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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 12, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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loss, louisville has a loss. coach >> joel: coach peterss going to bring them back into the mix. michigan still in a bit of a dogfight. >> gus: and that should do it. the usc trojans when it 26-13. and for the record, pat hayden was right. clay helton is the coach of usc! >> joel: as complete a win as the usc has had in the number of years. >> gus: lane kiffin, steve sarkisian, none of those guys 16 straight games. downstairs is shannon spake. >> coach helton, i think you may
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forth. i see you shaking your head, what is undermined? >> college football not the greatest thing in the free world? unbelievable, pretty great atmosphere, what a great game between these two teams. >> shannon: you told sam darnold was a cool customer, how did he surprise you tonight? >> his maturity each and every game keeps growing. with himself and offensive line and defensive line putting pressure on the great quarterback we were able to put a great victory up there >> shannon: you have won six straight, including one against the fourth-ranked team, what should the headline say tomorrow? >> this was a team that those players won this game and i'm very proud of them. >> shannon: thank you so much, coach. because thank you. >> gus: led by their redshirt freshman quarterback, swaggy d, sam darnold, usc bounce off the fourth-ranked team in the nation 26-13. we'll be back to wrap it up
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>> gus: welcome back. for the taste of winning,
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washington huskies, the fourth-ranked team in the nation, 26-13, handing washington their first loss of the season. gus johnson along with joel klatt, six straight games now for sc, but they did it in every facet of the game tonight. >> joel: listen, i was so impressed with what i saw out of usc, because, like you said, every facet was able to answer the bell. this is the most balanced team this game, speaking of washington, so they had to play great everywhere and they did. the defensive line, i thought, was going to be the most thin spot of the team coming into the air. stevie tu'ikolovatu comes in as a transfer and solidifies the defensive front. clancy pendergast puts a great scheme, and adoree jackson goes out and gets a couple of interceptions. this team is a really good football team, this is the most talented team in the pac-12 on the west coast right now.
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championship game they will make some noise. >> gus: but i think the key for usc, which turned around their season, you know we have seen carson palmer. we have seen matt leinart. at some great ones have played the position of quarterback at sc. they went with the redshirt freshman, and he is certainly delivering. >> joel: i tell you what, he has changed the mindset. you call him swagger, i think he has changed the swagger of the entire team, because now they believe in themselves, not just offense away, but defense of side as well. the defense plays harder when they know that the offense is going to answer the bell and vice versa, that is what you are seeing. a lot of credit to clay helton. this guy has done a remarkable job. everybody, including me, thought that he might not be the guy for the job at the time he got it. he has proved all of us wrong. this guy is an exceptional head coach. >> gus: all right, so sc with a traditional win tonight.
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washington question mike we will answer that momentarily, let's go downstairs to shannon spake. >> shannon: down here with sam darnold. adoree jackson. lets her with you, sam. you said coming into this game this would be her biggest learning curve, this environment. what did you learn? >> it was similar to the, it was a great learning experience. i threw an interception, had a couple of plays that i wish i could have back, but i thought our whole team did a great job in this environment, especially. and it really is a testament to how well we practiced this last week. we made a couple big plays and we were able to pull it out. >> shannon: how many times did you let yourself look around and take in the atmosphere? >> a couple of times, you want to remember these moments because they don't come that often. when you do you want to take it all in, look around and enjoy the moment. >> shannon: let's go over here to adoree jackson. first i will ask you about the big matchup with john ross, you did let one get away, what did you say to your guys after that one?
