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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 14, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> ?? this is fox5 news thi morning. >> up now at 7 o'clock in hisn first tv interview sincein election president-elect trump donald trump opens up aboutsi what he'llde dorump ope next. n what he's saying about theabouth nationwide protests againstde p him, immigration and hillaryro clinton. >> and it's not only the highy level of white housee appointments we're keeping a keg close eye on but what about whab every day federal workers.eral . there are hundreds ofe hu thousands of workers here andera they're about to get a new n boss across the country. coming up the fcrosederal agencs bracing the most though for a f >> also new details overnightw in the search for adeta missingi university of maryland student. surveillance video helping police trackance her down. dn. >> and a live look outside onutn this monday m it's november weather and traffic coming upg on the 5's at 7:05.5. good monday morning everybody.dy i'm allison seymour.lison seymor >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning.or first up at 7:00 this:0th morning president-elect trumpes donald trump makes a major appointment withinidenrump his administration as he's swifting working to prepare tope for the transition of power. >> this as he gives his firstst
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office. holly morris is back with what trump has vowed to do when he takes over office. >> reporter: he was busy last week atafterkeorte winningw already getting right to it.o all that of happened during a tv interview with the show "60 minutes." president-elect trump donald trump during that intervieweleca vowed to immediatelyt inte drver two to 3 million undocumentedume immigrants with criminalna records and with just over tworo months from inauguration we'rean also learning even more about at his actual transition team.ea a clearer picture is formingis g of what a donald trump presidency wl as the president-elect trumpru picks rnc chair reince priebus b as his chief of staff.ef of sta. >> i think most republicans inni washington will be very happyy y with the choice of reince priebus because he is seen as someone who can go and meetnd m with not just republicans onli o the hill but democrats.emocrats >> reporter: while democratsrats are protesting trump's agenda his team believes his win is ais call to quickly enact hisct his proposal. >> this election was not close. it was not a squeaker. there's a mandate thereas n andt
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agenda as well. as >> reporter: trump has beenter:t known for hisrump controversialr comments on the campaign trail and on twitter.wier but 18 -- been displaying aayg a enfferent side. >> i'm going to do very v restrained. it's a modern form ofm of communication. >> reporter: many are also wondering if he will stetir:llwl have a special prosecutor gocur after democratic candidatemocr hillary clinton. con >> she did some bad things yng want to hurt them.want i don't want to they're gun people.n people. i don't want to hurt them.nt >> reporter: democrats t arets e worried about a trump but are hoping he will be ableea to drop many of his more controversial campaign >> if he govern veterans the way he campaigned it will be a disastrous presidency.stro this is a chance for him to be mag nam muss. trump's transition team is working on filling about 4,000
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mr. trump was back on twitterwi yesterday for the first time te since friday. frida he sent out a series of tweets some bashing the new yorkashi times others praising hisng >> meantime anti-trumpnti-tr protestors still going strong.ti new video from portland oregon niernight. the demonstrations did remain ri forecast most part peaceful.ost this comes one day after 70 people arrested during d saturday's protests.turday's pro >> here at home montgomerye county police arecoty p investigating a case of what appears to be politically charged hate vandalism after the saviour in silver spring.r in a sign outsi sde of the churchrh indicating mass was offered in spanish it was spray painted with theay words on the bactrimm nation whites >> all those protests againstros trump's election don't seem tomo be slowing down.lowi this past saturday in new york 25,000 people outpee demonstrating. >> taking over all over ---- taking place all over the t country including in the in the this raises questions aboutionsa what might happen at thiss upcoming inauguration.ugatio fox5's bob barnard is lives l
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is there a way to even gaugeo ee an answer to that bob? good bod morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, allison andepor steve.e yes, i think in terms of court c precedent there is a d.c.e .c based civil rights group thehe partnership for civil justiceil which actually this morning is s going to the u.s. court of of appeals for the district oftric columbia. they have been trying for for years to stage protests along ao pennsylvania avenue.ania this is the parade route for for the president on inaugurationurn day from t be in front ofn the trump hotel.p hotel this is where this group would like to w have a protest an organized planned permittedertt protest on inauguration dayugioa also one down at freedom plaza a few blocks closer to ther to white house from here but so b s far the government has beenovnma fighting it and they have notanv won. they have not prevailed in thele past so we'll see. they'repast going back to courtt again this morning.again in terms of the protests,ms of we've had them here as you y showed in portland oregon,n, they've been the most ugly butg
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but on "60 minutes" donald trump tru was asked about it.was as in the past wekeek he has takenk top social media on twitter t initially on wednesday nightht criticizing the protestorstestos then backing off a little bit. . here he was with leslie stalllil on 60 minutes last nightmi talking about the protestsabt going on across the country. >> don't be afraid. aai we are going to bring our country back but certainly c don't be we just had an election andn a sort of like you have to beha i mean people are protesting.te. if hillary had won and if my people went out and protestedted everybody would say oh that's ta a terrible thing and it would io have been a much differentn a attitude. there is a different attitude. iffere you know, there's a doublent att standard here. her >> now trump was also asked about the vandalism that's tha going on and some of theomof hateful things that have beenins happening across the country. the vandalism, the swastikas swk
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the church in silverth spring hh looked into the camera last night on "60 minutes" and told t people doing those kinds ofoingt there towns stop it, guys,op g stop it.t. >> bob thank you very much. >> hopefully people hear thatt ugly. >> 7:06 right now. 7:0 odod morning.6 >> lay, good morning m.ay morni chilly temperatures.illy hope you got a chance to getto g out and enjoy that supermoon sur last night.last night. it was beautiful. beautiful moon i have trouble with that.roubleh i don't know >> 'cause you don't often say it moon set. ng yeah, moon set this morni along with the gorgeouswith t gr sunrise. 37 now at reagan national. a look at h in baltimore 31 degrees.ees. everybody with the exception of right along the bay and downtown d.c. at or below freezing this low pressure so cd temperatures. we'll bring us first cloudt cl cover i think by midday andby mn then late this afternoon and and this evening some scatteredcaerd shower best chance will be 95 eastas and south although all of usof at least with the possibilitye o of rain -- rain showersow overnight tonight intoght i
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so, more on those details detai coming up but again the rain rai will hold off until late afternoon. cool today. only>> mid-50's. >> be prepared.pared. >> thank you. >> check in with erin see ifseei we're prepared for traffic onfon a monday. a >> well, right now skyfox now s still over 270. beautiful view. beautiful view looking at the at trees on the road. 270 crash montrose road aoa crash moved over to the right parked from shady grove torom a montrose. thin h unfortunately from frederick down to shady gravy we're alsog dealing with a lot of stop-and-go traffic. traff so motto of the story this of th morning if you're waking up ineu frederick or urbana leave the te house about 45 minutes early. ey you'll need the extra minutes. 355 your best alternate.lterna stop-and-go traffic. northbound side nice and quiet.t. live on 95 out by prince pnc william parkway earlier crashlir did clear.did you can see it's just blocking n the shoulder right now.ow all lanes opened.ned.
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dale boulevard.dale b let's take a look at our maps. . we have another crash on 95 this one in stafford. it cleared off to the shoulderhe by courthouse road.. from 17 all the way up past p 630 very heavy traffic from fm fredericksburg through stafford. we're just seeing a lot of delays once you pass aquista ssi harbor things open up.p. 95 northbound that's a better ar view. you can see that co> ngestion through dale cityyu and then some stop-and-go-g traffic towards the mixing min bowl. bo on the inner loop we have ae crash on the northbound side sid it's just north of 66.f 6 so braddock road to 66 heavyvy stop-and-go traffic over thec rt legion bridge as well on theon t inner loo more traffic be in a few. a f 395 still slow.low. metro is on time except safeep track. steve. >> this morning the search continues for whomever stabbed two teen boys at ther wh wheatot metro stop around 3:00 in the afternoon inside the westhe wes entrance of the station.e atio the two victims are 15 and 16nd1 years old.ld both expected to survive security cameras are directlyec above the spot where theere incident happened.nt happened. police say they're looking forh'
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say did know the victims. >> a prince george's countye gee father behind bars accused of stabbing his two youngis t you children. this happened at a home ond a dennis court in districtn distrt heights on saturday evening. police say earlier in the day d 25-year-old christian dillardtid sexually assaulted a woman he once had a romantic romti relationship with.tiip w then he fled before police got there. he returned that evening andd ththat's when police say hee stabbed his two and three-year-old sons multiple-old times. both boys are expected to survive. >> new information thisew iti missing university of marylandei student.stent. >> overnight police sharede shar details of some confirmedrm sightings of the young woman.ofg fox5's melanie alnwick iswick is live in college park, maryland, with the latest. lates mel the question is whoion w reported her missing.. she might have just actuallyt walked away? >> reporter: well,lked actuallyl the person who reported her missing we understand is the un boyfriend that she wasriend th planning on meeting to goat hiking on thursday evening, evei
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when she left her dorm on dorm campus for that meeting andeetia they were supposed to go hiking in the shenandoahhenaoa national park at least that'sk a what she told her friends frien though police say there's nore'n reason here to suspect foulpectf play you can understand why w family and friends arere worried.rr >> detectives looking throughs all of the evidence that we've ' received do not suspect fouluspf play. we're even looking at the possibility that she has left h campus on her own accord soccord this is detectives continue to look lk at, we'll continue until we w know that kaitlyn is okay. i oka >> reporter: university ofversif maryland police say they haveol been able to trackic se ome of kaitlyn's movements.ts. they say that she got into a int white taxi at 4:44 p.m. p thursday and left campus. cam the driver says he dropped her r off at a marina in baltimore's federal hill neighborhood.borhd. then security footage fromrom there shows she got into an
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waiting for her and she was shew seen friday morning on a charmnc city circulator bus also therehe in baltimore city. c kaitlyn george is 21 yearsorge y old, she's 5 feet 3-incheshe tall, 121 pounds with hazel eyes and blond we're told she was last seen see wearing black leggings a long ln sleeve green jacket and multicolored socks.icol friends told fox5 that they5 the really didn't see any unusual uu behavior with her.ha wit it was pretty ordinary thatdina she might go hiking. hikg. she did -- was involved in an advetu university of maryland. they say she's happy andpy a considerate and really justy puzzled as to j why she has nott been in contact.ontact. the last time anyone saw her friday so over the weekend wkend also no contact so far with her. her. police say again, no reason to o suspect foul play. we don't know what they knowt tk that they haven't shared withhad us but we know that they say say they will continue toonnue investigate, steve andatteve allison, until they know thatiln katie is okay. oka live in college park, i'm i melanie alnwick fox5 local
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are searching fory this missing woman from burtonsville. she's a 24-year-old.year-old. police say she is a home healthcare worker and she was w caring for a clients nearby. she was driving a 2005 nissan murano with georgia licenseense ateses. next, a lot of people peo still talking about the did you see it. >> you'll get another chance tonight hopefully if theget t clouds cooperate.oopera did you see skins held off the vikings. >> yeah.h. >> talk about what the winning g quarterback and the coach are
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>> we've got some viewers that t have got really good views. vies if you have the fancy camera cam you can knock it out of the part. >> i just got tweeted out ateet the bay a viewer sunrise thisset morning along with the sunset. >> really. >> simultaneously.ta >> will you show it. w >> one is eailst one is west. >> we saw what the clouds wereer doing and how the moon looksn lo all orangey. orang >> thanks for all the photos. >> uh-huh. >> is it my turn?ur >> yeah, i guess it is ka okay. >> we're not running toounnioo smoothly today.. >> it's monday after all. all >> here at fox5 you know it'st's a monday mor needed rain in the forecastast late this afternoon and tonight. most of your day we're goingre g to be just featuring someturingm cloud cover and then we'llen wel have a few showers around aro later this afternoon.ter all right, let me mention theth cold temperatures. 37 in washington.hiton. 31 up in baltimore. 25 in frederick.deri dulles is 26 degrees.grs.
