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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 10. good evening, everyone. we begin tonight in the districr with the second night of anti trump protests. thanks for joining us, i'm shawn and i'm tony perkins. we want to get right to fox5's sarah simmons.mmon she is live outside of the trump hotel on pennsylvania avenue. there are more protests going on here and as well in other cities across the country. what is happening here?ng >>reporter: that's right, tony, we are actually now outside the white
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they did last night on the movee from place to place. right now we wanted to share with you though as what we weree able to see earlier. if you take a look at the video. it was another very emotional night, anti trump, pro trump supporters. people trying to have conversations and listen to each other. i talked to one woman who was actually in new york cityally yesterday for the i protests up there. then she was down here tonight. she explains what brought her out here.e. i have so many feelings about how this went down and, you know, itself he's kind of surprising to i know that this is going tooing change the fact that he's been elected, but this allows me to be with people who are of similar minds and give us a starting place to organ mobilize. it's to o early to take a directdire step forward in a productive
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> meanwhile, the business of the business of the country continues and did so here the a the white house today with the meetings between elect donald trump and of course current of president obama. be a cordialo transfer of power happeninghapp despite the tumultuous campaign and the negativity that was thrown back and forth.d president obama and trump mettrm for about 90 minutes, which was actually longer than schedule. obama calling the meetingmeet excellent, president elect trump said he looked forward to the ongoing and outgoing. president obama making thethe comment we want to do everythino you can, if you success, the country successes.uc we talked about foreign policy. we talked about domestic politics and as i said last night, my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that
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successful. we discussed a lot of different situations. some wonderful and some difficulties. forward toforwk dealing with the president inid the if you your t, including council. > now, president elect trump also met with house speaker pau ryan today.ry hean had quite a full agenda. ryan calling the meeting a wonderfull speaker ryan was showing him thh speaker's balance con whichhi which of course overlooks the national mall a. those two had their run ins oves this campaign. et cetera a interesting to seets what role paul ryan will be playing in this new administering. there was also a meeting with trump and senate majority leader mitchell ma only. trump was lining to what heing considered to be his main areas of focus at this point which are healthcare and immigration are the top priorities, which of
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on the campaign trail as well.e that's the late e at the whitee house, sarah i am s once, backbk to you. > are there still protestors behind you there? we'll see if we can get back to sarah in just a few minutes. in the meantime a youth basketball coach is accused of list thing a minor for sex on in look. police are trying to get theth word out because he's been in contact with plenty of ofof children and they want to maketo sure there is no more victimso out there. lauren demarco is live with the latest. police say the suspect has planned to meet up with a 15 year old girl for seven. 44 year old he steel dan is better known in montgomerymont county as coach oscar and those who know him say he's been assisting a boy's basketball team for several years. it's really sad because this iss a great opportunity for childred and they help people get
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the kids really love basketball. i was very surprised and shocked because his daughter is about the same age. police say dan had posted on craigslist in the casual encounter category, seeking asek young woman and communicated with an undercover officerun presenting her as as a 15 year old girl. he said he wanted to have sexve with her on a regular basis and pay her # hundred dollars eachhd time. he set upeach a face-to-face mee for tuesday. police were waiting for him when he showed up here dan has been removed fromm coaching from the aau team. it comes as a major shock andshc all coaches, volunteers andnd staff members undergo several layers of background checks.ecks he's now making sure parents are aware of at i rest. they don't tolerate that and asd soon as i found out about it i got the word out to our 350 families. what is in a total state ofof
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program for several years. detectives are concerned thatcoc there could be some other inappropriate with minors and so anyone who has any concern aboue this individual is asked to call our vice and intelligence detectives. in the past dan has faced several domestic cases back inck 2004 but we didn't find anynd criminal charges. he bond and he is due in court in december. live in rockville, lauren demarco, fox5 local news. > tonight place say they have e break-in the case of a marylandn college student killed inled canadament officers arrested and charged two men with julianulia jones' murder. jones was visiting toronto witho friends for a bachelor party. the attack was unprovoked andan followed an altercation outsidee a nightclub last saturday
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third victim. she was a law student at the university of baltimore. > first on fox, there are newew developments to a case of aof puppy stolen from its owner's yard in the district. just moments ago the dog was returned to its owner.ner. and 3arina maracco was the onlyn reporter there for the homeo coming. marina. >>reporter: tony, some goodd news in all of this because this entire neighborhood was on pinss and needles waiting to hear iff cruz would come home and surveillance cameras at the front of th the puppy snatching happened about a month ago and detectivee came out here today and within just hours closed this case. that was four month cruz walking home to its rightful owner. the owners are so shocked. take a listen. can you tell us how you feel that a cruz is back? >> i'm so excited honestly.