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me. i knew i made a mistake, i slipped and fell, and with guys like that they will capitalize. a credit to him. but my teammates basically do the pickup for me. they tell me not to be too serious, put a smile on her face, do this. because they know every day i am out there with a smile on my face and staying positive. so it is great by them. we know there are going to be ups and downs in the game, you just to have more ups than downs, i'm a have short-term memory, so i'm thankful for that. >> shannon: where you guys started the season and the win tonight, why is it so important? >> just a testament to how you start in how you finish. we know things weren't going the way they wanted to be, but we have faith in ourselves, that is our motto. faith, family, football. you have to have faith and family, football comes last. it started clicking and i am thankful for that. >> shannon: congratulations. >> thank you. >> gus: at usc prevails, and
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here? >> joel: they have a lot to play for. remember this is just one loss. we are seeing chaos around college football, clemson lost today. you don't know about michigan and iowa right now. gus, they could still find themselves in the play off with a one loss and a conference you have a gym. >> gus: 26-13 the final, essie makes it six in a row, handing washington their first loss of the season. next saturday, see these washington huskies again as th eastern on fox. that wraps it up from the emerald city. for joel klatt and shannon spake, i'm gus johnson saying so
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this is fox5 local news at 10. right now a university ofer maryland student missing fosirr daze. she was caught on camera leavina her dorm for a plan campinging trip, but family and friends ard growing more and more worried that something is wrong. hillary clinton breaking her silence, donors how she is handling the loss and who believes is to blame.blam > gwen has the freeze warning in our hear. > thank you so much for joining us for this late edition of fox5 local newses. >> i'm lauren demarco than a i'm matt ackland. a busy night where thousands took place.
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marchers traveled down major streets and a candle light vigil was held at the white house. thousands have been demonstrating across the country against president elect donald trump. meantime hillary clinton is breaking her silence blamed her election defeat on fbi director dave comey. this as trump's transition team is in live we get the latest from fox's dug miguel way. focusrter: the to donald trump's transitionansi team as they prepare for a trump. three of the trump children are on his team with new york mayorr rudy giuliano.ano. one of the first shake understand is vice-presidentpres mike pence will lead the transition team. still no word who will serve as chief of staff, but we're told that will be coming soon. many on his team are long time
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we're trying to form a federal government and it's up to president elect trump to choose the people he wants around him. it's a very big task, but it's one that has been worked on foro many months. this comes as a protests hit their fourth day across the country, specifically some of the protestors are calling for the electoral college to be abolished.abol there needs to be a mass up rising. he doesn't have the vote of the people. hillary clinton spoke to donors on a conference call and was heavy critical of fbi james comey. he brought her e-mail scandal back in the focus ultimately causing her white house. > still no signs of universityv of maryland misstudent missing. caitlyn jones seemingly vanished
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meet a friend. lauren and matt i was justst speaking to a close friend of caitlyn. she describes her as a happy, respectful person, someone who would never go off the grid and worry her friends and family like this. police don't suspect foul play. based on their thought she would intentionally disappear would be out of character for she's part of an adventure club at university of maryland. she was planning to go on a hiking trip with a friend thee the plan was to go to shen and dough than a national park.rk. we'll so you an image capturedud inside caitlyn's dorm on thursday. you can see she had a the big backpack, an additional bag there. police say she was supposed tope head out to meet her friend on campus at the recollect center and it was that friend whoo called them when caitlyn didn't show up. i checked in with campus policeo earlier to get the latest ontest this case. you don't suspect foul play
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>> looking through all the evidence that we can see do not suspect foul play.. we're even looking at thee possibility that she left campus on her own.n. this is something our detectives are continuing to look at and we'll continue to know that caitlyn is safe.e. > can you take me just to thee timeline of events. >> yeah, at approximately 6:36 on thursday evening we received a report of a missing student. it was reported earlier that student was supposed to meet up trip. when she never showed up. it was reported. she was seen on am contact pus last by roommates around 4:00 p.m. that's the timeline that we have. anything that you're wanting'r people to be aware of or thinking about right now? we'rei really just want to make sure she's okay.ay. so if there is anyone out there that has had any form of communication with her, via some app or whatever it may be,
