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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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back in early november, a company called sin crinose iss technologies, incorporated determined there was child pornography being downloaded to a phone in maryland. they determined that phone was listed to a resident of indian head, maryland, in charles county. they contacted the national center for missing and exploited children. they then contacted the charles county sheriff's office. the sheriff's office then goten involved immediately, determinee alexander sullivan, one of their herrive's deputies. they contacted immediately the state's attorney's office inffic charles county and then got thee feds involved. they brought sullivan in for an interview. he declined to be interviewed. they filed a search warrant for his phone and according to the affidavit they discovered overed 200 images of suspected child pornography as well as 5 videos.
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he was first placed on leave and then when the warrant was issued he was placed on leave. he spent the night locked up. as they left i asked hissked attorney william brennan, who he has retained if he has any comment. mr. brennan said they did not. he is on home did he evenings t. he is told that he must not uses a computer. and he must stay away present children. > live outside the federal court h wagner, fox5 local news. > chevy chase high schoolas students aree hospitalizedpita tonight after they took someome type of prescription medication. matt ackland is live outside the school in bethesda.ethe matt, are they okay? >>reporter: shawn, at thishawn point we skim reply don't know. we don't have a condition, butnt what we are being told by authorities who are reallylly giving us some detailed information or limitedmite information at this point is that the students possibly, possibly took some type of
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i want to take you to some video that we took earlier today.toda here you can see an ambulance pulled p up in front of the school, a gurney with someome personnel was brought out, but no one was on that gurney. i was simply paramedics rolingon it to the ambulance. one official told us the drug in question may be xanax. it could possibly be that.t. that is an antianxiety drug, but that wasn't known for authorities are saying there arr just simply some things thatings they can't tell us at this point and they're still trying toto determine. also, we did try to contact the schools here in montgomerys he county and at this point we have not heard back present them. live in bethesda, matt ackland, fox5 local news. > montgomery county police are investigating another hate crime. this time directed at a donald trump supporter. the victim found a swastika spray painted on his front door in the silver springs area early
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victim's political affiliation was the motive for the vandalism. the theft of trump signs and an earlier egging incident. the anti defamation league ofage d.c. says they've tracked 33 recent hate crimes there in our area. they want schools to reeducate students about why the swastika is so offensive. we want teachers to engage with even young students in a respectful and appropriate manner to teach them about the lessons of the holocaust andnd what the swastika repr these -- all these incidents,idn all these hate crimes very seriously and we investigatean themd we to their fullest extend try to bring justice to the victims. > montgomery county police say there isery co a $10,000 rewardr information that leads to an arrest. > a gold star 2357ly is heartbroken and angry after ther say passengers on an american airlines flight booed them as they were getting off the plane. the incident happened last week.
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base to pick up the body of their son sergeant john perry. perry's father says the pilot asked everyone to remain seatede while the family disembarked. thats ' when a few passengers in first class began booing. to hear the reaction of the flight being delayed because of a gold star family and the first class cabin booing that was really upsetting and it made use cry some more. most to know about the heroic things that my son did. > perry's father wonders if fa donald trump's comments caused the reaction tomp's his family. sergeant perry was buried att arlington cemetery.emet fox5 is your station for politics. we'll take a closer look ater donald trump for's plan for his first 100 days in office.
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using the #5@6:30. we're learning more about that deadly bus crash in baltimore earlier this month.nth. baltimore schools have now terminated a contract with the bus company whose driver crashed into a commuter bus. the bus driver, glenn chappell and five others were still in the accident.cide officials say chappell was not authorized to be behind a wheell because his commercial driver's license was suspended months earlier. a team of federal investigators from here in washington is in answers after a bus crash leftas five children dead. meantime it is a day of mourning in chattanooga. the schools were open today and grieftoda counselors were on ha. there were 35 students on boardn that bus ranging from kindergarten to faith grade.rten the bus veered off the road,e slammed into a tree and landed on its side about a mile frommie the school. no other vehicle also were involved. it took emergency crews two hours to pull all of thee children from the bus. five were killed, 23 others were
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police have charged the bus driver john think walker withh vehicular homicide and recklessl driving. they're saying speed was likely a factor. they're trying to if the driver was under the influence of anything. they're also wondering if the bus was. the especially i pence. why top executives are reluctant to testify about customers for the treatment. > safety, so the firethe department doesn't end up cashing your party. >> hey, sue.ey its that the grilling of thehe turk did i or probably the deep frying of the turkey. either way you still have to get to your thanksgiving dinner. here's a look the at the weather. it's a storm system with a few
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omaha and down into dallas. if you're going to be heading up to the northeast, via airplanera tonight we still continue to have some flight delays around la guardia of 126 minutes newara 4, jfk7 #, but otherwise it looks clear flying ahead. we'll talk about what you can expect locally for thanksgivingk coming up in just a few minutes. fox5 local news at 6 will be
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> the company that makeshe epipens is now r cefusing tomofi testify at a congressional hearing next week. the hearing focuses on moylan's $465 million settlement over claims it overcharged medicaid for the allergy drug. moylan sent a letter to the senate judiciary committee and said company executives will not testify at the hearing because the settlement is still pending. it has been criticized over ther huge increase in especially i
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this year. > well, thanksgiving is upon us, but the hours spent in thehe kitchen preparing turkey, byes and side dishes also come withce an increased risk for housese fires. according to the consumer product safety commission there are atyn c average of 1400 cookn fires on thanksgiving day everyr year. that's why officials are offering up these tips to keepto your family safe.fami they say, number one, never o leave foodn on the stove unattended. number two, avoid wearing loose fittin it can catch fire. and number three, make sure youe have a working smoke alarm. if they're going to sign up, if kids are going to sign up to be minute i chefs you really haverl to make sure you're much muc whatting them and you're keeping them away from the who the stuff. we also recommend keepingeepi surface areas free from degrees billion dollar up and to keep flammable items like pot holders and paper away from stoves or offance.
