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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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transported to the hospital,to four evaluations. one or two were taken home byke parents a. we should also tell tonight that we did reach out to the montgomery county schools to get some sort of comment on this, possibly a condition.cond but at this point we haven't heard back from them. also police telling us that they cannot give us any information on the conditions of the students at this point. live in bethesda, matt ackland, fox5 local >> here is the thing i wanted to ask you, hasn't there been an issue with students drinking stu >> you might rememberrier thisee year before graduation there was an issue with students drinking at prom. many of them got in trouble and then there was back and forth between one of the assistant superintendents and the principal here over whether or not the kids should walk in graduation. so theres was an issue withth drinking apparently that time and that took place at prom, sarah. matt ackland reporting live for us. thank you. mean knew knit in the district.
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person wanted for an armeded assault in northwest. the person you see here attacked someone with a knife yesterday morning. this happened in the 5300 block of wisconsin avenue at the mazda gallon requirement if youon recognize this person of reqth interest, please give police a call. tonight montgomery county police are investigating another hate crime, this time directed at a d donald trumpir supporter. the vic tell's hope was spray sp painted with a swats contact ans tonight there is a reward on thw table and hate groups that this may only be the beginning. tom fitzgerald live tonight at the holocaust this evening withh more. >>reporter: we've been tracking this kind of activity since election day and there were some incidents prior to that. now, montgomery county police tell us the swats contact, this symbol of hate, this symbol off nazi germany and this symbol of the local gust was painted onto
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silver springs. why was this family targeted? that family had a sign on the front lawn expressing their support for donald trump. muppet take all these hate tak crimes very seriously and we investigate them to their fullest extent.exte and try to bring justice to the victims. well, the victims found that swats contact on his front door 7:30 sunday morning. police say the sunda victim tolm that he was politically affiliated and a supporter of s donald trump. was that the motive for this vandalism. they were looking at it and they're also under aware of the fact that they had trump signsns stolen from this house, anou american flag was taken and in was an egging incident as well.. the anti defamation here in d.c. say they've tracked 33 hatetrac crimes in our area. they want schools in our area to
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the swath contact connection not only to the jewish holocaust and to teach kids why it is so offensive. > we want teachers to engage with even young students in a respectful and appropriate manner, to teach them about thee lessons of the holocaust and what the swats contact represents in order to preventre these things from happening, in order to prevent graffiti andnd the wide loose use of the sts contact. >> both here at the united uni states holocaust me see up andp the memorial and the anti defamation league they are are making online resources available foray dolts to teachfo children aboutra this. we should also tell you there is a $10,000 reward on the the table for crime solvents for any information that leads to an arrest in this hate crime. we're live on the national mall tonight. tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. > now more problems for a popular restaurant in d.c.
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called into maggianos little italy restaurant. police quickly responded and sod far there has been no arrest. imagine and i has apologized for hosting last friday's event but managers say they were dude. when members of the white groupp booked the event told the restaurant they needed the room to hold a family reunion. right now at 5, the baltimore school system is making some changes after last month's deadly bus crash. efforts to keep kids safe whilee they're on the road.they and the search for a new d.c. school's chancellor may be over. the former superintendent of oakland public school system ham been nominated for the job, but he isn't coming without his critics either. what the teacher's union in oakland is blasting him for today. > ellen did he genoiseen receiving a reward from president obama.
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out in the cold. > good thing that didn't happen over the weekend, right, it was much colder. today finally the winds were are lo at better than they were even earlier today. as a result we saw temperatures getting into the upper 40s and low 50s. but as the sun is now going down you can see the gorgeous sunset behind me. temperatures already into thethe low 40 #-s and a few upper 30s showing up. what is ahead for wednesday?
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> how can you explain it. >> you can't explain it. the most unnatural thing in th the loss of a child. there are no words that canat bring comfort to a mother or a father and so today the city is praying for these families. we're going to tell him and howd we're going to break the news to him because he doesn't understand right now. i just don't really know how to explain it.
