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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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states it's breeding a lot of anxiety because apparently last i saw 11 states are too close to call. we just got word that florida and north carolina, too. it's obviously getting a -- people are very upset about this and obviously because of theof crowd that we have here. we'll continue to watch this here live at den son's. i'm laura evans. > off those folks reflect the mood country as we start to see the results coming in. truly an historic night coming in. we've got sarah simmons downstairs.. she's been keeping an eye on all of these races and has an update on the equal already count. reporter roar that's whatqual ae looking at the screen right now. we are just hearing fox news calling california, hawaii, washington state for hillary clinton and idaho for donald trump. those numbers of course arere
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update them as soon as we can. let's take a look now at the control of the senate, thee, balance of power there as we continue to keep an eye on the@k electoral votes. let's pop up the numbers here. they have been changing frequent limit 42 for democrats and 47 for republicans. this is the part that -- the senate was the one that could go really either way. 55 seats, though, needed ford control in the senate.e. let's take a look at the house, republicans have the majorityity and they're expected to keep the majority here at 174 and 117 for democrats. 218 seats that are needed for the control there.ther that's the latest in the house. also the senate we're keeping an eye on the presidential race. pe back to yousi guys. > sarah was just talking aboutn the latest races that were just called, just to give you an updated look now at the numbers.
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votes, donald trump with 216. again the magic number is 270. certainly with that big win over in california, which was expected, hillary clinton got 55 electoral votes as a result of that. > that's huge really for people who are wondering what's going's on if you're a clinton supporttn and it's not going the way you thought it would go.. that is a much closer now electoral count.el donald trump ahead just by 14 electoral votes.ecto what we are also seeing at this vote across the country, donaldo trump continues to lead rightht now he's built on that lead by the popular vote currently by about 2.3 -- # 2.3 million votes is his lead in terms of the popular vote right now. what we're seeing is a race that is very, very close, electoralcr votes, popular votes.s. we've seen what happened in
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close vote there.x the question that will pop up, will either candidate have a than >> sure. it will be interesting to watch and see what happens from here.o > i know a the lot of folks have taken to social media to talk about this tonight. to talk about their elation ovee what's goingir on or certainly their disgust.sgus let's check in with jim lokay. he's been following your tweets, whatever you're saying out on o social media. >> no shortage of opinions. we know that's how it usuallylly goes on social media show you two tweets. donald trump put this out at about 9:45. you see mike pence, donald trump, a couple of his familyy members right near by. they're. just watching it, very stoic looks on their faces. > a little bit more of an emotional post present hillary p clinton and mike pointed thisntd out one to me a about it ago.o. it went out at 8:55 and almost a con sill try message at 8:55, this team has so much to be proud of, whatever happens
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> earlier today, pick yours tck of your kids, your dogs at thee polling places. now we're getting to the opinions. is anyone else nervous aboutt these numbers. make america great, preparing ge for our country. andrea says i'm a proud larry hogan teen a because my vote did state referring to the commonwealth of virginia. iran home from work. i've never been locked in on tv in my life. can bring our fractured country together and for a government of integrity. i can't believe what i'm seeingn will i get any sleep. shall i call out tomorrow. will anyone show up to work.k. >> i somehow believe that's going to be on. i have an exam tomorrow. as i'm in no position to study. a lot of photos, this is from earlier in the night.
