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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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he grasp the dog by the neck and then he walks off down dow martin luther king jr. avenue. now, we took that video hereer into this neighborhood today toy and we showed that video around and we found as many as 10 people that we could show it to and they were four people who positively identified the two people in pen o.deo. they told us who those peoplepl were and they told us wherere those people live. liv we then information over to d.c. police. poli d.c. police are now here in the neighborhood and they havee an investigation under way.. we also spoke with the ownerwn of the dog.og. he did not want to be identified by name. nam we're not showing his face butut we did talk to him about what this has done to he and his family. let's play a little bit of that interview. >> at least bring justice
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to go around and steal people's dogs and our dog was dw a member of our family and it i has affected us greatly. >> i think it's sad. think it' i reallys d you know, people really love lve their pets. pets. like i love my baby, you know.n. i put a chip in him so ifo i anybody was to take my baby, by, he will be found. fnd >> to me that's like kids, youiu taking my kid if you take my dog, so, you i hope they catch himmism him those were a couple ofe of neighbors that we showed thethaw video to. they did not recognize theze t people in the video.eeo d.c. police were just acrosst ar the street a few minutes ago here in the house talking toalkg the owner trying to get some additional information but we can tell you tonight that d.c. police have new leads.ave new l they are here inea the the neighborhood.neigho they're trying to track down tow these people that were seen inhe the video. veo again, fox5 showed this video vo
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positively identified them,ied e said exactly where they live.y . so, we're going to stay on toptn of this through the evening. eni we'll let you know how it turns out. live in southwest, paul wagner, in so fox5 local news. >> ??>> ? >> new to the national story s everyone is following. today president obama and a president-elect donald trump met in the oval office toce t begin conversations about anvera peaceful transition of power. >> fox5's political reporteror ronica cleary is live outside oe the white house with more one wh that meeting. of buzz today and the optics o were very interesting, too, to o see those two together. togethe >> reporter: yes, sarah and a laura. it's also creating a lot ofa loo positive buzz. so, the president-elect donalden trump said he expected the meeting to last about 10 tido 5 minutes but nearly 90 minutes ms later is when the two decided dd to wrap it up and address the ur the press. pss association let me tell i wasle little bit about what theymeitbt said. both of them they describedib
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president bush he described itsh as excellent. h he -- president obama - described- pr it as excellent. also foreign and domestic policy.po the president-elect said itid was an honor to meet president obama and he said that it wasent the first time actually t ihattt the two had met. met he felt the meeting could haveae gone on even longer.ger. take a listen to a little bittlt more of what they had to say. >> well, i just had thehe opportunity to have an excellent conversation with president-elect trump.ident- it was wide ran discussed a lot of situations, some wonderful and somee difficulties.ic i very much look forward to dealing with the president intht thhee the p future including counsel. counse >> reporter: you could hear right there really this very positive cordial respectfulespeu tone that came out of thatat meeting today.oday certainly very different than tn what we were hearing anding an
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race. so we took to the streets to sts ask you how does that make you m feel as we look forward to a new trump administration? trio take a listen.te >> really need to listen toisteo each other as a nation moretin than ever and this is absolutely the time to be b civil and respectful and i'm really happy to see t >> i think that president obama being gracious and trying to give as much information to president-electtp trump, you know, we're going to need it for the future. >> i was delighted to see it k.t i saw comments that thes th president-elect made after thee meeting was concluded and i think it struck just the tonestn the nation needs at thistion moment. >> i think that it was good on o both parties the symbolism --sm- of symbolism that both partiesti are going have a smooth amooth transition of power.ansi i think it was great by both sides.sis. >> after president bush movedrei out and obama came in he had ade respectful well coming from the bush administration so it's adm only fair and reasonaba that obama gives donald trump and pence the same welcomingomin
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bush administration.tration. >> reporter: so, to tell your: a little bit more about s thet t day's events that 90 minute min meeting they had no one wasad no inside that meeting but thenem,t own -- only the three minutes ms after did they address the press and did we hear about heau the meeting. meeti michelle obama met with melania trump. reporting at the white house t ronica cleary. clear >> i know a lot of people haveee been saying where is the president, where is hillary h rodham clinton, where is donald trump in light of allt a of the protests that we'vet we' been seeing, too. why aren't they speaking outg t saying stop the protesting and a i wonder if today's meeting might help with that situation, seeing the two speaking cordially and respectful to each other.tful >> reporter: it's an interesting question. it is definitely not t rep therm
