. >> how did they do that? tha >> a clip from t fantastic beasts and where tohee find them. find them. it is a harry potter spin off of existing in the same sirname mam tick universe the first of fivef new movies based on books byn by j.k. rowling.. oscar winner eddie redmayne red stars in this movie and kevinev had a chance to sit down with the actor to talk about it. >> eddie redmayne won the t academy award of theory ofory o everything two years ago and played the danish girl last yeay one of the biggest rising starsn
10:31 am
newt for people who are harry hy potter fans, all you will need to know is kno thi it takes place 70 years beforeef the events of the first harry h potter movie.potter m in that movie, and also in thata book, there was a book a textbook at hog warts called cad fantastic beefs reason to findnd newt is the character who wroter that book. and now this is the story abouta how he came up with it and the beasts he's capturing much this is actually not based on a book by j.k. she wrote the screen play forcra this much the first screen playa sh next friday i spoke to eddie redmayne one of the things thatt frustrates me now about moviesov now a tase the trailers come oue and they have scenes that aresca incredible, and when they sitd t down in the movie theater youher don't get the scene you'reneou waiting for.or i spoke to him about the scenehs that was cut out of the trailerr very impactful on the movie froo my opinion and about the idea how he carries himself as aimsea character.r. it's very very watch this. >> the shot at the end of the eo trailer where you look up andu d you go "don't panic, there's the
10:32 am
>> yup. y >> don't panic, there's absolutely nothing to worry dont about. >> and that didn't make it into the film. can i ask, did y shoot thatho t shot for the trailer.raer no, n no,. we shot p, because what'sha interest wig these big, um, films where there's a lot of o special effects and post workosr they have to start putting trailers out long before theye t finish editing or close too editing and that was a moment at a sort of the film builds kinddn of eighty three den dough to to th towards the end and everythingrh got quite serious and in the script it was something thatomet read as a moment of like in thee middle of this frenzy newt has a sort of moment going don't panic, i think when they got toe the cut it felt totally wrong to have that moment becausese actually the stakes are too higg at that point to have a finiteie moment.nt >> it's cool.t's cool >> you're right.>> youri well observed isn't when iwhen watched your performance there'e something specific physically do
10:33 am
girl it was the smile. is th here it's interesting i feell like you're hunching forward'ref little bit and looking up.orwa o can you talkking u about findint if's cal will the in the then th character. i find that fascinating that do you thatt fa.scyou at >> quite amazing people are so observational. what was interesting me aboutbot newt not only was there written in the script by j.k. rowling when you first meet him hee waxiness own walk, she wrote and he has a buster keaton qualityua to him i found kind of rivettini so that was a lead in. but also i felt like he's a passionate guy, but also a guyuy that keeps himself to himself. he caves the structures of kind of tayloring of clothes like a scaffolding but at the same time he kind of hides win and he hass this massive sort of lock of o hair his way of hiding in orderr to give him a advantage point oo the world. >> that's amazing. that'mazing. that's really cool.l. >> now people might wonder why
10:34 am
harry potter franchise made $7.5 billion at the box officeoc anybody a fan of those series s will see this movie he had deede redmayne if you haven't seen the theory of everything, i mean m you've seen it. >> it's amazing.g. >> phenomenal actor he won the academy award at the age of 32. he's 34 years old now. now just had a baby 4.5 months ago g much he's married. marri very very cool.veryery always been a nice guy.a ni guy the movie open november 18th which is nexter friday. 18tiday >> okay.kay >> it looks interesting. >> you had him in when i was at the sag awards i s really wanted to meet eddie redmayne. i didn't see him. ti o run into the restroomoo who pops up in the restroom eddie president main. mai do you break guy code here. ce h i just started a conversation.v. >> do you have a selfie.o yo >> no, i didn't. i waited i and he went to walk out -- >> waited until he walk out ofut the bathroom.hroo >> i yelled good luck.le luc
10:35 am
bathroom >> no. >> i'm proud of you, steve.f yoe you didn't break guy dode code.c >> you could have run outsideouv afterwards and been like, hey. h >> i did -- i was kind of hopinp he was hang out by the bar righg outside the restroom door. d he was offered back to his seat. >> if i saw quentin tarantino io don't care what he's doing i'msm getting a picture with him. >> come on.>> come on. >> no, no.. >> it's tarantino.antino >> don't take a picture with any man in the bathroom.m. >> you may not live to tell t story if do you.y if >> no, kevin, that's law.s docket that. that >> is that illegal?eg >> it's law.>>t's like code. >> he might actually put that pa into one of his movies. >> guns come blazing inblin afterwards and some flying fin bullet will go through your head. >>low-w-mo. >> i'm disturbed right now. disr >> me, too. [ laughter ]>> >> 10:35 right now. right. temperatures are all over the oe map this november but no mattere what it's always a good day to rock fall fashion.hion.