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welcome back, everybody, a livek look at the white, ev house tonh where a pieceful anti trump protest is going on outside the white house. a small group of people hasl gr gathered there.ou traditionally on past election
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of people gathered outside the white house, certainly the lasti two elections, president obama was on the ticket today hillary clinton and donald trump again a small group of protestors outside the white house tonight. just a short timing a they were senninging john lennon's imaging and again we stress it is a pieceful demonstration happenint the at the white house rightse now. i this i we should report just t short timing a would you saysay colorado, organ, oregon was called for hillary i oregon has been called forn c hillary clinton. >> that is seven electoral votee that within added to her columnm we'll get an update on thoseon numbers in just a couple ofof moments. we want ting go back to new york city. new york is where both campaigns plan on celebrating conceding. both campaigns are new york. the clinton campaign at the jacobafter its center atlantic
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manhattan. tom fitzgerald is at hilton. these numbers are extraordinary. let's mention we still not have called pennsylvania.ll tell meed again. just got word that donald trumpm has won utah. utah has been called for donald trump. > so that will add six electoral votes to -- i'm some are, that's not right. yeah, six electoral votes totes donald trum called. georgia still has not bin called, michigan still has not been these elections are you feel like there's some momentum and then the numbers we're still not there yet. what's remashable about thatthat utah pickup. he had a very strong challenger and i'm not talking about hillary clinton. it really put the pressure on republicans in that state and
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polls were saying. there were am polls prior to tonight that were saying mack cull a might come in second. coming up on ten minutes after 11:00 p.m. eastern standard time. we're running out of maps,aps, folks. these states are starting to come in. hillary clinton now having thatt big win as we expected, you said correctly tony and shawn. we were expecting california toi come in for the we were expecting organ to comeo in for the clinton camp. this might come down to michigan tonight. where you look at where these battle ground states have beenve and where they have concentrated a lothave of their times, hilla clinton during the primary went out to put michigan. they circled that very early on knowing that later on in the campaign, in the generalnera election michigan was going to be key. donald trump one of the last stops he made last night was in
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increasingly as you look atlook where we are on the map tonight and those states that are still not shaded in, that's one youe got to keep an eye on. also, it's very clear donald ve trump is coming in who the in pennsylvania tonight. where this is right now is not where the experts said it was going. you look in that room, the donald trump ballroom and the hilton mid town tonight, thereog is an enthusiasmed crowd, an energetic crowd, a happy we can hear them from where we're standing on this platform right now because they are right behind us surrounding our fox news election headquarters.dqua people who are lining this building right now trying toying watch these returns and with every progressive announcement that trump has landed anotherer one of these states that he was not expected to win, that crowd erupts. they are high fiving each other. they are people on that street tonight who came here expecting
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are thinking might actually happen. we'll send it back into you. > thanks for that perspective tonight. meantime let's look at the side of things. our own melanie alnwick is live in the jacob javits.vits the mood there a little lessess somebodier. >>reporter: yes, butst ill we are seeing loud cheering, group chanting,, i think they are try pump up the mood here knowing that has not gone as easily as many of them expected when theyn first filed in here to the javitz center early this afternoon standing in thosein security lines to get through. there was a huge roar. i mean literally the glasse ceiling here i think was shaking as the crowd took in the results and cheered the results from california with those 55 electoral votes, a huge hull,
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for hillary clinton.nton they are cheering every little win here. it is definitely coming down to a nailbitter.ailb not necessarily some happy cheers when those results come in that donald trump has taken a state perhaps that they had hoped he wouldn't.ho so it looks like it's going toto be a long night.nigh we know that we haven't heardve' much from the clinton campaign. we can tell you that not too longing a she did tweet out tot her supporters whatever happens tonight, tha y everything. is there a mixed message in that? you got to imagine what it must be like as they are sitting there watching the election returns thinking gosh which one of these speeches, the concession speech or the victory speech? are we going to have to end up there and walk out on tho stage and having to giveve tonight. i would say that shawn and tonyy people are very hopeful. they're in the seeing any state flip yet for donald trump.
