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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 10. right now, illegal dirt bikes, student walkouts and sanctuary city status. tonight, c's mayor sounds off on some of the controversial issueo that a are front and center and affecting you. then an elderly man died after he was assaulted at a seniorr center but no one has beenn charged. what we've learned about theout
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connection to a formerrm president. and working to stop hackers ine their tracks. what the feds are recommendinge to increase the security of your devices. fox5 if yous at 10 starts now. and we thank you for joining us tonight, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy fox5 is pressing d.c.'s mayor for answers on asw range of issues that effect you. fox5's marina maracco tractedace down the mayor to ask aboutout illegal dirt bikes, finding a new police chief, studentsuden walking out of class and more. with the story. marina. >>reporter: mayor bowser did answer some questions although she left some answers also up in the air and then she flipped flopped on the controversial dps walkout from this afternoon. scenes like these have played out across the country and today it happened in nearly 4,000 high school students from the district and surrounding areas walked out ofh class inut o protest of thee
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depending on which student you ask their absence from school was either excused or unexcusedu this evening during a community walk through mayor bowser also had differing opinions about today's walk out. students were exercising their first amendment rights and we want them to be able to express their feelings. do you think it sets a dangerous expression. >> to express your first ,expr no. rights class? >> we want our kids to be in school, absolutely.lute > you're okay with today's walkout.walk >> no, i always want kids to be in school.l. any protests in my view shouldod happen after school hours. > and the district has been inn the news evening more since last tuesday's election. mayor bowser standing firmlyy saying the nation's capital will remain a sanctuary city protecting illegal immigrants by p not prosecuting them solely
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our focus is on enforcing our local laws and we don't askn' people about our status.atus what if they commit homicide. >> then they will dealt be by the law. > irrelevant of their status. >> if somebody commits a homicide they will be arrested. they will be prosecuted and they will be put in jail. > the mayor said she is unaware of the most recent atv and illegal biking police. riders allege 60 officers pepper sprayed them as 100 bikes road through northeast d.c. on sunday. >> i'll certainly look into it. they were supporting mpd withd i the no chase policy. >> that is our policy andd standby it. > while atvs continued to roar through the streets of d.c. as students walk out of class, d.c. police chief and d.c. chancellor
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halt in the process. >> not so. mr. donohue said there have been zero interviews despite thereere being about 100 applicants for thane that means that we continue to search and we continue totinu collect those and when the time is right i will start the process of finding the rightht person. is there anything that would stop youhing from making two pik at once. >> no. > is there any any reason that hasn't happened yet. >> one is going before the other. > and mayor bowser says currently her priority is picking a d.c. ps chancellor.ane in the meantimer continuer i ami police chief peter newsham willl remain at the helm of d.c. police at least through the inaugeration. when we requested an interview with peter newsham we were toldd it would happen and in the lastt second peter newsham dashed fox5. marina maracco, fox5 local news.
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d.c. police need your help to find five persons of interest haven't whatted for robbery. the incident was caught on i'm that. the suspects are accused of robbing a man on halloween onllw irving street northwest. they attack the man and stole his cellphone, l wallet and money. the attacker then left. police want to hear from you. if you have any information about this case. fox5 is learning new details after an elderly man was kill at his assisted living facility. police tell us another resident is not been arrested and police won't explain why.y. tonight the facility sunrise l exactly is raising more questions about the response following the deadly result.t. > lindsay watts joins us withos the latest. >>reporter: this is a strange case to say the least. and information from police and sunrise is not adding i want to he that you throughu the timeline of events. on october 24, police say a 72
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old man named hunt her alexander.alex they immediately notified alltii proper authorities. but exactly police say they onle found out about this two days later on september 26 when alexander suck calmed to hisu injuries at theck hospital. then it wasn't until 16 days later when police release the information. we have asked police why thee delay, why no arrest? could this have been self defense? but they have not provided those answer. i spoke to hunter al companioner's nephew tonight. he hadn't heard of his uncle l's death until we told him. he never married or had kids, but still led a great life. he is a direct descendent of washington.wash alexander is named here.ed he was a research analyst in the s ssr. in the navy, a professor andofes also spent time in russia
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his uncle was absolutely brilliant. we found out sunrise never told residents' families about the violence. sunrise wouldn't tell us whether that 72 year old man who assaulted alexander is still living there. this is a statement we got a spokes woman tonight that saysys we are deeply saddened by this b loss toy our family. we immediately notified all proper authorities when the incident occurred three weeks ago as police investigation right away.t it would not be appropriate topa discuss further details as we a must respect the privacy of all those involved. we must focus on providing our residents with a safe home. while they have finished their investigation he still hasn'tas' gotten the case file so he can decide whether there will bell files. the process may take up to another month. line situate watts, fox5 local news.
