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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 10. we begin tonight with breakingei news out of detroit, michigan, a wayne state police officer is in critical condition after being shot in the head during ann incident off campus. the shooting happened around 6:30 tonight. right now a man hunt is underway for the gunman. the officer was investigating possible thefts of navigation systems from cars and suvs when he was shot.
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university located in the heart of detroit, roughly 27,000ough students attend the school. we'll bring you more detailse about tonight's incident as we learn more.ore. > now to a developing story inv prince george's county, a man was shot tonight at an auto shop. thank you for joining us, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. it happened around 6:30 on aaron lane. fox5's laura evans is live on the scene tonight with the latest. >>reporter: we're at auto repair and the repair shopp is right back there behind thatd chain linked fence. it happened about three and a half hours ago and police have just wrapped up their crimerime scene, a man shot in critical condition. they're looking for the suspectc right now.righ this is the crime scene tape that was just taken down. they put it away, but the detectives are right now focused on looking for the suspect. they were inside of that office where the shooting happened at
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try to figure out what happened here. but basically what we know is somebody went into that office, shot the man who was in the office in the chest. now, the man who was in thein office we don't know if he was an employee employee of the auty shop. what the motive was of thiss shooting and we don't know if anything was taken. so that is the situation here, but we do know that the man who was shot in the chest is inin critical condition.crit he was taken to the hospital and he's being treated right now,w, police are looking for this person. we don't even have a description of the suspect. but we are beginning to worko this story and we will bring yob the latest if we get more information tonight.ight back to you shawn and tony. > all right, laura, thank you l very much. > meanwhile a concerned parent tells fox5 montgomery countyox5 publicmo schools has a sex offender problem and she believes officials are covering it up. just last week 50 year old john cigna, a former teacher was
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arrested a second time over sexual abuse of young sarah simmons is live. >>reporter: former clover leave teacher john cigna is chargedis with multiple accounts of abuseb some accounts the date back to the year tonight i talked with a licensed social worker, sex offender treatment of provider and a montgomery county mother.ther she believes the school system s is droppingch the ball and children are sfe i thinken there's a massive problem here and there has been for many, many, many years. jennifer al borrow is not only a licensed social worker sherker worked closely with montgomery county public schools a few years ago as part of a workgroup dealing with sexual assault. during that time she came across this. we found out that they had a database of 222 people, # 22eop staff members that they had suspicions of abusing children
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not reported these people to child protective services or the police department.artm alveolar a says says she has no way of knowing if former john vision na was on the alveolar owe says she was even w more troubled by the lack of answers last night at a community meeting at cloverly elementary. nobody knew last night if or how or who would reach out to oldere stud man's classroom. a spokesperson with montgomeryeo county schoolsn says they arere working diligently to protectte students. over the past year the district says it has taken a hard look at employee training. that they have deployed an employee could he of conduct and implemented personal body safett programs for the students. > thank you, sarah. a charles county sheriff's deputy is facing child
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alexander sullivan seen on then right is charged with child pornography. our cameras were roling today as he left the courtroom in greenbelt. they began investigating him last week after they got a tip that someone was uploading child porn to a cellphone in charlesn county. investigators linked that phone to sullivan andli then arrestede him.n a judge release him today on home detention. developing tonight, police are looking into a possible prescription drug overdose at bethesda chevy chase high school. school officials say six students had to leave school early after they become sympathomimetic from takingm prescription medicine.on four were taken to the hospitalo as a precaution while two others were picked up by their parents. police are still trying toin determine if igt was an acciden. the safety of all students is as top priority. she also encouraged families toi call her with questions. qu millions of people will be on
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their thanksgiving designationsi the question is what can wean expect weather wise? let's check in with sue palka and get the details. if you're going to be travelling on the east coast tomorrow i don't see many problems but m there will bean a systemsyst approaching from the midwest that will provide some showershe and some light snow.ight let's show you where that system is now. you can see the east coast very clear, even the lake effectske snow that we were seeing up through new york stateroug yesterday. really out of the picture now and everything moving away. so that means we'll have to keep an eye on that frontal boundary. especially through minnesota, parts of wisconsin and south of that we've got some rain as well as another system that's comingg into the pacific northwest.orth between the pacific northwest and the central us that may beh two areas that you'll have too keep an eye on. we'll call them trouble spots, but the truth is it's not a terrible travel day that is for sure. maybe you'll run into a fewnt delays p if you encounter that system that will be near chicago tomorrow.