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chilly temperatures here toere start the day locally andal a regionally you can see some youe chilly temperatures as well, pittsburgh, detroit, columbusolm all at or below freezing thisinh morning.rn there's our frontal system. ste not a lot of energy with itit i but just enough it will bringbrg us a few showers here i'd say around five, 6, 7 o'clock o'cck tonight and then the showerhe se threat will linger overnightig tonight into that morning morng commute tomorrow. so, if you're going to be out later dan tonight umbrella u probably needed. >> but it will be out of heret r quickly. honestly we need the rain.d thei we're about four and a half half inches behind where we shoulde d be for the month. we'll take whatever we can get.get. >> thank you >> check in with erin see how sh our commute is moving.ov >> i was having a little chate t with wisdom. he thinks the top of my dress d and his tie is pink. i thought it was purple. i'm confused.onfuse >> it's like a magenta.agta >> fuscia. >> we'll get to the bottom g that of t of >> nailed it.>> nailed i >> nailed it. all right, right now tucker is s walking back to his desk,ises
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we've got this. this. the whole team is in here this monday morning.nday skyfox over 270 stillstill crawling. crash by montrose> crh by roadblocking the shoulder. shode from shady grove to montrosetr you're parked. north that of points from 70's downf topo urbana a ton of tonf stop-and-go traffic traffic. trf beautiful view of the trees there. we'll switch to our maps. 270 not the ournly problem areaa for your monday morningng commute. commut 66 eastbound remains sluggish from 234 to 28 and really the delays extend all the way toallt the beltway righeht now. inside the beltway throughelay t annandale very heavy traffic trf loop by 66, that did clear offio to the shoulder but again again those delays still exist backxib to braddock. throw 95 northbound very heavyya from the beltway to about seven.sen. 110 across the 14th street bridge more standstillndil traffic. you have did you several about u 25 he can tram top battle thatat congestion.cong that youes can say is not delayy feature on -- delay
7:19 am
traffic. c. about a 35 minute delay. delay 95 south jams from the icc down to the beltway. beltway. we have a crash blocking the shoulder baltimore-washington parkway south of 198. heavy traffic there as well soao allow for extra time. still dug sluggish throughgish r stafford on 95 northbound.thund. at least metro is on time tim except for safe track surge 10a0 impacting the red line.redin allison and steve. steve >> time to talk a littlee football. big game day yesterday. dterd redskins brought home a bigughta old w.old w >> let's bring in our otherth big old w the highlights.hlights. >> redskins they haven't beenavb doing too bad this year. >> right.>> r >> minnesota on the other hand o started off hot but you known tw what they faded faster than the smell of cows in -- >> finish it out. out >> the smell of cows in a a pasture during a summer breeze. >> yeah, that was a lot to tha wait for. >> it wasn't.>> it w >> that means they stink. sti. >> yeah, i know. but it's like from 55 and it's i like growing straight and then t
7:20 am
>> it didn't seem as quick as aa some of your other ones. os. >> i got some more. more. >> okay, i know you do. >> redskins took care of ce o business holding offer the rapidly fading minnesota vikings. washington looked ready to run away with theooke game after a 4 to zero lead.erlead suddenly the vikings out of yens vance dime life asfe as quarterback sam bradford racked up 20's unanswered up 20 po'sints but the kicker blareicl walsh playing like a plug a p nickel as my grandfather usedthe to say. say do you know what that means.ean >> no. >> >> a nickel way hole in.n. >> it missed another extrar exta point. fourth of the season.urth of the job security is going to be ana issue for him because if youaufo can't kick, you need to goo home and sit. sit. then i get crickets. criet >> you can't kick you need toee go home and sit. >> redskins get the w.skint th that's the bottom line. l nice uniforms. can we get a amen on the the uniforms. >> amen. >> 26 to 21 the final.6 to they won the game. 21 ththon they won the t game.heon tame.
7:21 am
the dallas cowboys. cowboys. because they were playing thee g pittsburgh steelers and youeru know back in the day and i'my ad talking about back in the 70's, this was like must see tv. we're talking about staubach, the doomsday defense, tonyy dorsett versus the steel curtain, bradshaw, stallworth,tt swann. that's the way it was back in wy dae day.wa yesterday's matchup kind ofup k looked like that as far as thett slugfest that was going on.hat o so let's talk about the highlights.ghgh pittsbur v and the cowboys, well, theyl, t got this guy, his name is ezekial elliott. he's a >> look at him. >> look at him run.atim r he could be a track star as a well.we all right.ll r. >> okay. >> seven lead changes in this game. game six failed two-point conversions and ezekialki elliott late in the fourth pittsburgh got clever. we'll not see it. roth of roethlisberger turnedr t
7:22 am
touchdown ezekial elliott put p the nail in the coffin for the r black and yellow. yello dallas wins 35 to 30. they're playing baltimorepl next. that's the first time dallas daa has won eight straight glimpsege since tony dorsett was a rookie. they went to the super bowl won that year as well.t to tth a >> i saw all the traffic online people saying it wast wa like the most exciting gameg me they've seen in years.seen >> it was amazing. i is amaz now here's a look at the the standings.stdi dallas eight and one. one new york giants five and threene in seconds place, washingtonto five, three and one and those nasty philly eaglesy e they're in the bottom five and a four. fo they're the only ones thatonly a haven't won a super bowl.r bl. that's all i'm saying abouting next up for the burgundyurgd and gold playing the green bay packers that lost three lost straight but that doesn'that matter 'cause they got whoopedoo yesterday by the sorry titansryt which means they'll be madans when they play the burgundyay ty and gold.ol could be some drama. drama not good. >> revenge game for the skins. >> let's hope it's better thanta
7:23 am
>> or the small smell of a cow c pasture during a summerme >> what he said was if you if y can't kick you have to sit. sit. >> didn't really rhyme but i'mt going let it slide. virginia helping veteransia get jobs in a hel growing indusy ahead of the thanksgiving holiday rush t.s.a. making itshs easier to.a sign up for precheck. details coming up
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>> ?? >> welcome back. chilly temperatures. 37 in washington but we got lots of 20's out there early this morning so cold temperature to start>> yourillyy it will be a sunny start but cloudy finish and believe itievi or not we got some rain i feel like it's been weeks wee since we talked about anyked out substantial rain and littled lie bit of rain shower activityr acy and a weak area of lowa pressure to our south justwe to fluff to bringju us clouds this afternoon and i think in time te for start of the second halfd h evening rush hour we may have mh a few showers then shower swe threat continues orn passes to our east into into tomorrow morning's commute. so, most of the week is going to be fairly dry but our best chance of showers really for reo the next week or so will be b later this afternoon overnightfr tonight and early tomorrowomorw morning. here's your seven day.nay then we warm it up.p. temperatures back in the 60's.0' cool today. t 57 your daytime high.ig all right i've done my part. p let's see if erin can deliverelr traffic where people are goingoi more than 7 miles an hour. hou >> ooh, not looking soso
7:27 am
right now 95 northbound delaysnd from 17 to the aquia harbor. earlier crash by courthouseuse cleared.cleare look at that long line of red. . a slow roll out of of fredericksburg throughic stafford this morning and then we have more delays earlier crash by prince william parkway dh by pld heavy delays leading towards tow dale city across the occoquan.oa you break up a bit and then sluggish traffic throughic tgh lorton and keep in mind you're'r jam packed on the inner loopoo from braddock up to 66 and 66 a6 is slow 234 to 28.8. and then again to fallso falls church. once you get inside the getd well. and there's a closer look at a those inner loop delays. more traffic in a few.w. at least metro is on timeim except safe track. steve and allison. >> not onlystev the high levelhl what appointments we'reointmente keeping an eye on. o what about every day federal evd workers. >> hundreds of thousands ofeds you about toof get a brand new n the federal agencies bracingenca
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
?? >> back now 7:30.>> donald trump's first key key appointment rnc reince priebus b being named chief of staff andfa chairman steve bannon theannon e founder of conservative news site bright will be chiefef strategist and senior counselorl to trump.rump >> we're getting closer look at just who president-elect donaldl
7:31 am
with at the white but what about the not so high profile appointments? whatment about the lower level federaledl worker and that includes more than 300,000 of you here in the d.c. region alone? will yourilu job feel the impact from theom e trump presidency.ncy. >> we're talking about this this morning with tom host of federaf news radio and max foundingoundn president of the partnership fof public thanks for coming in again.or ca do appreciate it.t. >> good morning. good >> max, let's start with you asa far as what happens when ithat the point tease, what do peoplee have to look forward to or not now? >> well, it's a time of great gt uncertainty for everybody as yob mentioned. you've got the white house chiee of staff and the start of a of white house leadership team, but even there, they'll be about 505 people total that will have toav be put in place by the trump team before the inauguration ana then there are 4,000 politicalal appoint tease on the agencygency side, then as you suggested 300,000 employees that are tha
