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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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knows who the finalists are" at trump tower form senator and vp elect pence is dismissing chris christie and signed the document to allow obama administration to share information. and rudy guiliani secretary of state and bushing of off turn again rl and steve being considered top pick for treasury secretary. >> we're working on the economic plan of transition making sure we get biggest tax bill and tax changes passed. >> now, dr. ben carson the first primary run attorney dors trump was angling for secretary of health and human services and also being considered secretary of education. he would rather do something outside of the administration he said.
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himself vision coordinator job and then you have reince priebus and bannon support for outright politics as the trump team asking many people asking the trump team to reconsider. also, among the list alabama senator jeff sessions may also be tapped to be setting of defense and texas representative mike mccall perhaps secretary of homeland security we understand will be headed here to capitol hill soon to work on those relationships once again. live on capitol hill, melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> mel, thank you. a maryland man accused of making violent threats of a local high school they arrested alejandro avalar. he threatened to bring guns to high point high school. he is facing several charges. >> questions remain over the
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facility last month. 8-year-old hunter alexander was assaulted by a 72-year-old man there a resident at the facility. so far he's not been arrested of the commonwealth attorney in alexandria said they will review the case to see if charges will be filed. >> more demonstrations plan to protest election of donald trump. >> one is set for 7:00 tonight at the town center in rockville. marchers will meet on the sidewalk on norm washington street. demonstrators will march blocks and are encouraged to bring signs and noise makers, and pro tevingts high schoolers are on gone. hundreds from blair high school in silver springs marched out of class and today students at richard montgomery are planning a walkout. some say they will leaf at 10 and walk to the rockville town center and in d.c. hundreds protested trump's presidency.
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and the supreme court and some taking to the monument on the national mall. >> after weeks of meeting it looks like the montgomery country school board education will follow through with larry hogan executive order and classes begin after labor day and include no later than june 15 they voted to instruct staff to return next month with options on how to make the 2017-2018 school calendar work within the dates meaning school will they will finalize the calendar next month. >> negotiating with giant and preparing for a strike. >> union says it reached tentative agreement with safe way and the giant won't agree on a similar deal. grocery chain said in a statement negotiations are continuing and they're committed to reaching a fair contract. >> the union says the current agreement expires friday and beginning preparations in case a strike is feeded.
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for pepco. they asked maryland public service commission to improve a hike to increase monthly bills about $15 but they're allow toyng crease by smaller percentage. it should cost about $7 more a month and starts right away. >> white house getting ready for christmas. christmas tree was cut down and making way from d.c. to wisdom martin i mean from wisdom martin. >> that owe would be - balsam/fir mix it will arrive november 25 the day after thanks giving. >> that's fun to see. >> time is flying by the older you get the faster time moves. >> isn't there something like that when you're older time flies. >> the older you get the faster time flies. >> colder faster right that's all it means. 33 for dulles now.
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winchester and martinsburg, middle 30s. there haagers down upper 30s. frederick no report. westminster no report. leonardtown no report. what is going on this morning looks like those stations need to wake up. annapolis 36 and here in town 45. there's room for temperatures to drop off a little more. week ago, 42, 43 or so here in town before it's all said and done. here's where we are this morning. we -- good amount of sunshine. clouds, too. so basically by this afternoon clouds. 47 or so in town at 8 a.m. 61 degrees by lunchtime. that is nice. we will top out today in middle 60s. again staying dry. and then tomorrow we're middle 60s and then talking about potentially 70 degree readings arounds here for a couple ever days. all right? and then it gets cold. that's a little preview on what is happening down the road. enjoy today, mixture of sun and clouds. temperatures middle 60s.
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speaking of clear how is the traffic going out there this morning, early, early wednesday here. >> early this wednesday morning gary 4:35 cruising at speed all over touvrment you can see 395, 295 past 11 street bridge and in fact all area bridges are quiet now and at speed 11 street key bridge coming from ross land to georgetown. if you wake up in stafford 17 to aquia harbor delay free. south of that point quiet through fredericksburg and spotsylvania no problems there. yo c to the beltway. gw parkway as you make your way to arlington delay free 123 to roosevelt bridge. flowing freely without slow downs. see that green on 66. and 50 inbound as you make your way landover to new york avenue. urquiaet. in fact, new york avenue past bladeensburg looking good and problem free in suitland parkway to silver hill not seeing slow downs yet.
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down to finance and any questions @erinfoxdc twitter let's look at that metro ride next. wisdom and maureen. >> president-elect donald trump is planning on taking different approach to detention center at guantanamo bay. >> bring your on we'd. weed denver is allowing it in restaurants and bars.
