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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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> this right now at 10, owe, my god, here he comes. the 911 call, a terrifiedrrif maryland woman made while a bear was attacking her in herer daughter's driveway.vewa a man, woman and two children found dead in the stafford county home.home the youngest victim just 18 months old.old. tonight the mystery surrounding
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> , mr. an acceleration issue could put ut metro riders at risk. what the transit agency is doing right now to keep you safe. the news at 0 starts right now. we begin tonight with that heart breaking discovery in northern virginia, two adults and two young children were found dead in a thanks for joining us, i'm shawm yancy. > and i'm tony perkins. tonight people are calling it a triple murder suicide. fox5's lauren demarco is live >>reporter: tony, shawn, it isi just sickening, an entire family gone. according to neighbors, twotwo parents, a little girl and and small baby.smal they were living in the house just beyond that barn herebarn behind me. now, the family is familiar to us. they have been in the the news because one of the familyfa members temporarily went missing last year, but we're not releasing their names because the stafford county sheriff's office is still working to notify some legal terms a spokes
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she spoke for just about 60ut 6 seconds. here's the bulk of wawa she had to say.say. the preliminary investigationmia shows that the incident wasas domestically related and is a murder-suicide. the agencies of the deceased are a 35 year old male, a 30 year old female, a five-year old female, and an 18 month female. surprisingly few details beyondd that. but she went onto call this a very delicate situation and refused to take any detectives continued to search o for evidence into the eveningnig hours after the medical examiner arrived and we don't knod w the cause of the deaths. none of the neighbors recalledel hearing gun shots, but say even if they did they wouldn't thinkh much of it because the subdivision backs up to quantico marine corpse base and you often hear gunfire.
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murders and suicides took placec but police were called out to to the home around 9:00 a.m. this morning. people who live here weree shocked. i spoke to one man who broke who into tears as a i was telling him the news. he did not want to speak on camera. there was another man whos whatt walking his doing and we talkede with him off camera and he saidd the horror of this.s. it was just so unexpected. take a listen. it's something that you don'tou expect anywhere, let alone in place like this. a lot of folks that live herehee are military or government or former government. i don't want to say it's upscale, but it's a comfortable neighborhood that he we don't normally see -- well, who sees anything like this? anything like this anywhere. it is just awful. police expected to be back outbk here tomorrow and we are expecting to have an update for
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about what exactly happenedhapp here. live in h stafford, lauren demarco, fox5 local news. > new at 10 tonight, police arl trying to identify a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman at the silver springs metro met station. the incident happened just after 6 tonight. the victim told police a man grabbed her rear while she was on the metro station's elevator. police believed the man then go on the train and left the station. they're now go over security footage to developing tonight on metro, concerns about your safety prompted the head of the transii agency to reorganize all 4,000l, series railcars.rail there's a safety concern that c could cause the trains to to go too fast. fox5's marina maracco is life at the station tonight with thewith very latest. >>reporter: metro had initially decided to completely pull the 4,000 series cars from its fleet, but just about an hour
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they're going to allow the # thousand series cars to remainto on the fleet but they'll have te ride in the middle of the trains. this series is from the mid 1990s. it's about 80 cars of the totall fleet which only amounts about 7 percent of metro's total treatment metro is saying righty now it's a low issue risk, buts they're doing this out of an abend answer of caution to make sure they address the concernthe with the 4,000 series cars.ies i want you to take a this because you're going to see the severe technical issues thau these cars have had. the doors on this train is halff open as they ride through therie the tunnel at normal speed. because metro lacks the specialized equipment to testto these cars metro had been unable to follow through with thethro recommended annual testing of the 4,000 series cars, the most serious of the issue with theseh cars has been the automatic train control system.
