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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> a stuping and historic victory. there he is the american people have elected donald trump as the 45 president of these united states. good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning" p. >> today is wednesday, never 9 we're happy you you're with us for the special post election coverage this morning. if you went to bedded before this was all settled, here's how it played out. around 2:00 this morn four hours ago, clip ton campaign chairman john podesta came out to address supporters at clinton election night headquarters in new york city and he told the crowd to head home, get rest and the campaign would rae ses in the morning seeing it was very close. hillary clinton herself never appeared or addressed the crowd. >>:30 associated press called pennsylvania for trump and that put him over the top to become the nation's next president. and you can see there on our
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electoral strots clinton 18. fox news follow owed that call 2:40 a.m. and donald a. trump came into ballroom with his family and form tom had just arrived at trump tower. we'll check in with him in a few minutes. >> tom fitzgerald well into the night bringing you coverage last night. our team coverage continues. reaction to the race different at hillary clinton's headquarters. >> melanie alnwick was there and what's the feeling this morning. >> reporter: it's dispair for some people. others really just de plated after they were so hopeful last night. we were javis convention center when people tried to fill the room and they waited in security lines for hours to get a chance of what they believed would be a front row seat to history.
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lum fairyes from new york and pop star katy perry came to rally the groud crowd. and they were singing and chanting along with power pop ballots that really punk waited hillary clinton's campaign and then as the night wore on people realized this was not going as planned. this was not what they believed was going to happen. and things got tighter. folks a little more anxious. and then even later and later literally had planned for the evening to end at 10:45 rap out and it's having to go back and repeat some of the videos. many decided to sit down the floor and as those key state results started coming in and tossup states going for donald trump, then they started to really get worried i think. and we saw people hugging and saw people crying.
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in the morning when campaign chairman john podesta joined the crowd. >> thank you. i know you've about here a long time and it's been a long night. and it's been a long campaign. but i can say we can wait a little longer, can't we? >> we're still counting votes and every vote several states are to close to call so we won't have anything more stayed hisen to me, everybody you should head home own get sleep we'll have more to say tomorrow. >> and so, of course being there he seem to leave borders
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papz a recount andiate pl every one and perhaps they thought they would wake up and have a different result. it was not to be before 3:00 in the morning we know that the results for pennsylvania came in going for donald trump. and after that hillary clinton did call donald trump and concede the race. we have not heard much more from her campaign this morning. we kn point today and we do not know exactly what time or where that will be. live in new york at fox channel headquarters back to you guys. >> i think that was -- >> when she speaks and what she has to say. >> literally a couple problems away from laura is.
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>> good morning there's a mix here in front of trump tower this morning both mixture of hillary clinton supporters and donald trump supporters that gathered on the street. you can see behind us those large trucks. those are new york city sanitation trucks. why are they there? they're filled with sand sean those are being used as basically physical barriers around trump tower this morning. trump ahereing earlier this morning at his own here at trump tower bit few blocks away hilton midtown. that's where trump head quart he's were set up and where earlier this morning donald trump addressed his supporters. now, if you had been becoming used to the bragdocious combative trump we have seen throughout during this campaign that was not the trump we saw last night. give a listen to how he accepted this presidency and
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united states tonight a tone of stark contrast then what he did thought the campaign. >> no dream is too big and no challenge is it too great. nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach. america will no longer settle for anything less than the best. [ amruz ] [ cheers ] we must reclaim our country's destiny and dream big and bold and daring >> beginning speech dobb done dedicated it to soley hillary clinton thanking her for her service for this country and receive ago applause from his own crowd and then almost going one by one through his republican primary opponents and calling out dr. ben carson,
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words for senator jeff make from alabama and at one point trump tried to down play what's been in the media lately of reports of riff between trump campaign and republican national committee bringing rnc chairman rice up on spaij giving the microphone to him and took it and introduced trump as the next president of the united states. seemingly to smoom over kivrps seemingly to smoom over overs chump campaign. it while be amazing to hear from hillary clinton. the only word from trump last night was secretary clinton did reach out to him and congratulate hem and did concede this race. we're live at trump tower this morning. tom fitzgerald, "fox 5 news" back to you. >> tom, thanks very much. it will be interesting to see with republican party itself there will be issues there. >> see. >> see if they come together now. >> tucking it joining us now in the 6:00 hour.
