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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  November 15, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EST

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?? straight ahead, the trump t white house starting to takee sh >> is there anybody better?eran >> maybe me. i don't know.. >> rudy guiliani apparently a shoe in for secretary of statefs and that's just one of the primp positions that could be filledtt in a matter of days. d we'll talk about who else couldd have a top spot in the next administration. >> nation wider walk out highn i schools students take to the streets here in the dc region and across the countryde.studhet thouey say tnthey're upset overe election results.ults
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have a liveythi report. rept caught on camera, d.c. d police officer apparently peppee spraying an atv rider as hee raced down the street.tree now it's raising questions overe proper protocols and whether tht officer went too far. and later, settle for more. fox news host megyn kelly's newn book is out now. n what she now says about the feuu with thed president-elect. good day at 9a starts right ?? all right.l ri 9:01 is the time right now.ight good day d.c. our cabinet members are a here. >> did you pick this song? >> no, i didn't y.out >> since you were quarterbackina today. >> no, i didn't.>> no, did high nothing to do with it.ith sometimes it's just random.. >> uh-huh. uhuh. >> right. >> suing box just landed >> shake it up and it i automatically happens.hap all right. it is tuesday, november 15th.r . wisdom martin, holly morris,
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>> people sexiest man alive 2011 cover just row leased, oh, yes. and this year the honor goes to dwayne the rock johnson. >> maureen, that's not how youoy say it. >> that's how i need to say it. >> johnson! >> no. [ laughter ]>> >> never never >> it's his last name, people. >> you almost have wisdom sayins it. gutter. >> we're with you. >> we'll show>> you who else mam the magazine annual list wantt t social media thinks of the pick. >> wow. i got a t-shirt just like that.t >> i wondered why he had hisead shirt on. >> oh, my gosh. >> on the coveshr.e cove. >> that's the theme we're going' with today. >> i did think of that. t of not that -- it's a great picturc of him.. but, yeah. yea let's you imagine more. me all well -- hainessieve that's a who cares. 'tkingctually wasn't looking at
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let's move on. we'll get back to that subjecthb later, of course, and talk aalk little weather.eath we woke up to some raindrops toi early this morning.ning the skies little clear now butob temperatures actually not goingi up much for details let's head a on over to sexiest man alive right now -- now - >> right now.ightow >> right now. >> i put a qualifier there.fiert >> go back to wisdom.isdo good tucker barnes. tker >> that's right.s t it would be momentarily. >> what's rock's last name, maureen, i miff it. i >> johnson. >> no, it wasn't tha >> like my oprah voice.ce. johnson! >> he's fine.ine. let's just leave it at that. t >> let's go to the forecast. >> this is a great job.t 53 in washington.n ashing hey, winds out of the westut ofe northwest at 10.nortest we're still dealing with clouds, however, i think we'll lose som of those and partly sunny thisnt afternoon and done with theith light rain showers we had we had overnight. mostly it's a great lookingking forecast later this afternoon if is going to be little cool asooa holly mentioned not much avenuec warm um. upper 50's but again with the wt
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afternoon. then it will be chilly tonight.y overnight lows back into the 303 and low 40s here in the cityi with nice looking for cast as ws get down the road here.e most of the rest of the week wk featuring sunshine. partly sunny this afternoon done with the showers winds northwesh five to 10. average daytime highs this timem of year 58 degrees.gree just a few degrees above normalr all right. guys, got the seven day.en day we got a 70 on it and we gotot colder weather.ld i like i'll give you the combo coming n up.up back to you. >> all over the place, thanks achank tuck.. 9:04 right now. 9:04 the big story a clearer p rictuc this morning we have new havne information about possiblen abto pending appointments to theg apn incoming trump the president-elect and hisside transition team trying to figurr thousands of west wing positions, and they're get g something advice from theing ad current commander in chief. fox's doug luzader has the h the latest names out there for us fs this morning. morni >> reporter: we've seen just two official hires so far, butah the trump team seems poised to make a shrew of announcementsemt later this week. wee >> what will the white househe h
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in new york.. where president-elect donaldal trump, vice president-elect mikt pence and others will meet todat to put together their team. we know former campaign ceo steve bannon will be chiefef strategist and reince priebus p will be chief of state.tate secretary of state could go to john bolton perhaps more likelyy former new york mayor rudy rud juliani who deflected a bit lasl night.ght >> john would be a very goodood choice.choi [ laughter ] >> maybe me. i don't know. [ laughter ] reporter: alabama senator jeff sessions could becomeessi secretary of defense. he was a trusempcret supporter t from the get go.he g g or perhaps it could go to new hampshire senator kelly aot whow lost her re-elect and who will stand behind thishs podium as press secretary? thaa could be campaign manager mer kellyanne conway or even fox f news contributor laura ingle.. >> maybe but this is always the d.c. parlor game. game.
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bite yesterday when asked aboutt recent trump appointments.oint >> i think it will be importantt for him to -- to have the room, to staff up, to figure out whatw his priorities are, to be able to distinguish between what heuh was campaigning on and what is what he can actually a >> reporter: the trumply team im certainly in a rush to start tos filling some of these positionss and some of these postshe p especially cabinet secretarie require senate confirmation anda that takes some time to for. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> that's a lot of work he's got to get done in short period ofio time. >> really as i was watching thai the only person that can w realy understand is president obama. o he's the only one. the one that's done it and it ad mean it's in the current job and knows how important it is tow im surround yourself with the righr people.op so if you're listening to anyin advice, his might be the >> right. all right.ght. 9:06 at the time.e while donald trump's team looksl
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results and they're still in thn streets protesting.ost and now local students are joining in on that trend.rend this was the scene yesterdaynees when students in montgomeryde county walk out of class, and now today it's happening in d.c. >> fox5's bob barnard is live aa wilson high school this morningi with what these students sayst they want to accomplish and so s what are -- what is their goalha today, bob? >> reporter: i guess just too be seen and heard, guys.uys. they're basically telling usling they spend so much time ino much school talking ab of bullying, it's all anti ant bullying, an lot of these kidshe say they see donald trump as ara bully and now he's going to beob their president, and they realla can't do anything about it. i they're not old enough to vote.t they didn't get to vote. so they're now now going to hitt the streets and basicallyasicly today's d.c. ps wide student walkout was basically startedrt here by kids on social media ana you can see we'll show you the basically the flyer the brochure that went out on social media. basically saying this is goingh
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demonstration encouraging peoplp to leave school around noon, noo take metro to metro center, wall to the trump hotel with the message, he can't divide us.s. now, this will be an unexcusedus absence for any kid who participates according to d.c... ps. ps but as you mentioned yesterdayes in silver spring there wereere several hundred kids who left al number of schools, montgomeryonm blair, north wood, einstein anda john f. kennedy high schools. so they basically took to university boulevard, walk up to westfield wheaton plaza thenza into downtown silver spring.g they blocked traffic montgomerym county police escorting themghe along the way. some of these kids saying theyin were upset by what donald trumpu said during the campaign and tht fact that he's been elected,, that some of these kids haveidav parents who are immigrants,ig they're afraid their parents ars going to be sent back to centrar america. other kids simply takingply takg advantage of the opportunity to skip school. s here at wilson we spoke to a high school junior dominic
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got this whole thing todayhing t started. here he is.. >> it started on snap chat andht trying to get different peoplefo and places and got to twitter ti and instagram a bunch of schoolf are on it and now it's sponsores by wilson. wn. not by staff but by all studente right now. >> what's your point today?? >> so basically, it's just saying -- just giving a voiceinv for our students. some of us couldn't vote andnd everything. not all of us were able to votee letting people know how we feele about it and it's bigea need to talk about and notot something we agree with rightht now. >> reporter: it's anti trauma?rm >> right now -- anti trump and p like it's basically that wet w don't feel how -- we feel like he's disrespectful to women, racist in way and different dfee variations. trying to fight against that.ha yeah, anti trump. >> reporter: and just based onan what we've seen with kids goingd into this one particular schools i think it's going to be a madem house downtown.owow i just stopped junior tracksunir
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>> monthlily. >> what do you have here? you haven't colored in your sign. yu >> i hcolo finreisd h it this ic our >> what does it say.>> what do >> you can't dividees i us. that's our message.essa we're not protesting him as a president.idt. we're just -- we just want toant send message we stand united.. and he can't divide us. u >> thanks so much.>> thah. >> no problem. >> get to school.>> g to classes just started 8:55.:5 a lot of kids coming in late.nat they'll legal early, guys., g again it is going to be unexcused absence, and i willndi tell you, just getting here of that is one school alone if the word hasthed gone out to all of the publicub schools and they say even add aa sid well friends down wisconsino avenue here their kids from somo of the private schools they'rele going to leave campus.veam some middle schools as well, i i think i'm heading north to t montgomery county in the noon te hour, guys, it will be based onn what i'm sensing here a madad house down down along pennsylvania avenue near thenuee trump -- new trump international hotel around noon, 1:00 o'clockl >> bob, before -- we have aeav twitter poll we'll put up in aun minute before we do, what was w