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abducting and sexually assaulting two young girls is being held bout bond p tonight.p police tell us lewissor followed the girls intor the elevation burger in aspen on sunday. he is also a registered sex offender who was convicted of abducting and molesting kids inn 2012. > and there are more details os another disturbing child sex abuse case, this time in prince george's's today prosecutors say additional charges have been filed against deonte carraway. he is the county school volunteer p accusd of abusing several students. carraway now faces 15 charges for reportedly forcing 12 children between the aimings of nine and thirteen to engage in sexual acts on camera. the two new charges resultedar from agen additional victim and one more video. he worked at the elementary school and was arrested in
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on the campus.mpus if convicted, carraway faces up to 30 years in prison. this trial is scheduled to begin in > the controversial death with dignity act is now in the hands of d.c. mayor muriel bowser. it gives meantly capable terminally ill patients withtien less than six months to live the option to end their own livesn with the help of a doctor. physician assisted death is already legal in six otherer states. > heads up if you are a marynd the rate hike is moving fort.s they asked the public service pb commission to approve the hike.. it wilamena monthly increase in your bill by about $15. the commission denied the firste request but is now allowingwing pepco to increase your rates byt a smaller personal.nal. that should cost you you aboutot 7ed more a month and it takes effect immediately. > we want to turn now to the forecast. take a live look outside.tsid it is cooling down. we could be in store for a
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how are things looking for tomorrow. don't forget on our seven day forecast we might even includecd other first snowflake after the warmup. we have plenty to talk about. we'll give you a little bit of a tease with that. it is getting chilly out there and we do expect temperatures heading for the 30s. we had a nice day after a feww spring also that didn't last long. we managed to get up to 66-degrees at reagan national and that's well above averageabv for this timee of year. dulles 63 and temperatures are down into the 30s now, manassas one much the cooler spots 37 as ischial pepper. gaithersburg 39. 9. the city 55-degrees.egre the storm is exiting.itin it brought a lot of rain to new yorkof city. we got two spring also in the last two hours unfortunately asy that storm departs we're chilly and clear as when head for the 0s and 40s and it might be belittle cooler than the temperatures we're showing here
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already at what we thought weree our forecast lowe's.we it's a chilly start but a pleasant fall afternoon.n. really looking like a nice day. to give you an idea at the bus e stop it could be a range to 46 tomorrow morning with a chilly start. after school 60 to 66. there it with be a little bit of disturbance that comes throughos in the afternoon that brings us a few more clouds.ouds yes, we have some warm days on the seven day forecast and a sharp drop. a lot of this going on in that n seven day forecast. i'll have that for you coming up right at 10:30. back to you. > can't wait to see it. straight ahead, preventing hackers from getting their hands on your personal what the feds are now saying about cyber attacks and what you can do to make your devices more secure. the school was created by thomas jefferson, but now hundreds of virginia students and faculty members want the school's president to stop quoting their famous founder.