7:32 am
the united states and the world so we got a long way to go heree before there's loft lt understanding about what thatina leadership is going to looktingo like. li transition team has a giganticc task in front of them.fhe they've done early work which was very important, but as i said last time they're sprintini that marathon.aratho >> we're showing a graphic ofwi that break outng there if we cod show that again of the 4,000 -- 1,217 confirmed senate spacese a and hopefully we can see thateea again so we can explain m down there.. what are the up sides and down n sides when you get tapped on the shoulder to serve here in ann appointed spot?d spot? >> well, it's an mazing thing,gi because it's a crazy obstacle course he is special physicalcia you're one of those 1100 senate confirmed folk. you have to go through a veryer large fbi background check,heck, ethics review by the office of o govern ethics.thics. then once you've been throughveb all that vetting andee get announced you have to then haveh bunch of other paperwork, youwo have to fill out for each senate committee.te
7:33 am
that have jurisdiction overictio these nominees they all have their own forms their own own process much you have to have ay hearinou hg.arin you have to get voted out.voteo. that process can extend throughg a year plus of a new administration. so it's very very challenging.h. with that said, there's nohere o better job in terms of the o the ability to make a difference one the world's largest stage. so those that get tapped,ped, they're in for lot of challengee but it's the kind of challengell at the end of the day isday is incredibly meaningful.ngful. >> tom you talk to federalalk er workers all the time on federalr news interesting scenario on the one threatened to quit their jobs if not donald trump became yet to see if that will actuallt happen then those who are nowrew maybe excite the want to work for the government who didn't d' before.bere. so on the big picture here, we've heard of a possible hirinn freeze when it comes to federalr workers. >> y we have. therepeople leave might be opportunities for others? how is this going to shake out? >> the hiring freeze i thinki ti every president proposes that.ot this goes back 30, 40 years ands
7:34 am
looked at hiring freezes andzesd found it doesn't have any affeca on the ability to manage the size of the government there.ov might be a freeze that's largely symbolic. we're publishing a survey off federal employees that says fors the large bulk of career federal employees, this changes cha administration will not change c their plans as to whether theyty were going to leave any way orao stick around any way. w >> you think there will be job openings for people in the peope federal government now?ral gove >> yes, there will. wil i think there's going to be -- - it's going to be depend a lot ot the agency trump big plans fort epa, big policy issues under the obamahea administration that affectedtion hundreds of federal career employees.emplees. they could be deciding this ists not for me any more and for the bulk of agencies thoughh very little will change.nge >> are any agencies vulnerable?e >> we heard a lot on thenhe campaign trail.. >> there's vulnerable i thinki h the general services att administration is vulnerable a i
7:35 am
they woke up in shock after ther election i'll stick around forlu the next administration.trat they'll all be but as far as the career peopleo some of them will leave.l l i think the bulk their plans won't change but you asked about vulnerable as, gsaepa a lot of vulnerability because of hugef h policy changes they'll comey'lle about. >> we hear so much i'll let you combine this with your thoughtrh if you want to finish we hear s much about the top appoint tease having to go through any type of confirmation, et es the ones kind of behind thed scenes the next tear the lowr el levels does that seem to take uk the bulk of the transition time. >> general the top that is the t most challenging because you have a very defined and challenging process that theyhe all have to go you're building teams and that's really important because youor want to make surtae whoever youu put in below the top leadershipp actually can work effectivelyece with the leaders themselves andd that they're involved in theve choosing. whole process itselfss its takes a ton of time but the the reality is that it's much easier
7:36 am
white house than to state the clinton -- mistake clinton administration they tried toried staff the agency before there te white you got to do them tame. them ta real quickly ba tock tom's point and the question about whetherbe they'll be jobs.'ll beob it's important to remember that only 6% of the work force is under the age of 30 and so agaia back on hiring freeze, you think about this. there are more people over the age of 65 than under the age off 30 in the it profession.feio so we do need to see some newe w government, and i think theink e opportunity for the trumpunit admiy nistration is to actuallyl make change in good way.ay >> and real quick before we let you go, if our viewers areiewe e interested they want to worky wk fort federal government is there one-stop go to place to get the information?rmn? >> usa one place theyce can do go. 73,000 veterans hired in 2015f5f you're a veteran great time to t be looking at the federal government. >> alas because we've look at that website myself.cause websi the mprocessys of even applyinr
7:37 am
>> that's the place to go.thplac as daunting as it may be. maye. >> that's a good place to startt >> if you know somebody they ca guide you in. they can't help orgeat job butat guide you through theu throh th bureaucracy. >> through the process. theroce >> tom, morning you, max, thank you very much. y thank you >> let's head over to tucker and get a look at our forecast.oras it's cold out there, tuck. >> ever blow freezing with thewh exception of downtownceptn washshington. chilly 37 degrees. let's get it to only in the 50ss this afternoon with some scattered, yeah, believe it or o not scattered showers aroundd here by late this afterno 32 in richmond.n mon 37 in d.c. 32 pittsburgh and againga everybody to the west of downtown this morning is at ort below the freezing mark to start your day. beautiful sunrise out there. t see that little area of green on off to the south and east downaw into parts of carolinas that'shs going to bubble up into ourin region later this afternoon.ften first it will bring us cloud clo cover and eventually scatteredcr rain shower activity.r act the rain will hold off until after sunset tonight probablyrol after 5:00 p.m. start to get t g
7:38 am
tomorrow morning's'c more details on that momentarily. all right. erin is back with busy roads. >> all right. 7:38 .ightowk w nitow we are taking a look at safetrack surge 10.tre affecting the red line noma-gallaudet to fort totten. metro has been pretty quiet andd time.e. buses will romaine trainsins between fort totten and gallery place green or yellow line anine option for you.or y. brookland and rhode island ian stations remain closed. close taking a look at our roads 70 south 70 down to the spur lot ot stop and go traffic things getst heaviest through germantown down to the spur. you're dealing with about 45 aut minute delay earlier crash by montrose road cleared to theohe shoulder.ld northbound bw parkway a cerrasht 198. delays on the northbound sided s back to powder mill roa southbound traffic very heavy hy down towards green belt as wellw and 95 southbound from north ofo the icc to the beltway very slow. outer loop jams from beforeore route 1 over to georgia withia about a 30 minute delay. del inner loop a little heavier atva that location as well.l.
7:39 am
blocking the shoulder delays too landover road. roa we'll be back in just a fewstew moments. keep it to fox5 news morning. mg
7:40 am
7:41 am
>> new study shows teen girlstuy more likely to develop s ptsdsd after experiencing trauma thanmt teen boys due to difference infc the brain.. teen girls that processingss emotion can is different when
7:42 am
ptsd. pt larger in traumatized boys. in a smaller in girls. girls may benefit from differene approaches to treatment.atme the latest toy sensation the hatchimals.hi there you ther they are eggs that hatch into io furry creatures and they arey already sold out. out once they hatch they go throughr three life stages right now youa can get one on e-bgeay fo hundred, thousands of dollars is you really reallyan really want it. and finally, yes, al. a >> i wondered -- wonre >> vote now.. >> good enough.eno dallas cowboys running back ezekiel dominated for pittsburgs running for 200 yards.00ar the cowboys win over ther steelers. could it get any better for the rookie.ok he got a call from lebron jamesm after the game. gam it's well known lebron is a a cowboys fan even though he playa in cleveland and is born and bna raised in cleveland but it's okay. okay. >> you like who you like. le wh >> okay. look at that. zeke is what it says.tays.
7:43 am
lebron than hatching thing. >> what are the three life thr l stages. >> the last one not going to eno well. >> that's what i'm saying.t'what >> okay.>> well, where in the world isin wr kevin mccarthy? here's a hintsh for us. wait. we'll give it to you next.ex plus, more cheating atgt volkswagen where the company thm found in some of its luxury vehicles. we'll be right back.