10:36 am
some of the best trends headinga into holiday season.ean. hello. back after this.his.
10:38 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? ?? >> 10:38. we were asking to see your mannequin challenges. askinnequiouple so far. >> i knootw a.ouple >>now >> folks have been sending in. >> shot this weekend. game night gathering much this m is actually really because if i had -- h - >> i love it. love yeah.ah.
10:39 am
or beverage or whatever it >> so funny.o fun >> i think this is great. going all the way around thehe room. >> you know we were saying earlier this is sucnow h anosmia challenge because you don't hav to dance or do anything. literally you can involveve everybody whoever you're with. >> no talent whatsoever.r >> instead of holding still. stl it's something you can do allanl >> that's great. speaking of great it's time to>e get line up great new fall f fashion and maureen is here toet help us out with that.t >> oh, my goodness. >> mannequining. >> it's too much fun not to, t right? >> today will be beautiful day.l it's also going to be slightlyy warmer fall day.. that doesn't mean you have to t put fall fag on the back burner. joining us to be sure we'reee' looking fabulous for the rest of the fall season especially withh the holidays right around the t corner >> i'm love this. >> is this on trend for thethi season. season >> lace is definitely on trendef for the en seeinbeen seeing a lot of that.
10:40 am
let's talk about the first loo l you've got going on here. this is something a little moree casual dressy but casual. casua does we're talking about about thanksgiving day and holidayng h looks, right? the key withey wt thanksgiving day look to reallyy strategize and plan your looksoo before the on the day o tf thanksgiving doo you want to be thinking abouting your how the fit.your >> no. >> have anxiety.nxiety. we need to do this now.s now >> going casual doesn't mean you look like wear your sweat suitti or anything you've done it it nicely here.ere. >> our model lien is wearingring burgundy dress.. burgundy is on tre season. here dress is kind of loose. l. room to move. >> nice for fur key eating. ein. >> room to eat and breathe.rehe >> yes, >> i love her dress. dss and we paired it up with just aa really nice pair of black suedee over the knee boots. >> i like that. >>ou're go you're going to havee one pair of boots iinn yourn y wardrobe for the season tallean boots this would be the pair.thi >> i like that. >> really versatile they go frof day tonight and really looksyoo nice with this dress. dss. >> yeah. yea >> little bit of leg.ite bi >> she looks fun. casual which is very important.t
10:41 am
look i would probably describee as very much she looks very much on trend and i would say it's aa great look that's good for if you're having thanksgiving atnkt home or going out.. >> should someone whose olderhor get away with this.hi maybe it's a little young. you would you do leggings orngs something with it or tights.s. >> if you didn't feel comfortable showing your legsr s wear the black tights for sure.s >> gorgeous. i love it. >> thank you colleen.i we tallok about t theha y weathr fluctuating this time of year.fa one da one day it's cool. cool. you've got to dress for the the cooler nights.olht you've got a look that covers cr all bases here.e. >> yes. >> lovove this. >> brie is wearing cozy andrioz and this is great for if you'reu going to be somewhere it's aeres little bit colder. cr. >> yeah. >> for thanksgiving or if, um, u you just like to put on someome layers. layers this is really good. so brie is wearing a pair of j j brand jeans. jns i like -- i think dark wash isai really good idea for like a le holiday event.event. >> right.>> right >> and if you don't want to weat
10:42 am
leggings. for thanksgiving aggnything wita elastic or legging would be a great choice you have a little l room to breathe.reathe >> exactly. >> the most important thing.t >> i'm noticing timhe booties b which are very on trend again this season. >> ankle boots gives a little edge to her outfit giv. >> right, >> we paired it with very nice c billow wee blouse covers up in the right places. >> yes.>> is this a jacket? is it ajack?i sweater? i am loving it. i >> this is a card began -- kashmir card began.rd i like this because tell my clients when you addheua that third piece you're reallyce elevating your look.oo you're really pulling the outfii together. especially with the accesgesoris holidays are great time to pull out your accessories jewelry yoy may not be normally wearing.ring >> exactly.. >> and dress up. >> all you need is one to giveev it that pop. >> exactly.xactly. makes a statement.makes a stat >> i love that.em i lov that sweater jacket may not be b going home with you. >> you look >> now we're going to the evente that really said boom, bow, pow
10:43 am
>> >> you are not disappoint wig nd this number right here. hello.llo >> this is grace and she'sisnd wearing a beautiful blew metallic >> wow!>>ow! >> this really she looks reallyy classy. really elegant.legant this is great if your thanksgiving include cocktail ci party or you have to dress up as little bit. i love this dress because thisas can take you right through theoe holidays >> i was going to say. >> for new year' ws oasr christ. >> okay. a great dress, and so if you you notice she has beautiful great t topper right here. and it's kashmir tpe this, because if you've had ae a little too much to eat again you might want to throw it on so, on you know, cover up so so it's functional but will keep you key warm. >> i'm looking at this split.. ut-oh, ut-oh.t-oh. >> i know. >> anything -- what are some of the rules for wearing a dress ae with a split like that. tt. >> she's young. she can get away with a shelit'a like that and she's g sot's got beautiful leg. she can do >> why not if you don't feeln'fl comfortable put on nice pair ofr tights with this.tights with you've got choices.thi got chois
10:44 am