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> hackers attacked a popular website like twitter, website and spotify and now tech expert are coming up with ways to stopo those hackers in their tracks. the attack last month was blazen and far reaching and it left everyone rattle much the web experts call it a denial ofal service attack. hackers use every day items s as video security cameras,ca router than rs and printers to jamb the internet main switchboards. feds announced they are applying pressure on tech manufacturers to build security features at the levels. cyber experts say these types of attacks are up 30 percent frompc last and they are a thousand times larger. meaning it's affecting more systems and more people lastre summer a breach at the
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management effected millions of security government clearancecla holders and compromisedromi 25.5 million social securityli numbers. theon army, irs and state department systems were hacked. not to mention the dnc wikileaks related action. you want to top the bad guysbad when you can, but if they do geo in and we also have decades ofce threat data which show you can't stop all cyber attacks much when they get in can we limit thehe damage they can do in? homeland security jay johnson urged the new trump administration to remain focusee on these cyber threats thateats could even effect the power grid. tech experts say the good news here is there's more awareness about it, but they're fearful with the new administration the cyber threat could fall through the cracks.crac > a knowledge look time expertt on thei secret service is asking for the budget to be doubled.
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you can see for yourself here at the white house construction isi already underway on the inaugeral parade stand. this place will be in a virtualt security lock down for the inaugeration. some secretow service analysts and experts are saying that the secret service service needs a massive increase in both its forces and budget to meet a growing online threat against the in coming presidenti ofng the united states. just to be d rushed off a stage by te secret service after someone yelled gun.u social media hashtags like hashtag assassinate trump and hashtag kill trump have spread. violence became a regular scenel at some trump rallies when antii trump protestors crashed the events. last spring a man grab donald trump at an ohio airport stop. ron kessler says the debt threats and the violent languaga
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challenge to the secret servicet who is in charge ofhe protecting donald trump. kessler's answer a trump presidency will require a doubling of secret service budget from 2 billion-dollar to2 4 billion-dollar bil a year. anti trump groups and groups from oversees like isis the increase is double to protecttet the in coming president. you have people saying they want says nate him out right on twitter. how does the secret servicee se respond to secret service has it under control. the secret service still is lax in some respects. it still doesn't have good leadership. joe each clancy was appointed by president obama after several embarrassing attacks. the infamous case of the coupleu that got into the dinner. it serves at the pleasure of the president and it is not clear yet what donald trump's future direction for the secret servich will be.wi
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fitzgerald, fox5 local news. > president obama is in greasee tonight. it is the first stop on his final overnight trip as commander in chief.hi the us will continue to help the country restore financialial security. tomorrow the president heads to germany for a meeting with chancellor america elderly manan and several other world leaderse from there he will head to peru for the asian 35 civic economic summit > demonstrators clashed withra police in the streetsto of atens to protect president obama'sct p visit to the country. police had to use tear gas after crowds broke through barriers ie an attempt to march towards the us embassy. at least four people were raced and a few protestors were hurt. this is the first trip to greece
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> bob mcconnell will join his al ma mar tour. he will teach at the robertsonre school of government. the former one-term governor was convicted of corruption stemming from his coalition with a businessman. the supreme court threw out the case last june and prosecutors decided not to retry him. university of virginia president theresa sullivan is getting a lot of flak from students and faculty comments she made after donaldhe trump was mad elected president. she urged them to remember their own responsibility in the world. she quoted thomas jefferson in f that e-mail and that's what has upset some people who say jefferson should not be used as a moral come pass.ass jefferson founded uva but someut have criticized him because he was a slave other than. sullivan defended her remarksemr she says quoting him doesn't mean she believes with all of