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talked to as far as those whoho are passionate about this and ts feel like they're actuallye acty taking a stand politicallyital versus those who really justealj don't want to be in class ram oo can i going along with the goina masses and taking theinghe opportunity to ditch school.y th >> was it an even n sumber woull you say or leaning more in oneon direction? >> reporter: i think leaning more in terms of the passion and really having a point they wantn to make.ak yesterday up in silver spring, r lot of the younger kids seemed s to say, hey, we just wanted to o go with the crowd and leave here, i frankly haven't spoken'o to any kid and we've been here h since 6:30 this morning. mning they've been coming to here ingh thst hst hour. so i haven't spoken to one student who is just kind ofkind saying i'm going to go with thet crowd and leave school and justs tag along for the heck of it too miss class. css everyone we've spoken to at t a least here wilson high schoolh seems to have the passion. psi they've made the signs.he sns. they're here saying what theywhe want to do, and that's, you know, caused a bit of a of disruption to get the attentionn and so here at least it seems it
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a lot of mature kids we'vese' spoken to this morning.thorni >> bob, we do appreciate put's put up -- >> one other thing i will tellet you. >> yes. yes >> reporter: i asked a couple kids, are your folks okay withka this and several of them seay sa irrelevant, mom is okay and dad is not. dad said go ahead and mom saidod no stay in even win households theirs this split pin. >> no doubt. bob, thanko s. let's put up that twitter pollol right now what folks had to sayy online about it and here a he little different reaction. rion folks online seem to think morer of the youngsters are doing ita to t class and not express perhaps their views the way they gohe g about it.t >> they should absolutelyd a express their views.expr young people are usually the t forefront of where change c happens, and for these kids to t take a stand and believe soo strongly, i applaud them.ud t what if it's one day away.. what i see happening is, iff they're protests affects changea where donald trump is nowow picking his cabinet and people e feel he needs to be more be me inclusive, if this protest now affects change and they look atk
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this country should be like byib all means i applaud these youngg people for taking a stand and sd doing for what they feel isl i right. that is how change is made.s i applaud them ohow n every levl for doing that. civil diss oh bead yen is then corner story of democracy and o that's what they're doing.they'. >> they need to stay engaged ind the political process. proce don't just walk. wal vote. te. vote. that's how you make the realheea change. >> coming up on 18 years oldea d they can vote. can ve >> stay engaged in the political process. good for them. tm. >> i hope they're havinge h conversations at home with their parents about and their feelings. okakay. >> also today house republicansa will meet private toll try to to pick their leadership.hip they expect paul ryan to stick around as house speaker not everyone is rooting for him to t be re-elected.elecd. some gop members are questionini his leadership and wonder ifr he's steering the chamber in conservative enough direction. they're unhappy he did note did campaign for trump. tru >> fox news anchor megyn kelly'l new book goes on bookshelvesookv today. it's called settle for more shes
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primary debate she asked now president-elect donald trump about derogatory comments he'sn' made about women over the yearsa after that debate kelly says shs was trump's meme 93 sis. s the fox new anchor says trumpayt tried to give her gifts including a free stay at one of his hotfrelsee and what she says an unsuccessful attempt to to influence the news coverage ofo the presidential campaign. and coming up, remember, one of the most prominent political journalists in the country this morning the heartfelteartft tributes to gwen ifill.ll. >> a lot of questions stilluests about how police should bepoli stopping illegal atv's in thehe rictrict. dirt bike riders and it has to s do with this most recent video.. what dc police are accused off doing to this rider. it's 9:14.
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atv have filled the streetsl of d.c. for years.leof d some residents say they're aentt nuisance then want them off the streets and they want d.c.ant c police to take act.poli t dc police cannot do much because they have a no chase policy. >> recently a d.c. police officer was caught on camera apparently pepper spraying a atv rider.. did go too far? that's thes the question surrounding that surro incident. fox5's melanie alnwick has morer on the battle between police and atv riders. rid
9:18 am
years now.. mel? >> reporter: maureen, youreen know, d.c. police say that theyh believe that the no chase policy is in some parts encouragingg these bikers to come in from other jurisdictions and pretty much just harass people on the t streets with immunity. dc police tell us in this latest incident some of the bikers were arrested but the dc police officers involved are still onto duty at this point while the the investigation so let's show youes the first f apparently, on sunday there werr about 100 bikers from what we understand that swarmed d.c. from prince george's county and here awry want to you watch on n the right hand side. side. you'll see one of these bikeshes right there going up on to thent sidewalk and colliding with at least two pedestrians there. this is are kind of dangerous situations that can happen andh people are so concerned about. t it's very scary when these bikek come um and swarm other
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video clip. this is also raise somethingomhi questions here.question here you see a sixth district police cruiser if we can show is that second piece of video here. it is following behind the atvta that's illegal atv not allowedod to be on the streets in d.c. it's following behind.ehin we understand in some casesas they're trying to get body wornn camera video so they can identify these bikers here's tht problem. this is where you see the hasn't out the window with a glove. alo we don't know it's very hard tod tell in that video if the officer has indeed pepper sprayy or it appears to be a hand in thata sort of position.itio we don't see anything actuallyly spraying out and we don't see this video the biker reacting ii any sort of way. way so that is why that particulartu video clip is still underer investigation.vest but, guys, of course, it doest bring up that question. queio what are dc police supposed topo do? are they just supposed to t stand by and let these bikers bk come in and do whatever theyvere want and harass drivers andrives pedestrians and potentially hurr
9:20 am
something else that they can do? yes, there is a know chase they're allowed to follow alongg we understand that and they alsa one of the tactics they usey u getting surveillance video andel then identifying these bikerss and the bikes themselves aftersr the fact.thet. and we also know that they've t' offered a $250 reward fordor information on these illegaleg bikes if people see them, theyhe can report that and if that bike is confiscated they'll get the t money.ney but it looks at this point likek these bikers are still coming in effective tools to stop them.p back to you.back t >> mel, where do things standngd from legislative stand point ind know we've done these storiesths before, but i think for me,thin someone who has been affected bd swarm of atv's and has seen som of the damage they can do, io, i always wonder where legislativee standpoint what is being done? are there any proposals on this issue what can we as dc d residents do to spur thingshis along? >> reporter: maureen, i think tk are all good questions.ns i've not seen any proposedd legislation.slation.
9:21 am
police are saying that exploring a number of different avenues.ea let me see here.vee. specifically what they said. m.d. p continues to explore neww options to handle these vehicles. but what are those new options? we're not seeing any c learhosear policies. it clearly sounds like some in d.c. police don't like the no tn chase policy but you have to beb careful there, too, because as we know, police chases, too, can also cause problems. they can injure pedestrians andd other drivers, too.ivers,oo i guess we got to ask ourur legislators near d.c. what are a they going to do about it. i >> especially tough with wit vehicles they can easily go offo roads. ro >> exactly. >> we've around go through parkr and on sidewalk.ewal you have to wonder if a new n police chief might be one ofht f decisions or they can then the incoming leadership what to do with a situation like that.tha >> i hope so g essentially theyn are investigating thatg particular incident where theynd don't know whether heen actually sprayed him or anything.g won somebody have to makeake
9:22 am
this happened? i mean i got a lot of questions about thatstiot whole thing. twh you know what i'm saying?i'm sa? >> right. >> somebody would have to complain about this and file a complaint to get that officer if trouble, if he actually didualld something. isn't if he actually did . i wonder who that would be.hawol >> probably not the atv rider. r >> that's what i'm the person who is breaking theg law. la >> i know we heard from peoplep who ride atv's responsibly andid for those people, you know whata absolute you're doing it right.. we're talking about the select c few who choose to thumb theirmbe knows at authorities and do this at the peril pedestrians. >> they can get away with it. >> there's got to be middle's ge ground. when you're in the swarm of it, it is the most finri tghteheni sngteni by a school no less where this happened to me. please, let's figure somethinggi out here. . >> all right. 9:22 is the time. is e ti coming up a deadly shooting witt a tragic twist a warning forarng anyone hitting the roads thiss thanksgiving holiday an mannequin challenge that putshat most to not ours. >> i was going to say. was >> most other ones, yeah. yeah. we'll show it to you when we whn check what else is makingg headlines.nes. >> later, what would you do ifay
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>> whoo! >> a local mom and dad disagreee and this morning sarah is goingi to try to offer a little adviced in a new edition of love and order.r. >> i wish you would. >> ut-oh.