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
>> leaf changing. 7:45. 37 degrees on this monday morn>> 37. that's really chilly.eallchilly. >> yeah. >> hadn't stopped to reallyn't think about it. >> a lot of bright colors outol over the week end.over you can still see them this t ming. real pretty out there if you cae deal with the temperaturesre.. sunshine, though.ugh. >> it's cold.. >> i regret running out though o coat today. >> that's why we're here. we're >> you told me. >> you need a jacket.t. >> yeah. >> all right. first of all, shout out to liz ll, irthda >> happy birthday liz.. >> hi, liz. >> she tweeted me and said ca >> there you go. go. bippy birthday. >> very cute family by the way.t sent me a bunch of pictures andd as promised there was your super moon set at the same time at t a sunrise looking differentifre directions. bill sent that from leonardtown. >> very nice.. >> isn't that pretty. >> real writ pretty.rett >> gorgeous.>> g spectacular out early this but cold. >> like it.ike >> so cold i'll keep moving.ov >> i would like everybody to seo
7:47 am
super moon.oo >> what are you representing.seg >> super moon. moo >> oh, super moon.. >> super moon getting a shoutg o out. >> that's right. ?? >> i've been working on nt.ewew moves i'll be unveiling over the next few days. >> i don't think you should do t too much.hink. the classic is good. >> super moves.. >> okay. >> all right.ight >> super moves. >> go for hold you back. >> right? >> yeah. >> working on new stuff.orng o >> okay. >> come on he can erin, you knok you like it. >> got needed rain maybe rain i this would not be so much durinn our daytime hours but later thii evening as we get into afteraf sunset tonight.onight 37 in washington.hito all right. ay you canay you the w see everybody is cold this c t morning. 32 in quantico does freezing. fz >> thank you.nk you 32 in leonardtown. 25 in frederick.deri 26 out at dulles.uls 30 in winchester so again veryiv chilly temperatures.peratures. only in the 50s today. tod be prepared here for cool one definitely jacket weather and wr eventual al cloudy day.. clouds will move in pretty quici
7:48 am >> tomorrow afternoon we shoulde break back out into sunshine asa it moves on through.ou there we go at 7:00 tonight.0 n. south and south and east you'vea got the best chance fstor showeo and then it will kind of move ii on top of us over there web at 1:00 o'clock.. perhaps good rain along the bay, and through that morning commutu tomorrow morning 8:00 and kick k it out of here by middayda tomorrow and then right back in the sunshine for the remaindernd of the week.hek so let's hope we squeeze outze good rain showers later tonightt 57 today.. increasing clouds again late dad showers. will hold offdfft until after 5:00 p.m. tonight t there's your seven day. day.
7:49 am
forward to by the end of thee de week that. may be the end of it looks likek it will be significantly coldere next wee we may have a lot of days in tht 50's next week. wk. erin. >> all right j. >> i was like allison i didn't d bring a coat this morning. mning >> i need to give you a shoute o out because you were like 50e people away, right? >> >> how far away are you.e y >> 50 people away on twitter. >> okay. >> what's your twitter at >> at erin fox5 d.c. >> you'll have 10,000. >> yeah.>>h. >> so sweet. >> tweet me at tuck they arek ta fox5 i'm only 10,000 i way from 25,000. 25,0 >> it's all about his glass is half full. >> thank you. y >> tucker that was very nice.r i know when tuckerat is in a sws mood on monday morning. mning. sometimes he's grumpy.he's grump we all know this. this. today is not the case.y is n >> as you make your way on 270 2 southbound from 370 new crash c another crash by montroseonos roadblocking the shoulder. sho you can see beautiful treeifulre blocking our view but notice hot the traffic behind it is reallys slow. about 10 miles an hour so extrat time needed from urbana down d
7:50 am
again through rockville once you get to the outer loop parked upu by new hampshire avenue fromnu route 1 over to georgia you're u in for speeds under 10 miles ann hour. and it's about a 30 minute delay right now.. energy in your opinion heavyn passed connecticut forwardingyod our cameras we do have someav other slow downs around the aree right now. n this is look on 95 northbound aa prince william parkway delaysely back to dale city. cit we also have a crash between the fredericksburg and staffordd border and because of that we'r' seeing delays back to three t plank road and you're all par back to you guys. >> thanks, erin.hanks,n. it seems there are more cheating issues at volkswagen.kswage volkswagen and its luxury unit u audi have confirm these fresh irregularities it's currentlyre investigating carbon dioxide dii levels in some audis both gash and diesel powered awed decembec are affected in this it follows the year longron emissions scandal related too cheating software installed on 11 million diesel poweredsel volkswagen.
7:51 am
before you try to rush to the t drive through keep in mind youru first going to have to fly to italy and then rent a car andnd drive your rental car throughcah the drive through at italianan mcdonald's if they have such aea thing. >> okay. dot's do it. >> burgers a bunch of chocolate hazel spread between a soft a st sweet role basically -- - >> chocolate sandwich. >> basically a chocolateholate sandwich. >> yes. >> >> nutella on mcdonald's bun. yd >> all right. >> but there you go.>> if you happen to be in i btaly.. >> you sound like there'sehe something wron nothing wrong that.thg wr virginia trying to help veteranr get jobs in the cyber securityut injury.injury. governor mcauliffe started cyber vets virginia.irgini any veteran interested inted i working in the cyber field in fi the state of virginia will havev the opportunity to participatepe in a free cyber trainin program. >> heads up for anybody hoping p for anybod to sign up for they tsahoping k program for flights to the shorter of security lines beginning tomorrow you can do ss
7:52 am
many sent this center will bet h open from 8:00 a.m. untilis noon and then 1:00 p.m. until 5:000 p.m. tomorrow through friday.riy this is at fourth and constitution of a northwest. speaking of traveling we'llg just say i don't want to talk t about the means of travel to geg there. >> right good but our good friend kevinht g mooccarthy -- h >> you said he had to hat >> he already said that.e alady >> speaking of flying, kevinev mccarthy is on little adventuren this morning.this mng >> he was in la over theover the weekend, right? but now kevinev is in flight to his nextt >> ?? >> hey allison and steve it's kevin mccarthy good morning to all our amazing fox5 i'm so excited for what i'mor wt about to do. i'm head to do country to film some action sequence that isthai will be similar to what you'llou see in the brand new film assasins creed coming out in o i december of this year. starting mike fast bender basedd on very very popular video gamem
7:53 am
to tell was country i'm going tg because i want you to the viewers to help guess where i'mm headed. here's what i'll say. i'll give you some clues this morning because i want toing interact with yobeu guy i'm going to be flying all morning long while this iss i airing and i want to be tweeting back and forthwith the viewershe guess wrack i'm going.wrack here's what i'll say.he i'llre's currently in switzerla. switzerland is where i'm connecting to the place that i' going to.goin you can see the swiss airlinesns flight right there. tre but i'm very very assasins creed is a very popular video game and the movie isoviei coming out in december starringg michael fast bender while i'm ii the country i'm going to i'll recreating action scenes ands doing par core hand to hand han combat, apparently somethingy called a leap of faith which ihi think means i'm jumping overve buildings which i'm very very vy excited of course.of crse. so here's the cool thing.hi i love you guys and we have ae a hash tag going on where is kevin going. where is kevin going..
7:54 am
morning long one of the first f clues i'm giving right now thegt country that i'm going to has a lot of famous movies shot int i this country.nt. now, i will say lawrence of arabia was shot there also james bond films, a star wars moviearm was shot game of thrones has been shot i th couountry. so those are your first clues.. i won't say -- it is in europeur that's another easy clue right t there but tweet me hash tag hh where is kevin going.oi i'll be on planes with w want to talk movie with you guyg a lot of great films coming out in the past couple of weeks butb i really love you guys and missa you back in the studio i'm so excited to be doing this trip. i i love my job so much. snl on saturday was absolutelyel brilliant. if you haven't seen it yet, y watch the indicate mckinnoninn amazing opening monologue -- i'i sorry hold open she hang leonard cohen classic. very emotional moment..
7:55 am
see in snl very very emotional n and very very open.n. daisia pell did incredible jobej in his opening monologue andolod tribe called quest performed that night as well.lleds well also the box office dr. strangee number one again this weekend.. almost at $500 million worldwide. number two was trolls and numben 31 of my favorite films of the year arrival i've seen twice non one of the best endings andin a music i've seen in a film allila i miss and love you guys and i'i kevin mccarthy in which is kind of crazy and backc to you guys in studio.tu i'm kevin mccarthy fox5 local news. >> kev, thank you very last time he was off the coastao of west africa filming i was going to kess tunisia heuh said he's in europe. >> maybe he's trying to throw ut off. >> might be throwing a curveg ac ball.ll. >> okay. >> if you just stay isn'tta i switzerland that's a great place.
7:56 am
going if you want to take a tak s.ess. >> we play this game sometimes.s are were we in prince george'ses county? are we in laureln ur because it could be howarde how county but it could be somewhere else. >> or not the same, i'm sorry. >> right. >> i'm sorry. he disice in the district or cross western boulevard intoleva maryland? >> exactly. >> kevin wins this time.evin wtt >> i'll say again i saw capricorn one starring oj simpson. he wasn't on mars.on mars. kev is nowhere interesting muchm he's downstairs. dows. >> we just saw the video he's at the airport he is. does cold temperatures to start your day. sunshine for a few hours. hours clouds this afternoon and seeafn these rain showers, wee needee we'll get some after sunseter se nighght. seven, 8:00 o'clock tonighton showers moving over unite intoto tomorrow morning's commuteng's c that's our best chance for rainn this week. right back into the sunshinenton along with relatively mild air a for november.em mid 60s by the end of the week.w all right, erin, did we do it, 10,000. >> we're getting there. we're g 14 moreetti. >> okay.>> o erin fox5 d.c. on twitter..