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> setting up new speed camerasm we'll tell you where you need to
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a 16 year old is under arrest accused of going on a stabbingai rampage in utah.tah. it he stabbed five classmates before stabbing himself. everyone is expected to survive. utah police posted a letterle online from the alleged suspect's parents.pare in it they apologized for thence dents and in it established thai thet stabbings were not raciala or ethnically motivated. the main airport in oklahomakl city is back up and running after a deadly shooting. a southwest employee was shot and killed outside will rogers airport. police have identified theiden
10:23 pm
he is the father of kansas city chief's player james within chess templet hours after the shooting police found the suspected gunman dead in a pickup truck in an airport parking lot. he apparently shot himself.hims it appears the victim and the shooter knew each other.her. the shoot and kill did kill his mentally ill son after heter attacked the officer in his northeast home. it happened last night on james halloway shot his son. court records show carl hallowaa was arrested last month foray salts his father and was ordered to stay away from the house. d.c. police have not yet release a report about the shooting. she was screaming, but sheut couldn't move. she was screaming and she was hurt. i'm still shivering. i couldn't see the baby lying
10:24 pm
this small. > this witness shaken after seeing a horrible crash inin loudon county that killed a five-month baby and seriously injured his mother.othe this happened last august the corner of riverside parkway andd kipp heart drive in lease ^ber^. today the driver allegedlylleg involved in this cache peered ic court. john million per, the fourth is accused of involuntary manslaughter, reckless drivingrk and failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk. the grand jury reur indictment yesterday. he appeared atment the loudon cy courthouse this morning where a judge set his bond at $10,000. miller later walked out of court. did not speak with reporters. one witness said it appearsappe miller had a phone in his hand when the accident occurred. his next court appearance will p be december 5. > here's a heads up if you drive in the district.tric there are two new speed cameras in southeast. one is located in the 3,000the block of hillcrest drive, the d other one in the 3100 block of alabama avenue.venu
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are issues at both of those locations the violators willlato receive a warning untill december 15. after that you're going to get a ticket and you're going to have a pay a fine.fine > fox5 is going unfiltered.unfi the student walkouts and protests of the presidential election have sparked a strong reaction.reac we'll take a look at all sides of the issue.issu what were students hoping toto gain? what was done to keepp them safe? and how should parents and teachers respond? and a reminder to tune into fox5 news morning. sit down with duane the rock johnson. by the way, people magazine t named the section yes man alivet i thinkio they said he was smar, sexy and sculpted. they would all be right. thanksgiving cooking action ando a performance by kate can i perc take
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> this is fox5 local news atws 10. we're back now with a check ofhe our top stories tonight. up first, new details at a deadly pennsylvania salt at at living facility in alexandria a. >> alexandria police say theyndi did not learn ata this facility at their facility on an 8 # year old man by another residenter right away.t it was not until two days after that happened. shawn. a restaurant worker is held without bond.on sexually assaulting two children inside the women's restroom at elevation burger in aspen or isr a registered as a sex offender. the controversial death with dignity act is now in the hands of muriel bowser. they voted to approve the bill today. it gives mentally capable but terminally ill patients withatie less than six months to live the
10:30 pm
with the help of a doctor. sue. we have a lot to talk about. for starters you know thatnow tonight will be on the chillyily side but we'll bounce back nicely tomorrow afternoon.or aro sunny start, a few afternoow clouds tomorrow and maybe an isolated shower well to thehe north along the mason dixon line. we'll have fall like temperatures, 60 througherat thursday. it's a set up let me tell you. because sharply colder on sunday as we see the coldest blast coming into town sunday andday monday and i might add thisht a could be a very significant mountain snow especially above 3,000 feet for the weekend. for you need to stay updated on that. it could really be a number of inches and we'll continue to monitor that situation.tuat but let's monitor that seven day forecast asit porromised.s here it is for you at 106789. 30 and you can see that we'll be in the mid 60s the next two days.da friday, saturday near 70.