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for again still seeing that s there is a path to victory for heroon though it's not as easy as they had hoped. again we're just holding on for a long night here. i think really the question isso also going to become how close does this come and are we going to have a victory speech and a concise speech tonight or isr this one of those races that becomes contested? we're all hanging out here trying to keep up our energy as well as the crowd here for a ng we've got events going on inside, events going on outside and certainly everyone is waiting for the moment wherere they know what may happen, but it could be a very, very longg night. > live from new york, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. > if i look back to four years ago by now we had called a winner. we knew who our next presidentxt elect would be.e. sort ever interesting to see wos how much things have changed now
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> it's also interesting because in some ways maybe we shouldn't be surprised because the campaign certainly showed the last year in this country that we're a divided nation. people really angry with eachh other and the campaigns at times ugly. a lotto owe just a the lot off division and maybe we shouldn't beuldn surprised that this is as closes as it is. we want to go back to our panel of experts.erts i want to go to david first. we had to cut him off earlier. he's a professor at george mason university, a professor at the skill yeah law school. whoever wins this race it is significant because they are going to have a reel impact on the supreme court and what happens in this nation over ther next four can you talk a little bit aboutt that. >> sure. the supreme court is divided 4 to 4. and whoever the next president
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and trump has promised to support a conservative justice and clinton has promised to appoint a liberal justice. mean who are republican leaning we have been very troubled by some of candidate trump'srump rhetoric about freedom ofof speech, changing the liable laws so you can punish reporters.epor we're hoping if he does winhi is just receiptic and he'll grol into the office.he > thank you so much david. jolene, let me ask you quickly here, looking at the popular vote right now, hillary clinton stands at about 39,800,000.ut donald trump roughly 42 million. but what we haven't talked about tonight is the fact that will i be tier and candidate johnson has about 2,600,000 and a lot ot people talked about if they voted for that third party
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one of the two major party candidates. how much of an impact do you think this might be having onbe the outcome that we're seeing right now. >> i absolutely think it couldi haven a impact because peopleope i've talked to at least haveleas said i'm going to vote for gary johnson because i get to vote my conscious. and i know that hillary is going to win anyway. of course that made my hairmy stand straight up in the air. i can't people can think that way, but people do and it's their vote and they it what they want.t. i've got to disagree, i think if will i be tier and candidates like gary johnson took votes away from anyone it was takingas votes away present donald trumpe it linesse up far more with conservism it does more than liberalism. it took a big hit tonight. if you've got a republicanepub
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have supreme court justices that are more conservative i thinkink you've got to imagine that obamacare moving forward is going to be dealt a few cripple blows. i think barrack obama and his legry are going to be a big loser this evening.even going forward you have to really think about all of those senators congress men who have constituents who now have health insurance might obamacare quote unquote but they like the affordable care act. certainly the millions of americans whose premiums have gone up 50, 100, 150 percent. they don't like the premiumsemiu going up. they need to find a relaysment for obama care right now it is i not working for americans. it's rising in premiums and prices for average hard working families around the countries
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refused to fix it. last i saw the affordable care act was put forth by democrats and it's called obamacare for am reason. if you want to stand here for obamacare that's a inwithing argument for us all that's a losing argument. let me jump in for a quick second. mike we have not forgotten you. jolene i want to jump in herein because a couple of we don't know how this is goingg to go. donald trump is leading by 20 electoral votes now it has tightened up considerably durini the last 30 minutes.inu we don't know how this is going to go.o. we do know this. hillary clinton is not performing the way am pun did its thought she would. the way the democrat party thought that she would at this point. if she wins she won't have the margin of victory that democrats had hope. is what cabot saying true, isue,
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of the obama years and obamacare and all of that? >> you know, i can't tell youou that. i can tell you that i get a sense that there's a coarsening of america and i hate to say it, but when you look at what happens in race relations inlati this country, i think the pollss have been off because nobodyecau wants to admit that they're voting for trump.rump i think there ' too embarrasseda to admit it and i think they should be.e. you gys and what this as about his legacy. cabot you said if there isf th somebody who is on the down side of this tonight, president obama actually recorded a message tonight and said, quote, this has an an exhaustion and sometimes weird election for awful us. we've been through tough and devicive elections before and we've always come out stronger for it. let's all agree not only to stay
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no matter what happens the sun will rice in the morning. mike lane, so if tomorrow morning we wake up and donald trump is the president, what sort of work does he need to do to not only unite this countryot but also repair a fractured republican party. >> it's going to be very difficult, john. the honest answer to yourou question is that we are so divided as a nation and the republican party for better or for worse if it's in victory it's still a it's going to be a big up hill climb for donald trump. he's made other up hill claims.h winning the white house should he behous the within wither tomr morning when we wake up it's probably the biggest up hillup climb we've seen in a long time in this this uh-uhry. first he has to reunite his party. he has to get the majority in the house and if there is a majority in the senate which it looks like there's going to bent he haso to get them altogether t