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and the speed of trains.ains it prevents collisions. so if there were to be a malfunction related to this railcar series, false speed command could given to a train operator who is riding the trailer in the cab if the 4,000 series railcar is the lead car. it could mean the operator is revving the train too quickly therefore causing a collisionol risk. metro is sin planning on retiring all 4,000 series of cars by the end of 2071.20 live tonight from friendship heights, marina maracco, fox a 45 local news. > a black bear that attacked a woman in frederick county has been shot and the attack happened in thepene driveway of the woman's daughter's home betweeman hom frederick and middletown. wildlife officials say the woman mistakenly got between the bear and the two cubs when she was moldment for the first timeirst
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frantic 9 # # 1 calls. i'm being attacked by this bare. he's coming back hurry. he's broken my arms and a my legs. i can't move and i'm bleedingble and i'm going to die. please hurry. > fox5 spoke with the woman's son-in-law who described the encounter that led to the attack. the mother-in-law was investigating the dog barking with her dog and it looks like a bear met her halfway and shesh came between the cub and the bear and the bear took a couplea swipes at her. the victim remains hospitalized in good condition with a broken arm and other injuries. officials were able to track thc bear because itk had previously benefited with a radio collarcol that helps track bear population and movement.
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cubs are around 50 pounds and are able to take care of themselves. > let's take it outside tonight. temperatures are taking a dip tk into the 40s on this clear night. we're expecting some reallyally chilly temperatures as the weekend gets closer. but first, sue, aren't we goinge to have a warmup. >> we have to get the warm stuff through town and then we see we that feel of december coming into town forth the second half of the weekend. yes, it's a 50/50 weekend, or split decision, however you wany to look at it. winner if you like it warm. let's start with our headline for we're going back to the 70s for one day only. near 70, comfortable day.omfo loft sunshine. just a little warmer than it was today so enjoy it. but while the jet stream will bring us warm weather tomorrowtr and also pretty warm on sunday before the front gets here, that front is a reel game changer.hag it is the kohl'sest air we've
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be here saturday night intoo sundays as well as sunday while temperatures will only be in thb mid to upper 40s on sunday and combine that with a really strong as long as it's getting cold, i, it starting to snow anywhere? we have snow breaking out and, in fact, some blizzard conditions in the northernions planes but we're bringing it up because that strong front couldn create some mountain snow here as well as maybe your first flurries here and there. although any significant snow iw going to be wl area over the weekend. lots to keep track of and all ol a sudden things are getting a little busier in the weather center. tony, over to you. t >> thank you, sue., you heard her it's going to get a lot colder in a couple of days and with winter right around the corner you know that does mean snow for some people.ople today the department of virginia transportation held their winter briefing. they discussed what steps are s being taken to make sure the roads stay safe this winter.
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developed in ceerd nation withih v. and others in the off season to get 24 hours advance notice ofte the threat. we see a time window of possibility giving that to the dots and letting them know soknw that they can plan ancora i officials also reviewedev resources to be used for no removal. > when we come back a bought p more teacher went off on a classroom full of students and it was all caught get up. it gets a whole lot once that. l wait until you hear some ofot te things she s we're going to tell you what else she said that got herer fired. > making a plea for change. montgomery county police chief is concerned cou about an up tik hate crimes.ha his message for the community coming p next on fox5. also, the affect hillary clinton's loss in theloss presidential election is having on the the popular lodging
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and coming up tomorrow morningmn on fox5 news, tmz host harveyrvy levin will join us to talk about a fox news special he's hostingt abouint president elect donald trump. and fashion designer david miser will dish about day to eveningng holiday party fashion. plus former redskins runningunni back clinton correspond news will join us live to talk a important holiday feast he's planning. fox news morning kicks off at at 4679.