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come late, but don't be surprised on sunday, not just talking about mountain snow butw maybe a couple of snow showers closer by or a little bit of a flurry passing on through late saturday night and into sunday. so we'll be watching all of that, but look at thatt temperature for sunday. 49-degrees, monday only 48. and tuesday 55. so definitely the coldest air we've seen so far this season and we're just getting started. > tony? all sue. thank you very much.uch. fox5 is going unfiltered tonighe taking a closer look at the protests coast to coast c following the election. the demonstration started withth voters upset with the outcome,oc but now even students who aren't oldud enough to vote are makingg their voices her. we've seen student walkouts in california, in montgomery countr yesterday and then todayday students from several d.c. schools walked out of class marching to the trump hotel, the white house and back. while many are happy the are
10:32 pm
questions about students' safety and adult leadership during thii period ofp time.ime. joining us tonight to put everything in perspective students rights advocate. thank you for joining us. amedical contact, let me starttt with you.wi one of the things that i hear people saying, adults in particular is these kids don'td' really even know what they're protesting about. we had some comments on facebooo earlier and said they should spend the time at school, learn about what's happening before theybefo leave school to protest. how would you address that?at? >> that's a very misguided opinion. in my opinion, i feel that -- i- mean, just looking at the news in general you can see what's going on and you can see the things -- what trump is saying. i mean i just feel as if he he doesn't take an adult to knowow what's going on in this country,
10:33 pm
pay attention to what's going og in this country and how thishis country is run. you don't have to be an adult tt understand that. what is issue with trump. >> i feel that his rhetoric iss basically devicive.vici the way he talks about the lgbtt community, the way he talkstalk about the black community.omm the way he talks about women and rape victims, i feel that his rhetoric, whether he intends tos or not is going to divide this country. some of the things that people -- almost anything you do these days is devisive and this is proven to be in support what do these kids want to haveve happened? it was a fair election. >> i would like an election without rhetoric.rhet we grew up at 10 years old and obama was elected into office.
10:34 pm
mccain, mitt romney they didn't use the same rhetoric that trump did use throughout his campaign. i mean just as a woman and growing up right now and even for young girls, it's very unempowerring when your president is saying things likes he can do whatever he wants witt women because he has money. stuff like that. that as a young woman in this country is so not even just women, lgbt, anti muslim, is almost phobic, that a have a problem with. david, do you have concerns with these protests as they pertainea to students? what are your concerns. >> my concerns are fairly simple. i do applaud their efforts forgetting out and getting involved.invo the words can't express hows test test test testic i am to see this. however, they are kids and i think it's our responsibility as
10:35 pm
call protocol in the military. there are certain protocol, there are certain what is to handle things. and one of the most importantimo lesson i think we can teach kids at any age, one is how to handle disappointment. we're going to face disappointment for the rest of s our lives and kids have to be guided by us. and it has to start at parents have to show kids how tw manage their emotions. we disagree with the outcome ofo the election, what do we do now what i people disagreed with presidentg there was a loted of hatred. there was a lot of racism. but they didn't take these kinde of actions.ions they waited four years and they organized and mobilized and they planned. what would you have these students do differently fromif what they've done.done >> well, first of all i think -- the first thing is to consult with school leadership and get permission. that's first of all..
