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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  November 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> a new concourse connection do bwi is opening in time for thanksgiving travel rush. >> let's look live outside on tuesday morning. your child will need a hat, coat and possibly multiple players if they'll stand at the bus stop this morning. it's cold outside. if you head out as well you might want to choose those options too. we say good morning to you. thank you so much for injoing us i'm holly morris. >> i'm maureen umeh.
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about the cold weather. erin will talk about traffic updating any issues out there for us happening a moment. >> and first, though, let's go ahead and get to the news this morning. we have several top stories to share. fist a team of federal investigators preparing to travel to chattanooga tennessee to investigate a deadly school crash with students. police say speed may have been a factor. the driver now faces five counts of vehicular homicide and reckless endangerment. >> an earthquake struck off was after shock of 2011. yesterday earthquake measured 7.4 and prompted tsunami warnings. the 2011 earth quake triingrd a tsunami that killed 12,000 people. >> and mayor bowser is ready to introduce the next school chancellor who is head of california school system. wilson confirmed oakland
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"fox5" found one tweet from a teacher that posted that letter. he will leave in february. wilson led oak land schools since april of 2015 previously head of denver school system. it's believed wilson will be introduced at eastern high school this morning at 10:30 replace being kaia henderson that served 6 sears was chancellor. >> thanks giving is a couple days away you know what that airport will be packed. >> one local airport, though, trying to help alleviate the traffic during the thanksgiving rush. melanie alnwick live at bwi don't get on a plane yet, mel, you cannot go anywhere. we need you. >> well, if i had a baggie would be one of these exotic destinations they have the posters for. that's one of the things driving this bwi had seen an increase in interests national air travel and bwi actually is
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the country surpassing dulles. and that's one of the reasons why they decided to make 105 million investment in a new security check point and new terminal concourse connection between the d & e terminals and is that the also some doe mosttic flights. that's where the international flights are from, too, it's about maryland trying to compete on a global scale with other larger airports for international air travel. they say this will make getting through the checkpoints v just one extra check point think about that, will make things a lot easier for travelers and holiday season. bwi broke passenger records last year 2015 segal most 6% increase in travelers. and so a lot of people choose to come here rather than dealing with what they know is generally a little bit of backup and parking issues at d.c. a and also at dulles airport. you are also pulling travelers here from philadelphia and
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one of those hub airports they're hoping to get a little more. we know governor larry hogan will be here 10:00 for ribbon the cutting that that new check point and concourse. holiday travel season begins wednesday. we know a lot of people try to make getaways early. right now checking bwi airport so fretty early guys. things are running smoothly, normal, no delays here. tuesdays are generally a busy time. we'll keep checking in with it and in the studio. >> thanks, mel, for that. >> 5:04 now trump transmission. president-elect donald trump is coming out with his agenda for the first 100 days in office. >> in the video he left out some big campaign promises. pe repealing obamacare and the wall and he neptioned 234u7 of those. he preponderanceed cracking
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from transpacific partnership trade deal and ethic rules. >> and narrowing the search for secretary of education. one person may sound familiar michelle reed former chancellor of d.c. public schools. trump is vetting rep magth or betsy sebos. >> raiders and texans south of border in mexico city. they fizeled three-quarters before earning a victory. the raiders beat houston 27-20. >> wonder how that was received down there. >> i know. >> they love football down there. >> they do? >> they're super cowboy fans. i dent think so bad on houston
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>> ogee tell me in my ear. >> never under estimate power of sources. >> they like american football and love futbal, futlbal. cold conditions out there, 30s. holly mentioned earlier. dress warm. you'll need to be warm. dress warm in layers and stay warm. 44 breezy this afternoon. we're still going to have gusts okay that will be up over 0 miles an hour. won't be as yindy as it has been the last couple days still gusty out there. call pepper up to 19. we're holding now in the city at 35. just enough of a breeze to keep temperatures up above freezing. for now let's wait to see what happens over the next hour or so. west mipster 30.
