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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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immigration and hillaryilry clinton. >> plus, there are new detailsre overnight in the search for aa missing university of maryland student. surveillance video helpingance police track her down. dow >> first though a live look outside. outs hey, it's the supermoon.ermo it's monday. november 14th. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s atd traf 6:05. good monday everybody, i'mrybod' also seem. al >> and i'm steve s's welcome to fox5 news mteveorni r first up at 6:00 this morning mg though president-elect trumpside donald trump makes a major appointment within hishinis prepare for the transition ofnsf power. >> all this as he gives hise gih first television interview since winning the election.lect. holly is with us in studio on what the president-elect trump vowed to do when he tleakeses officers.offirs. >> during that tv interviewrview with "60 minutes"inutes president-elect trump donaldelec trump vowed to immediatelyedte deport two to 3 million undocumented immigrants with criminal records. we are learning even moreor about his transition team. >> ?? a clearer picture iscl
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presidency will look like.ik as the president-elect trumpctru picks rnc chair reince priebuser as his chief of staff. sta >> i think most republicans innn washington will be very happyerp with the choice of reince priebus because he is seen as someone who can go and meet with not just republicans onubls the hill but democrats.emocrats. >> reporter: while democratsr: w are protesting trump's agenda his team believes his win is avs call to quickly enact hisctis proposal. >> this election was not closeto it was not a squeak. s there's mand mandate for his 100 day agendaa as well. w >> reporter: trump has been known forte hisr: t controversii comments on the campaign trail a and on twitter.. but he's been displaying aayg different side since thece the election. >> i'm going to do very do ver restrained if i use it at all i'm go together do very ver restrained and i find a tremendous,, it's a moderns a mn form of communication. >> reporter: many are also wondter:ering if he'll still hae a special prosecutor go afterr r democratic candidate hillary clinton.
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i don't want to owa t hurt them. they're good people.eo i don't want to hurt them.urt tm >> reporter: democrats aretsre worried about a trump presidency.escy. but are hoping he will be ablebl to drop many of his more controversial campaign promises.ises >> if he govern veterans the way he campaigned willns be ae a disastrous presidency.residency. this is a chance for him to be b mag nam us in humble to work wok across the if that's the kind ofin of president we have that's fine. >> reporter:.r:. >> trump's transition team is now work on filling aboutn fi mr. trump was back on twitter t yesterday for the first timefor since friday. he sent out a series of tweets some bashing the new yorkashingt times, another's praising his supporters.te >> anti-trump protests still going strong. portland oregonp overnight. while there was some tension between protestors and police this demonstration remainedotesd peaceful. this comes a day after 70er 7 people were arrested during saturday's protests.tests. >> here at home montgomerynt county police investigating asta case of what appears to be a
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at the episcopal church of our u saviour in silver spring.r inri a sign outside of the churchhurc indicating mass was offered in spanish was spray painted withew the words trump nation. nio whites >> let's get to some othere news this morning around theun t area. the search continues fortinues whoever stabbed two teen boysen at the wheaton metro stop sto yesterday around 3 o'clock in'c the afternoon just inside thetid west entrance of the station.ti police say the two victims are 15 and 16 years old.ld. both are expected to survive.ure two security cameras areerasre directly above the spot of the incident. incident. for two to three suspects who they say kneayw t thehehree vici >> prince george's countynce father is behind barsge accusedc of stabbing his two young children. this happened at a home on o genesis court.gesis earlier in the day 25-year-old5d christian dillard sexuallyn assaulted a woman he oncdie hadh a relationship with then he he fled before police got there. te he returned that evening andni a that's when police say heay h stabbed his two andnd three-year-old sons multipletipl times. both boys are expected to survive.