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moving in last couple hours. i would be prepared for showers for morning commute and few more later today. time for the evening commute with clouds and temps 5 a. 64 reagan national. relatively mild for early morning hours. dulles 51 and baltimore bwi marshall 5 2. let go to the radar. there you go. you see the rain shower activity sfrechd across the region. it will be with us a few hours and turn cloudy with add aas what upper level throw moves through. keep an umbrella handy today and kim periods of showers and daytime highs in the low 60s. cool one this afternoon. cool look at forecast for day after election day. rain showers. wind back up norm and west this afternoon. look for gusty late-day wind, 61 de sfwreez. >> airport erin is back with the roads. >> back to work, back to
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you will need it. look behind me. this say look at 95 northbound side jammed sdaim sdaimy through ewington with wet commute south of that point jammed to stafford. give yourself 30 extra points to get through that stretch of 95 northbound. this is by sutly road on 66 eastbound. you are jammed here as well all the way through centerville on eastbound side with another wet ride. try to give buffer room between the vehicles and take time this morning let's take a look at maps nowra topside of beltway that could cause major slow downs this morning. and it's just before coalsdale road being blowing left lane and left shoulder and you're jammed solid back past 95 and now all the way to route 1. those delays continuing to grow. it's about a 35 minute slow down and we're not seeing a red pickup on the map yet 95 southbound from basically icc to beltway because of that crash jamming up as well. baltimore, washington parkway northbound starting to slow past god dard space flight
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no longer flowing through stafford. delays south of where i showed you camera at prince william and again fredericksburg to stafford it's a slow roll with wet conditions. starting to see 2670 southbound jam up significantly as you make your way down past the truck scales. we're also dealing with more slow conditions because of crashes inbound pennsylvania avenue and crash before suitland parkway jammed all the way back to do youer house. suitland parkway jammed from alabama to south capitol street new york avenue in district by bladeensburg and 301 crash northbound branch avenue blocking shoulder and that's causing slow down 301 at 5 split give yourself extra time there. 210 slowing through for the washington. any quaez @erinfoxdc twitter and metro is on time and safe track surge ten any questions @erinfoxdc on twitter. >> and we talked about the residency and local races to catch you up as well.
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social media from you the social media from you the voters. we're back in 30 seconds.
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>> democrats holding on to 191 seats and reps holding 235 and still undecided. as far as the senate goes also controlled by gop. gop the white house senate and house keep control and democrats have 51. maryland voters picked chris van holland and senator elect van holland. >> some of the other big local races now voteers in d.c. overwhelmingly approved a ballot referendum seeking statehood for nation's capitol and in maryland littleing county executive and county
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term years, four year terms excuse me and prince george county two at large members will be added to county council. let's move to virginia proposed 4% meal nax fairfax county has been voted down. >> and coming up next, we have more reaction. if you just are wainging up to the news donald trump is the president-elect. >> and plus it is wet ride here in the dmv on this wednesday morning. we have a few raindrops out there we'll get you updated with that. tucker is with us now and we'll have "weather and e 5s" next. dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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>> there is headline up to date the twaiter prince william. tea top of the page banner says president-elect donald trump and vice-president elect michael r. pence. if you wake up this morning stay with us we have coverage for you throughout the morning. but not just talking politics this morning because it's
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like this. >> back to work, back to school and rain showers. >> and please send us your picture here the next couple days. because the leaves will be fall off the trees here later this afternoon. gusty winds moving in. 54 washington and 52 gaithersburg and frederick and remember a lot of freezing temperatures and places like dulles and mannasas and not the case this morning warmer and 52 leonardtown and 5 in fredericksburg. there's rain shower activity moving across the area. be with us for a few more hours. then a break before showers redevelop this afternoon. couple rounds of rain showers. but primary band of rain showers right here. it's fairly light. expecting rain totals today a quarter inch or less. not a lot of rain but unfor the fortunately timing everybody is running off to cool and getting back to work get getting on the roadways this morning. remember there's going to be a lot of leaves on the roadways
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upper level low back to north and west again. that will sweep in later this afternoon. let me show you on future cast there's first batch and second patch of showers 4:00. i don't think it will be with us more than an hour or two and we'll deal with that and clear it out later tonight right back in the sunshine. let me mention when future cast is not showing you the winds which pick up later behind that front. pm showers this afternoon and we'll be back in the sunshine. breezy. late this afternoon and tonight with winds out of norm and west behind the 61 today. for holiday weekend friday, saturday, sunday, generally sunny and bright conditions. daytime highs only around 50. we get awfully close to freezing mark in the city. that is weather update. we'll get you latest for erin an roads and rails and bike paths. >> new right now tucker blue line single tracking tankonia to vandoren. blue line can see significant
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area a lot of slow downs. outer loop crash before coles dale road and jammed past 95 and 30, 35 minute day and lock another south 5 red pick up knowledge of icc to beltway. significant delays there. you may want to take route one or baltimore washington parkway toward the beltway. aside from that 270 slow to spur raping could coming down wet ronz and congestion and things break slow through montgomery country trying to get to spur. give yourself extra time this morning to get through the wet roads around the dmv. take it slow. give yourself extra time to be cautious. super slow traffic there. then things breakp a bit and once you gets to dale city things definitely slow dale city to beltway with heaviest traffic dale city to 123 and upper loop of beltway looking good across the wilson bridge.