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cold out there. i wanted to show you this across the nation. there's not a lot going on. there's snow for upstate new york. there's another system m coming through the nation's mid section into the midwest. up and down the east coast with exception of upstate and central new york it looks fine okay? and i will have specific tuesday and wednesday travel forecasts coming up in the next weather hit plus thanksgiving plus 7 day forecast. i'll try to cover it all. here's erin como she covers it all every time, every time. >> on tim you by toyota. >> thank you, gary, 5:07 unfortunately we have breaking news we're covering out in virginia. cliffton road right now zooming to that area closed because of downed wires as a result of earlier crash. you want to avoid the intersection of cliffton road and take henderson to get around that. that i takes to you 123 if you make your way to cliffton, virginia this morning. as you take a look near joint xwais andrews suitland parkway
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working now. that's just outside the beltway. police treat that intersection of suitland at pennsylvania as you would a stop sign. slow it down. take caution. use a lot of caution this morning once you get to beltway and prince george upper and outer loop moving without any slow downs and wide view of dmv showing green. problem free chevy chase. arlington. clifton. things looking good down in vienna. nice conditions as ayou make your way to frederick, klivr ton around those downed wears. back to you maureen and holly. >> coming up on "fox news morning" the catholic church taking a small step forward concerning women. >> and kanye west described as troubled geepious. he's hospitalized for a psychological evaluation. >> a live look across the d.c. region. 5:08 and 35 degrees.
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>> the man suspected of shooting and killing a san antonio police de tickettive told reporters he "lashed out at somebody that didn't deserve it" he was angry about a child custody battle and offered apology to the family of detective benjamin marconi. >> happening now iraqi forces
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outskirts of mows ul and troops taking back another neighborhood called aldahor and they're met with stiff resistance in isis. they launched came pain in october to take back mosul. >> and 40 israeli families settle illegally and they have to pack up and go because the they are trying to passe law to legal settlements like this be retroactively legal. >> vatican issued new ruling on abortion. priests can absolve any woman who con fs to having an abortion but they still oppose abortion. the pope called it a grave since which ends human life. they will offer forgiveness also to doctors and others that
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>> president obama will participate in the final presidential medal of freedom ceremony 21 people will receive the highest honor recipients include kareem abdul jabbour ar and ellen degeneres and bill and melinda gates, tom hanks and diana ross. >> we have reports that kanye west has been in the hospital for a psychological evaluation. according to tmz they responded for a welfare check. paramedics took west to the hospital. sources are saying kanye deprivation. according to tmz west did not want tonight go and was placed in handcuff when's transported. this comes after west cancelled the remainder of his tour. >> 5:11 now nba hall of famer and former member of chicago bulls is facing possible jail time. >> apple offering something for free to customers. with not that many strings attached either.
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as we go to break now another live look across the d.c. region. nice shot there of the lincoln memorial. here's a song from jennifer lopez and mark anthony. >> uh-huh. >> more tan a kiss. >> uh-huh. >> he is married to another woman now. >> but they're separated they are? >> yes. >> okay. >> we'll get more on that adds well. >> "fox5 news morning" is back
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>> we're back at 5:14. happening today in time for thanksgiving rush. bwi, thorough g. international airport will debut a new concourse connection to accommodate the airport's rising number of international flights. goal is to help alleviate traffic around the airport. >> clearly that person will go somewhere warm. he has shorts on. >> shorts on. >> i saw that too.