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family. a horrifying scene inin chattanooga, tennessee, today t theen city is still reeling aftl five children were killed yesterday in ahild schoorel bus. the driver, 24 year old john o think walker was arrested and charged with vehicular homicidee the bus had 34 students onn board. 26 of them were injured. police say the bus went road, slammed into a tree and landed on its side, as you can see. no other vehicle also wereer involved.invo a team of federal investigatorst from right here in washington are now working to pinpoint what caused that crash.h. meanwhile we are learning more about what caused the deadly bus crash in baltimore earlier thiss month, baltimore schools have now terminated a contract with the bus company whose driver crashed into a commuter bus, the bus driver, glenn chappell and five others were killed in the
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be behind the wheel because hise commercial driver's license was suspended months earlier. > d.c. mayor muriel bowser has tapped the superintendent of oakland public school system to become the new chancellor of d.c. public schools. anton wilson who was on the job for less than three years will replace. fox5 a bob barred has the s anton wilson. to eastern highh school this morning calling d.c. ps one of the fastest improving school systems in the country. we've come a long way, but there's plenty more to be done. we know that our opportunity gap remains and we have to ensurere that more students are graduating and that when they graduate they are college and cl career ready. > a lot of call it the
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i like to refer to it as the opportunity and achievement gap. the superintendent of publicof p school system met with easterner high students this morning,s th known as a proponent of charter schools and mainstreaming special ed students, wilson is a former teacher, principal and p top official in denver's publicd school the fact of the matter is we do not have a young person too waste. we cannot afford to say that because a young person had a baa day or a going to now advocate ourate responsibility to ensure there system works for that youngg person. that's not to say the married father of three is without his critics. the teacher's union in oakland has blasted wilson for what they call his emphasis on charter schools over traditional publicc schools, a criticism effaced head on today. i don't see it as a competition. charter schools are public schools.scho gas say mackerel john hasel j
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sister station fox 2 news. he had to be a plenty hand on superintendent. my children gosu to charter schools and he visited my son'ss schools in the very short time he has been here. he was out and about with the community and i think parentsink and teachers like that. but again there is disappointment saying this morning, boy we liked your plans but now who is going to be here to see them through. he says his children will attend d.c. public schools. mayor bowser says she expects ts have wilson on february 21.febr his nomination will first need d.c. council approval. > in d.c. washington, bob barnard, fox5 local news. > anton wilson we understand is expected to sign on for two years with an annual base pay of $180,000. another chill chilly one on the books today. what are we looking at for thiss evening? more winds or are they settling down?n? >> the winds are finallyally settling down.
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is the biting and slicing wind. it was still noticeable earlierr today but as it has lighted up this morning we have abundant sunshine. 41 for dulles and bwi. the sun goes down. to see the temperatures dropping pretty quickly and we're down to 39 at winchester. one of the colder spots around the region.ion. hagerstown is there as well. so is wees minister. 4 # for if gaithersburg. temperatures will fall faster tonight with lighter we've definitely see thoseef temperatures back ininit the 30d maybe a couple of spots head for upper 20ss to near 30s. he wanted to also meaning that la guardia still has the significant delay going on today and owe does jfk with la guardia have 126 minute, newark has a hs delay of 41 minutes. if you're heading out later tonight that's still an ongoing problem and i don't thinknk weather is the big concern there. but they definitely still haveil some issues than a a lot of
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way. by the way, did you see so much traffic today on the beltway? w? it looks like a lot of people are either heading in or out of town. i think tuesday is the big gett away day. > if you're doing that later tonight, you won't have any problems around this area, by # 1:00, 37. we're not dealing with the wind. even the lake effect snow has lightened up quite a lot. for wednesday we're goin to start with sunshine and thenen we'll have more clouds in the afternoon. still generally looks like a dry cool for the first half of the day needless to same we'll be watching some showerse sh approaching.appr this he could get into town very late wednesday. ifla you're driving out toward cleveland or maybe towardsd or chicago you're going to run into that rain and north of that boundary maybe a little bit of snow. no big problems.oble kind of cloudy for us as we look at the travel weather for tomorrow. coming up tomorrow we'll talk about thanksgiving and what you
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> back talaria and sue.k comingta up, tmz harvey levin joining us on live at can yea west's tragic episode. the incident at the gym that g sparkedym a call. > while a former cincinnati police officer accused of murdering a black unarmedrmed motorist will be heading back to court following a miss trial being declared in his case. just in time for your holiday get a way, hear what bwi is doing to much more stress free.