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the search for a missingthis fos university of marylandersity ofd student. >> overnight police sharedight pe details ofsh some confirmedrm sightings of the young woman. fox5's melanie alnwick is live, though, in college park,k, maryland, with the very latest good morning.good >> reporter: good morning, steve and al s i want to show you some of these fliers thatera have been up all across campus u for the last few days.s. 21-year-old kaitlyn georgeyneorg hasn't been in contact sincece thursday.thursd now, friends said that she was w planning onplannin planning on hiking with her her boyfriend but didn't slow upt sp to their meeti police say there's no reason to suspect foul play friendsplay and family as you can imagine are worried. worri >> detectives looking through all of the evidence that we've received do not suspect fouluspu play. we're even looking at the poeven lssibility that she has f campus on her own accord socc this is something our detectives have continued to look at and we'll continuesontis until we know that kaitlyn is okay.ok >> reporter: university ofayte maryland police told usland they've been p able to tracee te some of kaitlyn's movements.itn
6:05 am the driver says she waser saye dropped off at a marina in baltimore's federal hillore's fl neighborhood then securityod tcu footage shows she got into anan suv that appeared to bed b waiting for for h she was also seen on a charm arm city circulator bus in baltimore friday morning butninb that is pretty much the end off the trail.rail kaitlyn george is 21 years old, 5 feet 3-inches tall, 121 pounds with lays sell eyes e and blond hair.h she was last seen wearingn wring black leggings, a sleeve jacket and multicoloredto socks. again, police tell us that,ha again no, reason to suspecto s foul play but it is veryt it is strange that kaitlyn has not kai been in contact with anyoneone she knows even over the longthel weekend so we don't know whatw a this morning will hold andd and police say, again, they willy ll that continue this continue th investigation until they knowthk that kaitlyn is okay. o live at university ofrsityf maryland, i'm melanie alnwick,i, fox5 local news.ew >> all right melanie. melanie. lots of questions in thatqu
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hi tucker.hi t good morning. mor >> hey, good morning. morning guys check out the >> yes, saw it this morning.orng super bright.sur br >> i think i saw it last nighttt more so. so. >> allison still having issuesiu like it was bright but -- but -- >> i think i've seen more.nor i think i've seen brighter. bte there have been some moonsome ms that i'm like -- i think it's ts a light and it's the moon. >> it's also where it'sere it' positioned in the sky.thsky. it's particularly bright inrit its rising and setting. setting >> this morning it looked likei a big old sky. >> amazing. ome on comon-- c allison.n. >> oh, yeah. >> take nothing away from it.ino >> gorgeous. look at the detail. >> it looks like an orange an oa when you peel it. you p i >> with that little spot on st the blend sure does.e >> get out and enjoy that ifbl a you get a chance the next half hour or so because the sunau the will get up and the moon wille be setting here shortly.. 37 chilly degrees at reagan national 27 dulles up in7 lles baltimore at bwi marshall 31sha1 so much of the area waking up u to below freezingreezin temperatures. we'll be in for a cool one dayce
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eventually a couple of rainof rn showers.showers. see the showers down across acrs the outer banks, east of northor carolina, a storm systemrm systm that's going to crawl up thep th coast here later today and i i think it will bring us a few a f showers in time for the evening rush hour. so, plan accordingly.ccording most of your day will be dry. 57 definitely jacket weather j here today.oday increasing clouds and againudd g some late day showers. swe >> thank you so much. tha you >> let's say good morning toay g erin get a look at yourou traffic now. 6:07. >> good morning.>> gd mo tucker and steve both got h cuts.ts >> right. >> they're so cute. >> they look great.>> the>> >> uh-huh. t >> i noticed.hey look g don't think i didn't. notick ii' >> we take turns.>> we he had ata lollipop while i waited to get mine cut.ine cu >> always have to take it toit t like that weird place. i don't know why.hy >> yeah, i agree.>> yeah, i >> good news on 66 in manassasas an earlier crash that was blocking the shoulder cleared. r traffic still slow from 234rom prince william parkway pastkwayt sudly road.d. it's about a 15 minute delay. d volume increasing towards 28. 28.
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not seeing it in theenthre cpoat however 395 north from 110 to11o the 14th street bridge is jam packed. show you a look at the hovk at v lanes because unfortunatelycaus they are just as jammee d.unfoa. you can see some very heavyy hvy traffic there heading over thert 14th street bridge as well. wel give yourself about 15 extra 15a minutes to get from the bottomtt of the beltway across the beltw freeway volume increasing aslume well. as we look at our maps we'll move things over police activity on the eastbound sideta of seven. center lane is blocked out at belmont give yourself extra time in timn that area.thatrea. head from leesburg past 15 on seven. let's see if we can forward we w our maps.aps. we have some other slowdownsloow you need to be aware of.ed tbe a a crash 95 southbound inundn calverton moved over to theto t shoulder. look at that long line of yellow as you make your way towards beltzville jammed upltzv from north of the icc down to do the beltway. good news is the outer looperoo from 95 over to georgia is ill quiet.t. as you can see 295 on the northbound side we had anwe a earlier crash by benning
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bridge has some stop-and-go traffic. your heaviest just south of 50 and 50 inbound from cheverlym towards 295 also slowing this morning.morng. other delays that you need toys be aware of. thabe awa of. 66 eastbound we showed you the d you can see that yellow zonelo z turning red. 270 southbound backing up fromnu frederick down to urbana and a 95 northbound slow in stafford and then again through dale d city on the northbound side.nord allison and steve, back toack you. you. >> major victory for toyota tot truck and suv owners after the t company finally settled a a billion >> new video out this morninghio of the devastation in new in ne zealand one day after that massive earthquake rattledake re that region. we'll take a look.ook. the crowds stranded on an island. a close look at the othere