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protests. but without a doubt, the energy, the respectfulness andln the the way they spoke aboutkebt that meeting today would w certainly have a positive positv effect i think on the nation.hik i'll tell you, being o out hereh and speaking with people before tuesday, compared tomparo speaking with people today,ay, the energy is so different and the reaction to really that meeting and what the two came out to say incredibly positiveiv and really quite refreshingre after such an ugly election season. >> man, that's the good to see that. >> yeah, absolutely for beingei respectful and it helps maybebe set the tone in the followingolo days. ronica, thank you so much. mh. >> well, the result of thet of presidential election may heat t up an already hot housing hsi market in the d.c. area.a. prices are already high andh a inventory is limited.imed >> this has happened many times before when a new whea n president brings in a new political party but one local housing expert told mattg expe l ackland the trumpackl administration could really
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>> reporter: okay, come january, a lot of people are loe going to be moving in and out of the d.c. one person that's staying here, president obama.presidt ob in fact, this is the homeheom he'll be moving into with his family. fami it's in the calarama neighborhood. i want to introduce you to to someone who knows real estateate in d.c. jim bell.imel what do you think about theyou b transition? more peopleti coming and going.oncoming and g >> i think a lot more people. l. the trump campaign was reallyasa different in the fac didn't really involve theol t republican establishment oran e obviously thest democratic be establishment so those establishment washington folks that would generally mix intot o a new administration i'm notn sure if they're going have aave role in this one so i thinko i t we've got a lot more people coming in and probably a lot more people coming out this outi time. >> reporter: i want you toter: tell me where you think somenk m of these folks might be moving to. to. let's take a drive. >> sure. >> reporter: where do you shereo
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working for the trumpe tmp administration will want to live? live? >> i think it really boilsboils down calarama which is the closest luxury neighborhoodrhoo with large houses downtown. >> reporter: these are these a e rich people, ones working ine, o high office, right.. >> these are also lobbyistsobiss and business people that would d not necessarily be inn government but would want to be affiliated with decisionsecio that are being m establishment republicansis often go tohmen mclean, virginia, but this you got a group of folksfol generally coming from new yorkry city so i think they're goingoi to want to be closer in.sein. >> reporter: do you think itr: d will drive prices? pces? >> i do think it's going tooing drive a bit of demand in the luxury market.ry >> reporter: politicss aside -- >> yes. >> reporter: -- simply rallyal estate were you kind of hoping n for a changeover here? come on. silence. [laughter] so, just a few seconds son later jim really did getid g
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he said listen, this can be a tough time for many people. a lot of people in the current administration they are losing their jobs, so they're havingong to put their homes on the market. for some people this is really difficult.difficult. also jim pointed out that many m of the people that are comingreg to town are younger staffersta and they could be rentingen instead of being able toeing aeo afford to buy and if they do buy, they're buying inn neighborhoods that are currently less expensive.sive laura, sarah, back to you. you interesting.rein >> yeah. >> we'll be watching where b ever moves in in this t transition time.ansition time. everybody is looking for ay job,is too. >> oh, absolutely.bsut >> straight ahead here at 5:00t5 new details tonight in the i t case of a maryland man who was w killed while visiting canada. cd >> there has been an arrest inns the case but you're going torent hear why police say the searchh is not over just yet. hey, alex. ale >> and members of our military t can face a tough road when returning to civilian life.n we have the story of one
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homelessness and the helpheel that's available to veteranss in d.c.. >> and i'm sue palka in theth weather center.t what a beautiful wednesday itsdy has been.s bn. the colors across the city aresa gorgeous, the temperature just perfect for this time of year yr absolutely average. association what's ahead for the weekend? we've got somen wm changes to talk about as wes w track the coldest air so far far this season heading towardowd d.c. d.c. i'll let you know when it know t arrives and we'll have a lookhal at that weekend forecast andekdo your t.g.i.f. forecast asrest as well. ll. fox5 local be right bac
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>> ?? >> new tonight police arrested and charged twoht p canadian men with murder in connection withct the death of a maryland man man last weekend. weekend julian jones was visiting toronto with friends for a bachelor party. at the time of the attack he had goe oftten separated from hs group. the 26-year-old college-old student died on the way to the spital.l. police say they are also now looking for a third suspect in the case.ase. >> metro has officially laidlly off more than 100 employees.loye that brings the total number n of positions eliminated to 500 0 during the current fiscalisca year. ye metro is also looking to cutingt an additional 200 jobs withit hopes of having this done bye spring of next year. yea in a memo sent out by generalenr manager paul wiedefeld saysdefes
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essential to the rail agency.tot >> more than 100he transgenderrd troops have come forwarde me foa saying they want to transition n to the opposite sex and formally be recognized in in their new gender.enr. the pentagon's new policy allowing the open service of transgendered troops went into effectd tr october 1st. 55 enlisted sailors have already informed their commanders of their plans.f then nearly 50 members of the air of force and 10 army soldiers soldr have done the same. >> sad reality is that the menti and women who have served our nation can sometimes homeless and not knowing whereok to get help and that's wheres w the d.c. housing authority has been stepping into helphelp veterans.veterans. >> at an events today the t housing authority and other city agencies teamed up to honor vets in anticipation oficp veterans day tomorrow.omor they offered basics like mealsis and free hair cuts and also hai housincug and jobs. >> fox5's also a -- alexandria limon spoke to a veteran.