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they say to avoid something like that, wow, never use a fryer ine the garage or on a porch. you got to it p it in the driveway or something like that. also, make sure the turkey isis completely thawed about cooking. > all right. harbor is get bigger all the time. public safety is a. earlier today prince george'stoa county joined togethery for the ground breaking of a safety they will host fire and rescue agencies. makes a lot of sense. currently safety boats arey docked atsafe the fort washingtn marina, but if someone needseds help at national harbor it will take more than 20 minutes to get officials say having a publicpul safety peer at national harbornl is needed. it should be completed next > d.c. public schools has a brand new leader.ader mayor muriel bowser went all the way to the west coast to find her new chancellor.
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some of the stories that we doo come from you. that number is 202-895-3000. you can also e-mail your tips to
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> d.c. mayor muriel bowser tapped the superintendent of oakland contact's public schooll system to become the new chancellor of public schools. henderson. fox5's bob barnard introduces us to the new superintendent. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser brought anton wilson to d.c. ps school system.em. we've come a long way but there's plenty more to be done. we know that our community gap remains and we have to ensure
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graduating and that when they graduate they are college and career ready a lot of people refer to it as a achievement gap. i like to make sure it is working for every child. the 44 year old superintendent s of oakland's public school system met with other than higho students this morning. known as a proponent of charterr schools, wilson is a former teacher, principal and top official in denver's publicer's not have a young person to waste. we cannot afford to say that because a young person had a bad day or a bad month that we are going to now advocate ourate responsibility to ensure the system works for that young person.pers that's not to say the married father of three is without his critics. the teacher's union in oakland has blasted wilson for what they call his emphasis on charterrter schools over traditional public
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head on today. > i don't see it as a competition. charter schools are public schools.scho cas yea mclean and has covered wilson for our sister station, fox 2 news in oakland. oa he appeared to be a pretty hands on superintendent 6789 he visited my sons' z schools inols the relatively short time he's been here.been he was very much out and aboutt with the school community and i think parents and teachers like that. there was morning boy, we liked your plans, but who is going to see them through. he says his children will attend d.c. public schools. mayor bowser plans to have him on board february 2 # his nomination will first need council approval. > very cool. welcome to d.c. absolutely.solu > hello sue palka. hi shawn and tony. >> one day before thanks giving, i know a lot of folks are
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i'm hearing that tuesday is becoming the day, the heavier traffic day. i was thinking about it, too. > are we supposed to do this first or no. >> no. > sue said -- how dare with you. we're supposed to talk about pigs in time for sue. we're supposed to talk to sue and then talk about well, sue and tony, petition are typically known for roling in the mud, but not this pig. this is situated did i from new york. she is definitely ready for the holidays in that fessive christmas sweater.ter. does she not only like to sit in the snow like a dog, but she also likes to eat the snow as well. > is that video from last yeare or did they get that snow recently? >> that must be from last year. they didn't get that much snow, but she is a duty. a
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clothes on them. >> i try to put clothes on my dog all the time.e i put a little green puffy coat on him. > i see a redskins uniform for dogs when i go to the pet food store. >> my dog just trying to take it off and looks at me like i'm crazy. > don't even go there with cats. don't even try. havedo azh? pretty good nighton ahead. it's the in the as wind definitely the within has reallt gotten much lighter. it will get chilly, 20 #-s and-s 30s ai that's the drill as we run through november and the run up to thanksgiving. we're still on the dry side. the unfortunate reality is we'd rather it be dry while you'ree traveling so i'm not going to be rooting for it to be dry becauss we are seeing problems with brush fires all around the region. not much rain in t his forecast so our headline for tomorrow,mor morning sun and afternoonan clouds.d
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day and into thursday. we'll talk about that in just a moment. thanksgiving day very important for a loft d people.ay v in terms of the temperatures we're going to start see themem come up a little bit. 42 on wednesday.esda 45 for thanks giving. 58 on friday and saturday. there is again the possibilitybi of seeing a few showers around on thanksgiving day.y. better chance is likely in theky morning and certainly it's nott going to be a wash out or even a wet day.we maybe a little damp in thee morning as these showers come oe through and we head 355-degrees. that's above where we today at 51. dulles at 48. bwi stayed in the 40s as well. but these winds are so much better. gently out of the northwest, maybe occasionally a few spots getting up here to about 10 to 13 miles an hour as you're seeing -- as we look at winds across the region.n. because those winds are lightere and the air is still pretty dry we've dropped to 36 already in winchester. culpeper 34-degrees.
