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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. at 10:00, a developing story, a deadly multiple car crash in gaithersburg, live on the scene. university instructors are facing backlash after they told a group of students to change an american theme an event. what students and university are
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breaking news out of los angeles. entertain kanye west was rushed to the hospital after police responded to a welfare check. the details right now on fox 5 news at 10:00. developing tenth two people are dead following a multiple car crash thanks for joining us, i'm shawn yancy >> i'm tony perkins, this is unfolding at air park road and wood field road in gaithersburg, anjali anjali him fell is on the scene. >> reporter: two people dead, one ejected, and we just learned that the two victims, that lost their lives in this crash, were both adult men who were drivers of cars involved in this accident. you can see behind me, it's dark now but debris is strewn across air park road and a pile of sheared metal sits off to the side, which is actually three of the cars, three of the four cars
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now, we don't know a lot of information right now. but what i can tell you is investigators believe around 8:00 tonight, just before, in fact, a quarry traveling southbound down air park road, when for some unknown reason veered into oncoming traffic and collided with two cars in the northbound direction. few moments later, a fourth car ended up colliding with the three cars that crashed here. one person was ejected. the driver of that southbound car was who died. the other person who died was a driver that was heading in the northbound direction. you can see a lot of clean-up still to do. a horrific scene, a manning he would mess. there are a few neighborhoods but the roads will remain shut down several hour, residents will be allowed to enter on airport road from mill road but right now, air park road is
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castorville road to woodfield road for several hours. for now, live in gaithersburg, anjali hemphill fox 5 local news. to a heartbreaking story out of chattanooga tennessee. six elementary school students dead, dozens others hurt following a school bus crash. police say the bus was carrying 35 students when it hit a utility pole, flipped over and wrapped around a tree. two the hospital. investigators interviewed the driver to determine what happened. right now, they believe speed may have been a factor. new at 10:00. university is facing backlash, administrators tried to get students to change the america theme of a senior event. the school is concerned it could be considered offensive. tonight people are buzzing on social media. lindsay watts is live in
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this one. lindsey. >> reporter: this is one of several on campus parties for seniors that happen every year and the theme was chosen months ago. the patty ended up going on as planned friday, but not without last minute controversy. after the election, some loyal administrators felt that the america theme might end's dividing students, they urged them to change it. students i talked to tonight some of them feel completely ununnecessary. here's reaction from campus >> the theme was meant to bring everyone together. the fact that trump won the election threw them off. i think if hillary had won, there wouldn't have been this controversy >> there's nothing wrong with that being the theme. it was chosen over the summer before the election. >> more than a dozen students most did not want to go on camera but the overall feeling
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controversy surrounding this event. we'll show you the facebook invite for the party. i'm told it wasn't just staff that wanted to change the party in the usa theme but students upset about the result of the election. a university spokesman says there was concern party goer might show up wearing offensive costumes. i talked to a senior about what ended up happening there and her thoughts on how this played out. >> proactive rather than reactive and kind of avoid issues before they came about instead of possibly living it up to chance and having to deal with it after. >> do you think that was the right mindset >> i think it was better to be cautious but i'm glad that we were able to go along with the theme and kind of put faith back in the senior class >> the party was greatly we ended up having a good time. everybody really enjoyed the theme. >> no one from the university would go on camera tonight.
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when some students were already feeling uncertain and anxious. so that prompted administrators to reach out to the student government association, that planned the party, and recommend the fga reconsider the timing of the theme of senior 200, that's the party and if they chose to keep the theme, consider a plan to insure it would be welcoming to all in attendance. that statement goes on to say we continue to work as a university to insure that all student viewpoints are heard. we want to hear what you think about this, join the conversation by heading over to the fox 5 facebook and twitter pages. live in baltimore, lindsey watts. fox 5 local news. developing in gentleman's, we're seeing new images recorded moments after an earthquake hit near fukushima early tuesday morning local time. take a look and a listen.