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pleasure of meeting michael mha wiley. wiley. he served in the air forceor during the vietnam war but thehe issues he faced when he leftaced the military are no differentift than the ones our veteranser face today t-a lack of o opportunity can lead to thingsoi like depression and even well, michael wants to relay the message that there is hopee and help. >> andrews air force basementscn a 42-year-old photo the exuberance michael wileyelil felt when he received his first orders. >> when i entered the air force the vietnam war was winding down. i think most of the combat was ceasing at that time. >> reporter: for five years,yes, from 1973 to 78, he served his country. countr then left the military military enrolled in college andllegend planned for his future. future. a future that didn't quite happen the way he >> it went well for the -- i
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having financial >> reporter: years after he served his coutentryr: y, he hao job and no home. hom >> i ended up at the public library and i remember going and i just googled homeless shelters and i -- the only onenn that still had a intake was a new york avenue shelter. she through the shelter and thethe e department of veterans affairsas michael met ronald mccoy who who is still helping veterans in situations just like after serving in iraq and afghanistan, many returned to life in the united states but they have no job and few prospects. the housing authority provides connections to jobs.s. >> talking security jobs, jobs where -- office jobs, administrative jobs.stratis. there's even some jobs where wre they're using the skills that t they've acquired when they whe were in the military. i >> reporter: then y alsoy als provide d.c. housing choice c vouchers for permanentne
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gotda contacted saying mying voucher had came through. throu i was so excited, so elated. el. >> reporter: and all of that tha meant access to things like ae phone, computer and e-mail,nd ei things we take for granted but are essential for finding anding job and it led to a fresh a freh start for michael and a job atot the national archives recordsds administration. >> and i work in -- for the national declassificationificatn center and i review classifiedle eligible to be released to the public.puic it's a great job. g job i love it. it. >> reporter: about 30000 veterans received all types of o services at today's event but the best part is the d.c. housing authority tells mee about 40 veterans were placeder in jobs today alone which is just great news.reat n sarah, laura.. >> excellent story. love it. i >> well, tomorrow is veteransron day and there will be a lot of giveaways and deals happening hg around town to honor our o
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family >> just head to our web sitead e for a full list of theof the it's at >> i should say service menuld a and women. >> exactly. >> let's take a look outside ake w. it is a nice fall day. 60 degrees, it's been sunnyit's and now the sun sets i keep forgetting about thatut t sue pal i'm waiting for that picturee fc to come up and waiting foritingr that big sunset and insteadnsted it's'sar >> bit of a shock but we'll get used to it. >> yup. takes a full week, it? n't sarah and laura stillra sll surprises me, colors as we observed through the month of october but now oct we get that in the early partarp of the day and dark a little a l bit after 5:00 that's for suree and we also see ourur temperatures dropping prettyppgr quickly as this sunset s continues to get earlier and earlier but alex just did aid a beautiful story on veteransan day and we wanted to justto jus mention that tomorrow veterans r day is looking just beautiful bf around here but it will kindl kd of feature two parts.. the first part of the day willl be mild like today and the second half of the day d
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temperatures dropping prettyes r quickly as a strong cold front f is going to approach our area aa and really get things gustingti later in the day. day but let's focus on what wen whae have right at the moment. it's 63 degrees for our high h today. toda that's a couple degrees above average for this time of year.e. a gorgeous day and lots andot a lots of sunshine and a littletl breezy this morning but theut te breeze settled down nicely andey we are seeing temperatureserates mostly in the 50's to near 60r around the region. we will see our temperaturesemps dropping tonight.drop it might not be quite as cools o because breezes may begin toegin pick u during the day tomorrow. t day our storm system that broughtst a few showers yesterday moving n away off the coast and we'veve got clear skies as strong hightg pressure is going to continue cn to dominate our weather with a chilly night again 30's andight' 40's but maybes not quite ass chilly as last night but i want to talk a little a ll bit more about what you cancan expect tomorrow.expect tomorrow. because it will certainlyit start out on a nic we note witht temperatures rising into theinte mid 60's but that cold frontldrt that you see up there through tu pennsylvania early afternoonernn
