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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 16, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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> this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, d.c.'s mayor one on one with fox5 sounding off on city issues. from today's giant student protests. >> students were exercising their first amendment rights. >> to illegal dirt bikes and atvs on the streets. plus an elderly man was killed at his assisted living facility in virginia. police say another resident is so why isn't effacing charges? and as you get ready for the holiday shopping season one group says there are a few dangerous toys to aroid. your news starts right now. we begin tonight with three new stories that came into fox5 within the last hour. up first tonight a maryland man is accused of making violent threats against a local high
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>> mr. montano: hand dough adele if i. he. d.c. police just release this video of a scary robbery they say a shot at a man point blank during this robbery. it happened sunday afternoon in the 2200 block of east place southeast. we're told the victim met the suspects to sell a pair of shoes. one of them pulled out a gun on the victim who sh suspect's hand away. that's when he fired. if you have any information call police. > also new in the past hour, a new image of missing university of maryland student caitlyn george. this photo shows george boarding a bus at a greyhound station in bought p more last friday, one day after she was reported missing. the bus was reportedly heading to norfolk, virginia. it stopped in d.c., rich mopped and hamilton, virginia.
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george. they do not suspect foul play. > fox5 is in the district tonight. we went one on one with d.c.'s mayor getting reaction on a variety of issues facing people who live and work in the city. that includes everything from today's student protest from illegal dirt bikes and atvs on the streets and the ongoing search for a new police chief. marina maracco is live in northwest tonight with the latest. >>reporter: mayor bowser did answer some questions but she also left some answer up in the air and then there's a controversial d.c. she flip-flop on that. scenes like these have played out across the country and today it happened in d.c. nearly 4,000 high school students from the district and surrounding areas walked out of class in protest of the presidential election results. depending with which student you ask their absence from school was either excused or unexcused. this evening during a community walk through mayor bowser also
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today's d.c. ps walk out. students were exercising their first amendment rights. we want them to be able to express their feelings. do you think it sets a dangerous precedence? >>reporter: to express your first amendment rights, no. > to allow students to not be in class? >> we want our kids to be in school, absolutely. but you're okay with today's walkout. >> no, i always want kids to be in school. any happen after school hours. > and the district has been in the news even more since last tuesday's election, marabous per standing firmly saying the nation's capital will remain a sanctuary city protecting illegal immigrants by not prosecuting them solely for violating federal immigration laws. our focus is on enforcing our local laws and we don't ask people about their status. what if they commit a homicide. >> then they will be charged with homicide and dealt with by
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irrelevant and regardless of their status. >> if somebody commits a homicide they will be arrested. they will be charged. they will be prosecuted and they will be put in jail. the mayor said she was up aware of the most recent atv and illegal bike encounter between riders and dv police. riders allege 60 officers pepper sprayed them as nearly 100 bikes road through northeast d.c. on sunday. i certainly will look into it. they appeared to pretty forceful and supporting mpd with the no chasing policy. >> that is our policy and i standby it. as atvs continue to roar through d.c. and kids walk out of class, the d.c. chancellor positions remains vacant a. mr. due hew has said there have been zero interviews despite there being 100 h applicants.
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continue to search and we continue to collect those and when the time is right i will start the process of finding the right person. > is there anything that would stop you from making two picks at once. >> no. > any reason why that hasn't happened yet. >> because one is going to likely happen before the other. > and mayor bowser has said that picking d.c. ps chance who are currently is her priority. in the meantime interim police chief peter new at the helm at least through the nog erg. today we reached out to d.c. police officials and asked for an interview and at the last second after being told that interview would happen, peter new sham dodged fox5. marina maracco, fox5 local news. > we're learning some knew did he tails in a bizaar story a after an elderly man was killed at his alexandria assisted living facility s. another resident is responsible, but that man has not been arrested and police aren't
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tonight, the facility sunrise alexandria is raising even more questions response. fox5's line situate watts join us with more. >>reporter: a strange case to say the least and information from police and sunrise isn't adding up. i want to he that you through the timeline of events. on october 24, police say a 7 # year old man assaulted an 82 year old man named hunter alexander. tonight the sun wrist alexandria tells us they immediately notified allro alexandria police say they only found out about this two days later on october 26 alexander suck calmed to his injuries at the hospital. it wasn't until h 16 days later november 11 when police release the information. we asked police why the delay? could this have been self defense. >> they haven't provided answers. i spoke to hunter's nephew.
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he is a direct ascend antiviral of george washington according to his nephew. alexander his named here. he was a research analyst in the navy, a writer and professor. also spent time in russia working for the us government. l alexander's nephew says his uncle l was absolutely brilliant, but you did develop dementia later in life. sun wrist skaters to older adults disorders. sunrise wouldn't tell us whether the 72 year old man that assaulted alexander is still living there. we are deeply saddened by this loss to our family. we immediately notified all proper authorities when the incident occurred three weeks ago and the police commenced an investigation right away. it would not be appropriate to discuss further details as we much respect the privacy of those involved.