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to be chilly. >> had to be, yes, you're exactly right. but that is so great that you dress for where you're going. you have to do that. >> yes. >> when you come back, whoa. >> it won't be -- i don't know when the guy is m coming back but whatever. >> unless it's next summer i don't know. >> the forecast for you breezy today. all right. few gusty winds not quite as windy. warmer than yesterday, 47, 52 tomorrow. the day before thanksgiving and cool i think a lot will have clouds building in the evening. here's the deal on today. if you are flying out somewhere today obviously those guys we saw in the picture probably flying out today. rain out through the nation's mid section. norp plains here there is snow obviously. that take over minneapolis. late in the day, showers for chicago here. but i think just showers. not a big deal. so if you consider atlanta and dallas i don't think there's real delays in dallas. back out to denver. they're kind of sandwiched
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with rain and no problems and through the west coast it's not bad. rain up towards seattle. we have it all covered. i don't see problems. new york should be good and boston good. lake effect snow. tomorrow's trouble spots. showers for check check all dry through the nation mid section way out west is g phoenix great. denver good. ton of snow coming pacific northwest. seattle, portland, no showers there and eat head to cincinnati, cleveland, places like that a few showers not a problem. all the east coast should be in real, real nice shape. how about thanksgiving nothing changed here high temperature middle 50s. warmer than we have been. don't expect a lot of sunshine and we're still calling for a few showers passing by from time to time on thanksgiving. does not look like it will be
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marshall and temperatures are still holding up above freezing here in city. really cold back to the west. cincinnati at 2. detroit 24. atlanta 39. bunch of warm air through texas here, del rio 61. dallas 6 and houston 62. the jet stream is boring for us. we have really cold conditions back out to the west and then generally cool to mild. we're right where the cold and milder air meet and it looks like through thanksgiving now our temperatures will be and into 50s. quickly, breezy and chill today high of 49 gusts 0 plus occasionally winds northwest look quickly at the 7 day forecast. we'll send it to erin that has looks at travx. >> all right. thank you, gary, problems on the roads already in clifton, vr vir. fairfax county police letting us know clifton will be shut down several hours between swift run and we're dealing
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wires down as well. to get around that take henderson. we'll let you know when clifton road reopens this morning. as we forward maps for look near joint base andrews suitland at maryland 4 outside the beltway traffic light are not working at that intersection. you want to treat that intersection as a stop sign. take caution. once you get to the beltway traffic moving along long fine. prince george inner and outer loop. a lot of green. live look outside thi up on 20. 270 southbound cruising as you make your way frederick to the spuvrment you can see passing father surely nosh use. outer loop from 95 over to georgia at speed. holly and maureen. >> it's 5:18 let's look at stories you'reen gaming with on social media. >> good morning to you first up president-elect trump promised big kax cuts on the campaign trail and looking like
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he would slash the rate from 35% high nest industrial world to 15%. he also plans to "lucrative tax loopholes he called one of the greatest provisions for hem like him. >> authorities in north dakota are page ago i did significance to drench pipeline protesters for water in subfreezing weather. hoses were used because protesters were threatening officers. it happened as protesters were trying to push block brim on a highway. police turned them back using tier gas, and water hoses and 17 protest he's were taken to the hospital for high owe thermia. >> dennis rodman is in trouble once again charged with a hit and run for driving car in the wrong direction on a california freeway back in july. now the incident happened in santa anda when rod man was
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driver to crash into a concrete wall. he faces two years in county jail. >> that's dennis rodman update. >> where's he been and now we know. >> about once a year he decides he want to do something crazy to get into the headlines and there you go. >> instagram has a new feature already popular on two other sites. >> and tesla expands product stream and goes greener. >> we're headed to break now. a live region. it's 5 degrees. more fox news morning after the
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>> 5:22 tesla is looking to branch out they own solar installing company.
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ceo says he wants to sell solar panels through tesla stores. customers can buy them to power homes and charge their tesla electric vehicles. >> latest travel trend in the country something popular in japan for years micro hotels. many rooms are just 150 to 160 square feet efficient storage design such as fold down desk adjustable technology. >> if you have an iphone 6 x and randomly shouts down apple is offering you a free fix. they will give free battery replacements to customers. the problem impact a very small number of phones that were made between september and october of last year. if your iphone has issue take it to apple store and company will replace the battery for free. >> first facebook than twitser