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> a baltimore teacher is out oe a job t tonight after her racist rant was posted online. take a listen. yeah. the video, again posted on social media shows the science teacher at hear lamb park
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mostly the black students in her. she called them idiots, she called them students and also used the n word and asked themed if they wanted to get an education or end up broke. we are committed to creating positive and equitable members in school communities. no form of discriminatory behavior of any kind is or willr be tolerated. > sky fox over the scenescen earlier today as hundreds of university of maryland studentss they say this rally was anan effort to protect college parkcl students from racism, bigotry,ig home foam yeah and mason any on campus. i was not an anti trump rally,rl but rather an opportunity for muslims and the lgb community to lash out. > meantime montgomery countyim high schoole students havemo ae been staging walkouts, but over the election of donald trump.
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montgomery county school superintendent joshua star willl join us at 5:306789 he will tak a lookhe at the student protestt and talk about the effectthe they're having and if they'rey'e positive or not. that's tomorrow morning rightrnn here at 7:30. > also in montgomery county, a community came together tonight to stand against hate-based vandalism at a middle school. dozens of students, teachers ane parents heldrs a candle light at west land middle school in bethesda. last inside the boy's bathroom.bath they wanted to show students the community supports them. we're here tonight to heal from some recent wounds from an incident that happened here last week. the turnout is amazing. i think we're here to remindemin ourselves that we have an amazing, diverse and wonderful community and caring community.u
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> police are still trying toe figurest out who is responsible for that vandalism. > new at 10, hate crimes on the from racist graffiti to acts of violence, hate crimes inte c montgomeryri county are up 17 percent from last year. the county's police chief postet a video on twitter today callint on the community to bring a stog to the vialen. tonight we got the chief's takef on what he thinks is fueling the hate. what came out of that campaign really divided this country in a lot of ways and i don't claim to have the the answer, but i think that there's a lot of folks that are very frustrated with the campaign, very frustrated with what they heard, very frustrated about the divide in this country and i think that frustration has really boiled up into anger in some cases and so we're seeing assaults.
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again my concern is that it doesn't seem to be slowing down. montgomery has investigated more than 60 hate crimes this year. many of them happened at schools and churches. > coming up next at 10, a look inside of the d.c. home that president obama will move into once he leaves the oval office in january.anua pretty spiff i if i do say so will the popular ride servicervc leave maryland.le the company is possible new regulations. we'll tell you about that. and later in the show. (i want to feel the heat with somebody. yeah, i want to dance withh somebody. yes, shawn and i are taking our talents, if you want to call it that and it hing the road.oad.
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president elect donald trump has offered the retired generaleral michael flynn.l he has been a close advisor to trump and has worked with him on national security issues. it's post that doesn't require senate confirmation. they're we're working on a victory tour now. the president elect planning to advice it those states that especially hed him secure a win for the white house and in another sign of healing, trumpum is placing host to his first meeting with a foreign leader, one of his feathers president elect often rustled. while campaigning trump often
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military defense of japan. he opposes the tpp which japan supports. but prime minister and bay one observer noted knows how toto approach strong man. he's riding of trump's extraordinary knowledge. he met with 32 world leader, w continues to make sure that heh listens to them, hear their concerns. while it seems mr. trump is moderating his often aggressiver term, his joint press conference ince germany suggested why. i think the president elect is going to see fairly quickly that the demands and responsibilitier of a us president are not ones that you can treat casually. and that in a big complex,om diverse country, the only way that you can be successful is by
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working with a wide variety of people. there was another cattle call at trump tower today. > would you be like to serve in the trump administration.admi >> i would like to be considered with a whose who of movers andd shakers making their way in toyn see the president elect. >> world leaders, people who are visionary, fred smith, vicky hail i, secretary commissioner. the people at the p top of their game. > the transition team continues to burb back hard againstinst reports of miss organization.s r >> i've been in these meetings and what we're seeing a veryy ordinarily group of peoplepeop working on behalf of the american people.eopl it's also announced another step forward with the transformation ofth lapping teams. people who have special expertise in government funding. the first to plop down inn washington will be the nationale