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agency says the quake was powerful with a magnitude of 7.4 but the u.s. geological survey measured eight 6.9. authorities issued a tsunami warning but it has been lifted. you may recall back in 2011, another major earthquake hit japan. that quake trigger add tsunami that killed 18,000 people a damaged a nuclear power plan. right now, no reports of damage to that nuclear plant if today's quake. well, you will need to bundle up if you're heading out tonight. we're seeing some of the coldest air of the season so far. let's check in with sue palka with the latest. >> hi there, tony. this will be one of the our coldest nights. i want to date you quickly on the situation in japan. they did see about a three foot tsunami wave. still not completely off the hook. it does seem like things have
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of course, that region was terribly scared by what happened today especially after 2011 and that magnitude nine that caused the melt, down at fukushima. same area. the earthquake was not very far away but it was not quite the strength of the 2011. so very serious story over there. we'll continue to watch it for you. meanwhile, yes, it is going to be the coldest night that we have seen so far this season. we've had that strong storm producing c saturday afternoon through today. and still quite breezy tonight. that hasn't ended but not as strong, but you combine those wind with the temperatures, and we are going to see our coldest night heading for the 20's to even 30 in the district. the wind will be better. that will allow temperatures to drop off. they're sure not gone. we're picking's a few gusts here and there up and over 20, 25 miles an hour, and look at
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gusts to 35 and 36. it could be as cold as 22 in culpeper and manassas. 30 downtown, that's at the coldest and a check of where temperatures are at the moment. we've already got a lot of 30's out there. we don't have too many 20's but wait a minute, look at that, culpeper down 25 degrees, so with the forecast low of 22, they are well on their way, maybe that will be even colder than what we're expecting. just a quick check of those windchill temperatures. mainly feeling like it's in the 20's. so get rea breezy tuesday, not quite as windy as it was sunday or even earlier today. but we're not completely done with those breezes just yet. coming up, we'll have a look at your travel weather and the seven-day forecast. shawn? >> thank you, sue. we're following breaking news out of hollywood. rapper kanye west was reportedly taken to the hospital for psychiatric evacuation. tmz reporting that police responded to a call for a
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afternoon in los angeles. he was not home at the time. paramedics responded and ended up transporting him out by ambulance. severe sleep dep vacation, he needed to be admitted. we're told kanye west did not want to go but was restrained. we'll have much more as details are made available. maryland state fire marshal office is trying to figure out what caused a fire that destroyed a completed hospice residence in hagerstown. broke out before 3:00 a.m. at the hospice house under construction. the facility with room for 12 patients was expected to have been completed by the end of this year. fire officials say the loss is estimated at $3.5 million. the hospice has vowed to rebuild. it will be the first hospice residence in washington county. in montgomery county,
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charged with sex offenses against two students. could there be more victims. a local restaurant is explaining itself after a white nationalist group held a dinner meeting there this weekend. several months after his death, there was a renewed push to find out what happeneded to murdered dnc staff seth rich. we'll have the latest when we
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parents are demanding answers after formal elementary school teacher was arrested last week and is facing new charges of sexually montgomery county police met with parents at closerly elementary tonight 50-year-old john vigna was arrested in june for sexual offense against two students. more students have come forward. sarah simmons is live at closerly elementary in silver spring with more. sarah? >> reporter: tony and shawn, dozens of parents packed into the school's cafeteria to try to get answers and also get an update on the investigation today. here's the deal.
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arrested last thursday after three more female victims came forward, saying that vigna sexually abused them. one of the cases dates back to 2000. the other two are as recent at '13, 2014 school year and the 2015, 2016 school year at closerly elementary. he turned himself into detectives last thursday. then tonight, we spoke with parents at this meeting afterwards, i spoke with a woman, who has known mr. vigna a long time and hadth >> i've been in his house since i was two years old. you know, he's a family friend. he's a coach. he wouldn't have been all of that. this was a few young ladies accusing him of something and now people want to say this happened in 19, whatever. why didn't you say something? >> reporter: i talked with a
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want to go on camera. who said their family did not have specific encounters but they did not have a good feeling about this third grade teacher. vigna is charged with additional counties of sexual abuse. child abuse explore intimidation, and currently being held without based on. the last in silver springs, sarah simmons, fox 5 local news. we're learning more about the use of daysers by montgomery county police. the public safety committee met with t morning, this is the second meeting held since a baltimore sun investigation revealed montgomery county police were involved in four of 11 fatal taser cases in maryland since 2009. the report also revealed that in three out of four of those incidents, county officers fired a taser for longer than the 15 seconds recommend by the manufacturer >> we've deployed a taser over 1800 times since 2001 when we
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we go years without having case where someone who was tasered ends up dying. but we have had -- we have had in custody deaths and some of them, but they're caused by different things. >> the police chief went on to rethe at any rate that the low amount of taser use shows good judgment by officers in the department. a popular dc restaurant is apologying after hosting a white nationality maggiano's says when members of the national policy institute book the gathering they told the restaurant the event was a family reunion and did not use the organization's name. photos were posted online. some of the people who learned they were meeting protested outside the restaurant. less than two months away from the inauguration and protesters and -- protesters for and against donald trump are expected to show up then. security will be tight.