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video streaming game. the photo sharing site announced it will bring photo streaming capabilities to 5 million user and unlike facebook instagram will delete stories once it's over. update to instagram stories. >> 5:24 now and what? feels like 24 degrees. >> yes i know it's not that cold it feels cold gary. >> some places -- absolutely. some place temperature is below 24 degrees this morning. and now here's -- these are constant wind speeds okay you have about 8 mile an hour wind speed in town that's why the temperature has not been able to drop on. you have to get below 5 miles an hour before the winds drop off. culpeper calm wind and fredericksburg calm wins temperatures are super cold. i'll show you wind chill value, allright. some of these readings are obviously just cold without being influenced
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right now. mannasas 19 right now. and fredericksburg 23 degrees right now. here in town feels like 29. obviously we have fem tour of 35. and we have winds of 8 miles an hour. you do the math there we end up with feels like of 29. it is relatively cold out there this morning. most locations. 49 for a high today. we should see good amounts of sunshine. not quite as windy as what we have been yesterday or certainly on sunday which when we're 10 to 20 today and occasional gusts higher than 20 miles an hour. we'll call that breezy. okay, 40s don't generally feel like upper 40s more like lower 40s some spots in 50s today feel if a more like in 40s and so you know it will will be another chilly fall afternoon. we warm up a little headed to thank giving. more about that in a bit. right now erin has plenty of traffic going on. >> unfortunately gary busy
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upper loop, little blurry. i wanted you to show this crash. right lane blocked. flashing police lights. keep to left and as you make your way down south through largo you'll hit slow downs on inner loop. we'll let you know about that. let's look at maps. metro aside from safe track surge 10 it's last someday where that safe track work will impact the red line and train malfunction east and delays to largo town maps and show you other problems on the roads. 450 right now as you make your way out to the covtton area closed both ex dr. s davidsonville road. dealing with a crash screen. in addition to that a result of the cawsh needs to be cleared. problems avoid that area we'll work up alternates for you. suitland parkway at 4 just outside the beltway. traffic light not working causing slow downs as you head around joint base andrews. treat that interaction section
5:27 am
as you would a sign. clifton road closed use henderson road to get around that one. >> 5:27 k078ing up on fix news morning a school bus driver in tennessee pacing multiple charges related to death of five children. >> prz obama will oversee one of his public ceremonies at the white house. >> a live look around the d.c. region song don't want you back. ? we have more to share on the other side of the break. don't go anywhere.
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s a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. >> today on "fox news morning" we're fol reports of d.c. public schools could have new chancellor by the end of the day and form are leader of school reform in d on the short list to be donald trump education secretary. and a new concourse connection at bwi is opening just in time for the thanksgiving travel rush. "fox5" news morning starts right now. >> this is "fox 5 news" morning. >> good morning to you thank you very much for joining us. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> is i'm holly morris. >> today is tuesday, november 22. >> gary mcgrady is talking weather in a minute.
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>> here are top stories on tuesday. a team of federal investigators planning to travel to chattanooga tennessee to investigate a deadly school crash. speed may have been a factor. the driver now faces five counts of vehicular homicide and recklessen daipinger pment. >> mayor becauseer is expected to aannounce a new school chancellor. >> antoine wilson is head of california school system. wilson confirm the move in letter he sent overnight to oakland unifiedch oakland unified school district. "fox5" found one twot from a teacher in oakland that posted that letter. in it he said he will leave oak land for d.c. in february. >> wilson led oakland schools since april of 2015 previously head of denver public school system it's believed wilson ill be introduced at an event eastern high school. he replaces ki he henderson. he will need to be confirmed by
5:32 am
find themselves in prethanksgiving traffic jams. >> bwi is is opening up a sevrks the airport to hope to alleviate the gridlock. more with that mel. >> good morning, one of the reasons they're opening it is because they're saying this will really alleviate the stress bwi airport has seen rapid increase in number of travelers. it set passenger records for 2015 and ten consecutive months of passenger records asel traffic but increased international traffic this new security check point between d and e will have eight screening lanes and also a secure connection between d and e allowing bwi to bring in more international air traffic. there's going to be a 3.9 -- 3.69 million americans let's call 3.7, maybe 4 we round up in tv must be right that's the
5:33 am
certainly most people will be out on the roads driving. there's a large portion of folks who decide to take to air. especially if family is far away and those are the people you're seeing trying to get a little jump on the prethanksgiving day travel. the official thanksgiving weekend travel begins tomorrow. but some people do choose to leave tuesday. bwi airport says tuesday is one of buzzest days and right now still early. things are of monthing well. the new security checkpoints 105 million investment from the state of maryland to its premiere flag ship airport here. governor larry hogan says this is investment in maryland economy and jobs and wants to see bwi airport continue to be the airport of choice for thaters here not only in maryland but virginia and pennsylvania as well. we want to keep checking in on this. we know governor hogan will be here later for official ribbon cutting ceremony.