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detectives know.ow. we want to make sure she is okay first and foremost. > they've tried to track caitlyn that you her cellphone,y but have notou h been successful with that. if you have any information, contact police at a universityuv of maryland.ryla lindsay watts, fox5 local news.. > i hope you're enjoying your saturday evening. let's turn to the forecast. let's take alia look outside of the washington monument there.. it might be time to break out a winter coat, the gloves.ves it is cold out >> how low the temperatures aree going to drop overnight. it is definitely it's actually going to be very, very cold in the overnight hours right until your early morning hours of sunday. bear that in mind if you have anywhere to go early tomorrow morning. we're into the 30s and 40ss 40 pretty t much every where across
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at gaithersburg, 32 at fredericksburg, a chilly cold 22 at manassas both 32 at winchester and 34 gross at dulles. so your overnight lowe's are expecting to be into the 30s, to the north and northwest we're going to see some 20s and thoset temperatures blow the seasonal average. we have clear skies analyte winds. so that sets us for some raidation al cooling and as a result we have a freeze warning in effect in all shaded here.aded this kicks in at 10:00 -- it did shake in at 10:00 i should say and is in effect right throughgh until 9:00 a.m. on it definitely will effect any sensitive plants or vegetationti you have outside, make sure you protect it and please don't't leave your pets out in this weather it's really too dangerous for them as well. we were only into the 50 #-s at all three airports. t these temperatures blowh the seasonal average and forge a
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temperatures into the 6 20s.the but in the meantime 35-degreesge under clear and cold conditions. winds fairly light and variable. and we do have a about it of a warmup finally coming into our sunday forecast.reca definitely early tomorrow e morning if you're heading out to morning services or anywhere,hee bundle up. by the way, one of my colleagues said she's going to be runningng in a race so if you are going to be running as well make sure you you > we're learning new details about a deadly attack in afghanistan that left fourur americans dead. meantime the battle for months ill is continuing in iraq,q, government forces have struggled to cease control of the city. we get the latest from fox's john huddy. >>reporter: four americans were killed in afghanistan after anaa explosion at a us airfield early saturday morning.
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airfield. the state department says the four people killed include two us service members and two american contractors. 16 american troops were wounded the at bag ram air base, the largest us base in afghanistan.i the taliban claimed responsibilityba forth attack. secretary of defense ash carter release a statement saying quotg for those who carried out the attack my message is simple, we will not be deter in our missini to protect our home land and he future. this is the second attack in afghanistan this week, a suicide bomber also attacked a german consolate killing four and and wounding over 100. this comes as iraqi forceses continue their push into eastern months illinois. > they're also reports of terror group retaliating against
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their presence hinders our work. isis is using the local)u residents of mosil assed toker a and efforts to keep civilians safe is lent henning the conflict. as you know isis doesn't care about life. we care about the. following the suicide attack at bag ram air base the state department says that the us embassy in cobble afghanista precaution. in jeruseleum, john huddy, fox news. > i want to tell you someme breaking news right now from prince george's county. nrge' just coming into the news room, two children have been rushed to the hospital after a stabbing in district heights. this happened in high temperature 1700 block of dennis court. police say the victims are in critical condition. we don't know how old yet how y old the two victims are, but police say the investigation is ongoing. we'll send you a crew to the t
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county has been vandalized with swastikas. they all happened in the lastast month so what's being done to stop this from happening again. a happy reunion for a family whose dog was stone right out oo their front how fox5 helped get the pup back
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a third school in montgomerysc county has beenho vandalized. so bathroom wall at west landd middle school. fox5's a alexandra limon hasmon more. >>reporter: in an e-mail home to parents the principal of a school called it heart breakingn after several images of swastikas were found drawn onwe the wall ofre the boy's bathroor students that attend west land middle school are 12 and 13 years old and inside the boys bathroom several swastikas were graffiti oughted wall according
11:28 pm