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seen him i'm just happy to havea him home. > now you're looking at the surveillance video of the actual snatching that took place earlier last month and you'll see there two people walking upk to the fence and then one of them reaching over letting theig dog off the leash and thenn grabbing cruz by the neck pulling him over the fence and away and since then nowherenowh abouts known of finally detectives came outame here, spoke with a couple of people. they found out who the dog was g with and the doing is now back home. we understand, however, there ir a want, but unclear right now if any charges will be pressed against the suspect. live tonight in southwest, marina maracco, fox5 local news. >> happy ending. h > thank you,appy marine a. we e talking about a prince william high school student who says he
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wore a donald trump shirt to school. > bernie sanders didn't win the democratic presidentialmocr nomination this year, butat thet is talk he is setting his sites on 2020.on > tense of thousands of people say they are not giving up without a fight. the growing petition to give hillary clinton a second chanceo
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> we are back now with a look at your friday forecost. sue, it is really starting too feel like fall around here. >> it's been a long friday is almost here.e we're excited about that. you know what, tomorrow is veterans day and it is going to be a beautiful day. i also have to say it's kind off a two-part most of the first half of theof day just fantastic, but we have a reel strong cold front that's going to come through later inhr the day and that's going toing change things up for friday night. but for most of the daylightylig hours, lots of sunshine, a breezy afternoon.erno we'll get to about 64-degrees bs noon or so, but right after that
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to drop and they're going to drop rapidly as we head into the evening. if your friday night plans havea you spending time outside the heavy coat will come in handy. we'll get a little bit warmer tomorrow than we got today asas the front approaches, but once it goes through not only willy the temperatures drop as the cold air pours in behind it, but the breeze is really going to pick up as well from our departing area of low pressureol and high pressure building in we've egg beater going and that could bring in the northeast breezes=& into the overnight as well aswel saturday morning. from 25 to 35 miles epa hour. that's not terrible, but it's real noticeable if the temperatures are falling into the 30s.the that is the coldest air we've seen all season. > back to form for the kids at school and at the bus stopop tomorrow morning.