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be a couple of showers in our forecast. i don't think it's a washout, not even a wet day but just ajut few showers that we'll have toe dodge ourselves on thanks giving. if you've been out tonight you'll know it's so cold. tomorrow we'll have morning sunn and afternoon clouds because th same system that we saw in the central planes will be gettingei closer to us and spreading somea clouds in our direction, but it still should be dry for anyany wednesday travel you do localo limit boy is it cold out there tonight. already many places in the 20s. make sure you have your glovesor before you head out tomorrowtomo morning. back to you. d.c. mayor muriel bowser's major knownsment.know we're here for every child in the district of columbia.olu the mayor named a brand new chancellor of d.c. public. pu schools and he came all the way from oakland, california. we'll hear from him next at 106789 plus whenever you hear stories about graffiti it's usual lou not a good thing.
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surprise with these messages off love. the story is coming up. u and uber wants to put ex cons to work. we'll tell you where people with criminal records could soon bee driving for the ride sharing company. fox5 news at 10 will be right
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> well, the district will soone have a dis new public schools d.c. mayor muriel bowser hashas tapped the oakland, california public schools superintendent for the job. he was on the job for less than three years will soon kaya henderson who left the job earlier this year. ladies and gentleman anton wilson. d.c. mayor muriel bowser brought anton wilson to. we've come a long way, but there's plenty more to be done. we know that our opportunity gap remains and we have to ensureure that more students are
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career ready. a lot of people think of as the opportunity gap. i like to believe it as anan opportunity and career gap. the 44 year old superintendenten met with eastern high studentsgh this morning. proponent of charter schools and main streaming special ed students, wilson is a former teacher, principal and top official in denver's publicv school system. the fact of the matter is we doe not have a waste. we cannot afford to say that because a young person had a bad day or a bad month that we are going to now advocate our responsibility to ensure thehe system works for that youngng person. that's not to say the married father of three is without his critics. the teachers' union in oakland has blasted wilson for what thet call his emphasis on charter schools over traditional publici schools, a criticism effaced head on today.n
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charter schools are public schools. gas yea make lane and as covered superintendent wilson for lan or sister station fox 2 news in oakland. he appeared to be a hands-on superintendent. my children go to oakland public schools. he visited my sons' schools in a number of times. he was very out and about with the schoolut opportunityport community. i think parents and teachers like this. there was disappointment this morning, saying we liked y plans, but who is going to see them he saysem his children will attd d.c. public schools. mayor bowser says she expects to have wilona some board february 21.fe his nomination will need d.c. council approval.rova > we want you to know that anton wilson will join the morning crew live in studiog cr tomorrow morning. attoan catch the interviewew 7:30. if you have questions for wilson tweet them to us using the
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we'll ask him in the morning. we have some breaking news coming to us out of waldorf, m. these are pictures from sky fox. maryland state police are telling us that at around 9:00, about an hour or sing a therethr was a two-car accident near sunt station road. one of the drivers fled the scene. we are told one person is trapped in a car. right now we are not sure of the condition of the trapped personn we'll bring you more detailsails about this as we learn > developing tonight, policeopn are investigating thatg deadly school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. the school bus driver john think walker is charged with vehicular homicide. he was driving well over the 30-mile per hour speed limitlimi when he lost control of the bus. no other vehicle also were involved. six children were killed.led. 12 others are still being treated. walker is scheduled to appear in court next tuesday.esda baltimore schools terminated with the contract ofscho the bus company whose driver crashedshed
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month. the bus driver, glenn chappell was killed in the crash. he was not authorized to be behind the wheel because hisbeca commercial driver's license was suspended months earlier. police in fairfax county tonight are looking for thisirfa man. he is accused of exposing himself to a child inside a restroom at a target store inget falls church.rch. police release new surveillancei photos of the man today. the six and ate year old boy say this man spoke to him in the the younger boy younger boy stayed. he turned around, but the childd exposed himself.expo if you recognize this man, call police. > d.c. police are looking for a man wanted in connection with an armed assault in northwest.thwe take a good look at this surveillance video. police say the person you see here attacked someone with a knife yesterday it happeneder on the 5300 blockf wisconsin avenue at the ms. a gallery. police are asking anyone withnyn information to give them a call. more problems for a popularopul
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white national list group last week. police tell us a bomb threat was called in to maggiano's little italy restaurant in friendship heights this afternoon. police quickly responded. so far there have been no arrests in the the all clear was given later ie the afternoon. maggiano's apologized for hosting last friday's event.rida members of the event say theyay were duped. when they booked their event they did not properly identify themselves and instead restaurant they needw#1? add a m to hold a family reunion. > present elect admitted. in a 2015 tax file in the trump foundation admitted it violated the ban on using its money to benefit trump's businesses or personal interests.eres the tax filing was recently made public after it was revealed trump used charity money too settle lawsuits and make inappropriate political contributions.