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>> nip 25:00 is the time. 2 allison seymour back with a check of the other stories5:00so
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good morning, allison.e li mng, >> good morning to all ofa first up in dc, where policeic were investigating a shootinghog early this morning. morng sources tell fox5 that a retired dc police officer shot andnd killed his son. s it happened after the son reportedly broke down a doorr threatening the father and a another person with 95.rson wit. sources say the son has a histors y osaf my ental illnesss the shooting happened at a home on wood ridge street in in northeast.. guilty on all counts. the georgia father who left hish 22 month car will likely spent the resthr of his live in prison.. prosecutors say justin harris hi actually plotted to kill his young son hoping to escape hisis family responsibilities while hh pursued sex with prostitutes ana other women he met online that's what the prosecutor says.ay he is facing a maximum of life o in prison without parole plus an additional 42 years.. president barack obama is ii ce tce today.s the first stop on last lt international trip of hisf
9:27 am
president arriving at palace inn athens. the president will spend some of his tour trying to reassuree european leaders about president-elect donald trump. president obama said that trumpt is committed to the natoo alliance.allice. the president goes to germany ga tomorrow and then he heads to peru for an economic summit. sm. well, if you're planning to travel during the holidays you'll have plenty ourfin compaa aaa forecasts that 48 millionmio people will take to thehe highways, the skies and the seas. that's an increase of 1 millionn last. the heff vo travel period starta next wednesday and lasts througt sunday. 89% of folks will drove thise thanksgiving more than 3 million will fly to grandma's house. h and finally, talk about showingi off. of texas a and m gym nast putting our mannequin challenge tollge t shame. shame. >> yeah, i know.>> check it out. as you can see -- yeah. um-hmm. the athletes they're hanging completely still upside down onn bar doing happened stands and other gym nast hangs on to barsr
9:28 am
body in a diagonal positionosit though i think i saw holly doini that on the mannequin challenge. >> that's how i warm up. u >> talk about upper bodyer strength give it to him they sleigh. >> they got it.het it >> yup. >> okay. >> hats off. >> yeah. to them. >> i say you guys came in close second. [ laughter ]laught ] >> i'll file a challenge.llge i'll protest that video. >> i'm going to protest that. t. >> the one in the little -- >> i would have done that one. >> me tooave . >> i think i'd rather behebe cameraman in that case. case >> thanks al.hankl. >> you got it.t. >> 9:28. one of the nation's preeminent political journalists gone farof too soon. how the we're paying tribute to pbs's gwen ifill. >> tuck is back with motherhhe nature has in store for us if ui you're planning an early getlyet away. 9:28 now. we'll right back with more good
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>> veteran journalist gwen ifill passed away after a battle of cancer. she started as newspaper reporter then switched to television working for nrterbc w and pbs. she moderated toat vice-presidential debates.ebat earlier this year she took leave for health reasons but never n made public her illness.llss that illness forced her to misst
9:32 am
death tributes started pouringrp in. in. veteran journalist katie couricc tweeted the extraordinarilynaril timed and intelligent again ifill passed way from cancer.r. i will so miss her impeccable character and friendship.endshi. >> and the interim chair of the dnc donna brazil int terweet th. >> i concur. i ccu absolutely she was --soly s >> just 61 years old.ust >> i have to admit i was soo shocked yesterday when i her tht news. i did not realize she was ill. >> stunning. >> i was really taken a back.ea >> she didn't make her illnessne public a lot of people didn't question it until the election.. folks were saying where is she s doing the election coverage? c? at's going o on. >> i was telling someone earliei ngshe's one of those just -- shs a hero. hero. i met her years ago.earsgo i was just a pee i don't know dk reporter and she really tookllyt
9:33 am
me any a tim wanted to get together and justt to be a realhe mentor, you knowk always when someone is gone ioni regret not taking her up on thet offer to have lunch and just hav hang out because she really was just so smart.. so full of knowledge and justnd really that mentor that we alle look for in this business someone to look up to.k up to. it really was holly as you saidd just shocking, just stunning.nnn >> she skewed knowledge maureene and i were talking about thiskit early this morning when we were getting ready i did a benefit for her years ago a ren in a a i stage would invite local news penal and do scenes and help raise money ion was in seen with gwen and kathleen matthews i clear was ie the pee i don't know.the pee i don't know some 15 years ago.o and both of them were just so gracious and welcoming and she e just -- like i said she exceedee knowledge and you just wanted td learn from her when you wereyouw around her. h amazing. >> she'll be missed. 9:33 right now. now let's check in with tucker getke look at our forecast we promised changing conditions.tion some highs, some lows as theywsh say in the weather business, bin tuck.tuck.
9:34 am
>> okay. >> let's get to the forecast. >> afternoon sun. sun you know what it's mostly alltl highs. i mean with the exception of the fact we need the e rain, which s really not in the forecast herer for the next several days.ay 53 now in washington.ashingto 50 in quantico leonardtown 50 degrees in the as as it was 24 hours ago when we had overnight lows back in the 20s you can see we're in the mid 40d still a cool day.ol d 46 in frederick. forty nine dulles 48 in48 in winchester. so the cloud cover holding tough in spots but it cov should breae afternoon the very very lightery rain shower activity we had lass night really it just didn'tt did amount to much we need the rainn four one-hundredths of an inch at dulles. i'll go back and national. nio last i check they didn't haven'e any measurement at all.. that gives you an idea how lighg the rain was.rain w it's out of here and we'll see e trend towards more sunshine thii afternoon.afte so clouds this morning. then we'll get partly sunny thii afternoon as high pressure oute to the west gets a chance to ch build in.buil very very weak area of lowak are pressure you can see it kind off
9:35 am
towards new york city thisrk cis morning and we'll kick that outa of here and we'll build in thisi area of high pressure andress northerly and northwest wind win today which will keep things kee nice and cool later today andodd then chilly tonight.onht overnight lows back in the fourf in the city, and in the 30s by y tomorrow morning off to theng ot north and we have but it willavw remain dry and the trend aroundo here only to warm things up. so dip in the jet stream thatm t will kind of -- jet stream willl retreat off to the north and we have and this is what we have ts look forward to bite end of the week. very pleasant by thursday.y. friday and satur flirting with 70 degrees.s. and temperatures a good 10 to10t 15 degrees above normal. nor so we got a couple really nice e days. let me mention, looking lkin downstream here looking longkngl term it looks like we're goingeg to take a turn for the colderol next week.eek. daytime highs may not get out og the 40s around here for a good d part of next week. you can see by monday, daytimeye highs only in the upper 40s.0s this afternoon, showers arers a done.done partly sunny, 60 degrees.0 degre again, cool tonight and there's your warming trend.your war
9:36 am
all right, guys, that's thes latest.. i'll toss it back to you.. >> yeah, take a 70-degree in in late november any day, right.bea >> if you've been on social s media since the election there's a good chance you have seen thet in between all the electionletio posts some much needed laughsd h courtesy of the currentre administration.admini we're talking aboutst the memes showing the imaginary postryost election conversations between lane ducks barack obama and joee den.n. if you haven't seen them, theyy all have two common themes, between the two top executives and second mocking the incomingn commander in chief.hief here's a few examples. exale first up joe biden suggesting he and barrack sneak into the white house steel donald trump's shoes then dump legos all over the floor. floo picture of the two holding hdi hands. the president asks why the vpp responds, he wants to freak mikm pence and lastly, joe biden schemingig
9:37 am
white house newest occupants. there are tons more and not alll of them are necessarily safe for tv. tv so as you can imagine those arem probably the ones that are thete most funny. most funny so you might want to look themkt up. >> pretty creative as well. wel >> they are giving the internett life as they say. s very funny.un >> all right.>> all rig it is a tale as old as time ande this morning it has a brand newn trailer and fans can't wait.ait. kevin has your first look at tht life action beauty and theand te t.ast. it's 9:37. ? ?? fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we' offering incredibly st 150 meg internet, st in time for the holidays. hurry, freddy, you're gonna miss it. coming.
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?? that is a clip from the new movie point at that time tm songs are written by lynn manuau miranda.nda. kevin had chance to sit downit with him and talk about that and also learn the art of the freee styling.stylg now, very interesting kevin.resv what you found out from him fm about how he works his rhymesise and how he gets to where he isre
9:41 am
all where in the world are youle right now for folks who weren'tr with us earlier as we had thed h grand reveal.l. where did you end up. >> good morning,where i'm in sl spain, which is really really rl cool. cool i'm doing this hit from a cell l phone on wi-fi. so i hopefully it looks okay. yes, it's awesome to be here.e r i'm here for a film called assasins creed that game was a massive video game multiple mti games over the past but now they're making a film f with michael fast bender and tht cool thing the not based on particular storyla line from the video games.oam i'm actually here to recreate r some of the action sequencese from the i'm going to be a leap of faithh i'll be doing martial art combat training. i'll be doing weapons training. i'm like freaking out to beakint here. i saw 30 minutes of the movie today which was incredible ande the cool thing about seeing sing these movies errly i got to see the unfinish versions of some oe the scenes some of the wire work was still there.