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lovely. after school 65. the temperatures will begin tobi drop pretty rapidly from north to south and you'll notice theie breezy picking ups well. > we're forecasting 64 for d.c., but hagerstown, because the front gets to you a little t bits sooner you may only top ot around 59-degrees. within chess text martinsburg closerhe tsso t 60. fredericksburg 64 and again everybody is going to be helding for the cooler air tomorrow night and that sets up for be the coolest day we've had so far this season. we'll let you know what to expect for sunday and show you o the seven day forecast coming up at 106789. 30. > thank you, sue. former aaron shock resigned amidst scrutiny over lavish spending. defrauding the government and his campaign committees with false and fraudulent statements, claims and invoices. according to prosecutors jock p
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as 2008 until 2015.unti the illinois republican had been under investigation after ater spending scandal that included the elaborate remodeling of hisf office in the style of tv series down ton abby. the 2016 election is over, but burn bernie sanders isn't ruling out a run for the white house in 2020. the vermont senator says he wants to help focus on helping the party rebuild its base. in a phone interview sanders told the associated press that bactrim p was quote, anan embarrassment to the party and that democrats need to take a strong stand against the ole of corporate interest in aga polit. sanders also blamed clinton'sntn loss on a lack of enthusiasm on democratic party. > some hillary clintone hi supporters are not giving up the fight to get her elected president. a petition on ischan calling forrette election
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trump got more than 270 electoral votes to win the white house, but clinton got the popular vote. metro officially laid off moreo than 100 employees. that now brings the total number of job cuts in recent months to 500. in a memo release last week, general manager paul wiedefeld said 200 more jobs need to bebe cut next spring to balance the budget. he will take a look the at positions that are considered to he also asked employees foror their suggestions on how to balance the budget. from the air force to the street. i ended up at the publicly bring and i just goggle homeless shelters. > this veteran opens up aboutot his enter into the civilian world. > a story you saw first on fox5 this nine month old baby inn
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transplant. remember the story? kitty, wet, have an update after some of our fox5 viewers saw his story.
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tomorrow is veterans day and i many of the mens and women whom served our country oversees have come back to the us and found themes homeless. the d.c. housing authority is trying to help them out. wewe his journey from the air force to the streets. fox5's alexandra limon has the story. >> a 43 photo captures the bob answer michael while i felt when he received his first orders from the air force. when i entered the air force,ore the vietnam war was winding down. i think most of the cap bat was
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for five years from 1973 to '78 he served his country. then left the military, enrolled in college and planned for his future. that didn't quite happen the way he imagined. it went well for i guess for the first couple of years and then i started having financialcial difficulties. erved hisafter he s country, he had no job and no home. i ended up at the public library and i remember going and i goosegog led and i -- the only one that stilt had an intake was a no, avenue shelter. through the shelter and the department of veterans affairs michael met ronald mccoy who iss still helping veterans in situations just like michael's. after serving in iraq and afghanistan many return to life in the united states,rn but they have no jobs and few prospects.e the d.c. housing authorityng provides connections to jobs. we're talking security jobs,
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office jobs, administrative jobs. there's even some jobs where j they'reob using the skills that they've acquired when they weren in the military. they also provide d.c. housing choice vouchers for permanent housing. i remember the day i got contacted saying my voucher came through. i was so excited. all of that meant access tocess things like a phone, computer and e-mails, things that we take finding a job and it led to a fresh start for michael and a job at the national archives records administration. a i work for the national declassification center and i review classified documents when they're eligible to be releasels to the public. it's a great job.b. i love it, alexandra limon, fox5 local news. > nice to see that. there's so am men and women
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especially when they come back. >> i certainly wish him the >> absolutely.olut > a mother and daughter murdered in prince george's i county back in februaryn now hae a mural to honor their memory.o. i is displayed outside bad bring heights elementary school. davonte davis a teacher and her two year old daughter chloe wero killed by the daughter's fatherh the shooting was over court ordered child we want to update you on a baby that we told you about from clinton, maryland, who is inn need of a liver transplant. that is him, nine month old blake davis developed liver transplant. the make story ran on fox5, his mother tells us about ten people have offered to donate a portion of their livers, but testing still has to be done to see if any of them are a match. if they find a match, blake will
10:24 pm