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there's a crash. the parkway jammed up. sluggish traffic 50 to 11 street bridge and crash southern maryland 301 northbound and traffic slow coming from waldor. . thanks in akikeek and same story slow in for the washington. once you get to beltway better shape. quiet from bottom of beltway to 1 street bridge. as you can see 295 northbound beltway towards laboratory road. i'll keep you updated this morning and we'll take a tour of wet ram whats with next look at traffic. allison and steve. >> social media of course not staying silent on result of last night's election. >> use #"fox5" votes to tell you how you're feel about the race and share thoughts on election with us. >> wisdom is with us now with what some of you are saying. >> steve and allison president elects donald trump first
6:20 am
office before now. he's making history. a lot of people reacting on social media coming in fast and furious. let's go through some of these. you can see them here. use #and honestly i'm going to be a proud american no patter of outcome. #fox5 vote and #u.s. shoulder and trump #fox5 vote and again a lot of peo excited about trump and dispointed hillary clinton deposit do well last night. both hillary, martinez, we're crewed, can't believe this is happening can't believe this country voted more for trump rather than hillary. #fox5 vote. >> so keep those tweets coming in on social media. we're getting a lot of reaction from this as we knew we would. any time you talk politics especially this time of year when you talk about the white house you will get a lot of
6:21 am
keep tweets coming in #fox5 vote. we'll share them with you throughout the morning. steve, allison, back to you. >> thanks, wis it's a pivotal moment in u.s. mystery and we asked to hear from people on both sides of issue and we welcome cop commentary from folks on both sides. some of the most nerves people may be invest towards. >> mow the market are reacting this morning.
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>> what's going to happen to our economy. this morning if many mark's coing the globe reeling on a wild ride right now as donald trump celebrates his role as president-elect of the united states. >> futures are looking bleak as price of gold surms and investigators soak a safe haven. holly more witness the after shocks. she joins us now. holly. >> i think it's fair to say up investigators did not see it coming or they did not think it would happen or deposit want it
6:24 am
happened and i now they are reacting accordingly and it is a bit of a shock. and as you can see obviously this is our president-elect. donald trump. so that is our future for the next four years. and while his supporters are very happy and spirits high all numbers across the boards are down especially south of border and you talk about mexico. paso really rolled down lamingt night they were caulking election in me mexico as we were watching it here many just sitting in bars and barber shops you named it and economists say a trump win could put mexican economy into de traction downly 21 pasos to the dollar and japan neek a index closed trading session
6:25 am
mrun med as well. shares in south korea down 1% and land down under share prices sank nearly 2%. meantime if you wonder about your 401 k best not to look tat today. things look bleak. these are late eggest numbers. these numbers better than what we talked to you 20 minute or so ago. dow futures down 363. nasdaq s&p fruit turdz down 46. so, each in this early hour we're seeing little bits of leveling off. but all bets are off. nobody knows what will happen. things are unpredictable and when things are unpredictable things are clearly not stable when it comes to the markets. we'll be watching it all throughout the morning to see how the world economy is reacting back to you all. >> 6:25 now. we'll queep an eye on it. obviously it's a knee jerk
6:26 am
market answering activity was down a long time. markets tend to follow politics is one of the things they look at. we talked about this recently tucker too the fact that as soon as the fbi came out and said they were not going to pursue anything with hillary and then rebound. you get the feeling with will work itself out. ups and downs of politics and economy. >> give it a few days. >> exactly. >> they want to know one way or theer. >> you're lackin forecast. rain showers out this and cool temperatures 55 this morning and rainy show you the radar in a second and we'll deal with rain showers this morningen break midday and look for return of few showers in time for evening rush hour. there's rain shower activity you can see just about everybody with exception of those of you out west that have all right god epay quijano quick splash of rain sour
6:27 am
umbrellas and if kids are walking to school that sort of thing we should have rain showers. 6 1 today. another look forward to it, sunny, school weekend, cool weekend, look at it saturday. >> tucker road are messy now with the rain coming up around the dmv. let's look live outside. you're making your way to northern maryland. this is 95. northbound side looking okay. look at jammed up traffic on souk wire the a crawl because of the crash on the best way. crash out by coalsdale road this is jam-up back to route 1 past crash coalsville blocking left lane to georgia. give yourself 40 extra minutes to get through congestion. you may want to keep to east west highway. early start these wet roads closing slow conditions all over the place. baltimore washington parkway southbound as well. we'll look at blue line delays