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even south of town we're finding leonardtown 37 and fredericksburg 38-degrees.rg where are you travelling to? ? maybe up to pittsburgh whereere it's 34-degrees right now. cold in binghamton with snow onw the ground. boston 38. all things considered that's nos too bad for the tuesday before thanksgiving. but if you are traveling on wednesday, you may be running into a little bit of snow across minneapolis, the northernpoli portions of the greats, lakes. there could be a rain/snow mix boundary. thathat system moves into yourve other on thanks giving withs the few showers around in the morning. and i'll show you the hour byr hour on thanks giving in just at moment and then we'll watch a second system following closely on its we'll be watching this system and this is only probably potential travel troublemaker for those flying out toward minneapolis or chicago. there is another system in the pacific northwest, but it doesn't look like that one will
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problem. in the east we're going to be in good shape. as we get late into tomorrowrrow night we're still dry with a loft clouds around. if you like to watch the parade p in new york it's going to be a cloudy start there. we'll have a few showers starting to come through aroundh 8 in the morning. by the time we get to new york they're not there yet, but they are pushed towards the eastern shore and along the beaches. you might get a swath of heaviei showers. as we we'll see a drying pattern. 34 tonight, 52 tomorrow with sun in the morning and cloudsouds building with the wind direction out of the south at 5 to ten.n. that means we head for 52 in the district. 53 for fredericksburg and and manassas. 50 for hagerstown, 50 for for frederick and winchester culpeper coming in at about 53-degrees. your fox5 seven day forecastsee we have a few showers possible friday at 58-degrees. i think a lot of those could be gone, but there is a secondnd
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through. black friday, 54-degrees. it's a really nice weekend for those traveling back sunday.elin you're not going to run into any problems. most of the east coast looking pretty settled. tuesday a couple of showers around and we jump up to 62-degrees.62 pretty easy trip for most thanksgiving travelers. thanks goodness there's no >> talk, sue. > you bet. someone that a lot of people in this area knew pretty well, onee of the young by nears of goingig music has died, i vin golf haslf died today. he performed somethings for eu, chuck brown, familiar faces and little been any and the masters. one of the biggest accomplishments was performing for president obama and the first lady at the whiteident he during the opening festivities
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> i don't know if you got t k president obama awarded the medal of freedom to 21 people 21 today. that is a big group.. this year's recipients are a whose who of celebrities. there's bruce springsteen. the president said i'm them president but he's the boss. tom hanks, michael jordan, car ream abdul gentleman bar, amongn others. physicist, dr. richard cigarrd within. it is the highest civilian
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to world piece or to cultural or other significant or private endeavors. michael jordan right there.rd behindan him bill and ma lindana gates. just an incredible list of human beings. diana ross, zest line tyson.n. robert red ford.rd. you have to wonder how am of those are personal favorites ofs his, too.his, i suspect a lot. i mean personal favorites of mine, too. he had the going to do this. i only have a couple of monthsns left.left i'm going to dole out these awards. > that was sort of the largest group that any president has ever 2 # people is really cool.. > all deserving.serv they all have contributedd greatly. > do you know the actor tomorrow pose continue.ntin >> was that tom pose continue. > gag it it. let sue know.le i'llt check on that.
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> all right. that's breaking news if he was there. he was probably in the lincoln bedroom. > what is this? knights inn shining armor, kinks and princess, they put smiles on dozens of childrens faces ines northern i don't know, tony is not moving the prompter fast enough for me. > jim lokay just came in to confirm because jim would know this.this good
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heart. president elect trim will notwil prosecute hillary clinton overlr her private e-mail server even s aftere promising he would do jut that during the campaign. this is what people are talking about tonight at 6:30. tweet us what is on your mind. > let's get right to it.


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