recovery. if you would like to help contact georgetown university hospital. > wonderful those people haveut come forward. >> fantastic. tonight, aight back prince william high schoolh student says he was mistreated at school because he was wearing a t-shirt displaying donaldispl trump. we're sitting down with that bot and his father and getting a a response from the school coming up at 10. tune into fox5 tomorrow morning5 for t music your to idol winner taylor hicks will join the crew with a livee performance you'll want to see. then blue lines trains areains slowing down heading in and out of reagan national, details onon why and the real deal when itit comes to those delays. plus, a super close super moon. nasa will break down what it means and when you'll be a able to see join us for all that and more tomorrow morning on good day
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> this is fox5 local news at 10. and we're back now with a looklk at tonight's top stories, firstr tonight, a youth basketballuth coach is under arrest in montgomery county.ry c lauren demarco is live with the reporter roar we're here at the rockville metro station becausee this is where police say he he arranged to meet with who he thought was a 15 year old girl.5 it was y actually an undercover cop and he was ared when he showed up here. up the he goes by coach oscar coaching basketball for young boys withh the amateur athletic union and the police want to make sure the parents know about him becauseut he has him plenty of contact wih children in the area. > a golden retriever p puppypup stolen from his owner's home wam returned tonight.toni they caught people on surveillance camera stole cruz. video ofce the cam incident wasy and within hours detectives
10:29 pm
says she is just happy to have him back home. > sarah. president obama and president elect donald trump met at the white house todayday beginning a pieceful transition of power, but there are still a lot of people upset and protesting today. that was the case again. people protesting a trump presidency, a couple hundred protestors gathering outside the trump hotel for a second night in a row voicing their displeasure with a few trump supporters mixed in. mix that's what we're across the country as the new presidency under trump starts to takeake shape. back to you. mu thank you very much. you just saw the scene of protestors at the white housee and thewh trump hotel copy is their right to express theirxpre opinions.opin well, one teenager from princemr william county says he was bullied at hilton high schoolsco and then was given an unpleasant ultimatum when he tried to do the same.
10:30 pm
they think things could have c gone differently.ffer thanks so much for join ultra. > when we say express your opinion. this is what you were wearing. >> yes. > for those of you who can't see, you got on a donald trump t-shirt, what happened. >> i walked in into school and i was with my friend and we were walking down and a few people started taking off my hat arount throwing it around. a few people tried fighting meit > that would be kind of scary. >> it was. > what went through your headr in what was your first thought. >> i was thinking those guys are kind of idiots.idio > what did the school administrators >> i walked away from the situation for about five minutes and then went back to the commons and then some administration guy came up to mo and told me to take off my hat and asked me what was going on. i explained and he told me -- he
10:31 pm
and then i ask talked to my principal. and he told me to correspond it up. > for my own safety.fety > and what was your reaction te that when you were asked to do that. >> i just did what he said because my dad knew coming into school stuff would happen. > is this what you expected to happen? >> yes, i did. i thought they would ask him tom cover it up. they do ask you to cover up or take it that, just respect authority ane give me a call and that's what he did. > why did you p expect them to do p that? i'm just curious because donald trump won, your son wore this i'm assuming to show his support the next day at why did you expect they'd ask him to take it off.. >> people aren't happy thatpl presidente ar elect trump one. > did you expect your son to be bullied or for it to possiblyto get physical.
10:32 pm
people were upset with him and they wanted to fight him and verizon took the higher groundok and walked t away. > so are you displeased with how the school handled it by asking him to cover up the shirt. >> the principal did what he thought was best and we respect what he he's a good man. he's very well liked.ik > we should say that we didhat reach out to the school and thea told us there is no policy against wearing, you know, -- excuse me official statement but theyth responded by saying there'sre's nothing wrong with wearing political shirts to school. they asked him to do this in an effort to deescalate the situation so it would not get worse. you were given the option ofof take off the shirt and turn itit around. how do you think it should havee been p held differently.diff >> they could have called all the schools in the auditorium and said people have the right t
10:33 pm
and it was a learning experience.ce. > a teachable moment. >> yeah. > are you worried about wearing -- they haven't said-- that you t can't wear the shirtn the future, right. >> no, they haven't. no, he t said i could.ld. > have you seen other kids wearing clinton shirts or any other politically orientedente shirts. >> no. pee side my friend, he wore a trump shirt.p he was with me that day. > just to play devil's advocate for a out here watching who might say if you knew why this would put into a tension filled situation, why did you put your son in that situation. >> i didn't put him in my position. he's not taking my or my wife's views. my other son voted for presideno elecrt trump and my daughter decided not to this is his own view.