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today we're gonna be comparing the roll formed steel bed of the chevy silverado
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first, let's check out the aluminum bed of this truck. wooooow!! -holy moly. full on crack here. now let's check out the steel bed of the silverado. i'd expect more dents. no holes. you don't have to wait until black friday to make a strong decision. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> ?? >> those are earthquake sirens heard throughout new zealand moments after a earoughou searc8 earthquake rattled that country. strong aftershocks continued andersh continue today. today you can see some of thoseofhose animals stranded there now. the. the prime minister traveling tri to the epicenter today.he e the south island coastal towpinn popular with tourists. toust this morning two people have p been confirmed dead severalsevea others injured. injured landslides and a small tsunamisi triggered by the quake also
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>> to paris now and a sign ofsio hope one year after the deadlyta terror attacks that killedhatile more than 100 people.eopl to honor the victims dozens of o people floated paper lanternste down a canal in the city. consumer news now. n now. toyota agreed to pay more than t $3 billion to truck and suv owners whose vehicles lackedse v proper rust protection. the settlement covers one ands n a half million vehicles take a look tacoma trucks made from frm 2005 to 2010, sequoias from fro 2005 2007 to 2008. the vehicles frames will be replaced.pled. >> big road win for theig r seahawksoa that could end up defining their season. goal line stand tom brady cannot correct to rob to gronkowski. gronko a healthy russell wilson threw r three touchdown passes to doug baldwin. final score this afternoon to
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people still talking about the supermoon. >> i think they will throughout the day today,hink t. a live look outside as we headea to break on this mondaythis mony morning. there's a look at the white house. weather and traffic on the 5'se fic he dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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>> the supermoon has been s lighting up the skies for the last couple of days and we've been get somethingup gerrep attd pictures via social media someia stunning pictures from alll me over. ov look at that. wow. from leesburg what a great
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fredericksburg shining brightbug as well. biggest and brighte s st moon in nearly 70 years. yea tucker barnes as we look at we t these great pictures stanley virginia representing.resein so tonight is kind of the big finale for the supermoon.upmoon >> we're not going to see n goi much. >> that was my question. will we see any more. >> nott wall m we uch.uc we'll get clouds here prettyhe soon. >> if you're awake right nowht n you should go look out theook ot window right now. n go run outside. >> yes, it's moon set.n s. the moon is setting so it's so s absolutely beautiful out right t now. yeah, gorgeous.ous. pictures by the way.ctur this weekend really today somee needed rain will be moving in here a little later tonight as we've got this little weakittl little area of low pressurere here off to oura south. sou let's talk about wintryut wintr temperatures to start your y day. 37 in washington.hingto leonardtown you're 32 degrees.rd 31 ineg quantico. 20's fredericksburg isg i 28 degrees.28 23 in manassas.ass. 27 dulles.le 27 in freezing temperatures in the mountains as well so most ofpea the area with the exception ofxi annapolis and here in washington we're a little lit
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freezing to start the morning.m lots of sunshine.lo moon will be setting. setting sun will be getting up hereng very shortly and the first fir half of the day we'll have'll hv some sunshine but we'll get g clouds moving n we have this heh little tiny area of low olo pressure, really it's very ver weak kind of chugging up the coast and by late thise is afternoon and this afternoonfteo we'll have a rain showers that r will linger throughain tomorroo morning. keep that in mind if you'll be out later this afternoon, ino think after 4, 5 o'clock todayct we'll have a few showerswe pressure.. otherwise most of you will be nice and quiet daytime highsme s t the 60's. with the cloud cover todayeroday we're not going to warm it upngt a whole lot.o ole t. there we are at 7 o'clock. 7 o'c you can see some of then see meo showers starting to move in so s i think we'll be generally dryad before then and then overnight tonight we'll get some needomne rain. we really need the rain aroundnu here and we'll keep theeep t showers in the forecast. that's tomorrow morning'sromorn commute.ute. tomorrow morning we have to get ready for a couple showers around here. morni herer a 's your foarrecast for y monday. 57 increasing c i mentioned the showers ahors
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winds out of the south at five a and noing too extreme this week as temperatures bounce back into the 60's, maybe mid, i 60's, mid to upper 60's by0's friday saturday although ith i does look like much coder airh r gets in here by the end of next weekend so nice novemberr continues for the most all right, let's see if --f erin friday nobody is going toot work or school. >> look at skyfox. >> that you go. >> question for you tucker is as >>it in s infor its the studio hallway? 'cause it feels like it's about aut 20 degrees out there.. >> yes is yes. is >> grab your jacket is what is h the motto of monday morning sori unfortunately a lot of heavyely volume today, nothing like the e quiet veterans day commute weras were seeing on friday. outer loop in college park d sel that's where those taillightsigs are or brake lights i shouldhts say from 95 to you're jammed up with about a 15 minute delay right now.ow inner loop pretty heavy as a well as you head towards 95 so5s be prepared for that one. o we'll switch it over right nowvw and show you a look at one ofoua our cameras. camas hov lane super backed up on o 395 northbound across the 14th h reetet bridge. jammed back to 110.