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department of defense, these, department of justice and the national security agency.. > vice-president elect miket pence was on capital hill today where he met with congressional leaders of both parties. here's what he had to say afterr talking with nancy speak lowe'sc i. >> i have great respect for you you and for your service to the country and i was pleased todayd to be able to convey the respect of elect donald trump ando personally. > during his visit pence also met with new senate minority leader december nate doug schumer. the two discussed ways to movee forward with a bipartisan agenda with a republican.repu > bernie under saws he was. why it was a mistake for rotoris to supportta president elect trump. they voted for him because they believed that he was going toin
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well, the truth is, as all of you know, donald trump is not going to stand up to the establishment. we are going to stand up to the establishment. > the vermont senator will serve as the top ranking minority member of the senate budget committee. > all right. plenty of hillary clinton supporters plan to visit the district in hopes of seeing the inaugeration of the first femala president. more than a week after she lostt the election to donald trump, air b and b says several peoplea have alrea reservations, despite the cancellations they expect 10,000 people to book rentals across the d.c. maryland area. some reservations are going for as much as $10,000 a night. >> are you serious.. > look block folks.> l we're getting a close up look where president obama will live when he leaves august. they show the inside of the
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calarama. it has 8400 square feet, nine and a of half bathrooms and tenn parking spaces. > so by my count there are only four of them, the president and his wife will share one room. two other rooms for the girls. even if grand month says that's four bedrooms. there's five other o if you're watching right now, tony perkins and i would love to come and hang out with you you guys. tony wouldve i'm assuming they don't want that, trust me. but seriously, we would love toe talk to you about it.t. we'd love to talk to you aboutut staying here. watching, especiallycial you, mrs. obama, we'd love toove talk to >> the invitation is out there. > coming up next, we have a live report where investigators are on the scene of the triple murder-suicide that includes two small children.all a project that is near and dear
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wish mid atlantic. next at 10 meet a little girl who is dream of becoming a veterinarian. head to the break, an act of generosity, labron james is donating $2 million to theto african-american museum. he donated the money to help build a new exhibit honoring ma ham add it spans two forces of the
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today we're gonna be comparing the roll formed steel bed of the chevy silverado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck.awe. yeah! first, let's check out the aluminum bed of this truck. wooooow!! -holy moly. full on crack here. now let's check out the steel bed of the silverado. i'd expect more dents. no holes. you don't have to wait until black friday rong decision. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. > this is fox5 local news atew 106789 we're back now with a look at tonight's top stories. o up first in stafford, virginia. police are investigating a
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lauren demark dough joins usemar with the latest. lat lauren. >>reporter: shawn, a 35 year old man, 30 year old woman, five-year old little girl and 18 month old baby girl all of them found dead in a home beyond that barn behind me on the street here in stafford, virginia. police still have not given us many details. the stafford county sheriff's office not releasing the names of the the victims. they're still waiting to notifyi some family members and we don't know the causes of we're expecting more informatioe by tomorrow and we will update you just as soon as we can. marina. >>reporter: faulty acceleratioc issues leads metro to change how they're using roughly 80 cars from aug total fleet. the 4,000 series has been problematic for metro and they're saying out of an abundance of caution and becausd they cannot conduct the properrp testing the agency is notot decided to leave any of its i
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>> a maryland woman is in goodn condition tonight after a bear e malled her yesterday. the attack p happened at her daughter's home between frederick and middletown, maryland. the woman mistakenly got between the bear and her cubs. cub the bear was youth niced. the three cubs were not hurt. > and i'm sue palka with a look at your weather headlines. he we're going to be changing seasons p in a big hurry, but hr first tomorrow we have a warm wr day coming up and over. 70-degrees in many sunshine, wall to wall sunshine. we will have a nice saturday but we will have a strong front str later in the day and later in l thate evening. there will be a if you showers late with that system. the colder and rainy conditionsa that will bein arriving on sund. we're talking about temperatures that could be cold enough tonou support flurries, but alsolso topping out in the mid 40s and wind chills in the 30s.