7:57 am
>> -- help her get to 10,000 followers.llow >> we're getting there let's get up to 25,000.5,00 i need 10,000 more. >> wait, it was right there.he >> what's yours at tucker ---- >> fox5. fox5. >> tucker fox5.ox5. waking up this morning allison i got a tweet said this lady lovel the people that work witnesskit meteorologist forget their t jackets even said it's mondayevs everyone for gets mtheir jacker we're backed up on the outerhe r loop from route 1 over toto georgia with about 35 minute5 mt lalay. wee instructions on the rampions because of that.ha you're backed up on the inner loop as well. loop as keep it to fox5well. news mornig we'll take look at metro next. n they've been on time thisime
7:58 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
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>> this is fox5 news morning. right now at 8:00 o'clock live look outside. it's mondat now yli weather and traffic coming up oi did i say it was 8:05 to start.. >> it's 8:00 o'clock.o'cl weather and traffic at 8:00 sorry five.ry five. i blame it on the super moon. >> right. >> star gazers across the globeg got the to city the brightest bh moon in 70 years. yea if you missed it you may get tog see it tonight.ig. it won't be as big and brightndi for another 18 years. >> there might be some cloudsoms tonight. but looked great.. >> also donald trump on 60 o
8:01 am
see that we will share somehaom highlights from his first tv interview and then the night before this. >> i watched a white riot in i portland oregon on televisionon the other night. [ laughter ]gh [ applause ] >> news said they did a milliona dollars every damage every blacy person was watching likee amateurs. >> did you catch comedian davidn live? that was funny part but b at the end delivering quite ag powerful monologue as guest hosh of saturday night life. didn't hold back. b you should check it out if youfy care to see it it's very movingv good morning to you i'm allison seymour.seym >> i'm steve chenevey.y thanks for joining us on fox55 news morning. morni there were protests from newm nw york to los angeles couldn't too do flood city streets across tht country people upset over donale
8:02 am
is moving forward and he is given his first interview sincew come from behind fox news correspondent doug luzader has the story from washington.shington doug? >> reporter:.. >> i've never done anything likk this much it is so much t >> reporter: trump is selling s 60 minutes he was littleit overcome when he learned that ht had won the election last week. >> i did my final seven ineven michigan at 1:00 o'clock in the morning and we had 31,00000 peop arena. and i felt when i left i said is how are we going to lose.os >> meantime he's beginning tong fill key white house positions.o steve bannon his controversialol but behind the scenes campaignin chief executive will becomelec chief strategist in the whitehie house. hous a consummate outsider balancedrb by a consummate insider. reince priebus the head of theee republican national committeeomi who wouldn't trump's confidencec over the course of the campaigng will serve as chief of staff.ta.
8:03 am
trump says he will address immigration, promising again toa build a wall or at least a fencf in some areas.. >> part wall, part fence.en >> it could be some fencing.en >> reporter: then there isn thes obama care. ob where he's now talking aboutng keeping at least some key provisions. he'll also have to name ae supreme court justice. meantime he's facing divideded country with an grow sometimesem violent demonstrations.raons questioning his legitimacy.. and some supporters accused of stirring up racial animosity. >> i am so saddene and i say stop it! if it helps i will say this. i don't say -- i'll say it right to the cameras.amer. stop it! trump very likely to to name some other members of the administration throughout theoue course of the week.eee this is a building process but b they have a lot of slots to fill
8:04 am
two months away. back to you guys. >> all right, doug, thanks much. lot to do in short amount of sho time. sure is. 8:03. 8:0 happening right now two missingi people mysteries baffling local police departments one of themhe we just learned about overnightg a home health care worker who w never made it home from her jobr the other new confirm sitings of a missing college student fox5 f has been tracking fog severalg e days. >> let's start with what we's found out overnight about s thet new case montgomery county couny police searching for 24-year-old noella works as home health worker. she was carrying for her clientg in southeast d fcor a hnder nevc home from that job saturday s night. her friends and familiar vol not heard fromand her.. she's believed to have driving a 2000 if i nissan moran know with georgia license plates. plates the search for the missinghe university of maryland student. >> fox5's melanie alnwick isck i live in college park with new information that came out overnight.rmatio. melanie, good morning.
8:05 am
maryland police have now beenn able to track missing 21-year-old caitlin george her last movements to baltimorealti maryland before that, though, let's give you the background on the case. cas she was last seen thursday late afternoon.teoon. she told her friends she was shs going to meet her boyfriend fore a camping trip to a nationalatil park. she never showed up.sho u the boyfriend called police anda no one has heard from her since. you can understand why hertanwh friends and family are very worried.worrd. even though the university ofivy maryland police department sayss there is no reason to suspect foul play.lay university of maryland myl police say based on surveillancc video that caitlin got into anto white taxi here on campus at 4:44 p.m. thursday and left thet campus the driver told policedol that he dropped her off at a ma ren in a in baltimore's federal hill neighborhood.ghbo then security footage shows that she got into an suv that
8:06 am
there and then she was last seen on a charm city circumstancece later bus friday morning in >> we're really just want tojust make sure she's okay.kes if there's anyone out thereut t that's had any type of form of f communications with her viaia whether it's some app or app whatever it may be to please pae contact us so let our detectives know. we are concerned to make sureure she's okay first and for most. >> reporter: caitlin george isri 21 years old. old. she's 5 feet 3-inches tall, 121 pounds hazel eyes and blondb hair. she was last seen wearing blacka leggings a green long sleeveded jacket and bright socks. s friends tell fox5 they're realll very puzzled by this. ts no indications any signs of o distress they say with caitlin just describing her as a happypy and adventurous person as you heard police will continue toont investigate this even thoughhoug they say no foul play until thet know catlin is okay. oy live at university maryland, i'i
8:07 am
news. thank you, mel.u,el hi, tuck. >> good morning. >> bundle up tim ge today. toda. >> yeah. cold temperatures overnight.pesv everybody below freezing withy thfre exception of reagan natioa still has not hit the freezingrn mark this season. i think it hit 34 yesterday let's see.t's we're now up to 41 in downtown d washington but again much of th area here still upper 20s and lows and we'll be in for cooln c one today only in the mid 50's. keep that jacket by your side or even better wrapped around you,y >> on you. >> on you. >> later today. as we'll have both increase inre clouds and look at that shower r activity down really weak areal of low pressure off the coast of north carolina is going to snean up into the mid atlantic laterct this afternoon ton night. night it will bring us a period ofer showers around here. honestly badly needed rain showers into tomorrow morning'ss commute.mmut so i think the rain will holdill off until after sunset tonightot but by, 5:00 o'clock tonightk tt showers around. 50s for daytime highs.hs >> erin not just cold but rainyy o.o.
8:08 am
the gym this afternoon and makes me want to hibernate in my coucc and nap all day. d >> at least the gym is indoors. >> fair enough. fair e now i have to go because i feelf guilty if i don't. don. gw parkway crash on the southbound side at the keye he really heavy traffic allow extrt ti thehere. 66 inside the beltway also a backing up through arlington. 395 jams from basically the t pentagon across the 14th t street bridge. some heavy traffic over theve te freeway east and westbound by the third street tunnel. street closer view of it's not delay free. f it has a lot of delays from thee beltway on up.on so give yourself about 30 extrae minutes to get through that. tha across the wilson bridge traffic heavy on the inner loop and 95 9 from dale city to the beltwaytwy heavy traffic you're heaviest from dale city throughroug woodbridge south at that point in stafford crash basically the stafford fredericksburg line backed up to virginia three. tee so give yourself extra timextrat coming out of fredericksburg.ur northbound bw parkway crash at a 198 delays back to powder mill.. also heavy southbound traffic tf
8:09 am
beltway jams and then from fm before route 1 on the outer loor all the way passed georgia inn for about 35 minute delay. day another crash besides the one by montrose on 270 southbound out by 370 because of that 270 southbound from 70 to the spur s stop gone traffic that gets gets heaviest once you get out of o urbana towards germantown.manton watch out for that through k rockville and then on the spuren traffic is heavy as well.l. taking an overview of mondayfon morning commute you can see aoue lot of slow traffic includingncu past pennsylvania.ylnia. suitland parkway inbound remaini heavy by alabama metro has beene on time all morning except for safetrack surge 10 impacting thc red line.din take metro this monday morning.g >> prince george's county fathee behind bars this morning accusec of stabbing his two toddlers. their conditions next.. >> and a flash mob style attackk against an off duty officer inn police say a gang of 50 boys b carried out random attacksks throughout the city.ity.
8:10 am
today we're gonna be comparing the roll formed steel bed of the chevy silverado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck.awe. yeah! first, let's check out the aluminum bed of this truck. wooooow!! -holy moly. full on crack here. now let's check out the steel bed of the silverado. i'd expect more dents. no holes. you don't have to wait until black friday to make a strong decision. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock.
8:11 am
>> in california police capturen the man who murdered sheriffsia deputy yesterday 36-year-old david machado shott dennis wallace twice in the head at point blank range afterer wallace diss covered in a stolen vehicle. cl he carjack a driver minutes later. later he was already wanted on felllrn honey warrant.arnt. three teen ages injury arrestnjt evidence aft assaulting a off
8:12 am
they're calling eight flash mobh attack.ta more than 50 teenaged boys began randomly assaulting people in the area. seven others were injured and hospitalized after una provokedd attacks.attas police are looking for any onrel the victims of the attackoo totk come forward.ward. ?? take look now at some of ouf other top stories this morning. we begin in prince george'sce g' county. co allegedly alleged stabbed by their own father.he continue to recover this mornini following the attack on saturday night.nigh their father this man christians dillard now charged with wit he is also accused of sexually assaulting a woman at the hometh earlier in the day. d the boys just two and threehr years old were stabbed multiplel times. records show police were call t e hohome. numerous times in the past forpf issues between the boy' parents. well this morning the search continues for whomeves rmo staba two teen boys at the wheat 10 metro stop.tro sto this happened yesterday around n 3:00 in the afternoon just aprii side the west entrance of the te wheaton station. police say the two victims are 15 and 16 years old.ld
8:13 am
two security cameras arere directly above the spot of thehe incident. police say they're looking forog two to three sus fpects who thee say knew the victims. montgomery county police pie investigating a case of what ofa appears to be a politically anda hate charged vandalism at the episcopal church of our savor in silver spring.lver sing a sign outside the church indicating mass was offered ined spanish was spray painted on thn back with the words trump nation whites only. only. there have been no arrests. arrs that other sign a moreor the end of that report. still ahead, laughing gas no longer just for the dentist d office.of more and more doctors are usingg the gas.. >> plus the white house forse sale, of course not., of ce not but a replica is on the market.r how much it is going for.. >> this thing hasn't sold yet. . >> still on the mark.ll oe ma 8:13. 8: you shall get it, al.shall t it >> okay.