6:19 am
way. way. crash reported on the bridge.rig what we are seeing is a a lot l of congestion.geion. we'll switch it over to ourr maps. as you wake up in leesburg weeee have police activity eastboundai seven. it's blocking the center lanestn asbell mont ridge and you're yor banged all the way to w t battlefield so be prepared forpr that one. some super heavy delays onen search eastbound right let's see if we can forwardtboud our maps and show you whatha else you're up against thisinst morning. morn very slow moving traffic asffic well 95 northbound fromrthbnd f fredericksburg to the aquiahe au harbor.ha you hit that slow down throughgh stafford as you head past city. traffic also backed up dale uda city across the occoquan andccud some heavier traffic leading teg through newington as well. w inner loop bottom of the beltway still quiet but 66 but because of an earlier crash on 234 prince william parkway all a the way to sudley road we'red wr going about a 15 minute delay.ay centreville things are 28 through chantilly lookingoo good right now but seeing slow moving traffic inside the t beltway on 66.n 66 eastbound through falls falls church watch for that one.haone. more slowdowns you need to beow
6:20 am
because of an earlier crash byrb the you're jammed up for severalor r miles leading down towards the beltway. baltimore-washington parkway better bet. metro is on time except for safe track. allison and steve. >> more and more peoplewash cutt on ti gettingalliore moreetting rid of cable tv opting for a a streaming service instead so s now at&t wants to get in ont the growing business. >> all right.e gr nies. cable compa plus the mcdonald's cultd's cult favorite mcgriddle back in b select locations.ocns now theirs an app to help you a find it if you are one of are of those people who wants to. >> mcexcuse me.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor
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>> 6:23. new streaming service to consider but first we'll check the markets right now. joining us from fox businreesamk network studios laurenosn simonetti. shooting for yet another anoth record today >> yes, we dow futures surging.ging 100 points.nts. they surged almost a thousandhon points last week. best point gain ever.oi best pe than 5 percent in five years. we're going to take it,cent i we calling it the trump rally. overseas markets doing prettyars well today as well. today as wel so, your 401k have to say s steve it's looking pretty good. >> not bad at all. bad at a let's talk about the at&t t not now. we've heard so many peopleeople cutting the cord.cutting the cod i'm using the care quotes toquos get away from cable so now the t cable companies look likempanie they're trying to capitalizepi on that in their own littlewnit way.
6:24 am
tv coming out with their streaming service. variety reporting that 100 tha10 plus channels will be included e everything from disney to hbo ho to stars, no espn as far as we e can tell. and the base price and i'm not t sure if that means you get allea of those channels or just a jus couple but the base price is i $35 a month. mon if you sign up. they're giving certain're gc customers an apple tv device dev to stream for free or a fire tv stick depen you sign up for.or. nonetheless if you're thinking y about cutting the cord, maybe my this is what makes you do it. di >> it's interesting.esting. and it's also interesting howtiw much power espn still holdsol when it comes to cable to ca television. >> reporter: i know. rorter: >> those super high subscriberre fees. >> reporter: nfl rate rags down.r: down. espn is struggling but yesng they still do have a lot of o clout among sports fans fan willing to pay to watch. watch
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to us we think it's pointlessois and now apparently they the government is also saying why sn are we spending all this moneyey on things we don't really knoweo what they're doing.y're doing. >> reporter: in an audit of aud the postal service, it was found that the u.s. ps commissioned over six years 97 different studies to help them improve their efficiency,icie right, to make things better, be to get back in the black and make money they can't even figure out a way to categorize and organizedz these studies.esudies this audit report found that tht they gave them six weeks toeekst locate 30 of the 97 studiesst then couldn't do it.ouldn' it. so they get a failing grade gra for not organizing theseg these external studies that areal sest expected to make them managehema themselves better.themselves be. >> okay, all right, well, it's,' not a good thing.od t how many times have we heard had the studies and we're just like oh really we needed a
6:26 am
have as many studiesism we don't know how much they cost. . the postal service doesn'tice ds have to tell us. when you look ato te the report the price tags are redacted. a d >> that they did find.they dd. lauren thank you.lauren t see you again tomorrow.n morrow happy monday.da 6:26. 6:26. >> reporter: bye. >> bye. >> okay. >> hi. >> hi. >> jacket weather.>> >> yes. >> yeah, cold -- it was cold c yesterday morning. morning. this morning temperatures are in the 30's here in the city.s h lots of the area in the 20's. >> okay. >> have you peeked at thee onon. >> (howling). >> now that looks like a cheese ball. >> it does kind of look like it. >> it looks like --ike >> looks like an orange peelnge on the ends.nd >> the cheese puffs, the roundou >> can we bring back the howl h of the hound dog again. >> that's kind of spookyt'kind actually. >> there you go. >> thank you, tucker. that's>> thank beautiful. beaut. >> my pleasure.leasur >> is there a special filtere a on this. >> that is a good question.uestn.