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foundation admission could a result in a hefty fine. new tonight, uber wants to higher x cons who don't havee violent pasts. the ride sharing company hired ex cons in california. it wants to do the same thing in rhode island and connecticut by early year.ear. uber hopes to bring that policy to new york city.ity. it will not require drivers to disclose their criminal history to passengers.pass still ahead messages of lovef left behind at a northern positive notes left behind thatt are helping a community heel. as we head to break, theak, virginia state police arete p getting in on the mannequinnneq challenge. take a look at this.s. 55 officers at the state police academy in north chesterfield county took part in this muchch the trooper trainees purchasedra food tino donate to local food banks. wait a minute, look at that. it looks -- owe, my gosh. that's incredible. so they bought the food for food
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the thanksgiving local case, tho trooper trainees began their 29 week academy back in august. they will finish, graduate nexte march. look at that.t.
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> since the presidentialin election we've seen a spike in hate crimes in ource te've regin around the country. in some cases muslims were targeted. but tonight it was all aboutbou love, not ha fox5's marina maracco has moree on a special service held at a mosque in chan till i. >>reporter: itself he's been an emotional and hate filled couple of weeks animus limbs and home phobia have been high on the list. this mosque show a turning tied in the war of words. a heart leading the way to the front door and the sidewalks tagged in chalk with words thatd say we love you we are your brothers and analysis
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been several mosque in our aream that have beenos the target of hate crimes.hate here in the virginia at the manassas muslim association who else were cut into the air-conditioning back in julyin and in february at the ivy cityy mosque in northwest d.c. vandall trashed the mosque breaking furniture and religious ornaments. the council on american muslim organization stepped forward and offered an arrest. this is all anonymous. >> there are cameras that might have captured the people, but the time, whoever came in, we do not know them. it was really heart warming and seeing that sort of support is very important that people whoel are in the area and they wouldud want to leave this sort of message.
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chantilly had a different colore one of love and hope. > fox5 marina maracco,. > some royal visitors of a sort helped put some smiles on thethe faces of dozens of children in northern virginia today. actors from immediate evil times restaurant event contain children at anova a in falls church. many of the children were curious of what it liked to be a king or a queen. the actors say they chanted by the children they met, many of whom are fightingig some serious dioceses.ce happy tearses filled the white house today. president obama recognized nearly two dozen people at the medal of freedom ceremony.remo we'll show you some of of the touching moments still ahead. tomorrow morning, the morningmon crew is celebrating thanks giving a day early. wait until you see who is comini to the dinner table. they won't even tell us. a big surprise. they didn't even invite us.
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there will be five tips fors keeping the political piece this thanksgiving and the nominee toi become the new d.c. schoolscho chance or and the ton wilson will join us. all kicks off at 4:25 right hert on fox5.x5.
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the roll formed steel bed of the chevy silverado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck.awe. yeah! first, let's check out the aluminum bed of this truck. wooooow!! -holy moly. full on crack here. now let's check out the steel bed of the silverado. i'd expect more dents. no holes. you don't have to wait until black friday to make a strong decision. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. police loves is in critical l condition after being shot inovs the headr be during an incidentf campus. we're told the officer was investigating possible thefts of navigation systems from cars and suvs. a man hunt is now underway forue the gunman. in clinton, maryland a man was
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critical condition following a shooting near an auto shop of the it happened tonight on aaron lane, no far no arrests. police also looking into a prescription drug overdose of a chevy chase high school. six students had to leave school early after they got sick after taking prescription four werrie taken to the hospitl as a precaution. two others were picked up by their parents. police are still trying to determine if the are incident wn safety of all students ishe s ' my turn, tony. hi there h, everybody. sue palka gab back with youyo again with another check of your forecast and i got to tell you,, it is so cold out there. temperatures are dropping like rock because the air is veryy dry. maybe you noticed your handsour feel very dry. we don't have the big winds like we had last night. now we have culpeper already
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gaithersburg at 32-degrees with k d.c. coming in at 4167894167 mighty cold tonight and a chilly start for your wednesday. windy tonight, high pressure has settled on top of us, but it is going to stay pretty cold as wes head for the 20s just aboutbout every where and 34-degrees downtown. sunrise tomorrow morning ought to be omorro cold, but very beautifula check out this temperature of # 34 that we expect at the time of sunrise, 7:00 the photo is gorgeous and werg thank youeo christina hogan for sharing with us. meanwhile i know some of you may think of traveling later tonighr or during the day tomorrow or later at night i'm going to endo it back because i understand myy microphone is acting up. you'll get more weather in justt a couple of minutes and we'll fiction the microphone. > gremlins got into your you microphone apparently.