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light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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> he was sworn to up hold thesw law, but tonightor a charlesrles county sheriff's deputy is i accused of a serious crime.ime. alexander sullivan is charged with possessing child pornography.
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district court in greenbelt witb the very latest. paul. >>reporter: ladies, that sheriff's deputy was in court here in greenbelt just a little l while ago for a presentment on the charges against him.him. he's charged with possession ofs child pornography and faces upup to 20 years in prison if convicted. he has been release to home detention. we have some video of him asas he's leaving court just a few minutes ago. let's show you that video now.. he's the man in the hoodie. this is what we understand about the ca that a company called sing off technologies incorporated notified the center for missing and exploited children in alexandria that a phone number connected to an address in maryland had been downloading child pornography. they then contacted the charles county sheriff's office. they conducted an immediate investigation.
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that phone number belonged toto one of their dep advertise,erti alexander sullivan. they contacted the state'sstat office. they began an investigation. they immediately placed sullivad on leave. they brought him in for questioning. they filed a search warrant for his phone and according to a court affidavit on his phone they found over 200 em panels of suspected child pornography as well as five videos.vide now, sullivan has been with the charles count for 10 years when he left just t few minutes ago with his attorney, we asked his attorney if he had any comment. he's hired william brennan. he's a veteran defense attorney. he had nothing to say.ay. he's been ordered to stay away from children. no computer use. we understand he does have a minor son who lives with his former wife.e. his wife and father-in-law were in court today.
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court. that's the latest here fromrom green belt, paul wagner, fox5 local news.l > this is fox5 local news at 5. a former university of cincinnati police officer will now be retrieval for the murder of an unarmed black motorist. ray tensing is charged with shooting and killing ray last week. after 2 # hours of deliberation, the jury failed unanimous veeric in the case. they declared a miss trial. they are asking to for a change of venue. > dr. larrys area is accused of child sex abuse.bus vast area came under suspicion earlier this year when a member of the woman's olympics team
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he was fired in september. usa gymnastics cut its ties to vast area last many of you may are not know his name, but will i roger was a living legend. he was the oldest surviving member of the named all black air men. robert griffin iiis was drafted into theffin i army in 19426789e rows to a title of masteraste sergeant during a time of deepep racial segregation in the 1940s. over the weekend he died in he was 101 years old. he lived a humble life. back in 2007 present george wprs bush presented rogers with aa congressional gold medal. a fitting honor for a man who helped so am people. > a new concourse connection at bwi marshal airport is opening just in time for the thanksgiving travel larry hogan was on hand for ther
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the d and e courses for peopleoe taking international flights. the goal here is to help alleviate traffic around the airport. hopefully that will help with your traffic this thanksgiving local day. >> any little about it will ab help.ou > straight ahead here at 5:30 indecent exposure. a man is accused of exposing himself to a child at a l locall target store.ore. > a wild police chase crossing state we're going to tell you what sparked this police pursuit how this ended. students are still protesting over the president elect. the mission behind this local high school > straight ahead. ronica? donald trump met today with the new york times after first calling it off and then putting it back on. now even though it was closed doors we knowwa exactly what happened inside. and it's all thanks to twitter. jim. if you're watching thread skinss game on sunday night, the chance afterwards, we want ballots, we want california amounts they ar getting dallas, of course wewe