10:34 pm
trump. > you're hoping that you have the opportunity to sit down with the principal to kind of of talk it through and express your opinion expressing their opinions or their feelings.eeli i mean just not to be afraid to wear what they want. you just -- you could just wear what you want and hope no one will say anything about it. > as long as there are no rules against it. apparently there are no ruleshee against it and people are entitled to their opinions. >> yes. > all right. blakely and jason thankjaso you guys for coming in. we appreciate it. > thanks for having it us.
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weather. >> the weekend is calling ands it's going to be on the crispri side. we're going to run you throughho the weather headlines and then i'll show you the seven day forecast because we arear expecting a chilly and clear night and our veterans day is going to start out rather mild in the mid 60s with a lot ofth a sunshine, but it's a changeable day because about halfwayut through the day we're going to see a rather strong cold front with a significant push of cold air coming through.roug and that swing will be fully in effect by friday night andht a the breeze will pick up as well. and saturday night into sundayto widespread freeze as the coldess air of the season will be in place. we're going to head for the 20s on saturday night. so find the gloves. meanwhile tomorrow we'll likely top out at about 64 about 1:0010 or so. but then look at saturday, only 53 degrees and that's in the city. likely in the 40s for some ofe the suburban areas. for high temperatures, but it'ss a quick shot because sunday
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maybe some badly needed rain showers around on monday for the rest of next week.eek. at least the first part of it looking seasonable and sunny. > fox5 local news at 0 is coming right back. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year.
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> new tonight, a germantown woman wa murdering her husband's ex-wife. prosecutors say romona plottedtd to kill his x pete a graph a back in 2013.back the victim's son told detectives his parents were supposed to go to court over outstanding alimony payments, but his father never showed up. two days later his mother was dead.dead detectives connected the couple to the murder through witnessese phone records and bullets recovered from the scene.
10:40 pm
in this matter is that this had to be tried twice. the conviction today reaffirms the verdict of a previous jury. miss car was tried along with her husband several months ago, convicted in a joint trial. he received life she claims in motions filed with the motion court in montgomeryou county she wasrt not effectively represented by her lawyer at the time. again as you heard, the jury convicted her again ramen dear car a of first degree murder. > in tonight's health watc htch there are new questions about transmitting the zikagn? virus through sexual contact. a new cdc study shows that adult women in puerto rico are significantly more likely to develop zika than men. out of 29,000 confirmed is contacts researchers say 62 percent were female. researchers believe it may be because women are more likelyy
10:41 pm
that would explain perhaps the increased number of women with the virus.rus. the cdc says more research needs to be done to really know the answer. > also in tonight's healths watch what could be a medical breakthrough for burn victims. it involves using stem cells from bone marrow. studies are from the defense department to help thoseo he suffering from chronic wounds. david lee miller has the details. for years the national nat institutes of working with doctors who treatet patients with chronic bone wounds more than a year old with stem cells. recovering a pigment and wered also saved from amputation.atio doctors are now focusing thiscui stem cell treatment on injured military members and young civilians who recently sufferedt burn injuries. we look forward towards advancing this, towards our veterans who are severely
10:42 pm
receive during combat and we created a trillion that would address that need.ed that trial was supported by the department of defense from the doctors say adult stem cellslls from bone marrow which is notaeum bronchic donated by young healthy donors could be applied through burns topically or through injection. the approach has multiple levels. one it will stop the inflammatory process and stop p thero progression of the injury. there is actually is rebillingilli of issue.ue. leroy james suffered a severe burn injury on his arm just seven months ago. he received stem cell treatmentl and is now you fully heeled and says he suffers no side effects. usually when you get burnt you have a scar. i have no scar. this stem cell, i have a burn on this army got from a radiator, , got a scar. researchers conducting the experimental trials at the university of miami say they are