8:14 am
8:15 am
what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone
8:16 am
?? >> it should be changed moon boy >> just for today. >> yeah. instead of i'm a star boy. sta y >> it should be -- because we're celebrating the super moon.n. >> super moon boy.n b >> will we get a chance to seeno it again tonight. tonht >> no.>> n. >> maybe. >> no? >> i thought we can see it again tonight. >> it will be cloudy we . >> if you have your own plane.. >> okay. okay. >> okay? >> you may have missed it. may >> what we said earlier, hav let's -- >> well -->> well >> let's tweak that. >> it is accurate it will beweaa thurerate.the
8:17 am
it. >> i don't think we'll get a great chance to see it. 't tthere might be breaks if the clouds you might get it for gett mite o or two. >> other areas will have bettert view. >> don't forget i've seen pictures from all over the worle of the super moon. moon parts of the world will get to see. >> do you know what we can allll share in? >> cuteness. >> you better believe it. >> cuteness factor of the dayouy let's get -- ?? >> aww.ww >> adorable.>> abl >> hello.. >> we call this bat boy? b >> bat baby.aby >> bat baby!aby! >> yes. >> yes. >> all right.>> a this is john christopherer everybody.ev eight months old. o and as you can see in the picture, he is >> are we bringing him that kina of smile? i don't know about do that. >> well apparently he gets up g every morning and watches his ws favorite news show right here aa fox5.fox5. >> he must like --ike >> with his mom. >> he must like news so much.h >> he likes -- you know what hee loves weather reports.. >> yeah.>> y >> he knows what to wear andows whether or not the cape isape s necessary.nessary. >> right. cape or therat summer cape?
8:18 am
>> bat bib. b. >> right. >> he is so cute. >> you might want to dress inn bad layers. likele lt to love a smile that. >> john christopher newton it's your day. we love it. go t o face bock page fox5ox send in -- in >> strong name. >> it is great name. >> good luck with all yourou adventures today. he's probably got a pretty busy day being bat baby. >> making people happy.. going to the bathroom. eating. sleeping. >> those were the things i wase thinng >> a baby's life is less les complicate. >> 41 in washington.ton. let's freezing temperatures dulles, manassas, frederick, fredericksburg, you guys are ala hanging out below freezing heree and that's even with so jacket weather today.ay only in the 50s for daytime highs.s sunshine this morning cloudsloud this afternoon seen the rainhe r showers breaking out intout i southern virginia and along thee carolina coast that's all headel in our direct.ur we won't get a lot of rain but we'll have showers around i aron think after sunset tonight tonig through the morning commutemu
8:19 am
have rain showers around for tht morning commute tomorrow thenroe clear it out tomorrow afternoon. daytime highs at the end of thed week look nice, friday and, a saturday maybe mid to upper 60s. >> super. >> this could be the last rounde as we get into thanksg theivingn it will feel like -- like -- >> you said that on severalever occasions. si >> good eating weather. wea >> last time for the warmas t weathetir. >> eventually he'll be right. rg >> it was 60 degrees last yearta at christmas you never know.yoneve >> i got a text from my momy m saying this cold weather is makk mike appetite out of control.ofr i get so hungry this time off year. ye >> me too. i think we're wired for that.ha >> natural instinct to want toat eat more to keep yourself warm.f that's my justification for thet day. inner loop you can see you'reopu jamm cinang up stop gone traffif from the springfield interchangn as you pass braddock road up tot 66 give yourself a few extra moments.nt outer loop a crash reported byy little river turnpike as well. 395 northbound before pentagoneo city. delays back to duke street heava traffic and then you slow againw across the 14th street bridge.ti
8:20 am
extra minutes needed from the te beltway on up to the bridge. 66 eastbound flowing betterlo br we've been seeing stop and goo traffic with delays back to 2342 you still need about 35 extra 3e minutes to get from manassas too the beltway inside falls churchu back up a little bit as well. a. let's move over to our maps.aps some sluggish roads in marylandn as well. as you can see again that 395 395 northbound delay across the freeway east and westbound yound jam up.. 295 northbound from the bottomot of the beltway towards lavatoryr road is slow and then 295 passed pennsylvania jams as well. safetrack surge 10 noma-gallaudet to fort tottesann the red lion. buses will replace trains. as cidar from safetrack surge 1r metro has been on time thisn tii morning. i'll let upping if that changesg allison and steve. >> did you see we talk about tha super moon last night we've been getting great pictures.s some of you obviously have seene it. let's share few we got. tracy said this picture was
8:21 am
landmarks and we got this shot from leesburg g much that's amazing shot.t's ams >> if you want to share yourre y pictures tweet us at fox5 d.c..c use the hash tag super moon 2016.2016 ??
8:22 am
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. ?? all right. if you had a chance to see the efully cha hopefnight, hop
8:24 am
like steve ross got in linden,n, virginia.virginia. beautiful photo right there.phoi according to nasa, the brightest moon in more than 68 years. now, it will not be this large e or bright -- that's a greatreat reflection shot with theh chesapeake. it won't be this brighest againo large again for another 18 arars. 2034 your next chance to see its a lot of peopleee did enjoy the event. we have seen greevat photos peol that big fancy lenses they gothy the close up. people that took pictures withsw th great photos as well.ell. saw picks over the monuments. m. out of the country as well.l. unfortunately, tucker says,r ss, tonight is the last night for it and it will be rainy and cloudyd in most areas. so -- >> i think i got the picture i g now.ot >> be a little tougher to see it. it >> yeah. i'll be somebody's grandma the e next time hopefully.opeful >> you will.>> y wil >> yeah. >> let's move on now. anti trump protesters d leton'tm to be slowing down happeningappg protest happening all over thee country over the weekendal including here in the district.c >> one of the big questions hows
8:25 am
inauguration?rati >> fox5' bob barnard is live ine northwest with more now.wiore no good morning. >> reporter: good morning,or allison and steve.alliso yes there's a civil rights groug based here in washington.hingto partnership for civil justicetie which will be going to the us u district court of appeals forear the district of columbia this ti morning for the right to stage a protest to get a permit toto protest here in front of theonte trauma many international hotell and a couple of blocks closer to the white house at freedom plaza on inauguration day the problemm is this is pennsylvania avenueae and the inaugural p the president and first lady lad will come from the capitol right down the street here to theo the white house and basically the government has prohibited any oo these organized protests along pennsylvania avenue in years yrs on inauguration day. ina but this organization the organ partnership for civil justicece will try again in the us courtst of appeals for the district ofto columbia.ia. you talk about the protestss since the night after the t elections going on all around the country here in the district
8:26 am
oregon which have turned ugly last night on 60 minutes on cbss president-elect donald trump waw asked about that.askeabout th he basically said there's a's double standard that if he had lost and his people were on thee street there is would be is wode criticism for the protests but he says hillary clinton lost and people are supporting theinhe protests.est he was also asked about the acts of vandalism and acts of hatredr around the country swastika at t west land middle school the church s he was asked about hate in his name. na here he is witmeh leslie stall st nigight. >> i'm very surprised to heard h that. >> telling muslims -- >> i hate to hear that. h i hate to hear that. that >> do you hear it. >> i don't hear it.>> i't h >> you're not seeing this.hi >> i saw one or two instances on social media.ia >> very small amount of again in think -- thin >> do you want to say anythingnt to those people? ttose people? >> i would say don't do it.ld s that'say terrible.ble because i'm going to bring thiss country together.oget >> they're harassing latinos, muslims.s.
8:27 am
that.that i say stop it! if it helps i will say this i'll say it right to the cameras.he camas. stop it! >> reporter: now, the trump family was asked about whether they're concerned about businesn at properties like this thee te trauma many international hotelh in d.c. they say they have bigger concerns now for the country,nty not their business interests. is i will tell you, guys, i wasas inside the lobby just aboutut maybe 20 minutes ago. ago it's beautiful, it's opulent,put it's >> wow!! that's pretty interesting.. all right. bob, thank you very much . >> closer to inauguration of o course. >> 8:27. market steaks.tak what's good and what's not? >> dr. oz is on it. it. >> what were you going to say. y >> i was going to say i wantou t hear all about this. thi >> investigates when he joins us live. >> i don't go get that fancy supermarket.permket.
