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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  November 11, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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happy friday and boy has it been a long week. >> it has and it's over almost >> there's a lot to come after that. let's get right to it. members of his presidential transition team. as you can see on the side of your run down, this is one of our top talkers at 6:30, you're invited to join the conversation, tweet us using #5at630. vice president elect mike pence will serve as chairman, take over for new jersey governor chris christie. he will stay on the team as the vice chair along with ben
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gingrich. >> joining us is niles. there's been a lot happening, niles. thanks for coming in. what's next >> obviously the transition will be closely watched. people will be looking in particular to see if donald trump continues to keep faith with the very conservative people who have sort of been around his campaign or whether he orthodox. >> we saw signs that people thought, pivoting back more toward the middle. he said he doesn't want to cut off of obamacare. he doesn't want to kill it all. he wants to save some parts. do you think that the gop will will be upset >> i think he's talking about
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law because they would send costs spiralling upward but i think his rhetoric has moderated and i think that's clearly from the departure from the approach he used to win the election and the nomination before that. >> do you see also, he was really liked by his supporters for not bogey the not being the conventional career politician. he does seem to have the political insiders his administration, do you think that's crucial in order for him to governor successfully >> i think it's part of an effort to appeal to broader number of people oh broader constituency than he has done so far. but he has a fine line to walk here, to some degree, trying to appeal to that broader constituency and not leaving the people who voted for him. a lot of people thought with
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he came out on twitter yesterday and people said look, he can't stop tweeting, blaming the media, talking about all the protests that were going on. do you think, i guess as we get deeper into this transition, that we will see less of donald trump on his twitter? >> one would think that is probable if he's trying to create or portray a more presidential image. every time something like that from donald trump. he basically behaved in the opposite. he loves his twitter as well. >> we know president obama also tweeted in a different way than donald trump. what do you think moving forward? he's a businessman, he's not been a politician. people have indicated, you know, he's now going to be working, you know, in a way he has to possibly take a step back versus
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could tell people what to do. do you think this will be difficult for him >> in fairness to donald trump, i do think that the skills as a businessman, things like delegates, not micromanaging, things like that could be universal in the presidential arena. one of the complications is all his actual best interest could potentially have conflicts of interest from his duties as president. so there has been talk, fo blind trust or having his children take over some business manage. that's a dilemma. in and of itself >> let's talk little bit about the dnc, certainly after everything, hillary clinton losing election, debber wasserman-schultz, we seen a long list of names for folks vying for that. what do you think we need to see from them? who do you think might be leading the race there to be the head of the dnc?
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there's an appetite among democrats, they feel that hillary clinton under performed with working commonplace voters in the midwest. i know bernie sanders got behind keith ellisson. howard dean also expressed interest. they would seem to be representatives of that strand within the democrat party. >> lot of changes ahead for us. lot of changes ahead for both >> thanks so much, have a great weekend. >> same to you. >> get sleep. thanks niles. many polls had clinton as the front runner, we've been talking about this, we saw on election night it was the opposite. >> the question is what happened? cliff young president of ipsis public affairs is here. what in the world went wrong? why were the polls so wrong?
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like a century. there's a variety of possible reasons, obviously, we need to do a more in-depth post mortem. typically when polls get it wrong, it has something to do about turn-out, who shows up on the election day, that the polls themselves predicted a different profile person that showed up on election day, than they actually thought was going to happen. and specifically, what was that? first, we're probably obviously we're counting votes california and washington, there's can going to be a lower turn-out election than the average than we thought. because, i shared a chart the night before the election showing a low turn-out election helps trump and republican. and many of hillary clinton's voters specially in the midwest didn't show up and donald trump did. low turn-out and differential turn-out. that probably claimed 80% of why the polls were off.