10:43 pm
so far and next hope to narrow down exact dosages for specific injuries.inju one of the addressing thingsngs about these trials and thereere have been over 400 trials ongoing or completed with the stem cells is that there have been no real significant adverse events reported directly related to the. what is in question most efficient way to use the cells to achieve the ultimateate effect. that is where our research is focused, is focused on fining the correct dose.e. there are no health risk donating bone marrow and they encourage healthy people to help treat dozens of patients. to find out more on stem cellsls for burn injuries go to clinical trials.ials golf. in new york david lee miller. > tonight at 11, michelle obama
10:44 pm
with some special visitors att the white house today. we're not talking about donald trump. > one of the oldest leadingng veterans got a chance to visit the world war ii memorial and he has even bigger plans forr tomorrow.tomo we'll have those stories and more at 11. the post election stock rally continues. it's down 13 points.ints now rising 470 votes sincenc voters picked donald trump to be the next meantime if you're looking for a home mortgage rates rising.sing they're still low, the 30 year fixed rate just blow 3.6 percent. drivers another recall, might butch i is calling back outlainer and outlainer sport suvs, apparently the problemsles have to do with windshield wipers. the recall impacts models from 2007 right through 2015. and now we know what you like giving and receiving.
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> the finishing touches areishi being put on the new mm contact seen ' at the national harbor. today's mgm's majestic lion wasi put in place. traveled all the way from las vegas. earlier this week, signature mascot weighs 2-tons. it's 18 feet you can see the prospective there. you can see where the workersor are. wow, that sucker is huge, isn't it? it's not real.
10:49 pm
took more than 24 hours to create that lion. mgm national harbor opens up byy the way december 8. >> i can't wait to seat inside of it.of it's going to be spectacular. i wonder if they'll let us go down and go inside and previewpv it. >> you don't think they want us to, do you? i would like to see the lion, too, that's for sure. fun stuff. > let's talk about that weather it's getting cold out. >> yes, it, you're going to notice that you'll want your gloves we're getting to glove season and i've got to search mine outn to make sure i can find two. usually i can find two lefties.t i have no excuse anymore. > you got to find the gloves. you'll need them as the coldeste air of the season is going to be rolling into town right behind the cold front that crosses uscs this afternoon. you'll really feel it saturday night. for those of you who sufferingho
10:50 pm
it for the outside algins.algi the super moon sunday, monday. we always hear about thesebou things and sometimes it ends up being a disappointment because it's not as quite as super as you think it should be. this one will be a good one, it's 41 percent this is the closest it's been since january 1948. the moon rises at 4:43 on sunday. moon sets i recommend you look sunday anda not monday because we have somee clouds and maybe some showerse s that will be around monday.. next time we get one this closee will be november of 2024. you know what i'm going to saysa next, if did you get a picture make sure you send it to us at sue palka, fox5 d.c. bwi63. we may be above that number tomorrow, but temperatures will be falling as wete go through th afternoon and into the evening and that strong front comesom through that will bring us the
10:51 pm
distance between d.c. at 51 and manassas at 36. culpeper 38-degrees, too., a couple of cold spots there. everybody is heading for upperer 0s and low 40s again tonight as our strong high pressure isrong going to ensure h that we have another chilly night with clear sky,r lighter breezes than we hd earlier today and we will headwl for the upper 30s and low 40s, maybe even 44-degrees in the district. sunrise morning ought to be a pretty one.. temperature should 48-degrees. keep the pictures coming. veterans day is top, what a debt of grad gratitude we owe to all our veterans.tera 64-degrees with a the-sunshine, but again changing for thethe afternoon while we stay sunun initial the temperature drops,ue the breezes pick up and we'rewer going to see the breezes potentially 25, 35 miles an an hour.