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temperatures will drop fast.fa in fact, into the evening --ven- maybe even as early as 1 o'clock in the afternoonerno we'll see those temperatures dropping and that's some coldnd air that's tha coming in for our friday night and into saturdayay and it will be quite breezy asya well.well. so, if you have big plans for pa tomorrow evening, we wanted toad make sure you had that headshead up.. for this evening, though, itvenu looks like things will belike pretty settled and q tuiet,uiet 56 degrees at 7 o'clock.'clock by 9 o'clock, 53 and a very vy quiet wednesday.sday. thursday evening here 11 o'clock 51 degrees.'cck so, the weekend is almostlmos he expect to be a widespread widesd freeze across our area as the coldest air of the season arrives behind that cold frontnt on friday night. weekend forecast just ahead. sarah and laura.onreca >> shocking reminder winter w around the corner. cne thanks sue. >> so is >> thankfully. >> a heartwarming honor. >> an elementary schooleart payy tribute a former teacher and her daughter killed in a domestic incident in prince george's county. >> and testing on the go. scientists developing a new new
5:21 pm
how the innovative tool worksrk to detect potential problems in your bloodstream.r bloodstrea >> nine month old baby blakey ba has liver cancer and is innd i need of a liver donor. donor his parents told their storythey here on fox5 in hopes that a t stranger could save their only son's life and their pleas forls help were heard. heard we're going to have that story o after the break.
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all seems beautiful to me. >> ?? >> officials in prince george's county today unveiled a mural to honor a mother and daughter who were killed earlier thiffsicnty honorer w . >> the mural is displayedplay outside bradbury heights elementary. ash chante davis a teacher at ds
5:25 pm
chloe were killed back inreled february. the child's father darrenn boswell-johnson admitted todm the crime. police say the shooting wasin w over court ordered child support. >> we want to update you on a t nineo up month old blake thomas. blake is from clinton marylandt and he is in need of a liver transplant.spnt. he developed liver cancerel after overcoming challengesopede related to his premature birth. since blake's story ran onstoryn fox5, his mother tells us about 10 people have offered to donate a portion liver but testing still needslle to be done to see if there ise a match. now, if blake does find a find match he will then have a 98 percent chance of recovery.e. if you would like to help contact georgetown universityy hospital and they can see ifca s you are a match. >> wow, that's great news. meanwhile british scientists developed a new hiv test that uses a usb stick. stik device uses a mobile phone chip and it requires a drop of blood placed ton onto a spot tot
5:26 pm
if there is hiv it triggers an acidity change and sends an an alert to your your t researchers say the technologys could allow patients tod regularlyallo monitor their virv levels in a similar way to how diabetes patients check their tr blood sugar levels of the thehet device is still early in the stages though. more work is going to be doneist beforeo be it's ready for therhe market. >> fascinating.citing. mgm's signature mascot m finally here. her the mgm lion was put in placenla today at the new hotel and casino in national it weighs 2 tons is thathat 18 feet tall.18 f the mgm lion is one of thee of t last finishing touches to the casino before it is set to open december coming up pretty quickly.uick >> so amazing when i go by andno see that there it's gone up so s quickly. >> all the entertainment tootain that's coming on the the way. >> ginoing to be greg >> going to be a lot of fun. trump tantrums.anum >> protests planned tonightplant again at donald trump's new hotel. hey, >> reporter: good evening.ter: n donald trumpin said he was goine
5:27 pm
one way or protestors say they're comingom here we'll tell you what they'vehat ' got planned and who may beay b behind it. sarah. >> and this therapy sessionapy n for crushed clinton supporterscr only costs two dollars.lars the creative way people in newe york are dealing with post election stress with post itt notes. >> and donald trump wasn't the only visitor at the whiteor a house today. clinton supporter lebron jamesam met with president obama along with his superstar stay with us. e back after
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>> ?? >> this is fox5 local news at 5:00.