9:42 am
michael fastbender produced this vie.e. he played steve jobs recent r until film as well but in film -- michael k. williams froi the wire it looks insane.nsan it comes out in december. so tomorrow i'll actually be out filming action scenes aroundd seville, spain, very cool.yoo i'm very very excited to be here. >> i think we saw the leap of faith. i think you hnk we ave to do ken jump from one building toon another. >> and do a flip in theipn the building. building. >> yeah. >> right, right. t'exy, that's exactly what i'm ires. i'm going to jump off building n into a another building and just hope that it works somehow. >> i believe in you, kevin. kev >> i believe. bel. >> you left out the part abouta not killing yourself in theel process. >> that's why it's call the leat of faith. of fai you have to have hope it works. >> did you get around tripdp ticket or was this one way? e w because that will probably be ab clue how things will go. >> that's great question, stevee thankfully i did get around trip. they are hoping i make it backkk alive.
9:43 am
lot of professionals here.lse. we actually have real life lif combat martial arts trainers who will train us to do these hits.e it will be very very cool.veryoo >> all right.>> rig let's talk about pointalin pnt manual miranda bringing hisringg talent to this. tell us about that.ab >> it's funny. i remember when i was in i high school, i remember walking by ag group of guy who's were free wer styling and i've always found fu free styling so a i remember one of the guytings h said i'm gigantic like titanic.t i thought -- a me since i was 14 years old. o i remember the guy saying that. but free styling is really is aa art form.. lin man war miranda has proven o so many times over the years t y that he is one of the best freee stylers out there, and part of r me wondered, you know, when he'' on late night shows like jimmyim fallon and ellen he they give a quick tom mc it and he wraps hwr really quick out of that. is any of that memorized or o rehearsed apparently it's not. n i asked him what his process was when somebody gives him topic, t
9:44 am
so we mentioned titanic you'llou hear him give an example wherele his mind goes when he hears thee topic. watch this.. >> when off topic what is the t process to going into the free style? if we were in this junket right now d apps whats wt words do you start >> it's interesting that this is thing i think about lot becausee i probably have done that moreho than anything else. ee. after a certain apart reps you just kind of have these avenues you go down and you also it's almost like you're puttingi your language through a filter,, and just the words that whileha stick to it as it goes throughsg the filter.e fi >> right. >> that's the way i think of it i ae lswao like to think backwaf you said titanic i'm going to -- immediately think end with jackc and rose and then i'll work my way there. way th >> how would you get to jack aek rose?se? >> well, i would say the windin belows, freezing -- i would get there however possible but i'm m
9:45 am
and sort of giving it a way.t w >> the end game.nd ge. >> yeah. i immediately trying to think ot thlastst line. >> it's so fascinating to me toe hear him talk about that, tha because he was on ellen i ell believe earlier last week andeea she just throughout bunch off topics and he immediately wentln into free style. sle really is amazing how does hes e that, and as someone who saw hamilton, holly, i know you saws hamilton on broadway, i tried tt meet him afterwards at the showw i waited an hour and a half he h 't c't come out. so it was finally cool to sit in him.m. he's an absolute genius. >> you get to talk someone youom know has such a brilliant mind. >> wait. his method is a amazing. amang i'm trying to figure out how heh says how he works backwards.acar that's >> if you said titanic, boat, b icerg.g. >> disaster. >> drown. laugughter ] >> funny, i cut out one of the t parts because it wasn'trts be appropriate for the morning show, but one of the bits he die on ellen she mentioned somethini
9:46 am
and he told me that when he didd the shot he actually -- when heh did the -- when he did the actual song, he wanted to get to a certain word which i won't sat on the air and he ended on that word. wo he works backwards and works his way to that word. it's very very interesting.esng but he does it in matter ofatte three seconds. i don't know how he does it so i .ast. >> wow. >> he's a genius.a geni >> all right, kev, we'llev we'll continue to talk to you in the e 10:00 o'clock hour lookingoo forward to talking about beautyb std the beast. >> i won't be live in the 10:000 >> we won't see you. >> the rock was just named jus n sexiest man alive.seest >> yes. >> we'll have interview with hin tomorrow morning on our show. mo make sure you stay tuned forun that. >> i will. >> thanks, kev.ev. >> adios.os >> b eighty seven, guys.. we'll talk about beauty and the beast in the 10:00 o'clockhc hour. >> we sure will. will >> we teased it. 9:46 is our the right response when yourhenu teen comes home drunk. dru why mom and dad disagree.e.
9:47 am
edition of love and coming up next.ex ?? ?? introducing tresemm? botanique a blend of coconut milk and aloe vera in a professional-quality formula,
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9:50 am
?? all right. is tu, it is tuesday and that means of course it's time for au little lrse ove and order and ts where sarah fraser shares messages that she gets from her fans we try to offer our humble advice, and so -- >> maybe not so humble. hble. first up this morning we arerni talking about underag drinking. all right. home from a party and was drunku the mom goes on to write thatria the good part was the friendshen were not drinking and driving.rg but here's the thing.hi the son wakes up the next dayt d and dad goes, okay, no i b pro nothing to help thisnoing hangover. you're on your own.yo thu'e mother thinks this is reaa cruel. she wants to discuss with herish son and get to the bottom of whf are you drinking instead ofead doing this punishment that seems to be adding on to it.. what do you guys think. thi
9:51 am
enough as it is, though. is,ho you know what i mean that ibuprofen isn't going to kick ik for awhile. for >> how do you know that, steve?a [ laughter ]hter ] >> hard lessons learned. lrn >> don't you feel like it nevern works your parents every catch you smoking and make you smoke s pack of cigarettes? i still smoked. >> no. did that happen to you?d [ laughter ]at >> free cigarettes. cigettes. >> you just saved me sevenseve bucks. buck >> no one ever had that happen.. >> no.o. >> wisdom and it are si both. give hem the punishment of no of aspirin and talk to him aboutima his actions and why not both what i say? s? >> i would at the same time -- >> i'm with the mom on this. t i think it's ridiculous.s >> really. >> your kid will continue tokid drink. so i feel like -- >> and why? why would your kidk continue to drink? >> well, my opinion --pinion >> i think sarah is referring tn the adult perspective of i'mf im never drinking again.gga i'll see you at the bar forar fr happy hour.y h >> my question why would theestn
9:52 am
and you're the parents you set t the rules why are they drinking? >> because --ecause -- >> sarah. >> my thing is i feel like th.ins naive i feel like -- >> really. >> your kids will go out and a experiment. >> i didn't problem exdrinkingin when i was in high school. sool. >> my parents said don't drink.i case >> you really listened? >> absolutely.>> [ laughter ] >> y because i was living inse i their house.. and playing by their rules. rul >> here's the question.ue what would the punishment be?e? >> in my house? or in myn my parent's >> no, this is modern day.ern >> modern day.da. >> probably the same. sam >> what would it be. be >> dire consequences.onse >> what's dire. >> i can't say on tv.>> i >> oh, man c. >> you would have no access tost anything electronic, food, foo water, none of that stuff.. >> solely carry confine many an you may possibly have to get out of my >> you lay the ground work your child knows what expected ofat them. sure kids are going tos arg experiment i know i did withnt alcohol, got my sister to buy my friend and i a bottle off something we drank it.t
9:53 am
i didn't touch another drinkerri unl when.n. >> until college. >> until after college and sools for me that was it.hat wa it. but i think because you haveuseh that expectation i never wantedn to disappoint my parents.en so i sort of always told the line -- towed the line.d the that was just how i ias >> we're talking about right non we're talking about is somebodyd having -- what you're talking'rg about having a drink.out ng getting drunk is another level. >> that means you kept drinkingk and were out of control.. that's a big no-no. >> i will say this. t i would acknowledge that ty chose to not drink and drive.otd i would acknowledge that.t >> you don't get -- no, you don't get any credit.ret >> i want them to choose thatt again if they're in that i t situation. >> i want you to not drink andyn put yourself in that situation. >> that would be my first choice, wisdom.hat wo even down toihe rceoa, d later w they can legally drink i want ti you make the choice to not drink and drive. dve >> i agree with that.hat >> i would not give any credit e r anytything. you don't get a pat on the back. no. >> what's this mean, hung jury.j >> this means, um, we're all a glad we don't live in the wisdoo
9:54 am
>> dire consequences.ence >> i won't even go there my nexx thing i'll just buy the kids booze they can drink at myhey cr house. >> oh, my gosh. oh,y go >> that will work. that >> it's a joke, folks. >> where are the kricks. >> not funny. >> that's our last edition of en love and/or./or. sarah fraser thank you very much. >> what's next. nt. >> what do you about this. it's two sister their parents sh are getting did you veried aftea 25 years. and the mother is in a bad financial hardship hereal hr where the dad is basically basic saying i'll split the sale of t the house with her, but over tht years i've given her thousands n of dollars for her to do business investments i'm not n giving this woman any mr. moneye and now the mother has come too these two daughters basicallyal said to will you help me get ant attorney because i deserve thatt i believe -- i believe i deservs more and the girls think that hh needs to pay her more too. >> what do you do? when your n mother asks you for help to get an attorney to fight the divorcv of your dad?ad?