6:27 am
appear -- >> is this a live look right now? now? >> skyfox hos haas got it.x i don't know what kind of film they have on it.ho whathav >>e beautiful. beautul. >> we got some rain showersn s moving in later today.oday. 37 now in washington.hin. see the little rain showerstle n down into the s carolinas. caros that will get in here late heret this afternoon. afteron your morning hours will beni w fine. we are going to cloud up.p. we're going to have showerse probably after 4, 5 o'clock o'c today. >> thank you. >> all right, 57. 5 >> all right. chilly out there now though. thg how is traffic looking? goodkid morning. >> good morning. 6:27. >> 6:27. not looking so delays and some crashes. cra this is a look at 66 eastbound b out by the virginia visitor's vr 7234 prince william parkwaynce l all the wayia to sudley road arr you jam packed. early crash on the shouldern thu cleared. give yourself to get through elf that sea of congestion aboutbo 15 to 20 extra minutes.utes. sluggish through 28 as well. we. other delays you need to beeed o aware of this morning as youou head out police activity onice c the eastbound side of sevenboun out ind leesburg.eeurg. center lane blocked at belmont t ridge.dg because of there you're backedhe up to battlreefield parkway. paw
6:28 am
moving traffic.raffic. fourteenth street bridge theretr is a crash confirmedee so we're' seeing delays back to theto pentagon. give yourself a few extra minutes allison and steve. >> coming up next an update on x that missing university ofit maryland student.landtude >> plus, the skins managed tons hold off the vikings up up u next it's the packers and wend e know what happened last time te green bay played at fedex.edex >> this isn't last time.ast tim. >> this is 2016. thi that was, too. this is the fathll of 2016. >> yes. went got a dance all the way, >> taking you to the break.he be
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>> ?? >> nothing spooky about it. it's only super,hing s right, t? >> only souper is. only so it's the supermoon that youhat are looking at and yes, all my m little questions were wer answered. that is exactly what it looks io like right now because the sun -- it's doing its thing. thi that's like the i didn't ying at yang. the sun is trying to come up. u. that's why it looks prettyre orange because of all of the ecflections. isn't it pretty? all ptty? right. it's balanced and equal and weud ive it. welcome back to fox5 newsfox morning on a monday morning.orng we will have weather ander traffic on the 5's at 6:35.5. first though at 6:30, the the search continues for up to for u
6:32 am
teenagers at the wheaton metroet stop. this happened yesterday. h this was arounapd 3:00 in thein afternoon middle of the day of d much police say the two pe say victims are 15 and 16s old.ld. they knew the suspects. spe both are expected to survive.. it's been days since the university of maryland student has been seen by some.ome. police don't suspect fouluspectf play, though. she hasat because been seen by surveillance butilt some in her family haven'tily ht seen her. h 21-year-old kaitlyn george wasno last seen by loved ones lasts la week her own accord. witnessed have seen her iner i baltimore getting on and off a bus. bus. this missing woman from burtonsville 24-year-old last ls seen on saturday evening alongng autumn glen circle.tun police say she's a homeome healthcare worker and was caring for a client nearby. for she was driving a a 2005 nissan murano with georgia license l atates. that's the car. take a look at it right there. e
6:33 am
steve over to you.steve ov >> all right, al, thanks so, alk much. 6:33 right now. now time for your morning line. l we'll break down the skins bigkb win against the the vikings. vis wisdom martin and easy our lucky >> we watched this game we watc yesterday. coming in minnesota they had th been struggling.en strugglin >> yes. >> yes. >> still though it was tight. t most imphoressivuge part of thee game for me yesterday was the te june forms. f the uniforms they had onun yesterdayif i loved the back uniforms. >> i love the jerseys but whyysy didn't they match the helmets. l >> that's a question thata quest needs to be addressed becauseadc they didn't match >> don't matter. we won the game right. [laughter] >> i guess we need to talkne about the game yesterday.the what stood out the most fort for your in the first half of theofe game. >> first half vernon davis. >> fountain of youth. this guy i mean he was on the basically on the trash heaprashh with denver and san francisco,d, san francisco traded him toancic denver. he didn't do much and thenndhe
6:34 am
he's a beast.ea >> he's a homie, man, d.c. in d the that's how we do that. >> looking good in that uniform. what about you can steve. >> i thought the offense was looking pretty a good.boutughto. rob kelly kind of delivered. ded shy of a hundred. hundr kirk did what he does.e he's a very accurate passer,as he's doing well. what i did not like and i i thin dk chris baker summed thiss upper if he can'tly after thee e game -- >> right. a teamthis is a team that has yet to learn how to put a team away.away >>t'hat's true. >> r >> and they continue to lety cot that opportunity to lose it lose come into the picture.tu >> four field goals, man. we cannot just -- can't be fields goaling it. we need seven when we play we good teams.eams. >> when you play a legitimateege team.. >> >> did he first looping much looked pretty good yesterday. >> princeton. yesterday.esorkloopinretty interceptions sacks.. they looked good. g big key to the game for thee fot defense. >> pressure. >> yes. >> fresh you're in you need youy that against greenbaum we havesg
6:35 am
so, look, when you're talkingng about green bay we'll forwardor to green bay because theyause te already beat minnesota. green bay got smokedot ske yesterday. they got smoked by tennessee.mon >> they're coming in as ay' com wounded animal. a >> which could be a problem. a are ron rogers they got beat t down they could step up theirhe game against washington.hi what are we expecting for thisgs week? >> i'm expecting to us really rl try to shut down the widee receivers. they got cobb, if they try to throw long then t i think our team will dominateat and shut them down.m down. >> from a running back b standpoint for green bay steve s green bay don't have much. >> wounded. >> starks is back with them but he's not a hundredrks is percent.ent. >> no. talking talkiu're about a one dimensional team t coming up against washingtonashg and they play good defense. defe >> i think you go in with the positivity of knowing tennessee put a serious hurting on thennmesse yesterdays
6:36 am
expect to blow out green bay.. they don't need a running back c because they have aarone aaro rodgers and they have four receivers hoop can catch the ball. ball. if you can score 35 you win the game. >> call it can s steve. steve >> there you go. >> 31-that i've. >> that's my monday call.ha we'lt'l sees if we get closer.. >> win by seven. >> i'm going to reserve theesert trite give my pick later.ick >> and i'm going to enjoy the gn fact they beat the vikings. vin the vikings were three gamesthre into the season four gamesse beseay were the best team in the nfl. th >> so, look, you got a great win. wi don't say you're beating a team that's reeling. rli had you a great win yesterday.r. >> the most important thing i took out of yesterday's game those uniforms were nice. n >> little to the redskins.tle >> find a helmet to watch it. >> find a helmeta he to wlmatch. >> university of maryland canofl do that awful all red thing -- g i did not like that but at least they matched.matche >> yeah.