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>> good to see you this wednesday morning. first up, if you have not heard the name stephen bannon you have now he is president-elect
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trump to reverse decision on appointing bannon. elizabeth warren said branyan will embrace bigotry in the white house. >> forget closing guantanamo bay. donald trump may make it bigger. president obama was closing it and he wants to keep it on and load it up with bad dudes. >>p contact building a pipeline asked federal jm for permission to circumvent the obama with the disputed section the line. energy transfer partners wants support to lay the line under missouri river reservoir and a plan that threatens drinking water and cultural sight. and finally byow, bring your own weed. in denver people can use marijuana at bars, restaurants and public spaces thank to a new law. you cannot smoke it and
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from neighbors before getting a license to allow marijuana use. >> so you can bring it but can't smoke it. >> does that mean bring it in brownie. >> there you go. >> i never thought i would live to see bring your own weed in and out public in a bar just saying. >> all right, colorado, stay strong. >> coming up on "fox5 news morning" local leaders meet totis cuss bringing new forms of transportation to george town. >> and new position for the governor lies the oldest profession on earth. >> a live look across the d.c. region. 4:41 and 45 degrees.
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>> today on "fox news morning" protesting president-elect donald trump. hundreds of students in the region of class again for a third straight day as demonstrations continued. >> and live look outside on this wednesday morning a cool start to the morning and warming trend coming our way and we'll get a small taste of winter temperatures. get ready for that. >> why? >> you're welcome. >> thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is wednesday, november 16, airport airport has traffic to talk about and let's talk to gary mcgrady about changes headed our way. this time of the year that's what's it's all about, changes.
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everything. we got really the next couple days temperatures are pretty close to normal. and then we'll surge with some warmer temperatures going into the weekend. and i'll tell you right now weekend is 50/50, all right, huge difference between what we have on saturday and what we're going to end up having on sunday. i'm just letting you know. okay. 47 degrees this morning at 8 a.m. that's in the city. it will still be -- there may be a kim upper 30s in suburbs decent sunshine. sun and clouds will be the rule today. it doesn't look like we'll be completely cloudy or cleatsly sunny. but it does look like temperatures will cooperate and we'll warm up lower to mid 60s. may be a couple of 6 6 o'clocks or 67s before it's all said and done and it looks like a dry day. satellite and radar shows you absolutely no rain out there at all in terms of what is going on in radar. we see a few clouds couple
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some comes across higher elevations we'll deal with that once the sun comes up. we'll stay dry today. depends where you are. if you are out in mannasas, culpeper, those are typically chilly spots. 8 for mannasas. and 38 culpeper and 35 fredericksburg. it's really cold out there as well. in and around dulles it's lower 30s. i would math up there's temperatures out there to freezing and below. we're sitting at 45 here in town. more details on the bus stop forecast, all that good stuff in a bit. let's get to the erin, now. >> gary, 4:46 now and eye on the roads around the dmv for the wednesday morning commute taking a look at wide view of the area and i like what i'm seeing now. a lot of green on the map. no problems through bethesda or chefly and suitland and looking good and clinton and southern maryland also quiet and taking a closer look at 270 southbound 70 to spur traffic is flowing i'll let you know when the
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morning con juston pops up near the truck sales. 70 looking good and northern maryland problem free 95 and outer loop good as well baltimore washington parkway. and bwi, reagan national or dulles great shape. metro gearing up at 5 and safe track surge 106789 back to you. >> 4:47 is the time and we're tag a closer look at the protests coast to coast. voters are upset with the outcome and making voices heard. we seen students walk out in montgomery county and yesterday students from several d.c. schools marching out of class for the trump hotel, to the white house and back. >> annie yu joins us live from rich and montgomery country high school students planned to protest later today. good morning, annie. >> good morning, wisdom, mature each, we see this happening other states and right in the region young students getting involved as
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walkout again rockville town center two miles from here. and second time students from montgomery county hit the streets. hundreds of high school students from montgomery player as well as surrounding schools they walked out of class on monday and this is video and marched streets of silver spring to protest donald trump's election last week. they chanted not my president and rejected president-elect and donald trump is not okay and traffic on university boulevard overall things remain non violent and montgomery county police shadowed students along routes to ensure safety. >> this is pleading into the district. thousands of students came out as well and hit the seats and came if wilson high school and they represented other city schools as well.