the school doesn't know, but you in an e-mail to parents the anti jewish symbol were drawn in blew pen and glue sticks. hopefully it's just kids. > so many things are terrifying right nos w andar to see this ia middle school with children, it's definitely a big concern and i applaud the principal forr dealing with it as she did. the letter from the principal said in part, quote saddened by this incident. this type of behavior will not be tolerated. once the culprits are identified consequences will be administered in according with the mc p ps student code of conduct. she also said the school district and montgomery county police department have been notified and are involved in an in recent weeks swastikas werewt also burned with chemicals into the football field at clinchnch orchard high school and the montgomery county policecoun
11:29 pm
also a similar incident att burning tree elementary school.y >> kids are kids are hearing what the adults are talking about at this point and there's a lot of hate onte o both sides. while neither the schoolthe district nor the policeor department has confirmed who is to blame, montgomery county residents fear that kids are expressing this type of behavioa because of the current political climate p and say adults need tn teach a better way. the principal also says the students on the school day on friday. > alexandra limon, fox5 a local news. > now to alexandria where police are still investigating a homicide that took place inside a senior care facility. police say 82 year old hunter alexander was killed nearly three weeks ago.. it happened inside sunrise, a senior center located on duke streets. investigators tell us a 72 year2 old man assaulted alexander anal
11:30 pm
injuries. two days later police have note made any arrests in the case.cae fox5 reached out to sunrise for a comment but so far we have not heard anything back.hear a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in stafford county remains jail in north nor carolina tonight. roberto floor es is accused of crashing his vehicle into a woman's car on l halloween. after the crash the woman out and threw her inth a ditch and sexually assaulted her over for a two-hour period. he left a shirt at the crime scene. the sheriff's office says it received about 100 tips and one of them lead investigators to north carolina and thats ' where floes was arrested on thursday. police expect to seekeek extradition for him to face charges. > on fox5, a stolen puppy was
11:31 pm
and missing for nearly a month. that puppy finally back home save and sound. police showed video to neighbors fox5's paul wagner has thes story. >>reporter: that's cruz and he's one happy dog d home at the yard he's called his home since he was born. back on two pictures of a man and leaning over a fence. last night just before 10 polic brought cruz home but wouldn'tun say where they found him. i'm very happy, very excited that my doing is home now. we talked to the owner earlier today. he asked us not to show his face or use his name. my family is happy. we finally have piece of mind and closure now that he's save
11:32 pm
anything like this to happenpen again. you feared you'd never see him again. >> i didn't. thursday afternoon after fox55 called police with thelled information we were given two detectives went teen apartmenten in the complex across the stree from where cruz today we went to the sameme apartment. is anybody home in but no onenoo came to the door. it's unclear why the dog was taken, but the owner suspectssup the people who have thought he was being mistreated. animal control recently came to the house and found everythingan to be ind fo order. now he wants justice. you commit a crimes you need to be held accountsable for that time you cruz is very happy to be homebe and his owner is very happy to have the four month old back in the house but there's still a about it of mystery here. we don't know where police found the doing. they wouldn't disclose that to
11:33 pm
at this point they're telling us it's under investigation and no charges have been filed. > in southwest, paul wagner, fox5 local news. > let's take another look theh at forecast here's a live look outside, the air force memoriali there. you want to bundle up tonighton it's getting cold. we need a cold day. it's mid november already. gwen is in the weather center. i don't mean to give it away, but you told us earlier that if we deal with the cold now temperatures to come, right? >> right. going to be a little bit milder into the seven day forecast. but it is definitely a cold one tonight, a real indication ofndc the season as matt says we are into mid november.vemb skies are clear, though. let's take a look. ridge of high pressure is in control. clear skies, light winds all transplate into what we call radiational cooling and that has set us up for a freeze warning.i
11:34 pm
look the at temperatures here os the national map.e na you can see the blue color. that's all that cold air justld moving its way down the mid atlantic and is that definitely what we're feeling so we're not alone at all. here's a look the currentrren here's a look the currentrren neighborhood. 31-degrees at baltimore, 32 at leonardtown. a very cold 25 at manassas and 31 at fredericksburg. we've got 32 at winchester, 27 at culpeper, 30 at frederi 36 at hagerstown.age your overnight lowe's into the 30s and into the 20s. a lot colder to the north and to the northwest.the but you that cold air definitely really you're going to feel the bite of it. you might want to pump up the heat.he throw an extra blanket on the bed because you're definitelyefn going to need it. the cold air settling in overnight into tomorrow morningn we do have freeze warnings in effect in the entire area thattt you see shaded.