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overnight has o died. dd. the cannons burg officer killed has been identified as scott basham. the two officers weree responding to a disturbanceistue call when the suspect started sa shooting at them. t the other officer was rushed r to the hospital and is t expectheed to be okay o he and d his girlfriend were later wr found dead inside the home. h >> to the district now wheree dt police are investiga nting ating shooting. it happened overnight inoo the 600 block of h street see northwest. the victim was shot severalse times but is expected tod t su investigators were looking atkig a car with its doors opened at e the no word on what led to the the shooting or if there were anyeny >> a maryland man is chargedshad with dui after a crash that t injured a howard county police officer. he is 31-year-old rodney harris of laurel. police say he rear-endedende officer joseph galeana'sna patrol car during a traffic carn stop in ellicott city iny i august. police released this photo ofs the damaged car to remind remin drivers not to drive drunk. dru
5:32 pm
legal limit.l lim >> you know americans remained e divided over donald trump's trup election and tonight moreht m anti-trump protests areti planned in the district.-tru >> fox5's tom fitzgerald isit live outside trump hotelot downtown where there are there barriers set up and very heavy y police presence, right, fitz?htt >> reporter: well, goodood evening. you know, donald trump saidmpaid all through this campaign hehis was going to get tog to get pennsylvania avenue one way orny another either at the whitehite house or here at his trump international hotel which he refurbishing the old post office building. now, out in front here, thereert are metal barriers that werehatw already put up by the the secret service this morning m and those have been in placeve p throughout the day. now, there was a sit-inn earlier today but wee understand those folks took folt off. what's going to happenat's g t tonight? well, according toccot the facebook post at aboutcebo 7:30 this evening, a group of protestors are planning to get t together here.geth i'm going to read for youergoin
5:33 pm
it says, d.c. trump protest atst trump hotel and it says folksols it's clear we need to make ato e statement that donald trumponalt did not receive a mandate on o election day, he lost theost popular so that the we need tohn make it clear peacefully thathat we need to not sit by while he e tries to build a wall and it continues with otherer grievances about donald trump. r what we're going to do iso we're going to come over here, h all right. now, we've got some friends, aen lot of people have beenve bee protesting, a lot of people have been yelling back andyellid forth at each other. each othe been talking to each other. now, you told us a little bittl earlier you're a trump supporter.orte >> i'm a trump supporter. suppot >> reporter: you've spent you your day today, though, nothoh,t yelling at people talking toat p people. what have you bepeen talkinge about. >> actually i just got off work but ongua hllighway back ff work i stopped by here to see what's going on with some kind of protest and this nice guy here who is giving theg t interview to telemundo he telemo
5:34 pm
something about mr. trump i think he's saying -- with --it-- he's concerns -- concern >> reporter: let's talk toorte him. come back here for a second. your friends over there a second ago says he's been b trying toee talk to people you were talking to him when wenghi saw you over here.yo that's its why we came over. o you had concerns about trump.coc you're not out here yellinergerg about it, you're talk -- why are you not yelling at him? linm why are you talking to him. h >> because it's possible to t have conversation. a lot of people realize of the united states thatly in s voted for trump that a lot ofa f us share the same issues, we have the same problems we'reemse tired of the systemti misrepresenting us.reresentg we're tired of people gettingre elected thatof do not represente the majority of the united the d states. >> reporter: the two of you come in here a second together t the two of you were thereortey outhingsere that in yourhat inr conversation that you learnedti about each other or that youon o came to agreement oreement or disagreement about?disagr >> well, he was actually listening to -- patiently toient me at the first.he first >> reporter: were there repor thteings about what he had toado
5:35 pm
>> yes, 100 percent., 1 >> reporter: that's00 called cal conversation. ablein called sustain intelligent debate.teb maybe that's more of what we ofw need. gentlemen, thank you. continue on. we dgentonle't want to interrupt the the work you're doing here.rk y the word we have'r right now isi that about 7:30 tonight, this ti protest group, wherever theyerev are is going to descend ono deso this area. they gettl when here, there is going to be a contingent of d.c. police thate will await them to see them whatever hap. for now we're live at the live t trump hotel on pennsylvaniannsya avenue, tom fitzgerald fox local news.l news. >> nice to see good intelligent conversation goingto on there. meanwhile, not suchot s production -- productivectiv conversations and protestsp respect continuing around the t nation in response to donaldto d trump's election victory. demonstrations over the or president-elect have madeent-elc their way to a number ofto a nb cities. you can see the video here in other parts of the country.ntry >> not my president.resint. >> out west about 1500 about 150 students at berkeley higheley hg school walked out of class yesterday