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21 men and woman who have shapee the world we live in withouthout standing contributions in music, sports, technology, science were honored at the white house. some of the names you will recognize, others you may not, but they all embody the spirithe of america and what makes us so special. car ream abdul gentleman bar, ellen degeneration. frank gary, michael jordan. artists, public servants, we pay tribute to those distinguished individuals with our nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. many years ago ma linda's momom told her an old saying to know that even one life has breathed
10:29 pm
is every time i touch a computer, a window space computer you can't help but be reminded of billre gates and then when i look around and i see the good things going on that the gates, the bill and melinda gatesinda foundation has done, it inspires me. might have given us more thanan places of remembering, she has created for places to make new memories, mia line an artist and extraordinary air. she designed perhaps the most emotional of all memorials.em the vietnam memorial. it's made of granite, but it seems like it's a living, breathing thing. when i see zestly tyson, i see a beautiful, powerful, inspirational black bomb.b. she is the star of stage, a star of the small screen. i remember seeing her in the autobiography of miss janeiss
10:30 pm
her talent. you have two sons. as a kiddie was enthralled byenh the apollo missions, margaret hamilton greeted created the on board flight system for thosese missions, a leader in her field. as margaret says, there was nowa choice but to be by nears.near luckily for us, margaret stopped pioneering. > michael jordan, greatest basketball player of all times. i used to get energized watching michael jordan go down the court, the way he dunked. > jujus how much courage was required for ellen to come outou on the most public of stagesges
10:31 pm
important it was to see somebody so full of kindness analyte, somebody we liked so much, somebody who could be our neighbor or our colleague or our sister challenge our own assumptions, remind us that we have more in common than we realize, push our country in thn direction of justice. so many wonderful people wereope recognized we didn't even get to all of them. there were so many incredible people. >> 21 them. a huge group.grou particularly because they don't usually honor that am people, i, got the sense that the president was feeling like, i want to do this, these are the people thatt i want to acknowledge right now. it's my last opportunity to do it. he got a lot in there. i heard someone say diana ross d was actually the tar. she has diana ross hair and car
10:32 pm
down a little bit. all walks of life. > as you saw there, talk show host ellen degeneral rest made it in the white house. she tweeted they haven't let me in the white house yet because i forgot my id, hashtag not joking. the secret service yes, finally let herein side. ellen wiped away tears after president obama presented heresn with the medal of freedom.edom > that was among the most touching. you much this meant to her. >> yep. > one airport serving the greater washington area is getting an upgrade, the newly completed renovation that willht make your travel a little l easier just in time for the holiday rush when fox5 news at
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black friday specials, while supplies last. friday, three hours only. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. don't miss our black friday specials at havertys. life looks good. > toyota owners listen up, thee
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sea an a minute i advance because the sliding doors can open while the vehicle is moving. the recall covers model years from 2011 to 2016. a majority of the minivans, about 7,744,000 of them werere sold here us. the problem happens when the door's opening is impeded and the motor's circuit gets overloaded. repair the work for free. > a new concourse connection at for the thank giving rush. a ribbon cutting ceremony was held earlier today.y. it links the d and e concourses. it will accommodate the airport's increase in peoplee taking international flights.l the goal is to help alleviate traffic in and around the airport. > thanks giving came early for hundreds of homeless and hungry around the area.ea.