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packers is going to be mighty mi cold. i'll have that forecast in justn a few minutes. > shawn, tony. >> thank you, sue. fox5 d.c. cares is partneringart with make a wish mid atlantic for its season of wishes campaign. over the next few weeks we'll be sharing the stories of some of local children and their stories. we hope they'll inspire you to give. tonight we'll meet sue sedan a who hopes to be a one day. watch and see why. my wish is to be a zoo cooper for one day. my name is susan a. i have leukemia which is a cancer in the blood. blo initially you don't have any hav idea what the prognosis is. it is hard to accept at firstirs
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anything that you would expect. i am feeling great. i've always had a passing for animals, ever since i was really young. we met other zoo coopers andoop that wa set up an elephant habitat and a that was really nice. ni really like animals mainly because i think they're so fascinating how they live and how they survive and i think th that's really cool. that day it was filled with fil moments that were really surprising and terrific. > we thought it was going to be really cool and when we got wh there it was amazing.
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time. it served a really important function for susan a and keepind her positive and it's somethings that we talked about and that she remembers. it makes me feel really happy because i was really fun doing all that stuff and i would loveo to have another child experience that > make a wish really needs money and air miles to help to grant wishes and there are am a sick kids in our area who are waiting on a wish. please go to mid atlantic-season of wishes. org to donate 6789 if you're notten expired by it's the holiday season, there'e so am to be great lful for.or. > when we come back tonight
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pull out of the state ofate maryland. plus, the reason why this food truck burst into flames in the i district yesterday afternoon.fte fox5 news at 10 will be right back. what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone
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welcome back. we now know what caused that foot truck fire on the cam pause of george washington university. the fallalful boswellian employee tried to fill the generator while running. they were still recovering fromm burns. they raised more than $7,500 on a go fund me page. > if you live in maryland you may not be able to request an uber in the near future that's's if the ride sharing company is forced to do business in the company. it will pull out of the state if they adopt a new mandate to fingerprint drivers.driv uber customers had mixed
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of the ride sharing service leaving the state. i guess not necessarily because i'm already driving with peopleh who are not fingerprinted, but i don't know that it's necessarily a bad idea. it would be a nice if there is a solution where they could if it in and meets everyone's privacyy needs. it's a great hearings got underway in baltimore. they're scheduled to run at least through tuesday. > a final decision at least by december presidential inaugeration.gera there's a lot to get done before the historic day.. an exclusive day behind the scenes look at what's being done > the hear lamb globe the trotters made some incredible shots. these shots have never been made before. we're going to show you some of the other bizarre records set today at 11. i can do that.. i'm pretty sure i could do that.
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well, she's been p feeding, police officerssh a delicious thank giving meal for the past h two decades. this year a d.c. woman is getting a big holiday surprise.s her name is shirley gibson much she's been making dinner for her late son's colleagues for the th last 20 years after he was a killed in the line of duty. d ten months after brian was bri
10:45 pm
to figure out how in the world e was going to get through the holidays because my son loved to eat. and he loved for his mom to cook at christmastime. and i decided that i would fix all the favorite things that he loved to ethan call up to the fourth district and ask if theyy would allow any officer who wanted to come by to come andme pick up well, today d.c.'s and it intern police chief surprised mrs. gibson the at costco and an presented her a check with $2,500 to help with this year's dinner. > i think that's awesome. we were talking about her earlier and how incredible she h is and how she turned this intos something incredible. >> it gives me goose pumps. it's incredible strength and inspiration to people who are wh
10:46 pm
difficult time of year. we salute you and we hope you h cook a fabulous dinner and plenty of people stop by and eat up. >> can i swing by? > it sounds really good. and a great try bought to herer son. > thanksgiving one week away. can you believe it? i'm in denial. it doesn't seem it weather wise. jack has asked me, tomorrow, mom, can you ask miss palka if i can wear shorts to school? being cool, he'll be comfortable. boys are like that.ha theyt. don't even like wearing e coats. i've been wearing fleece since july. > monday morning the coldest air of the season set to role ro into town on sunday and the process begins saturday night. if you've got plans taking you downtown saturday night know sat that it will be sharply cold after about 8:00 or so. i wanted to start with thanksgiving.