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are. but it's equally important to keep those demonstrating groups separate and apart, so that they both have their own platform without -- without it resorting in violence or the potential for violence. >> maggiano's's closed its restaurant friday. ones the protesters showed up. it took action to protect its workers and guests. the restaurants made a $10,000 donation to the anti-defamation league. an expecting and surprising murdered dnc staff seth rich. his parents met with reporters today, share new information and called the conspiracy theory swirling around their son's death live. paul wagner reports. >> reporter: joe and mary rich stood with jack berk man and asked for help. there have been no breaks since their son was gunned down early in the morning of july 10th. a botched robbery as rich was
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whoever did it they have some bruises, they have blood on them. so if you saw anybody running in alleys, if you saw anybody coming home bruised and bloody, please call the police. let them check it out. >> reporter: joel and mary rich revealed new information on the case. telling reporters there were no shell casings found at the scene. indicating their s shot with a revolver. they also revealed more about what seth rich's girlfriend heard over the phone as rich walked home. she heard voices or something. seth said, she asked are you home? it was a block away so, yeah, i'm home. and he said, i've got to go, put the phone back in his pocket.
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shot. what happened, we'd like -- we'd love to know. the riches, who live in only had a nebraska are here to bring a 125,000 reward. 100,000 was put up by republican lobbiest jackbergman >> this could have happened to any one of us, could have happened to me, my republican staff, my democrat staff. i've young people working for me. in those same neighborhoods often. it's just your heart strings. >> reporter: berkman says he's worker on producing a reneckment of the crime which he will pay for and hinted to the existence of footage from a private surveillance camera. one of the reasons this crime has drawn the interest of conspiracy theoryist is fact nothing was taken from rich before he was shot twice in the back. but joel rich isn't buying it
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anybody who knew seth knows that's not his personality or what he believed in. it's so counter what seth believed in. and there are no facts. how do you defend against a lie? >> reporter: paul wagner, fox 5 local news. developing news out of san antonio, police tell us a man is in custody and charged with yesterday's deadly shooting of a police officer. a swat team arrested otis tyrone mckane he's accused of ambushing detective benjamin marconi. the officer was sitting in his squad car writing out a traffic ticket when mccaine approached from behind and shot him. he was one of four police officers shot around the country yesterday. the other three officers are expected to survive. . the city of backup officer is on the verge of banning toy guns, the city council voted to approve the bill last week.
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holding a bb gun was shot by baltimore police last spring. fortunately the teenager survived the shooting. a final vote on the gun band will be held in december. if approved, violators will face a $250 fine for the first offense and 1,000 for the second. traveling during the thanksgiving hold could be a headache. employees of one of the america's busiest airports threatening to walk off the a family just lost their son overseas in afghanistan booed off of their flight when the captain asked passengers to stay seated in order to let the family exit the plane. story coming up on fox 5 news at
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how much does it cost to keep president-elect trump and his family safe. he said costing more than $1 million a day. the security costs could go up
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house, his wife and youngest child barron will stay in new york. the bill to protect trump there is expensive because he lives in the most densely plated neighborhood of america's biggest city. >> we're learning more about the peting between and vladimir putin. the would you say says they talked for minutes about the situations in syria and ukraine. it's the first known conversation between the two leaders since the donald trump. >> it was a candid and courteous meeting but clear about the strong differences that we have on policy. >> the dialogue between us was not simple >> it was complicated you can even say to work with each other. >> putin expressed desire to work with the united states under president-elect trump. tensions running high in north dakota following
10:25 pm
these are still photos of the scene as officers fired tear gas and water at hundreds protesting the dac company today access pipeline. it's drawn steady opposition from native american activities who say it threaten sacred tribal lands. but offers the most direct root. heads up traveling heading home after thanksgiving you could be in for a headache. o' hare international are planning to walk off the job. planning to strike tuesday after thanksgiving. demanding union rights an $15 per hour wage. the employees include baggage handlers, cabin cleaners janitors and wheelchair attendants who plainly work for private contractors. a family heart broken over the loss of their son was booed off of a plane by passengers because they were given opportunity to deplane before anybody else.