9:55 am
i mean if they were like i don'k know and i feel like i shouldihl help my mom then i don't thinknt it's fair to involve the kids in it. no matter what the but i mean i guess if they the really believe and they're growo adults it's their choice. cic >> it sounds like this reacheddr the point they can't work it oui at home they might need to get g outside assistance >> got to help mom.>> goto he >> outside assistance and realad quickly what's thequ daughter-in-law giving the --he >> a woman wrote to her her her daughter-in-law posted a couple of weeks agolaw that her two kd the woman' lies and so the grandmother posts on the facebook greatreat don't bring the kids over. or. despite that the daughter-in-law brings the children over to thee house and gives everybody lies.. >> got to go.o. >> after $500 -- >> got to go.>> got go. >> segment time is up and --nd - >> why did she post it in thein fiplt place. >> right. >> i love it. love >> don't bring that mess to mymm house. >> thank you sarah. >> we hope we helped you all.ed. we have a lot mr. coming up.
9:56 am
all star cast and they are allll going to be starring with us.s love jones the musical the entire cast joining us in thes 10a today. we're throwing out big name as a well plus not just that, this guy friend of show has aowas christmas album out. o we'll celebrate the holidaysolas little early today with kennyen latimore he'll sing for. >> i love that. >> put us in the holiday spiriti >> yes indeed.nd >> all right. coffee time right now. you know what to do if you want one of ourffeeha coot tol good g head ono chance to win this. t got to hurry up though. tug have until 11:00 o'clock i'c believe is what we always samela it's 9:56 right n make your your mov go online, get yourself a mug. m you'll enjoy that coffee a lot l more. more back after this.his.
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?? brace yourself good daye yo viewers, because, boy dork we have a show for you. >> several mega stars only life on good day at 10a. liurve in theec lauoft,seve a tf love zone the musical. mc light, raheem duvon all her h with you. you. >> also life in the loft with ui r and b icon kenny latimore has a new previewing it right here at 10:50. plus don't miss our interviewplus d with taylor lauu and the rock named the second td yesterday man alive. >> let's do it.>> the 10a starts right now.. ??
10:01 am
what are you going to when brunu mars actually comes to verizon v center?nter >> oh, my gosh. to>> figure out how to how t get tickets now.get tickets no i can't go to when he's at mgm. >> which sold not like a minutee any way. >> you know when he's coming too verizon, september 2017.7. >> maureen, i'm available.ille i am available to go. >> september 29th to be >> september 29th.mber 2 >> it is worth it. i we have almost 11 months to11 prepare. >> this song has now taken iten oer i don't pay for concerts.r concs this one i'll pay for. >> exactly. exa >> man. myi might have to make this new ring >> player, player.yer, >> i love him. e showl the show will be amazing. >> watching the video. >> he is a heck of a show >> he is. it's kind of cool.'sind of c twice in one calendar year in ya the d.c. area. >> he loves the dc area. >> right. >> if he loved it so much brunou mars why don't you come into tht loft. lo we'd love to you of.'d lto y >> the show at mgm only 3,000,0
10:02 am
>> if you can't get them theyemt went super fast. sup f verizon center is much bigger be stage for that full production.. >> he'll blow it out.ut >> then you get to see wholeeeho show put on. p o either way you're not going tong lose but --ut -- >> wear that 1980s gear. >> i think they'll be several wardrobe changes through outhaou that show. that that news just coming out if i you're a brown know do you know this week tickets gc on sale, >> we'll try to find out for you. >> i would wager probably friday ty >> at 10am.>> at . >> friday at 10am right. rig >> like now we need to get them. >> exactly. thanks for staying with us. i'm steve, alongorsi sdeta holly maureen and wisdom.. >> listen before we check what'e trending have you seen this?his? >> take look.k. the rock people magazine's 20162 sexiest man alive. [ applause ]ause ] >> we'll have much more from thm brand new issue coming up.p but listen first of all we wantt to know if you agree with thegrt pick or not and who you think should have made the cover or cr
10:03 am
tweet us with your pick #gooddaydc. however, i love the rock.heock. i think he's sexy. but i'm a little disappointed because once again you know whow got robbed? >> yup. y. >> we need to kite up.kite >> one of these years it wille t happen. >> i love that they always playays p this song. >> if you want to protest pst something, you protest wisdom martin not being name the seconc yesterday man alive. man a >> i would march in the streets for that.n th >> how on earth in this picture always resurfacing.g >> i may have to walk out of tht good day right now to go proo go testify. >> oh, my gosh. >> every time t but chris deletes from it his from h computer wisdom e-mails it toilt him again. we know your game, my friend. fn >> give us the fresh pose. pose. >> come on. inspiration. >> come on hazel eyes. e >> do it. >> do it. do i >> it's a feeling.eeng you can't just do it right on o
10:04 am
>> oh my gosh.h myh >> get in your feelings.eeling [ laughter ] >> channel yourself, my friend. >> talk about getting in myout feelings.fe i i sometimes do.mes d >> go ahead, wisdom. wisdom. let me help you out. >> wisdom, we have hope for 2017.. >> oh, my gosh. >> i believe. >> two things will happen.>> o >>hingwill finally get to see br and wisdom will be the sexiest e man of the year. >> campaign slogan wisdom fordor all. >> do you know if kevin tweetedd the rock congratulations yetns t because they have that onlinein >> i'm sure he has. >> oh my. >> tickets for bruno mars go ono sale monday morning.. >> you're like susan lucci. luc >> how many years was that, 17? >> your time will come. >> wow.>> w. >> okay. >> monday september 21st forr 2r bruno mars. >> november 21st. >> monday, let me guess, 10:00?0 >> 10:00 a.m.?.? >> right.ig. >> let's check what's trending this morning.orning. president-elect donald trump hat been busy on twitter thiser t
10:05 am
on the popular vote he couldhe c have won that no problem a lotet of talk as you know his surrounded trauma's electoral college victory hillary clintonn leads by eight to us hundreddred thousand vote.nd if the election were based onasd total popular vote i would havev campaigned in new york, floridaf and california and wouldn't evee bigger and more easily. trump fold with this, the electoral college is actuallyct genius in it brings all states play. campaigning is much different.. four years ago trump callrul the electoral college a disastes for a democracy. >> that's funny.ny. >> because he also says said that the election was rigged.iog i mean -- it's funny.unny >> go ahead, steve, i'm sorry.'. >> it is what it is w >> it is what it is.t is wit trump campaign looking ahead some local students held up on o last week's election results.ess hundreds of high schoolers inern montgomery counsel walk out o
10:06 am
from other schools includingdi north wood high gathered at westfield wheaton mall many man channeled not my president.dent. today some d.c. public schoolch students reportedly planning aln walk out of class to protest the president-elect.en flyer says the demonstration isi planned for noon today.. students who are participatingcg plan to leave school get onet o metro and meet at metro from there march down pennsylvania avenue to the trump hotel.trumhe we got a lot of response from you on our facebook page about o the student walkouts inuts in montgomery county yesterday nany if i was a teacher i would faili each and everyone of them. the go to school.chool just another excuse to skip class. donna posted the same peoplee with the negative comments ime pray you are showing the same se diss taken for all the racist rc events that have been happeninge such as the church sign in maryland.maryland otherwise please be silent much those kids have every right toyo freedom of speech as well as the right to protest peacefully.cefy this is still the u.s. >> we always love to hear.o hea
10:07 am
our twitter page as well. wel >> political fire storm isstorms brewing in the small westlles virginia town at the center off it all the town' mares andnd director of a non-profit pamelaa taylor was the director of the t clay county developmentopme corporation when she posted sooo to be first lady melania trumpmp transitioning into the whiteinio house. she said "it will be refreshingn to have a classy, beautifulul dignified first lady back in tht white house i'm tired of seeingn an ape in heels". commented, just made my day,, pam. the comments have of course crs since been deleted but they are causing wild spread backlash and online petition calling for the less resignation of both womenhn have more than 95,000 signatures. pamela has since een firedir knowledge word on anyowle disciplinary action for thena mayor though but the issue isrye set to be taken up tonight at tt the county council meeting.eeti the mayor did tell the the washington post "i was referrinr
10:08 am
am truly sorry for any hard feeling this may have caused. ce those who know me know that i am not of any way racist ".. an important health warning for parents now.tant h. depression is on the rise amongo teens and young adults in thesnt united states with adolescentdon girls showing the greatest riskk of being depressed. researchers collected data oneda more than 300,000 teens and adults under 25 between two toet us five and two to us 14. 14. overall risks of a my jordyor nine to 11% among teens and it increased less than% among 18 to 25-year-olds but when you actually break those numbers nus down between boys and girls. gls teen girls much more vulnerablee to depression than teen boys. by the reason, some researchersears indicate cyber bullying. social mode ya and cell phone use are to blame. the study also finds economicmic factors, prospect about the the future neighborhood violence ara
10:09 am
all right.ig 10 speaking of parents and kidsd new study finds that fewer fewer parents are spanking their children. that form of discipline has beeb on the decline among us parentsn both rich and poor since 1988. . but while there has been an cultural shift away from f physical discipline some parents still believe spank tag help wap to handle out of control conol behavior.beha the study found more low incomen parents spanked than higherd moh income parents still believe discipline is best but bothutot types of parents are starting tt use time outs more as a way toat get their message across. >> finally this is disturbing. main imagine you're wearing a brand new dress from zara thatat came with a nasty surprise.uris a woman from connecticut suing the bothing store after she found a dead mouse in the hem om the dress.ess >> what? >> she said she was at theaid office when shesh se tawarted sg something horrible and she feltt something strange rubbingg strag against her leg turned out itutt was a dead mouse. mse
10:10 am
sticking out from the hem. the mouse looks like it was zonz right into the lining the womann said she jump out of her chairha in shock of course she had thehd dress on the mouse went with heh when she jump. she bought the dress off the t rack at a store in greenwichrewi connecticut she's suing fore's f unspecified damages andecif emotional dieistress. zara is investigating theti t matter. >> i feel like i need to sue foe emotd ionatol distress from heag that story. that sto >> and seeing that picture oryfo little mouse foot sticking out. >> shake all your clothes outr c before you put them you pthat's awful. awful >> not good at all. gooat a 10:10 is the time. time. it's 20-year-old class clack the romantic drama love jones is joi back and brand new musical. this morning the all star cast s will join us live. >> the rock's response to beingi named people's sexiest man alive plus new pictures of the kim kim in her halloween costume. cme we needed that and how ryan reynolds seals the deal witheali blake lively. 10:10. good day celebrity dish servingg
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
?? >> we told you bruno mars coming to verizon center next september. this morning verizon center putting all out there now. if you want a littleou b throwa.