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important when you look at the popular vote, hillary clinton won it. the polls are not that far off. they're probably two and a half three points off than the actual popular vote. where they got it off is pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. >> i'm curious, we've seen this happen before. granted over the pond with brexit and polls being wrong, does this in any way change how you po is there any way to change and try to get a more accurate representation >> that's what we're grappling with now. i've often said this on this program, we've entered into a new political world. we've entered into a disruptive world where pass is now pro log, people are changing their calculus because of large macro going on, people in the united states as well as are experiencing that, that affects
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obviously, in the next little bit, both ipso, as well as the industry, will be thinking how to adjust the polling >> i know sometimes the polling is likely voters versus people who are actually actually going to go in to the booth. how do you change that >> that's the key problem. we don't know who necessary is going to show up. that's why we call them likely voters. what we improving our predictive models on who will show up. that is not easy. if the pollsters adjust add few points down, they would be much closer >> if i had picked the other number the other day in the looter, i be a billionaire right now >> i wish i had put money there as well. >> thank you so much for coming
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well. >> i have not gotten any sleep. i'm sure you haven't either >> now election day come and gone, can same be said for the recent great weather >> let's check in with mike thomas >> changes are coming >> you're absolutely right. we're going to get a tasty of winter. don't worry, don't panic, it won't last that long, only about 24 of the 36 hours, if you have plans outside around the district, baltimore, frost as you wake up on saturday may want to consider bringing those plants in because we are expecting a widespread freeze. our first of the season actually saturday night into sunday, here's your weekend forecast. no weather concerns at all. no rain, in fact, plenty of sunshine, saturday 54 in washington, locations north and west only 40's. sunday start very cold. with temperatures in the 20's and 30's.
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latter part. let's end it with your fox 5, 64 saturday, 62 sunday, back into fall as we led to the -- into the middle to end of next week, with temperatures hanging out in the low to mid 60's. forecast, shawn and sarah back to you. plenty of tension out there. . >> comin all of donald trump's controversial comments decided to cast her vote for the now president-elect. very interesting interview you don't want to miss.
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? ?. for some people out there who perhaps voted for the other side, hillary clinton or some
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questions as to do they want know who voted for donald trump and why? one of the supporters may actually surprise you >> she's a long time liberal and muslim immigrants. she's the co founder of the muslim movement. she joins us by skype. thanks so much for joining us. do we still have oz ra? we'll try to get her back. as we mentioned, a lot of people were surprised because she is muslim. she's an immigrants and people hopeful we can get her interview coming up >> we're trying to reconnect. she wrote a passionate's interesting story in the "washington post" about her story. we'll connect with her here soon hopefully. in the meantime donald trump likes -- osra, can you hear us? thanks so much for joining us.
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difficulties. we'll try to get that connected. in the meantime. we'll come back to her. try to in just a minute. all right. i'll tell you what. we're told we're going to go to commercial.
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donald trump. i didn't know, but it makes sense. now that he's the president-elect, he will be flying on air force one. the question is is the presidential plane actually an upgrade? i guess it depends who you ask. let's take a closer look at trump massive t bird, bought it back in 2011, long before he decided to run for president. it can seat 43 people. features marble and gold bathrooms, 24 carrot gold plated seatbelts. >> how does it stack up to air force one?
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important if your president. mobile command center, medical suite and food area to feed 100 people. two identical air force one planes which are rotated. every few months, it's a different need. >> i think it's an upgrade because of the amount of people. the size of it and the fact there's like a whole little, whole administration on that plane. >> they're on the plane and there's an oval office with a desk that the president can sit behind. >> he can run the country fro >> i don't think he needs the 14 carrot gold plated seatbelts, i think it's an upgrade. >> so imagine being out for a walk and running into hillary clinton >> that's exactly what happened to one woman in new york, i love the story, margot was on a hike with her daughters thursday when she ran into clinton walking along the chap quad trail. she posted this on facebook and wrote, as we were leaving, i
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the clear, there she was, hillary clinton and bill with their dog doing exactly the same thing as i was. i got to hug and talk to her and tell her one of my proudest moments as a mother was taking stevie to vote for her. she hugged me and thank me. she went on the hike because she was heart broken over the election, clinton's own home is in 40 miles north of new york city, pretty cool just run into the clintons on yo >> the interesting thing i heard was bill clinton took the picture. i can imagine doing a little trying to get a picture with all three of them. how cool is that? you walk in and >> she felt heart broken, she voted for hillary clinton then to be able to say, >> her daughter there with her >> very cool >> you guys know what? i'm sure a lot of people are
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politics cocktails go hand-in-hand. >> hopefully we don't any drinking problems after the political season, a lot of people drinking during the debates. we will talk more about that
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one army officer was nearly killed during a combat run had afghanistan back in 2011. >> captain luis is still an today he got the keys to a brand new home >> bob barnard said hollywood star power helped make this happen >> it's a veterans day home coming like few others, led by a police escort to a new house on kennel worth driveway in chef case, he was severely injured by a road side bomb in afghanistan five years ago.