6:28 am
back to you allison and steve. >> thanks very much. >> how did the exit polls get this presidential race so wrong. we'll have more on that next. >> and live look right now that's trump hotel pennsylvania avenue washington d.c. there's a lot of people gathered there overnight to celebrate the big one and also some protests. calm scene now post election coverage continues after the
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>> i've just received a call from secretary clinton [ cheers ]. >> she congratulated us. it's about us on our victory and i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard fought campaign. >> that announcement coming literally a fewer hours ago. though i'm noticing out of the trump camp this morning. more unified let's move forward together. >> time to gets down to business. >> time to get down to business. >> time to do it. >> big question how did all the pollsters get things so wrong lit alleyly the entire campaign except for a few days had hillary on top. we're getting exit poling information. mature and joins us with more on that. >> a lot of people scratching
6:32 am
don't think anyone has a clear cut answer to what happened. goneald trump over performed with every group he was supposed to have done worse by. we're looking at democratic breakdown of the case. every state hillary clinton led donald trump in terms of latino voters and trump more vat lien owes than mitt romney in db and two candidate were tied among white college graduates dem rav if aic president lost back in but among white voters trump wanted-2 over clinton and first time voters data shows well oaf half voted for hillary clinton. clinton did take home 88% of african-american vote rz a smaller margin than president obama did, 93%. and that's what he he got four years ago. the polls showing donald trump over performed when all pollsters were saying he was supposed to do. he did well with non college educated white
6:33 am
even winning over a large swaj of women who people thought would go to hillary clinton trying to make history with her presidential run. but, again, poll tersters scratching her heads, steve, allison, wondering what when wrong not just last night but for so long. i've been reading reports on internet and that is the question how did we get it wrong and how can we fishing it next time. >> we'll talk with one in a bit. he said it would be close. hillary clinton would be on top and had been poling that way. we'll talk with him coming up later on. >> curious to see what he has to say. a lot of people waking up saying, what happened? >> right and the way that you the little button or circle you mark when you go into ballot box here who really knows what will happen. >> right. >> all right. >> i think we know now. >> all right.
6:34 am
this stunning political upset and to see how people in our area are reacting to the news. >> bob barnard is on the streets of d.c. awk uing to people about the result and bob my question last time for you was, did you get the sense of why people so the of reconed this was an upset? >> well, yeah, i just think because people who are in immediate area d.c. area figured this was no way this guy could win. donald trump how could america elect him president. but you know he cleared the field during the republican primaries. hillary clinton had a tough battle with bernie sanders. and that was his opponent and the guy just did. it america spoke. what we're hearing from people avenue serve talking about it of course that this is dem of of coursety like it or not. we're at the linc on waffle shop in northwest and joining
6:35 am
>> good morning. >> you're smiling. >> how are you feeling today. >> as a first time voter oom a little dispointed only because america has allowed an individual who has no political background to actually lead this country. i'm a little dispointed more than anything because even individuals who in my generation who fill out hency and humba for a dead >> what do you see for your futs fewer what do you see? >> education is a big thing for me. so i just want education to still be offered and to still give opportunity that us as young generations to continue on with things we have going on right now. >> thank you very much. >> we're out on the street earlier ran into a man
6:36 am
here was his reaction. >> i guess the power of people, we forget they're there especially like in d.c., d.c. is obviously a bubble. but, even elsewhere around the country i think people have made their voice heard. yesterday, haven't had their voice heard in a long time. it's a strange >> so there you have a stunning development. some people waking up to the news. we broke the news to gentleman waiting for metro bus this morning and he had not heard but certainly what people will talk about today and into the future new reality reality star donald trump will be the next president, guys. >> president-elect donald trump all right thank you very much. bob. >> it will be interesting. interesting he talked to the man from britain.