8:28 am
right place at the right timee r thank goodness.ight 2828. ?? ?? fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record,
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8:30 am
?? ? welcome back.welcback 8:30 on a monday morning.or the leaves are changing songg pretty across the dmv and we're' happy that you are with us thiss morning. >> i love it. forngplaying thi reason it's time to talk to the doctor picking the perfect cut of meat can be difficult. diffit >> one of our favorite doctorsoo
8:31 am
america's most powerful chefs t uncover the truth about food f that is you are buying at your y local supermarket.mark they're starting with steaks. >> i love this story. joining now from new york withwy hopefully the answers to talk bout answers and what we'll see' on the show this week dr. oz. o good how are you? >> good morning, steve andg, std allison.. all access pass to food thisd ti month as you we're helping you reset the the so you don't have to lose weight but we don't want to you gain yg weigh as you get ready for the holid if you can accomplish that weana gain most of the weight over the holidays you've done great deedd for yourself. >> i love it. the fact there 's smuch trending in the areas of gettin back to raw foods people cooking for there's. >> wholefoods. >> to these supermarkets to buyo our goods. but the question is, are wee buying good stuff even air quoto good stuff is it really good oro not?? >> well, meat gets a little dicey it turns out supercalifragilisticexpialidocii us markets are allow to change g their purchase buy dates.. audit the meat yours push on ith
8:32 am
crystals look at it and expect e it all that to a seiss of the of. one big insight i got from chefe row play we don't have to wastea money buying the most expensiven cut of meat. filet mignon is really priceyyri doesn't have a ton of flavorav because it doesn't have ton of n fat in it.t in chefs don't like to cook with it that much. skirt steak really aprilsteak expensive cut of meat turns outt my kids knew this you can marinate it, we got great g marinade on the show today. marinade before make a $5 cut of meat taste like $50 cut.. >> i grew up learning all the l secrets adding as much flavor tv the cheapest cuts of if it's healthy there's good wag to do it. why expend the extra money.ra mn >> exactly.>> exact let's talk about the buyers ber guide. you talked about pressing on iti and, i never even heard thatd tt before, dr. oz.. >> well, a lot of times the meaa gets frozen and they're not doing to ties that to you. tha u
8:33 am
meat. look at it see if there are anye gray areas obvious stuff putt sp push on it a little you'll feel a little bit ofit o crunchiness in it.chins in the inside will feel colder thae the outside if you push deep ana that's the kind of inspection you want to do.u nt t because you're paying for fresh meat you want to get fresh meata we've got buyers guide to helpgh with all kinds oelf things. thanksgiving hack that is wevint have later in the week similar to this. a lot of people think they havey to that was their bird beforewa they cooks th it. i twenty three big project witheeb the test kitchen. the at's not the case. the that wassing the bird exposeit to bacteria to sometimes whenetm it's going through the throu the transition from being cold to cd warm enough to cook. cook. throw the darn bird in the oven. 10-pound cook cook it for hours. halfway through pull it out.. we'll show you thou get the skis to be it saves moms a lot of time andd evident and the bird will tastes >> wow! >> all right. for . be watching for that. awesome. >> i also know on thursday the national night of conversationvn this is something near and deara to your heart.ea
8:34 am
this so they can keep thateep tt conversation going? >> thursday is a huge day. d surgeon general releasing forref the first time ever a report on addiction, evidenced by --y demanded by the fact it's the number one cause of accidental c death in america.death in ameria we're asking every family onvero thursday night to have a a conversation about how their kids are dealing with stress ifs in particular are there drug ine the school and have the kidsid been exposed to. to. number one way we can get kids notate not use drugs for parentr ng bring it up. yo we want to have a open port talt let the conversation take place and breathe a little bit.little. guide to help do you that. t we worked on it with the drugs the white house with surgeon zee gallios office you go to dr. os and download this littlet study guide. just a few pages long. l simple and easy to use but b thursday night commit yourselfml it to post a picture of an emptn plate because the dinner it's i' not about the meal on thursdaylh night the about to conversationo post plate so you can spread thd word it's worth investing in our
8:35 am
that. i have two teenagers and middled schoolers we'll be joining inbej and sending the picture of the h plate. >> thank you. thank y >> all righty. >> thanks, dr. oz.. >> look forward to this week w today it's steaks and then chefn robbery is with him. >> dr. oz airs at 1:00 o'clock:' right here on fox5. >> 8:35 right now. now. let's check in -- before tuckerc how about one more medical story we'll sneak in in for you.. more and more women are turning to manage the pain of laughing >> laughing okay. new report shows laughing gas is becoming more popular for painai management during labor it's an alternative to the epi dural.ur a lot of people are saying. no thanks.nk many midwives like it because it laughing gas is milder insteaddt of masking the pain it just j relieves your body and makes yod careless about the pain. >> okay.>> okay >> right now about 300 hospitals in the united states offerer laughing gas for childbirth.hilt
8:36 am
i'm sure anybody who is in thatt position anything to ease the pain would be great idea. >> okay. um, tucker barnes, goods, go morning. that story just full of jokesjo for me. i don't know.s >> start to in laughingauin gas into our every day lives,es right. >> well maybe. >> there you go.ybe >> maybe. m. >> allison, you're crazy.llison 41 now in washington.hingn hey, we're cold.reol that's the warm spot. s lots of the area in the 20s lone 30s. and we're going to be cool thisl afternoon only in the mid 50s aa and some scattered showers willl develop i think after sunsetk as night.t. so probably six, 7:00 o'clock:0 tonight we'll start to getwel st scattered showers across theacre that shower threat will lingerge into the overnight hoursvernht h probably into tomorrow morning'g commute and then as this area - weak area of low pressure rollso up the coast we should be backeb in the sunshine tomorroworw afternoon.. however, we haven't talked muchc about rain the past couple ofupo months. so we'll take what we can get.a look for showers i think it wili be little later than 4:00, probably five, 6:00 o'clock0 tonight much okay.ght mu
8:37 am
work and school and slow roads.a >> yeah. with rain moving in this rai afternoon grab your umbrella ana patience for your ride home frof work. that could cause dicey evening rain free but still problems. dulles toll road crash at lop at down county parkway.aray caution there.ion give yourself extra time as you head eastbound you'll hit that h crash scene.crce in addition to that, for youroru monday morning commute a lot oft red still on the map. we have a lot of heavy traffic f on the outer loop from before 9r over to the 270 spur. spu we have a crash on the outer t o loo turnpike with the left lane blocked. outer loop not as terrible inn terms of delay as the inner loop from the springfield interchange up to just before 66 heavyeavy volume especially by braddock and youyk can see 66 as you try to get tot the beltway you hit a lot of stopped traffic passed nutley. 395 stretch from just north ofth the beltway to the 14th street t bridge dealing with a lot ofea stop and glio traffic. tff 66 from 234 to 28 super heavy h right knowledge you need 35know
8:38 am
the wilson bridge extend fromeno branch avenue to the wilson then bridge. just heavy traffic and you can u see suitland parkway still slow, pennsylvania avenue to 295 jamss and 50 inbound from landover lae road to new york avenue slows. s new york avenue slows past p bladensburg. back to you allison and >> still ahead this morninghiorg convicted killer oscar pistorius having a little trouble intro in prison. prison. >> we'll also tell was he requested from officials. offic. back in a moment.n a
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> nice on a monday morning.e on welcome back. 8:40. ca piback.tol dome of course.ou now that the scaffolding is gong it feels like it was never on wr there. you know what it means, keep on moving. >> it does look shiny and new. exactly. >> all well it is again 8:41. 8:4 meet the new congress quite thee mixture there's an increased ine number of minority members butes congress still overwhelminglylml white. i think four or five or so. a record 48 will serve beginning in januaryy in both houses there.he 39 hispanics will serve, 15 asian-american members.erican mm today the new elected members oe the house will hit the capitol for a week of orientation. julian assange will finallya be questioned about 11 ssrape hh committed in sweden.. wikileaks co-founder was cuesr c sick years ago today interviewew will take place inside the ecuador yann embassy. embassy he'll provide a dna sampling.g. he's been there in order to odet
8:42 am
could be extradited to theed iteded states. today at fort bragg military judge considering delaying the travel of beau bergdahl on charges of diss certificationtii and misbehave your. they filed a motion in october t asking to delay the trial in t may. he walked off his post in in afghanistan in 2009 and was held captive for five years he face e up to life in prison if convictn on both charges.haes south african governmenten convicted murderer oscar pistorius moved at his request e to a prison that is better a pistorius serving six year y prison term for murders his girlfriend reeva steen camp back in 20 then. 20 one of the thing he wanted a bathtub he would be able to use. >> dave chappelle delivers a powerful monologue on saturday night life. we'll have that.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
?? welcome back. 8:45 on a monday morning.orng live look at the leaves lve so pretty elsewhere in the world, though,g that's the sound heard throughout new zealand it wast w moments after magnitude 7.8 earthquake rattled the country. strong after shocks continue this morning. at least two people are dead and several others are injured. tough situation there. i'd like to actually go back tot those pictures of the pretty pry leaves here if we could alonge g with our forecast which is
8:46 am
all right. welcome back. raise your hand if you want rain you w showert s? we neerad them.m. hopefully everybody raised their hands. i didn't see anybody.nybody >> not in here. >> okay. >> maybe i shall try to again. let's do cold how about if we start with that? overnight most of the area at ot below freezing the exceptionhe i right along the bay where someom temperatures a little bit mildem and here in the city we got doww to 37 degrees.s. rr you can see we're holding on to the freezing temperatures. cumberland 32. frederick 27.erick7. very chilly start here.ere. manassas 27.7. dulles 30.. fredericksburg you guys are a 32 degrees. cool temperatures to or coldrol temperatures to start your day.y cool temperatures afternoon. mid 50s for daytime highs. mid 50's take that jacket withcw you if you'll be out late this t afternoon and this evening you'll want an umbrella as welll shower activity moving in fromro the south really haven't talkedd much about rain and most of whaw we've gotten the last month or