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with them for this meal. everyoned had a great dinner and that's not all. secondly they walk away with a card from vs for $20. that card they can use any time they want for their own toiletries or cold medicine, to get a soft drink. not a lot of money, but $20 in their pocket to help them celebrate. > tonight tonight's event featured turkey, stuffing and all of the trimmings of the holiday.lida catholic charities helps feedlps the homeless all year long. over the past year the group has served more than 4 millionan 4 people. we want to go back to the ack breaking news in detroit. police say they have a person on interest in custody after the shooting of a wayne state police officer. also coming up at 11 1 # keeping the crowd save during the
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law enforcement is on high alert following terror threats.ts. how police plan to use garbageae cans to protect people at the macy's parade.ade. we're staying on top of breaking news in maryland. a man shot a man at epa auto shop in prince george's county. we'll have the latest for you tonight at 11. it looks like most of you willl be staying home after the turkey dinner.nner nearly five in six americansican thanksgiving day and get this, more than half say they will now be hunting for holiday gifts ony black friday or cyber monday, either. lots of folks are shopping at work. a separate report saying more than one new employees admit to searching for online meals while they're on the jobs. and whether it's shopping on thn internet or at the store, most consumers say they bust theirir holiday budget with the average
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a big wow for the do you, the market index closing up 19,000 forth first time ever onr on tuesday. and that is not all, the s and p500 also closing above 2200 fo2 the first time ever and all the major market averages ending the day on record highs. that's business, i'm neil cavuto we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime why settle for this? enter sleep number.
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you can call it getting in thegn holiday spirit or just an extraordinary act of kindness, but what one man did for an elderly couple may bring a smile to your he was hard broken when he hadne to take this elderly couple's vehicle, the cost of their
10:43 pm
too simply too much for them to handle. after he did his job, he came up with an idea. i pulled over and called the bang and say i got to do something. how about if i pay it current.rn i'm so happy i cannot believeliv it. how sweat is that. ford set up a go fund me page to help the couple pay their bills. he says the response has been overwhelming.over that's what we want to hear more all right, also in the spirit of giving, the oldest active girl scout in thea0
10:44 pm
good for her. it's time to talk weather. we are one day -- a lot of people probably hit the road today, but more people may be hitting the roads tomorrow. another big leaving tomorrow and arrival as well.arri i saw a lot of people on thele road o today. i understand there's some out there tonight, too. i still have a couple of airport delays which i'll show as we look across the east coast. it's really pretty settled, we're all things considered, a pretty good get afor the thanksgiving holiday and the return will beil pretty nice as l well. it's super cold out there that's for sure. you don't have to deal with ath lot of rain or snow in the east. we've seen the lake effectse machine shutting down as well. the sky had a few clouds in it as we saw a few beautiful pictures, a few sun dogs. that was a gorgeous one that we
10:45 pm
we thank you for sharing that. r you you see that little rainbow there in the sky? that's a reflection from the sun off the ice crystal that were out there. some beautiful pictures and also a few trees showing some gorgeous foliage. i can't believe there's still leaves on the trees after the high winds over the weekend. bwi and dulles staying in the 40s, but at least it felt better because the winds which wereich still significant earlier in the day have gotten much lighter tonight. we have generally calm to light winds and they're coming in the north at about seven to nine miles an hour. definitely cold out there since the winds aren't really mixing up the atmosphere we're seeing temperatures really droppingin quickly and dramatically and a lot of places are already in the 20 #-s and that's where we'll end up tonight. we were watching significant delays at la guardia. delays down to 30 minutes and that's m the only delay on the east coast so travel is lookingn pretty promising and if you're taking off tomorrow you're nott
10:46 pm
anything a along the east coast. you'll certainly have a cold start tomorrow morning as most places will be in the 20s. sunshine to start. clouds, though, will be thick henning on wednesday, thursday morning, thank giving we may see a few showers around. i think for the most partrt they're gone by the noon hour. o it's certainly not a wash out,sh but a little damp for the first part of the day so keep an umbrella handy just in case. isolated showers around also for black friday and all things considered, temperature wise, we it's going to be close tose average for this i am too ofo of year. average is 55-degrees.gree we'll be 52 tomorrow, 55 on thanksgiving, friday about 58-degrees and saturday 54-degrees. of showers again thursday morning and maybe a few showers on friday. so cool first half of the day t tomorrow and a lot of sunshine, but it will be cloudier as this weather system from the midwest begins to apreach us in the a afternoon.prafte the showers stay west but i