5:36 pm
were chanting not my presidentde and love trump hate. some school officials oic complained and accompaniedined i students as they weres wer marching.hing. anger also mounting across the globe. >> dozens of filipino studentss burned photo of theed president-elect along way mockec american flag as they held ael protest near the u.s. embassy e in more than 100 riot police were r on hand there but the small without any incident or arrests. >> well large crowdsed gathered in protest of protest president-elect trump.esid others are taking a different approach. the 14 street subway station sti in lower manhattan. matthew chavez is handing outant post its to subway riders riders asking them to post theirt their thoughts on the station wall. w chavez says the goal of thel
5:37 pm
vent. meanwhile president-elect trump wasn't the only one to visit the white house today.whis president obama welcomed thet ob nba champions the cleveland cavaliers.lier lebron james and his teammates t won their first ever nba ever n championship coming back downacn three games to one against the t golden state warriors.tatear they are the first team in nba history to accomplish thaty to feat. the team gave the president some gifts including histhatam y own jersey z the cavs by thehe way they'll play wizards tomorrow night at the verlaizon center. >> so, he has the jersey fromy f the cavaliers. really has jerseys from eve other championship.othe what do you think he does withri all them.l t >> keeps them maybe in the i drawer under his underwear, ierd don't >> at the white house when theet pittsburgh penguins gave him a jersey a couple weeks ago we wondered the same thing. same what do you think he does withs the jersey? doesn't wear it, i, he just holds it up. it up. >> he's probably got a nice a n drawer full. >> that's true.>>hat' michelle pack them up. let's talk about thele redskins. we know the team is going to startth the second half of e thr season on sunday against the
5:38 pm
we'll take the number one spotoe on the depth chart but he also reminded us nothing should bengs taken for granted. grant >> i think in this league,ea people get promoted demoated d all the time and it's up to the person that's starting to keep the starting role and upe p to the person behind him tod m keep pushing get better andr a when the time comes take added vantage of the reps. there's only one ball and only o one starter so to speak but wee expect everybody to beveryboo involved. >> brody logan was at redskinssn pa he talked with kelly and id wity almost feel bad about calling c him by his nickname which ish fat rob.. >> go out there and prepare prea the same way i normallyma prepare when i'm not startingg or whatever the case may be. b main focus is being ready when e they call me.calle. just how you give me the job th he easily could take it backac from me. if i get too far ahead of o myself things like that canke at happen and i try to stay sta grounded and go about workingor hard. >> talking about working hard wr
5:39 pm
did you think about this? like, did you think this wouldu happen? i mean, when you lookok back you're like man, i came so far and so quick. qui >> oh, yeah, man, it's like a lk dream and i'm actually living lv it through it sometimes i gotomi to pinch myself when i getelf back to the house and sit backu and think about how far i come i and stuff like that.and so, i mean, everybody need --ee- everybody when they back homeacm they dream i want to be ato starter in the nfl. it a lot of work there go into that. that. you know it aints just going to be given to you. so, it's crazy.ow itg to b'srazy >> meanwhile no sign ofnwhile nf desean jackson at practiceon ate out draight dayor. t he's going to undergo an mrigoni on that shoulder and rotator rot cuff. we'll know by saturday if hey plans to suit up for dutyor d against the vikings and we talked about championships.ut this is the first for major league baseball. b rather than donating thosegho cleveland indian world seriesie champions they print up just in case, they're gettings th tossed.ed the league allegedly wants to keep the wrong shirts from being w sold online rather than send them overseas. the charitysend that handles the donations says they're fine with there decision.
5:40 pm
called world vision they go ovseas.s. every team they print thent shirts up. it's always been nice gesturees send them to people who needto h them. major league baseball says not this time. nowadays -- those are are collector's items.items. imagine if the cubs didn't win b and the mace sieve market there would be for cubs gear c anyway. >> thanks jim. tha >> sure. >> coming up flip phones making a comeomin back? you knw whose ears just perked up? rked? tony perkins? he's like whys lh di >> the company behind the futuristic folding smartphone. >> and now is your chance toow i find out the secret to those famous patty pies.tyie where patti labelle bell is bringing her famous sweet potato pie and much more pie an straight ahead. be thethis has got to funniest mannequin challengeha ever performed by a group of preschoolers. we'll show you coming com. >> i like the guy bendinguy beng over. that's a good one. a goone. hey there laura and sarah. and . we had a beautiful sunriseun this morning.this morni
5:41 pm
we thank sharon hughes forughe f senning in this picture to letut you know sunrise will be at 6:47. 47 another chilly night ahead.r cha what about the weekend andeeke a that widespread freeze we're talking about? i'll have those details coming up in just a moment.