6:37 am
>> okay. i love it. i >> wisdom here's my thing, though.ou nobody buys any of those retroeo jerseys.jerss. >> i like them though. thoug >> maybe nobody here buys them but in other places they do. >> mars? i've never seeni've ns anybody wear them. t >> some of my friends downy fen south who are hard core hd co pittsburgh steelers fans theyanh sent me a picture yesterdaye ye with the bumble bees on it. >> bumble bee, yeah. >> talking about the skins.king >> i'm talking about the skins. >> okay, well, i can't address d >> thanks fellas. >> maybe they're not drasticra enough. maybe they need to be like l striped or something crazy.ometa i don't know.don'no >> that was funny.un >> thanks guys. g >> let's do the forecast.o re soup moon out. beautiful start to the day. >> chilly out there.out t >> there are your regionalreouri numbers. off to our west, hey, locally ll off to our west everybody isdy below freezing so it's a chilly start we'll be only in the 50's 5 today. we're going to quickly cloudcklo up. see the clouds down intodown i southeast virginia and north anr
6:38 am
bubbling up down there that will roll up coast thishis afternoon t it will bringit w local showers by sunsett tonight.tonight. by 5, 6 o'clock we'll havee'llav showers. showers tonight and earlynight y tomorrow morning before weow mo clear it out of here.clear most of the week isit o dry. i can't promise that later l this afternoon and tonight wehtw won't get some showers aroundrsn here. we need the showers so we'llrs w take it. >> i know. ckenk you very much tucker. erin good morning.d morni gooood morning. unfortunately a lot offort problems allison on the roads. 6:38. this is a look in woodbridge ada crash you can see the flashingg lights blocking that leftef shoulder and left lae. this is right at prince princ william parkway and you'reand jammed back to dale boulevardlea so from dale boulevard to bouled prince william parkway veryarkwy heavy delays. he south that of points you're youe slow through stafford as well. delays lingering by the virginia visitor's center 66ente eastbound you're jammed from fro 234 to sudley with very heavy h traffic and then again stop agap and go conditions from 28 ass you get into centreville thenilt inside the beltway you're jammed as well. w top of the beltway outer loopher by new hampshire from 95 overm e
6:39 am
traffic is moving. moving. no crashes but because ofra congestion you are up againshstt about a 25 minute delay right r now. we'll go lady and take a look lo ourur maps. some other crashes andes and slowdowns.s bowie southbound 301 a crash crh at excalibur road south of 50. heading northbound stoppedd traffic just because ofaffic jub congestion leading towardsecau s as well. inside the beltway throughtwayhr cheverly 50 inbound slow.slw. seven eastbound even thoughen all lanes are opened at opene belmont ridge an earlier crashla and police activity cleared.ce you're stillcl jammed withmed w residual delays back to battlefield parkway coming out u of leesburg. fourteenth street bridgete there's a crash delays all the way back to the pentagon andalo you're slow moving thone theinn inbound side of the freeway. back to you. >> you may have noticed all over your facebook and yourr ou twitter and your instagram feeds those joe biden president obama memes so what sh is this whole thing about? abo some of them are so funny.o funy have you seen them?m? plus a speak justice makes her opera debut here in thee t district. we'll take a look.
6:40 am
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today we're gonna be comparing the roll formed steel bed of the chevy silverado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck.awe. yeah! first, let's check out the aluminum bed of this truck. wooooow!! -holy moly. full on crack here. now let's check out the steel bed of the silverado. i'd expect more dents. no holes. you don't have to wait until black friday to make a strong decision. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> back now with what's trendw i on the web this monday morningty and what's really trending is these vice president barackdentr obama memes. they're in conversations that are con jveust made up basicalle the captions this one like joeeo biden is proposing a way toay t prank president-elect trumpesid
6:43 am
president did you replace all thedid yo toiletries with travel sized bottles and biden's ben reply he's got tiny hands i hani want him to feel welcome here. . that seemed a little bit moretlm mean. most were funny.most w that was a little personal. pera anyway okay. oy. coming up next, it's back.k. talking about the mcdonald's mcrib. i know. calm down. down. he likes them perhaps.. the cult favorite is nowit available but only at select and now there's an app to tell t you where to find them and the t app also friends directions to where whee you find the sandwich like l what bruce springsteen is doing here with his friends. fen there's one catch it's only oy available on the iphone.. sorry droid users you lose.e. group of bikers in new jersey have quite a story to ll.l. after a veterans day event -- e- stick with me.e. last friday they pulled overey p to help aul strandedtrde motorcyclist. that cyclist turned out to be
6:44 am
amazing and the boss bruceru springsteen. everything we do we mean tomean do, steve. back to you.c to yo >> time right now 6:44. 64. why some adele fans think shehie is extending her tour. that's coming up in the fox t fx beat. beat. if you have a news tip share sha it with the us, (202)895-3000 or
6:45 am