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much meaning in a long time. how they're looking forward to thursday. thursday is almost here. a lot of peoplesday running around tonight. are you planning on leaving later tonight to get to a destination in the northeast? let me show you radar. the lake effect snow across new york is finally winding down.dig if you're going to head towardsh chicago you're going to run into a little bit of snow north and west. chicago still looking like it's going to be dry, but toward annapolis and up toward some snow pushing in.h?c more rain for places like omaha and down to the south of there. tonight we're seeing our winds lighten up. and the frontal boundary willwil begin to approach our area later top. as we stay clear overnight temperatures will head to the 2o #-s and the 30s. what about thanks t giving we'le
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> this is fox5 local news at 5t if you recognize this man righth here on your screen, fairfax sc county police want to hear from he is accused of exposing himself to a child at a target in falls church over the th weekend. two boys, age 6 and 8 say this man spoke to them in the i restroom after the younger boyog left the older boy says the suspect exposed himself. hi the victim then ran out into ani told his father what > take a good look at this sketch, detectives in fairfax d county need your helpeteceed identifying this man. he showed two little girls li pornographic videos on his cellphone. the girls are only 8 and # 1
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sunday as the two girls were riding their scooters in the the falls church area. ar the man was last seen driving a gray four door sedan. > a grandan injure any howard county has indicted this woman with vehicular manslaughter. investigators say last septembe she was driving on the wrongdr side ofivin the road and collidd with another car. she kept going and then hit a pedestrian. he died weeks after that accident. police say mack hen which was driving under the drugs. she and her boyfriend are facing drug forces. > ambled maryland police on a a chase. officers arrested 25 year old ye chris prescott in a parking loto in capital heights. the pursuit started in virginia thisin morning. troopers say they were following prescott for traffic violationsr and t alluding police. prescott is facing severaleve charge, including speeding andpd driving without a suspended out of state license. another school protest took
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this one happened this morning outside annandale high school. students gathered to show their displeasure with trump and some of the devisive rhetoric he uses during the campaign. > first president elect trueman the new york times were scheduled to meet today and then via twitter trump announced the terms of the meeting had changed and he canceled the meeting.eeti finally it was determined there was a miscommunication the meeting was back on again. fox5's ronica cleary is here with more.ore hi, ronica. >>reporter: hi, laura and sarah. i was really unbelievable too watch it all unfold through twitter today. t then the meeting finallyina happened and we got another inside look because of twitter. in this meeting that donald trump attended with reporters and journalists at the new yorkt times they actually decided toei live tweet part of this meeting.
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unfold. we learned that they talked about th teha crisis in syria, israeli palestinian relations, the first amendment and the president elect's thoughts onlet the current's president. now, the final tweet really from that meeting, it came from mike grim b i wanted you to see that he tha tweeted trump ended the meetingt like this. the president elect's parting message, the new york times is a world jewel and i hope we all can get along, certainly different from theal tune thatha really say in the past. now, the next thing i want to talk to you about, we can't hele it, we are all talking about ab thanks giving and then of course what else, black friday, but tou a lot of businesses in our areaa they're really hoping thatthat you'll focus on small business saturday like this book store here in arlington one more page. now they actually still get ge really excited about a time in 2012 when president obama visited the store to support
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actuallying go to be back hereak at 6. 30 speaking about the owners about their hopes for a up there p administration and how he he might support small businesses.u so make sure you tune back in t for that. and then finally theinal presidential medal of freedomeeo awards were today and they were highlighting and supporting very fap just people from across the country, actors, musicians, stars, one person, she couldn't just get in on her face and celebrity, ellen did he generale wrist had a getting in the door. she said they haven't let me inn the white house yet because i i forgot my id. id hashtag not joking. jo hashtag presidential medal a of freedom. > she did eventually get intono the award ceremony and she received her medal. judy hertz tweeted, ellen degeneral wrist wiped away tearw when president obama awarded her with the honor of freedom.