5:42 pm
we're looking for something that's comfortable but yet durable, and that's going to last us a really long time. i don't want to buy new furniture every couple of years. it's custom made so you know it's good quality.
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>> ?? >> in case you didn't know christmas is only 44 days away. oh, myse ymas iss usually i'm done by now but i haven't even >> what? >> tonight we're getting aht first look at the massive tree t that will be on display at neww york's rockefeller center the t 90-foot tall tree is makingtall the trip from upstate ne ew yorw and will soon be wrapped in more than 5 miles of led lights and a massive star more than 25,000 crystals.000 the annual tree lighting lht ceremony will be taking placeg a on november 30th.ember 30th. >> you know, it's so funnyny
5:45 pm
the train has left the station. >> totally. it just goes straight to christmas. >> we're talking aboutt goe' tai christmas one week from todayroy thanksgiving or is it two weeks. >> two weeks. >> no one can remember anye camy because we're talking about'rta christmas. [laughter] >> wheel of emotion. >> you have your turkey yet, tuy the most important thing.. >> i hate to say it though thoug they get these mastiff treesff in new york that they cut down d and i always feel bad about it. here in d.c. at least we have h a live tree that is growing grog down on the ellipse and everynd once iaw it down but we put another oneee up so we know we're into we're i conserving our trees.nser >> well, there's one at thevi ot capitol, too. >> that's right, they drag hey that thing across the country, y too, yeah.eah. >> that poor a well traveled tree. >> get some fake trees. tre we'll make cell phone towersower out of them later. lat am i too close tolo t >> get off your soap box. b >> we're moving on and showing s you that it's a beautifulif evening here. have you seen the foliage too? o this is your weekends toeekendso
5:46 pm
night and saturday are goingsatg to be gusty enough that iugh think we're going to be doing di a lot of raking over the weekend and that's that cold c air that's going to be comingmi into town so before thosee thos pictures disappear out of my m news feed let me just show youuh this gorgeous picture fromro clifton, virginia that we got wg from todd mcgill.gill he's one of our wonderful facebook friends went sure do love getting these.etting these great background for our o weather maps. thank you todd for thishi picture and i love especiallyal how the the light through those leaves.ugh ose this is pretty much our final on foliage report because wee re think those leaves will bepoavil coming down in a hurry.urry. if you live south and east eas maybe you'll send me one ofe e your great photos as well. wel let's get you caught up on our weather headlines. headles. tonight is going to be another chilly clear we'll head for the upper 30's and low 40's for t again. a tomorrow veterans day, midmi 60's.'s it will be sunny but as the t afternoon goes on, dramatically droppingally temperatures as a strong cold front is going teso a come throh
5:47 pm
swing there we're going to be advertising for friday knightdat and saturday in addition toion t strong breezes coming into town.wn. that means on sundayat m morning a widespread freeze is i expected so if you have sensitive plants outside or if o you have not ended yournded y growing season do know thatw th you'll have to do what youave y need to to do to protect those sensitive plants and your ownyo several because it's going too be colds on sunday morning. veterans day 64 degrees sunny day breezy aft the noon hour or maybebe 1 o'clock and then theocand temperatures will start toures drop. 60 degrees is our currentour temperature. day here in he d.c. and the big change willeil come with this jet streamet s dropping south to our area are tomorrow afternoon and evening. brings in a chill for thell f weekend, 40's and 50's for daytime highs and where is that wind coming from? high w departing inaread of low pressr and high pressure building in will create that egg beater that sends us into the zone us z where we seeon thosee winds
5:48 pm
gradient and that willient continue friday afternoon and evening so if you're goingriday out, the layers will feel good because those temperatures willthos feel even colder than t thermometer is showing andteis that continues until saturdayily morning. the breeze gets lighter onte saturday but that sets us up for that quick blast of cold o air that will bring the freeze z on saturday night into sunday sn morning. so, we're talking aboutut daytime highs saturday in theure 40's. 40 maybe a few low 50's. but sunday morning we're inng wn the 20's and 30's.0's. your weekend looks like this.e . 53 chilly and breezy. bre sunday a cold start and 62 degrees. d. and of course the redskins k had a bye last week. vikings are coming into townnton is w weekends. it's a cold morning for us tailgating, 38 to 45 degrees. by kickoff 55 to 60 with a lotwo of sunshine.of sunine. it is a cool and pleasant afternoon 58 to 63 degrees fordr us on sunday and have you beenvn hearing about this supermoon out on sunday and monday? just very quickly, if you wants to try the see it you want to look for it on sunday becauset n
5:49 pm
closest approach to us whichwhh means it's about 14 percent bigger and 30 percent0 percent brighter. i find most people expect it to be a lot bigger t pe than it is so temper your enthusiasm ofur e it. it's the closest moon sincen january of 1948.of 18. the moon will rise at 4:43 on sunday and set at 6:36 on monday. mo the next one that will be this close november of 2034. 24. and i'll have that supermoonsurm forecast for you as well. a all right, here's our andurnd weekend. again getting chillier.llier. forecast for monday and we'ree'e settled most of next week with h temperatures near seasonable. we'll be right back.