s lis light. >> it's great metallics are so o on trend. trend. if you don't know what to wearow for holiday event, wear something metallic it's fun andd festive.e. and it just looks great. gat >> you also mention one last lt look a main malice. mic you look thank you very much.ry much minimal list look. look what would that be.ld >> that would be if you, you know, if you just don'td have'v timing to shopping you needo shd something to wear for an even ii think every woman should have ae little black dress in theirthei wardrobe. >> i'm sure every woman does. >> you dress it up or dress iter down and if you want to make the thrown throw access if you want to add texture or or color add fun jacket or pair ofo shoes. >> three looks here. loo you can't go wrong.rong you covering all your bases bass here. this is where we can find you, is that it?e we that ? >> yes. all these looks provide beside d morley bethesda.hea. thank you morley for providingrg these, and --e, a >> what about you?>> w >> people want to get in touch with you do you they do. >> nani >> perfect.>>erfect. ladies, thank you.ladi >> looking amazing. amazing. all right. no excuses to look like
10:45 am
>> i can take you to morley toe buy that sweater.yothat ser >> more system one of mym on m favorite stores.ri i regularly visit. vis [ laughter ][ laer ] all right.> all right. much too my husband's chagrin.i. 10:45 is our time. coming next we have the battlehl of the bartenders.ers.
10:46 am
sure, you could buy this. but why miss out on this? it's baking season. bury. at progresso, we are now using 100% antibiotic and hormone-free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups!
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10:48 am
?? i am not afraid to admit i totally love that movie.. listen if you love cocktails ass much as we do head to hard rockr cafe tonight the restaurant isai hosting its fourth annual globaa bar rocker competition.pen hard rock's most spirited bar fenders will flip, twirl, spin i for a spot behind the bar an b chance to move on to the finalhe round in panama city panama. really? wow!
10:49 am
experts and local celebrities on their recipe knowledge, pourpour testing, accuracy, share and a show man ship much this morningg we're he putting them one of the them to the had test in the gooo day joining us now live is kimberlyl whitehead and this is crazy reaa from hard rock calf if i and iii just want to go on record as rod saying if you win, that is the coolest trophy ever. e right? we actually have one aca right here.ght re so tell us what this is allhat about. >> this is putting all of ourisa hard rock bartenders to thes t test. you saw the clip of cocktail. c. to our bar. casey is our bar rocker champioc from orlando. h. oh. >> okay. we're featuring our northeasterr region bartenders moating too mg night they have the opportunity to move on we're onlopypo takinn one.on >> only taking one.>> >> only taking one. onlkingne. >> okay. casey wants to be that guy.. >> ban in a ma city, panama youa want to be, right.ig >> absolutely. >> you want that on your mantlel so how did this all start thisri is what the fourth year. >> the fourth year.r.
10:50 am
focus back to the bar upgraded d our ingredients.edents. we've really put a lot of focusf and detail into our cocktailsoci and into our staff and the andhe training.traing and so now it's moving on to the competition level so -- >> it's interest ugh say we wan to take it back to the bar because you guys are in like 71 countries and seems like hard rock calf if i has become aif im little bit of everything now.yti but this is really what you'retu wanting to highlight again. >> absolutely. >> back to the beginning. >> absolutely take it bacack k the roots. >> so casey, what makes you succ a good >> really good trainers.. trained me two years when i started with the company.d withm >> did >> i did. e the 're the real champion, c >>hamp yes. >> tthe the credit. how do you practice? is this, t when you're actually working the bar do you do all this or just for the ore comp. >> i do it. do it. my fellow bartenders aren't aret fan that i do it but i try --ry >> everybody wants to you makedy their drink. wthei d you get all the tips. >> absolutely.>> absolutely. >> we have a loft fun with it,t, though. thou it's a great program. and --an
10:51 am
tom cruise in cocktail?l? >> no.o >> i thought about that fort f halloween.oween >> that would be pretty funny.un are you making us up something.g >> i started making our most mt popular cocktail on the menu the hurricane.hurric the number one drink worldwideld ride now starts off with ounceic of bacardi rum, 2-ounces of oj, 2-ounces of pineapple and 2 ounces of mango puree.ur and we top it off with a little bit of am ma rhett tow and bacardi.cai >> are you going to do it with a little bit of flare. of are. >> i mean -- >> come on. [ laughter ]ht >> that's a little bit of flare. i'll take that. as we watch --atch >> nice. >> as we watch casey work there, so how stiff does the competition get? i'm guessing it gets get tougher each year.r. >> we start out cafe level. lev they go to the regional level.nv regional level moves on to the e global level.glob lev so you're going to have he bartenders from all over the ove world. our champions have been from japan, we also had angelo, angelo was from --
10:52 am
>> then our first rockerrscker champion was from las vegas, v nevada.vada. >> that seems appropriate.s appr >> right y. >> bar rocker champion win? w >> the bar rocker champion willw get all up conclusive one weekek stay for him and a guest we also get a fender guitar, big bar rocker trophy and 14 carrot bar rocker pip he's looking to put some on his he has calf if i level opinion right there. >> nice, nice.. >> very prestigious award andawd there's only going to be one.e. >> so what can people do tonight to be a part of the fun.. >> tonight come down right after work.rk it it starts 6:30 we're featuring some hors d'oeuvresvr and drinks going around.s n you good it to cheer on youreery local bar rocker his name is jonathan from d.c. c and he will will be competingti against casey giving stiff competition.ion. >> casey is campaigning forey i votes on good ds g >> come on down and cheer me on. what's your favorite drink tonk make? >> obviously the hurricane we we make it constantly all time t favorite drink to make iss strawberry mojito.