10:36 pm
leadership has been right torigh allow the students to walk out? >> well, i'm not sure if they're right. if they decided that it's okay, then it's okay. but if they decided that it's not okay, then it's not okay. as adults if we allow kids to go against the grain and we're sending the wrong message a that they don't have to respect authority and they don't have to respect -- > it looks like you want to up. > p in. >> i respe i mean, the difference between obama's campaign and trump'sru current -- well, he's elected now, his old campaign, it was hateful. it was hate. president obama wasn't convicted of rape. he didn't go out and say all mexicans are rapists. i go to a very diverse school. you can go online and look at it's very diverse and it's hateful and the fact that some kids would go home and wonder
10:37 pm
to be sent home back to their home country, i find a lot of what he says offensive. for the sake of accuracy, donalu trump has never been convicted rape:but that's enough. as a female, the one female standing, sitting at this table, that's enough for a young girl.. > i'm just saying it to be accurate here. what's happening in your schoolr both of you did protest today, correct in you were out in the streets. >> yes. > when did you deceded that, were you given guidance by your teachers or administrators at a thed school? >> i think the administrators didn't want to take a position on that. i definitely think that we did have their support, just the fact that they let us walk out. i also think that they wantedwat
10:38 pm
i feel as if that -- to some extent there should have been adult supervision, but not in bt the way they're leading us.s. we're the future of thishi country. regardless of whether we cancan vote or not, we're the future. > i do want to ask a question and david i think you had saidhd before that one of the concerns here is student safety. students protest, if that's what you want to do, that's what the administrators say you can do, that's final but w t guidance in in the footage that we've seen students in thedent streets walking in front of cara and that type of thing and there has been concern expressed to us from some of of our viewers whae would have happened if one of these kids had gotten hurt, if a car had run someone over orver injured somebody? that is a reel concern. >> before the protests i got in contact with members of the acla
10:39 pm
they were very helpful. we did get adult supervision. i have right here for both of we gave these out for everybody who was there. we had a bunch of kids down byby the metro handing these out. it says to be positive, non violent and as students we did the best we could to take measurements our own hands and make this as i pesful as we david, does that address the responsibility that they have or showed in this case in. >> not really. i still think that there should have been other measures taken, the timing. my question would be why protest during school as opposed to after school? why not protest n on theot weekends? whether you got a license.ense
10:40 pm
i think as kids -- as adults we can explode into anything, buten as kids i think it's up to us ts teach our youth how to properly do things to be effective, whatever the cause is. > make ka wanted to respond to the protests. >> for logistic concerns, protesting after schools we would have had a smaller turnoun just because students have different obligations after school. we had kids leaving because they had toavin go to practice at 3:. apart from that, us leavingleav school early, whether peopleeo accept it or not as sending a message, it's sending a clear message that this right now is the most important thing in this country. cameron and amilka are seniors in washington d.c. david grow ken is a child rights advocate. we appreciate it. > straight ahead tonight, twitter is trying to cut down on the harassment on its site.
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> if you use twitter youerf? my have acounterred a few meanfew tweets over the years. twitter is trying to limit those hateful words.ha soon people will be able to block tweet that contain keyeet words, hashtagses and emojies that are offensive.offe twte when they see tweet that conduc its poly. it expects to role out the new features in the coming days.ays. > if you are traveling this thanksgiving you may want toto give yourself some extra time. aaa expects more than 48 milliot people will hit the road during the holiday weekend. the top four destinations this thanksgiving, vague as, san francisco, orlando. >> vague as, the odds there are pretty good. way home toy by the
10:45 pm
parade ranks fifth on that list. >> i don't think of vague as. maybe the single folks want to go and have fun. > parents, grandparents beforep you start your holiday shopping we have important informationora you need to hear. coming up tonight at 11 we'll'll highlight some of the toys that one watchdog group says youays should avoid. >> do you remember h this video, a massive sing hole just openedu up in the middle of a japanese > that is impressive video right there.ri this happened about a week ago. wait until you hear whathear happened today.toda that's coming up at # 1. your waste line won't be the only thing expanding this hangs giving, so will be the number of people traveling. aaa says more than 49 million americans will travel 59 milestv or more during the holidays. if you are flying to a holiday designation t it is going togoin
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from this time last year.r. an average round trip ticket to set you back 2500 bucks. that would be for a domesticesti flight. folks are in the spending mood. retail sales one percent thisths the rally on wall street keeps ongoing and going setting theth record thanks to rebounding oil and technology stos. financial independent is a what makes young people feel mature. in fact, most 18 to 26 year olds who say they don't feel like an adult yet blame it on being financially dependent on their parents. that's business.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017.