5:50 pm
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5:52 pm
>> ?? >> ?? >> so, need a vacation? vacatio following the big election? lec one airline wants to help youyo get out of dodge.out >> and what's old is new again n
5:53 pm
an accused new york city bomb cm he were in the news tonight.s t. >> here's your fox5 on the meet the judge.udge. this guy's accused of setting sg off bombs in nyc and new new jersey and today he's in court. ahmad khan rahami facesfas federal charges. police say he's the guy who detonated aay he' pressure cooko bomb in the chelsea section ofhi manhattan on september 17th injuring 31 people. >> ?? whoops much a car smashesarh into a home in long beach,ong a, california. the driver reportedly lostos control of the minivan hopped hd the curb and went into the went side of house. he took off running and police l are now looking for him. >> ?? need a post election get away? spirit airlines is
5:54 pm
niagara falls new york thek t closest they say they can getthy you to canada and they say much more convenient than driving. >> ?? here's a throw backack thursday following thoseng those exploding phones.explg samsung wants to sell youou folding ones. one the korean phone maker has reportedly filed a patent fort r a foldable phone similar too those old school flip phones. m, can't resist pattii labelle bell's sweet potatootat pies. she'll be sharing her favoriteev recipes on a new cooking show this fall. patti labelle bell's place that's the name of the show and she'll be whipping up some of her favorite soul food dishes with guests like gayle king. king. the show debuts december 3rdebsd and that's your fox5 on the fly. >> all right. talking about pie.ut
5:55 pm
>> i know.>> inow. it's all i can think about i c now. >> exactly. up next the mannequinut challenge like you've neverou seen before. >> see what happens when yout ha ask a group of preschoolers tooo stand completely still? is itt possible? we're going to seeres when we come back.
5:56 pm
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5:58 pm
>> ?? >> okay, so we've all seen it by now so twehe mannequin challenge.n >> we've seen athletes do c it, we've seen hillary clinton'sry s staff do it and we've evenve en seen our own fox5's morning mori news team do it. but this next group is by far by my favorite. forit check out what happens whenout you put awh group of preschoolers to the challenge. n take a look. >> ?? >> not quite . >> [laughter]
5:59 pm
>> [laughter] >> this is my not moving face. c >> oh, wait, you're supposeduppo to hold still. sll >> that's cute.hat' c well done guys. > yes. >> actual they were very cooll h and they didey a great job. job nice job. j >> thanks for being with us.r i >> fox5 local news at 6:00 starts right now. >> ?? >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00.. >> a remarkable meeting the mee the white president obama welcomes wel president-elect donald >> we now are going to want tot do everything we can to help toh you succeed because if you you succeed then the countryntry succeeds. succee >> president obama promised aroi smooth and peaceful transferfult of power to the trumprump administration.admi so, how did their firsthe first face-to-face meeting turn out? t >> donald trump, we'll break down his first day in
6:00 pm
fox5 news at 6:00 starts rightrh now. >> as you can see it was time to get down to business. donald trump and his teau camn e already working on that transition process.on pro thanks for joining us at 6:00 i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins.. ronica cleary starts us liveive outside the white house whereouw president obama welcomedt ob donald trump ronica.roni >> reporter: hi, shawn and tony. well, president-elect trump hein said he expected the meetingheee to just last 10 to 15 minutes mt but nearly 90 minutes later,at is when the two addressed theed and i'll tell you both of themlo spoke about it very positivelyil president obama he said thataidt it was an excellent meeting. mei he said the two spoke on a o wide variety of topics ands on foreign and domestic policy. now, the president-elect he-e said that it was an honorle to t meet president obama. president he said that the meeting couldtd have gone on for even longer lo and you may not realize thislizt it was also the first time the two met. take a listen.


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