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brought parents and they rolled metro downtown and marched through trump international hotel there where the rally began and they walked to the u.s. capitol and supreme court before heading back to the lincoln memorial. and many protest are happening during school hours. and so, school officials tell us these are student organized protests. if they miss classes they'll be put down for unexcused absence unless their parents write them permission note. that's rockville maryland, annie yu, fox local news. >> 4:49 is the time now. happening today in the news the man accused of shooting spotsylvania county police dog will be in court. joseph conway is facing capitol murder charges for attacking a deputy and a police canine officer was hit twice and the dog was able to make a full recovery. >> additional charges filed against caroway the school
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school students. he faces 15 charges for reportedly forcing children between the ages of 9 and 1 to engage in sexual acts on camera. two new charges resulted from additional victim and one more video. caraway volunteered in glen addarden and was arrested. he faces 30 years in prison if convicted his trial is scheduled to start in march. >> 4:50 is the time happening today d dot w meeting to extend the streetcar line from union station to georgetown. the meeting will be focused an specific areas. k street northwest 20th street to k street lower wisconsin avenue. >> coming up on "fox news morning" a number of southern neighbors cleaning up after several days of battling wildfire. >> new petition seeks to legal lies the oldest profession on earth. >> as we look outside across
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>> wildfire burping way through mountains of step ten is contained. fire crews say the plays has been 100% contained still monitoring several hot spots. burp bans should be issued across the eastern part of the united states and they suspect arson is behind the fires. >> workers in california are petitioning the government to decriminalize proingtty constitution. it comes amid the web site back pay carl is charged with pimping, pimping a minor and conspiracy to pimp. it forces workers back into the
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records marks a major milestone. record company celebrating 75 anniversary in hollywood with own star opt walk of fame. ceo steve barnett and pop star katy perry were there for unveiling. capital records is reissuing vinyl editions of 75 classic albums including frank sin at ray come fly with me and pink floyd dark side of the moon. >> it's nostalgia right? >> i guess. >> i'll move on. fans of rolling stones have reason to celebration. 17,000 square foot exhibit detd indicated made debut in new york west village. exhibit features over 500 rare objects of band's archives including instruments, personal diaries and unheard audio
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down to gary mcgrady. do you like vinyl. >> absolutely. >> you do? >> yes it's what i grew up with. >> sounds different. >> there's something nostalgic about it. >> it's making a come back. >> do i have any. >> no, i still have all mine. >> you do. >> in what. >> first one. >> first i ever got rick james street songs he has on red boots and black leather suit. >> he's like. >> upper freak that's all i have to say. >> that says a lot. >> oh, man. >> 42 see i told you i thought it might drop a little in town. down to 4. dulles down to freezing now. mannasas sitting at 28. mar tipsburg is 3 4 that's cool too. winchester up to 40 and winchester went from 36 to 37 degrees and there you are. a lot of reading not coming in this morning m i'm beginning to wonder if we have data issue i'm trying to check that out. here's where temperatures are this afternoon. we'll go mid to low 60s.
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kind of mixture of clouds and sun before all said and done. a lot of sunshine today and it will be very, very pleasant fall afternoon. there's forecast. here's a look at traffic. erin como, of course, she's in. she's in with all the details. >> you know t. 4:56 now and things waking up around the area and good news look behind me 95 northbound side passing through dale boulevard wide on same story southbound side and i'll let you know when volume picks up fredericksburg to staff once you cross the beltway mixing bowl 395 past etsell road and as you get to pentagon across the 14 street bridge same story looking good freeway no problems east or westbound. take a look at that that's wide on bridge copping from gw parkway to 14 street bridge on 359 in clear and i like what i see on roosevelt rosalyn to georgetown and problem free 66 now. volume picking up towards nutly
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and quiet coming in from frederick. i have you covered if that changes back to you maureen. >> 4:56 is the time and coming up on "fox news morning" ongoing contract dispute in our region could impact how you shop for grossyes. >> leaked memo suggests british lawmakers are not ready to leave the european union just yet. >> let's look at today's stock futures. not looking good now. still early. not looking good now. still early. fox news morning after this
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tas tas >> today on fox news morning president-elect donald trump transition team is reshaped after a number of firings and rumors of intighten and hundreds of students in the region is expected to walk out of class for a third straight day adds demonstration against the incoming president. >> and looking live outside right now it is pretty chilly. but this afternoon it will be warm. but by the end of this weekend. it's going to be cold again. >> hang on it's a roller coaster everybody. >> mother nature is manic, that's what she is. >> up, down. >> exactly. >> we are so cloud you're with us on this wednesday. i'm holly morris.


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