5:34 am
back to you guys. >> 5:3 3 is the time. president obama will participate in a medal of freedom ceremony. 21 people will receive the nation's highest civilian honor. it's [ ed to those that made contributions to the security interests of national world peace or cultural or public or private endeavors now. and iten includes ellen de again res, robert deniro, b ross. >> you're welcome to come to the loft on good day d.c. >> they could call in don't that be fine. >> yes, this could tweet us. >> we're not too picky. >> we are not. >> if they come they better wear a big jacket. >> if diana ross calls i'll buy you and you lunch. >> what about kareem. >> something about diana. >> yes something with diana.
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lookly to do it. >> i like the thanksgiving sweater gar bear. >> it's screamly sxen service i know that i probably got it deep discount from gimbles. >> is it a real store. >> not in my world. >> never heard of it. >> highlighted with the goldbergs, it's a sitcom. >> somebody has a lot of time to watch tv. let's talk warm, gar. >> dvr is is are >> 1 degrees, real deal temperature. not factoring in wind. fredericksburg. mannasas 25 and up to the north it's still cold. tem sturz around freezing. whipped up a little bit. so ironically enough it actually feels in some spots colder north an west with wind than what it does without the wind and those extremely cold temperatures down to the south and south west. annapolis right now 36. we're still above freezing here in town at 5.
5:36 am
season. probably won't happen this morning unless the winds die off and aboutbefore the sun comes up 32. 3 by 8 a.m. that's in town and colder out in suburbs. 45 by lunchtime. breezy this afternoon. winds 10 to 20 with gusts occasionally higher than 20 miles an hour not as windy as the last couple days. thank goodness. it's getting a no, iing. somebody not getting a no, iing is erin como. more traffic. >> stuck in the wind is >> wind annoy iting i love your sweater great look with the tie and collared shirt fashionable. crash upper loop blocking right lane moved to right shoulder. flashing lights right there. little slow down upper loop. not terrible. outer loop through largo. let's look at maps. metro delays in addition to the last day of safe track surge ten impacting red line. that's impacting silver line.
5:37 am
4:50 as you make your way out. and dealing with fallen tree that's causing delays in both dreks, go ahead and take 50. it's parallel and runs south of 450 defense highway and can help you save time this morning. we'll keep you posted on that. suitland parkway at 4. out by joint base andrews by the beltway. traffic light on flash that intersection use caution there clifton road closed between swift take henderson around that one dealing with crash and wires down. back to you. >> gymbles closed in 1987 after quick research so you know. >> thank you. >> that's when i got it. >> in '87. it looks good on you. >> a new study confirming something we knew, men are laser folk ised on one task at a time. >> translation they cannot multi-task. >> workers at one of the
5:38 am
agreed to delay their strike until we head toe thanks giving. 5:37, temperature is 5.
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>> asxlongs in philadelphia inside an narment center city area. now the blast injured one person. 62-year-old man. when he opened a package delivered to the home. the package was believed to have contained med sichbility right mow it's unclear whether the explosion was intentional or perhaps accident caused by something that was in that package. the man is now in the hospital. it's unclear how badly injured he may be. some people in nearby apartments though had to be 5:41 the time. holiday travelers headed home after thanksgiving could number forehead ache. hundreds of workers at chicago o'hare international airport are planning to walk off the job next week tuesday. they're demanding union rights and $15 an hour wage. employees include baggage handlers. cabin cleaners and wheelchair attendants that work for proyvt contractors.