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kindness and civility in america? we'll take a closer look next at
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so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. this is fox 5 local news at 10:00 top stories we're covering tonight. we begin in montgomery county where two people are dead after four cars this accident happened around 8:00 around air park and woodfield road in gaithersburg. police are still at the scene investigating. air park road remains closed both directions. loyola university facing a backlash, administrators tried to get students to change the america theme of a senior event. the school was concerned it could be considered offensive.
10:30 pm
at a time when some students were feeling anxious and uncertain and recommended student reconsider the timing and theme of the event. people in japan on edge after a major earthquake hit the northeastern coast. struck mere fukushima. no reports of major damage or serious injuries. authorities issued a tsunami warning but it was lifted hours later. the same area of japan was hit by a major earthquake in 2011. that than 18,000 deaths following a tsunami. what scare. meanwhile this is thanksgiving week here in the states. a lot of you may be hitting the road tomorrow. are you going to run into travel trouble? we'll certainly be keeping an eye on the snow winding down the lake effects snow they've had across upstate new york in some places two feet of snow reported. that system will be moving away. they will be another system coming through the middle part of the country. that could create travel delays.
10:31 pm
needed rain in the middle part of the country. wednesday everything shifts a little bit east. so while we'll still be on the dry side, we'll be watch forgot a little bit of snow across the great lakes and showers breaking out across the ohio and tennessee valley, maybe into the mississippi valley. we'll have a look at your seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. i'll let you know how thanksgiving is shaping up locally. >>. a gold star family is heart broken and angry after they say passengers on an airlines flight booed them as they were disembarking. the perry family traveled to dover air force base, picking up the body of their son, sergeant john perry after he was killed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan. perry's father said the pilot of the plane asked everyone to remain seated while the family disembarked. that's when a few passengers in a first class cabin began
10:32 pm
flight being delayed because of a gold star family and the first class cabin booing that was really upsetting. it made us cry some more. most importantly i want people to know about the heroic things that my son did. >> his father wonders if donald trump's comments about gold star families caused the reaction. sarge perry was arlington cemetery. fox 5 laura evans has been exploring that for us and joins us with the story >> it's not just the story about the gold star family. there was football game this weekend in west virginia during which tens of thousands of fans booed a quarterback for overthrowing his receiver twice despite the fact in he was reportedly playing in blizzard conditions and fact he's given his all in the past few seasons.
10:33 pm
new york this weekend at the hit theater show hamilton, when some of the audience booed vice president elect mike pence, as he walked in to take his seat. no matter what side of the aisle you're on, you could say it was yet another display of incivility. i sat down tonight with crystal bailey the founder of the it can it institute of washington to talk to her about this i want to say. she agreeses that we have lost respect for one another. and she says we need to remember that we don't always need exactly what's on our mine. that refraining is often a good idea. >> we've lost the standard that we once had. i can tribute some of this, i think, to the election cycle, that it was really draining and to see the deps and levels that both sides went to, i think really has caused a reaction with a lot of americans and so that's frustrating to see, that
10:34 pm
expectations of how others are treated. >> she also blames the loss of civility in part on social media and the anonymity of it. people take that freedom and feel to post and comment on facebook and twitter and publicly hurl verbal expressions with no filter. we went out on the street to get the pulse of the people only issue >> people don't have empathy for other people at the least and i feel like, that's a big problem. not thinking about. >> lacking empathy >> we see things people are going to take advantage of you. do you sometimes judge too quickly >> what do we need to do? what can we do better, i guess >> probably think before we act. >> what did you say >> think before we act.
