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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  November 22, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EST

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?? straight ahead, a parent'sha worst nightmare. >> they don't know where my whee other daughter was.othe she was on the bus with them >> schoolbus flips and crashes h into tree killing at least fivee children.dr this morning the driver undernd arrest facing multiple charges.g now the ntsb is on its way to tennessee to find out why hehy lost control. breaking news.ew the d.c. school system has found its next leader. an mayor mower yell bowser hadow to go all the way to the westwat coast to find her new h n chancellor.ance we'll have a live report. today i would like towoulket provide the american people wite
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ansisition. >> the president-elect skippings the media and going right to the public to lay out his prioritiee as next commander in chief.hi what he says he'll do in his first 100 days in office. and how he's spenting thenting thanksgiving holiday. >> ?? and later, kanye west hospitalized. the rapper reportedly sufferinge from exhaustion. but it comes in the middle ofdle what some fans called a melt down. do good day at 9a starts now. ?? >> good day dc it is 9:01 on this tuesday, november 22 and 22 i'm maureen umeh alongside allison seymour, steve cheneveye and the wisdom martin. holly morris has the morning ff off. >> more bad us in for the fast f food chain chipotle it's facingc another lawsuit and this timeans over the menu's calorie count. t >> don't say it. no, no, no. no i depend on those. tse
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>> let's talk about the wetabou right now. we woke up to temperaturespeture freezing again this morning. thi but gradual warmup on the way ay least we have some sunshine sune today. toda >> yup. >> but as we get closer toloser thanksgiving a lot of folks fols headed out of town. town. we'll see what changes will be l in store. in store tuck is back with a first check of the forecast. >> cold temperatures overnight.t still have not hit freezing atg reagan everybody he will has and we're' now up to 40 degrees insn washington here. winds they haven't really leftel either still out of the westes southwest here at we'll seabreeze see conditionsse this afternoon and a coolfternod afrnoon.n. daytime highs are going to be io the mid to upper fours. fours lots of layers here if you'll be out and about little later thiss afternoon doing some shopping. p getting to the grocery storecery that kind of kin thi otherwise sunny and bright and a beautiful.autiful. and we're in for quiet weather a today. if you're traveling locallying l today, you're in good shapedha right along the eastern seaboard we're not looking at any weathea other than a few clouds. clo out across central sections of the country we have rain shower and i'll talk more about the t timing on this because it willal be pressing to the east here eah
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when we can expect showersho around here and travelve conditions across the rest ofose the country coming up in a up couple of minutes.t. for us, forecast for today. 49. well below normal temperatureteu wise. wise. notice your breezes are back. it will be a chillyour br day.ay with gusts out there around 20 miles an hour but a nicees a lookn ing day and again mostgaim importantly a dry day if you'lll be traveling locally here acrosr the mid atlantic later thiserhi afternoon. all right. wtherlenty more weather momentarily. bao to you. >> thanks tucker.r. >> thank you. ina te this morning a team of federal investigators from right here in washington tennessee looking for some f som answers after a bus crash in chattanooga left five childrenln meanwhile, it is a day of day mourning there in the communityy officials say schools will be open with grief counselors onor hand. the bus had 35 students ons o board. they range in age from littleitl canted gardeners all the way to fifth grade elementary schooly h kids he went off the road,heoa slammed into a tree, landed onao its side a mile from the schoolh no other vehicles were involvede it took emergency crews twows t
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from that bus.. again, five were killed. 23 others taken to the hospital. now chattanooga applies say 24-year-old jonathan walker isai behind bars he was the driver. he's charged with vehicular homicide and reckless driving.ri police say speed was likely a factor. fact they're still trying toey'rl determine if the driver wasine f under the influence of anythingh the ntsb will also investigateni whether the bus was equipped with seat belts.elts. >> that's a difficult story.s fc the other big story thisoryi morning, a new leader for d.c. r fox5's bob barnard is live thiss morning in northeast with who io could be want we know about himh so bob? >> reporter: hey, maureen g maug morning. mornin we're at eastern high schoolool this morning where at 10:30 this morning, d.c. mayor murieluriel bowser will talk about further improving public schools here ie the district of columbia.bia and one of the things we expectc her to announce is that she'st s found replace many for kayaa henderson who left the d.c. schools chancellor position thit summer and we believe it isieve
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wilson who currently is head of public schools oakland,nd california.fornia mr. wilson himself basically bal made the announcement in aent ia letter to the oakland unified u school district which he sente s out late last night. he has led the school district r there in oakland for about the past two and half years.nd halfa he had previously work as a top executive in the denver publicui school system. ste again he's 44 years old.ld he's a big proponent of main streaming special education students and also a big a proponent of charter school which huge here in washington,ao d.c. of course, his nomination wouldn need to be approved by the dc city council.ouncil he in his letter to the oaklanda school district said he would bl starting here in february. febrr but, again, the announcement wew expect to come this morning frof dc mayor bowser and before he can actually get the job, the dc council will have oh green light it. so we expect that announcementln today.y nothing official from theing cil mayor's office or from thefr the school system here.ol syshere but, again, antoine wilson, 44s4
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schools of oakland, california, telling everybody basically thaa he is coming here to the nation's capitol to be the nextx chancellor of schools for d.c..c ps. guys. >> all right. ut10l fine out at 10:30 this morning at eastern high school.. muriel bowser mayor of dc. o d thanks bob. >> 90:00 sick is the let's go to northeast d police and the d.c. fire.cir department investigating after r woman was found on a sidewalk with burns to her body. bod now it happened on holbrookn hoo street in northeast around 3:303 this morning.ning. police say her w caught on fire causing criticali burns to the woman's body. b she was taken to the hospital.. president-elect trumppres preparing to head to florida foa the holidays but first he has a message for the american peoplea and rather than hold pressn ho e conference he went right to the internet and released ytoutube video spelling out his h priorities for his first 100 fs0 days in office much this come ac he quickly moves quick toll t flush out his white house team. we turn to fox's doug >> the president-elect met witht
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fox but he also bypassed traditional media as he laid ouo his priorities for his first hir hundred days. the trump motorcade arrives back in new york at trump tower.rumpw so far, the president-elect's-et public appearances have been bee fleeting but now there is this.s >> today i would like to providi the american people with anh a update on the white house transition,. >> reporter: donald trumpeporte releasing video outlining hislih plan for the first hundred days. including scrapping the tran pacific partnership trade pact. encouraging energy production. t cracking down on lobbyists working in government.overnmen and reducing regulations. >> i will formulate a rule whice says for everyone new regulation, two old regulationss must be eliminated.. so important.ta >> reporter: but on a day when w trauma continued to meet withh one job applicant after anotherr in trump tower, there were wer renewed questions about hisut h business interests.ts >> very confident he's not n breaking any laws.king as. he has many lawyers, accountants
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must do, and what he can't do.'t >> reporter: but how will he wl distance himself as president? especially when so much of his s empire bears his name without just selling it all off.llff. >> unless he does that, there ih no answer to this and of time hh makes a phone call to head off state, where he has businessess interests, there will beil questions.s. >> reporter: beyond thosese complications there'stion thanksgiving and for theksgi extended holiday weekend, trumpu will travel to pam beach, florida. orida. town that is bracing for a new a level of >> he was always here, so kind of cool to have him there and, a you know, that place is is beautiful, and -- but now i just hope it doesn't ruin theui experience places like secluded and quiet.and q >> reporter: the transition process moves forward and whilee the transition headquarters isrs here in washington, the major decisions are being made out oft trump tower in new york. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. keep it in washington right
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national lift the group was in d.c. for aor conference celebrating theng t election of donald trump. after the incident a transitionn team spokesman said trump did he nouns racism. the restaurant posted pop gee on its facebook page. page. didn't realize it was hosting a banquet for group called thed t national policy institute.nstu the post said the group made the res sorry vague at the laste minute using a different name.a. the restaurant said once they oe found out they donated from the evening to the antii defamation league. lgu all right.>> well it's been two years sinceri the mayor for live left us but now until now he still didn'tlld have a gravestone coming up com next, d.c. former first ladyd joins us live first look at marion barry's permanenterma memorial.memori >> the holiday get away.wa tomorrow will be one of the onet busiest travel days of the yeara but it won't be business asbu usual for some people.ual we'll a have folive report. it is 9:09 right now. n back after this.hi
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z26nez zi0z y26ney yi0y ?? all right. well kim back to fox> al5 news morning. all right.all ight tomorrow marks the secondow m anniversary of the passing ofar former washington mayor marion o barry. rr four-term mayor and civil rightg leader who also served fiveve fe terms ross the d.c. council is s
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cemetery.cemetery. now his official gravestone wilw be unveiled tomorrow on thew t anniversary of his death. and joining us now is his wifeiw corey masters barry who workor these past two years to get thee memorial just right.ig good morning and thank you veryy much for joining us.nis. >> thank you for having me. >> it's been two years.ea >> yes. a lot of p ay say that's ahas a long time.long t >> um-hmm.>>m-hm >> why did it take so long to i getat this in order? >> there's a process.ce first of all it's very difficult thing to do. emotionally it's like refineine alliesing but right people to do it it's a big, big undertaking, and to, ad make it right, so that it fits the spirit and the legacy andynd the history, and statue of the person that it represents.rese it's not something you rush. >> right. >> as far as symbolism goes tell me about the symbolism of this marker. >> first of all it's a monument. >> um-hmm.>> >> as opposed to a gravestone.s. kind of grand i'm not going tomo say much more than that.than tt.