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6:30. ronica clearly, fox5 local news an historic day on wall street. the dow jones average broke a major barrier this afternoonon closing after the 19,000 mark for the first time in history. the do you has jumped nearly 700 points since election day. overall the do you rose 67ose points to 190,236,789 other p indices also closed t the s and p500 rose four points anind the nasdaq gained 17 poino big day. big day. > all right.> a big days coming up for the skins. just thanksgiving. my husband has already blocked off the we're going to be on pacificaci coast. he said block it off. we're not having turkey at thiss time. is it going to hold that way. >> owe, yeah.we
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it's going to be much easier to banish politics than football. >> i don't > we'll talk about this gameab because it is a big one and we all remember the glory days when every game met something. after a long dormant period, itt is back. thursday night right here on fox5. the last time the tw on turkey day was 2012. and robert griffin making his presence back to his home state. peer air garcon going to 36 yards. skins won that one 38 to 3 # and loot the at celebration there. considering the run this team has been on this year, we want dallas.
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> it's big. bi it's like football is a higher a step up. it's kind of like these guys have a the rivalry. riv since i was born my grandfather and all that back in the day is like the history of that is just so old and you want to live inn that moment because your yo children are going to talk about the game. if you're going to play a y thursday game, have cowboys. when your playing the cowboys c it's going to be an exciting time and the guys will be fired up. > a little friendly visit cal i ripken hit the practice to watca the team in action. the invite came from barry trout. talking to the team in the th locker room. that part was closed off to cameras. we did get a little inside, though, from the coach afterwards. > he talked about everything eve
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dealing with different situations, dealing with careers, dealing with longevity. i mean i don't know if there is anything specific, but he had ha some great antidotes and great things from a professionalnal athlete to other professionalesi athletes and to do it as and articulated from a differentt sport to our sport i think it it was really good. goo > after a slow start and fans wondering what the $130 million$ bradley beal play, look no further than last night. he had a career high 3 # points against the phoenix suns. this is the first time in his career that he scored back to back 32 points. beal is celebrating with this. if only we had the theme from life styles of the rich and famous. by dropping some serious k-9 on this mansion in mclean. the washatonian says the askings
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half bill. he got a deal, $3.2 million. $ i think your trump i am person nation was better. good for me. > thank you, laura. la > nice job, jim. j coming up, if you work out at a washington sports club you may be owed some cash. hear why the gym is issuing refunds to its kanye west handcuffed. ha harvey levin is going to chat with with some of the behind the scenes moment during hisng h interview with donald trump.ald you don't want to miss that one. hey caitlyn, today, tuesday, is like the new wednesday of thanksgiving week. pretty decent travel weatherrave around here, but we'll have a look the at whole country and what to expect if you're travelling tomorrow and into the weekend.
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> so washington sports club isn going to have some gymgton goers back over cancellation issues. members at d.c.'s ate locations were told they could cancel at any time by informing a manager or desk employee, but on investigation by the office of the attorney general found jim goers were required t year long agreement that stated cancellations could only be madm in writing within 30 days and the gym continued to bill people who canceled verbal limit themi club will have to refund memberm who filed complaints after being charged. it is calm once again in japan after the northeastern coast was jolted by an earthquake. it did not cause any seriousseri damage or injuries. verizon is now offering to helpo people living in the united states who want to get in touch
5:42 pm
the company will give itsts customers free calls entexs from wireless phones and land lines. the free service will runill through tomorrow. that's very nice.ce. i'm sure there are a lieutenant of people who are very nervous and especially what happened near who are ischemia a and how awful that was. > thankfully it wasn't nearly as bad. > and then after tsunami rn >> we. at least it's calmed down a little bit today, but it takes t couple afternoons to getons through. as we take a live look outside today, pretty pieceful tuesday evening. probably not on the beltway. it doesn't matter what the weather is like when you're trying to get out of town. as we are in the throws of our holiday travel week it is a nice night and the weather has calmed down considerably from what wass a very, very cold sunday andsu monday and yes, even thisth it's still chilly out there but