6:37 am
hope hillary won but you never know what the country as a mass is thinking. it's a time goal. we saw another example of that tonight. >> psychological poll. >> you can can one of two but not 500 out of one million people. >> rain showers across the area. everybody is back to work and school. after election day. 55 reagan national this morning. definitely rain boots. i guess if you walk to school okay? if you lien for morning hours 51 dulles and 52 bwi marshall. there's rain shower activity. most light moving through quick pace here. i want to mention we have a second round of light showers that arrive this afternoon. we'll get this through here and keep it cloudy midday. , 4:00 today we need another round of showers with upper
6:38 am
tonight. highs 60: check your weather. >> so happy you don't have to pick sglikz i'm relieved we can move on as country you. >> move forward. >> the day has come and gone. >> i agree with you. >> the fact you voted and made vote count and now it's time to move on. >> that's how it works folks. >> that's the system we have. >> let's check in with erin and see if things are working on roads and rails and bike trail. >> i wish hi better news. get an early start. this rain coming down is putting damper on morning ride. this is 95 southbound near route one college part because of crash at volzville. let see if we can forward our camera. icc to beltway is a parking lot because of the crash on outer loop. super jam coming from north marn marn you need to allow extra time even northbound side
6:39 am
because of wed roads. en. >> and grab no longer single tracking between travrping cone why and van corn. red line back to norm after apostolic nuncio issue in fwlenmont as well. slow zones popping newspaper the area because of this rain. 295 southbound 350 to pennsylvania jammed up and crash inbound road within the usual delays through chefly and inside the beltway you can see delays continuing new york avenue inbound as well. notice how 5 southbound very heavy from the beltway down to 50 and then super jammed up south ever 50 because of that rain and congestion this morning. 295 northbound delayed building beltway toe 11 street bridge. upper loop starting to back up as you make your way branch avenue to 210.
6:40 am
also keep in mind 95 northbound through stafford 66 eastbound through centerville slow. get an early start. take time in rain, wack to you guys. >> death kratz are wondering this morning about the exit polls throughout the mill epials and when what about the minorities. the president of north america
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
>> it's 6:4 now. let's check what's trending on the web. same for the presidential race. one big winner election night. math marriage. voteers in california, massachusetts. and nevada all approved recreational marijuana initiatives last night. several other states passed medical marriage math rove provisions, california adoption of legal marijuana could prompt federal authorities to rethink the national pro hix of the drug. california also voted to strict gun control laws passing initiative that outlaws possession of ammunition magazines that hold more than ten round and tightens background initiatives. and finally, there were apparently enough americans dispointed with election results think crashed wait for t. canadian immigration web
6:44 am
>> that site crashed for moving to canada. >> we'll see if anybody follows through on that but a lot of people are getting out there on the web. >> just seeing. >> finding out about the process. >> a lot of celebrity reaction as results election results poured in overnight. we'll have that for you in today's fox beat and reminder, if we -- if you have a news tip share it with us. we're back in a moment epper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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>> welcome back. live look at the white house. if you look carefully there you will see rain showers following. rain across the area and expecting rain showers here for a few more hours. break midday and look for rain showers to return a little later this afternoon. all right. bus stop forecast. good news, morning. not sure we'll get a lot of sun later today but i want to point out another around of showers probably 3, 4, 5:00 this afternoon. here's current numbers. 55 washington. much, much hilder man where we were at 4 hours ago. leonard up to. rain showers working right up and down the 95 corridor and back sides of this particular
6:48 am
working through the moup tanz here out to the west. i think it will be with us for a few more hours. probably 9, 10:00 this morning we'll see this batch of showers get out of here and as we get to the afternoon hours we have what's called upper level low and cold front by the way upper level low kind of spins down to the region and that will present at least possibility of few more showers around here a little later today. future cast pretty much there for you fast forward clouds around here and there round of showers at about 4:00. we'll get that out of here. we want to mention winds picked up behind the front and breezy around here tonight with winds north and west gusting to 25. and we'll clear it out overnight. tomorrow beautiful and cool. daytime highs already just ready to get out and show you 7 day look i have another map. cold front there's shower activity and as mentioned as i said three times now front east of us and there we go. sunshine by tomorrow daytime
6:49 am
friday, saturday, surprised, sunny and bright and kol around here saturday. would not be at all surprised if we don't get close to freezing even inside the beltway in city. that redskins game will be chilly sunday afternoon. that's a weather update. look at radar again momentarily. >> i think you told me i'm getting into fall hibernation weather. >> as you head out around the area red on the map. crash outer loop out by al a tour of cameras because we are seeing very slow moving traffic everywhere. this is norm of beltway 95 southbound parked knowledge of icc to beltway congestion outer loop crash coalsdale and rain causing a huge delay there. baltimore washington parkway east west highway other secondarys may be better than
6:50 am
270 by father surely crawl around 70 all the way down to spur. ton of heavy traffic and rain causing delays. leave the house about 45 minutes early to get to cred rick to beltway. jammed 295 northbound from bottom of beltway past laboratory road. you're parked southbound side headed to beltway on the southbound side of 25 stacked. we're crawl around now on 9 duke bottom of beltway to 14 street bridge. again rain and heavy volume causing 15 minute delay you can see southbound site moving better but slower because of rain 66 now 234 prince william parkway all the way to 8 jam packed inside the beltway falls church sluggish traffic as well. secondary starting to slow down. grab umbrella and patience and plan to take it slow this morning with all that road spray from the rain coming in from virginia.