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people buried in that cemeteryey since people knew he was there. and the people at the cemeteryer says average of 10, 15, 20 15, people come to visit his grave a week.. >> right. >> and so it will be somewhereoe if you want to go and and contemplate or just have memories or just honor him it hm will be beautiful. beautiful it's going to be comfortable.ab and it's going to have some s symbols on the monument that tht represent his history, his legacy and his overall being,ei i mean there will be symbols that from ghana represents his african heritage.itage. they'll be some things about hih service to the city. and also his spiritual base. be. it's going to be interesting and there's a wonderful bench thatet you can be able to sit on with h poem an quote from maya angelouu that was just for >> >> christopher barry you workery with christopher barry on thisns as well the late christopherhr barry on this as well.y on ts aw
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>> there's a thing called marioo barry legacy foundation, and christopher and i work togethert along with charles moreland, ramon bane, jones an lot of what you're going to see tomorrow is some of his ideas and inputnput presence the quote from maya angelou unfortunately he died a a time of course nobody expected it and still hurts me to this day but right before they started engraving the monument.. so he is on t i asked them that put his name e on there so he can berehe c memorialized along with his >> talk about why it's importani for the city to do this and is i the city going to do anythingnyn else in honor of marion barry? >> the mayor had commissioned aa very barry commission and theyo made some recommendations andns one of them was a full bodyull b statue that is in the worksks right now. now it has been commissioned.ssione. they've chosen two artists to do it, and sometime in the spring n or summer you'll be able to seee that and that's a city project..
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the project for mayor i don't know's monument has been fundedf and supported by friends and and supporters of marion but it's all private money. isn't any other events the city isy i planning? >> oh, yes.h, yes there are on friday night joness is having a citywide event at his place on martin luther kingg and fourth at 6:00 o'clock andoa inviting the people to come too have memories, drinks and have fun, and hem united statested ss marion barry, >> marion barry was srionuch a i mean it's why do you think it is that it'' so important that the city c continue on with his legacy anda say, all right, we'll do this t for marion >> you know, marion was really l beloved and you have to live thl life i live. le. if i live -- go anywhere beyondy my office or my home i promise you, there will be somebody whob will stop me and say marion didd this for them. the marion did that.rionha he was so beloved. he did so much for so many for n so long that a lot of this iss i
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us to do this people are goingng his gravesite saying, he doesn'h have a marker. a mr we're so sad.we're so sad you know, they just love himov h because he was around a long aog time he really really really rll cared for people and did so mucc from his heart. so just beloved. >> right. thank you very much for coming in and sharing your story this>t morning and sharing time with ue and letting know aboutw abo everything going on with memoryo of marion barry.n b appreciate your time.preciate >> thank you so much. so >> back to you on the couch. co. >> thanks to both of you. 9:17. 9:17. philadelphia monday nightelph football in mexicoia, doesn't gg off without a hitch and theitch perfect gift for the girl who has hmm. what could that be? tha [ laughter ] >> check on what else is makings headlines coming up next.. later, ray jay. jay live in the loft.of >> you don't want to tune out ot now. or ever really. ??? >> oh, yeah.h.
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9:21 am
were a evacuated. the man accused of killing g san antonio police detective is now under arrest. 31-year-old otis tyrone mccainn told reporters he was upset oveo a child custody dispute when hee allegedly shot the officer in of the head while he sat in hisn h patrol car. he also apologized for lashing out on someone who didn'tho dn't deserve it. meanwhile, a state lewis stl police officer who was shot s twice in the face is now at home recovering after being releasedl from the the suspected gunman was later l killed in a shootout wi police.lice tsunami warnings have been lived in japan after ani waapann earthquake struck the country yesterday.yeerday. there were tsunamis this morninr but the large measure just over 4 feet.feet. a 2011 earthquake in that samets area triggered a massive tsunami which killed 20,000 people. peol well monday night football l action south of the border..
9:22 am
mexico oakland rallied in the fourth t quarter tohe win this 127-20 but this morning social media is going just crazy over this. someone in the crowd kepthe crot pointing a laser on the fieldie during the game.. it seemed to be targeting tarti houston players. players. you can see a green light on the quarterback helmet take a lookek at that right there.ght ere. after the game brock said he'skh not saying it was a game changen but having a laser zoomed in onn his eye how he played. not surprising there. the and finally, it's the gift g for someone who has everything. cheetos jewelry. earrings and a ring made ofef orange satisfy fires in nearly 200 diamonds they're made by the snack company cheetos andos a they're selling together for just 20 grand.rand act fast there's only one fore sa.e. wisdom you eyeing them up possible holiday present.iday pt >> erin don't even insult bynsul even saying that.g t
9:23 am
conservative as i'm am i wouldn't pay $2 for thosese earrings. >> here's my question for yous erin.erin >> they're beautiful diamonds.ns >> let's say somebody, wisdom,eo did get you those beautifulif diamond hearings and you worehen them out and somebodygs a said,e those are beautiful. would you ever say these are cheetos? >> absolutely not.>> i would just say thank you thesy are beautiful orange >> i would say that -- >> i believe they're cheetos. >> it's a conversation thing. ti what's it called. peace. peace. >> conversation peace.ation e >> if you look w for christmas we'll all sharella them. >> notice how she went from meh to you that quick.hat qui now it's your problem, steve., e [ laughter ] >> back to brokes wyler i guessi there's a green light in hisreel face all the time because heecah stink. >> wow! >> hope you didn't sit on that t one. i hope that popped in your head. >> he did. i can tell. >> like cheetos it popped in myt head. >> all right. erin, thank you so much. kanye west hospitalizedtalie
9:24 am
the rumors that he's having aavn mental break down.. >> holiday get away in full ifu swing watch should you expectuly when you head out of town? tow tears some folks right now waiting to get out of bwi martial airport.rt. melanie joins us from there.joi tucker has your seven dayven day forecast. >> fresh at 10a big namedam celebrities paying it forwardtor live in the lot of tracyracy braxton, empire's tobias and boseman we'll tell you about the special event that brought theme altogether. >> and ray jay is here. >> ray jay is a alrndea rdy i >> all right. ..'s in here already doing real big.ig back in the green room. >> 9:24 is the time. t we got a lot to do in the next, what, hour and a half. >> uh-huh.huh. >> just over hour an haver. stick with us.t over back in a moment.
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?? >> when you hear that music you know it's time to get out of town a lot of folks starting today. holiday weekend early. traveling by ground or plain traffic is going to be prettyu o gnarly out but it won't beoing business ast usual at one local t airportir because it just made a big change and that could take someo of the headache just little bit of the heabidache out of thet of holiday travel season.y travea fox5's melanie alnwick is live at bwi thurgood marshall airport and explains what this is all il about. hey, mel. >> reporter: hey, guys. g you know one of the things thatt my family and i talk aboutkut whenever we're in security lines or even theme park lines we jokk about is this the line for the t line for the line because youau usually start in one line and ad
9:28 am
look here at these brand new new security checkpoints at dned and e concourses. no waiting here this morningorni here 9:27 on a tuesday morning right before the busy b thanksgiving rush, and they've ' got all of the securityy checkpoints open.kpoints open. people are literally just getting through.ugh. breezing through without too much trouble. this is exact ly what the state sta of maryland intended when it spent $105 million to put inn this new security checkpoints. n eight security lanes cominges also, adding more of a coveredor connection between the t international concourse, these t gates d and e here. h one of the things that -- one oo the reasons they're doing this is because bwi seen a big upig p tick in passenger over the lastl couple of 2015 was a record-breaking yeara and now they've had 10 1 consecutive months in a row alss with record-breaking trafficng f from passengers. bwi is expected to be aboute a
9:29 am
for dulles as well.ell. d.c. a expected to have threethe times as much traffic as itt normally did does over the busys holiday weekend.nd aaa mid atlantic sayingay 4 million people are going to bg traveling by more people traveling this year for the thanksgiving holiday hol than we've had since 2007. 200 so folks are going to haveo plenty of company out here oner the roads but, again, it lookt k like things are working pretty t well here at bwi. b everything is getting the greeng light. oh they're going to have a big i press conference here at here at 10:00 o'clock this morning where cutting that's why we're seeingn very large security presencer here at this concourse. also pretty comforting thing fog people to see as they come to c the airport it used to be wee didn't see this kind of securitr presence here but after 9/11 you know, that's definitely prettyre standard now. an pretty normal practice butut they're expecting again the agan governor will be here and weend just saw first lady hogan as a well so they're getting ready to do the big holiday kick off.ff
9:30 am
looks pretty good here all smooth sailing at least if youly leave the tuesday before -- wednesday. i don't know. we'll see. back to you guys. >> all right, mel.>> a of course if you're llmaking tht get away you're wondering whatrw the weather will be like.ik aside from cold here it's not in that bad. >> right. it's mostly going cooperateng across the the county everybody is going home or grandma's house or whateverter we'll be fine both today and and when people return on sunday thy weather looks good, too which ii important for everybody flyingef back. it is cold out this morning. mni 40 at reagan natio most of the area waking up early this morning since we've beenvee here to freezing temperaturestu although with the sunshine outie there starting to rebound are a little bit. this afternoon we're looking att breezy conditions.dion but sunny conditions.ons >> okay. >> breezy but sunny.but suy. >> with wind chills hanging out in the 30s much of the day.he d currently wind chills in the 20s so lots of layers if you want tt take that dog for a walk thishis morning.morning a nice long walk. >> aww. >> you know. here's the thing if you work the hing whenoff early
9:31 am
just go to town. >> there you go.ou go. >> right. >> two more days to work out then.e >> or cook. you don't feel like eating. ein for me like --ike -- >> when you cook you don't wanto to eat. >> really. >> does that kind of work. >> does that work? >> for me it ws orksth.>>itor >> i've never -- >> you don't cook.>> all right.l r >> am i doing more weather or aa i done. >> you're done. >> it's your world. it'your >> i would loved to little moret weather, thank you maureen. >> and here it is. i. >> real quick i want to talko tl travel forecast wrap it up. it u if you are traveling today thert is a storm across mid section on the country it will march east e he we'll get rain up and down the e eastern see bore tomorrow but wo will thursday morning.. so farce travel plans tomorrow,o they'll be some clouds around tomorrow but not going to getott any rain until thursday morningg we'll rain or we talkingng sprinkles.sple >> we're talking light showers. we need some real rain obviously. >> we do. >> real dry real high risk for fires. >> really? rea >> yeah. we haven't had much rain since n september.embe we need it. ere thursdayerers h and clear it out in time for f beautiful weekend friday,l weend saturday and sunday, in the midt to upper 50s.