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helped a little bit.ittl let's get to the weatherweat headlights at 56789. 42 on a tuesday evening. we are chilly again tonight, cold with freezing temperatures across much of the area startint out with sunshine tomorrow but m clouds will increase out aheadhe of a cool front. some showers for thanks giving.i we're not talking about a lot of rain, a washout anywhere. a few showers are possible as we head into black friday, butri again not looking at much and certainly nothing that is going to alleviate us out of the dry situation. temperatures already chilly, 34 baltimore, 48 in washington.hing 44 dulles, 42 martinsburg and 47 in winchester.nche i think it feels so cold because we have been so mild until nowno and that wind certainly has not helped it any warmer. now, the wind speed has comehas down a little bit we're not having any high gust's
5:44 pm
15 miles an hour. they're calm in some spots.sp radar right now showing that tht lake effect snow has come to an end finally after two to three feet in many parts of upstate new york. but the tricky travel spots will be across the midwest. look at this snow ongoing in eastern minnesota down through the twin sit advertise and thenn rain, even some thunder analyting through some portionto of iowa and nebraska. those areas will be tough to travel on the roads as well as the pacific down through northern california and some mountain snow.w. our travel map shows some areas if you're flying out to the northwest coast rain continuescs in seattle and portland and that is snow in the mountains and also this system that will be affecting us thanksgiving dayday that will bring a wintry mix.ix. maybe some delays into owe hair. mainly rain and not much wintry weather across the ohio valerie.
5:45 pm
system moves back into the the midwest. although this is a warmer looking storm systemment andorm that will bring some showerssome through the mid atlantic up through new york state.roug not ah lot.. but still that's what you'll be encountering on the roads. we've already seen some delays out of new york airports. how about the turkey day forecast for us at home.home generally morning showers willil give way to some late day sunshine. not too cold. we're seeing our moderate to more seasonable temperatures by friday. clouds will increase. there's those showers that wills be west of the mountains untilmn they arrive on thursday. here's your set up for tomorrow, wednesday, thanksgiving eve starting off coast. clouds increase pretty quickly. sunshine forecast for tomorrow, another beautiful photo, thankfu you forl that christina, 34 degrees. i love that note on. i also
5:46 pm
too. seven day forecast, here's the moderating temperatures for the next few day, a few showers possible on friday, 58. mostly sunny by the weekend,we though. a really nice seasonable weekend for the last of november.embe 757 monday, into the 60s. look at that.ok a that's a look at your seven dayy laura. all right, caitlyn. thank you. up next we are talking withi harvey levin from tmz about kanye west's psychiatric meltdown. stay with us, we'll be right
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> trending tonight, tmz and foo teamed upni to take on president elect donald trump and the
5:50 pm
emergency. for the very latest we turn to tmz harvey levin live in loss angels with the very latest. good evening.go what happened with kanye west? what's the latest and what sent him into this issue?issu >> well, let me tell you what we know. at about 1:00 yesterday kanye's dr. called 911 and the dr. said had gone over to the place kanye trains at his personal home and said that kanye was suffering some kind of as he put it temporary sigh chose is andis it was due to t a lack of sleep and dehydration. the dr. said, this is according to the police notes, that kanyee was not violent at that moment, but would become violent when police arrived to help him. so it was a warning. he also said that kanye had attempted to assault somebody a
5:51 pm
the police notes, told police that he had placed kanye under a 51/h 50 involuntary ininvo psychiatric hold. we are told by others that thett dr. never actually did this, but the police notes say he did and that's why the police, when they came there, they talked to him for an hour and a half and then put him on a stretcher and actually handcuffed him to the stretcher and that is protocol whenoc you put somebody o involuntary psychiatric hold. they took him over to the hospital, uca where he is right now. > harvey -- >> the issue is what is wrongis with kanye. > exactly. these thing. you guys cover a loft these issues iner a hollywood wherellw perhaps there's been a star that has suffered dehydration oror exhaustion. is there any indication to youyu that there's something more to this here in i wonder if he's on medication, too., >> yeah. i mean, look, i've heard that
5:52 pm