10:14 am
been on the road in 25 years yea calling it the total packageac tour comes to verizon center cte june 25th.. these tickets go on sale on saturday.. so 80s, '90's kid, 2,000 tweet us who you're most excited toxcd see. new kids, paula abdul, boys two men. let us know use the #gooddaydc.c >> we need to get group and go a and all dress like the '80s andd '90's.0'. how party bus. >> that is awesome. >> we need to take out>> t a loo weekend. >> that's on sale saturday. >> bruno mars on monday.y. >> those on saturday. t on bruno mars on monday.. >> okay.>> o me concert schedule is lining uu for next year already. alrea >> passing the dish over tover t ya'll. >> paula abdul. a >> i'm with you, wis. >> paula abdul i think boys two men i'm most'ms excited about that.t tt. >> okay. all right. you know what time it is. >> what time? >> w w >> it's time for good dayay celebrity dish.ityis we got some rock, we got some halloween, we got some shade,
10:15 am
something extra, too. >> we got it all. let's start out with this. t do you smell what the rock is cooking?ok >> oh yeah.. >> oh. i'm sure you guys do.s do >> he can cook anything he wants to,,aby. >> because the rock says know your role that he's the second d yesterday man alive.yesterday that's what he used to say when way way back when horas link. not wrestling butteries link thk rock is the sexiest man alive ae you can see right there on the t cover of people magazine, andina not only is h alive, during the sit down guess what else he talked about.. >> what? >> his it will its politicalal ambitions possibly.ambi >> because he said he could seed himself one day possibly running for the highest office in thehe >> why not? >> why not? >> anybody can be president. >> right. >> anything is possible. pos good this guy is 44 years old. . he definitely he looks good. but he is so talented.d. the second season of baller social security on right now.ecr
10:16 am
watch reboot. watc he's voicing the lead in disney moana and cast in seven more films that are being released r over the next two years.. >> wow! >> isn't that amazing.'that ama. >> it really is. >> highest paid actor in hollyr ride right now.ride rht n >> i think he is.e is. >> highest grossing. >> he's working for it. >> and they've been doing h te'g sexiest man alive peopleeoe magazine has since 1985 now. >> wow! y non you know the onl actor entertainer to have won it. it >> jfk, jr.>>fk, j >> oh, yes. >> i do remember that. i d >> i have lot man alive trivia. >> listen dorks not limitisten i yourself to just the sexiest mmn alive. ive. >> okay.. >> because people also has likel a network you know you can go oo their website and they stream programming or you can don'tan t load their app they're actuallyt doing the sexiest week alive.. >> sexiest week.. >> sexiest week.k you can celebrate sexiest all ek.k. it talks about who has been named the sexiest man alive a through the years though they
10:17 am
swimsuit edition. editi >> this entire week celebratingi all things sexy.all thgs sexy. >> all things sexy. things sexy >> i meant you're picking a weew that was like, now that was a week -- 42nd week of 1982 was the sexiest week ever. >> no. >> this week you nailed itou nai they're celebrating all thingshg >> kevin did already tweet theee rock congratulations.ulations >> of course he did. he di >> you knew would happen. >> one sexiest man or womanan or alive the most.os >> there has been let's see aee co brad pitt, george clooney.ey i thought so.o. john 93 depth and richard gere. >> i'm going to guess dwaynewa johnson wins it again. ain >> yes, he will.>> y will. especially with seven moviesh sn coming out.ming >> that's >> he's also only the secondal person of color to win.r to w you know who the first one was.w >> denzel washington. >> denzel washington, that's right. >> only but al wa's couple. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> easy to remember.. >> never gets a james bond rollr
10:18 am
>> throw it. >> little shade.>> le all right. andy cohen is writing a book and guess what? why you say ut-oh.- >> andy cohen writing a book. a. that is juicy. >> yes.. >> he's got details onls o everybody. >> got details on the two of thw people we talk about quite a bib on their show on theirhe tay tay and katie perry. >> wake me when it's over. ove >> really? >> you know how i feel about themnow . >> they were at the met gala ana what happenet d.wh happe >> they were at the met gala anl tay tay was trying to find ad a place to sit, and and there, and she was, you know, hh was like, tay tay, what's wrongo she's like i need a place to sit. relying there's a place over there by katie perry. she's like, don't ever bring evb that name up again.. so she like confirmed that she e does not like katie she's like i'm not going overr there.e oh, wine the way, you bravo makk sure you don't ever bring this t up on what happens live.nsiv so it was a little secret when w tay tay confirmed that she
10:19 am
saying, she didn't say i couldn't write it in my book. b. >> right.>> right. >> now it's going to be tellt's all. >> by the way it's super official muriated ventures from the andy cohen diaries. diari you can get yours now. now >> how about a little first datd add dead pool. how about that.abtha >> this is sweet story. sry >> we're talking about ryan ryan reynolds, right talking about a when he first met his boo, all a right, there they are right thee there. look dead pool star ryantar r reynolds talked about making the film green that show, remember that movie.. >> yes. >> good for you because itecau i stunk. >> the only thing he says cameay out that movie the fact he met his boo blake lively. lel >> that's pretty good.t's pr go. >> that is good because againiso that movie stunk. stu all right. so at least he got boo on the oo it. it he said at first the two actorss were just buddies. but then he explained the momen when he knew they were going too be more than friends they wereai out on double date with some s other and the rest is history. >> they were at a restaurant tribeca and it was very filled
10:20 am
leave it to girl get the the details, the romantic that he ie he asked her to dance in the restaurant.. no one else was there and sorend they kind of connected.. and then he walked her home. >> um-hmm.. >> and then he walked her in.aln >> it work.tor whatever, it work.k. >> they've been married foureen years and have two kids. >> also doesn't hurt he looksoo like he looks.oo let's be honest.t's beest >> has he been the sexiest manen alive. he should be. >> i think he has.>> i thi >> he wasnk walking saying whoow w movie. >> not a good pick up line.picke >> i think this is a hell bit bitterness.bitterness. >> here's the thing wisdom.. i'm surprised you're not sayingt he still got paid for it.or >> it actually wasn't that bad.a it wasn't that badt.. >> okay. it was super hero movie and it i just stung. >> but he made money.e de m >> let's talk about one of my favorites kim k.rites kim k >> how about that. >> can he c we put up thec we p picture of kim k? there you go. this is a halloween picture frof kim k she had been off social
10:21 am
when she got robbed in paris. >> might want to take down the title beauty and the beast.heea kanye might get upset. she's dressed -- basically whata happened kim k and her daughterh northwest dressed as jasmine for halloween while her son saint si west dressed as aladdin.ddin >> they robbed her of her of h clsthes. >> hey, steve, ain't nothingin wrong with this. >> she was cleaning out her halloween closet.set. >> yeah. >> i'm like really.>>'m l >> was the halloween closet.lose >> look at these babies. >> might have been closet. clos >> it still looks good.t ill i'm just saying.i'just saying. >> so cute. >> that little saint west, oh my gosh -- gosh -- >> do we have time for thewe beauty and h the beast trailer.l real quickly.real let's show it. because it's getting a lot of'sa buzz in fact. now we can talk about the tale t as old as time after we move on from disney aladdin. ?? >> here we go.>> look at this. >> live act. live act. who is that. >> do you wish to take youru sh
10:22 am
>> come into the light. >> oh.h. >> scary. ???? >> people are really ravinglly g about this trailer and ma'am watson is playing bell one thin in the trailer you don't actually see anyone singing.. i think it's going be the music but i don't know if they'ret kn actually sinking. i don't and that.aci n't >> we'll find out this spring. >> this spring when we go see s that before we go to the '90's s concert in center and bruin nor mars inorsn september.septem >> it's going to be busy year.. >> i wonder how many times thism has been redone weather cartoono or movie or television. because the not never changes.te that's all i'm's that's all i'm saying.. >> it usually doesn't.. >> a tale as old as time.ime. >> they keep redoing andd remaking, redoing and remaking.n i'm just saying.. >> when people stop going to sas it they'll stop making it. >> when they stop making moneygn
10:23 am