11:35 pm
plants or you risk luting them or. don't leave your pets out in this weather.this it's very dangerous for them. make sure they're in a warm place and not having to dealing with this.with as far as the rest of the week goes we will see some changes. back to you. > we'll see you in a a little l bit. straight ahead, what does the election of donald trump mean t for the affordable care account. what the president elect is now saying about repealing president obama's signature healthcare act
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(vo) how can we really improve health care? bring back the housecall? open walk-in clinics in convenient places? help more moms get prenatal care? or use technology to find insights that lower health care costs? maybe help doctors spend more time with patients, not paper work? what if you did all of this, and more? because it's all connected to better care, and better care means better health.
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president elect donald trump appears to be taking back a major campaign promise. in an interview with 60 minutess that will air tomorrow night says he wants to keep a couple of signature obamacare provisions. >>reporter: the reason so muchh of president obama's legacy is at stake is because so much of what he did was over the last
11:39 pm
and now just as easily as those were signed he's created am new regulations on energy productiou and the environment which are now expected to be tossed out under the new administration. the affordable care act on the coming block, repealing and replacing the president's signature aaccomplish many was a central part of the campaign. after meeting with the president on thursday he now says there are several aspects p of the law he'd like to keep it. when you replace it are youyou going to make sure that people with preconditions are still >> yes, because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. > you're going to keep that. >> also with the children livinr with their parents for an extended period.erio
11:40 pm
and keep that. hands crossed but it's something that we are going to try and > republican lawmakers we've spoken to the gop has supported them in their previous proposals to replace obamacare.maca a couple other legacy items that are going to be scrapped is the us nuclear deal and the trade deal. in washington, i'm garret > the president elect visited the white house to speak with s president obama about thehe transition of power.ower what's the transition like foror the in coming and outgoing families.. laura evans got to speak with. this is a highly chore graphed ballet on the manager of theth inaugeration when the movinge vans will be coming in after the
11:41 pm
all of the things that they have packed to come down to washington will be unpacked by the resident staff.aff. a team of almost 100 people whol are there to take care of your every need for the next four years so in that period of timee from the inaugeration to the end of the parade, your things are unpacked and your he ' settled in. >> you walk into the house and it's all there. >> absolutely. even pictures they have broughtv are put u hung in the closet and your inaugeral items are ready to wait that night. >> and the food is there for them, absolutely. > did they pick out a chef.ef. >> chris cumber ford who is there and mrs. bush hired her as a half and mrs. obama has kept her on. >> people like that are part oft the resident staff that stays on no matter who the president is.
11:42 pm
changed.chan > what about melania trump and baron because obviously weious haven't had a young boy living in the white house since jfk jr. >> > that's going to be a about it of a change, a change of pace.e. what about bringing friends to the white >> that's one of the things that i'm absolutely sure came up in the conversation yesterdayeste between mrs. obama and mrs. trim, what will family life be like in the white house. that's what mrs. obama wanted know from mrs. bush when she visited eight years ago. will my girls be able to live a normal life. >> as norm as possible.ssib that's what the resident staff is there to help you do, too. your friends and family come. picking out schools. mrs. obama almost did not come down to washington right away in 2009. she contemplated staying inn chicago until that school year
11:43 pm
is thinking about the same thing. > remember even though the election is over, fox5 still hal you covered with all things political as we get set for inaugeration day. our tom fitzgerald and ronicandr cleary will have the latest on fox5 on the hill. you can catch that every sunday morning right here.ght i'm sorry, i'm reading your lines. i thought that was part coverage. i'm sorry. all right.righ you'll get to spot a super moonr in the sky tomorrow. sky is that what you were going to say? >> that's what i was going to say. > gwen is back to explain justa how often super moons occur and
11:44 pm