6:51 am
through stafford. allison, and steve. 70 million were able toy vote and what impact did younger voters and minority have on this presidential election. joining us chris perdon't president of vote america now dedicated to boosting role of young and minority voters in the electoral process. >> are you surprised or not? >> that's a great, great question and as any other election it's up etchit automobile nor somebody to win and somebody to lose. it's been a different non tratdition ali lex cycle. and i think that's probably best way to describe it. i think the more biggest surprise was actual poll sisters were wrong. >> yeah.
6:52 am
this is in conventional election. polls, voters, they're missing some elements. new voters, voters who switched over they're calling voters who have a history of solid voting. not including people who normally -- most polls not including people who normally may not vote or people who are new vote rz now. traditional election and millennial $map to show only if millennials voted secretary clinton would have gotten 504 electoral votes and truthp 2. quhapz to all those voters now young voters. >> people have to -- i've about looking at social media timeline with a lot of fruingt raiing people are having. at the end of the day people with talk about moving
6:53 am
upset. that will not change anything. we have to tighten up, buckle up. he has a very small percentage of african-american vote. not too many minor support. i look at it as advantage. i don't say a good thing but advantage. we should be saying great how can we get things done which is issue for millennialss chris justice reform and look at education and jobs what can we do to say okay there's a feel right now on congress sentencing reform s 1-23 we should come together and say great we know you're president let's not have hisy fit. and how can we work together and bringing this country together and heal divide. >> that word change and there's hope in there too. had you eight years with first african-american president and then you have minorities not
6:54 am
in this election. >> right. >> what can you say to that the minority vote here. >> so i don't know the stats. >> you did better that mitt romney. >> and some language could be deemed separatetist. there was some harsh. we talked about building a wall. the law and order candidate in a time and african americans
6:55 am
>> he said he wants to be a president with all americans. >> that's encouraging news. >> let's head over back to studio steve. >> skechb with me now. and obviously played a role until presidential election and supp what are you hearing as far as celebrity reaction to the news tonight. a lot of mind were changed and votes came n katy perry
6:56 am
of hillary clinton saying that we will never be silenced #love trump hate and do not sit still and do not weep, move, we're not a nation that will let hate lead us. perry tweeted earlier in the night 733 p.m. ape moving on next this is madonna tweeting selfie saying a new fire is lit we never n next up mark cuban tweeted we all need to give president-elect trump a chance and support good lobby against what we disagree on no one is bigger and steven baldwin tweeted video from trump celebration saying "got bless america" and president of the usa and by the way donald trump sent out first tweet as president-elect and tweet we have it here we should and he
6:57 am
will never be forgotten again and we'll all come together as never before. and 6:57 much more ahead. four more hours of coverage for you starts after the break. >> i like sitting here this is you starts after the break. >> i like sitting here this is awesome. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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>> the next president of the united states. donald trump. >> right now at 7:00, history made. in a stunning victory, donald trump elected 45 president of the united states. >> i promise you that i will not let you down. we will do a great job. we'll do a great job. >> results sending shockwaves among hillary clinton supporters race in phone call for billionaire turned president-elect. live team coverage in special post election edition of fox


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