9:32 am
take. ke >> cool today. cold tonight. beld ready here when go back bk outside.outs. >> all right.>> all uly way warm. all right. speaking of thanksgiving is juss two days away. um-hmm. >> oh. >> o that marks the start of holidayd season which is also the seasona of giving and the washington redskins.dski >> okay. >> you know are winning local sports arorts t >> um-hmm. >> are combining both with toyss for tots and app bell pee bee's, i'm going to go over and talk tt them.em >> applebee's restaurant.e's re. >> go over and talk to them.o t. >> can i go over. can go >> go over and talk with them. >> i've got jane. >> jane rogers. >> jane tell me your role withlm the >> i'm the executive director od the redskins charitablerita foundation.tion. >> sir, you are gun nary nar sergeant.sergnt. >> howard. >> good morning. >> good morning.>> gd mo >> you're repping toys for totso >> i'm here for toys for totsots program. >> jane, let talk aboutabt applebee's.. >> absolutely. we partnered with applebee's this yereaedr the charitablehare foundation to host our skinsurki santa shop and they're givingiv
9:33 am
thanksgiving day after 4:30.0. >> okay. >> to help us under write that t program be able to give 200 kids an exceptional christmas chris experience. >> tell us more about the skinss santa shop.nt shop. the players are involved. invve >> they are. they serve lunch to the kids an help identify presents for thei kids and we do all kinds ofindsf activities 200 children prince george's county, dc, fairfaxax county, loudoun county all comem out. >> they get to actually come too the stadium.. >> yeah. >> hang out in the locker room.e they do. l >> talk to the players. >> the whole thing. al it's a great dayk >> the it whoy exceptional christmas an experience of a lifetime. >> so if i were to go on go thanksgiving to applebee's get cheesburgers and fries, 20% of that ticket goes to -- t >> help those kids.ose ds. >> okay. fantastic. >> absolutely. >> let's push on and great relationship with u.s. marine. e corps. >> yes. >> tots for tots. >> you see these boxes outsi>>dt the games now.e s no >> yup. >> all right. ur ourember 19th will be toys for tots game for more tha 15 years we've partnered withart the marine corps to help get heg lots and lots of toys for dc
9:34 am
we also accept donations andions donate all that money for toys t for tots. so in case they don't get someos of the toys they want to be ablb to buy for children they're abl' to purchase those. >> 100% what goes in this boxinx will end up in our local communities helping out theng ot kids. kids >> it absolutely will.ill. more than 15 years doing that.t and if you aren't going to be gg coming out to the game to go to redskins store and drop a toy ia the box there. ithere. >> that's fantastic. >> anything you'd like to add,go sir. >> if you don't make it tou dota redskins game or store, we alsoa have donation boxes in every e toys r partner. >> you can find it toys r us, redskins store or come out toe the park and leave a gift toys for tots. >> >> nice to meet you. meet y >> thank you so much.> th >> thank you so much for joining us. so >> greatoini causeng, guys. gs. i'll toss it, why can i not find the right camera. ca >> it's your first day.your we understand.we undstand. >> i'll toss it back to great cause.t c i'm going to get involved. invoe >> beautiful cause.utifulause 9:34 is the time.34 is e time. it's been a rough couple of dayd
9:35 am
yesterday with the rapper reportedly hospitalized forlid psychiatric evaluation. >> lapd visited his hope as part of a disturbance call once theye got there, they discovered quote medical emergency.rgency. kanye was transferred to ucla ul medical center. cenr. reports say he's being keptep there for his own safety. kanye's downward spiral seemedir to accelerate beginning on lastt thursday.thur he was performing in san jose and he suddenly werentfo onrm a0 minute political rant where he praised trump criticizedc president obama and beyonce' and jay-z and more. anm he announced he would have voted for trump if he had voted at all and that's fine but before he had expressed and taken picturec with hillary clinton so justo j seemed like he was then just speaking. speaki west then canceled a concert in la on sunday he's been transferred again to ucla medical center reports sayr he was taken by ambulance and ad was placed in a psych hold. psyh he's being kept there for his hs safety. now, what's kim kardashian doinn
9:36 am
has -- was expected to make ane appearance last night at a a charity event first time aft tha robbery, but she was no show anw was in honor of her own father t whom she loved very much.ry m >> right. >> it would have been her first appearance again since thed have robbery in paris. paris however, her mother and sister s khloe and courtney were on handn when asked about rumors kanye was having a break down chris cr jenner said "i think he's just exhausted. really tired. a grueling tour ". ". >> kanye had 21 shows remainingi on his saint p including folks listen uplist up including one here in d.c. on o december township 27th.cembns it's canceled.. all those shows have been h canceled. >> wow! >> so, you know, it's funnyouw,i because i saw on our face if a f book page people are like youiku guys really diminish yourou journalistic integrity when youe talk about kanye and kim or o whatever, but look, folks, it's 2016. celebrities make the news.he n this is what we're talking about. and he is a well-known human hun being whose definitely having -n it's like when britney spearsype
9:37 am
going on with him. him. >> it's not the fact we talkct l about them as far as celebrityey entertain. this a real person with a famill and concerns and i wish him the >> i do too. >> i wish him the best do . no one wishes this on anyone. an >> chained to the gurney on his way being transported for his f own safety.ety it's horrifying if you reallyify ink k about it. he's a human being. >> if you know anybody who justt suffered exhaustion in think wau you knowst that that tricks thee whole mind into doing thingsng s differly. >> right. he gets the reste it he's n need little time to kind of reflect and regroup and -- and >> fame at that level. lev how many times have we seen itme fame at thats level is so he cn hafting.haing. >> yeah. >> any way. w >> wishing him the best. get well soon. >> 9:37 is the time. we got plenty more to talk abouo this morning. >> include wagon?ncagon >> including ray jay.>> inclu >> yes. h he's here. >> that ray jay. ere e he is. t >> what?t >> wait a minute now. >> we can't wait a minute ray
9:38 am
you got dish in his new music. >> guess what?ha >> what yes. >> he's only with us. >> is that right?>> he' >> yes! >> yes to the ray jay. >> wait a all right. [ laughter ] >> ray jay is coming up in just a moment.omen
9:39 am
9:40 am
?? well look our next guestue
9:41 am
say hiphop singer.inger. he's more than just a singer. >> you're everything?th i'm'm a tech. >> he's hiphop >> yes. a sing. a singer. >> hiphop >> i like that. >> he's app actor. he does everything. >> i'm a believer.eliever >> he's a believer. >> yea>>h.>> >> brandy is your sister.. >> absolutely.>>bsolutely. >> brandy. >> i claim that, yes. >> that's my sister right>> i t. >> that's his sister we'res hise talking you just saw him talkink about singer, entrepreneur tech guy, reality tv star.tar. >> yes. >> ray jay. is gis good. >> god is good all the time. >> i just popped up.ust ed this wasn't even on the ohe itinerary.ary >> now you're here with good day. >> go over the list songs or don't bother.tother. >> don't. because there's not that many. [ laughter ]t t >> wha t i do want you to go you to over -- >> what you want me to go over e ray jay. ra >> everything from the reality i stuff, my most important producu right now is the scootie bike. my new adventure.ture >> like a real bike bike. >> adventure.dventu. >> like a scootie bike.>> le a >> electric bike.c bike.