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> this is fox5 local news at 10. you're home for the night and you're getting up in the morninh yoeu might want to grab a jacke. get the par contact out. we're really going to be cold. we're actually going to be intoi the 30s and some of the neighborhoods, 20s.. you're really going to feel it.. >> it's happening. itself he ' for reel. time for the woolies say. one of these days you'll explain to me what a woolies is. >> i love to be the mysterious woman, matt. definitely tonight it is goingt to be a cold one. we're going to see a little variance in the temperatures once we get into the week.k. however, tonight is not one ofe those nights.ghts i'm just going to come right ouh and tell you it's going to be we've been talking about the super moon. that means the moon is full on its closest approach.roac it's not going to happen againap
11:47 pm
see, 2034. 14 percent bigger, 20 percent brighter is what it appears like and the closest since 1948.948. that's a long time, folks. moon rice on 46789.n 43 and setting on 6:36 on36 monday. if you are inclined to be out there at 46789. 43 on sunday that will be theth brightest peak of it that you'll get to see.e. in the meantime we are talking cold conditions. skies clear, temperaturesar falling tonight and, also a that kicked in at 10:00. it's going to be right through until the early hours of tomorrow morning at about 9:00 or so.or so be aware of that. we'll show you the areas on ourr map and then sunday's cold. in the afternoon it's going toig be fairly mild as we move into the 60s, not bad and some rain by the early part of the week. today was a pretty chilly day, though, with the temperatures only high in the 50s. 40-degrees in the nation's capital, 31 at baltimore.
11:48 pm
this hour.this 30 at frederick, 3 # at martinsburg and we've got 32-degrees at cumberland. winds are fairly light.ght. skies are clear. wes ar have a canadian ridge ofh pressure building in. that cold air is really getting locked in place.plac it's not only it's up and down the entire seaboard where we see all the a cold air start ainging to fillto territories ' ' way in. we do have as a result of the light wind and clear skies aies freeze warning to talke=?y our be into the 30s and into the 20s as well.ell below the seasonal average for sure and then today our his were blow the seasonal average andavr tomorrow we're go to be a little bit closer to where we shoulduld be. here's the area where we have the freeze warning. this is right through to 9:00 on sunday. that means if you have any kindd of sensitive plants oror vegetation outside you really have to protect it or you'reyou' going to lose it. also, don't leave your pets outs
11:49 pm
we don't want to hear anybody losing their pets because of that. make sure you bring them inn where it's warm.arm. let's take a look at satellite radar where i showed you thingss are the ridge of high pressureessu keeping the air in place. when we get into tomorrow,om plenty of sunshine. like today it's going to be a bright day, but a little bit cool in the afternoon hoursafte until we warm up into the 60s. it's going to be like a graduald climb to those 60s for tomorrowf it's notor going t really warm. so you are definitely stilltill going to want a sweater or a jacket. very cold in the early morning hours if you're going to morning services or participating in early outdoor activities.. one of my colleagues said i'm going to be running a marathonma or walking, so it's going to be cold by then.. 59 by the 4:00 hour, no shortage of sunshine for you.ou. here's your early morningea temperatures.
11:50 pm
we had a big game tomorrow and here's a look at what they can expect. by the time kickoff occurs, 55 to 60-degrees, once again, lotss of sunshine, no rain, no strongg winds. go skins. tomorrow the highs into the 60s with the sunshine and as we move through into wrapping it up for you, 35-degrees then for tonight. once again, chance of seeing that freeze warning and thed t frost in the area. 62-degrees for tomorrow and the temperatures gradually start to build up a little bit for you. if you l lookit at end of the wk we're already at 65-degrees. we do have a coastal system totm keep an eye on. so by monday it looks like we could see some back to you. thank you, gwen. more on the transition of power in washington. while the presidency will changn hands from democrats to republicans. with one party in control it
11:51 pm
party in control will the grid lock in washington end. fox's molly henneberg takes a look. >>reporter: president electdent donald trump is a washington outsider but he's an outsider who knows a loft the key peopley on capital hill, republicans and deps. trump met with republican houseu speaker ryan on thursday. he did vote for trump in early voting but had not campaigned or voiced for trump in the weekshe leading up to the electionmentco still the two men said would ready to work together on legs.le trump also met with senate majority leader mitchell ma only. they have a temporary lead onmpr power but p warnedar it would ba mistake to quote, misread your mandates meaning over reach the legse. also expected to play a big role in trump's outreach is his new vice-president he elect mike pence, a former congressman who is leading the transition.