5:42 am
treatment called melaxon. the order was issued allowing the change while declaring state fwroing opiate addiction prob almost a public healthy emergency. some pharmacies provide it without precipitation and lavine says she wants to make sure the overdose antidote is available throughout the state. >> and men's brains are. >> help need to use more energy brian if they want to shift attention. it men's the process of one task to another is slower foremen than women. most did not experience this amount of mental difficulty until they reached 50. >> are we shocked at this study? >> not at all. >> multi-tasker, singing tasker. >> 5:30 is the time now. coming up on "fox news morning" president-elect donald trump cabinet could include a name
5:43 am
>> d.c. native making his way back to television. >> and as we head to break let's go ahead and take a live look owe cross the d.c. region. 5:43 is the time. another morning to bundle up. "fox5", we'll talk about it on the other side. fox news morning coming back
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5:46 am
? >> 5:46 is the time now. we take a look outside. >> we're inspiring you to get your play list together for thanksgiving drive. >> this is agood one sglixt don't know what it is. >> i don't either but i like the beat. it makes me feel g it's a good upbeat, you're driving to family oh, shakira, like her. >> get your play lists ready and patience ready. a lot of people leave on tuesdays now and it seems hike this great get away we have wednesday afternoon and evening not terribly bad. a lot of folks left. hopefully that's the case. >> they all come home on surprised. >> sunday seems to be real, real bad day. because if you can get up early, early sunday morning and get back to grandma's house you'll be g wind chill values really what it feels like out
5:47 am
though temperatures in city are middle 0s. real cold in spots up to north and west, too, culpeper talking about this all morning. that's actual air temperature for culpeper. winds calm. temperatures under clear skies able to drop. and mannasas is cooped of bouncing around between 19 and low 0s with air temperatures this morning. still snow upstate new york an a hot of it cranking on backside of area of low pressure. there's another area of low pressure coming to the area's mid section. a lot no big deal. snow in higher elevations and not talking about anything serious. traveling today, there's a couple of trouble spots out in the nation's mid section and not a big deal. showers for dallas. few showers foric which chick, st. louis, places like that. little rock. then you start getting up to northern tier to northern plains here minneapolis is on the line of whether they get rain and snow, too, no big deal and little snow for the dakotas, denver looking good. rain showers there.
5:48 am
way out west if you go to la, san francisco, few showers for portland and seattle. how about tomorrow? storm system gets closer to us. still rain for chris christie chick. cold are up towards green bay. northern tier here it does look like it is mainly showers. but as you start getting to southern sakes of canada, that is snow there. not a big deal. new york looks good. boston looks good. we look good here. showers for atlanta otherwise to problems for the nation's mid sect rockies. how about the thanksgiving forecast. not grade. few shower, mostly cloudy. temperature 55, i think that's a good forecast. we have 23409 changed that all week longment real quick look at the 7 day forecast. black friday not good friday but black friday great and most you sunny holiday weekend and drive homes look really, really nice. here's erin. >> a look at problems we're tracking including delays build
5:49 am
northbound turning into usual tuesday morning drive right now dale city to beltway and especially slow 123 past occoquan through woodbridge. 66 eastbound. stop and go traffic mainly around 234 once you get to centerville things break up and 270 southbound quiet commute to germantown and north of that point 70 to truck scale volume building, silver line delays and residual delays to town septemberer and that 450 maryland crossclaimed both directions davidsonp road. if you head across if red avoid 450 to 3 south ever that point parallel hop on 50 it's a better bet now. suitland parkway 4. traffic lights are not working. treat that intersection as a stop sign and once you get to bell way things looking good. earlier inner loop cleared and cliffton closed between swift
5:50 am
crash and downed wires take henderson around that cliffton road closure this morning and in touch with the fair fach county police we'll let you know when it reopens. back to you holly and wisdom. >> 5:50 is the time now for the first time since election we're officially hearing from president-elect donald trump. >> in a non traditional manner donald trump took to youtube to release agenda for first 100 days in office. trump let out some of his biggest biggest campaign promises. he said to build a wall between us and mexico and free trade agreement and repeal of obamacare. he deposit mention that but mentioned cracking down on visa fraught drawing from the transpacific partnership trade rule. >> and former d.c. chancellor mish he'd reed met with trump a few days ago.