people who have been around him a lot. and they say he has not been himself and he's been increasingly exhibiting the bizarre yet the doctor is saying look,o, the doctor says, exhaustion, dehydration, temporary psychosis, people around him are saying something has been buyina for as while. as for what it is i can't tell you. i'm not a doctor i don't thinkon they know, either. but there's a sense that this is deeper than lack of water and > let's move on to yourn to interview with president electet donald trump. first of all, what made you go after this interview with president elect?le >> well, you know, the initialhe idea was this concept of telling a life story of a famous person through the objects they used to keep over the years fromfr childhood to the it's a different way of telling a person's life story. i figured why not shoot for thee top. what we did was we both asked hillary clinton and donald trum
5:53 pm
she said, no, he said, yes. we shot this, went to his home and he was very candid with usi about things in his life that were not necessarily all positive. we talked about why he went too military schools why he had a discipline problem, his fear fea that he might have the alcoholic jean because of what happened to his brother.hi he was, is think, very open andn it was a different kind ofof conversation than what you've've heard over the last 16 m that stood out to you, the tthe tidbit to pass on from the interview? >> well, i got to say i was really struck by what we talked about with his brother, that hit brother died of alcoholism at 42 and i wanted to find out, youyou know, donald trump doesn't drink and he is militant his childrend don't drink, don't smoke, don't do drugs and i wanted to findntd
5:54 pm
essentially said that he's got an obsessive personality and as he put it to me i'm afraid iid might be carried out of here if i started drinking. i asked him if he didn't drink out of fear or choose and he said both and i thought it was remarkably candid and showed a vulnerability that you have not seen in donald trump for many, many months. > one more quick question, didi he talkon to you about melania embracing this new first lady position? >> yeah. and obviously gs relevance because she is not coming to washington until junel at the earliest and maybe not even them. i asked him about it. he said, look, it is hard for her and she's had a tough time with this and wined when he decided to run. he said he look, i don't knowon' how she's going to react toto this. this was not a guy saying owe, she's going to love it and everything else. he said i don't know how she'll react and really kind of left it
5:55 pm
but it was less certain thanrtai again the way he would haveave presented it on the campaign. harvey levin, very interestingte stuff. also very interesting to see yoo in a suit for the first i'm. i don't think i've ever noticeed that. s knee shock now. > coming up here a local police department is getting in on a viral trend. their epic version of the mannequin challenge. everybody is doing it. this one at a crime scene.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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> members of the forth royalrs police department o wf anted toy out their mannequin challenge for themselves and they posted their video on this homepage. police having a lot of fun along with some volunteers in then
5:59 pm
> d.c. police department did ie as d well.l. > thanks for joining us tonighh at 5. fox5 local news at 6 starts 6 right this is fox5 local news at 6. thank you for joining usus tonight, i'm shawn yancy.ncy. a 0 year veteran of the charles county sheriff's office is accused of possessing child porn. i'm tony perkins.i' alexandria sullivan appeared in federal court in greenbelt where he was ordered release on home deevenings t.. fox5's paul wagner starts us off live with exclusive video suspect. > paul. tony and shawn, the hearing lasted about 15 minutes and asne you mentioned he was release ons home deevenings t.ho he walked out of the courthouseo a little while ago with his attorney, william brennan. let's show you that video rightt now the deputy who is now on leave without pay is on the right wearing that hoodie. let's tell you how they tracked this down and how the feds got f
6:00 pm
back in early november, a company called sin crinose iss technologies, incorporated determined there was child pornography being downloaded to a phone in maryland. they determined that phone was listed to a resident of indian head, maryland, in charles county. they contacted the national center for missing and exploited children. they then contacted the charles county sheriff's office. the sheriff's office then goten involved immediately, determinee alexander sullivan, one of their herrive's deputies. they contacted immediately the state's attorney's office inffic charles county and then got thee feds involved. they brought sullivan in for an interview. he declined to be interviewed. they filed a search warrant for his phone and according to the affidavit they discovered overed 200 images of suspected child pornography as well as 5 videos.


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