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is what we have in common. this is how we're going to move forward. after he gets the republican party nominated then he needs to reach out to the democrats and extend the olive branch. see if they will share in some of the objectives and goals that he has for america, understanding fully that he's going to have some goals and objectives that they're not going to buy into such as his supreme court appointments. he has pledged to nominate people who are strict constitution t al conrv would expect that the democratic party would voten mass againstas those kinds of things. i foresee some success in unifying the party and in unifying the country, but i think that overall we're going to continue in some semblance ob grid lock and i don't expect the democrats to come alongo owe let me just jump in. i believe this is hillary clinton campaign headquarters in new york.york you can see superstar senninger
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i believe that's his wife. i just wanted to break-in there. a live look inside the javitz center. chosen for its symbolism withh that glass ceiling which hillarh clinton said she hopes to breaks with becoming the first woman president of the united states ofni america.rica > we will come back to you andy the rest of the gang. >> i just thought this was interesting. the is reporting that candidates immigration website exceeded expectations. i'm not making this up, folks. > a lot of interesting thingshg coming in. 11:23 tonight. they said they are going to move. > we are$h a long way of having this open in terms of the lector vote. donald trump is leading hillary clinton 2 # 2 to 22. some key states still
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> there it is the white houseis on t january 20, 2017.. a new president will move into that home.e. we do not yet know if that will clinton. we do know that our own marina maracco is reporting liveve outside the white house. >>reporter: hey there, guys, not a lot to report out here unfortunately. a crowd still hasn't gathered. although we just saw a small flash choir. wall ' see around me ise understood national media thatao has gathered here because at this point there's a lot of talf about how the results are turning and we're hoping and expecting that the crowds willl start to gather here shortly asy
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results pour in. the white house historically has been a point of gathering for many people especially say when bin laden was captured and killed and supporting champion ships. but not tonight. earlier tonight we spoke with some folks from out of town. they are students who are visiting here in washington, d.c. and they say they're so con fused about this election. they can't wrap their head what's happening. take awhat listen.sten >> i came here expecting a veryy vibrant atmosphere and it's not. > all right.ll r that was a quick sound bitee there. it is not vibrant here. there's not going on. of as soon as we get something going on we'll bring it back to you guys. > thank you very much, marina, we appreciate that. certainly something we've been talking about a lot in the news
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right here in washington, d.c. matt ackland is there and matt t ackland has been keeping track of what's happening in the local races as well. hey, matt. >>reporter: been getting a little bit of talk right on pennsylvania avenue. with those of you not familiart with where this is we're just a couple of blocks from where marina is. you can see some of these folkse that are gathered here. i to get into the how long, lobry area to have a drink i want to introduce you to justin. you're an american universityrst student and you came here tonight and tell me, you say you that you've been going back and forth on who you support and there's reasons that you like clinton, reasons that you like trump. tell me about that. >> yeah, i mean there's never's going to be a perfect candidate. however i do think that trump has some pretty interesting fiscal ideas. however, i don't support some op
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the past.t. and hillary does have a lot of experience. is definitely one huge positive for her.r. > have you been following things on your phone? tell me how you've been feeling. a lot of folks thought that this was going to go a certain wayin and now it doesn't appear that it's going exactly that way. w what are you you thinking. >> my friend and i have been standing at the white house going around d.c. and it's pretty crazy that it's going in the lee. i thought it was going to go an entirely different way, that hillary was going to win by a landslide. > you're going to have a drink. >> go in, stay warm, see what w the trump hotel is like. definitely not stay there.ot s we wanted to see what the atmosphere was like inside the hotel. american university student. i kind of want to equal could he what marina was saying.g.
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i think a lot of folks are at home watching the results.ts. who knows maybe once we know something more tonight on whogh will be elected more folks will come here. four years ago and eight years ago i was at the white house and as you all know am people come p to the whiteeo house after there is a candidate named. possibly that will am maybe tonight. since this is donald trump's hotel maybe folks will come here. for you. > we got word just a second ago that donald trump, wisconsin has been called for donald trump and is that 10 more electoral votes in donald trump's column.n. again, wisconsin has been callen for donald trump. a lot of people on social media are reacting to the news tonight, the back and forthack nature of what has been going on and the apparent dominance,ance surprising dominance of donald trump in many of these states. jim lokay is standing by breaking all of that down fours.


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