9:42 am
blue tooth you can charge yourry phone and fold it up the numbern one bike in america right now iw that genre justin beiber, p diddy, steph curry everybody iso on it. >> wow. >> this is it right there w.. >> ray tron nick scoot pee bikeo we got the smart fans, too.ans,t you know what i mean.yoknow these are the smart fans.rt >> all right techie.>> a rig >> i'm i don't got a lot of time. t cools you down.ols u do >> this is cool before it wasorw cool to be. >> boom.>> >> you put that in there androio or apple boom. ray tron nick smart phone.smarte i got my phone.t my pho let me get a phone. i know we tight on time.n t i know we tight on time. on tim. i know we tight only time. >> i feel good on the other side of the pillow. pil high mayor be blowing right now. [ laughter ] >> long gone. gon i don't think that ever existed as a matter of fact. matter of c >> have to probably be a perm if it was all the all >> like a prince perm?nce >> we don't want to talk about l
9:43 am
et's >> you got a new song out. >> yeah.ea i got -- got - >> tell me about the new songews it's got sting it to. t >> i didn't know if somebody wa going to leak it before me.e m so chris brown and myself we dropped like the three songs last week on attack the block te mixed tape great records thisor one wasn't included we was going to wait little bit.e b have to put it out now calledled famous we have body work.or this is a little bit moreit controversial than the others.. >> why is it controversial, rayl jay. >> just because everything weve kind of sing about is real lifef >> right. >> you know what i'm sin involved in -- hey, i'm married. >> i'm i understand.nderan >> i don't want to get -- myon n wife downstairs. it's just a song. >> it's just a song. song. >> you got another song you gott a love song. >> how did i know? it balancese the two. you got to have that aggression, that one. o >> you followed this track witht ve sve song. >> it wasn't a dislike.wasn't a. it was lifestyle track.tyle trak
9:44 am
a factual track. tck. >> okay. >> now i got a love song comingt ou lt called hovow did i know ao my beautiful wife.e. >> aww. >> that's what i'm talking >>hat'out. see, that's what i'm talking about, mant'.ab when you're married you got to'o cerertain things. >> i didn't what to leave people st w with famous. i love that song.tong. it is what it is. is it where they at? but i'm married and this is another song that sn represents me. >> gotcha.ot ray jay you got the scooter youc got the fan.. you're all over dj. roll will the tv everywhere.very >> i got a new show coming out.o i told i can say it yet. >> it will just be between be b friends. just go ahead.sto ah >> it's in the kitchen.en can't say nothing else. els fox might get mad at me it'se i with fox. i got deals with fox. f wee tv. vh1. bet. reals channel all of these il oi have shows on. o i forget -- i tend to forget i'm not exclusive.xclu that's what i try to do.hat i td >> i like to call ray j hustle.l
9:45 am
>> ray j struck that for me. >> tell me about the ray j hurst sell. sell you got the music, video, reality show.ity s >> i'm a one stop stop. s we got a small group of peoplefp hungry like me and we go outmen again it we don't take no for aa answer and don't try to beryo something we're not.thin we go out and we're professionaa and he we handle business. bes what we tried to show people hoo to be themselves, stay cool iftl you want to be cool but also bee professional and give money they right way. ri you know what i' tron 96 can show that. t log on to ray tron wito a k at the end. >> ray tron 96. >> you doing it real.ou dng i >> god a good.. >> god is good.oo is friday is here. good day d.c. ray j on fridays. all right.l just a pilot. p all right. r it's a pilot. we going to give eight shot.ght i think we doing it before theee holidays as well.s well. you ready for fridays with me? h are you ready for fridays with ray j? is the news ready fordyr
9:46 am i see ya'll on friday.riday [ laughter ] >> is that okay? >> that was okay. can we be your side kick. >> absolutely. ya'll got to come in the a whole different look.. >> change up a party on friday.y >> i do are gangsta >> i have a quick qe i want to get back to your wifew and i love that you're married.. you've had bad boy image for agf bad time.ime. reality showing you and yourndr marriage and your relationship d that help you along havingavin people see you and checking youu >> hemmed me watch me. hemmed mm i didn't like the me in the i felt likeeltik if i cep watching what i washa w doing wrong i could just makeust some adjustments and then when w was ready to really walk down d that right, you know, walk downn that path i was like, yo, let'sl get married, i'm ready.eady i ain't cheating or nothing.ot i'm failing full let's fl l i love that. >> ya'll hear that? ya'll hearh that? ray j, where you from? ro where were you born. >> lycombing, mississippi. missi >> is that my guy. here we go. >> mississippi has all these tse
9:47 am
i'm from lie comb, mississippi i know jackson my dad went toad wn jackson state university. >> oh, my god.. my momma went to southern.outher >> the jackson state university. proud of love.of l >> that's what i'm talki about. >> did you. >> no. my dad was a q. >> so was my dad . >> hey. of newng a part of the new family we all can relate. relat i can't wait till friday. >> as a result you'll stay forru the rest of the show, right. rig >> you will. y will. >> i'm her i'm in the family.i'in the fami. whatever you need.whater y >> okay. we'll do this tease real quickak and coming right back. >> whoo! >> good day dc.y dc. >> you saw that framed picture u of wisdom downstairs.ta >> what counts as christmas gift. is it good? is it bad? is it a >> a woman who is afraid she's e hold herring boyfriend back.nd c sarah fraser joins us with anit all new edition of law and ordeo next. ray j is going to do it.. ray j should do love and order.o
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
?? >> we taking pictures. we
9:51 am
>> hey, hey.>> h, hey >> it's tuesday you guys. >> and it's tuesday. that means it's time for a a little love and holly is gone so i got the gavel. ga that's when sarah fraserve share messages that she gets from her many many fans and we try toe tt offer a little advice but todayt it's special because ray j is ri here with us. >> yay. y >> entrepreneur, reality starpr and singereneu. >> ?? >> that's the jam.t's the jam >> yeah.>> y why am i holding this like a microphone.mi i apologize. apologize. >> you just trademark that.t. >> sarah hit it. it >> really quickly.. >> you serve the questions. q >> first one is my boyfriend hah his company holiday party this t past weekend and before theore t party we agreed that we wouldeod stay a couple of hours, wers, w wouldn't get drunk, and we alsoa turn down a room because his eyh company actually offered roomsay to every when we got there, we got a lota of pressure from his co-workersk
9:52 am
everybody was drinking, partyiny and then when we went to leave three hours late his co-workersr gave us a really hard time.. my boyfriend hasn't brought itri up again. again he feel like he wanted to say.ty am i hurting his career.aree >> he wanted to go sarah i i thought he wanted to leave. ea >> she says in the e-mail, yes, they agreed to they would leavee but she felt as though he kind i of wanted to stay. stay and she's wondering,.onde >> is she saying no you said yoo were going leave so let's leavea >> right. rig >> is that the dea >> now if i would have stayed and got drunk with thef bi osss probably would have gotten a hat promotion.prion. >> you should have stayed. s >> getting drunk with the boss,s the boss will forget go home and get some rest. >> i agree. aee >> i agree. agree. go home and get some rest. rest. >> go home and get in rest film make your girlfriend happy andrd tell the boss you were gettingug drunk with him.drk wi he won't remember. r >> let me tell you something.e l there' ys always a snitch who ww tell him.ll him >> you ain't lying. >> believe me. >> office snitch.>> >> do you think when you have an holiday party you needk to stao until like the end or do you you
9:53 am
you leave early.u leavearl >> you go when everyone is not looking. you companies see up to the bos make it look like you've beenoue there the whole the second they turn around.rod you're out of here. outhere >> they paid for a room. roo why didn't they just stay.t sta. >> they decided no the to stay. >> were there incidentals takena care of, too. care of, t >> i think so.oo. [ laughter ] >> who do we rule on this. o t >> we're split. s >> i should say he should haveel stayed. >> you say go.o >> make your wife happy gone hpy home.ho >> i say go home. iay g >> go home.>>o ho go home, maryland man. >> you're all right.>> you're >> you're not holding him back.c all right.l t. next. >> number two on the listo the daughter who wrote to hues herhh mother asked what she wants forr christmas this holiday seasonean and the daughter ended upnd telling her, look, i'd love forr to you either pay my rent, helph me pay down credit bills.til the mom is saying that's not gift. holiday season is about fun and giving you something that you might not always get. so how do you convince the mom m that look, this is what i reallr
9:54 am
and,. >> keep it real. i dontt want that. i want something that i can useu please give me what i need. >> um-hmm.m-hm. >> even though your mom may nott do that. >> what happens if your mom buyb i was gift any way even though e ask you for cash.k you for cas >> i'll love you and say thanknk you,, m [ laughter ] >> diplomatic. >> give her what she wants. wts mom knows she's in financial dire straits. be a mom, help her out. come on. a mom we getme s oo caught up in giftg the holidays that's the thing. i no, it's about humanity mankind, loving each other. othr >> hold on. how do you know --ho >> it's about mankind.ut manki >> i understand you got to beert what if -- what if she'she's irresponsible? and she just actually coming to you -- >> she didn't say just give me g sack of cash.sack oas she said give me some money to o put on my credit card. c >> what if this is a regular pay it down on christmas. pay it down on birthday.irda >> christmas time is not to helh people pay they bills. bills i'm trying to give you a gift af from heart you want to take my e cash and pay your bills. that's no gift.that'sg
9:55 am
>> that's payment. pay that's what i'm saying.ayin >> it sounds funny. it sods fun >> as a mom i would do a littlet bit of both. bi i wouldn't pay the entire rent. i would give a littlere bit. bit here's some cash. cas you know because people reallyee need money. ne and then here's little something, a sweet sentimentalnl thing. >> all right. we split thon. .> we're split i think we're split.we>> wwespli >> >> all right split.>> all rightl >> do we have time for one morem >> right down the mill.e mil >>s30 seconds. really? we'll hold the jewelryy business ones for next week.tee >> one more. one mor reaeal quick. really really quick al womanl wrote to us she h business and it's two years oldd it's doing very well but twout t years ago she hired her dear d friend to help or out.or out they had an agreement that theht profits would be 50/50 but thist woman who the jeweler would keee control of the business.usin now, her kind of half partner come back you shall be atal understanding this -- hay look i want 50% creative control and a 50% money or i'm leaving andng a start my own jewelry business. . >> after the fact.>> afthe f >> what do you do? >> she want i wasn't hundred%.%
9:56 am
>> 50/50.>> 5 >> she hasn't been involved foro the last two years.wo. >> she has been involve the holh ole time.e. >> but they a contract. if you and i had a contract andt then all of a sudden after thefe contract ray j give me some morm profit, give me some moreomeor control.l. >> what kind of work have youavy been doing. been doing. >> have you been acing a deal, bringing me more monday split ia down the middle. m same old, same old absolutely al not. >> what happens when you make ap song before you go in. do you allen ds ecide whong b g? >> you know which songs, what st you wrote on the song.e on t son you either wrote the whole you know what you did.u know w we all know what you did.w whatu you know what you deserve.erve >> you know what you deserve. de >> stay in your lane or give mem the non get out. keep 100 for yourself.ouelf. >> thank you. >> thank you ray j. you r >> good day dc. >> yes.>> yes. >> good day d.c.. >> hey, good day d.c., baby.., b didid it. we made it to the big house. hou [ laughter ] >> coming up on the 10a we'llg see if we can keep ray j aroundn talking about chipotle and wend have more celebs in the tracy braxton.