10:47 pm
of 55-degrees. we expect a mostly cloudy dayud and again a few showers aroundes especially early in the day. it will be coming from the f frontal boundary that will produce some snow across minnesota into the upper peninsula of minute michigan. thanksgiving morning a spattering of showers by 7:00 a.m. those look to be mostly east of the bay. and for most of the rest of the day we may even see a little bie on thanks t giving day for us.. that's how things are looking for thanksgiving.r here is a look at your fox5 accuweather seven day forecast. lots of ' 50*s on here. the weekend nice and bright,ht saturday, sunday, 54-degrees. monday maybe a few clouds around, 57.arou a few more showers, potentially some howers in the forecast, tuesday, at 62-degrees. that's your seven day forecast. jim over to you. we'll talk a little l l l football. as we talk about football and we talk about the rifery between
10:48 pm
really matters this time. to paraphrase our outgoing advise vice-president it is a big deal. robert griffin making a return to his home state. 311 yards, four touchdowns,chdo pierre garcon with than would of the touchdowns, with 86 yards. r alfred morris in his ran for 112 yards. considering the run they've been on this year after the game sunday night chanting we want dallas. we want dallas. for first year's josh norman the introduction to the rivalry hass been an eye opening one. these guys had a rivalry for ages, man. since i was born, my grandfather and all that back in the day is like, geez, the history of that is so old and you want to live
10:49 pm
children's children are going to pennsauken about game. do you remember such and such. and now in 2016, he scored, hee threw it to x, all that. i want him to read me a story. >> really. > all right, the redskins play thursday meaning the pregame show gets a time slot at the 9 and 1 cowboys kickoff is at 4. 30:00 p.m. watch it right here on fox5. a little l friendly visit, caltc ripken showing up to watch the caps in i he was invited by head couch barry trotz. beforehand he posed with a lott of photos. arlington county police shared a few pictures earlier on. we didn't get to hear what her said in the locker room, but wet
10:50 pm
he talked about everything frome dealing with the slumps to dealing with different situations, dealing with careers, dealing with longevity. i don't know if there wasre anything specific, but he had some great antidotes and great things from a professional athlete to other professional athletes and to do it as long and articulate it from a different sport to our sport, i, was really good. and the capitols played the st. other on d.c. > a little inspiration, that'sa ati heck of a guy to bring it in from. > thanks, jim.
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> the latest now on theest condition of singer kanye west. west is in a los angeles hospital tonight, mz reports west' personal doctor called 911 1 # yesterday and asked that the singer be taken to the hospitalh for a psychiatric evaluation. kanye's doctor says west is
10:54 pm
temporary psychosis. right now kanye has canceled the last 2 # days of his nationalioa tour. the singer has exhibited bizarre behavior lately and they are concerned for his well-being. hopefully he gets well. the fashion industry is gettingn political in the wake of the presidential election. a designer who worked with first lady michelle obama is causing a about it of stir because she's refusing to dress mean the fashion world fell in lovein with first lady michelle obama.. she's graced the cover of voguef three times. she became darling. dar now that melania trump is movinn in, the french designer is refusing to dress a fellow immigrant and our next first lady. sophie so lay came on the bank because michelle obama wore her.
10:55 pm
happening. the rhetoric of racism unleashed by her husband's presidential campaign are incompatible by the values we live by. that is shared by a floor is inn washington state who was fined for refusing to makeake arrangements for a same sex wedding. she said it would have violated her values to do so. just like alysates she's morally opposed to dressing according to the author of unusual for their time on the road with mesh's first ladyy andrew oak, this is a fashion snub of historic proportions. i think it's unprecedented for someone to absolutely refuse tos work with a first lady and even more to ask others to dot the same. so far no other designers have followed suit. told the new york times it would be hypothetical to dress a
10:56 pm
personal political i think at the end of the day, fashion is going to play it smart. they've got a new first lady.dy. it seems to me like they should dress her. when we finally do see melan a at the white house we know hat council of fashions in americami is encouraging itself its members to keep an open mind about the new first lady. fox news. we
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this is fox5 local news at # 1. right now at 11, breaking news, a man shot during a robbery attempt at a maryland auto shop. we're live. plus, a long time school teacher faces child sex abuse charges that date back years. did the school system do all itl could to keep receive the threats coming from isil. increased security this holiday weekend amid new threats of a tearer attack. we begin tonight with the breaking news in prince george'i county. police are looking for thethe gunman who shot someone at epapa auto shop in clinton. the shot is on aaron lane which is right near old branch avenue.


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