10:35 pm
wisist words from the 10-year-old, no doubt insfifty taken hold in politics but the people we talked to agree it's permit 98ed no other areas. the common agreement was let's go back to the golden rule. treat people you want to be treated. it's really that simple >> it really is that simple. but i just -- it's so frustrating right now. i mean, to hear that gold star family being booed. terribly frustrating. >> i just don't -- i don't get >> you know >> you have to remember, everybody has a story. we're all trying to get to where we're going, especially going into the holidays, we're all in a hurry. >> i know we don't all agree. >> i do think social media made it much worse that people can hide behind the screen how they say things online that they would not say to you in your face, now they're beginning to say it in your face as well. it's sad. we're living in a sad time >> hopefully we can learn from
10:36 pm
mouths of babes. that 10-year-old has it right. a kansas mother found killed shot in her home for days old child nowhere to be found >> that baby is safe and a long-time friend of infant's
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. missing newborn baby found safe after her mother was found shot to death at her kansas home. the woman police believe is pregnant for months before she allegedly killed laura abarka and kidnapped six day old city if he has on thursday. 34-year-old of texas is now in custody. investigators found the newborn unharmed at her home in dallas. police say the two women known each other for years. the suspect is being held on suspicion of first-degree murder and kidnapping charges. coming at 11:00 we're
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>> at least two people are dead following a multi-car crash in gaithersburg. we'll have the latest at the top of the hour tmz is reporting kanye west is in a hospital for psychiatric evacuation. this comes hours after he cancelled the remaining dates on his tour, including a stop in dc. find out how much money that is going to cost the rapper at 11:00. ken that's a dollar less than last holiday season. the national average for a
10:41 pm
down nearly a dime from a month ago. investors have a lot to be thankful for, all the major u.s. stock market indexes hitting an all-time high on monday. seems going on a diet may be another big new year's resolution for 2017 because eight in ten people surveyed wish they made healthier food choices over the holidays. seven in ten say they have no plan to make their meals healthier this year. there's always next year. that's a look i'm david asman.
10:42 pm
he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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falling. fast and furious in upstate new york. according to the national weather service started falling around 3:00 a.m. sunday morning, area like syracuse could see more than two feet of snow. forecasts say a lake effects snow warning will remain in effect in central new york through tomorrow morning. happy thanksgiving to them. >> how about that? that heavy snow is causing major problems on the roads, earlier today, a field t short after a bus flipped over while driving a group of high school students to new york city. it happened this morning along i 81 south just north of binghamton in upstate new york, eight students were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. investigators are looking into what exactly caused that wreck. it was likely weather-related. >> binghamton got 18 inches of snow. they had 40 to 50 miles an hour winds. i want to say those are east
10:46 pm
st condition >> my girlfriend was telling me her daughter was coming home from syracuse for thanksgiving break got stuck in philly. they actually had to go drive her, all the flights got cancelled they had to drive up and get her >> i once drove to binghamton when i was in college one of the craziest things i've ever done >> along the lake shores themselves it's not quite as bad this time of year but because cold winds coming across. i got a satellite and radar -- radar loop no clouds on this, feast your eyes on that snow, if you watch, you can see toward the end it begins to wine down but from syracuse to water town and even massachusetts got 17 inches, there was one community car line center in new york state got 20 inches, east rochester ten, and just incredibly tough driving. a lot of people around here say
10:47 pm
even west virginia 125 west of here also had 10.7 inches of snow and blizzard like conditions according to bob who keeps a close eye on the weather forecast. airport delays? we've had issue it's all day long at laguardia. i know a lot of you are thinking about traveling, that has been the only trouble spot. as you travel tomorrow re we're going to run into a weather situationings rain and snow, if new jersey region as our lake effects snows should start to wind down be our local story is really a cold night. the coldest night we've had so far. we're forecasting dc to drop to 30. which would be the first time this year. still going to be gusty tomorrow. not as bad as it was but noticeable. can't really say that the wind is going to be completely diminishing until probably some time late tomorrow. cool but dry through wednesday and maybe thanksgiving showers