9:57 am
to give away. >> go-go ahead it's coffee time on good day ddc we have a good day mug with goog day dunkin' donuts on it, too. t you got to do this. head to our fox5 contest or on facebook page fox5 d.c. to enter our mug contest. c one lucky winner selected at a random drawing you have untile u 11am to do it. >> 9:57. we'll be back after this.. >> just one, baby.ab just one.
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9:59 am
10:00 am
?? >> star-studded good day at 10ae the place to be on this tuesday morning. >> live in the loft, he is a
10:01 am
tobias is here. also with him lee boseman and r and b star tracy braxton.raxton all on one couch. >> from the to the er doctorr dr travis stork is live to tell us some important information andma news that he wants you to hear a about your health.lth >> and in the first five updatee on kanye's gigi apologizes and who has the best hair? steve or tucker? >> the 10a starts right now. >> i hope we can get to theo the bottom of that pressingssing question.esti >> oh, my. >> give the people what theyhat want which is answers. ansrs >> huge stories. >> this will be good today.oday we started with ray j today.oda. >> energy is just like out of lo the room now. >> bachelor to show. >> really good band agr is witht us this morning they'll perform in a little bit.tle b a little bit of everything.ryin >> it's leak our precursor to thanksgiving.anksgiving. >> hair challenge.r alle >> that's headline are weline ae bringing in food tomorrow for tr
10:02 am
>> i have to cook an extra dish. >> you didn't get the memo?t th? >> i'm cooking all the dishes.s. >> yeah, you are. are [ laughter ] >> i'm steve alongside maureen,n wisdom and allison. allison. holly is off today.oday. before we check what'st's trending --ng - >> congratulations are in order. >> because you are very own steven schenn veigh making theg list of best hair in tv news. n >> i'm talking about nationally. >> wait, what?ha >> right.ight. >> okay. across these united states. according to listen this is what they call themselves. i personally love imst. >> get good >> it's a website. >> you heard it hear. hea >> the band is like did sheid really say that that's the namen of it. congratulations. >> no, wait.t. we missed what they said hit hit classic brown locks.rown >> i wanted to read it. >> here's the this is now our -- tucker. tucker wouldn't last year,last , right?
10:03 am
so -- second runner up. >> i was the all important ita second runner up.p. tucker actually won last year. >> he nailed it as they say. >> he wasn't in it this year.ea >> legend has it that obamat oma himself quested barnes be the meteorologist for fox5 so he can look at barnes hair ea morning. >> really? is that really true. true. >> go back to steve's i want to read the line about steve's -- - here we go. his classic brown locks make usm want to give our day job and a move to tibet tibet?tibet? >> why tibet?ib >> the shade you get for beingoi the second runner up. >> aww. >> you guys are looking good.s o >> little bit of fokun.e bit they rank people all over the oh country. >> i love. that. >> nice to be part of b >> very nice.ery nic in fairness, tucker nail it last year. ye >> congrats to both of you. >> play the spotlight wheneverhe we can. we have been following breakingf news over the last four molloins or so. it actually involves a police pc chase in the fairfax area on the beltway into maryland over theae
10:04 am
prince george's county side ofyd the beltway before ending withgh what you see right here. her that man in police custody cusdy outside of a 7eleven in capitoll heights where the man bailed ou of that vehicle.le now, parent this started along a 66 in virginia. he had pursued after virginiair state police troopers tried tosd st himim. reportedly for driving on a suspended then again that pursuit went all the way from virginia down on tn the beltway across the wilson bridge into maryland and thenlae eventually he bailed out thereil in capitol heights now he's in >> wow x.! wow x.! >> that's what we know so far.ef hopefully no one hurt in all of this. this. >> i don't believe so. haven't had any reports d aons r as injuries at this point. >> 10:04. time to check what's tre>> 1ndin >> let's talk about kanye west.a it's been a rough couple of dayo for the yesterday it all culminated witw him being hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation. lapd visited his home as part or a disturbance call and once they did arrive, they discovered a quote medical emergency.
10:05 am
medical center.r he's being kept there for his fh own safety. his downward spiraled seemed to accelerate last thursday. thuda. he was performing in san jose he went on a 10 minute politicaloll rant he praised donald trump and criticized president obama,debaa beyonce', jay-z and some other h people as well. well. now he announced that he wouldtl have voted for donald trump ifdp he had voted at all. west then canceled a concert in la on sunday night. now he's been transferred to ucla medical center reports say placed on a psych hol he's being kept there for hise o own safety. all right.. meanwhile, kim kardashiandaa west had been expected to maketm public appearance last night att a charity event but she was a nn show a mid the reports aboutts t kanye it would have been her first fir appearance since she was tied up and rob at gun point last monthn in paris. however, her mother and sisterse khloe and courtney were on handh when asked about the rumors that kanye is having a mental brecker
10:06 am
really tired. it's a grueling tour "kanyenye still had 21 shows in north in h america remaining on his sanean pablo tour including here inerei d.c. on december 27th butthut again all those shows have beenn cancel. >> all right.>> wishing him the best there. the yesterday we showed you that slightly cringe worthyhtly impression of melania trump model gigi hadid debuted at the mam's she used a fake europeanre accent to impersonate the soon s to be first lady.y. she removed or changed elementst in the script she felt went tooo far and that her performance waw all in good humor with no bad intent. an twitter she wrote an apologyo saying she was sorry to anyoneon she offended and has only thehe best wishes for our country.oun. >> did somebody call for theeb apology.od >> i didn't hear anyone callingg for it. >> the way you said it it was like -- >> i think she got some tweets saying hey that wasn't cool orha just maybe hearingt reports ros people might have been like, you kn,.,.
10:07 am
think she wrote any of that? no. >> she came out and she said she edited the joke that she -- to t make it in her opinion moreyor spec full or less, you know, whatever, um, it wasn't really y funny in the first place.ce but my thing is i guess wheressw are at mam's in this? theyhe wrote they set the tone. t i mean they, do you think gigi g hadid is writing all this.hi >> if it was the case they wrotw a skit for her, if sean buying y into it it will be hard for herr to deliver that and even make it wanted. >> i think she really tried to d do it schenn said she did editt it. i just think, you know, thew, t whole thing you were going tou i get backlash, of course.rse >> she's in the prime of her ofr career. she doesn't want this backlash.l i don't blame her.ame h >> i don't either. >> celebrity standpoint were yo apologize like that you gett yo twice the publicity. >> she gets the attention. >> she's just sort of standingfg there on her own is what i'm i'm saying.. >> where are the ama's in this? >> first time as president-elect
10:08 am
priorities in direct message tos the american people not in the n press conference forum. for he posted two and a half minutee message on he addressed trade, energy and immigration vowing to withdrawa from thew transpacificfi partnership and lift energy erg restrictions to create millions of high paying jobs and talked about ethics reform.etcs reform. now he did mention immigrationii and said he will direct there te department of labor tot investigate all abuses of veesfv have a programs that under cut the american worker but did hete not mention building a wall.ild. meantime the president-electnt-e continues to work on his visited trump tower yesterdayesy texas governor rec perry,erry, oklahoma governor former senatot mike brown to name few in the fw running for various positions in the trump administration. mitt romney the latest nametam thrown in for secretary of state as for thaibnksgiving, donald trump had spend the hnkoliday in florida pam beach preparing forr the arrival of the president-elect.ident. mr. trump staying at his estatet for the holiday. all right.ig morbid news for chipotle.
10:09 am
their math skills.ll. the fast -- i was forced to sayo that chipotle. fast food chain is facing aacg a lawsuit after three customers claim they were deceased by dec inaccurate calorie counts leading them become taphole full. >> stop right there. really? s >> as ifto -- i can eat somethingng so tiny it would be all dense ad with calories.. >> calorie count has never beene on the menus before recently not that it's there that's what uri lying on whether or not your full. fu >> they load up that bowl that t burrito. you count on that. >> i can honestly say i never iv look at calories on everything g ever purchased or eaten. eat >> when you go to chipotle whenw they give you three cubes of o steak you're like come on nowli where are mkey other eight?ight? >> i'll counting the cubes. cub >> the lawsuit was filed in losi angeles it claims customers attacher rizzo burritos at three different locations whichloons advertised the menu items astems
10:10 am
>> what? >> okay. what do you get for thoseo you calories. according to which it popely pel pork sausage, rice, beans, black molely and cheese. and the late says after eating those alleged 300 calories customers felled excess tiffly fool full.l >> i want to feel full for my my ney.y. >> chipotle litter clarified those 300 calories are just fort the meat itself. iel their rizzo.their riz that is deceptive though.ugh. >> how. >> what ou >> here's the thing you live in this world. you live in america.out e >> wait a minute.thin u li >> if you want and gotve in amee rose so, cheese, guacamole -- - >> they said 300 calories muchh the whole meal is really 1350 calories.1350 c >> which i can expect. again --again >> you shouldn't label it.houl >> everything has a calories a r counsel, right. righ >> right. >> don't bury your head in theit sand and act like you don'ton't know. if you're eating cheese,'re tin, guacamole the shell, the meathem and all of that. that >> if it's listed on there ass the thing then it should be.t ld >> this is like common sense.
