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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 9, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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now she, the democratic in harry reads power has now one. > let's go back to shepherd smith.wo it's 9:30 on the west coast, half past midnight on the east coast and fox news you a of you may have just heard fox news hillary clinton wins the states of nevada. harry read brought out his big machine in and around clark county inside las vegas in the waning days of the campaign. harry read had lines and of people. the polls places were supposed to close at a certain time.d the line was so long that they donald trump complained about it to a judge, said these votes should not be allow. you've got to hold these votes so we can look at them later. the judge said we hold them in their positioning anyway. the widespread belief is thatlee those people were already in line and under nevada law ifeady
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be that as it may, the few votes doesn't the electoral count of this moment is donald trump 254, hillary clinton 215.n, here the rest of the states which we're still watching. these are all that remain.ese nevada is now off the board tova secretary clinton. f next is michigan. votes still too close to call. at the moment donald trump leads less by point. donald trump trump wins with a hair edge in that state which has 16 electoral college votes.s call. donald trump with the slightest of leads, something around 3,000 votes out of more than 5 million cast. 48.2 percent for hillary clinton. 92 percent of all precinct reporting, pennsylvania too
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arizona, arizona for the presidency with its eleven electoral votes, donald trump is now leading there by about three and a half points. only about two-thirds of all the precincts are reporting 64 percent of all precincts are in. to call.o new hampshire where both candidates had spent a lot of time in the waning days, look at that, new hampshire is separated by 15 votes. half a million votes are in in the state of new 15 votes, hillary clinton has 278,890, donald trump has 278,905.2,89 15 votes separate them with 81 percent of the precincts -- still too close to call. minnesota, three-quarters of ala precincts are now reportingilla hillary clinton with a leadead there of just about four and a half points. it amounts to something about
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votes as you can see on your screen there.t b minnesota is too close too closs donald trump spent time in minnesota in the waning days. the political hierarchy said what are they doing why they are in minnesota.d no tw we know. the state of maine which liensas democratic and has leaned democratic throughout the contest, 75 of all precincts are reporting that three-fourths of all of them are in, hillary clinton is leading donald trump is this over? it is not over. if michigan goes to hillary clinton and pennsylvania goes ta hillarynd clinton, arizona liens right, give that to donald trump, new hampshire that's been a toss up. give donald trump new mexico and we are now down to maine. w main and its four electoraline votes and they split there, this thing could go until dawn. we've called so far. s
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map, you can see in the upper left quadrant of your screen.ef all of the red are donald trump. all of the blue are hillaryp. clinton. hillary clinton with 215 electoral votes. donald trump with 254 and the race is too close to call. the latest electoral i showed you right there. the numbers are up for you. i want to bring in our panel. john busy who is the executive editor of the wall street abed to hard from real clear a few minutes ago it was okay,rr this is donald trump's. it the path is easier for donald dn trump, but if you give her pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes she's up to 235l give her michigan, it could happen, she can get michigan very easily now. give her michigan that's 245,ha' that's 251.
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settled. > well, it's still harder for her. >> it's harderle fod.r her, butt > i think the trend shows that people don't like her and that n he energized a reel hunger for change in this country and that all of his behavior which peopla have said is disqualifying is not to the people who want him to come in and change washington.o > neither was access hollywood. what isoo better for the country if one of them won in landslide if trump did tonight and ran away with it, got over 300 or if she did, because i said, she's going to win the popular vote and it's a divided mess with no she chance of winning have 309 electoral votes if she what's left so it's still possible. next best to a landslide would be controlling, if it's
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houses of congress. but there's going to be a dispute there. owe, there will be. he's not in accord with traditional republicans in the senate and the house on the issues that he says he's going to act on right t ppp is going to go away.acif > the transpacific trade deal. >> the trade deal has taken a couple of three years to a lot of republicans, this was a onive of theirs to increase trade, region away present china which will now dominate trade relations and will set the rules if the united states isn't setting the rules. affordable care act maybe they t agree on that. obamacare. sitting china as a currencyt pr manipulator. congress has backed away from that. the currency has sometimes gone up, sometimes gone down., i'm not sure they want to tanglt with china over this particulara issue.