11:52 pm
already spoke ebb with nancy speak lowe's i.i. the most powerful democrat in washington is expected to be nen york senator chuck shoe mere who likely will be the senate majority leader after harry read retires at the end of this term. he's ready for some level of cooperation between both sides. senator sure mere and i havea already begun to talk. he's person and i think we'll get along just a fellow new yorker, sure mere o is and has been friends withwith president elect trump for years. trump calls sure mere on mer wednesday after the election anc shoe mere said after the call it is time for the country to column together and heal the bitter wounds from the campaign. in washington, mollie hennenberg, fox > switching gears here, a new
11:53 pm
white coat sin drop. researchers say some older people will get a spike in theii blood pressure while visiting the doctor even if their bloodhe pressure is otherwise normal. people found people with thethe white coat syndrome do t not have a frequency of heart disease. cyber bullying is something parents have to worry about. you may feel online. launching their attacks aroundhe their clock. cyber bullying is pretty prevalent. we find with kids and adolescents it's a pretty big problem right now lots of kids
11:54 pm
people appropriately and online platforms give them another way to interact where they're not monitored by p parents or teachers.te the latest data shows 16 percent of adolescents have been bullied through their cellphones or internet. the result can lead kids without self-esteem feeling anxious and depressed and parents feeling helpless. experts say keeping the lines of communication open can help. i think parents need to have ne kids about being able to speako up for themselves. for some kids that will comeme naturally. they'll be able to tell stop, i don't like it when you talk to me that way. if you find out your child is a victim t of cyber bullying, the first step parents should takee is to collect evidence whichiden means having access to youro child's social media as well asl taking screen shots of their phones. parents have to be open withpen their kids.
11:55 pm
that we have evidence to support the tack that you are being bullied. so yes, we want our kids to be able to use their social mediami and use their phones as they want, but what's more importante is that we keep them safe. telling your child you need to see action and see what they've posted online may cause some additional anxiety. psychologists say while it may be uncomfortable for you bothth you need to ride it out. it's normal farcies to freak oua when they're con fronted with a possibility of their parenty to another parent to let that person know about bullying thatt is happening. that's a natural anxiety thatnx might come along with not willing to con front a situation. not every kid will freak out. some kids may actually be relieved that their parents aren stepping up for them. researchers are trying to geto more research on situate beerber bullying and its effect. it may not always accuratelycura capture social media trends.
11:56 pm
we see it on twitter. one of the thing of going forward that i will be dealing with. coming up next in sports, thespr terps are going through the big 10 got land. after 56 point loss michigan ohio state comes to town. cot buck eyes hold them to halff
11:57 pm
my gravy had an accident. follow me. i'm usually the gravy master. my guest list just tripled. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. family deserves a new tradition... happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving.
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are we talking about college abo football. >> we're talking a little l a college football. this is a crazy dayco in college football. first time since 1984 that three
12:00 am
chaos in college football, bigbi underdog night tonight. maybe for maryland gets ohiory state or not. when maryland left the acc for the big ten there were some definite positives.os an individual 32 annual payout. the negative, well, you have toe play michigan and ohio statestat every year.r. good luck.uck. last year the terps beat michigan 56 it would get worse today.od just like i did last week i'mek going to all poll apologize tol terppos fans for this one. the buck eyes looking to impress the committee.mitt yeah, i know, bud particular, i'm sorry. q about jt barrett thrown forow two. the buck eyes pull theireir starters late.late i didn't matter if maryland couldn't muster more than threee


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