10:52 pm
very chilly evening and our cold saturday. we'll jump to the seven day forecast. we're only forecasting 53 for the high temperature on on saturday. we head for 35 at night, but 20s in the suburbs. so that's why it's going to be such a cold start on sunday. but it's a nice recovery, areco quick shot of cold air. 62-degrees on sunday so nice for the redskins game. monday we have some badly needed showers in the forecast.fore tuesday, wednesday, thursday wed we're in the low 630s. so not forecast.. we'll take what we can get and it's nice it's not coming on a weekend. 62-degrees for the redskinsreds game. that's not bad at all. and change is in the air for the red skin when they face the viking at home. if you're robert kelly. the team's running game is getting a new look. after going with the runningrunn game by committee between kelly and chris gibson today jay g gruden says it would be kelly
10:53 pm
cautioning that he'll have tohae play well to keep the brody logan kept up with kelly. >> criming to go out there andtr prepare. you thattive to be ready when they call on you because theyuse can take it right back from you. if i get too far ahead of myself, that can happen. i work hard every going from undrafted.ndra did you think about this in did you think this would happen? i like, man, i came so far and so quick. >> this is like a dream.eam. i might be living this.this sometimes i have to pinch mysele when i get back to the house and think about how far i've come.e. everybody when they back home they want to dream i'm going too be a starter. you acto work, it ain't just jus going to be given to you.u. it's crazy.ra > one guy that won't see't s playing time against the vikings
10:54 pm
jackson is south for sunday. he saturday out practice for thr second straight day in the row. earlier today we were told he had an mri on his aliening shoulder. he is a finalist for national league mvp but now more honorsor for the nationals daniel murphy. yesterday he was anouned the a most out than thatting player. he was voted by his he also picked up a silver slugger foray monk other things, wilson ramos whose future withfu the nats is up in the air. we'll talk about that at 11 picked up an award himself.self some good and good news out there on all fronts.ll you like the rob kelly >> sure. whatever. you got t o make something > i love the fact that here's ' guy that wasn't given a chanceae in the draft.ra they passed him up in the draftd april the redskins took a chance on him and there you go.
10:55 pm
> big changes are coming to the district january.anua a em diddic administration isdi moving outad and the gop is heading to believe it or not that can haveh an impact on the real estatest market. the changes you may see next at
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10:58 pm
the results of the presidentialp election effect the housing market? >> fox5's matt ackland spoke to a housing expert who says the really fire things up. okay, come january a lot of people are going to be moving in and out of the d.c. area. one person that is staying hereg president obama.ent in fact, this is the home he'll be moving into with is high pressure pay. calaramaaram i want to introduce you to someone who knows real estatetae better than anyone else.else what do you think of real
10:59 pm
the trump campaign was reallylly different in the fact that itit didn't really involve thethe republican establish many or m obviously the democratic establishment.ent there are washington folks that would generally mix into a new administration. i'm not sure if they're going ti have a role in this one. so i think we've got a lot moree people coming in and probably al the lot more people coming out this time. i want you to tell me where youe think some of these folks mightm be moving to. let's take a where do you think most femmenk that are working for the trumpru administration will want to live? >> i think it really boils downs to calarama, which is the closest luxury neighborhood witg large houses downtown. > these are the rich people, the ones working in high office. >> these are also loupes andupes business people that would not necessarily be in government, but would want to be involvede with decisions made.e.
11:00 pm
go to mclean, virginia. this time around i think you have a group of folks generally coming from new york city so i think they're going to want tot be closer in. do you think it will drive prices. >> i do think it's going togoin drive a about it of demand indea the luxury market. politics aside, simply real estate, were you kind of hopingp for a change over here? come on? >> silence > all right. at 11 starts right now.ow. this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at # 1, a second straight night of post-election proteas in the district. president elect trump met t president obama for the very ver first time.time plus, he's a local youthal basketball couch now accused of soliciting sex with an underage


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