>> they didn't do green lanterne again or ant man.. >> people won't paying to see it. it >> time for ant man. man >> no there isn't. isn't. >> it's not getting any better.r >> still the size of an ant. every time they do it he's stilt the size of an ant. ant >> last avengers movie he turner the nobody another way and a turned into giant ant. a >> is that marvel or d.c.l or.c >> we're in marvel universe. uv. ant man is --mans >> crazy town.razy tn. >> ant man and giant man are tha same person.n >> crazy town. i indeed. >> the rock was sexiest man >> did i know? >>ello. >> did you know wisdom was you robbed yet again for that titlee [ laughter ] >> rig right. thanks, guys. 10:23. coming up later, a dose of e holiday spirit.. singer kelly -- kenny latimore,r oh my gosh how can i do that to you will join us live with ave w special performance from his nen christmas it is banging.its ba y very cool. >> so good. >> can't wait for that. first though tucker is comings back with mother nature has inur the seven day. kind of all over the place andha we'll inch closer and closer too
10:24 am
holiday weather to match? it's
10:25 am
10:26 am
?? 10:26 right now. all > 10right. >> check of the forecast. [ laughter ] >> you okay. >> i'm all right. >> hey, tuck. how is it going. >> hey, maureen, going great. i'm relaxing. of >> can you tell us what the weather is going to be.n, >> is that why you're downou hen >> be glad to.>>ad t cloudy skies, they're hanging hi
10:27 am
pleasant temperature wise.e although i mean, you know stilll ol.l. just for november standards nott bad. d. 56 now still reporting clouds at reagan national.atna winds are calm and again we did get light rain overnight.rnht didn't amount to whole lot in li fact didn't amount to much of anything. anything. we could use a little moretle m that's all faded off to the fad north and east.t you can see therth an last frams there that mostam of the areahee still generally cloudy looksudoo like we're starting to getet breaks in the clouds out towardr london county parts of frederice county the t more sunshine this afternoon not perfectly sun 93 day but partlyl sunny afternoon as high pressurs is able to build in we'll seelle clearing skies later thisng s lt afternoon and then chillychiy tonight.tonigh. overnight lows back in the 30 3 if you're normal and west andesd 40s in town.n. so expect cool conditions but cn again you won't need and umbrella this afternoon ornoon tonight if you're headed out ana about. all right. let's take a look at the seven o dak y tog and guess what? we got more mor mild air on the way.. wednesday, thursday, fridayy featuring in fact saturdayaturda
10:28 am
friday may top out at 70 degreee a lot to look forward to here.o. we will turn much cooler bite bt end of the weekend noon early na next week.xt w and just a heads up if you're iu going to that redskins/packers game sunday night it will beitlb chilly one. temperatures may be in the 30s 3 there during the game, and a a very cool monday.onday. daytime highs don't get out of o the 40s it look like we stay sy cool the trend will be muchl h cooler next week into ourur thanksgiving week. w that is the latest. lest. 60s this afternoon, guys, with partial sunshine. >> all right.ll >> thanks tuck. >> thank you. >> 10:28 is the time. cold classic making a come back. the stars of love jones theon t musical will join us live in the loft to talk about taking the romantic drama from the big theg screen to the stage and why thee story still holds up 20 years ya later.lar. right now, 10:28.28 back in a moment. >> raheem, your phone is goingsg
10:29 am
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10:32 am
>> what are you doing here.are >> let me buy you dinner. >> the billy d thing is little played out but i'll give you points for nostalgia sake. i am not trying to meet another man at this timeet me ly dut b . >> we should get together sometime and have a a >> i don't think that would be k very good idea. [ laughter ] >> hey, persistence.ersi be surprised how far i can get you. >> clip from the love jonesjoes romantic drama starring nealrrie long and lorenzo after 20 years after its bigts b screen debut it's back. bk it's being adapted into a stage play.ay we're talking about mc light and raheem duvon it premieresemres tonight at the national theaterr in washington. first the stars are right heresh in the loft with good morning to you.good mornin >> good morning.morn >> good to see. toee. >> thanks for the invitation to the loft. the >> thank you for coming in and hanging out with us.ou fg out >> so talk about the show.he is it just like the movie?? >> no. no. >> no.
10:33 am
>> what can we expect to see? saw the movie. mie what can we expect to see that't hell bit different?ll diffe >> it's a musical. we've got over 20 somethinghing >> wow! w! >> yeah. both of you performing? >> well -- >> you are enter trainers. >> a creool thing i get to be hh and show myself in another lighr as an actor, you know, it's pretty cool. coo it's a cool experience.iee. wonderful myself, light, um, tony grant ga who has done all the tyler stuff. >> right. >> tyler perry . music soul child, dave hollister. >> michelle. >> right.. >> who plays >> is thatly big drama inra addition this is a cult classic. >> sure. >> this is big deal.>> >> you getting the trip -- you get the triple double with lovet jones the musical. musal here's'shy.
10:34 am
reputation and the success of the film was, you know, the caliber of artists that you have on the roster.os you've got high names. names >> um-hmm. >> talk about over three decades of music, you know, sole music.. >> r and b, catalog. but you also have some of the dope pest performers like we'ree also known for performing.erfoin one thing to be an artist and td have catalog. another thing to be able to get on stage and pere form i >> you know what, there are some actors who also sing and singerd who act. we have jackie that's in it. i we have angie fisher. jamicia.mi these people are like bonafidei in the theater world.orld >> they bring that as spec. >> singers. sin >> acting and some sinking. >> acting and sing and of coursc we have the sound track.. so the sound track will beille available there on site but forr those who want to get a taste oo
10:35 am
the musical sun >> okay.y >> and he's on it with his theme song love jones. >> get active plays right now. n >> right now. >> organic >> gotcha. he'e's on it. music soul child.ld. marsha ambrosia.a. chaz shepherd also in the playia and sings and acts as well. w does fabulous job.s j it's great. >> now, is this all new music or -- i need to know. know >> all new music.ic >> severing all knew.all knw. d inspired by -- >> all good then. >> script.d by the we were posted up in oklahomaom city for about 14 days.4 does during >> in between rehearsals, youaly know, after rehearsals after wee rehearsed for like 12 hours aous day maybe and we ---- >> he was first to the studio. u >> is that right? right >> he is dedicated. dedicated. he is a hard worker. >> james brown -- this is the it next jams brown part two..
10:36 am
does he do a lot of work.t of wr talk about, yok.u know, the the difference between, upping, thet stage and the recording studio. which one is harder? which onee do you like better? is there ae difference because it's all is a entertainment.tertaien >> i think oy speak for the boto of us when i say that when we'rn in the studio, it's our own thing. you know we move at this time pace that we want to.o. no, yes, move that.. but on the stage, we're workingi with other people, so you haveue to take into account all thesehe different personalities, andlita then there's dialogue happens.en and nuances and attitudes. >> theater is like -- >> collaborative.>> collabo >> no show is ever thera same. m >> okay. >> you know what i mean? >> that onou k purpose? >> no.o >>n cool way.y. >> in a good way. >> in n a very cool way where yu adapt. you learn your lines and then te once you embrace and commit to o being the -- commit to that that character, that's where the t magic happens when it commitmeni to the character happens hpe because, you know -- y kno >> he's got quite character. cht
10:37 am
>> okay. >> o you want to give me any insighti into this.intohis. >> now i'm really intrigue. igu new music and know about yourr character.acte >> let's just say i got it [ laughter ] >> we'll leave it at that. it at >> i play -- i reason klee iklee play -- >> bill bellamy's part which hollywood. >> okay. >> you got it >> hollywood he feels like le he's -- >> the man. the thehe man. >> okay. >> he's kind of the man but he'h kind of like annal >> you chuckle when you said you why is that?why is t >> the thing is we've seen othe people do the role, you know,no, but when he plays it, it bring this whole thing to it, and i love it.lo i yeah. he got it [ laughter ] >> sounds like you guys had gooo time. what's next for the both of yti? >> keep doing this and do more of your normal dollar?lar? >> i have an album ready calledd saturday spotlight it's waitingg and we both have foundationss
10:38 am
scholarships on the soul trainln carpet.carp. which he is one of our donors. r so thank you very much raheem and then he has things going on. >> so of course we were just here not too longing a myself as and wes felton shout out to my partner one half of theof crossroads. we have the album coming first quarter, february, you know, ini conjunction with the play.n the upping what i mean? that will be kind of cool. we working out some stuff with w that. piggyback that. of course the foundatio doing tremendous thing. thing. we'll be at the howard theaterde on the 20th here for the love lv live charity concert that i dotd every year raheem due vaughn and friends. so we have -- we have leeee boseman confirmed, huge go-go g band from the area i can't say yet confirm. conrm. we got black alley confirm.. >> thanks to both of you for f coming in early that the in the morning hanging out with. out w.