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avila's wife called their forever home >> this home is going to restore, independence, pride, mobility >> while we never can truly repay the debt we owe luis, we can strive to show him and his brothers and sisters in arms appreciation and gratitude whenever possible >> gary sinise helped to make this day happen. this now the gary sinise foundation's 52nd home built for ou wounded war veterans. >> there's all kinds of cool things in here that are going to allow cap luis and his family to better be cared for and for him to have a little more independence. >> it's a so-called smart home. outfitted to make life easier for captain avilla, everything inside and outside the house donated by partner of the gary sinise foundation >> the home will never be a
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home. >> captain avilla's wife claudia and the couple's three sons releasing balloons for their military friends died in the past year. captain avilla lost a leg and suffered a traumatic brain injury during his fourth tour in afghanistan. sinise played the part of a wounded vietnam in the movie forrest gum's. >> it's good to be able to take some of that success and do good for people who provide our freedom for us and one of those things is providing home for wounded service members and people severely injured in service to our country. >> thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. >> reporter: on this veterans day we say welcome home sold
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salute you. in chevy chase maryland, bob barnard, fox 5 local news the political season may have driven some of you to drink. as the weekly standard teamed up to hole their own election to find out the most popular campaign cocktail >> the managing editor of the weekly standard is here. congratulations for joining us, we're actually the winners, you're here with what the cockil winning beverage. before we reveal, why don't you tell us what you brought with you? these were not the winners, >> we started with the tradition of campaign cocktails goes back to like the 1870s and we asked people to contribute their own campaign cocktails for their candidate of choice, we had a couple of hillary cocktails. that would have been the winner if hillary had wouldn't, you remember the shimmy.
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#never trump >> and the shimmy. >> the shimmy is apple brandy and a little gingerly core, the never trump is grapefruit juice, great fruply core and gin. the winning drink was a constitution by josh holden and it's called the trump recent tantrum. it starts and we'll do this first thing we want is rim the glass, you know, how you might do sample on a marguerita. we're doing this with brown sugar, black pepper and c, a yenne pepper. putting it on part of the rim, so you can get a little spice if you want it. >> i know we have the recipe on the screen as well.
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>> an ounce and a half of vodka. >> does it matter what kind of vodka >> no, vodka is vodka. >> and two ounces of tangerine juice. >> i love that. that's the part of tantrum. >> and then half an ounce of fresh lemon juice. that's tart. >> a lot of citrus going on. >> healthy, too, sarah. >> that's right. >> then half ounce of super to balance the tart of the lemon juice. then, as if it's not orange enough for the candidate, we have other than bitters and a couple of dashes of orange bitters in there. then >> you're going to shake it >> i'm going to shake it. ? >> watch out. >> shake two minutes >> two minutes. >> >> make it really cold.
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>> this is on the menu now >> it will be on the menu through the inauguration. >> tell us a little bit about, you know, i know that you probably tasted all three of these drinks even though we have our winner here, what is your favorite? let's pass that one to sarah. what's your favorite? >> my favorite, i think, is the #never trump. >> let's taste it. sarah. >> ok. i love it. >> i do >> i like how it hits on did he have to levels of your tongue. >> you can have half ma me is a, half bloody mary in one drink >> thanks again for coming in. we appreciate it. let's have cheers. >> cheers to the election being over. >> yes, it is, thanks for joining us at #5at630. we'll see you tonight at 10:00
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: shia labeouf spits some mad bars, yo. ? >> he absolutely went bananas. he dissed drake in the freestyle. and you have to speak fluent hip-hop to catch this. harvey: excuse me, sir, i speak fluent hip-hop. [laughter] >> ok. >> dream renee kardashian. media. harvey: who's the dominant gene in this? >> it's always the kardashian gene. >> all of those women are beautiful. >> he didn't come from one of those women. he came from the man. >> but the father passed down the genes. >> what genes did rob have? harvey: robert kardashian was a very good looking guy. >> he was so handsome, they had david schwimmer play him in a movie. [laughter] >> french montana and iggy azalea are being criticized over animal cruelty. he had a big elephant over his


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