10:11 am
stuff >> i'm just being provocative. >> you're being contrary rightot now many yeah you are. >> all i'm saying at this, mow. 300 calories for the entirentir burrito.o >> yes it did. >> it said -- they meant -- >> you know what it is when youo go to chipotle and i'll see youy on [ laughter ] >> after thanksgiving.. >> you'll get about a third the size of ththeir burrito now thel give you less food. food. >> i do the burrito bowl. >> guaac >> 10:11 is the time. is th >> holidays are here for somes peopleare that means on like le shopping.pi the question this morning, doni you ever spend a little timepend online while you're at work opopping? >> no. never. >> maybe get a few things worked off your christmas list. >> no. >> boss if you're listening tur away.ay a lot of douse and annual career builder survey finds that 49% oo people use their work computeroe or cell phone to shop while thew are on the clock. clock that is up 7% from last year,r but beware, beware, your boss b
10:12 am
say -- employers rather say thee fired someone, fired them for shopping. holiday shopping a lot ofping ao employers say they care if their employees spend time doing nonnn related tasks like shopping even if their work is not affected. e >> i'm not going to lie. t lie i thought that number would bero too.o. >> i did, too. >> all lines of work maybe ifeso you have an outdoor job youf r won't be on your laptop. but if that was --- >> you could be on this. ts. >> if it was an office job iic j thought it would be higher thann 49%. 49 >> i think you're right. i'm going to >> i never do it don't look atot >> you just said sorry boss. >> i'm apologizing forng f everybody. >> i got you. >> look ought stepping ou there. >> eat your chipotle you'll feee >> 10:12 is the time. 1 message for your s0:12weetheartt coming up later, former bachelor star dr. travis stork joins uss live. >> first though big named celebrities paying it for. it f live in the lot of tracy braxton empire tobias and lee boseman bm we'll tell you about the special
10:13 am
10:14 am
looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand.
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>> ?? >> i know, right? >> last night the dmv was full >>ght capeho walk the red carpet and raised money and all forll really great cause.
10:16 am
marshall college fund theund t organization which is name aftei the first african-american usca supreme court justice hostedos it's annual awards gala and this year's even celebrated those whw use their celebrity toty to positively impact students whodw are attending publicly supported historically black colleges anda universities. this morning weary capping lastc night's event with some of thees stars who attended.ed. singer tracy braxton our friendf to the show. empire star lee boseman anotherh friend to the show.ho newcomer tobias i know you guysg know this guy along withit thurgood marshall p ceo johnny c. taylor, jr. jr. welcome all of you. y >> thank you. >> thank you.>>. >> johnny, i want to start witht you. this is such an incredibleble cause.caus you're bringing more celebrities. why is it important to have theo get involved and spread thevolvd message and raise this money. m >> particularly now, whenw, everything is kind of -- we saww all the negativity in the media, especially about hour people to celebrate us, to see us celebrating us, and education ea and investing our future iss
10:17 am
facing right now. education matters went need people like you all we look up u to reinforce that message. >> how important it is to haveoi people like you said to be partr of this message. why was it important for to yout become involved.old your trajectory is like thisiket right now i'm sure these young people seeing you there ishere important and impactful.actf why was it important for to youo be there in turn.urn. >> it's always important to beoo accountable. you know, accountability is keyy you know, you may see me on tvn i'll also in the street.. >> that's why you're mentoring.g >> yeah.>> yea. so i think being accountable is important.impo when it kids see me, and i'mnd'm working with them, and they sees me on the tv screen, you know,no on the hit number one hitit show -- -- >> right. >> it gives them -- it gives them access much it gives them,v you know, something thathat tangible that they can touch anh something they can feel. so i think it's critical, youl know.. >> it really is. e velothe development of our
10:18 am
tracy i know you and your family doctor been involved in thisvedi journey for a very very long time. me. something smear and dear to youa house.r >> i was part of hpcu. hpc >> i'm from bowie state sta university.iversi. >> yes, u. yes what up? giving back to my t m community and making sure i have that leadership stills for thele next generation. >> yes. yes let them know it's okay.ka sometimes you can brush yoursell and say okay maybe this, you know, this semester is not doint or maybe i need to fall back.k and trying easier studies andtus then later, work on the harderde studies.studie >> absolutely. >> and lee, people emulate you u guys looked amazing by the way.y >> thank you.>> t you >> why being involved in this? t why was it important for you asu well to be part of this?arof t >> i mean, it's so important for hvcu to get support and for thee students to be d you know, for their hard work wk and the things they've went wen through just to get to wheret to they are. they
10:19 am
remember when i was in college,e you know, and i was just honoren to be able to, you know, usese thurgood marshall college fund platform to present scholarshiph and my grandmother's'sam >> that's amazing.s amzi >> to some students, and ind intended to it every year. because they need help. h >> that's a good legacy. exactly.y. >> excellent legacy.>> excellenl >> i want to talk about iegn thi day and age raising money is mey never an easy thing. thi so many causes worthwhile and sd people their money, where should i put it? why do o you think it is important toitio continue to support historically black colleges again there areie under attack by some people whyp do we even need them.. you've third in the media. >> the fact of the matter ourur schools have always been undered resourced financially.ancially. who are very and topar a institutions all the money theyl need. our schools struggle with pre pe sources.ur it's hard for me the first thing they ask what is your communityi
10:20 am
>> if you want me to give you -- >> that's fair question. >> that is a far question. a fat what are stars, celebritiesebris people, their time, their >> so last night i got a call out $10,000 of her money last l night v boseman gave us -- >> what? [ applause ] >> yes. >> oh my gosh g god bless you.bu >> two of our students $5,000 $ piece to go to school.iece to go you can talk about this stuff at it's really are you being abouto it. >> you got to walk the walk. >> piggyback off what johnny i always say it's important fori to us use our platform and not let our platforms use us.s us so when we have these platforms, we have to implement the power. >> absolutely.bsolut >> into our own. intour >> i heard that. >> that's what i love about it.. >> how much did you raise. m r get ready.uc >> come on, >> we're at 4.3 million right rg now. >> i'm going back to school.k h [ laughter ] >> yes. >> go on loon and i want to getg to five. >> i know that's right. i k
10:21 am
children who want to go too school. >> that's right.has ri >> audience that's a call.a cal. it's not exclusive to african-americans or people of color. please help everyone.on. education isn't loss. anyone you educate better society as whole.hole you're coming back to talk abouo empire. >> yes.>> >> we cannot wait to get tonnoto that. >> you'll come back as well.l cc thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> i didn't get an y invitation. the event looked wonderful.rf it's okay. >> we'll fix that. thank you all so >> thank.>> tha >> allison, back over to you. >> that's good bunch over on the couch.h. >> tracy all our love to your ty sissies and >> you've made the list and thed check it twice but you cannot go black friday shopping until youu see this. a little laterth fox5 fashion ad shopping expert tam lee joins us live and if you like what tracyt had on, tam dressed her today.oy you're looking snatch at alwaysy >> we made the list, we check ii twice and we need to scratcho ra
10:22 am
>> after tam you'll need a newad list. >> brothers behind the indy popp band aj are here. h they have a show tonight at thet lincoln which is awesome. >> great venue.en they'll form their new singlegl for you live in the lot of nextx ?? don't miss our black friday specials, at havertys furniture. tore only. this friday, eight am to eleven am. plus, win up to $250 off your total purchase. and get thirty-six month, no-interest financing. black friday specials, while supplies last. friday, three hours only. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. don't miss our black friday specials at havertys.