10:39 am
>> you have they're both in itt sing, acting. a 's a all good. >> it's all good. >> thank you very much fornk y coming in. >> thank you. us.hanks for having >> raheem, you're from mc light for you is it easier ii you do a performance like thisit you're in town for whole week aa op move to being here, baltimore tomorrow, new york the next day. >> absolutely. absolutely. it's definitely gives us a chance tefoin rest and breathe , yeah. yeah you're right on the money. righh >> i will say thate they -- th- way they're moving us around, an it's ver .> touring. >> to touring. like the music life. it's kind of likelike a new fora also, the style of play that ita is. you know what mine. >> i think it's the beginning oi with the sound track as well,s w you don't hear about that type e of thing happening every day ind theater.ter. >> excellent.xcel cool. >> thank you. >> thank you.nt. >> there's thehaou info again. a if you want to check it out you you have a full week to get too it through sunday sda november 20th down at thedown ae national theater. tickets available.on
10:40 am
they've been putting into it. i. >> say what?? >> she's quoting lines. >> lines -- >> don't do that.>>on't >> sorry. >> you have to come to the play. to hear that line. line. all new lines. l >> inspired by.>> ipired by >> there you go. g >> good.>>ood. okay. >> all right. we'll be back with more after this. back ter10 10a continues. it's 10:40.a ntinit's 1. see in you a minute.sein
10:41 am
honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go.
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10:43 am
?? and who is dressed ivanka? >> clip quick from the foxp qu horror comedy scream queenseam s stars taylor lautner that's notn all he has lined up in hollywood. fox's dan springer with more. i'm dr. female >> taylor lautner keeping busyru these days in addition to t playing dr. cassidy cascade ondo hit fox series he's also also headlining in upcoming feature f called run the tide. t >> i want mom. >> you don't have mom. you you got me. >> in the drama lautner andautna younger brother hit the road afe their drug abusing mom gets outo of prison.son >> for my role specifically it t was just unlike anything i'vethe done before. i knew that this would -- thisli would be a challenge for me ande it scared me and i said you knoo what, i'm going to close my eyeo
10:44 am
the best. >> as long as we get to killwe i >> the twilight trilogy turned lautner into a teen heart throbb at 24 his focus shifted too surprising fans on scream on sc queens. >> going to be scarier than ever. but also things are going startt happening. they're going to make the make audience drop their jaws because -- i'm excited because u remember when i read the scriptt for episodes, i was like what? a how can they do that. >> that's the thank about ours show. we really have no limits. limit >> i'm in love with you. >> with five episodes left lt before the hospital killer islei revealed taylor says no one iss safe. >> this show is always shockingn i mean this show pushes thes boundaries and there is nothing we can't do.. and in every episode i'm like, k did not see that um canning.. so it always keeps you on your n toes for sure. s and there are about ready to bee shocked. >> through the power of theou
10:45 am
>> new episode of scream queenss right here at 9:00 o'clock ono' fox5. >> maureen all right fan.aureena >> excellent show.>> if you haven't watched it, watcd it. you will die laughing literallyy [ laughter ] >> 10:45 is the time.s e t coming up next christmas comingc early to the loft. l r and b star and dmv native kenny latimore sharing the holiday spirit with a sperm s performance from his am do not miss it. we're back after this. ?? i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo.
10:46 am
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10:48 am
?? that is a classic to the t well we're a little more than a we can away from thanksgivingsgn but we already counting down tot christmas and it's all about ofo kenny latimore that's because bu the grammy nominated r and b b icon released his first hisir christmas album called "a kenny latimore christmas and features additional songs and modern renditions of have yourself aela merry little christmas, i'll beb
10:49 am
this morning he's putting us ins the holiday spirit with is veryv special performance he is herech to perform the song real lovee this christmas. please welcome our friend to tho show dmv native and handsome ham hung kenny latimore.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
?? ?? >> kenny lattimore, oh, myy
10:53 am
>> welcome back. bac >> fantastic. >> that is a -- you had me h m swooning. sw caribbean rhythm. shallowly march in there. there. >> i love it. >> thank you so much.>> this is you in your tha finestit element giving us these music -- music inspired. love songs.on what inspired this album for you? you? >> well, really wasn't as brilliant the inspiration it waa that i wanted to go on tour way dave cox which we're doing atchd the national theater and i saids dave, i want to go o because this do this is greatise production every year.od you got your christmasuc albumam ready and i was like uhh. >> yeah.>> y >> but when i started tout whest actually get into the research c and the production of the albumm i just was like wow, this is thi what the music is all about thee inspiration, it's the love and a got a chance to really do someom lyrics that i think are real rea important right now likee everybody love somebody. someb thing that are more unifyingunif particularly for our country, for just people in generalen everybody doing the holidays isi
10:54 am
feeling like this is great timet i'm trying to encourage people l to reach out to those that may not have that dinner plan.plan. >> you did. you did i love that you did a combination of holiday favorites and new stuff that is really good.od surprised you've never done onen before. even your catalog of music i'm really surprised. >> it's been because i have recorded eighteds been differenm labels. >> okay. >> and generally what happens with christmas album is,en werhe you have done several albums on one particular label, thenabel e they'll okay, we've got to add a this two our repertoire.ep different individual ones -- on >> we love it it all. you're home for the holidays.e o here in the dmv for christmas cs and thanksgiving and so forth. r >> thanksgiving i'm in tnk production in another city but b shall be back here for christmas. >> i hear you're a foodie.eayou' what is your >> what do i make?t i make? >> i have better taste buds b than -- than -- >> than cooking >> than cooking skills but i'm looking forward to of course the
10:55 am
>> we love it. >> when you see the video for thiyosu seehi love christmas there was a chef thatt came from dallas, tech text andd prepared all the food it's reals food and we grub. gru there was amazing smoked turkeye that i was like, i never tasteds the flavor of a turkey like thaa before. >> you've had fried turkey friet before, right.fore, >> i've done fried turkeyriedur before. >> i daveed it for the firsteedf time in south carolina.irme we can talk about f ioodn so ald but talk about the album called kenny lattimore christmas. cist. people can get it now.ople can i >> you can get it now.t you cag real proud of it because it'set' about four different genres of o mu you've got jazz on l praise and worship and gospel. it starts out r and b like thist but has a christmas >> this song right here is here banging. i can't wait to listen it toteno over and over again. andver ag we have full screen up saturdayr december 3rd, 8:00 p.m. national theater that's where you'll be. >> yes. >> all right.>> a want to see through.o sethro >> okay. >> kenny feels tow good to see you.e y come back any time. time. >> i'll hang out here.l ng o >> you go ahead. >> we have breaking news because we hear there is a movementem growing across the dc area.cre
10:56 am
>> this doesn't surprise me to be hahn never. >> about --ut - >> i'll preface this by saying y kenny wasn't on the show yet i don't know if the movement willt change. change. >> right. it could. >> right now, wisdom is getting wisd all th ies lovgee for sexiest m alive.alive all day long. long >> that's what we're hearing.eai look at this rock is the sexiest man alive i agree only thing iss why is his share on. o >> she's not in our protest.. >> congrats on winning sexiestex man contest.. fox5 wisdom i voted for for him. h >> you can protest for wisdom to make the cover of rolling stonei magazine. >> i'm becoming his campaigns cg manager for neck year.nager fora we're going for it. i've already thought buttons ans everything. >> look at that.ever c>>ould not stop blurbing brb because we put him on the spot.. >> that makes it more enduringei and sexy. when a man like wisdom blurbs. >> why don't we end with aith a picture of him. >> our sexiest man a >> i think we shall, chris. we s >> put it up one more time.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
. live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'. hello. we won't judge. but we're judging. ?? >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ?? ? ooh ooh ? ? ooh ooh ? ? ? ooh ooh ? >> wendy: thanks for watching


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