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>> what a beautiful morning. >> pretty.>> prett >> beautiful sunrise, sunri beautiful sunset.unt. we're off to a beautiful start.t. chilly out there. overnightre. g lows in the 20's and low 30's.s. we got a little rain in the the forecast late this afternoone th and tonight as an area of lowrew pressure off to our south and east kind of pushes up the coast. co let's start with the coldstart h temperatures.eratur 37 is note reflects tiff ofs tif most of the area.mostf th that's leonardtown 32.dtow2. 31 in quantico, 27 in frederick this morning.ed 25 in manassas.ericmassas. 32 in winchester. winchter. looks like just aboutabou everybody with the exceptiony wi of right along the bay here and reagan national at or below freezing to start yourt y morning. chilly start.. only in the 50's this afternoon. cloud cover moving in here pretty quick so you saw thecove sunrise. the dayf sun to start but again we'll turn mostly tury cloudy by early afternoon.y af i think by the etvening rushning hour, by 5, 6 o'clock tonighton
6:48 am
area of low pressure that's coming up the coast will getf l into ourthe coas rt egion and al give us the possibility somebile of scattered showers around here later tonightttered overnin into the morning commute cmu tomorrow. in fact, futurecast will do al d nice job showing you that. that. there we are at 8 o'clock 8 tonight and again some s scattered showers.ttered showe best chance will be kind ofll b south and east of town. t get down you guys in southernouh maryland lower eastern shore s have the best chance of some beh of that th nightidnie at mid tonight and again maybe a little batch of rain right bat along the 95 corridor ande 95 co we'll keep tr hat threat aroundo through the morning commuteth tomorrow. that's tomorrow mo we clear it out by tomorrowro afternoon. that's our best chance of rainf r is w week. 57 today. late afternoon showers, windswei out of the south at five and a u quick look at that seven-day.-dy lots of above normalbove temperatures by the end of the week. however, there are somere some indication that is by nextti week we're going to be much,onbc much colder so enjoy theseoy temperatures in the 60's. all right,atur erin is basket it can see things are frantic --ntc hectic. hect >> they are. >> busy. >> yeah, right now it's 6:48 6:4 and we are taking a look atk
6:49 am
side a crash blocking some ofsoo the local lanes out byout b montrose. because of that, you respectou t parked solid all the way back wb to shady grove road.hady traffic is really heavy for several miles even before that point. if you're heading down to tthedn spur keep in mind local lanes super jammed up because of ao big crash by montrose.e let's show you 95. 95. 95 on the northbound side at sid prince william parkway there'sae a crash blocking the left shoulder left lane.shlder you're jammed back to dale to d boulevard with some very heavyya traffic. keep it to the right and watch h for slow through traffic. we'll take a look at our maps. m you can see the delays on theeln 270 southbound side from that 70 to the spur but againag notice that red. that is where thingces get get really jammed up because of the crash at montrose.tros 95 southbound heavy delayseavy l from the icc to the beltway. bey a long line of red supposed supo under 20 miles an hour. look at this.der 20lookth the southbound side of sid baltimore-washington parkwaye-wa not necessarily the best alternate. heavy traffic as well headingnee elleadi from the baltimore beltway btw
6:50 am
before 95 on the outer loophe oo over to past georgia you're inou for about a 30 minute delayute y with heavy heaolum things on the outer loopp jamming up through greenbelt with some heavy traffic as well. 66 eastbound from 234 to 28rom 2 the delays have grown.avgrow you're in for about a 35 minutes delay from 234 to the23o beltway and slow throughgh annandale on the inner loop.e oi here's a closer look at that t 95 delay because of the crash tc that is out by prince william parkway heavy this there.hehe slow across the wilson bridge.ri 395 northbound from an earlier i crash at the 14th streeth t the pentagon.enta metro is on time except for safe track surgery 10sa imfepa tcting the red line. >> future fairfax proposed propo bike lanes. bike l they are holding the meetingee in the cafeteria of terra set elementary school. officials are looking tongo
6:51 am
and happening today, gianto food in landover joining forces with the washington capitals to give back to the communities. they'llco deliver 2,000 turkeyse to the capitol food bankood ba they'll go local families andocn communities members in need.iese the donations will kick off a three-week good drive at all 167 giant stores.167 gi >> a lot of really cool events t planned this week leading up leg to the redskins salute to sute service gam it will be next sunday at fedex field.. today at marine corps based will part pate in a play 60lay 0 combine rotating throughhr activity stations.tis. some redskins players will be to cheer them on.hem >> ?? glikes s51n days health ht watch good news for millionsod of people who suffer from f arthritis. and use medication to manageo me that main pain. study finds celebrex is no riskier for the heart thanhan some other painkillers thatrs are tough on the stomach. celebrex was tested against prescription strengths strengths
6:52 am
24,000 people with hearte th het disease or a high risk for it. i drugs proved similar on heartn risks with few side effects.ts. the government required pfizer to do safety study after theftee popular and similar drug vioxx v was taken off the market 12 years ago. ago >> if you want a healthy heartha it's not always about having han go genes.s. healthy living also impacts impc your risk of heart deal. new research shows that peoplecs cut their chances of having ach heart attack or other heart problems in half if you just yos don't smoke, eat well, well, exercise and doctors say your dna is not your destiny and in fact we and have a lot of control over o what happens to our health so s lot of benefits there to geter in a little better shape.shap >> all right. >> time for today's fox bea>>t.b this morning we start with at wa bit of a downer.owner. remembering a legendaryegen musician and song writer.