10:48 pm
i wanted to check the wind gusts with you. still significant especially north and west dc, forecast keep it breezy because this area of low pressure is helping to produce the lake effects snow still close enough but also far enough away that the wind will be lighter than last night. and that means we're colder than last night as we head for the 20's and 30's. after 40's today, we may be back in the 40's again tomorrow. maybe 49 degrees or so. again, locally we're not going to have to too much to worry about travel-wise, thursday maybe a couple of could see a few in the morning and off and on light rain, not a lot on thursday. we actually could use a little bit more rain, gradually we see temperatures trending more into the 50's and pretty settled even for your travel home weather if you're returning back to dc or perhaps heading home out of dc. no big weather worries here, that is for sure. that the your seven-day forecast. jim over to you. >> thank you. no one really thought that
10:49 pm
kirk cousins felt a catch phrase, a lot more meaning and passion, even just directed at only one person. take a look. >> how do you like me now? how do you like me now? how do you like me now? how do you like me now? >> again, i can't say enough good things about scott. he done a phenomenonal job. scott was the reason i had an opportunity to play last season. i owe scott a gre he done a good job of evaluating talents. i have the utmost respect for him. part of the reason we've had the record we set over the last 16 games is because of scott and what he's done. so really happen with him and in a moment, coming out of a big game and win that's what comes out. we invest a lot on these games, was pleased with the result. >> yet another big win for the redskins. of course, they got the winning
10:50 pm
ripping up a cheese head. there's couple things you don't do. you're tempting fate and that's ok because greenbay didn't show up to play aside from aaron rogers but look at those smiles. josh norman and that's deejection from aaron rogers. let's talk about this week's game. you can watch redskins game time with the special time on thanksgiving morning, brody, grant, ken and company will stuff your brain with all things skins at 10:00 a.m. then they kickoff at 4:30. do you know where you can watch >> fox 5? >> shame less promotion, when you hear the music. you know. we're talking real life daredevils, they competed in the wing suit for cross championship, jumped out of a helicopter at about 8,000 feet with that suit on and the winner is noah in that special suit jumping from the helicopter at
10:51 pm
hour. and why? because they can. >> how do you win? >> the fastest one to the ground safely. >> safely. ? >> yes. that's it. we have to point that out. >> that's a legitimate point. >> cool. >> thank you, jim.
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in case you missed it. sell lee in a gomez brought tears to eyes when she singer at the american music awards >> she opened up with the struggling she's been facing since being diagnosed with lupus. >> i had to stop because i had everything. and i absolutely broken inside. and i kept it altogether. where i would never let you down. but i kept it too much together
10:55 pm
i want to say what's in here. i'm not trying to get validation, nor do i need it anymore. all i can say from the bottom of my heart is i'm so grateful to have the opportunity to be able to share what i love every single day with people that i love. >> gomez struggled with depression and anxiety, lady gaga was moved. the singer posted this so dope i got to rock star of the night. >> keep it right here, we'll be
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. this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. controversy at a local college. the issue? an america themed party. wait until you hear why there was an uproar. new details about the mysterious murder of a dnc staff in a dc neighborhood. >> what happened those two minutes we'd like, we'd love to know >> the details his parents have revealed about the investigation. a long time elementary school teacher is facing disturbing charges that date back years. concerned parents are demanding answers. your news starts right now. we begin tonight with this
11:00 pm
county, two people are dead following a multi-car crash. thank you for staying with us, i'm tony perkins >> i'm shawn yancy. that crash happened at the intersection of air park and wood field roads in gaithersburg. fox 5 anjali hemphill is on the scene with the latest. >> reporter: i can tell you the aftermath of this crash is horrific. we're also learning the two people who died are adult men and both drivers of the cars involved in this accident. you can probably still see mind he air park road is com large section of this road is shut down to wood field road. debris is strewn across the roadway. actually used to be three cars that were involved in this very violent crash. police say just before 8:00 tonight, a car was traveling southbound on air park road for an unknown reason crossed over and collided with two cars


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