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where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. and the only thing open for business after dinner was the family room. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. >> why can't i get a pulse. c >> because it's taken. but it's there. he didn't't bec he blackedhe didn't over out. o
10:25 am
>> whoo! >> wendy, >> it's not your turn yet. >> hows ynoou doing? that's lr we're back with empire companyom is it a tobias and v boseman yoy just s can we talk about hot hot hot? t >> rll right. you watch empire.u wah em i know you're addicted to it aso much as we are and you know that tobias is the man this season,e, right, with a story line wein can't wait to dig into.nt v boseman with the powerful powu voice friend to the show you'veu been here before with our album. but okay we need to dive rightiv in tob >> dive in. wowow. >> wow. your newcomer to the show. show. you were on last season but this season your character being b
10:26 am
interest perhaps.ha. >> yes. yes. how did that come >> um, well, you know, some som people have been watching myatcg career for awhile and, um, i've been working the most part of my adult life and, um, somebody seb made a phone call out to me andd said, hey, we got this charactet coming down the line, you know,o what do you think about it? an i was like, i'm ready to work. w let's go. >> did you think the major woulu be so major. >> everywhere. everywhere. you know i mean, i come from a long line of the people who paved the way it's u to me and come to bring it.t >> i love it.e i >> that's amazing.>>t's am >> v, what's next for you on the show as veronica.. >> well i just finish my scenes last week. >> oh! >> you'll have to wait and see.. >> okay.y. >> are you raising cane? cansi you give us a little tidbit.bit. >> little bit with lucious. lucs you know i'm lucious girlusirl whenever he has some thing -- -- some point to prove.rove so, um ---- >> wow! wow >> something is brewing up.brewn >> back in the mix.>> back in >> i know. t
10:27 am
you to bring to life and to thee small screen all these homes every week a strong black gay man? ma >> yeah, i mean i think it's i important.poant. when it all boils down to it,oi, you know, we always go back toac the basic human needs and it's love. you know, it's love and, um, you know, i applaud empire fore pushing the envelope for tellinl these kind of stories, you know, you'd be surprised how many people come up to me all thell t time saying, man, like, you'reou appreciate it.ecte i think it's important.ta i think it's important that, you know, all people's stories ortoo lives have a voice and i just js hope i'm just being honest and d bringing it justice.tice >> what i find amazing is thatst you're a straight person playing a gay character.. and are from things i read abouo you're very adamant about sayinn look this is a character anctera role. you're proud to do it.uddo i there's no shame there.o sh i think a lot ofam people oh, m, gosh the stigma he'll never get
10:28 am
african-american community cty unfortunately. >> oh, yeah. know whgdon't know why god appointed me to play this role l at this time. i'm built for it. you know i'm made for this so is can't tell you the reasons weiss think is happening at thishi moment but i'm proudly to step e into the shoes and you know d kw major was there before i enterer i fill the shoes and brought ito to life.if so i'm just happy that people,pl receiving it well, and i look il forward to the future. >> v last time you sang that voice is so beautiful. >> thank you.ou >> have you been doing sinceoing then you had a show that night.. how is gigs been going and the t whole music industry?ndustry? >> it's really been going amazing.amazg. i just finished my ep called ofd lace from the avalon. alo i'm from la. from l i was born there.s born there i'm excited to roll that out tht top of the year. i'm very anal i guess about my material but i just want to makk sure it's right for the peopleeo and got that will be coming comn soon. soon.
10:29 am
acting with wendy cool huhn alss with left behind like a virtuall reality film i'm so proud of about mass incarceration i'm i just spreading my wings andgsnd stepping into the realm ofea possibility with my >> wow. >> doing it so fashionably. >> rhtht. >> always. >> thank you. >> we're so proud of both of so you. to n yonor to be in your presence. keep doing were you're doing.prg you guys are trailblazer in in every facet and we love that tha about you. >> thank you very much. >> we'll run some lines with to you see if you need u ts ohannkn empire.empire. we'll do that in the bre >> come on. o always so competitive.tive >> wisdom, take it away. >> gotcha. gotch okay.. 10:29. reality star, tv show host and emergency room doctor, steve. se >> that's it. former bachelorr dr. travis stork.travis stork. he's going to join us live. l >> under >> yeah. >> the message he wants to shara for your sweetheart. >> what? >> of course we've been here for eight hours. thanks for paying attention toan to >> do your lines.your lines.
10:30 am
>> i was distracted by steve's
10:31 am
10:32 am
10:33 am
?? >> all right 10:33 from theig bachelor to the emergency room our neck guest is a reality shts turned board certified physiciay and host of the hit tv show thee we're talking about dr. travisri stork and this morning he joinss us live on behalf of beringer ink lamb and ely lilly andly company to talk about his awareness effort focusing on the connection between typ good morning to you, dr. stork. >> good morning back at you.t y. thanks for having me. m >> het tell us about this tel a campaign and why you wanted to get involve.nv >> well, it's one of thosese campaigns where i believe one oo the great things that tv can do is highlight that in thiss situation type two diabetics twt to four times increase risk of cardiovascular disease and thata means higher risks for heart attacks and strokes and so whenn you look at national surveysl sr
10:34 am
do's not realize that they're increased -- at increasing risks for heart disease, so the wholee god idea behind this campaign to allow people to learn about thii risk so they can talk with theit doctor about it and manage thosg sks.s. >> how do they learn about theeo risks? i mean you just saidtai they're at increased risk for ii but is it something theirhe doctors should tell them orhe o something they can actively do o to learn if they're susceptibleb to this or already have it. >> clearly there's a disconnectn in c a lot of pressure sometimes andd in a visit with a physician andi a lot of times your physicianr a may not even realize that you don't know that connection.ct so part of the campaign there'se a website for, and if you go o that website there'san a heart u quiz where you can learn youreay own risk and then take that anda talk with your doctor. docto because at the rental of the the day, i always say an n patient, more knowledgeable patient can have much better conversation with their doctor. >> how serious is thiswith? i w you're talking about risks..
10:35 am
how serious is this with someone with type two diabetes?iabete >> most people with type two tyw diabetes will die from cardiovascular disease. disease and that's how serious it is.t that's where look i'll put my ee dr. hat on. o obviously i see this a lot inoti the emergency department.epar but what is so very importantmpa is, you want to learn about your risk now manage your risks now before it ever ends up happening in your er talking to me about o it. it so again, when you know your yr risk factors beautiful thingifug to manage it.toe it >> like what?ha >> i'm all ears. >> well, look, there are 29 million diabetics out there who are diagnosed with type two diabetes. many more who don't even knowdo eyey have it.n' each and everyone of those individuals is just that.hat. an individual.ual so we obviously know there are a many lifestyle choice that isic you cane make. mak subtle changes in diet.iet subtle changes in activityctiviy levels and working with yourng u doctor on a treatment plan that works for you. because not all treatment planse
10:36 am
in concert with your doctor, wee know that you can manage yourour risks.s and i'll tell you i'm the grandson of someone who had type two diabetes and he actually waa diagnose before i ever became a see sew i actually learned about this a disease before i ever eve seen stepped foot into medical school and i learned how he how manage it. how hard he worked to handle iti with his doctor. docto when patients work hand in handn with their doctors, you really l can do a great job of managing n your risks and hopefully, youly before it can lead to hearto hrt disease. >> how can we get our loved onee you know, for those wives or husbands who just simply, your love one might be susceptiblecee but you're saying i can't getay' them to budge on this.o bu t is there any good way or one oon thing you can tell them to makee them take stock of how serious o this is? >> honestly i was on the websiti this morning for your this heart you quiz it's a simple quiz.e quiz. if you take it, and you have type two diabetes, and there's s
10:37 am
factors. it is a lot of motivation to goo talk with your doctor about it and spouses can inn encouragenca their loved ones to go to the te website as well and learn more.r >> that's for your you saidom sai >> and this is the time of yearr it's all about giving thanks fof those that we love and at thevee end of the day, do it for your sweetheart.eetheart. >> i love that. indeed we will>>. wow, dr. travis stork from the doctors and just good tips you y.fer today. we thank you so very much forh f your is the t website. ec thanks a lotyou won'. >> thanks, maureen. okay.ok >> i like that for yourou sweetheart.. >> ready or not the holidayay shopping season is upon us andpa coming up we're making sureg sur you're ready armed with everything that you need to fine the best dealt yos for everyonen your list with shopping expertgr tam lee.
10:38 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we' offering incredibly st 150 meg internet, st in time for the holidays. hurry, freddy, you're gonna miss it. coming. i can't believe he's doing this. it's so fast that in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record held by gary watson... fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 different versions of the perfect song... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder, all at the same time. gary. only fios offers 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year; plus a 150 dollar visa prepaid card with a two-year agreement.
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girl who says steve chenevee we should call him steve withtew the good hair.thod h which i think is fantastic. >> right. better call steve with the good hair. >> steve with the good hair.r. >> i like it.t. >> wisdom and maureen -- goodd aww steve with the good hair.d i like eight lot.keht l >> the only thing that can get g better if you could save us soms money. mo >> here we tam.>> h.
10:41 am
we are already talking christmam shopping. but it's true. jt thfriday just three days away. cyber monday is on monday.non we're making sure you know whatw you're doing before you breakefr out the credit cards. car so we conveniented ourni fashionista our fashion expertet celebrity stylist tam lee intoam the loft to show us some blackma friday must buys how to survivei what could be a very special sci time. you find her on love hush to yot you >> yes. >> hi, tam.i, t >> hello. >> what did you bring. what dido >> is it black friu daybr blackb a days -- day-- >> let's be >> now the days the stores arete getting a days ahead.. it used to be everybody wasbody waiting until that midnight.idni >> right.>> r >> it's like the stores are thinkingig ts helike sales werer last year. la so now they're trying all the t strategies to get everybody inbi those doors early.orearl everybody is already revealed ra black friday >> it's working becauseworkg be psychologically when i try tollt buy something now let me just wait till black friday. frida what did you bring. >> so let me first let me tell l you about the survival tips. t >> is that it.t.