6:53 am
>> that's rock and roll hallhall of famer leon russell. russe of course he died in his sleephd yesterday at his home inome nashville.shlle. russell's 50 year career began b back in the 70's it includes collaborations with bob dylan d rolling stones elton john heston recorded hit songs like a songag for you, tight rope and lady blue.ady russell's wife said he had a heart bypass surgery in july. jl he was 74 years older.. >> wrote songs for amymy winehouse rolling stonesus carpenters all over the place in hisrs all decades and writing. writi it was another big weekendee at the box officers. oic dr. strange did well oncestra again nge the marvel based movie starring benedict cumberbatch another $43 million pulled in. that brings3 mi the three weekee total to nearly $500 million worldwide.ide. the film also helped disney dis notch its best box officers record of the year.recof trolls took the second spot with $35 million and then thehe new release that kevin and all a the critics loved a rival came
6:54 am
and then hacksaw ridge in thegeh number five spot. adele's 10 month american tour i comes to a close on november nem november 21st final tour willt be infi arizona. arizo >> she may plan a tour in australia and new zealand a32 ad aired during prime time in those countries. all the commercials show adelede saying hello and that's it. hello and that's it.and at's the singer has never played alae show in those countries.ntri earlier this summer the singer planning a tour in australiaaura so we have to wait and i'm going tod plan a tour a aou pretty good hint.pretty good >> ihi think there might tip yoy off a little bit. 6:54.6: >> justice ruth baeder ginsberg jus made her opera debb >> she was on stage playing the duchess of crying thorpe.g p she read her lines in englishng instead of french.of
6:55 am
big show. show. >> they did a parody of her on saturday night live.ighte. >> i saw that.>> saw >> and i can't get that out of t my mind now. n >> that's exactly what i wasi king ong of. >> watching her on the stage.r n if you follow our t youlow entertainment and movie guy movg kevin mccarthy you know he travels all over the place to interview a-listers.-lisrs >> today he's on his way to a pretty awesome assignment toweso experience what it was like tohl film some of the wildestil scenes in the upcoming movie assassins creed.s creed. >> kevin is tweeting cluesetingl use #where is kevin going ifevif you wants to take a guess.toake >> we're all jealous.eaus time for our facebook fanoo of the day. let's say good morningof t to james today.ja >> james celebrating a birthday turning 25 yesterday.ty so he was nominated by his momis who tells us that they watchhewa fox5 together every morning. moi they cannot start their dayt ar without us and hey we feel thee same way about you guys so we hope you had a great thanks for tuning in.g i >> james hope you have a great g day today. today. let's see if you can make it a t
6:56 am
hi tuck. >> isn't kev downstairs. >> don't give it away. don'tive >> all right.ll right. >> i'm not saying he's not butst don't give it away. >> won't say another w we are featuring 37.ri 3 it's chilly out there.there. 37 is in town. t most of the area at or belowelow the freezing mark this morningtg so jacket only in the 50's for daytimeme highs today and after aafer beautiful sunrise an beautiful t moon set, we're going to cloudng up here pretty quick.up hui see the rain showers down inin o thewe carolinas? they're they' getting in here by late this leh afternoon and late thistern aftern into tomorrowun morning'sorng commute and then right backt b into crews control with nice weather for the rest of the week. all right.r for th has got more roads andds more headaches. headaches. >> just wait until you see you s this tucker.r. notice the blue route fulle fu trees. great falls foliage.eafa >> gorgeous.ll >> terrible traffic.>> look t at 270 southbound you're bake parked for several miles leading to a crash at montroseke road. ro it's moved over to the righted o shoulder but that doesn'tat change the fact that the local and through lanes areesre completely jammed. jme speeds under 10 miles per under hour. you're going to hit a ton of
6:57 am
through urbana and basicallyur from shabady grove to montroseos you're parked and then heavyd tv traffic towards the spur. spu give yourself from frederick down to the spur about 45o th extra minutes. that tneed it on southbound side and keep it to d fox5 news back with more news, weatherat and traffic on this monday in i just a few. few.
6:58 am
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>> ?? this is fox5 news thi morning. >> up now at 7 o'clock in hisn first tv interview sincein election president-elect trump donald trump opens up aboutsi what he'llde dorump ope next. n what he's saying about theabouth nationwide protests againstde p him, immigration and hillaryro clinton. >> and it's not only the highy level of white housee appointments we're keeping a keg close eye on but what about whab every day federal workers.eral . there are hundreds ofe hu thousands of workers here andera they're about to get a new n boss across the country. coming up the fcrosederal agencs bracing the most though for a f >> also new details overnightw in the search for adeta missingi university of maryland student. surveillance video helping police trackance her down. dn. >> and a live look outside onutn this monday m it's november weather and traffic coming upg on the 5's at 7:05.5. good monday morning everybody.dy i'm allison seymour.lison seymor >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning.or first up at 7:00 this:0th morning president-elect trumpes donald trump makes a major appointment withinidenrump his administration as he's swifting working to prepare tope for the transition of power. >> this as he gives his firstst


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