5:51 am
run are followed occasions secretary. she is poll ar rising physical you're that fought teacher union and advocated to expand charter schools. >> time 5:51 a look at storiesen gaming with most on social media. >> maureen standing by with the news tracker. >> first up unfortunate distraction at last night texasian raiders game. someone in the crowd was flashing a lacer pointer in the field of texasian quarterback brock -- what's that word, osweiler and he also shooind ob lamar miller. the stadium security was trying to phone the spern responsible but they never did. >> felt in up end of era 101-year-old last member of the tuskegee air men has died. he was living -- first in history of u.s. armed forces
5:52 am
airmen were awarded congressional medal by george w. bush who apologized for it unreturn salute and unforgivable indignities they had toen cure. >> tough year for kim kardsahian and kanye west. kanye was reportedly hospitalized after abruptly canceling remaining ling of his tour. they visited his home as part of disturbance. he suffered a medicalen emergency. kim was supposed to mack a red carpet experience last night. its not clear if that happened. wishing all of them the best. we always talk about them but we don't want to see this happening. >> dave chappell is coming back to netflixen including two never aired and one original set. the specials are his first in twelve years. there's no world when they will
5:53 am
kennedy honors award show for third year if a row. the event i'll be held september 4 and televised september 7. resip enters actoral paccino and rock band eagles and gospel suggester may have is staples and singer song writer james taylor. >> classic christmas film, "it's a wonderful life" it's been 50 y was released. it's a wonderful life was nominated for five academy awardsen including best picture. american film institute says it's one of the 100 best american films ever made. >> time for facebook fan of the day. hello, carol cook. today is her 51 brming day. she watches us every day before getting out of bed. >> carol says she love us all
5:54 am
because allison is home girl like here. they like the same music. carol likes how hall allison keeps steve and tucker in line. thank you carol and happy birthday from all of us here at "fox5". >> we know that is no easy task keeping those two in lane. >> we have the same difficultyes he keeping gary in line. >> you're right you're a little easier. >> here's what going on now. in terms of bus stop forecasts look kid owes this morning super cold out there especially down south and southwest. we're temperatures are in the teens. that's not a result of wind that's actual air temperature. really cold air mass on top of us. you did not need me to till that. after school, 44 to 49. breezy. we're not exactly windy like we had been the last couple days and we will have occasional gusts now that will be higher than 20 miles an hour. but just not all-day toop of things. 35 temperature rights now in the city. feels like it's in the 20s with wind chill value and look north
5:55 am
feels colder too with wind. down here for culpeper and fredericksburg you see actual air temperatures this morning super cold down there in terms of where we good or the next couple days i think we're pretty good here. real dry today. real dry tomorrow. if you travel up and down the east coast you should number good shape. more showers and clouds around for thanksgiving doesn't matter you stay inside and eat anyway. if you travel it won't be enough to cause a problem and black friday and close to 60 saturday and sunday for everybody coming home the east coast looks nice especially if you drive. i don't see any major storm systems affected use. it should be all things go for traveling this week and into the weekend. here's erin como. >> i like the sound of that. 5:55 no reported delays if you start the thanksgiving travel on vre or amtrak and maybe
5:56 am
flight. traffic on the way to bwi and baltimore washington parkway problem free reagan national and things dulles, dulles toll road looking quiet now. roads won't slow you down on way to airport. we're dealing with problems if you just are out and about this tuesday morning. clifton road rights now is choseed between swift run trails and wolf sholz. it's crash and wirz and pole down i talked to kenny on the assignment desk the driver swerved to hit a deer and vuk a pole and they have accident in get around cliffton road closure this morning take henderson road. we'll keep you posted on that closure an let you know when things reon. 450 closed because of fallen tree. you see red in both sdreks there. take 50 runs parallel south of 450 can sawv time as you make your way to maryland 3 this morning through covtton and suitland parkway not doing well joint base andrews and maryland four. just outside the beltway.
5:57 am
stop sign. once you get to the beltway quiet through oxon hill. silver line delays. covered with the 6:00 hour on "fox news morning". beautiful look at city light "fox news morning". beautiful look at city light there. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
5:58 am
the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> big news for district school tim what we're learn about this man that could be named new chancellor. >> fist time president-elect trump lays out priorities and direct message to the american people and what he says he will accomplish in first 100 days in office. >> and great thanksgiving get away is on the way this morning. "fox5" has you covered on this tuesday, november 2. if you fly or is sxkted to be one of the buzzest days of this week. you want to check out our team coverage before you hit the road. good tuesday, everybody, i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> first up at 6. braking news northeast d.c. police are at a home on holebrook street where they were called to help with a fire investigation. that industry is closed between morris and neal. the call came in:30 this morning and we'll bring an up


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