10:42 am
viewers. vi the first thing is to to do your homework. you've got to know exactly whatw you're going to shop for on on friday the worst thing you can do is go out there and not bee focused.. >> right. >> that -- i'll take this, thist this. >> i'm telling you. number two create your shoppin>o list much this is awesome timeot to get christmas gifts.asif awesome time to get some of somf those things that you need in your household.ings tur househo you don't necessarily want tolyn buy and safe on them like crockc pots and all that stuff like l >> i need a new coffee maker mak myself.mylf. >> yeah. number three is the snag the big guys all those door busters ifui you're going to get up and stand in line any way you might asmht well get the extra 15% off, extra 20%. 2 pay attention.enti. go on those web sites.ite research the stores that youhat want to go and find out who ishi doing those deep discounts. >> all right. so number fourll r i love this n divide and conquer. cer >> what's that mean. mea >> bring friend.d. >> yeah. buddy rule.buddy ule. because you know when you're standing in line you may need to run back and get something when
10:43 am
place in line.. >> do that a lot as child whenlw my mother continued i'd be be standing.di. >> divide and conquer. divide ao >> those lines are going get long. l if you got to run to oninete sts and she's over here you got to t know your list.. >> get mad if you try to cut. c. don't do it.t. >> absolutely.>> a and then pay attention to the to door busters i just talk about they aren't always the best thes deals a lot of these retailers and manufacturers they create ce specific products just for blaca >> okay. as great what you would normalll get really pay attention. >> research.>> research. >> and not be fooled.>> a yends. >> right. >> number six the last one, isle dress for the madness.. >> we need to wear layers, lay layers, people.e because you can get h you need to be able to take youy stuff off. >> comfy clothes. and you need some snacks in youi bag. you know like a little -- ltle >> you're entirely serious. >> real serious. er.ppereal shopp real shoppers do not take breaks.. >> exactly. all right. so are these some of the things that you can get t hisse som time of time o
10:44 am
>> favorite things i'm going to be lookingthin for. for some of the best deals. macy' social security by fary voted the best store to shop on black friday because they havehh so many coupons so many deals. a kohl's is another one. 2.99 towels. i know it's boring but we all need towels.ed t >> is it boring. can he were talk about these t boots. >> 50% off. i like these over the knees but i don't know -- >> they'll they have span deck in the booto everything should be 40 to 50% if it's not, don't buy it. >> that's a macy's type of >> yeah. these jeans 40% off. off on my website love hushus i picked up some things fromm target. rg >> i was looking at steve we did a study.. what is the percentage you needd look for for real deal. >> 48%. >> greater than 39%.>>ater >> 40% off or more.r m was ras right. 40 to 50% or don't buy it.. >> you're always right.'re >> why is this like my favoritet little thing right here? i her can't wear this because i this b have --
10:45 am
doesn't really look right on mem it looks better with long hair. >> when it snows you need it.t. >> absolutely.>> follow me on instagram atgramt boutique hush.ique i will keep you in the i'm going to post all the great deals onln my instagram page.age. so follow me. >> see, she's a giver.. >> a little wisp of hair h underneath that hat.ha hat if you have any hairy hr tiestions -- >> its that's true.s true >> runner up for best hair.t ha. >> steve with the good hair.h eo >> second runner up. u >> i love you guys. >> okay llllow tam. good christmas ideas.. >> love hush gque. thank you baby.uab >> grab that hat.that >> all right steve with the gooe hair. >> it's time for music. i 10:4t'5s right now. n time to get ready to feel a little weak in the niece perhape because coming up nie next adam, ryan and jack the three brotherh behind the pop grew ajr. ajr
10:46 am
i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual... he said sure, but don't just get any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head! go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b crossaction delivers a clinically proven superior clean vs. sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean!
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10:48 am
>> zen 48:00 right now. zen our next guest a trio of brothers they make up the 4nexte platrs theinum selling indy popd ajr since they made their big b entrance down at the music scens three years ago with the hito e single i'm ready the group group
10:49 am
have heard like demi lovato train andy grammar performed on national shows like the today s show, kelly and michael, the x x factor australia and catch theme in concert tonight. ton they are performing with ingridi michael son at the lincoln the l theater. theater. before they hit that stage, thee are with us here live in then loft to perform their song weake from the ep what's everyone thinking.. please welcome ajr. a take it away, guys. ?? >> no, thank you i should have said. i should be in bed but temptation of trouble on my ony tongue, troubles yet to come, ?? >> was it bad for me. bad for me.e. one kiss, bad for me but i giveg in so easily and no, thank you y is how it should have gone. i should have stay strong.
10:50 am
with that.ha boy i love you i i'm weak, and what's wrong with that. boy owe boy i love you when i faulter that. tt. ooh, ahh, yi, yi, ooh, ahyi, yi i'm weak.weak what's wrong with that? boy oh, boy, i love you when i faulter r that. ?? >> no, thank you, they call me after dark, i don't want no part. my habes they hold me like a thd grudge i promise i won't budge, yeah, bad for me. m bad for me. m bad for me. but i give in so easily.asy and no thank you is how itowi
10:51 am
i should stay strong. ?? >> but i'm weak and what's wrong with that? boy, oh, boy, i lovv you when i falter that. i'm weak, and what's wrong with that? boy, oh, boy, i love you when i faulter that. i'm weak. ?? but i'm weak.'mea and what's wrong with that? >> boy faulter that.ulter th we faulter that.. wake up, we fall again. we fall for that. can't wait to fall again. ?? >> ?? one sip, bad for me. one hit, bad for me.ore. one kiss, bad for me but i giveg in so easily.y.
10:52 am
i should stay strong but i'm weak and what's wrong with that boy, oh, boy, i love you when ie fall for that. i'm weak, and what's wrong withh that? boy, oh, boy, i love youu when i fall for that. i'm weak ?? >> ?? but i'm weak, and what's ' wrong with i love you when i fall for that ?? [ applause ] w whoo! >> thank you. >> nice job, guys., >> thanks for coming in.omg in. thahank you. >> ajr adam, jack and ryan downw on the end good to see you guysy >> big show tonight in d.c. i.c know you guys are from new york you make it down d.c. often..ft
10:53 am
>> likowe it.>> lik it. >> love it. moo music scene here good.ere g. the venues are really good.a >> i want to talk about a coupll i'm souping the name is for you names ajr. >> adam, jack and ryan. rya >> but that together.ogethe i don't have to be ivy league te do that. but you guys are. is that true?is t tru >> you're ivy league educate.eca >> he graduated from columbia we're there now.ow >> that's really cool.oo >> how is that balancing that ba when you were talking aboutere b getting that higher leveler l education and obviously thisobvt looks like a big passion guys, too. >> we're taking time off right g now to just focus on the musicus eventually we'll go back and pud our effort into that.t. like one thing at a time. t >> are you going to hold him to gthat because you gotoing thatr down.. >> definitely. >> one of things i think is really cool and i think of th ra think it was that actually did this. th in order tois get yourself out o there you flooded social media d with your music, right? >> you just like -- you reacheda out to celebrities is that whata the deal was.the de >> we tweeted about 80 different celebrities we were in class ono day at columbia and we tweeted e
10:54 am
song i'm ready and no one wrotee back except for see ya. ka okay. blowing up. >> that's kind of awesome.ndf a. >> saying come meet me at myg e hotel in new york city. cit so we went to see sia which was crazy. >> how long did that take from when you ag ctdiually tweeted te celebrities when you were having lunch with si.lunch with s >> two days.ay >> two days later. two days lat. >> it was a whirl win.s a wh that might be the coolest storyy i've ever heard f there, so siaa was able to guess hook you up up with the right >> she h our song i'm ready got on the radio and went from there. frome >> it's a awesome. awesome. i love the performance becauseau you kind of mix in -- obviouslys we labeled you indy pop. is that accurate? i don't knowo what indy pop is any more. mor >> i don't think i know either. >> how would you characterizeerz the music. >> we are independent and popntp music a lot of stuff going on.og we have electronic. we have the ukee lay lay. i like that mix of the -- kind- of like acoustic vibe mixed in with the electronic stuff as sff .ell.
10:55 am
>> future plans if you can take over the music world what way would youan dos m itus wichat y looking for. >> we have headline toredlinto actually february, march 2017.01 we're coming back to jam andnd java here in washington, d.c.hic >> excellent venue. excellent v. >> get tickets there. in terms of our>> g plaetn get g as we can be still have fun witn it. it >> i have you to ask you asave o brothers growing up. did one person start this was tw there fight over who would play what instrument? you kind of yn morphed in 92. >> it was pretty easy he pick up base, i play like drums andum a guitar he has shared a room for like oureur entire lives we were super closo and the vision was all the sames it was very eyes see, you know. >> everyone expects us to fightt but we don't really.on'teall >> look. you guys are ivy league school h i'm assume you figured out a waw to make it work at some point. t coolest person you have a chanca to tour with, play with woulditw love to tour with at isn't point. >> who do you look for as far as >> we're on tour with ingrid iri michael son she's one of the most talentedd
10:56 am
with. dream tours, you're talking bonn kay yea yesterday.esterday. i don't know what will happenkn with himow wha. could be kind of cool. coo lord would be cool. >> music found if as tas check them out tonight will beil the big show.w >> tomorrow night.>> tw night. >> tonight lincoln le >> justin you're confusing meonu over there. over there. there's the information for the show. two shows tonight and tomorrowii night. doors at 6:30 show starts at 8:00 o'clock.00 o'c catch these guys at the lincolnn need down on u street.ed dow u ajr look for the headline tourit come back and see them jamming java. jav after the holidays.ay [ applause ] [ >> sounds fantastic. i love the sound.i lo the >>s.t is. that song is in our head. >> ahyiyi. >> she's got it. she's i >> we'll let the professionalroe do's it. do speaking of professional.fessna >> breezy and cool today.y an 49 the daytime h warm it up showers thursday thuy morning but traveling tomorrowoo we're fine locally.we're >> do you have any tips forips steve as he takes your hairr h crown over?? >> steve, you got to just wash w
10:57 am
lots of below drying. >> and just remember, tuck,. tuc >> comb it over.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? we won't judge. but we're judging. it's going to be fantastic. [ applause ] >> now, here's wendy! [ ch ?? ? ooh ooh ? ? ooh ooh ? ? ooh ooh ? >> wendy: yes. welcome to the show. thank you so much for watching at home.


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