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our cherished residents with a safe nurturing home. the commonwealth's attorney in alexandria says while police have finished up their investigation he still hasn't gotten the case file so he can decide on whether or the not there will be charges. he says that process may be as long as a month. lindsay watts, fox5 local news. > a retired d.c. police officer was forced to shoot and kill his mentally ill son after his son reportedly attacked him inside his northeast home. it happened last woodbridge street. james halloway shot his son carl after carl knocked down a door and threatened him with a knife. court records show carol halloway was arrested last month foray salting his father and was under orders to stay away from the house. d.c. police have not yet release a report about the shooting. coming up next as you get ready to start your holiday shopping one group says there are a few toys you need to aroid. > s that he's right. also take a look at this, this
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right in the middle of a japanese city. it happened a week ago. and what happened today may
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> i'm excited are you guys excited. the holiday shopping season is here. efore you start shopping for the kids on your list, the consumer watchdog watch is out with the toys that pose safety risks. here's a few of the toys that made the list. superman launcher. you see that right there. the group claims the toy is unsafe because the projecte the upon sky bump and bounce body bum percent also on the least. the packaging is a little misleading. the group says kids should wear helmets to avoid injuries, but if you look at the box the kids don't have helmets objection to the form the babe magic feed and play baby. the plastic spoon right there that comes with the toy, the company says it's a choking hazard. however, we tried to talk to the companies that made all these toys. they had no comments.
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complete list of the bad toys on our website, > sue, tony. all right. thank you, shawn. i've got an award to give out. it's the early bird award to ed parker for the earliest i ever gotten a christmas card. talk, ed. > you're are early, but i'm very impressed. it is a tad early for that. > it's getting chilly tonight. >> by the a little bit like holiday season is around the corner as early as next week, as a matter of fact as we're closing in on thanksgiving. we have an up and down forecast, but a little something for everybody in this. it's a november treat. we start with a look outside because it is on the chilly side, a lot of places in the 30s. d.c. always one of the slowest pots to fall, but chilly november mornings and mild afternoons is what we're going to be featuring for the next four days or so as we look at
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moment. for the short term enjoy a pleasant fall wednesday. again, crisp start with temperatures in the 30 #-s and maybe even lower 3. it could be a few spots are closer to 35 or maybe even 34. some places are already down to the 30 #-s. you will need the sunglasses that's for sure. after l school, a much warmer drop off at the bus stop, 60 to 66-degrees and a about it more cloud cover potentially. there will be a weak disturbance moving on through that mht us, but probably not here. we think it's by and large a dry forecast for wednesday at 65 and maybe even a sunnier day porous on thursday. that's how the next two days are looking. a check of temperatures at # 1:00. yikes, manassas down to 34-degrees. that's a cold spot down there. i wonder where the thermometer is. culpeper 36, martinsburg 356789 a big contrast as you can see the city doesn't quite represent what others are feeling, but
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baltimore down to 42-degrees and the forecast for tomorrow, high pressure building in. we'll have a west wind and that's why we'll be mild in the afternoon. this little hatched line here is a weak disturbance that will come through that might produce some afternoon clouds in a few areas. i wanted to show you the future because it wants to put down a little shower in the afternoon. most areas will be seeing a dry forecast. your planner for tomorrow, by noon about 60, by 65-degrees. most places easily heading into the mid 60s tomorrow for a great looking wednesday. we get warm toward the end of the week as the frontal boundary approaches. is the front a game changes. it brings in the coldest air we've seen maybe with some snow showers, possibly accumulating snow of significance in the mountains. stay tuned for that. that would be saturday night into sunday. we're going to watch that
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above 3,000 feet. monies chilly. it's a cool start to our thanksgiving week as we're going to see temperatures drop off pretty dramatically. it's certainly go to be nice for those who like a warmup in your life. > we like that warmup. > i know you do. tune in tomorrow. speaking of a warm up, how about this, kevin mccarthy is going to be talking duane the rock johnson. people magazine named sex yes man alive, right. he is sexy and sculpted,. he is a hard worker. > we're supposed to talk about the rest of the stuff, too. tomorrow on the show they're going to do thanksgiving cooking hacks and on good day d.c. tony perry will be singing when i'm
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their long dormant rivalry last year. they said give it to years and we'll see. after tonight you might not blame georgetown for saying we're good when it comes time to talking about the future. we're good. tead up by the rev, a little bit of nitpicking going on nonetheless. not good. about a minute left. lj peak driving. and it lays it in with the left hand, the hoyas are in front by
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had some issues. he slips, he he's called for travelling. 8.4 seconds. the terps, knocked to the floor by peak who fowls out on the play. trimble calmly goes to the line. terps up p one, hoyas still with seven points six seconds to go. he gives it to craig and mostly who drives down, but as he goes for the lay up, blocked. maryland rallies to 75. technology johns jumping for joy. everyone doubted. we don't worry what the people are saying about us. we just go out and complete every day. have you ever been to a game that finished like that.
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facing the blue jackets, second period. nice move to get into the jacket zone, 1-0 caps. then with six minutes to go even at 1 and the caps shot on goal, back stomach finally scores. the caps are off side heading into the zone so no goal. the first minute of over time, blue jackets winning the face off. at kin son fires it the caps win 2-1 in over time. wildlife rescue workers open up a lot of dawn. tough on grease...yet gentle. dawn helps open...
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you have got to take a look at what we're about to show you. one weeing a a giant sting hole opened up in the heart of the city of southwestern japan. witnesses recorded the video. this hole is 98 feet long, 49 feet deep. > it swallowed up a big chunk of the road right in the middle of a city. it's amazing. the incredible thing no want was hurt. look at all that water. this happened last tuesday, believe it or not. one week later, that's the same road. the after, one week later. did metro higher them for safety. >> seriously. >> i would be like. that would shut d.c. down for 5 months. we've heard about the project, call japan they can get it done in one week. one week and they say it is save for cars to drive on. >> they actually finished it in two days and they were testing
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