10:47 pm
thanksgiving day going to be like. mostly cloudy, with maybe a few badly needed showers all right. 47-degrees is what we're forecasting right now there could be some tweaks to this. ti the rain will come from a mid-week storm system that ist s going to be moving up to ouro north so that will likely give us a little bit of warm shot ous ahead of it. we can't rule out the showers sh during the day on thursday. i want to give you a big headsig up if you have and are headinged out to see the redskins take ont the packers sunday night. temperatures will be into the 30s, but by the end of the gamea we'll have some wind chills into the 20s. a windy day. quite cold. it will be quite colder than c these temperatures. upper 30s to low 40s.
10:48 pm
a loft kids will be wearingeari shorts. this isn't too bad, 38 to 48, but that's mainly because i want to enjoy this afternoon, droprop off after school temperatures raining from 51 to 4 # degrees. denver planes getting snow all n the way up to the da coat as an into minnesota. there could be some blizzardlizz conditions. and the track of that lois goingoin to go up to the great lakes. the ping is a all blizzard al warnings that we're seeing he minnesota a and for parts of dakotas. we're clear and quiet overnight and it's a nice bright start b tomorrow morning.orni generally light winds, chilly overnight and then getting up to about 70-degrees as you saw youw there for tomorrow.r t so a warm day, but wow, the weekend forecast mighty cold. co it begins saturday night with ai few showers. flurry around on sunday, windy and cold, the winds couldi gust between 35 and 50-miles an
10:49 pm
we'll still be breezing on monday. notice we drop to 32 even in thv city t, but wind chills will bee in the 20s sunday night and monday morning. our run up to thanksgiving we'l' be much more settled and we'll e gradually ease up out of the cold climbing up to 37 as noted. > we will be right back. but first we're going to tello you something very interesting. you know, tony and i usually siu right here at right? because tonight weght decided to break the rules. we're taking our hidden talents, if you want to call them that,ht singing and hitting the road for some taxi cab karaoke, come along for the ride.
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> welcome back. you know what, this has been a a taxing couple of weeks.week i'm going to have to agree withr you on that.
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>> i like to > i like to eat. >> you know what, tone any, let's do both. > right now?? >> yeah. > let's do it. okay. i thought it would be a great idea to take a cab ride in a car oak i cab. it's time for our car yoke i, shawn yancy and tony perkinsperk coming to you live on fox5. as a man.. friday night i crashed youryo party, saturday i said i'm sorry. i know i'll stay alive. i've got all my life to give and i've got all my love to give.iv. i will start spreading the news.
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i want to be a part of it, new york, new york.w yo i want to get some food real quick. do you want anything.nyth i'm picking up, headed to the club. i ain't thinking about you, me and my lady tell me why. why do dudes fall in love. she was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene.
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> do you want to get in? >> sexy lady. go girl always in the dark. we're living in. i really need you tonight,ight forever is going to start tonight, forever is going to start tonight. i was falling in love. now i'm only falling apart.apar there's nothing i can do, a
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total eclipse of the heart. yea. i need a microphone and a yoke i machine. > that was so much fun. i really do need one of those mike phones, though. > i loved that.that what a great idea. that guy is driving around d.c.. > a shout out to he's an uber driver. he will let you you do cab karaoke, too. it's been a pleasure working
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad.
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military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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> this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, a woman called 911 as a bear attacked her outside a maryland more changes for metro as the agency restructures how they line their trains due to faculty acceleration issues. tragedy in virginia, a man, a woman and a two young children found dead inside a home. and tonight, police are calling their deaths a domestic triplede murder sue i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy.


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