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> welcome back, everybody. 52-degrees. in the city it's still warmer, but it's much colder in the suburbs. we've cleared out.eare we got a lot of 30s around. it will probably be colder tonight than it was last night. over the next seven days we're going to see a litt everything except rain. ra >> we totally need rain.ain when you hear we have days at or above 70 that only means one on thing. big front on the move. m that's going to come through c saturday night into sunday sonto sun is going to be sharply colder. i want to thank you our craig ou little for heading down to the capital for two reasons.s. first of all, the beautiful be rising super moon. it's 96 percent illuminated and
10:51 pm
coming up over the newly restored capital dome. yes, by the way we're happy to a report the dome is restored. you'll see it again here in jusi a moment. this is a critical step for stopping the deteriorationion because not only do we need that cast iron dome to stay intact, but it also protects the interior of the dome and priceless works of art located in the rotunda. isn't that a gorgeous shot there? beautiful. high thin clouds around thathat cast some beautiful spells onea the sky ifut you were looking closely. including some sun dogs which wh are horizontally spots on eitheo side of the sun. did you catch this? what did he call it. the sir coumadin it art.t there h is an upside down rainbow. a lot of times it does happen because we don't notice themotic
10:52 pm
in the sky. if you saw it it wasn't your imagination. beautiful catch d.c. rob man. i'm impressed. we love this picture that we got by naveen. tomorrow our last day in which i we have ten hours of daylight. 6:53 is when the sun comes up. the sun sets at 46789. 53. it's going to be a very niceice day. we've been seasonal toward thewa early part of 630s and 70s are back in the in forecast on thursday, friday, even saturday looks pretty warm. check out the temperature trendr average high is 58-degrees.8-de tomorrow will be 65. same for thursday. of course we have these chilly starts in the morning, lots of 30s. rebounding into the 60s is pretty nice for november. but wait there's more. saturday night the strong frontt approaches and it's going to see the temperatures crashing on
10:53 pm
north and west. w > we're going to watch to watch that for sunday. su if you have interest westest virginia and maryland you'll have to pay attention to potentially snowy forecasts.orec 36 for manassas and culpeper. getting mighty chilly there. the city is still warmer at 52 because of all the buildings, the concrete and the asphalt in the heat of the day. the storm that very little of rain dropped two inches in new york city and very little rain here. rai our deficit just in september 1 is over five inches and that's about a six and a half nefs of deficit for the year.ear. tremendously dry for the year. e we're going to see high pressurh building in for a chilly fallhil night with temperatures in themp 30 #-s anderat 40s, but again a beautiful wednesday expectedful even with a passing disturbance
10:54 pm
clouds there's saturday with a coupleop of showers. maybe some snow flakes flyinglak around and then chilly and windy on sunday. very cold for thread skins gameg sunday night. 48 on monday, tuesday about 51-degrees. we're kind of all over the place th with that seven day forecast. that's why i love november. don't go anywhere, fox5 local
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so it may not be a traditionno liket any other, that would be the the hoyas and terps faced off since 1993. last year maryland won on their home interpret. tonight it was in hoyas territory. if you were there man did you get your money's worth. the hoyas in white and lj drives, georgetown up seven witn just about a minute left. fast forward to the final ten seconds. terps inbound, trimble knocked to the floor.
10:58 pm
trimble goes to the line with the chance to take the lead andd that guy is money. the terps up by one, the highways with 7.6 seconds to goo p. theyen bound over there andd watch this mostly blocked by freshman kevin hearder. the terps rebound and they rally to win 76 to 75. if you want to talk about a ab happy guy, look at mark tour general. big win for the terps. we're going to talk a little bie more about this coming up at 11:00. in the nfl the redskins will not be wearing the mustard and nominations. they're going to keep it traditional for the thanksgivins game against the bears. he is pushing hard for an all burgundy uni against the packers. if you believe in superstition i it might be aetten abouter idear
10:59 pm
was a monday night lost to thet steelers and then a loss to the bears. we're back after this. retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price.
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