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control and all these regional security issues in the south china sea. the numbers are solid in the house of representatives now. of course republicans believedte that they would lose at alose minimum double digits in the house. still maintain control, but but still double digits. they lost a handful. republicans firmly in control of the house of representatives. hu > that makes the jobse of paul ryan if he wants to stay on as speaker, and i don't does. but he says he he's going to run in a sense of duty. to try to retain enough support to keep his speaker job. >> 30 seconds. > the remarkable thing about this indss. how it will change e
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hoping that their enemies willet actually be the check on the trump presidency and trying to rain him in from his boys in stints, michigan or pennsylvania either one of those would put donald trump over the top should he win them. so we should go to donald trumpa headquarters and the man who was. carol cameron will see him atamr donald trumpon headquarters at t new york hilton in ju moment. in the race for the white house in 2061. one that's shaping up to be one of the most historic, if the most historic in all of our life times. times. ompany won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement?, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation.
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19 minutes before 1:00 in new york city, the city of donald trump and hillary clinton and at 19 minutes before 1:00 we do nod know who the next president will be. business network is at thef b hilton. how is going there. >> they're on pins and needles. they have been waiting for quite a while.d it's actually not a big scene here. kind of like a primary event. we obviously -- at least crowd wise, but we obviously know the stakes are much higher.kes trump right now sits on 254, no one has gone anywhere here. whereas we're seeing reports
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clinton campaign headquarters. so it's a wait and see shepherd at this point. what are we at right now, almost 30, 1:00. we've seen nothing from high level representatives on the national campaign.ou have you seen anything there. >> no, not from the trump campaign. but the rnc employees, they wan, a high senior aid. they were watc what are you watching right of off bat and they told meg florida, north carolina, michigan and colorado. well we know what's happened in florida, north carolina, colorado and now we wait here on michigan which is one of thewe i was talk a little a whiling a from the senator of alabama, one of the earliest backers of
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this all is all said and done that donald trump will out pacec mitt romneye when it comes to democratic voters, workers. if that doesn't sound like the u makeup of michigan then i don't know what does., that is potentially what could tip the scales here for donald trump.trum certainly out paced mitt romney in all the rule counties of florida where mitt romney the table. donald trump has out performedth him acrosse the pan han down the west coast. that's the reason he won florida. we're still waiting for michigan governor and pennsylvania. we'll go live to hillary clinton headquarters next. remember we have to from the candidates, the winner and theo loser, all of them yet to speak. the night is young. have a cup of coffee and stay up your grandchildren will ask you about this one. about this. [vo] wells fargo is making changes to make things right.
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14 minutes before 1:00 in new york city, the election stillthe too close to call. donald trump is 16 electoral should he win michigan that 16 he's the president. should he win pennsylvania, that's 20,s he the president. bu t those two are too close to call. none of the campaigns, the candidate themselves are nowhere
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shepherd, i could tell you ther. are campaign staff here in tears. there have been people streaminn out from the javitz center for the last several hours. there's a sense of doom and gloom. listening to the news right now, but you there have been points where there has been shouting at the television as results camete in. but for the most part it's beenm veryos quiet.part we have not heard campaign surrogates for several hours now. they have completely gone to ground and everyone here is juse in a watch and wait mode. you know what they're saying toe players behind the scenes i've got democratic operatives who say they've talked to the hillary clinton people, their line is a simple nothing has ever come easy for hillary clinton. it has never been easy. she's never had a clear sale and her people are hanging on right
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this picture which says a lot. there is a path for hillary clinton without anpiy question. if hillary clinton wins michigan, that's 16. if she wins pennsylvania that'ss a total the of 36. that gets her to 141. add 14 # to minnesota, that's 151, add arizona and that's 17 # president of the united states. it is not over for anybody or we would have said it's over.woul hillary clinton can still be the president. it thought it might go down, but it certainly is still a possibility.ainl don't forget the r word.ilit you could have a recount in som" states if they're very close. s florida, look at new hampshire, new n hampshireew is very close tonight. one of the things that is notable, arizona has not gone democratic since 1988. but one of the last stops thatie we made on this campaign trail, hillary clinton got one of the
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throughout this there were about 15,000 people who were in arizona. the latino vote in arizona stile very crucial. you saw that she won nevada, she won nevada with the latino vote. we haven't been talking abouts. that in the last few hours f because florida was called and there was an expectation earlies in the evening that the latino can florida. but again this is not over yet. and we've seen strange things during this and i would say that we still have to wait and see. >> we do, instead we'll be back to jennifer griffin at hillary clintohen campaign headquarters should anything break., t the hose of america's news room with us tonight watching theha exit lnn polling. what's happened? how did they miss this. >> it's fascinating. when you look at the also that we all go through every morning, you pull them up on real