10:53 am
el delish. >> oh, my goodness.h,good >> thank you. >> do you come up with your ownr new tricks on your own like in your kitchen at home? how do d you work on that? onha >> the past winners angelo delgado and bartender from thehe hard rock cafe in manchester wew actually are friends on facebook and i'll send them a video of mf doing a trick and send have ite yod of them back of them doing a trick and we go back and forth.h with angelo he doesn't evenoesne speak english it's a family at >> it's a universal language lag when we're at the absolutely. >> after we drink we feel likee we can speak any language.ane >> do you have one last littleil trick before you go. wow us. u all the people watching that go tonight --ght >> vote for casey. vote r ca >> does he make a good drinko d much that's what i want to knoww >> try it.. >> ooh, you're the winner in my books. malkin challenge in me i m continuing to drink >> i don't know if the liquidiq can move during that.t.
10:54 am
you pay for it if you drop one?o >> luckily it's a billion dollar company and as long as i, you know -- kn >> as long as you represent well. >> yeah. and sell the glasses.sses >> have fun with it.. >> good luck to you. >> it's fun.t' fun. friendly competition, right. igt >> yup. >> all righty.ll righty. as always we asked to you share in the conversation with your tweets and you've done so.onvero erin is back to share some ofomo your tweets this morning. >> good morning.or i would say it's busy monday ony twitter here. a lo we're hearing from chief of dcc almost died when i saw wisdomis was going to say i'm rick jamesm >> there you have that one. one >> you going say s it. >> i'm rick james. jam [ laughter ][ laught >> we got you real close to c saying it. >> all right.>>ll r mel says mannequin challengechae good day dc awesome.some keep yours coming we're loving l the videos of your mannequinur n challenge at your office.lenge here's how we do it.he we got this one from ken at d.c.
10:55 am
reason i love watching good dayy dc. keep them coming.m comg this model grace is killing thee dark blue metallic holiday dress. i want to wear that one to ae ta party. i loved thatpart dress. dre it was beautiful. mannequin challenge on good did you today. c. y. i thought it was impressivere showing i just watch the video v back. we brought it together for thata one. good day d.c. that photo is everything.hi lost my mother to breast cancere 20 years ago on november 3rdemrr when i was 16. >> aww.>> appreciation for sure.ur >> kevin is right dr. strange ie awesome seeing it in i max 3d is a must.a mus my producer saw it this weekende his mind was blown i can't waiti to chick out. hick out. >> keep your tweets coming #gooddaydc let us know what's o your mind the last day beforeef election day tomorrow.omorrow. >> keep sending us mannequinn we can air them tomorrow. hash tag good day dc. >> i believe we have ours toieve show from the top of the 10a.m let'ths see e how we did..
10:56 am
>> that's good. g >> what is kevin doing? >> kev -- ?? >> nice. [ applause ] >> that was good . >> if he held that position the whole time, that is funny.un >> i like this. t good job, guys >> big g playing along as well. >> that's great. we should have had mayor bowserw join in. >> imagine that. >> how we looking tuck. >> when people don't move youonv really do look like mannequins. 62 today. >> tomorrow mocks fantastic for all things election related atma least weather wise, 68.8. and maybe some real cool air by next weekend.eekend jacket weather cooler than coolt yesterday.y. >> tuck, laying down a challengn
10:57 am
you ready to accept. accept. >> i don't know if i can that?
10:58 am
10:59 am
after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig. you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible
11:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be big. ?? [ cheers ] >> now, here's


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