8:47 am
that come through. tough. this little area of low pressure if it were stronger we'd bee'd b talking about nor'easter in thii case just a weak little impulsep here but enough rain showerh rao activity that i think it will w help out little bit here asere parts of area could get quartera inch of rain overnight tonight.g we'll cloud up this afternoon.nn and then i think after sunset se probably five, six, 7:00 o'cloc' tonight get a few showers movinv in and the shower threat willil linger through tomorrow torro morning's commute.ommu just keep in mind tomorrow tor arndnd. there we are at 8:00 o'clock.o'k nobody everybody getting it.veri south of town getting raintting showers. showers. overnight right along the 95t a corridor if you're well up top o the north and west frederick,dek hagerstown you guys along 81 i'i not sure you'll get a whole lofl rain here most of this will stay to the east. that's tomorrow morning atto 7a7 you can see rain showers for the morning commute. we'll clear it all out of here.h tomorrow afternoon should beer back in the sunshine.back in th 57 a little coolsu today. tay increasing clouds out there ande again late day showers winds ouw of the south at five.e. shower threat overnight toht to
8:48 am
highs about 60 tomorrow.omorrow and yeah, we'll do another rounu of warm up by the end of thef week. thursday, friday and saturday ay look fantastic. with highs in the mid to uanpper 60s lots of sunshine as we get into i think our last weekend before am i right? iig >> you're right. you'rrigh >> we're getting close to thethe holidays, aren't we.te. >> crazy. >> back to you. s tuck. tuc it might be a little too late for you to be the next president of the united going to wait atof t lheeast fou years r ththat. but it is notat too late to live like a president of course, scaled down version of the white house it's for sals in texas. former governor's mansion willol go up for auction next month att home was built on the edge of galveston pay in 1927 check itt out. it includes, yeah, all of itsts original floors.lo there are 15 bathrooms in the te home.. sunrooms.sums. butlers pantry and original walw in ice box. box like the old days. ds the white house will go to to auction on december 8th.. there's a currently no minimumim
8:49 am
earlier this year for five and d half million dollars. around here, i mean -- >> bargain. >> total bargainar.. >> little more information fromi the houston chronicle formerr texas governor ross sterling whg the commissioned back in 1920s.s >> yeah.>> y >> sits on 6 acres on the edge g of galveston pay outside off houston.ho beautiful wander of waterfrontot view in addition to the beautiful house itself. ielf. >> eddie murphy would say 25 2 years ago what's a bargain? iff we know what's coming up on gooo maureen.n they've got the dietz for us now. >> we want to know how that compares to the one in virginiai >> twice as much with less landn >> coming up on good day, majorm moves made in the trumpru transition speaking of theg of president as the president-elece sits down for his first primeme time inn view since winning thet election. what you need to know in theto t first five minutes.first five mt >> all new at 9a the youngest member of the city council mary
8:50 am
>> what a wisdom is playing monday morning quarterback with fox5's grant sen.sen. >> plus move over jayson werth. there's a new facial hair champr in d.c. he's going to join uso n live as he now goes live for the best facial hair in the entirent country. >> now that's a title, right? r ahead at 10a, they are besties,s but they don't necessarily seers hi to eye on everything.thg. including politics.itics paul wharton is here to dish about his bff only ma rosa and will give us a little inside her since trump's big win. big w >> we start off the week right r as we celebrate d.c. cocktaill week. hey, 5:00 o'clock somewhere,he right? that's what we always'se say. >> it's what we believe want wet live by. cheers to that, mo. to at, >> indeed.>> indeed. >> good day dc just moments moms ayay. >> thanks, ladies.>> thanks, la. >> raise a glass and celebrate. 85:00 tee right now.ow talk about being at the rightht place at the right time. >> milwaukee bus operator intor wisconsin getting credit fordi saving the lives of two little kids. the driver deviated from her frr
8:51 am
kids walking eye along the etreet. fox's justin williams with thisi incredible story. >> reporter: during a typical trepang along comes the question. >> who these babies -- what these babies doing. these d. >> be gets a barrage. bra >> where ya'll going? who you u with? where ya'll live at? where? >> in that house right there. >> reporter: watchingat hou>> surveillance video of the r epmilwaukeeie countllyan transit system's jeannie mitt which fror the morning of wednesday, october 12th when theof rou driver spots a five-year-olde-ar girl and a one-year-old boy wandering aim leslie alongng hopkins near hampton in milwaukee.kee. >> i stopped and said theseednds children are by themselves. i decided to pull over and askek the kids where they going andy n who were they with.wh >> reporter: recognizingo theni children are not aware of theirr surroundings -- good give me ono second. >> reporter: mitchell who sayshs she had only been driving this t route for about a month summonso milwaukee police.
8:52 am
after learning they had walked w away from a babysitter and werer trying to find a relative'se's house. >> if the parent hadn't showed s up i would still be thinkinge tn what happened to those childrend but once the police showed upd p and did their part, i felt a lot better. >> reporter: jeannie explains about 15 years ago her thenhen five-year-old son went missingis for around 12 hours.ours she says she was motivated toedt try to prevent another parentern from experiencing a similar situation. this is the latest in milwaukeek justin williams, fox six >> every day heroes i'm tellingg you. every day heroes. thank you for that.k you r that. everybody is talking aboutoi dave chappelle saturday nightdag live appearance over the weekend. did he not disappoint. >> very long absence like over e decade returned in chappellehapp touched on the election, policec brutality his thoughts on donald trump and the fact he wasand h staying at trump's hotel. >> ?? >> donald trump, did he it. i he's our
8:53 am
staying at a trump hotel rightih [ laughter ] >> i don't know if he's going tt make the good president but he h makes a swell hotel sweet. hot e i'm going to tell you that.uha [ laughter ]hter >> housekeeping comes in in then morning, cleans my room and i r just, hey, good morning, mni housekeeping. grab a bill handful of bleepleep say, you know. [ laughter ] >> boss said it was okay. oay [ laughter ] >> the real word slipped out on the show.ho >> he's used to that. to tha >> at least he said sorry. >> so now chappelle also pokes p some fun at one of the mostos popular shows on television tak a look at his take on theak walking dead with some old friends. >> the chappelle show.. >> don't give me bubble they give you --- >> shut up!, well, well, well
8:54 am
looks like the negro league. >> you're killing him. >> them some ugly bleep you gotu on as the white boys say on the o t internet, what are those? those >> something funny to you? >> jerry curl.url. disgrace. looking pasty. p >> oh, god, bill.. respect for yourself. >> man the bleep up. u >> what do you want money? sex? >> i feel like kevin i want toan know how long it took to filmk o that the process behind it. isn't right. r i want to know how -- you saw it right. righ >> yeah. >> yea >> i want to know how theyh. did the diss embodied. >> yes. it was interesting. >> if you haven't seen it check it outhave.n' it's good. chappelle has begun for 11 yearr back in grand fashion.. >> a lot of love for his his performance much this morningsoi
8:55 am
musician and song writer nog itr longer with us.. >> ?? so many places in my life and time, i found a lot of songs -- ?? >> leon russell he died in his i sleep yesterday at his home in e nashville. russell's 50 year career beganeg in the 70s and includesde collaborations with bob dylan, rolling stones and elton john. he reported a song for you, wife said he had a heart bypasss surgery back in july. j he was 74 years old. o i want to say good morningdm to our facebook fan of the day.d today the honor goes to a youngu man by the name of james. >> james just turned 25 yearsnea old yesterday.rday happy be lated he was nominatedt by his mom who tells us they ust watch fox5 together everyther e morning. they can't start their dayan't s without us. we hope you have a greatu havere birthday and thanks for tuning n in. now those are his wore. his wor not ours. we appreciate it film met womanw on friday she said her momid h m
8:56 am
88 years old and she still shetl watching every morning. morng >> beautiful.>> beaut >> big shout out to everybodyutt out there today.o evtoday. >> 8:55. hi, tucker.. >> hey, steve. cold temperatures overnight.rnig warming it up 46 at reagan national.naal. dulles 41.. baltimore 34.ltim 3 most of the area at or below the freezing mark early thinkar morning. chilly temperatures. tempetu little sunshine for the nexthe t couple of hours.coupf ho we'll quickly cloud up and see a rain showers across southeastea virginia and north carolina. cal it will be in our region lateint this afternoon and this evening. overnight tonight into tomorrow we haven't really talked a wholo about it.outt. rain showers in the forecastrs a later today, tonight and earlyly tomorrow morning. morning. clear out by tomorrow afternoono back in the sunshine by tuesdayd afternoon.afrnoon. all right. erin is back with another look l at roads. roa >> slow roads.oads 8:56 right now. we'll start you off with metroto we finally have a delay for them. th not sure why it wentem white lie there there we go.ere ere yellow green line passengers mar experience residual delays earlier train with mechanicaleci problem at fort totten trainstea are moving watch for yellow yel green line delays in addition to
8:57 am
our roads still very slow in sl some areas around town. tow ow outbound pennsylvania andylva southeast we have a crash by branch avenue. inner loop remains really heavy springfield interchange up up towards 66 and dulles toll roadl there's a crash on the eastbound side at loudoun county parkway.y delays back to claib parkway. caution there. then as you make your way out on the inner loop here's closer look at that. maker loop crash at 236 ing bck left lane. lan inner loop just remains slow onw 66 still back um trying to getgt inside the beltway. theeltw extra time needed there gw parkway rem key bridge as well. as wel allison and >> erin, thanks a lot. l good day coming your wayr next. we'll see in you the loft in
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
?? straight ahead, it's donaldd trump naming the president-elect who ran as an outsider has picked a few aew ultimate insiders to guide his transition.ti we'll show hugh made the list, s plus his message during his first sit down interview since winning theinnie white house.ho. here at home, new clues in s the search for a university of o maryland student who's been whon missing for almost week.k. the surveillance video police pc want to you see. s. they say could help find her. caught for the touchdown.chn >> the redskins starting the second last of season with hugeg win but they have tough roadtoua ahead if they want to make the t playoffs. we'll have a live report.


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