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that looks like they may come out looking good, the investorsu daily and the la times both of which were thrown out when they looked at these also. when you go through these groups it is quite stunning to see how it stacks up, you compare donald trump to mitt romney and he's done better with his every hispanic, he's done better with blacks. which has been his most powerful surrogates and all they kept on talking about wherever they went they had tremendous support from women, from hispanics from black rotor. those voters in the black andcet black category he's moved the needle from where mitt romneyovd was and that is making theere difference for him tonight in the states that he's surprising people in. i mean, it is a stunning,
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in many ways people shouldn't be surprised because this has been stunning us pretty much at everu turn. part of it seems to be that rural america has come out in numbers we haven't seen before.h that is true.. early in the evening it looked like the numbers were only moving by a small amount. b white workers, white blue collar workers, the working people of this country who donald trump has had a connection with through the course of this him.ump. unions are voting for donald trump.have that is something that we haven't really seen in our you saw some of it with the campaign and in many ways it'sis starting to shape up to look like something in the 19 l 080s. an outlier, he had been governor for two terms so he had more p political experience than donald trump has but there are
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some ways of elect tort. there will be a lot of did i seconding to do, but if donaldth trump does this it will be the biggest upset in modern political history. four big states on which we still wait, one is michigan. michigan is too close to call. 78 of all michigan votes are in and donald trump leads in michigan by just about a point and a half. in came out in philadelphia and expected to runaway with pennsylvania for hillary clinton, 48.5 percent for donald trump, 47.9 percent for hillary clinton. it's less than a point separating them. t obviously 95 percent of allsly precincts reporting. pennsylvania 250 close to call. in minnesota a it has 0 electoral votes, if you gave
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she leads there now by 3.8 percent with 78 percent of all precincts reporting minnesota still too close to and here's arizona, arizona wita 11ll a electoral votes, donald p with a lead there, a lead that's larger than the last time we l looked up. it's less than four percentage. points, but with two-thirds of all the precincts reporting, 65 percent in, arizona too close to call and so is the our coverage continues on the fox broadcast network right
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? > gallagher mere special election coverage, donald trump is just 16 points away from 70 electoral votes and one of the crucial states that we are watching is the one right there in michigan. it is has been tabulated and donald trump has pulled a little further out leading by exactly a point and a half. now, remember donald trump has 254 electoral votes. he needs 270 win. n michigan governor has 16 electoral college votes thatmi would put him at the point wherd he would be the next president of the united states. folks in michigan has voted forn the democratic nominee since
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still no call in other states, pennsylvania and new hampshire, remaining battle grounds of this let's get live to mollie lion. n she's in concord, new hampshire where the race is still very tight. >> absolutely an incredible nailbitter no answers yet as to who actually will claim the four electoral college votes that are up for grabs here. ele both of the candidates, donald trump and hillary clinton acknowledge that would be a clinton appearing here onld sunday, donald trump appearing here on monday. both sides really fought this out on the road to the white house and a it appears that whichever gathers these votes may help them actually get eve there. it's true to the road to the through new hampshire. new in previous years, some of the attention waynes but not this nt this has been a true swing
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and what we heard was exactly that that there were people voting for clinton, people voting for trump andette people were pouring out.e we're here at the headquarters of the group of people, the election night party that's being thrown. the room has already pretty much cleared out for the night. there were a couple of speeches that were given and the nate biting instance t. what about the senate race there molly?moll >> this has been a who the race. the incumbent senate kelly patriot facing a challenge. kelly patriot stepped up to the podium a few minutes ago and cleared out for the evening. she said a few words. s we're going to do this the new hampshire way and make sure every vote is counted. that's what's happening.t people are beginning to leave and clear out.t. young folks still here, a lot of ukeeer staffers still hanging
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come in. it's just to too close to call on so many levels. also the governor's race too close to call. > live for us from concord new hampshire. she talks about how important ip new hampshire is. is consider the scenario where donald trump has 254 electoral votes. he is ahead in arizona that has # 11 electoral votes that will put him up he's going to get alaska. that's heavily republican. new hampshire would put h himew over the top even without michigan and without minnesota.n so he could lose those and still go to the presidency through new hampshire and don't forget how important those four electoralhe college votes are if al gear had won new hampshire back in 2000 there would not have been theere florida recount.
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that ends our special election coverage on fox broadcast network. thank you for joining us.


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